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    A Danger To Himself And Others?


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    A Danger To Himself And Others? Empty A Danger To Himself And Others?

    Post  Admin on Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:33 am

    Is He A Danger To Himself And Others?
    An article by CWA Analyst Oscar Harris

    First of all, for those of you who don't know who I am let me give a little bit of an over view. My name is Oscar Harris. I've been a reporter for Pro Wrestling Insider for thirteen years. I've covered everyone from Shawn Micheals to John Cena. I also help write the Power Ten for Jerry hired me to do a weekly column about something that I picked out that seems to be a problem or a benefit to this company. My first order of business? To discuss CWA Warrior Carter Lacroix.

    Carter is a good fighter, don't get me wrong. But after I went back and watched the attack against Santana Lopez last week, I realized something about the young man. He seemed to have snapped. He viciously attacked a woman, even after claiming that earlier in the night he was safe to wrestle her. Hell, because of him Santana Lopez resigned from the CWA! He even said he was afraid to wrestle her because it was "against his morals". This leads me to ask why? Why was Carter so afraid to fight her in the first place.

    I did some digging into the mans background and it turns out that he's had a history of anger issues. His younger sister, Nolee, had this to say on the issue. "He's always had a bit of a mean streak in him. He would throw temper tantrums as a child which involved the breaking of things or the damaging of himself."

    After hearing a quote like this from someone so close to Nolee, I talked to a doctor. Doctor Gwindolyn Lewis told me that, "This could be a case of undiagnosed bi polar disorder."

    Bi-polar disorder itself is a dangerous thing. We all know about WWE superstar Randy Orton. He had bi-polar disorder as well as several anger issues. Can we expect the same things from Carter Lacroix? Is this young man clear to wrestle or should his opponents quake in fear when they hear he is their opponent? I want you to weigh in! Leave your concerns and problems here and I'll try to answer them.

    Signing off this is CWA Analyst Oscar Harris.

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