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    11/1/11 Monday night Carnage Results


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    11/1/11 Monday night Carnage Results Empty 11/1/11 Monday night Carnage Results

    Post  Casey on Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:31 am

    The show opens to the familiar sound of bagpipes and drums sounds as Roddy Piper walks to the ring. He smirks, shaking a few fans hands as he walks down the ramp before rolling in the ring. He signals for a microphone and smiles.

    Piper: How are all of you tonight? *he waits for the cheering and praise to die down before continuing* Well I came out here tonight to discuss our new number one contenders. You see, I'm all about everyone getting an equal opportunity. When you lose, you step gracefully to the end of the line unless the current champion decides otherwise. Like our title match tonight, Nolee vs. Belle * he waits for the cheers to die down again* is happening because Nolee is giving Belle a rematch.

    He smiles as a group photo of the CWA Warriors and Vixxens pops up. He leans against the ring ropes, a smile crossing his face.

    Piper: These men and woman, our superstars, are all in the running for the CWA Championship. Instead of running some ridiculous tournament, I'm going to randomize this list and whoever shows up first will be the number one contender for the CWA championship. Boys, hit the button!

    The superstars are jumbled up and when it stops the results is surprising. It's Kane.

    Piper: *smiles wide* Well would you look at that! Our new number one contender for the CWA Championship! So at Devastation, which now seems an appropriate pay-per-view name, it will be the NEW CWA champion Christian vs. the NEW number one contender Kane! Now let’s see the first girl to pop up.

    He gestures and the first Vixxen to pop up is Angel.

    Piper: And our NEW number one contender for the Vixxens championship, Angel James, who will face either Belle or Nolee at Devastation!

    His theme music begins again and Roddy leaves the ring.

    Val: Well that was an interesting way to start the show…

    Terry: Well like he said, it beats having a ridiculous tournament. Anyway, welcome to Monday Night Carnage!

    Val: I guess so. Well tonight we have a rematch between our Vixxen’s champ Nolee Lacroix and Belle Moore. We also have our new CWA champ Christian up against Carter Lacroix and also the official debut of former Nexus member, Justin Gabriel.

    Terry: But first up we have Wade Barrett…

    "The Warrior" by Disturbed plays, signalling Wade's arrival; he sneers at the people who are booing him, looking more foul than when he was a champ. He climbs in the ring, sneering at Mark Jindrax who is already in the ring. He offers Mark his hand, a sincere look on his face. Mark shakes his hand but Wade pulls him in for the Wasteland. He hits the move and gestures for the ref to ring the starting bell. As soon as the ref does, Wade wastes no time getting him for the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett.

    After the match, Wade signals for a microphone. He sneers down at Mark, stomping on his left arm.

    Wade: *looks up* Are you watching this Justin? Do you see what I did to him? *he stomps on Mark's left leg* It was decimation wasn't it? *he stomps on Mark's right leg* Did it bring back happy memories? Memories of when the Nexus and Corre helped you be what you are? *he stomps on Mark's right arm* You are NOTHING without me there to save you! Where's Heath, huh? Is he still losing in the WWE? Is he still failing to make a name for himself? Because things aren't going to be any easier for you here.

    Wade sneers and stomps Mark's head, walking out of the ring and to the backstage area.

    Val: Well um…I’d kind of hate to be Justin right now…

    Terry: I bet Christian’s lucky to be rid of him. But anyway, we have Sheamus vs. the new number one contender for the CWA championship, Kane up next.

    ‘Loyal to no one’ plays and Sheamus comes out, a grin his face as the crowd cheers. He high fives fans and climbs into the ring, standing up on a turnbuckle, raising a fist into the air before jumping back down. He gets a microphone and waits for the cheering to die down.

    Sheamus: Oh it’s good to be home. Anywhere else in the world and I get more boos than cheers… *he grins as the crowd cheers loudly in response* Ah see, thanks to my part in the Foreign Legion, I don’t get that much, except when I was up against Lucas; but I don’t blame the crowd fer cheering me over him. Who’d want to cheer him anyway? *he laughs* So I’m up against the man who’s supposedly now the number one contender…but I still plan on win…

    Sheamus suddenly stops speaking as Kane’s theme hits and the big red monster appears. Kane makes his way to the ring, stepping over the ropes to get in. Sheamus watches with an amused look on his face.

    Sheamus: Well, nice of yeh to show fe-

    Sheamus gets cut off and drops the mic as Kane suddenly grabs his throat, going for a chokeslam.

