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    10/3/11 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    10/3/11 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    The camera comes up on Jerry in his office. He's dressed casually in a black t-shirt with a rhinestone crown on it, blue jeans, and black tennis shoes. There's a huge smile on his face.

    Jerry: I'm so glad you managed to make it! Last week was a disaster, I'm certain of it. Luckily you managed to show up this week. I think you'll be real pleased with our shows. But you stay put in here until you feel like you want to tell the fans.

    We see Jerry shake hands with someone but the person is obscured from view. The camera fades out on the two men shaking hands and goes to the ring. Pyrotechnics go off, signalling the start of Monday Night Carnage. The crowd is shouting in joy, happy for the start of the show. A creepy song sounding like it's sung by a woman begins and Katie Lea walks to the ring. She rolls in, the fans in a mix of boos and cheers. She stands in one corner and waits for her opponent. The theme song of the newest CWA Vixxen, Vitani Summers, begins and she walks to the ring. They stare each other down as the bell rings.

    Vitani Summers vs Katie Lea

    The two women lock up, Vitani getting the upper hand by locking Katie Lea in a headlock. Katie tries to get out of it but Vitani doesn't let up until she pushes Lea against the ropes and hits her with a standing dropkick to the chest. Katie hits the mat as Vitani stands. The fans cheer as she looks over them. Climbing to the top rope she hits Katie with a big elbow drop. At this point, she rolls Katie up for the three count and gets it.

    Winner via pinfall: Vitani Summers

    We got to our announcers, Val Venis and Terry Funk. Val is dressed casually wearing a white muscle shirt and blue jeans, while Terry is dressed in a tan polo, a black jacket and matching slacks. Both men smile at the camera, though Val's smile is noticably wider.

    Terry: Well Val what do you think of our new CWA Vixxen?

    Val: Oh I love her Terry! But you know what I love more?

    Terry: What would that be Val?

    Val: Next week we're going to have a Vixxens costume tag team match. Jerry and I decided since our divas can't have it at Hell To Pay, we'll have it next week! And guess who the ref is gonna be?!

    Terry: Oh Val I bet you're on cloud nine!

    Val: I'm not a betting man Terry but you're right! I hope all these ladies decide on a sexy little costume...

    Terry: In other news, Val, our general manager is here tonight! I wonder when they are going to choose to reveal themself! What I do know Val...*he looks over at Val* your still thinking about the vixxens match aren't you?

    Val: Just cut to the match...

    We pan to the ramp as Angel James' theme begins to play over the loud speakers. Though she's a member of the Foreign Legion, her fans cheer wildly. She climbs into the ring, smiling. She gets into her corner and nods as "She's Country" begins to play, signalling Nolee's arrival. She smirks walking in, sights set on Angel. She climbs into the ring and onto the turnbuckle, making a heart with her hands and winking at the crowd. The crowd, who is her hometown crowd, eats it up. She looks thrilled and climbs off the turnbuckle. She turns towards Angel and nods with a smile, raising her fists in a style similar to Lucas' as the bell rings.

    Angel James vs Nolee Lacroix

    Nolee runs right at Angel, attemping to hit her opponenet with a shoulder. Angel has other plans. She hits Nolee with a powerful shoulder of her own. Nolee hits the mat but gets back up, not wanting to stay down for to long. Angel tries to land a swift kick to Nolee's side but the cowgirl catches her leg and brings an elbow down on it.
    Angel stumbles back against the ropes as Nolee lets go but after a minute is right back in there. She grabs Nolee's arm and Irish whips her into the corner. Angel runs at her but Nolee manages to move out of the corner so Angel hits the turnbuckle. Nolee smirks as she gains the upper hand, attacking Angel by kneeing her in the gut. She backs up, going to run and hit her with a harder knee to the gut but is distracted when Belle's theme music hits.
    Nolee stares at the ramp, awaiting her enemy and not noticing Angel getting out of the corner. Angel gets her in a pin and holds her there for the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Angel James

    Commercial 1------

    The camera opens to the sound of the cameraman’s frightened, heavy breathing and the sound of something breaking nearby. The camera shakes slightly as the man holding it cautiously approaches the noise. A gasp is heard as he stops, seeing Sheamus standing with his back to the camera, a dented steel chair discarded nearby and a lead pipe in his hand. Sheamus is breathing heavily, standing over someone, having obviously snapped again.

    Nolee, who has just lost her match, turns the corner to see Sheamus standing there. She gulps down any fear she might have and heads towards him.

    Nolee: Sheamus...whats wrong?

