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    2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:53 pm

    Promos Are Due Here No Later Than Midnight On Saturday

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    2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:01 pm

    We open up on a small cafe outside of the park that the Eifel Tower is located. At one of the tables sits Nolee Lacroix, a black beret on her head and sunglasses over her eyes. Her white and black shirt fits her snugly and she's wearing blue jeans with her usual black cowboy boots. Across from her, sipping a cup of coffee out of a saucer, is Laurie Pierpont who is dressed in a snug white sundress.

    Laurie: So he didn't yell at you or leave you?

    Nolee: Surprisingly no. I'm still with him and Drew.

    Laurie: He honestly doesn't care?

    Nolee: Oh no he definitely cares. I just...Drew put it like this: older people who were married and their spouse died find new soul mates all the time. I have two soul mates, just neither one of mine are dead. I...I love them both.

    Laurie: Don't you feel wierd?

    Nolee: *nods* I do. I...I feel dirty kinda.

    Laurie: But it's true love, it's natural.

    Nolee: You were brought up in the South Laurie. You know what they say about girls with two boyfriends. I don't wanna be thought of like that.

    Laurie: *changing subjects* How was your anniversary dinner with Shea?

    Nolee: We had a great time! A nice dinner together and he was sooo sweet to me. Kisses abounded, we held each other after on the limo ride back to the hotel. *grins* Lots of fun once we got back to the hotel...

    Laurie: Oooh! You go girl!

    The two laugh as a waiter comes over and pours them some more coffee. Nolee adds two lumps of sugar to hers before using a swizzle stick to stir her coffee. She takes a sip and sighs contentedly before leaning back in her chair a bit.

    Nolee: So my match last week went well. I managed to beat Vi who put up a hell of a fight. In the end though she fell victim to the move that I said she would.

    Laurie: Yeah that move you used at the end of the match was new. Does it have a name yet?

    Nolee: Yes it has a name. I call it Head Trauma cuz if you get hit with more than one of those that's exactly what you're gonna have.

    Laurie: *wrinkles her nose at the name but lets it go* Sounds painful...

    NOlee: Oh my god you think I actually named my move Head Trauma? *laughs* God no that's an awful name! I haven't named it yet.

    Laurie: *laughs, sounding relieved* Oh!

    Nolee: *smiles* So I got a good match this week. Alex Shelley.

    Laurie: Alex? Didn't Carter beat him last week?

    Nolee: Yeah, an outta no where victory. I was impressed. For a man whose knee has been injured, big bro has been doing some powerful moves in the ring. We're taking some of the respect and dignity our name, Lacroix, deserves. So when I meet Alex face to face in the ring I'll make sure he meets my new move. After all, he's got a horrid win/loss record.

    Laurie: Worse than yours was when you first started here?

    Nolee: *rolls her eyes* Yes worse than mine was when I started.

    Laurie: That's bad then. But aren't you even the least little bit intimidated by him? He's quick, he's strong, he's well scouted on all of his opponents. Not to mention handsome and sweet.

    Nolee: He's totally not your type, you know he's dating Casey right? But I see your point. Alex is tough. He's a highflyer which means he's quick. He makes sure to know about all of his opponents before he steps in the ring with them. Believe it or not, because most of the roster seems not to believe it, I have respect for each and every person on the roster. I just happen to think I've a bit above them in talent. Alex is no exception. I'll beat him because I can match his styles. You see, there's an old French proverb "Aide-toi le ciel t-aidera". It means God helps those who help themselves. I'm all for me in that ring, I'm willing to help myself to the sweet taste of victory because I'm willing to do anything to win.

    Laurie: I hope you do win. Maybe you can get in the running for a title. *hesitates* Hows Jerry?

    Nolee: Good, good. *frowns* I admit something?

    Laurie: Sure you are my best friend after all.

