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    9/26/11 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    9/26/11 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 9/26/11 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    Instead of opening up on the usual pyrotechnics, the camera opens up on the footage of Jerry firing Eric Bischoff. As the camera cuts on that, we open up in Jerry Lawler's office. We see Jerry, sitting at the desk in a suit.

    Jerry: *smiles brieftly* Until I started this company, I never truly understood how hard running a wrestling organization was. I lost three members of my organization last week. My son brutally attacked Santana Lopez and caused her to be hurt badly enough that she had to quit. With her we lost Shawn. And we all just saw what happened to Eric. None-the-less, I've made a few calls to people I know I can trust. By the end of the show, we may just have our new general manager.

    The camera pans to the ring where Layla El is pacing the ring. Nolee's theme song, "She's Country", plays throughout the arena. Layla looks at the entrance where Nolee walks out, looking tough. She rushes to the ring, glaring at Layla. The bell rings and the match begins.

    Nolee Lacroix vs Layla El

    The match begins with Nolee hitting a big punch to the jaw. Layla stumbles back a bit, groaning in pain. She hits the ropes and when she bounces back, Nolee hits her with a harsh clothesline across the chest. She backs off, smirking down at Layla. She waits for Layla to get up, tossing her into the corner and hitting a running knee to the chest. Layla stands strong as Nolee decides to hit her with the hurricanrana from the top rope, her finisher the Tennessee Tornado.

    Winner via pinfall: Nolee Lacroix

    Commercial #1-----

    We open in on Wade Barrett lounging in the locker room of what appears to be the team Foreign Legion. He's wearing a Manchester United polo and a pair of khaki's as he watches the Manchester United soccer game. He hears the door open and looks over to see Sheamus entering.

    Wade: How’s it feel to know you might actually win this tag team match?

    Sheamus frowns at Wade’s comment and goes and puts his bag down before responding to Wade. He sighs as he leans against the wall, arms folded.

    Sheamus: Wade yeh know last week I wasn’t entirely focused…

    Wade: *stands and looks at Sheamus* Still, you lost. I didn't create this team because you and Angel were losers. I created it to prove how strong we all were. You losing doesn't prove my point.

    Sheamus: *sighs and hangs his head* I know, I’m sorry Wade. It won’t happen again, it was just the people we were up against.

    Wade: *rolls his eyes and claps a hand to Sheamus’ shoulder* It wasn't the people. You could Brogue Kick Lucas. It was Nolee. But tonight we have a match against Jeff Hardy and Christian. I'll admit, my loss last week was horrid. But it was a loss none the less.

    Sheamus: Why exactly are yeh annoyed with me then if you lost too?

    Wade: Because I at least put in all my effort. I wasn’t distracted by a silly little American girl…

    Sheamus: *suddenly annoyed, he pushes Wade’s hand away* She’s not just a ‘silly American’ Wade, she’s my girlfriend!

    Wade: Not in the ring she’s not. How many people have told you that now Sheamus, including her?

    Sheamus pushes past Wade, mumbling angrily in Irish, heading towards the door, picking up a steel chair.

    Wade: What was that? *sees Sheamus pick up the chair* What’s that for?

    Sheamus: *turns to face Wade, looking angry* I’m going ter show yeh all I’m perfectly capable of dealing with matters. Don’t worry Wade; I won’t get distracted this time.

    Wade watches as his teammate storms out of their locker room, steel chair in hand. On the TV, Wade's favoured team scores a goal.

    The cameras open in on our announcers for the first time of the evening. Val has a typical roguish smile on his face while Terry looks as neutral as ever.

    Val: What a show we've had so far. It sure is comforting to know that we may have our new general manager by the end of the night.

    Terry: It's the may that worries me Val. What happens if whoever Jerry called doesn't come through?

    While that is a possibility Terry, at least we're not being ran through a computer.

    *chuckles at the obvious jab at the other company.* Well Val, we may have a general manager by the end of the night ut well will certainly have two matches for Hell To Pay. Last week we told you about Nolee Lacroix vs Belle Moore for the Vixxens championship. Well Val and I learned after words that whoever pins their opponent here tonight in the fastest time will be the number one contender for the CWA title and will face Wade Barrett at Hell To Pay.

    Val: Now enough talk and onto the action.

    The camera switches to a view of the ring. We hear "Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold start to play. Lucas walks out, looking strong in his black boxing outfit. He gets into the ring and waits for JoMo. "This Ain't No Make Believe" starts and JoMo walks to the ring, looking cocky as ever. As he bends to climb into the ring, Lucas hits him with a hard left hook to the jaw. Johnny falls over onto the mat as the ref seperates Lucas from Johnny. After a few moments, Johnny gets to his feet. The ref asks if he's okay to fight. He nods and the bell rings.

