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    Hell to Pay promos


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    Hell to Pay promos Empty Hell to Pay promos

    Post  Casey on Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:17 am

    Promos are due no later than midnight on Friday!

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    Hell to Pay promos Empty Re: Hell to Pay promos

    Post  Admin on Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:34 pm

    We see what appears to be the bedroom of little girls. A bunk bed, which has the top bunk decorated in Disney Princess blankets and a stuffed horse and the bottom bunk decorated in Wonder Woman blankets and a stuffed tiger, sits against the far wall. Toys litter the floor and a small table with coloring books and crayons on it sits in the center of the floor. Two little brunette girls run in and climb into their beds, the girl in the pink night gown climbing up top and the girl in the blue pajamas climbing into the bottom. Behind them walks Lucas in black pajama bottoms and a white muscle shirt. He sits on the floor,smiling at them.

    Girl In Top Bunk: Daddy! Tell us a story!

    Lucas: A story huh? What kinda story Lyssa?

    Girl In Bottom Bunk: One with action and sword fighting!

    Lyssa: No daddy! One with princesses and a handsome prince!

    Lucas: Don't fight Lyssa, Emily. I can tell you a story with all of those things in it. Lets see where do I start...

    Lyssa & Emily: Once upon a time!

    Lucas: *chuckles* Right. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess whose father ran a wonderful kingdom. She and her brother, the prince of their country, were the best of friends and roamed the castile together. There were two young kings who wanted her hand in marriage. One was a handsome and noble man who wanted nothing but the best for her. The other was a horrid man who only wanted her so that he could have something no other man had. Both men were called to the castle of the king so that they could court the princess. The honorable man was stricken by her beauty as was the evil man. They laid eyes on her and the two tried everything to get her to love them.

    Lyssa: Oh daddy did the princess fall for the bad man?

    Emily: Hush up Lys!

    Lyssa: Don't be mean! Daddy what were their names?

    Lucas: *frowns in thought* The... the kings name was Jerald. The princess was Nola, her brother was Carson. The good prince was Lucian and the bad prince was Shean. Can you let me finish the story?

    The two girls nod eagerly and cuddle next to their animals, looking at their father with smiles on their faces.

    Lucas: Well Nola fell in love with Lucian. Shean became jealous and kidnapped the princess, dragging her to his far away home country. When Lucian and Carson found that the princess was missing, they suited up in armor and their swords. They left and scoured the world for the princess Nola. Finally they found the castle of Prince Shean, the great brute with skin as pale as a cloud. It was the day of all Hallows Eve.

    Emily: All Hallows Eve?

    Lucas: Halloween baby girl. Lucian and Carson stormed the castle, swords blazing and ready to protect Princess Nola. Turns out the castle was guarded by a great friend of Sheans, a warlock by the name of Wayne. He was a powerful man who Shean has sent to defend the castle. Carson decided to battle the evil warlock as Lucian ventured father into the dark, dismal fortress. He journeyed to the throne room where he saw the evil man, Shean, his hand rubbing across the Princess Nola's shoulder. Lucian bellowed for Shean to stop and the man looked up. He stepped toward Lucian, his sword raised for battle. The two princes began a vicious sword battle, each thinking they were going to win. Nola watched on in anxiousness, hoping Lucian would defeat the bad man. And do you know what happened?

    Lyssa: Did...did Lucian win?

    Emily: Did he get his princess?

    Lucas: He used his right hand to drive his sword through Sean's big old ugly mug. Nola was finally free from her captor that day because the man who truly loved her set her free.

    Lyssa: *smiles* Did they get married?

    Emily: What about Prince Carson?! Did he defeat that evil warlock?!

    Lucas: Hold on! Prince Carson met the two outside of the castle. He led them home where they wed and lived happily ever after.

    Lyssa: *yawns* I like that story.

    Emily *smiles* Daddy...was that story about you and Mr. Sheamus and Miss Nolee?