    Nolee: After...after hearing what Kane had to say...I'm afraid. I'm afraid Daddy won't come forward and confront Kane. I don't wanna end up like Stephanie McMahon did when Taker was stalking her family. *tears up*

    Laurie: *pats Nolees hand* You'll get through this. I have confidence that Jerry will come forward.

    The camera pans out on Nolee's worried, tear streaked face.

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    Post  Kane on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:24 pm

    scene opens up to show an old abandoned house out in the middle of no where. In a gravel driveway sits a beat up truck, a lift kit in place to give it an impressive height. From the house a loud BANG is heard and the door goes flying out into the yard. Kane is standing in the door way where just a pair of jeans with his hair pulled back away from his face and his mask dangling from his hand. Behind him Paul Bearer paces in what could be called a nervous fashion but the look on Kane's face is far from worried. In fact the features betray no emotion at all.

    Paul: My son you are taking this too lightly; these challenges they are putting in front of you are those that have proven themselves in one way or another.

    Kane: *he laughs coldly as he half turns in the doorway* Please, if they want to keep putting their talent in harms way then so be it. I will pick apart the entire roster until I get what I want. Lawler will answer for his sins of the past even if I have take out his family one by one to get the old coward to come forward.

    Paul: But my son, what about your brother. No on in this two bit organization deserves to step foot in the ring.

    Kane: *frustration flashes across his face as ht turns and grabs Bearer by his throat, picking the heavy set man up and snarling into his face* Pick what side of the fence you're on old man. Either you worry about my health with CWA's finest being put in front of me, or you stay in my corner. Your flip-flopping is slowly wearing my nerves thing. *he give Bearer a shake before dropping his to the ground* And you know what happens when those that wear my nerves thin.

    Paul: *wide eyed he scrambles back, rubbing the purpling mark on his throat and staring up at the man towering above him; his voice more high pitched than normal as he squeaks.* O-of course my son. You know that I'm in your corner, you have the ability to squash anyone that they put in front of you. *his little dark eyes dart around the darkened house as he chooses his next words carefully* What your match this week, they've pitted you against Christian. He's not one to really count out; he's like the proverbial cockroach, he's managed to stay alive despite everything he's done in his career...

    Kane: *he starts to laugh, a flame starting to flicker to life in front of him and bathing Kane in a reddish glow* Christian....the tiny Canadian that only got a claim to fame because he was paired with another more talented wrestler. Without his partnership with Edge in the past he wouldn't be here; he'd be nothing more than a footnote in the wrestling history books. *the fire catches the dry wood of the wall and starts to spread quickly, engulfing the old home and filling the area with smoke and stifling heat. Slowly Kane makes his way to the door* If they want to shorten his life by putting him in front of me so be it. I'll take pleasure in planting him through the canvas.

    The house starts to burn in earnest and Kane steps outside of the door, watching it and when Bearer tries to push past Kane laughs and shoves him back inside, grabbing the handle and pulling the door shut, all the locks in the house securely set and the windows latched. As the fire climbs up to the falling twilight he laughs; the flames bathing him in an eerie red glow as the screams of the trapped man fill the air.

    Kane: One distraction gone, now to take care of the rest of them. *he climbs into his truck and peels out of the gravel drive, the house burning brightly against the on coming night.*
    Alex Shelley
    Alex Shelley

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    Post  Alex Shelley on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:47 pm

    The camera fades in the locker room of CWA star Alex Shelley, the camera moves in close and Alex can be seen talking on his cell phone.

    Alex: Yeah everything is still ok Chris.... *pauses so Chris can speak* No I have not talked to him this week, but I know Angel did. *smiles* So what did he say when you two talked? *pauses again* He might get a title shot over there? *grins* That is great, I bet Angel will be happy. *finally notices the camera* Oh hey Chris I got to go now, I will talk to you later.

    Alex closes his cell phone and looks at the camera.