    Sheamus vs. no. 1 contender Kane

    The bell rings as Sheamus manages to escape the chokeslam after punching Kane, who looks angry. The two fight each other for a few minutes, until Sheamus ends up being thrown over the top rope, Kane countering the Brogue kick. Sheamus hisses in pain as his head hits the steel steps, barely having a chance to even try to get up before Kane is there. Kane smiles evilly and grabs Sheamus by his hair, hitting the Irishman’s head against the steps again. Sheamus cries out and puts his hands on the steps to stop his head from hitting them again, only for Kane to use the ring post instead. When Sheamus’ head hits the post, Kane lets him go; laughing as Sheamus just collapses onto the floor. Kane kneels beside the ring, pulling a steel chair out from under it before standing again. Ignoring the ref’s warnings Kane goes over and attacks the barley conscious Sheamus with the chair, the ref calling out to ring the bell.

    Winner via DQ: Sheamus

    Kane hits Sheamus with the chair a few more times as the camera zooms on his face. Kane flashes his evil grin again and laughs as the show cuts to a commercial.

    The show comes back to ‘What rock n roll looks like’, Vitani dancing at the top of the ramp before skipping to the ring, waving to fans on the way. She climbs up onto the ring apron and dances a little more before leaning against the ropes, flipping backwards over them, the crowd cheering. ‘Heaven’s a lie’ comes on and Angel comes out to more cheers from the crowd. She seems just as energetic as she approaches the ring, though she doesn’t dance. Once Angel is in the ring, the two Vixxens give each other a friendly nod before the bell rings.

    Vitani Summers vs. no.1 contender Angel James

    The match starts off with Vitani diving into a roll to avoid Angel’s kick; she springs back to her feet and hits Angel from behind with a dropkick. Once Angel’s standing again, she runs up and hits Vitani with a bulldog. The two continue their match, Vitani eventually springing off the ropes to take down Angel with a hurricanrana. Vitani pulls Angel to her feet and performs her Shiranui finishing move, getting down beside Angel to pin her.

    Winner via pin: Vitani Summers

    Vitani celebrates briefly before going to help up Angel and the two leave the ring.

    The camera starts to pan around the crowd as Christian's theme starts playing. The crowds cheers as Christian steps out onto the ramp with his title and makes his way down to the ring. He climbs into the ring and picks up one of the microphones that are on the two chairs. Christian grins as he looks around the arena.

    Christian: Ladies and gentleman, peeps of all ages welcome to the peepshow. I have a special guest tonight on the peepshow, you may have seen him at the PPV Hell to Pay, my guest is the master of the 460 splash, Justin Gabriel!

    Justin's theme song plays and he comes out, dressed in his street clothes. He grins and waves to the crowd as he walks down the ramp. He gets into the ring and holds his hand out to Christian.

    Christian: *smiles and shakes Justin's hand* Thanks for agreeing to be on the peep show man.

    Justin nods and picks up the other microphone.

    Justin: Thanks for inviting me. *grins*

    Christian: Now I have to say thank you for the help with Wade at the pay per view, I'd of been toast without your help.

    Justin: Oh, you're welcome. Someone had to stop him....

    Christian: But the peeps are wondering, does this mean you are breaking off ties with Wade for good?

    Justin sighs and paces a little before answering.

    Justin: Well I wouldn't say 'for good'. I admit he has done a lot for me in the past and I'm grateful for it...besides from what I've seen, he's already lost enough lately.

    Christian: But from Wade's promo this week he sounded angry at you.

    Justin: *frowns* Yeah...I had a feeling he would be. From what I saw of his promo, I'm going to have to start looking over my shoulder to make sure he's not there... *looks worried*

    Christian: *pats Justin's shoulder reassuringly* Don't worry Wade's not here but me and the peeps have a few questions we'd like to ask.

    Justin: *smiles and nods* Sure, go ahead.

    Christian: So what are your plans so far?

    Justin: Well this week, to beat Lucas. If I can't do that, than I at least want to put up a good fight....

    Christian: Well I'm sure that you have a great chance of beating Lucas and I know I will be rooting for you.

    Justin: Thanks Christian. It's always nice to know someone's cheering for me *smiles*

    Christian: *smiles* So how do you like the CWA so far?

    Justin: Well it's a little too early to say, seeing as I haven't actually had a match yet.

    Christian: *nods* Well how have things been in the locker room.

    Justin: Uh...that depends on who's around at the time....

    Christian: Have you had any trouble in the locker room, besides Wade?

    Justin: Not really...I haven't really talked to anyone else yet..

    The Warrior by Disturbed starts to play and Wade walks to the ring, looking fierce. He growls as he steps into the ring, microphone in his hand.

    Wade: Well look at this little love fest...

    Christian: And here comes the topic of the hour himself, Wade Barrett.

    Wade: Well I just thought I'd come talk to all of you....

    Justin frowns and rolls his eyes at Wade.