    Lucas: *tucksy Lyssa, who is already asleep in and then kisses her forehead before leaning down to tuck Emily in* Yes Emily. Thats who that was about.

    Emily: Don't get hurt, okay daddy?

    Lucas: *smiles* I won't Emmy. I won't.

    Lucas kisses her forehead and turns off the light and closes the door as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:57 pm

    We see Carter and Nolee walking arm in arm with Nolee carrying a bouquet of flowers. Outside seems to be dreary and cold and both siblings are wearing black coats. Nolee sighs and steals Carters hat as they walk

    Carter: Been a while since we been out here sis.

    Nolee: I...I know...

    Carter: You're worried about your match with Belle aintcha sis?

    Nolee: A bit. This is a title match Carter. This could make or break my career. I don't have much of a choice but to win.

    Carter: Oh c'mon it's not that bad. Your young, you got a hell of a career ahead of yourself. You'll be a Vixxens champ, even if you don't beat Belle. You'll get it eventually.

    Nolee: *nods* Yeah but Belle she just...she criticizes me when she only knows a part of the life I live. She thinks I' her I'm just some Southern barbie who didn't have to fight her way into this career. She doesn't understand.

    Carter: *steals his hat back* I know sis. But I also know that you fought to get to the top. You took on men like Test, Andrew Martin, to prove it.

    Nolee: I miss him, he was a good man.

    Carter: That he was. But, well, you have your career now and you'll have your title match. Who knows, you may win that title match.

    Carter gestures to something and Nolee nods and kneels. For the first time we realize where Nolee and Carter are: a graveyard. Nolee places the boquet between two tombstones that read Harris Lacroix and Deanna Lacroix. Nolee then sits cross legged at the edge of the two graves.

    Nolee: Hey mom, dad. I...uh...I know it's been a while since I've been down here to see you. I still miss you a whole lot and wish you were here. But Jerry is taking good care of me...I got a good job with a wrestling company. I know its not what you wanted mama but the pays good and I'm good at it like daddy was. Oh! I met a good man with a good heart, his name is Sheamus, well Stephen. He's my boyfriend and I love him very much. I wish you guys were here to meet him...

    Nolee wipes her eyes as Carter puts his hands on her shoulders. She looks up at him and he nods toward the car.

    Carter: You look cold, why don't you get back to the car? We'll go get some dinner.

    Nolee: *nods* Love you mommy, daddy.

    Nolee stands up and walks out towards the car. Carter watches her walk off before turning back to the graves. He removes his hat, holding it at his side.

    Carter: Hey ma, pops. I've been lookin' after her like I promised. She's turned into a good girl, you'd be proud of her. She's genuine, different than other girls who do what she does. Just...she needs her guardian angels to look after her, especially for her next match. She's in for the fight of her life and she's scared, even if she won't admit it. I love you two and I miss you. Haven't missed much with me. Honestly all I'm askin is for the you to look after Nols, ok?

    Carter places his cowboy hat on his head and walks toward the car as the camera cuts out.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 2:13 pm

    We catch up with Nolee and Carter who are sitting at a small diner. In front of Nolee is a plate of salad while Carter has a cheeseburger and fries. The two are eating somberly and quietly until Nolee lays her fork down on her plate.

    Nolee: So what about your match? We talked about me facing Belle for the title, what about your match teaming with Kane to face Vitani and Angel?

    Carter gives Nolee an almos angry look as he takes a bite of his burger. He chews and swallows before sighing.

    Carter: Well, Nolee, how would you feel if you teamed up with someone who inadvertantly hurt you to face two women?

    Nolee: It's not that bad Carter. You didn't hurt Vitani the last time you faced her. In fact, you did really well!

    Carter: Yeah only cause it was Vi...

    Nolee: *gets wide eyed and smiles* Carter! You like her!

    Carter: What?! No! Nolee I'm gay! I don't like women!

    Nolee gives him a knowing look as she chews a bite of her salad.

    Carter: If I was into women then I'd go after Vi but I'm not so I won't.