    Alex: You know next time you could knock.... *smiles playfully* Or at least let me know you are going to be listening in, so I could of make up some funny things to say to try and confuse you guys.

    Donnie: *chuckles softly* Yeah, but sneaking up is more fun.

    Alex: *grins* Yeah you are right, but I guess we should get this started now.

    Donnie: *nods* So how are things going with Casey? What did you guys do for Valentines day?

    Alex: We had a nice dinner in and then we watched horror movies.

    Donnie: Wait... *raises brow* You guys watched horror movies on valentines day?

    Alex: *chuckles* Yeah, it is the perfect reason to cuddle together.

    Donnie: *smiles* Well it sounds like you two had a good night.

    Alex: *nods* Yeah, probably my best valentine days ever.

    Donnie: So who are you facing this week?

    Alex: *sighs* Nolee....

    Donnie: You do not sound thrilled about it at all, why not?

    Alex: Do not get me wrong Nolee is a nice person, but.... She really thinks that the CWA should revolve and that she is the best thing ever.... *frowns* I mean we are all a bit cocky and some more them others, but still at least we do not demand that the fans should love us instead of another person... Things like that make me start to lose respect, along with her claiming that she can match my style.... I was not aware that she had technical moves in her arsenal, or highflying moves... Maybe I am wrong, but I still wonder how she drew the conclusion that she can match me...

    Donnie: I am not sure either...

    Alex: Do not get me wrong, I do respect her and her family... Jerry is awesome enough to let me work for TNA and here. But I have to say there are times that my respect for her drops a little, especially when she felt the need to insult Angel.... *sighs* Or when I remember the fact that she bought in both Lucas and Swagger.... Both men feeling the need to try and destroy her relationship with Sheamus and to be big jerks to everyone... *shakes his head*

    Donnie: So do you think you two will have a good match?

    Alex: *nods* Yes I do, Nolee is a good wrestler. So we should have a really good match, I just do not agree with her on some points.

    Donnie: *nods* So do you think you will win?

    Alex: *sarcastically* Well if her Aesop’s fables reference is right then she will help herself to victory... *chuckles* She thinks she is the only one that is willing to do anything to win? But of course because of my horrid win/loss reckons I am probably going to lose, because apparently that decides if one is going to win or lose..... *pauses* You know something man?

    Donnie: What?

    Alex: I am done with people throwing my win/loss record in my face.... *grits teeth* I am sick of that being the common topic in every single person's promos... It almost ticks me off as much as the "He is smaller then me so I will beat him easily" crap... It is so stupid....

    Donnie: *worriedly* Are you okay? I can leave and give you some time to yourself Alex.....

    Alex: *sighs and closes his eyes* No it is fine man.... Just frustrated, with everything I have going on.... *opens his eyes again* I did not mean to go off into a rant like that..... *smiles slightly* I almost sounded like Angel.... All I needed was to go off into Italian like she does.

    Donnie: *chuckles softly* Angel has had some epic rants.

    Alex: *laughs softly* Yes she has... *cell phone goes off* I got to take this call.

    Donnie: *nods with a smile* I understand man, thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Alex smiles before answering the phone with a smile, he sits down as the camera zooms in before slowly starting to fade out.


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    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:38 pm

    We open up on a lavish hotel room. The walls are a cream color, two large windows covered by white curtains with red embellishing and separated by a black door leading to the balcony are on the wall on the left of the bed. The bed itself is a king sized bed covered by a plain white blanket but folded over that on the end of the bed is a decorative comforter decorated in red and cream boxes, alternating one from the other. In the far end of the room, next to the windows is a small black wood table with two solid black wood chairs: two men sitting in them. Carter Lacroix, dressed in just a pair of black jeans, sits across from Pete Branaugh, whose dressed in a white t-shirt under a black vest which has silver chains across the chest with blue jeans and black converse.

    Pete: So I take it you and Jay had a good night?

