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    War Over Women?


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    War Over Women? Empty War Over Women?

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:19 am

    War Over Women?
    An article by CWA Analyst Oscar Harris

    In history there are several times where women have caused the breakup of groups or nations. From the days of Helen Of Troy and her romance with Paris to Yoko Ono's marriage to John Lennon and the breakup of The Beatles, women have been there to destroy things and look good while doing it. Could this include the CWA faction known as Foreign Legion?
    First off, lets talk about the women in question: Belle Moore and Nolee Lacroix. Two women who prove how different the South can be. Belle Moore hails from Cameron, North Carolina. She's the Hardcore Princess and, much like her brother and his friends, she has a liking for tattoos and piercings. She's a fierce in ring competitor and, from what we saw in her promo this week about Jeff Hardy, she's very close to her "Carolina brothers" and her biological brother. On the other hand of the spectrum, we have Nolee Lacroix. She hails from Nashville, Tennessee and is anything but hardcore. To quote Belle herself, "she's a barbie". Nolee tends to lean toward being a sweetheart. She prefers sundresses and cowboy boots to jeans and tennis shoes. Though she cares about her looks, she's also fierce in the ring, though her win-loss record might say other wise. Both women, however, are very beautiful and very capable of wrapping men around their fingers.
    Now lets talk about the men of Foreign Legion: Wade Barrett and Sheamus. Twom enwo whose goals in the CWA aren't that much different. Both men want to be CWA champion and, as the basis for the team goes, want to prove to Americans that they deserve respect. Yet at the same time, both men differ. Wade Barrett hails from Manchester, England. He's a civilized man who has a fondness for the finer things in life. Fans of the WWE know that Wade was the man in control of The Nexus and The Corre. Those of you who remember his firing in the WWE, he's also the man who attacked Stephanie McMahon. While at times Wade can seem like the kind of man who can wine and dine your girlfriend and beat your ass, Sheamus seems to be the opposite. The Irish born superstar has proved he can compete in any ring he choses. He's a two time WWE champion and for certain a future CWA champion. We've seen how violent and volatile he is when he feels threatened. He's a meat and potatos kind of guy, very stons. Yet he too has a hidden side. Rumor is he gave Nolee Lacroix a rose before he asked her out. That's right folks, opposites really do attract. Instead of dating Belle like one would expect, Sheamus is dating Nolee while Wade is dating Belle.
    But this article isn't about how dating women might change The Celtic Warrior and our CWA champion into better people. It's about how it till contribute to the destruction of Foreign Legion.

    Factor 1: Wade's Eagerness to Please Belle and Sheamus Eagerness to Please Nolee

    Sources close to Wade have told me about his eagerness not to screw his relationship with Belle up. I've even been told he spends money on expensive dinners and lavish gifts for her. Certainly with this eagerness to please it will be in all areas. That includes Belles in ring abilities. If someone doesn't win, they are usualy unhappy. Wade, therefore, will go to any length to make Belle win. Considering they meet in a title match at Hell To Pay, this entails Belle's match with Nolee. If Wade cheats for Belle in that match, certainly it will anger Sheamus because Nolee lost.
    Thus we are at an impass. Wade doesn't want Belle to lose because he can't bear to see her unhappy while Sheamus feels the exact same way about Nolee. Personal feelings will get in the way. Speaking of personal feelings brings me to factor number two.

    Factor 2: Nolee and Belle DESPISE each other!

    Let me bring you back to the inaugural show of the CWA. We had a tournament to name the first ever Vixxens Championship. In one of the opening bouts Nolee Lacroix fought Belle Moore. The Carolina Hardcore Princess won. She moved on to the final match where she could have bested CWA Alum Santana Lopez if not for Nolee's theme song playing and Belle getting distracted. Needless to say they hated each other from that moment on.
    Belle misses no chance to call Nolee a princess or to doubt her in ring ability. Nolee on the other hand seems to enoy insulting Matt and Jeff's involvment with drugs and has even implied Belle herself has done them. They haven't fought each other one on one since that night but I can guarantee you that when they do meet in that ring, it won't be pretty.
    How then are their boyfriends, who are best friends, supposed to take their hatred? Wade seems to be fine with Belle's disdain for the women while Sheamus seems not to care one way or the other. While Belle and Nolee strongly dislike each other, there is someone else who dislikes the Tennessee native or at least the relationship between her and her best friend.

    Factor 3: Wade DETESTS the relationship between Nolee and Sheamus

    We all know Sheamus' actions as of late. The attacks on innocent camera men, the damage of property belonging to the CWA, the attack on Jeff Hardy before the match between The Charismatic Blondes which allowed Foreign Legion to, technically, pick up the win. It's hard to believe all of this began because people, including Wade Barrett, don't believe in the relationship of Sheamus and Nolee. In fact, Wade is very against their relationship.
    Wade makes it known as often as he can that he doesn't approve of Nolee dating Sheamus. At first he tried to make it seem like he didn't approve of her because she was American. Then, when he started dating Belle, it was obvious that nationality wasn't the case. There had to be something else behind it. If we listen to a recent rumor started by Lucas Turner, Sheamus and Wade at one point in time were lovers. Now, I'm not sure if there's any truth to it but if there is then one can easily see how Wade would want to seperate Nolee and Sheamus. Yet there is one key factor we have to consider in this tale of two loves: Angel James.
    Angel was brough into the team to supposedly bring dominance to the Vixxens division. Yet there may be an underlying reason to why she's here. Wade thinks, perhaps, that Angel could very well seperate the duo of Sheamus and Nolee. It's a possibility that is very high in the rankings and could lead to more anger in the ranks if Sheamus ever finds out.

    Have another factor that could add to the breaking up of Foreign Legion? Don't hesitate to let me know! And be sure to check out Casey's blog!

    This is CWA correspondant Oscar Harris signing off.

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    War Over Women? Empty Re: War Over Women?

    Post  Casey on Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:29 pm

    Well it's nice to see I'm not the only non-wrestler in this place with an opinion on things. Reading through this I noticed a few things...

    When you said 'opposites really do attract. Instead of dating Belle like one would expect, Sheamus is dating Nolee while Wade is dating Belle' did you ever stop and think of this along with what Lucas said about the two men?

    If you think about it... Belle, being violent and often displeased with the way she's treated by others, but also having a sensitive side is a lot like Sheamus's current state. Meanwhile Nolee is much like Wade. Both are, for the most part, much more sensitive and laid back...until the bell rings anyway. If you think of it this way, it gives the 'opposites attract' statement a whole new meaning.

    With both men's eagerness to please their women and Belle & Nolee's hatred of each other, I'd really hate to see what would happen if the four were locked in a room together after the PPV, especially if Wade cheats to help Belle win. I'm sure that paramedics would be needed, especially if both Angel and Lucas are thrown in as well.


    War Over Women? Empty Re: War Over Women?

    Post  Guest on Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:13 pm

    Contrary to this article I don't need Wade's help. Saying that is like saying I cant beat her on my own. I can. But yes,I do DESPISE Nolee. I'll give it to her,she is smart. But smart doesn't work in ring all the time. Don't ever say I need Wade to win.

    -Belle Marie Moore.

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    War Over Women? Empty Re: War Over Women?

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