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    3/5/12 Monday Night Carnage


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    3/5/12 Monday Night Carnage Empty 3/5/12 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Christian on Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:00 am

    The camera fades in as it pans around the arena, it finally stops on the ring as "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade begins to play, signalling the arrival of Alex Shelley. He shakes a few peoples hands, getting in the ring and looking very confident. Austin Aries comes to the ring, looking smug. He climbs in and rolls his shoulders as the bell rings.

    Alex Shelley vs Austin Aries

    The two warriors stare each other down, arguing. Austin pushes Alex and he hits the mat, landing on his butt. Alex looks enraged by Austin and stands, throwing kick after kick to Austin's legs. He backs Austin into the turnbuckle and hits a running knee to Austin's head before lifting him to the top rope. Austin is still dazed so Alex has no problem suplexing Austin off the top rope. Alex kips up and climbs the top rope again, jumping off to land a leg drop across Austin's throat before rolling him up for the pin.

    Winner: Alex Shelley via pinfall

    Alex grins and celabrates before climbing out of the ring before they go to a break.

    When they come back

    The lights go off and Kane stands on the ramp, the arena bathed in an eerie red light. He stalks to the ring as Man On Fire plays, a sick smirk crossing his lips. He steps over the top rope, turning to stare intently at the ramp as he waits for his opponent. "She's Country" by Jason Aldean begins to play and Nolee walks out on the ramp, accompanied by Drew McIntyre. Their arms are linked but Nolee looks like she'd rather be anywhere else than walking to the ring. She climbs on the apron and looks at Drew who gives a nod of confidence before she climbs into the ring.

    Nolee Lacroix vs Kane

    The bell rings and Nolee gets Kane in the lock up. She wraps her arms around his midsection in a semi bear hug, hoping to inflict some damage. All that seems to do is make Kane angry. He grabs her and tosses Nolee over his shoulder like she's a rag doll. Nolee hits the mat, hard, and writhes in pain as Kane crashes a boot to her stomach, followed by another. Nolee pushes herself to her knees and tries to get up. Kane pullsher up and flings her into the turnbuckle. As he runs at her for a shoulder bump, Nolee moves out of the way and he hits the steel ring post. Nolee steps back, trying to catch her breath but unwillingly allowing Kane time to recooperate as well. Kane backs out of the corner and Nolee attempts to lock him in the half nelson. Again, Kane tosses her effortlessly over his shoulder. By now, Drew has seen enogh. While the ref is busy checking if Nolee wants to continue, Drew gets in the ring and delivers a swift Future Shock before rolling out of the ring. Nolee sizes her chance and rushes over for the pin.

    Winner: Nolee Lacroix via pinfall

    Drew rolls into the ring and helps Nolee stand. They press their foreheads together, smiling, before Nolee rolls out of the ring and stands in his corner like he was doing for her.

    "Oh Africa" by Akon begins to play and Justin Gabriel, accompanied by Heath Slater, comes out to the ramp. The slaps fans hands as the two run down the ramp before Justin baseball slides into the ring. The two look at each other, shaking hands, as the bell rings.

    Drew McIntyre vs 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel

    Justin goes for the lock up but Drew pushes him away. He sends a hard chop to Justin's chest and the Cape Town Werewolf stumbles backwards a bit. Justin runs into the ropes, bouncing off of them and hurling himself at Drew. He then lands a missile dropkick to Drew's legs, taking him out. Drew falls to his knees and Justin manages to get behind him for a headlock. Drew powers out of it with a harsh elbow to the gut. Drew stands and tosses Justin into the turnbuckle and gives Justin another chop to the chest. Justin moves out of the way as Drew attempts a boot to the head. Justin gets behind him and with a barrage of kicks he makes sure Drew won't get up. He climbs the turnbuckle and stares down at Drew before jumping off for the 450 Splash which he turns into a roll up.

    Winner: Justin Gabriel via pinfall

    After the match, Nolee rolls in the ring to check on Drew. He looks angry and shrugs her off, storming out of the ring as the show goes to commercial.

    When they return Nolee is pacing her locker room, seemingly jumpy after her run in with Kane, though Drew took care of that.
    Sheamus knocks on the door before slowly entering, standing hesitantly on the other side of the room.

    Sheamus: Nolee…?

    Nolee jumps but turns. When she sees Sheamus a smile spreads across her lips.

    Nolee: Hey Sheamus.