    Carter: *frowns* He cancelled on me. I dunno why but he left after dinner. I didn't even wanna...well you know. I had rented a whole bunch of romantic comedies and was gonna order room service.

    Pete: Did he seem despondent during dinner?

    Carter: Very. I mean, I love Jay to death don't get me wrong but usually he's so talkative when we go out. It's part of his charm. Last night he was so quiet, so far away.

    Pete: *hesitates* Think it has to do with your tag partner for the week?

    Carter: *growls* Know it does. I caught that segment of the show on the website. How dare he insinuate that I'm stalking Jay!

    Pete: In his twisted little fantasy world your the stalker and he's the devoted boyfriend. You saw that Dr. Romani declared him criminally insane. It's a wonder he's allowed to wrestle.

    Carter: Trust me...I know...

    There's a knock on the door and Carter gets up to open it. Standing in the doorway is Lucas Turner, dressed in a baby blue tank top, blue jeans, and black combat boots. In his hand is a six pack of beer.

    Lucas: *grinning steps past Carter* Good to see we're teaming again.

    He walks over to the table and sits down, smirking at Pete. He puts three beers on the table and leans back. With a sick smirk Lucas gestures to the beer on the table.

    Lucas: Take one. After all, a real man drinks beer. Wouldn't you agree Carter?

    Carter: *grits his teeth and sits back down at the table* No thank you. I've been a few weeks sober. Don't wanna ruin it.

    Lucas: That's alright, more for Pete and I. Right Pete?

    Pete: *mumbles*.

    Lucas: What was that?

    Pete: Nothing.

    Pete takes a drink of his beer, looking at Lucas before looking at Carter. There is an awkward silence between the three men before Lucas speaks up.

    Lucas: Are you ready for our match against the reinging tag team champions? You know they should thank you. You're the reason they won the title in the first place.

    Carter: *annoyed* How is that my fault?

    Lucas: You lost to Angel and Vitani and lost us the titles. Wade and Justin may have been able to beat Angel and Vitani but they wouldn't be able to beat us. They won't be able to beat us.

    Pete: Actually, by that logic, Justin and Wade will be able to beat you easily.

    Lucas: *glares at Pete* That's enough outta you boy.

    Carter: Don't talk to him like that Lucas. Pete is right. You say that Vi and Angel beat me well what's different about us being able to beat Wade and Justin since they beat Angel and Vi?

    Lucas: I've learned from my mistakes. You won't get to lose us the match.

    Carter: Really? I think you've lost more here lately than I have. I'm not going to let you hurt someone just to hurt them. Wade's going to want revenge against you. When Barrett gets his hands on you, he's going to do what I wish I could do to you.

    Lucas: Oh? And whats that?

    Carter: *glaring at Lucas, almost growling in response* Break you in half.

    Lucas: *tsks Carter, smirking* Now, now you wouldn't want to hurt me. You'd only break Christian's heart.

    Carter goes to attack Lucas but Pete grabs his arm, shaking his head. Carter manages to calm down, a little bit at least, so that he can form words and not just hurt Lucas.

    Carter: Your so damn demented you can't even see whats in front of you. Christian, Jay, whatever you want to call him doesn't love you. He's so afraid that you're going to hurt me or Adam that he gave up his happiness to protect us. I swear to god, you won't get to hurt him because I will destroy you if you even try.

    Lucas: I'm demented? your the one who stalks him and tries to get him to love you! You will never have his heart! Stay out of my way Lacroix. I can win this match on my own.

    Lucas gets up and stalks out of the room, leaving the camera to fads out on a very angry Carter.


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    Post  Christian on Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:04 am

    The camera fades in on the living room of Christian; the CWA star is sitting on his couch looking upset and a little scared. Edge is pacing behind him looking angry and worried; he stops at a knock on the door. He looks at Christian before going to answer the door. He comes back a few minutes later with Casey in tow.

    Casey: Hey Jay.... *pauses* How are you doing?

