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    Superstar Interview- Justin Gabriel


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    Superstar Interview- Justin Gabriel Empty Superstar Interview- Justin Gabriel

    Post  Casey on Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:55 am

    Everybody knows what their favourite superstars are like inside the ring, watching and cheering (or booing) them each week, but how many can say they know what the stars are really like?

    I’m going to be asking all the superstars…or at least the ones that will talk to me…a set of questions, so all you fans can get to know a bit more about the off screen personalities of the CWA stars...

    Name: Paul Lloyd Jr. (Justin Gabriel)

    Birthday: March 3rd, 1981

    Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

    Height: 6ft 1 (1.85m)

    Weight: 213lbs (97kg)

    If I wasn’t a wrestler I’d be: Uh...either a Graphic Designer or a Personal Trainer. I’ll leave out the other option...

    Growing up my hero was: My father

    I can’t live without: Um…my mother…and Heath…

    I’m totally grossed out by: People who use steroids and make themselves insanely muscled.

    Bad habit: I worry too much.

    Favourite thing to do: Party?

    Favourite band/singer: Um…at the moment? I’m not sure.

    Secret skill: Well I can juggle…and speak Afrikaans

    Someone who annoys you: Everyone does at some point.

    My greatest fear: I’m not putting that here...

    Prized possession: My iPod? I like music…

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