    Sheamus: *smiles back* Hey.

    Nolee: Good to see you. Ready for your match with Jack against Vi and Angie?

    Sheamus: *nods* I guess so. Though I’m not used to working with him.

    Nolee: I know how that is. *chuckles before getting serious* saw my promo?

    Sheamus: Yeah… I did.

    Nolee: *hesitates* And?

    Sheamus: *frowns, running a hand through his hair* Um…

    Nolee: *looks away* You hate it...

    Sheamus: …why I wouldn’t I?

    Nolee: I knew you'd hate it but I...I can't...*tears up*

    Sheamus swears under his breath when he sees she’s upset.

    Sheamus: …you didn’t see the promo with Jack?

    Nolee: No...been busy...

    Sheamus: Oh…well you probably should…

    Nolee: Anything you said can say to my face.

    Sheamus: *quietly* I… said I’d still fight for you…even if you leave us both…

    Nolee: *tears up, ashamed of herself* Why? I'm...I'm not worth it...

    Sheamus: Because I love you.

    Nolee: *kisses his cheek* I love you too...

    Sheamus: *smiles, slowly reaching out to hug her*

    Nolee: *hugs him close*

    Sheamus: *kisses her head* …has Drew said anything about it?

    Nolee: *hesitates* He...he still wants me to choose...

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes* Of course he does.

    Nolee: *frowns* Sheamus...he saved me out there and you still hate him?

    Sheamus: He’s upsetting you…

    Nolee: I know he is but...but I love him...

    Sheamus: *mutters* I know you do.

    Nolee: *nods silently*

    Sheamus: *hugs her closer*

    Nolee holds him and nuzzles his chest before the camera fades back to the ring.

    The horn of a pick-up truck is heard over the tune of Billy Currington's "That's How Country Boys Roll", signalling the arrival of everyone's favorite cowboy. Carter is in his cherry red pick up truck and he's grinning wide. He gets out, line dancing down the ramp. He gets in the ring and toss his black cowboy hat to the fans as he turns to look at the ramp. The drum rift of "Bad Girlfriend" starts and out walks Belle Moore, the fans cheering her more than they cheered Carter. On one shoulder is the Five Nations Championship and on the other is the CWA Championship, rolling into the ring and handing them to referee Josh Hamlin.

    Carter Lacroix vs Five Nations and CWA Champion Belle Moore

    The two walk to face each other and are trash talking each other. After a minute, Belle grins at Carter and slaps him across the face. Carter looks back at Belle with a smile of his own before hitting Belle with a standing enziguri. Belle falls face first on the canvas and Carter quickly pulls Belle so she is on all fours and starts laying in with hard crossface punches. He stands up and bounces off the ropes, landing a standing elbow to Belle's back. Carter picks Belle up and lands a European uppercut, then whips her to the ropes and hits a powerslam. Carter stands over her and locks her in the Cowboy Clutch.

    Winner: Carter Lacroix via pinfall

    As soon as she taps out, Carter lets go of her. He helps her up and pats a hand to her shoulder, asking if she's okay. When she nods, Carter signals for her championships to be handed to her before leaving. The camera fades out for another break.

    They return as Wade enters the locker room that he and Justin share. He's got a grin on his face, running a hand through his hair.
    Justin looks up from where he’s sitting, holding his phone and raises an eyebrow at Wade.

    Justin: What’s the grin for?

    Wade: You will never, ever guess what Belle just told me.

    Justin: What? That she goes for the same football team as you? *smirks*

    Wade: *rolls his eyes* No she's not a fan of football. *smirks* Guess who she picked for the new number one contender?

    Justin: Aww too bad. *chuckles* Who?

    Wade: Me.

    Justin: *smiles* Really? You know if you win it off her, all that’s missing is for her to get the Vixxens’ title…

    Wade: *smirks* I know. Think about it, all of us holding every title the CWA holds. We'll be the ones they need to look up to instead of...well...*wrinkles his nose* the rest of the motley lot.

    Justin: But they don’t look up to the title holders as it is…people still treat us like we don’t matter.

    Wade: We're the only ones who do matter.

    Justin: *rolls his eyes* Try telling them that.

    Wade: Anyways, I'm going to win the title from Belle.

    Justin: *nods* You know she won’t let it go without a fight though…

    Wade: I do know that and I look forward to the match. *grins*

    Justin: Of course you do. …who are we even defending ours against next?