    Nolee: Anyways, do you think you and Kane can beat Vi and Angel? They seem like they could be a good team.

    Carter: Maybe. I...I just don't think...

    Nolee: Bro, I know you better than anyone. Santana was a one time deal. Something was going on up here *she pokes Carter in the forehead* that kept you from thinking straight. In here *she pokes Carter in the chest* you can do anything you want. Those ladies won't hurt you and you won't hurt them. Kane though...yikes

    Carter: Yeah sorry about last week. I wanted to come out there but Sheamus beat me to it.

    Nolee: It's okay bro. You gotta let my boyfriend take care of me sometimes or he'll develop a complex.

    Carter: *chuckles* Anyways I think Kane and I can win. I just hope he doesn't hurt Vi or Angel to bad. God knows he's vicious.

    Nolee: Not to be the bearer of bad news but its kinda your job to hurt your opponents.

    Carter: *rolls his eyes* Yeah, yeah, yeah. Gimmie a drink of your shake.

    The camera pans out to the exterior of the diner and then cuts off.

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    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 5:38 pm

    We see Wade sitting on a bench on the deck of a ship, getting into a black bag. He pulls out a wet suit, stepping into it and pulling it up. He sees the camera and smirks.

    Wade: Seems you've caught me in a bit of a passion of mine, or at least getting ready for it. I'm getting ready to go for a bit of a dive in the Gulf of Mexico. Not just any dive though. *he walks over to a cage putting his hand on one of the bars* I'm going to be going on a shark dive.

    He puts on his weight belt, making sure it's fastened before turning his back on the camera to put his BCD (the vest that holds the oxygen tank) attached to the tank.

    Wade: One may be wondering why I'm not preparing for my match against Christian. After all I've lost to him twice now. Once when I had my back turned while arguing with a stupid ref and once when I purposefully destroyed him. He won due to cheating or because I didn't care about winning. The way I look at it, the sharks are more of a threat to me. Christian is a leech, mooching off the success and talent of his best friend Adam. Hell, as injured as he is Copeland could still out wrestle Christian.

    Wade walks over to a bucket, carrying it over to the edge of the boat. He dumps the contents, which end up being fish guts, into the water. Before long, we see fins sticking out of the crystal blue water and can only assume they belong to a pair of sharks.

    Wade: Sharks, like pesky Canadians, are drawn to the thing they crave. For sharks its blood and food, for Canadians it must be title shots. Both Christian and his lap dog Edge seem addicted to title shots. I myself am like a shark. When my opponent gets hurt I can sense it, I'm drawn to it. I capitalize on it. Christian, you want my title. Problem is I'm not ready to give it up. I quite like the perks of being a champion.

    Wade turns to the camera, his eyes holding a dangerous gleam to them. He lets his arms rest on the railing of the boat.

    Wade: I'll tell you what Christian. If you win, I'll give up my title without a fight. I'll watch as you take the one thing of mine that cements my career as a true athelete without even so much as a whimper. But if I win? No, no let me rephrase that. When I win, you will never, ever get another shot at my title. When I win it will prove you don't belong in the same ring, let alone the same company as a champion such as myself. And after you, I'll take down anyone else who comes after me and my title.

    Wade walks over and puts his BCD vest on as well as his flippers and dive mask, which has a camera attached to it, on. He gets in the cage as it's lifted up off the deck and lowered into the shark infested waters.

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    Post  Sheamus on Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:00 am

    The Dropkick Murphys’ ‘Loyal to No One’ plays and Sheamus comes out, the crowd cheering. He’s wearing a green cloak over his usual ring gear and t-shirt; along with a green masquerade mask. He gets a microphone and gets into the ring, standing there as he waits for the crowd to be quiet. Once the music and cheering dies down enough, he raises the microphone closer to his mouth, a smile on his face.

    Sheamus: Athbhliain Shona! everyone says in English, Happy New Year!

    He smirks at the crowd’s confused reaction, having expected it.

