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    CWA Insider issue 1


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    CWA Insider issue 1 Empty CWA Insider issue 1

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    CWA Insider issue 1 Cwainsider1

    Match results for 11/7/11

    Sheamus vs. Kid Kash: Sheamus wins with a pin.
    Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel: Justin wins with a pin.
    Belle Moore vs. Carter Lacroix: Belle wins by DQ thanks to interference from Nolee.
    Vitani Summers vs. Lucas Turner: Vitani wins with a pin.
    Kane vs. Angel James: Match ends in no contest.
    Vixxens’ champ Nolee Lacroix vs. CWA champ Christian: Christian wins with a pin.

    Casey's latest blog
    So I haven't done this for a few weeks, I've been busy and so has eveyone else as our first pay-per-view was approaching. Now that it's over, I have more time for things like this...

    It looks like, as I first guessed, the Foreign Legion has already fallen apart. what's funny is it was mostly caused by a little misunderstanding between Wade & Sheamus. Wade also lost his title to Christian because he was busy worrying about other things, but I'll go into this more later..

    Sheamus however has suddenly revealed he actually has a brother; an older on in fact. He also mentioned that Lucas scares him, now that he's beaten him he figured it was safe to say so. Sheamus also had what I guess you'd call a sort of 'hissy fit' when he was told to go see the trainers after being punched a little harder than neccessary by Lucas at Hell to Pay. ...I guess it had something to do with what he said in a interview with me once... Under the 'Your greatest fear' section, Sheamus wrote: 'I’m not a fan of having to go to the doctors, especially not if a hospital’s involved.'


    Kane is acting as odd as he always has, he seems to just really enjoy screwing with people, even if it means he misses a match...

    Belle is still feuding with Nolee & is having a rematch against her this week. I'm not even sure who'd I'd prefer as a champ out of them...I don't really talk to the Vixxens. She was brave to interrupt a Kane match just to attack Nolee, who she still has labelled as a 'Barbie'.

    Nolee... I don't know. She was helped by Sheamus when Belle attacked her during a match with Kane, then she came to check on the Irishman after his match with Lucas; but I still can't pick up exactly what they are to each other, it's confusing.

    Vitani promo'd about not knowing what to promo about, which I can't decide between being a waste of time; or actually a smart idea. I guess that's always an issue putting a relatively new addition to the roster and a face...against another, more experienced (in the CWA) face. She also mentioned in her promo that she's seeing someone...but didn't mention who.

    Angel took the lead in leaving the Foreign Legion, while her Irish teammate seemed almost hesitant to even consider leaving. That issue was solved when Wade tore up a photo of the three of them and declared it over himself. Angel I'd say seems much happier now, despite when she tagged with Belle, which didn't turn out so well.

    Lucas has showed he actually does have a softer side, including his daughters in his past two promos. He also seems to have made our newest superstar cry... So I'm still not too fond of the man. If Wade ever wanted a tag partner again, Lucas is my vote on who he'd get along with best. I mean, they both hate Sheamus being with Nolee after all...

    Carter is still as nice as ever, if a little doubtful of himself when dealing with the Vixxens. I haven't seen him around much, so I'm not sure what else to say; though I did here he's actually starting to get along with Sheamus, despite the issues they had the first week here. But then again...the first time Sheamus met Carter's sister, he got his pride wounded, being kicked by Nolee for insulting Carter.

    Christian...and Edge, are still as awesome as ever but I think that's a little biased, not that I care because it's true. After weeks of feuding with the egolomanic Wade, Christian finally managed to beat him for the CWA title. Go Canada!

    Edge has been a little more involved in Christian's matches lately than he should be, distracting Wade in a match by grabbing his legs from outside the ring. He even distracted Wade during the title match, helping Christian win.

    Jeff Hardy is still out on injury, so there isn't much to say on him...