    Christian: Fine.... *bits lip softly*

    Edge: *mutters* Yeah fine.... That’s why you have not gone out at all this week....

    Casey: *sighs* So you’ve been here all week?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah... *sighs* But I was just not in the mood to go out...

    Edge snorts softly.

    Casey: *shakes his head before asking softly* Have... Have you talked to Carter this week?

    Christian: No.... I was too.... *sighs* I was too nervous...

    Casey: You think Lucas would somehow find out?

    Christian: *nods slowly* I did not want to take a chance... He is looking for any reason to hurt someone...

    Casey: *sighs* I still wish we could figure out something....

    Edge: We will figure something out; I will make sure of it.

    Casey: *nods* So... What do you think of having to fight Kane this week? And did you.... *shivers* See his promo?

    Christian: I... *looks down* I did see the promo.... I had two reactions to his promo...

    Casey: So besides probably freaking out like the rest of us, what was your other reaction?

    Christian: Anger....*rubs his head* I was angry about the crap he had the nerve to say... "The tiny Canadian that only got a claim to fame because he was paired with another more talented wrestler. Without his partnership with Edge in the past he wouldn't be here; he'd be nothing more than a footnote in the wrestling history books" Like I never worked for anything I have earned in this business... *shakes his head* Like everyone else, he acts like my career was a fluke...

    Edge: *growls lowly* I am sick of people claiming that Jay is only where he is because he was ridding my coat tails.... Jay worked hard for every single thing he has gotten in this business. He is just as good as anyone else, but everyone seems to feel like they have to put him down just for the hell of it. Jay has proved he could hold his own, especially when he went over to TNA for three years. *growls again* And then he decides to threaten Jay, saying that he was going to "take pleasure in planting him through the canvas" *starts pacing* Like I am going to let that asshole hurt Jay.....

    Christian: *looks up* Adam... Please calm down...

    Edge sighs and stops, going to lean against the wall.

    Casey: *looks at Jay worriedly* Do you think you can win against Kane?

    Christian: I... *pauses* I cannot really say if I will win or lose at this point, all I can say is that I will not make this easy for him. I will do like I always do and give this match my all, even if I am fighting a madman I will still give the fans the match that they deserve.

    Casey: *nods* I know you will Jay, you always do.... *pauses and bits his lip* Did you see Carter and Lucas's promo?

    Christian: *nods slowly* Yeah.... I did... *sighs sadly* And I am really worried for Carter now, who knows what Lucas will do during their match. And what if Wade takes what Lucas did last week out on Carter? Or what if Lucas manages to hurt Justin during the match. I can only hope that nothing bad happens, but knowing how everything seems to me going lately I don't have that much hope anymore...

    Casey: Jay... Don’t think like that, things are bound to get better soon. You just got to keep positive and look on the bright side Jay. *gives Christian a quick hug* Besides you have a title shot for the Five Nations title soon, right?

    Christian: *hugs back* Yeah I do, but I do not know when my match is going to be. Probably at the next pay-per-view, I am looking forward to the match with Belle. It is always a good match when I fight her or any of the talented Vixxen's. *seems more relaxed* Thanks Casey, *looks at clock on the wall* Well it is about dinner time, you want to stay and eat with me and Adam?

    Casey: *smiles and nods* Yeah sounds great.

    Christian give a small smile, before slowly getting up and starting to walk into the kitchen. Adam and Casey follow and the camera starts to slowly fade out on the three friends.


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    Post  Vitani on Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:01 am

    The camera fades in on Vitani sitting on the floor in a living room, a look of concentration on her face. As the camera slowly zooms out, a game controller is seen in Vitani’s hands and stops zooming out once Cody is shown playing as well, smirking. The camera moves behind them to show they are playing a fighting game, Vitani playing as Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil game series, Cody as Marvel’s Deadpool.

    Vitani: *as her character’s hit by one of Cody’s attacks* Stop doing that!