    Sheamus: Yes, I know. ‘New Years’ is in December...Let me explain. Yeh see, back in the medieval Ireland, there was a holiday on October 31st, like today, called ‘Samhain’. It was a festival that was celebrated at the beginning of winter and was referred to as being the ‘Celtic New Year’. It was said to be a time when the veil between our world and the Otherworld was so thin that the dead were able to return to our world.

    He pauses and paces a little before continuing.

    Sheamus: See, this day, Samhain, or Celtic New Years was picked up by the Christians, who renamed the holiday ‘All Saints Day’; a day which eventually evolved to become what yeh all know today as Halloween. Back when Samhain was celebrated, villages lit two bonfires, placed close to each other and the villagers would walk between the two fires as a way of purifying themselves.

    Sheamus pauses again and raises his free hand to the mask he’s wearing.

    Sheamus: There was also a tradition where villagers would dress in costumes and masks as a way to pacify any evil spirits. Lanterns were back then carved from large turnips, which were hollowed out and had faces carved into them; these were placed in windows as another way to ward off the evil spirits. *he smirks* It was also said that the Celts liked to mess with people during the festival...

    He lowers his hand and suddenly has a more serious expression on his face. He leans back against the ropes, looking towards the stage.

    Sheamus: Now, Lucas. Being Samhain, I have a question for yeh... Does the spirit of that man yeh punched too hard haunt yeh? Is he making you feel guilty all over again?

    He pauses for a minute as he looks over the crowd, most of whom aren’t sure how to react.

    Sheamus: Showing your daughters in your promo isn’t going to make me go easy on yeh if that’s what you were hoping Lucas...and depicting me as the evil character in a story to your girls...? I’m not the one who’s been arrested. I’m also not the one who stuck his nose into other people’s personal lives without a need to. Oh...and I’m also not the one who couldn’t take a hint, even after being called stupid.

    Sheamus laughs and stands up properly again, adjusting his cloak slightly before speaking again.

    Sheamus: I hope yeh know Lucas, besides your family who you’ve told that story to, no one considers you the good guy in this story... and how dare you call me ugly. Have yeh even looked in a mirror before fella? *he pulls a face*

    He starts to pace again, looking angry this time, his cloak flying behind him.

    Sheamus: You told your kids a story where yeh plunged a sword into the ‘evil’ prince ‘Shean’s face...I bet you can’t even hold a sword, can you? I think that gives me an advantage in your story, because I actually can hold one; I even used to bring one to the ring with me. And speaking of the princess... *he smiles* Have you ever come to save her like I did last week?

    He climbs out of the ring and starts walking up the ramp, then pauses, raising the microphone to speak again, the camera focusing on his face, a look of hatred in his eyes.

    Sheamus: *in a low, dark sounding voice* Oh, by the way Lucas...I doubt even walking between the Samhain bonfires would purify your muderous soul...

    He shoves the microphone into the hands of a nearby tech guy and walks up the ramp as the camera fades.

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    Post  Christian on Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:29 am

    Camera fades in on Christian sitting in front of a big TV set. He grins as he spots the camera.

    Christian: Hey everyone, you're just in time to see my little documentary I made yesterday.

    Christian picks up a remote and presses a button, the camera switches to a view of the screen. The screen comes on and shows Christian walking around; when he spots someone he starts running over to the person. The camera follows and shows that the person is Heath Slater.

    Christian: Heath it's been a while, how are you? Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

    Heath: *smiles* Oh hey Christian! Good to see you. I'm good, I guess. *after a pause* Sure, go ahead...

    Christian: I'm sure you have heard about my match with Wade on Sunday; tell me what was it like working with Wade in Nexus and the Corre?

    Heath: Wow, Wade huh? I've heard of the CWA, but I haven't really had time to keep up. Well he was better than Punk, he didn't try to force us to hit our friends...I guess he was a good leader; until he started worrying all the time about beating Cena. *he frowns*

    Christian: So would you say he got obsessed?