    Our newest CWA Warrior, Justin Gabriel has already made an impact on the others, even if he hasn't even had a match yet. After Wade snapped and attacked the newly crowned champ Christian, Wade's former protege Justin appeared out of the blue to help the Canadian. He fought off Wade and the two argued before Justin took down the man who was once his leader and hit him with his signature 450 splash.

    He seemed tough, taking on Wade without a second thought, but when Lucas and his daughters made Justin realise he's only known for his looks and 'that one move'... Well he showed up at Dublin zoo and revealed his tired, red eyes, making it obvious he'd been crying most of; if not all night.

    The question is now: Is he as tough as he claims, or is he really just an over emotional pretty boy?

    Casey Johnson

    Superstar Photos: Vixen Champ Nolee and CWA Champ Christian

    CWA Insider issue 1 Taylorswift9

    CWA Insider issue 1 Christ11

    Jerk of the month - Wade Barrett
    CWA Insider issue 1 WadeJotM

    Stalking: He stalked and obsessed over the now CWA Champ Christian.
    Being a megalomaniac: Just look at his Ego...

    Very guilty, enough said.

    Tucker Daniel's insight on the Vixen's Champ
    Nolee Lacroix, the Vixen's champion and the adopted daughter of the owner Jerry Lawer. Has been in a heated feud with rival Belle Moore since day one. Rumors say the feud started in the locker room with an arguement, but it heated up with Nolee costing Belle the title on the first night. Many thought the feud would end with Nolee winning the title but with Nolee's attack on Belle during her brother's match the feud may yet continue. Some believe that the attempts by Belle's boyfriend Wade Barrett to break Nolee and boyfriend Sheamus up may have of added to the feud but the real cause of the feud is still unknown at this time. Many believe that Nolee's relationship with Sheamus may have become stressed lately and some blame bodyguard Lucas Turner and his feud with Sheamus for this. Right now it is hard to predicate what will happen. We might not have any definite answers but we have a few words from the Vixen's champions boyfriend Sheamus.

    ‘I’m tired of people asking me all these dumb questions; but if it means everyone will leave it afterwards, fine. Yes we’ve had some issues lately regarding our relationship but most of them, as far as I know, have nothing to do with Lucas. To be honest, a few of the issues are because I focus too much on certain matches, like the ones against both Wade & Lucas. I let my temper get the best of me a lot around the time of those matches and hurt people I never meant to. Yeah I threatened Casey the other week, but I haven’t actually hurt anyone since ending my feud with Lucas. I’ve done the opposite and helped people actually. Besides that though, the rest of our issues have nothing to do with work and are nobody else’s business.’

    Casey Johnson's insight on the CWA Champ
    Jay Reso, better known as Christian, has been through a lot to get to the top and earn himself the CWA Championship. He has been accused by others of having less wrestling ability than his manager, the now retired Adam Copeland a.k.a. Edge, he’s been often been insulted and underestimated because of his size and has even been the focus of obsession for the former CWA Champion, Wade Barrett.
    Starting off with a regular singles match against each other, Wade underestimated the Canadian and ended up losing to him before starting to fixate on his goal to defeat Christian; going as far as to handpick him for a title match, thinking it would account for an easy title defense. Christian however, proved he’s not someone who should be underestimated, ending up victorious against Wade at Hell to Pay, winning the CWA Championship as a result.
    Carter Lacroix, brother of the current Vixxens’ champion Nolee, seems to be one of Christian’s greatest admirers; having even had words with Edge on the matter, so we did the same...

    'Jay is one of the best and often underrated talents in this business, I know it is proably biase coming from his best friend but it is the truth. From almost the beginning there have been people that have tried to say that Jay was just a freeloader and that I was the only reason he was where he was at. It has never been true, Jay has worked so hard to get everything he has earned. He even left WWE so he could make a name for himself in TNA, but sadly the naysayers never stop trying to put him down. But though it all Jay has put his heart and soul into his wrestling, because he loves it and he loves the fans.'

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