    Sheamus: *slowly turns to face her, a far away look in his eyes* Nolee…?

    Nolee: *blinks back tears* Sheamus...wh...what are you doing?

    Sheamus looks down at the weapon in his hand, slowly realising what he did.

    Sheamus: I-I… *drops the weapon, swearing* …I’m sorry…I…

    Nolee still looks terrified but steps closer.

    Nolee: *looks at the poor man* He's just an innocent backstage worker...

    Sheamus: *looks angry again* He insulted me…after reading that stupid article!

    Nolee: *sighs and takes Sheamus' hand in hers*'s just an article. We both know that nothing will happen between your team. Why do you care so much what they say?

    Sheamus: Because everybody else starts believing it and asking stupid questions or insulting me over it… I’m sick of it.

    Nolee: *shrugs* But the two of us know their wrong. That should be worth something to you...*she sighs and looks at the backstage section of the entrance ramp* have a match in a few minutes against my brother. I want your word that you're not going to hurt him to bad...

    Sheamus: Of course it is…I’ve just never had ter deal with something so…frustratin’ before I came here. *he reaches out and gently pulls her into a hug* I um…I’ll try not to…

    Nolee: *nods* Go.

    Sheamus heads to the ring as his theme song, "Loyal To No One" plays. The fans boo him, due to his involvement in what happened to Jeff Hardy last week. He gets in the ring and slaps his fist to his chest before raising it in early triumph. The sound of a truck motor starting up is hear and Carter drives out in a tan Chevy Silverado. He's half hanging out the window as "That's How Country Boys Roll" plays through the arena of his hometown. He parks his truck and gets out, two stepping to the ring. He gets out, offering a hand for Sheamus to shake. The Celtic Warrior takes it and he uses it to pull Carter closer and hit him with a hard slam to the mat as the bell ring.

    Carter Lacroix vs Sheamus

    Sheamus begins a solid attack on Carter's knee that he injured in his match with Kane last week. Carter manages to push him away and tries to stand but Sheamus uses a take down move to the knees to get him back to the mat. He's snarling now, standing visciously over Carter who is look up at him pleadingly. As if remembering his promise to Nolee, Sheamus stops before attacking him again.
    Carter takes the opportunity to stand, looking at Sheamus. The two lock up, Sheamus is locked in an arm bar by Carter. He's taken down to one leg but Sheamus stops the hold with an elbow to the knee. Sheamus turns the tide by locking him in a headlock. Because of his knee, Carter is instantly taken to one knee. He looks drowzy but somehow the fans cheers propel him to stand.
    He pushes Sheamus into the ropes and over the top. Carter gets out of the ring, kicking Sheamus a bit. He picks him up as the refs count gets to 3. Tossing him back in the ring, he gets in. Sheamus stands as Carter climbs into the ring. He tries to go for the knee again but Carter is faster this time. As Sheamus falls to the mat, Carter pulls him to the middle and puts him in the Cowboy Clutch. After a few minutes, Sheamus taps out.

    Winner via submission: Carter Lacroix.

    The camera pans to Maria Kanellis who is in the interview area. She looks cheerful as usual, a smile as bright as her white tank top on her face.

    Maria: I'm standing here with Belle Moore!

    Belle is shown on the camera with Maria, smiling. Her arms are crossed over her chest.

    Maria: There's been a lot of rumors about a relationship with Wade Barrett. Are you officially with him?

    Belle: *annoyed* I don't see how that relates to my match with Jeff but if you must know, I guess we are.

    Maria: I'm...I'm sorry. you're match is cancelled tonight due to Jeff not being here because of Sheamus. Do you blame him?

    Belle: Listen, Jeff has battled under much worse. I should know. But I guess I get why he wasn't here. Just pissed no one with a dick will fight me.

    Maria: But...but guys can hurt us...

    Belle: *glares* No. They can hurt BARBIES. I'm here to show girls can face guys. Girls can even win and kick some ass.

    Maria: *chews on her lower lip* O...oh. going to have a costume tag team match next week. Who do you hope to be partners with?

    Belle: Doesn't matter who I'm partners with. As long as it's not that damn barbie. Whoever I team with just better know I don't play well with others.

    Maria: Nolee's kinda nice. Why don't you like her?

    Belle: She basically got a free pass here. Don't feel she earned it. *shrugs indifferentally*
    Maria: Any lasts words for Nolee before your match at Hell To Pay?

    Belle: Just a few. I still owe her for costing me my first title opportunity. Ask anyone, I'm a person who gets her revenge. So she better be ready to face the Hardcore Princess.