    Heath: *looks around for a second as he thinks about it* Yeah, I guess you could use that word....

    Christian: *grins* One more question, did you feel like Wade was only using the Nexus and the Corre to make himself famous? Did he really do anything in return to help you guys? Or was it all about him and his obsession?

    Heath: Well... *he hesitates as if worried he'd get in trouble for what he's saying* ...The Corre was supposedly meant to be all of us as equals, no leader, yeah? Everyone knows Wade still acted like he was in charge. He did help me and Justin win tag titles, but in the end he ended up too busy worrying about Zeke and the Intercontinental title....

    Christian: So once again it ended up being about Wade, his ego and his obsession.

    Heath: *nods* I guess it did. I never really realised it at the time though, naw mean?

    Christian: *nods* Thanks for answering my questions and see you around.

    Heath: *grins and pats Christian on the shoulder* See ya man. Good seeing you.

    The camera fades out before fading in on a new scene. Christian is walking towards Wade's teammate Sheamus as the Irish man is getting out of his car.

    Christian: Sheamus can I ask a few questions?

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes * Well yeh could have picked a better time, but sure.

    Christian: I wanted to ask about Wade and how he treated you and former Legion member Angel?

    Sheamus: *sighs and leans against his car* I figured you would eventually....

    Christian: Was Angel justified in her reasons for leaving the Legion?

    Sheamus: Yeah, I'd say she was. He may not have meant it to be that way, but he used her....

    Christian: You mean like he used you too? Like he used the whole idea of the foreign Legion as a stepladder for himself?

    Sheamus: *frowns* He... *goes to say 'didn't', then changes his mind* ...alright fine. He did....

    Christian: So he once again is using a group he founded to mooch off the success and talent of the members.

    Sheamus: It wasn't supposed to be like that... *mumbles*.

    Christian: Like the Corre wasn't supposed to be like that?

    Sheamus: *frowns again* Yeah. Just like the Corre... *sighs*.

    Christian: Thanks Sheamus, that's all my questions. *grins* And by the way, I'm rooting for you Sunday.

    Sheamus: *smiles slightly* Oh, thanks. Good luck in your match....

    Christian smiles and starts to walk away, as the camera fades out. The camera then switches back to Christian in front of the TV; he has a half-eaten bowl of popcorn with him that he places on a side table as he grins and looks into the camera.

    Christian: Well now that we've watched my enlightening documentary, I'd like to address my opponent for this Sunday Wade. Wade I watched the promo you made the other day and I have to say, you said some things that frankly pissed me off.

    Christian pauses as he frowns.

    Christian: First off you had the nerve to accuse me of being a leech and mooching of my best friend's success. Wade unlike you, who has a long record of mooching off your supposed friends, I worked hard to get where I am in this business. Years spent working hard to even get a job, yeah I had some help from my friends, but we all helped each other. I was lucky to have good friends, friends like Adam, Rhyno, Jeff, Matt and many more. But don't you ever dare think that I didn't earn my place, I have done more than you ever have and ever will.

    Christian pauses again before giving a dry chuckle.

    Christian: You also had the nerve to act like I begged for this title shot, as I recall you gave me this shot. I believe your words were, "Christian is the easiest person on the roster to beat." And while I didn't ask for this title shot, I am still going to do what I always do and put 110% into this match. See Wade you are underestimating my will and talent; you think that because I'm smaller that I'm not as good as you. That I don't deserve to be in the same ring or company as you and your giant ego, but I will prove you are wrong. Even if I lose I will prove that I am as good as anybody in the ring. See you made another mistake Wade, you once again gave me something to prove and you add a lot of wood to the fire inside me.

    Christian pauses and looks off camera, he grins before continuing.

    Christian: And by the way Wade unlike you I have real friends not lapdogs; I'm sure you wish you had friends too. Well I think it's time to go now, I have a match to get ready for this Sunday. Later my peeps.

    The camera fades out as Christian gets up.