    Cody: *laughs* What stop beating you?

    Vitani: *sighs as Cody’s character is shown as the winner* Yeah, that.

    Cody: Not my fault I’m so much better at this than you.

    Vitani: *teasing him* At this yes, but not at wrestling.

    Cody: Hey! In the CWA maybe… *swears as Vitani beats him on the game* That’s not fair, you distracted me…

    Vitani: Yeah…that’s how I’ve felt at work. I’m still too busy worrying about you.

    Cody pauses the game and the camera focuses back on the two of them.

    Cody: *changing the subject* You’re against Amy this week right?

    Vitani: Yes, I am. It’s always fun going up against her, but you’re trying to avoid talking about yourself.

    Cody: But you have to talk about your match… *points at the camera*

    Vitani: I know that but- *sighs and gives up* My match against Amy will be like the others, entertaining for the fans and it’ll also be fun and challenging, either of us can win. I’d say she’s lucky she’s not caught in the middle of something like I am, but she has her own troubles to deal with, everyone does. *looks at Cody* So how are you doing?

    Cody: *shrugs* I’m fine.

    Vitani: No you aren’t. At least you’re speaking again though.

    Cody: What? I never stopped speaking…

    Vitani: Not to me anyway, but to everyone else. But now you’re speaking in front of the camera.

    Cody: Oh um…videogames distracted me and made me forget?

    Vitani: *smiles and nods* Have you spoken to him since?

    Cody: *shakes his head* No. Why should I?

    Vitani: Didn’t say you had to, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to speak to him. Why don’t you come with me to work this week, seeing as you’re still travelling with me anyway… *watches as Cody frowns* You don’t have to talk to him, or go near him, just come…so at least you aren’t sitting alone in the hotel room again. Please?

    Cody: *shakes his head* I don’t want to.

    Vitani: *sighs and moves closer to Cody, gently putting a hand on his cheek* Please, for me Cody… I mean, Swagger’s still out there, being an ass, what if he tries to bug me…or someone else?

    Cody: *looks annoyed* He better not…

    Vitani: Plus I want you to come… *kisses him*

    Cody: *smiles* Okay.

    The camera goes back to their game, showing the two of them picking new characters, Vitani picking Phoenix and Cody picking Dr. Doom as the screen fades out.


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    Post  Sheamus on Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:14 am

    Sheamus is seen lying on a bed, his eyes closed and headphones in his ears as he listens to music. A shadow falls across him and the camera zooms out to show his cousin Kaelin standing by the bed, hands on her hips as she looks down at him.

    Kaelin: What’s up Stephen?

    Sheamus: Nothin’…

    Kaelin: It’s not ‘nothing’. You only use headphones when something’s bugging you and you want peace…

    Sheamus: *sighs and takes out one headphone, opening his eyes* So why can’t yeh take the hint?

    Kaelin: I have, for the passed few hours I’ve been here, but now it’s time to talk.

    Sheamus: Fine…but I’m not sitting up.

    Kaelin: *frowns* Sore after last week? *sits beside him on the bed*

    Sheamus: *bitterly* Yes. I’ve been through that with Kane before though, I’ll be fine.

    Kaelin: Uh huh… *rolls her eyes* So you took Nolee out for dinner yeah?

    Sheamus: Yes, it was great and all, but I still keep thinking about what she told me.

    Kaelin: The whole Drew thing?

    Sheamus: *curls his hand nearest the camera into a fist, gritting his teeth* Yes. That. No matter where I am that smug bastard seems to haunt me. He was there in FCW, there in the WWE…and now he’s buggin’ me here too…without even actually being here. The fella just has this way of getting on my nerves…but then all he has to do is open his mouth really, but then he didn’t even do that this time. The last thing I was expecting Nolee to say was that she loves him. Hell, I almost wish it was Swagger she’d said…almost. I just really don’t like Drew. At all.