    Wade: I was glad to hear that you consider me a friend, Justin. It will make when I humiliate you all the more sweet.

    Christian: Ahh the big talk starts now I see.

    Wade: *looks at Christian* No one asked you, you free loading Canadian!

    Christian: *raises a brow* Free loading, where the hell do you get that from? And why do you have to insult Canada?

    Wade: Well it's a lesser country, such as America. And free loading, means the same as leech.

    Christian: I'm sorry but I'm not a leech unlike you, who has many documented cases.

    Justin tries not to smile at Christian's comment.

    Wade: I'm not the only leech in the ring. *he looks at Justin* You're standing with one of the biggest....

    Justin: What? I am not a leech! Would I have left the Corre otherwise?

    Wade: You only left because of Heath.

    Justin: *frowns* I did not.

    Wade: You did.

    Justin: *looks offended* Wow...are you deaf, or just really stupid? I left to prove I can do things on my own!

    Wade: Then prove it to me next week, Gabriel.

    Justin: Looking to humiliate yourself more after losing your title? *smirks*

    Wade: No, I'm the one who’s going to humiliate you.

    Justin: *laughs* Maybe back in the other company who barely let me do anything....

    Wade: Well we'll just have to see won't we? *he extends his hand for a handshake*

    Justin frowns at Wade, but reaches out to shake his hand anyway and Wade pulls Justin in for the Wasteland. Justin struggles to escape, kicking at Wade's ribs. Wade drops Justin and flees from the ring as Christian Moves quickly to help Justin, who smiles as Christian helps him up, then glares up at the ramp, where Wade is standing.

    Justin: *picks up his microphone* What's wrong Wade? Got no back up to help you anymore? *he smirks*

    Wade: *raises the mic to his lips* I wanna let Lucas get a hold of you first.

    Justin: *shakes his head at Wade* Scared you can't beat me otherwise?

    Wade: I know I can beat you. But I don't want you to end up dead.

    Justin: More excuses... *rolls his eyes and looks over at Christian*

    Wade: *shakes his head* Next week, week....

    Christian: Yeah next week Justin will beat you.

    Justin laughs at Christian's comment and nods, agreeing. The camera starts to fade out to go to a commercial; the two men grinning in the ring.

    The show comes back to the sound of booing as Lucas’ theme comes on. Lucas comes out with a confident smirk on his face, walking straight to the ring. Justin looks slightly nervous as he watches Lucas enter the ring after what happened earlier on the peepshow.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Lucas Turner

    The match starts off with Justin dodging Lucas’ attempts to attack him, countering with swift kicks to Lucas’ head, irritating the bigger man. When Lucas finally catches Justin, he Irish whips him towards the ropes before suplexing him. Justin rolls to the side to avoid an elbow drop from Lucas, then springs to his feet. He goes back to dodging Lucas’ attempts to hit him, toying with the man, making him angry. Lucas growls in frustration, violently flinging Justin into a corner when he manages to catch him. Justin cries out and quickly springs backwards over Lucas as he charges towards him. Justin then performs a backhand spring and hip tosses Lucas when he comes after Justin again. Seeing Lucas lying on his back, Justin springs up onto the top rope and moonsaults off it onto Lucas before covering him for a pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Justin Gabriel

    Justin gets up, looking relieved. He gets a microphone and tiredly leans against the ropes, panting slightly.

    Justin: So Wade, still looking forward to fighting me? Lucas just did a fantastic job of beating me for you now, didn’t he? *he laughs* You still think you can beat me and humiliate me? Good luck to you Wade, you’ll need it; because I won’t go down easily.

    He throws down the mic and leaves the ring.

    We hear what sounds like two girls gossiping before the camera opens on a beautiful diamond ring. We zoom out to see that it's on the hand of CWA backstage interviewer Maria Kanellis. The other woman is Nolee Lacroix.

    Nolee: So he just proposed to you out of the blue?

    Maria: *smiles and nods* He was shopping with me and then we went out to dinner. He bought me a purse and then, in the front pocket of the purse, I found the ring! He just proposed to me right then and there!

    Nolee: Who would have known Santino Marella was such a romantic!

    Maria: So what about Sheamus? How are you two?

    Nolee: Not nearly that good. I love him, I really do. I just... sometimes I feel like we're both more focused on our careers more so than each other.

    Maria: Aw hon I'm sorry. I know he loves you, all relationships have rough patches. Though... if you would have chose Lucas, you'd probably be engaged and planning a wedding.

    Nolee, who had gotten up to get into her gym bag, stops. We can see a blush on her face and she turns back to Maria. There's an awkward pause between the two girls.

    Nolee: I don't love Lucas. I'll admit he's still a close friend but I don't love him. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to work out before my match and I prefer to do that in silence.