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    Post  Vitani on Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:21 am

    The camera opens on Vitani and a young boy with their backs to the camera as they stand at a stall. Vitani turns and hands the boy a bag of cotton candy she just purchased from the stall.

    Boy: Thank you Vi.

    They turn away from the stall and start walking, the camera zooming out to show they are at a carnival; lots of stalls, rides and people in the background. As they walk, the camera slowly zooms back in on them, the boy’s resemblance to Vitani now obvious while he’s facing the camera and he appears to be around 11 or 12 years old. The two walk to a bench and sit down, Vitani looking up at the camera.

    Vitani: Oh, hello; I had a feeling you’d show up sooner or later. This is my little brother Tion. *she gestures to the boy, who’s eating some of the cotton candy* Say hello Tion…

    The boy looks up at the camera and smiles shyly.

    Tion: Hi… *looks puzzled* Are they from your work Vi?

    Vitani: *smiles and nods* Yes, they are. They’re probably wondering what we’re doing here; why don’t you tell them?

    Tion: Me? *he smiles when Vi nods* Well me and our mama and papa heard Vi was going to be in her…and her work’s first wrestling pay-per-view, so we came from Jamaica to watch Vi. Mama and papa are still resting from the plane ride in our hotel, so Vi took me to this carnival! *he grins*

    Vitani: *laughs* Yes, lucky for you Tion they have a carnival here in New Orleans each year for Halloween.

    Tion: I’m not taking up your training time, am I?

    Vitani: What? No; of course not. Yes I’ll need to train before this match, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend time with my family.

    Tion: So who are you against sis?

    Vitani: I’m teaming with Angel against Carter and Kane…

    Tion: *looks shocked* You’re against Kane? *stares in shock as his sister nods* This is the actual Kane right? From the other show? The ‘Big Red Monster’ Kane?

    Vitani: Yes that Kane. To be honest, I’m not even sure if I’m ready to verse a ring veteran like him yet…

    Tion: Don’t say that sis, you’re great. You’re just nervous…

    Vitani: Yes I’m nervous, how could I not be? I know Carter won’t hurt me after last week, but Kane…after his match with Nolee…well I don’t have someone like Sheamus to step in and help out when help’s needed like Nolee does…

    Tion: Are you scared Vi?

    Vitani: Scared? I am of Kane…a little.... It’s mostly about the actual match itself. I mean, Angel and I have a chance to prove the Vixxens are just as tough as the guys are… But if we don’t win… *she pauses, frowning* What if all the guys start doing what Cena did to Belle? What if they just ignore us or make us like the other show does?

    Tion: Calm down sis! *he puts a hand over hers* You’ll do fine; you just have to focus, like you always tell me when I train with you.

    Vitani: *smiles* Thanks Tion. Now, how about we go check out more of this carnival?

    Vitani laughs and takes some of his cotton candy, eating it as she stands up. Tion stands as well, looking annoyed about her taking his food. Vitani runs off and he chases after her laughing as well as the camera fades out.
    Angel James
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    Post  Angel James on Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:50 am

    The camera fades in on a room that is being decorated for a Halloween party by a man and a woman. The camera zooms in to show them to be Angel and Petey Williams. Angel hands a fake cobweb for Petey to hang up. Petey hangs it and then sits down.

    Petey: Let's take a break Angel.

    Angel smiled and nods as she sits down near Petey.

    Angel: Everything is coming along great, this is going to be a fun party.

    Petey: *nods* Yeah it is, but are you ready for your match this Sunday?

    Angel: *smiles* I think so, I'm really looking forwards to it.

    Petey: You think you will work better with this tag team partner? You and your last one didn't get along.

    Angel laughs and mutters in Italian, she picks up one of the decorations and toys with it.

    Angel: Vi is different than Belle, Belle only cares about herself and calling the other Vixen's barbies. Like none of us besides her have worked hard to get here or that she is the only one tough enough to handle fighting the men. Vi is respectful of all of us though, it will be a nice change of pace to tag team with her.

