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    3/12/12 Promo Area


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    Post  Christian on Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:53 pm

    Promos due sunday midnight

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    Post  Admin on Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:57 am

    We open up on the aisle of a grocery store, the produce aisle to be exact. Pushing a cart, dressed in a tight white button up shirt with a green and black kilt and black high heels, is Nolee Lacroix. Her blonde hair is plaited down her back and she's without her usual cowboy hat. Next to her stands Laurie, dressed in a pink t-shirt with blue jeans and pink knee high converse.

    Laurie: Tell me why you're dressed like this again?

    Nolee: For Sheamus, this Saturday is St. Patrick's Day and since I'm filming on the set of Covert Affairs this weekend, I wanted to do something nice for him now.

    Laurie: Well then, why are we here at the grocery store?

    Nolee: I need to pick up the stuff to make corn beef and cabbage. I got the recipe online.

    Laurie: You don't think he'll be offended by any of this do you?

    Nolee: I hope not. When I mentioned it to him, he was grinning wider than I've seen him grin in a while. I mean, it's time I do something nice for him.

    Laurie: When was the last time either one of them did something nice for you? Taking you to dinner doesn't count.

    Nolee: *hesitates* Well...taking me to dinner...that's...

    Laurie: Girl, you need a guy who pampers you and treats you like a queen.

    Nolee: *defensively* They treat me like a queen!

    Laurie: They should pamper you more. Especially with what you got going on with Kane...

    Nolee: Luckily he hasn't been around in a while. Drew saved me from him last week...

    Laurie: You coulda got real hurt had he not been there...

    Nolee: Don't you think I know that? I mean...I love Shea, I really do. But Drew? He...there's just something about him. He saved me from Kane, he's there after every match giving me a hug, a kiss, and escorting me back to my locker room. I know the reason that we're not so close anymore is because of Drew but...I want the old Sheamus back...

    Laurie: Think Shea will come to your corner when you fight Drew?

    Nolee: He's offered. I think I'm going to take him up on it. Last week I let Drew come to the ring with me, this week I'm going to let Sheamus come to the ring with me.

    Laurie: *smiles softly* I know my opinion doesn't really mean much but I like Sheamus more. There's just...there's something about Drew that's off putting...

    Nolee: Like what?

    Laurie: I just...I heard a few rumors backstage that just...

    Nolee: *looks at her puzzled* What could you have possibly heard? Drew just got here.

    Laurie: But you forget that most of these guys fought with Drew in the WWE. I heard he's a playboy. That he moves from girl to girl to girl.

    Nolee: *softly* Daddy said the same thing...

    Laurie: Two people have told you that so far. Are you ready to believe them?

    Nolee: I won't believe something I haven't seen with my own two eyes. Not something like this anyways. Laura, he's a good man. He's sweet, loving, gentle.

    Laurie: You think he'll be that way when you two get in the ring against each other?

    Nolee: Of course. Laurie, he wanted to fight me. But...but it wasn't like he wanted to hurt me. Laurie he wouldn't let me walk out of this. He says he knows that I can fight him, that I could possibly beat him.

    Laurie: Wait, so he wants to push you to do your best?

    Nolee: Yeah...Sheamus...I mean, I love him...but he didn't want me to fight him. He wanted me to walk away. The very, very first time I fought him he said it would be a good idea if one of us gave up and when I said that I would do it...he said that was a good idea. He wanted me to give up...

    Laurie: Nols, you know it was because he didn't want you to get hurt.

    Nolee: Yeah but if he thought I was strong enough to take care of myself then he wouldn't have cared...

    Laurie: Nols...

    Nolee: *runs a hand through her hair* You're right. Right now I just have to worry about fighting Drew, not anything else. I think I'm going to try the speed route. He's strong so I know I can't match him in strength.

    Laurie: You think you can match him in speed?

    Nolee: I'm more petite, I think I can beat him on the speed department.

    Laurie: *chuckles* Well I think you could beat him. Lets just get this stuff and we can head back home to fix this for Sheamus.

    Nolee grins and pushes the cart, catching a cabbage as Laurie tosses it to her before the camera fades out.
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:50 am

    We open up on a very determined looking Carter. He's wearing a black long sleeved shirt and blue jeans with black cowboy boots. As he swings the baseball bat, we hear a sickening crack as the camera pans out to show he's knocked the cover off of a baseball, a smile on his face.

    Carter: How's that Lexie? Thanks for getting me in the swing of things for the Nashville Celebrity tournament.

    Alex: *chuckles* Not bad and no problem man, figured it would be fun.

    Carter: Well it sets us up as a good team. I'm glad I get to work with you, you’re a pretty damn good superstar.

    Alex: *smiles* Thanks man.... Not a lot of people thank that around here.

    Carter: Why wouldn't they? You're one of TNA's greatest champions ever.

    Alex: Did you see Lucas's promo?

    Carter: Man, it's Lucas. I lived through his hell once. I don't pay much attention to him anymore.

    Alex: He brought up a dark point in my past.

    Carter: Austin?

    Alex: *nods* Yeah, while I am not the kid I was back then sometimes its hard to remember all that stuff...

    Carter: *nods* I've never had an abusive boyfriend. Hell, Jay's the first guy I've ever dated. I feel bad for all of you who had to deal with someone abusive though.

    Alex: *smiles softly* You’re lucky you got someone like Jay, not many like him.

    Carter: I know I'm lucky. I'd do anything for him. Honestly.