    Lucas Turner vs John Morrison

    John runs at Lucas, getting caught by a clothesline. He falls to the mat, Lucas stomping on his knee to keep him down. The ref seperates Lucas from John, warning him that if he does it again, he'll be disqualified. Lucas rolls his eyes, backing off. Johnny gets up and Lucas is right back in there beating on Morrison. The Guru of Greatness manages to get to the ropes but as he jumps at Lucas, The Natural catches him and hits him with The Devils Due backreaker. He then gets the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Lucas Turner

    The camera fades in on Christian pacing and murmuring softly to himself. Jeff Hardy then enters. Christian looks and a gives a half smile.

    Jeff: Hey man, you ready for this match?

    Christian: Yeah I'm ready I'm more than ready.

    Jeff: You don't look ready man, you look tense. What is it bugging you man?

    Christian sighs and leans against the wall Jeff moves over to him.

    Christian: Its not match I'm worried about, I can beat Wade as last week showed. And I know can hang with Sheamus, it's just...

    Jeff: You're worried about them going after Edge again aren't you?

    Christian nods with a sigh.

    Christian: Yeah...

    Jeff: You know he's going to want to be out there with you and you don't know if they will even go after him again, it could have been a one-time thing.

    Christian: I know Jeff but...

    Christian stops as Edge walks in with a smile. Jeff smiles back, Christian gives a half smile to his longtime friend.

    Edge: Hey guys, what's up?

    Jeff: Just talking about the match man.

    Edge: You guys excited?

    Jeff Yeah man.

    Christian just nods. Jeff grabs his arm bands.

    Jeff: I'm going to go finish getting ready.

    Edge and Christian nod, and watch as Jeff leaves. Edge then turns back to Christian.

    Edge: Ok spill, what's bugging you man?

    Christian: Edge... No Adam, I don't want you to go out to the ring for this match.

    Edge: Jay why not? You and Jeff are going to need back up, what if they bring Angel with them?

    Christian: Adam they tried to go after you last week, what if they do this week? They could hurt you bad, I'm not going to risk it. Not with your neck Adam.

    Edge: Jay I'll be fine, besides my neck hasn't been bugging me lately.

    Christian: Adam, I'd still feel better if you were back here. Wade maybe all ego and hot air, but he is devious and Sheamus has been following him like a blind, but loyal dog.

    Edge: They could still try to get me back here Jay and besides you and rainbow are going to need me to watch your backs.

    Christian: You are stubborn you know...

    Christian stops at the sound of a fight outside in the hallway. He looks at Adam before both of them the rush to the door. When the open it, all they see is a dented steel chair and Jeff's armbands on the ground. Christian frowns as he and Edge look around. Edge picks up the armbands, Christian stares at him.

    Christian: What the hell is going on?

    Edge: I don't know man, but something tells me this isn't good.

    The camera fades out on Christian staring at the armbands with a worried look on his face.

    Commercial #2------

    The camera opens up on an empty ring. The theme song of John Cena begins and he runs out, looking as enterjetic as ever. Saluting the crowd, he runs to the ring and throws his shirt and arm bands to the fans. "Bad Girlfriend" by Belle Moore begins and the Vixxen walks out to the ramp. The fans boo her but she ignores it and walks to the ring anyways.

    Belle Moore vs John Cena
    The bell rings at John shakes his head at Belle, allowing her to land a big boot to the skin. John hisses in pain but refuses to fight back. He stands up running a hand over his face. One can see the emotion in John's eyes. He sighs and shakes his head, laying down on the mat. Always one to capitalize on an opportunity, Belle gets him for the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Belle Moore

    The camera goes to teh office of Jerry Lawler. He is on the phone with someone until he hears a knock on his office door.

    Jerry: I'll see you next week then? Thanks. *he hangs up and crosses to the door, opening it to show Lucas Turner. He walks in and Jerry smiles* What do you need Mr. Turner?

    Lucas: I want him.

    Jerry: And I didn't know you swung that way.

    Lucas: *narrows his eyes* I don't. I want him in a match.

    Jerry: You are aware I have no clue who I'm talking about, aren't you?

    Lucas: Who do you think!? Sheamus!

    Jerry: Ah I should have figured.

    Lucas: Well? I want him one on one, toe to toe, face to face. I want to show him that I'm the better athelete.

    Jerry: Lucas, we both know this isn't about being the better athelete.

    Lucas: *snarls* It IS about being the better athelete and proving I'm the better competitor.

    Jerry: It's not about that and everyone knows it. It's about Nolee.

    Lucas: *glares* I'm done with this conversation. Just set up a match. *he leaves*

    Carter vs Kane

    Carter walks to the ring and waits for his competitor. Kane comes down and the match begins. The two big men lock up and it looks like a mix of agression and pain. Kane slams him to the ground and we hear a pop. Carter cries out in pain, clutching at his knee. He cannot get up, getting a taste of his own medicine from Kane who gets the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Kane.

    Commercial spot #3-----

    The camera pans to the ring where Wade and Sheamus are standing. Christian walks out with his camera, looking at his opponent.

    Wade: As you see, these two cannot compete. Now, I know what the ingrates in the company said but I can tell you I will not be fighting who they pick for me. I will be fighting...*he smirks at Sheamus who looks proud before looking at Christian* You Christian. I won't let you get the best of me.

    Everyone looks shocked as the show ends.

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