    Commercial 2-----

    We come back from break, Lucas pacing the ring as the song "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold plays. He paces as Kane's theme begins to play. He watches as The Big Red Machine stalks to the ring. The two rather large men stare at each other as the bell rings.

    Kane vs Lucas Turner

    Lucas stares at his opponent and rushes him foolishly. Kane wastes little effort boosting him up in the air and choakslamming him into the mat. Kane effortlessly plants a foot on his chest as the ref counts the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Kane

    Wade is sitting in the locker room, lacing up his boots. He looks up to see Belle enter.

    Wade: Miss Moore. May I help you?

    Belle: *slips into his lap* Now I think it's more of how I can help you.

    Wade: *smirks* Oh? And how does a beautiful woman such as yourself think she can help me?

    Belle: Well you see, a beautiful girl like me would be an asset to you. But see I can only help if we are together.

    Wade: *smirks again* You really think so? I've got a team of the finest European wrestlers known to the industry. How can you be an asset to me?

    Belle: I'm small and innocent looking. We both know I can cause damage and not get caught better than anyone in this business.

    Wade: Oh I wouldn't say your innocent looking Miss Moore. You definitly look...*he smirks* well you look positivly ravishing for one thing. And for antoher you look more like a sinner than a saint.

    Belle: *smiles innocently from under eyelashes* If I'm hearing correctly you're doubting me.

    Wade: I have a hard time believeing a lot of people about a lot of things. *smirks* But you certainly look like one of those girls my grandmama and mother warned me about.

    Belle: Aww how sweet of you to say. *bats eyelashes with a small pout* but we still know I can look and act innocent. Especially to help a gentleman like yourself.

    Wade: *chuckles* Say I take you up in your offer. Whats in it for yourself?

    Belle: Just a handsome boyfrield like yourself. That's it.

    Wade: So you don't need any help with that southern waste of woman Lacroix?

    Belle: *chuckles softly* Barbie? No I handled her and I could do it again.

    Wade: Even in that title match at Hell To Pay?

    Belle: Hmmm. Maybe if things look like I might lose.

    Wade: *smirks* You would make a good addition to Foreign Legion...if you were foreign.

    Belle: Too bad I'm not. Proud to be a Southern Hardcore princess.

    Wade: It's a shame. I could use a reliable woman on the team. I only brought Angel in so that she may seperate Sheamus from his girl. You though? You could stay.

    Belle: Angel has talent. Might be the only girl I get along with. *smiles* maybe I can make nice with her.

    Wade: *laughs* Do you think I wish to make nice with Sheamus? There's an old saying. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. He's not a friend. He's an enemy.

    Belle: Strong competitor. He may not be a friend nwo but he will be later. But what do I know? I'm just a simple girl. *smiles sweetly* But that Angel I wouldn't mind facing her.

    Wade: I'm taking you up on your offer. *he cups her face* But I find out you've been with anyone else and the consequences will be dire.

    Belle: And these consequences?

    Wade: I'm a very bitter, jealous man Belle Moore.

    Belle: Hmmm well see I always found men attractive when jealous. *smirks* but I get it.

    Wade: Oh you have, have you? *he looks at the clock on the wall and then at her* Remember what I said Belle.

    Belle: *stands up and stretches her body* Oh don't worry, I will.

    Wade leaves the room as the cameras go to a view of the ring. "Just Close Your Eyes" by the Waterproof Blondes begins and the fans go crazy. Christian walks out with Edge, both doing the "searching for a peep" pose. He smiles and nods, the two of them heading out to the ring. As they are halfway down the ramp, a figure is seen behind him with a steel pipe. We realize it's Wade. He bashes Christian in the back of the head and the blonde Canadian hits the ramp. Since Edge cannot fight to defend Christian, he has to watch as the angry Brit tosses his best friend into the ring. The ref tries to pull Wade off but is unsuccessful. He yells for Wade to get off or he'll disqualify him before the match. Again Wade doesn't get off. The assault continues as we hear the sound of bagpipes and drums. Wade turns as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper walks to the ramp.

    Rowdy: Hold it right there, Barrett. If you don't stop, I'll strip you of your title and make ya stop.

    Wade: *stops but takes a mic* Oh look who it is, the Scott Piper. What are you doing here?

    Roddy: Isn't it obvious? I'm ya new General Manager. And since you and your tag team partner Sheamus seem to enjoy attacking people with objects I think I'll set you two against each other ya ugly Brit. And it'll be in a no disqualification match!

    The crowd cheers as Barrett is livid, Carnage going off the air for the evening

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