    Petey: *smiles* what about your opponent's Carter and Kane? Are you worried about fighting them?

    Angel: *smiles* You know I am not Petey, I am looking forward to facing a legend like Kane and Carter is a good opponent. Plus it is a great chance to show the Vixen's can hang with the men, I think it is going to be a good match.

    Petey: But what happens if you lose? Are you worried about what will happen or how the guys will treat you?

    Angel: Maybe a little worried, only a few of the men have any respect for the Vixen's. But I cannot sit and dwell on it, I will not do myself any good doing that. And besides it will be no different then when we team together.

    Petey: *laughs* Or close enough my friend, remember I am not a girl. *pauses* Are you sure you're okay for this match? I mean Wade was brutal with you last week.

    Angel: I am fine Petey, Wade was having his version of a fit last week. He was angry because I called him out on his ego and the fact that he was using the group for his own ends. Besides I have fought bigger and tougher women over-seas remember?

    Petey: *laughs* That is true Angel.

    Angel: Come on let's finish decorating, we need to start on the food next.

    Petey: *nods* We're going to have to make a lot, especially with Alex and Chris coming.

    Angel: Yes, those two always almost eat up all the food whenever we throw a party.

    Angel and Petey laugh as they stand up, they start moving around the room again. The camera fades out as Angel hands another cobweb to Petey.


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    Post  Guest on Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:09 pm

    *Camera opens on Belle at her make-up counter. She is putting on her make up for the night to match her ring gear. It opens more to show her brother Shannon on the couch behind her watching her*

    Shannon: You ready for this sis? Your first title shot.

    Belle: *smiles to him from the mirror* I had a title shot. Barbie messed it up. But yes,I am ready.

    Shannon: Barbie or not you have to admit she has some skills. *tilts his head watching her reaction*

    Belle: Im aware she has some skills. Not as much as me or you but yes. She has some but don't begin to think I will let her win.

    Shannon:I wouldn't dream of it.What's Wade got to say about your title shot?

    Belle:Oh,he is thrilled. Gonna rule the men and the women,in his words at least. But I like it.

    Shannon: Thats all he wants? To rule both? *raises an eyebrow* Not see you as champ just because it would make you happy?

    Belle:*pauses and turns to him* What are you saying Shannon? Just say it.

    Shannon: *stands and walks to his sister's side* I mean does he care for you or is he just after more power. We both know you can dominate anyone and thats an assett that men wish they had by thier side.You have it all Bellie. Your pretty,smart,and can take on any guy. Im just worry he doesn't love you so does he?

    Belle: I....Im not sure....I mean he was with Sheamus. Who dominates more than I do. But he says he does.

    Shannon: But Sheamus isn't a girl. Wade probably just needs someone on the girls side of things. *fixes her fishnet shirt over her tank top by pulling it down over her shoulders where it belongs*

    Belle: *bites her lip* I had to pursued him to be with me. Why would I have to if he just wanted to use me? I mean...

    Shannon:*interpts his sister gentley* Same reason you girls do. Playing hard to get

    Belle: I suppose....

    Shannon: Don't even think on it right now. Just focus on your match. *smiles* rumor is Matt Morgan is even here in your corner.

    Belle:*smiles happily* Is he? I hope so,I miss him. But your coming out with me right?

    Shannon: What kind of question is that? What kind of brother would I be if I didn't? Of course Im coming out with you. Odds are Nolee is coming out with Sheamus. Im coming with you.

    Belle: *smiles* And if I win I get that necklace right? The heart one with my name.

    Shannon: I made a promise didn't I? But for now lets finish getting you ready.

    Belle: Perfect. *turns back to mirror and sits as Shannon brushes her hair*

    *Camera fades out on the siblings enjoying time before the match. As it fades you can see a worried look for a brief moment on Belle's face after the conversation on Wade. Just as it appears it's replaced with a smile that she will be champion tonight*

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