    Kaelin: I know you don’t, I’ve seen you around him before…

    Sheamus: *sighs* When I asked Nolee out…I was not expecting to have to always be lookin’ over my shoulder to see who’s gonna try steal her away from me next. I just… *he says something angrily in Irish, Kaelin frowning as she listens* …lately everything’s kinda just started going down hill for me. Lucas I could handle, but then Swagger showed up, Kane’s after Nolee’s family…and now there’s Drew. What makes it worse is that most of…well all of it really is on a personal level, not just storylines on the show.

    Kaelin: …what about your match this week, who are you against?

    Sheamus: *swears and says something in Irish again* Just to add to my frustration, Angel. I have to go up against one of my best friends, again. Knowing my horrid luck lately it’ll be my other one next week.

    Kaelin: Well I know you can beat her…just don’t start taking your anger out on her, okay?

    Sheamus: I’ll try not to…last thing I need is someone else pissed with me or someone else relying on me to protect them…

    Kaelin: Right…

    She sighs as Sheamus closes his eyes again and puts his headphone back in, not wanting to talk anymore. She watches him with a worried look for a minute before getting up to leave him on his own, the camera zooming in to show that in his hand Sheamus is holding his present from Nolee, his hand closing tightly around it as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Guest on Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:12 pm

    The screen is black for a moment before it begins to lighten. As it does Belle is seen sitting in a chair, reading a book with the Effiel Tower in the background. A cup of tea is next to her as she relaxes further and puts her feet up on the guard rail. As if sensing the camera crew Belle looks up, smirks and then nods. They come closer before Tara steps into view and sits with her.

    Belle:I'm so happy tou could actually come! I wasn't sure you would be able to make it here.

    Tara:Like I would miss the chance to see Paris is the winter? Even in the winter it is amazing. Not to mention I would have missed the chance to see you put a self rightious, egotistical pig and sexist a-hole in his place. I mean did you see his promo last week against Amy? Saying a woman had no right in the ring with a guy.

    Belle:Oh don't worry, I will have no problem showing him just why a woman can hold this title as good as, if not better, than any man. My gender has nothing to do with my ability to get in the ring and work my ass off every week. Hell, us women probably work harder to prove ourselves than they do. If he thinks that he is going to make an 'example' or anything out of me he has another thing coming.

    Tara:That he does chicka. Show his ass up like you know you can! *Smiles and nudges her* What was with last week though? Between Wade and you I mean.

    Belle:*Sighs and looks at the Effiel Tower* What about it? He wants a shot and I'm not sure how it would look if I gave him one. If I do then people will think Im doing it because we are engaged but if I don't then he will think I don't think he is good enough for it. Tara,that isn't the way it is. I think he is amazing for it but I want to make this decision after thinking about it.

    Tara:I know you do Bellie but honey we both know that isn't what I meant. *Looks at Belle pointedly* We know I meant the little mood situation you have been having.

    Belle:What about it? I have been moody.It won't interfer with my matches or anything. Don't even worry about it, I will be on my top game. Very top game actually *smiles and sips drink* and it will show like nothing else.

    Tara:I get it. You don't want to talk about it now but we will have to some time. Now go out there tonight and show Mr.Swagger why you're the champion and he isn't. God knows he needs a lesson from a woman. I'm starting to think his momma didn't show him how to treat a woman.

    Fades on Belle shaking her head with Tara laughs softly. Belle then says something that isn't heard but appears to make Tara laugh and nod. It goes black but just before Belle looks at the camera,smiles, and winks.
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    2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

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    The camera opens up on a nice restaurant where Wade sits with Justin and Heath. There is anger in his eyes as he cuts up his steak. Justin is sitting staring down at his own food, which he’s barely touched, frowning instead of being his usual cheerful self. Heath sighs and looks between the two of them.

    Heath: What’s up with you two? You usually aren’t this quiet…

    Justin: *mumbles* Nothing.