    Alex: *smiles* You think you are ready to face Austin?

    Carter: Alex, he's a jobber. I think people seem to be forgetting that I was the in the very first championship match for the CWA championship. It was me, Wade, and Sheamus.

    Alex: *chuckles* Oh yeah, you’re ready to face Austin.

    Carter: So much.

    Alex: *picks up the ball* Come on lets play some more.

    Carter: *nods and picks up the bat* I'm ready!

    Alex grins and throws the ball as the camera starts to fade out.

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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:06 am

    The camera focuses on Drew as he paces his locker room. He'd shown up to get some last minute practice in. He's wearing his blue trunks and his hair his pulled back in a pony tail as he moves around the ring like a caged animal.

    Drew: How in the world did they even think this was a good idea? It has to be Jerry, he doesn't like me and he probably thinks that if he makes us fight that we'll go our separate ways.

    Drew stops and pulls at his hair, tugging it free from the pony tail and then yanking hard. He knew what everyone was say, that he was a player, that he had girlfriends all over the world, and while that may have been true at one point it wasn't any more. He wanted Nolee, wanted her bad and he'd do anything he could to make that happen.

    He didn't care if Sheamus was in the picture, they'd had some horrendous fights in Irish Whip Wrestling and if they crossed paths against then it wouldn't matter, they could just rough each other up and go about their ways. One think he knew was that he wasn't going to let Nolee pull out of the match. He knew that she had the talent and if it took fighting him for Jerry to notice the that was what it was going to take.

    Drew: *he looks up at the lights over the ring* Nols, you and I are going to tear the house down, I know you can take me, you're strong and graceful, there's nothings keeping you from taking me out, but just beware that if I have the chance I"m taking it.

    The camera fades out on Drew bouncing off the ropes and doing some jumping jacks and simple squats. He's going to put on the match of the century

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    Post  Christian on Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:05 am

    The camera fades in on a hotel room, Lucas is sitting on one of the chairs and he looks up as Christian walks out of the bathroom.

    Lucas: *frowns* What in Gods name are you wearing?

    Christian: *looks confused* My clothes....

    Lucas: That's not your Death By Left Hook shirt.

    Christian: Well I was going to wear this one today.

    Lucas: I don't want you to wear this one. I want you to wear the other one!

    Christian: *jumps a little* S-Sorry...

    Lucas: Now go in the bathroom and change your god damn shirt.

    Christian swallows softly and heads back into the bathroom and comes out a few minutes later in the right shirt.

    Lucas: *grins* Thatta boy.

    Christian goes to sit on the bed, his face showing that he is nervous.

    Lucas: Are you ready to fight the tag team champions? I was one of the best tag team champions of all time.

    Christian: *nods slowly* Yeah, I am ready...

    Lucas: Which one of them do you want to focus on?

    Christian: *shrugs* Um....

    Lucas: You beat Wade so that might work.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah....

    Lucas: To think, someone as weak as you was champion...*smirks*

    Christian: *looks down before replying* I... I am not weak.

    Lucas: You are. You are weak. *smirks*

    Christian: I am not.... *gets up*

    Lucas: *growls* You. Are.

    Christian: *swallows nervously* I... I am going for a walk.... *tries to move past Lucas*

    Lucas: *grabs him and flings him away from the door* No you are not!

    Christian hisses softly as he hits the wall by the bed.[/color]

    Lucas: Now are you going to stay here. We need to plot things out for our match.

    Christian nods nervously.

    Lucas: *smirks* So you are gonna face Wade. You think you can handle him?

    Christian: *nods slowly* Y-Yes...

    Lucas: So do I. Justin, of course, is my problem.

    Christian nods again.

    Lucas: Speak Christian, you have words.

    Christian: *flushes* I have nothing to say right now.... *slowly starts to get up*

    Lucas: Where. Are. You. Going?

    Christian: I need some air. *tries to move past Lucas again*

    Lucas: Why?

    Christian: I just do....

    Lucas: *growls and shakes his head* Fine. Just be at the gym later.

    Christian: *sighs* Okay.... *walks out the door, his eyes watering*

    Lucas leaves the room, the camera fading out as he does so.


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    Post  Kane on Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:39 am

    Scene fades into an open space, like the interior of a warehouse. In one corner is a picture of Jerry, Nolee and Carter. Standing behind Nolee is Sheamus. Laughter starts to sound in the room and Kane comes into view, his head tilted to the side as a blade glitters in his hand.

    Kane: *he looks at the picture at varying angles* Sheamus...the princesses boytoy. Jerry must not like you too much if he's giving you to me. *Kane laughs as his arm flashes out and a rip appears in Sheamus's face* I wasn't going to involve you Sheamus, but it seems that Jerry is looking to distract me away from my quest. *his arms flashes out again and Carter's face is split in two* After I'm done with you Sheamus, next come Carter, his pretty boy face will be nothing more than a mangled mess as they haul his still body back to the back on a gurney. *once more his arm moves only this slash rips Jerry's face to shreds* Nolee...the pretty little princess, the apple of her daddy's eye. are....well you are requiring a differnt tatic, I can't bring myself to harm an innocent angel...*laughter starts and finally the blade slashes through Nolee, the tattered canvas moving slightly in the lighe breeze* Unless you get in my way my dear. *the blade goes clattering to the floor and the canvas goes up in flames.* Until then, Sheamus you better kiss your little lady goodbye; it's only a matter of time before you meet your maker boy.

    camera focus on the burning canvas before blacking out.

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