    Maria and Nolee hug before Maria leaves the room. Nolee sits on the bench, her hands clasped and head lowered. After a moment she looks up with a smile on her face.

    Nolee: I can do this...

    The camera closes on Nolee's almost Cheshire like grin as the show cuts to a commercial.

    The show comes back from the break to the sound of Belle’s theme song playing. She comes out and makes her way to the ring. ‘She’s country’ plays and the Vixxens’ champ, Nolee appears. She holds up her title proudly before heading to the ring.

    Belle Moore vs. Vixxens’ champion Nolee Lacroix, title rematch

    The match starts off with Belle being in control, having attacked as soon as the bell rang, catching the champ off guard. She hits Nolee with a DDT and goes for an early pin, but barely gets a two count. The match continues, Belle still dominating the match, until she starts to get over-confident. Nolee counters a suplex and locks Belle in a headlock, hoping to wear her out. She brings Belle to her knees before Belle manages to break out of the hold. Nolee counters another of Belle’s moves and Irish Whips Belle into a corner to set her up for the ‘Tennessee Tornado’, Nolee’s finisher. Nolee hits the move and goes for a pin, only for Belle to kick out. The two both get back to their feet and Belle says something that is unheard to the cameras, though it seems to have annoyed the champion. Nolee charges at Belle and clotheslines her, causing the two to both tumble over the ropes and out of the ring. Belle says something again and the two end up in more of a ‘cat fight’ than a wrestling match; neither of the two girls hearing the referee counting, even as he reaches ten.

    Match ends in no contest via double count out; Nolee retains her title

    As the bell rings for the end of the match, the two girls finally realise what just happened and stop fighting, only for Belle to start yelling at Nolee, blaming her for what happened. They start fighting again and the crowd starts cheering as Sheamus and Carter both come out. The two men separate the Vixxens, Carter grabbing Belle while Sheamus tries to calm down Nolee. Once Belle finally stops trying to attack Nolee and heads backstage, Carter goes to retrieve his sister’s title and hands it to her. The three of them head up the ramp, the camera following as they head backstage. Sheamus says something to Nolee and Carter before heading off on his own.

    The camera cuts to another backstage area, where Casey is shown walking around, a notepad and pen in hand. He pauses to write something and Sheamus suddenly appears, violently pushing Casey into the wall; pinning him against it, making him drop his notepad and pen.

    Casey: Sh-Sheamus…Wha- *stops talking as Sheamus glares at him, looking scared*

    Sheamus: I saw what yeh wrote on your blog blondie. Didn’t yeh learn from Lucas’ mistake of messing with my personal life?

    Casey: I barely said anything!

    Sheamus: But yeh still said something, that’s the problem! Yeh can talk about my good fer nothin’ brother all yeh want, me leave Nolee out of it!

    Casey: But…but…I say stuff about everyone…

    Sheamus: *growls* Leave our relationship out of it. …or do yeh want me to reinjure those ribs and wrist of yours that Wade hurt back when we started here?

    Casey: *whimpers* N-no…don’t do that…I-I’ll stop…

    Sheamus continues glaring at Casey for a few seconds before finally releasing him. Sheamus turns and walks off, Casey sighing in relief once he’s gone.

    The camera cuts back to the ring as Carter’s theme hits and he makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers. He gets into the ring and waves at the crowd before the CWA champion’s theme by Dale Oliver plays and Christian comes out, title around his waist and accompanied as usual by his manger Edge.

    Carter Lacroix vs. CWA champ Christian

    The bell rings after Christian steps into the ring and hands his title to Edge, who grins and hangs it over his shoulder instead of taking it over to where the titles are usually placed during matches. The match starts off fairly slow, both men looking almost hesitant to hurt the other. Eventually Christian aims a tentative kick at Carter’s head, which Carter counters, then hits Christian in response. The champ responds with a punch of his own and the two start wrestling properly afterwards, Edge shaking his head at them. At one point in the match, Carter has Christian locked in his Cowboy Clutch finisher and the champ almost ends up tapping out before being encouraged by Edge to break out of the hold instead. The match continues on, both men getting near falls on each other before Christian manages to hit Carter with the Killswitch. He goes to pin Carter again, who barely manages to kick out just before three. Christian sighs and looks over at Edge, who nods and goes over into a corner, both his manager and the crowd cheering as he does the taunt Edge is infamous for before performing his Spear. When Carter gets up and turns to face the champ, Christian charges at him, using Edge’s old finisher before going for the pin again.

    Winner via pinfall: CWA Champion Christian

    The crowd cheers and Edge climbs into the ring, grinning. He helps Christian up before pulling the champ into a hug. Edge hands Christian back his title and raises his hand, the show ending as they celebrate.

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