    Heath: Right… *looks at Wade* What about you?

    Wade: *viciously tearing his knife into his food* What’s wrong? I was brutally attacked by a man who’s so insane he shouldn't even be in the ring and then lost to Christian. Again!

    Heath: Oh. *frowns* You mean Lucas right?

    Wade: *rolls his eyes* No Heath I mean George bloody Clooney! Of course I mean Lucas!

    Heath: *shakes his head at Wade’s response* I was just checking. I didn’t get to see your last show; I do work for McMahon still remember? I’ve been busy.

    Wade: At this point working for McMahon would be better than working for Lawler. *stabs his steak again*

    Heath: *raises an eyebrow* Really? You have a title; people actually know you exist…

    Justin: *mumbles* Yeah…I got what I want; I’m not known for the 450 Splash anymore…but instead I’m known for losing every match I have here against the Vixxens.

    Wade: I'm sick of being humiliated! So is Justin!

    Justin: *nods* No one takes me seriously anymore, it’s always just ‘Oh the Vixxens all beat him, I can too’. I’d rather be ignored than be nothing more than a joke.

    Heath: Justin… *sighs*

    Justin: What? I am, I’m sick of it!

    Wade: What was the one thing that made us a force to be reckoned with in Nexus?

    Heath: *frowns, looking worried* Wade no…don’t do that…

    Wade: We were brutes. Didn't care.

    Heath: Yeah and you became an ass, lost all your friends.

    Justin: Not all of them…

    Wade: I still had the two of you. It’s like in the great Alexander Dumas tale, The Three Musketeers: all for one and one for all.

    Heath: Well…you didn’t quite have both of us, remember?

    Justin: That was mostly only because he threatened me after I joined…this place. *looks at Wade* Isn’t that pretty much what the Nexus was…but with more people?

    Wade: Look, do you want respect or not?

    Justin: *hesitates for a second* Yes… Of course.

    Wade: *grins* Then you'll listen to me. And you Heath?

    Heath: Wade don’t go back to doing that…There are other ways to fix things…

    Justin: How then huh? Heath I’ve tried to fix my problem, but every week I just end up humiliating myself more. I can beat the guys, no problem, but for whatever reason, I have lost almost all…actually probably all my matches against the Vixxens and I really don’t want to be known for that.

    Heath: You’re seriously going along with this? Justin you’re the one who changed him in the first place…

    Justin: *mutters* And I’m starting to think people were right when they said it’s my fault he’s in this situation…

    Wade: I'm not saying we be complete dicks. Just take a stand for ourselves.

    Heath: *nods slowly* Right…

    Justin: *leans closer to Heath, putting a hand on his leg* Come on Heath, you really think I’d let him end up like that again? We just want to stop ourselves looking like fools like everyone assumes we are.

    Wade: So what do you say Heath?

    Heath: *glances at Justin before looking back at Wade* Okay.

    Wade: *grins* Good.

    Heath: Just…be careful, okay?

    Justin: Why wouldn’t we be? We’ve learnt from our mistakes.

    Wade: *grins* Carter did nothing wrong so we won't humiliate him.

    Justin: *nods* Right, no need for him to suffer like we have. Lucas though… *he mutters something in his native language*

    Wade: *laughs* What was that Justin?

    Justin: *suddenly has an innocent look about him* Oh, nothing. *smirks*

    Wade: *laughs* You've got something up your sleeve.

    Justin: Maybe… I mean, it was fun giving Swagger a taste of his own medicine, even if he didn’t stop being an ass.

    Wade: *laughs*

    Justin: What?

    Wade: We're going to decimate them.

    Justin: *grins* Of course we are.

    Wade: *raises his glass* To success?

    Justin: *grins and raises his glass as well* To success.

    He looks at Heath, who hesitates before raising his own glass, the camera fading out on Wade's smirking face.

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    2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty Re: 2-13-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

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