    Wade: We face Christian and Alex. *hesitates* I lost to Christian when I first had my title so...yeah...

    Justin: I… don’t think I’ve beaten either of them… *frowns*

    Wade: C'mon you've had to have beaten Alex. *smirks*

    Justin: *shrugs* I might of…

    Wade: *rolls his eyes* Anyways, we will win tonight.

    Justin: *smiles and nods* Sure.

    The camera fades out on Wade's grinning face, obviously feeling cocky.

    They return as the chords of Nickleback's "Next Contestant" blares over the arena and Amy walks to the ramp, confident and just a bit cocky. She shakes hands and poses for pictures with fans before getting into the ring. Dale Oliver's "Take Over" plays as Christian, accompanied by his best friend Edge, walks out. He does his peep search though it's very visible that something is wrong. He climbs in the ring, doing a five second pose, before turning as he's ready to fight.

    Amy Hennigan vs Christian

    Christian runs into the ropes behind him, bounces off, and comes at her with a clothesline. Amy drops into a sideways split and as he comes back for another she flips onto her back, lifts him with her feet by the chest and flips him onto the mat. Amy then swiftly gets up and backs off. Christian gets up and locks her in a grapple before tossing her against the turnbuckle. He elbows her in the stomach and Amy falls so she's in a sitting position, her arms on either set of ring ropes next to her. Christian climbs the second turnbuckle so he's standing on the second rope, grabs a hold of the ropes as tightly as he can, and comes down at her with a kick to the chest. After the move connects, Amy rolls out of the corner and lays on the center of the mat. Christian climbs to the top turnbuckle and comes down with a headbut before rolling the pin.

    Winner: Christian via pinfall

    Christian helps Amy up before walking into the back, followed by Amy as they go to a break.

    When they return Sheamus and Swagger are already out in the ring and watch as Vitani comes out alone.

    Vitani: I am sorry to say that the match will not happen.... Angel is not cleared to wrestler after the attack from Kane.

    Sheamus frowns and climbs out of the ring to talk to Vitani. The camera then switches to the backstage where Christian is walking out of his locker room. Lucas is standing in the hall, waiting for Christian with roses and a smile on his face.

    Christian: *sees Lucas* Hey...

    Lucas: *hands him the roses* You hear about next week yet?

    Christian: *shakes his head* No, what about next week?

    Lucas: We get our first tag team match!

    Christian: We.... We do?

    Lucas: *nods* Yes!

    Christian: I... I thought they were talking about someone else.... For my tag partner.

    Lucas: You'd rather tag with someone else?

    Christian: *swallows* No.... I had just been told.... I must have been misinformed.

    Lucas: What had you been told?

    Christian: They told me Alex.

    Lucas: *wrinkles his nose* Alex?

    Christian nods.

    Lucas: *frowns* Why do you want to team with him?

    Christian: They thought we would be a fun tag team for the fans, but they must of changed their

    Lucas: We'll be a fun team for the fans.

    Christian: Yeah... I'm sure we will...

    Lucas: Why do you hesitate?

    Christian: I'm not.....

    Lucas: You don't seem very happy....

    Christian: I'm just tired.

    Lucas: But you won your match.

    Christian: I didn't sleep last night...

    Lucas: Why not?

    Christian: The guys next door.....

    Lucas: Who was next door to us? I don't think they were that loud.

    Christian: It just seemed loud to me.... Headache from the flight over.

    Lucas: Well we did make a flight from New York. The child behind me kept kicking my seat.

    Christian: *nods* Lets just go...

    Lucas: Your feeling alright?

    Christian: I think I still have that headache.

    Lucas rubs his back and they walk off, the camera fading to a shot of the ring.

    The camera switches back to the ring and we see cody standing waiting for Wade, Wade's music hits and the Brot makes his way into the ring.

    Cody Rhodes vs 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Wade Barret

    Barrett went on a rampage beating Cody for some reason as the referee has to interfere as Barrett wouldn't stop on his count. Cody takes advantage of this distraction and takes a cheap shot at Barrett. Cody keeps the control and goes for the Bacbreaker but Barrett does not fall down. Cody hits his own back during the move, Barrett hitting a Big Boot as he begin to get up. Barrett finishs the match with the Wasteland for the pinfall.

    Winner: 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett

    Wade smirks and celebrates as the show comes to a close.

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