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    9/19/11 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    9/19/11 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 9/19/11 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    Live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    It's Monday Night Carnage

    The pyrotechnics go off as Godsmack's Crying Like A Bitch starts. We pan over the arena, the live crowd full of energy. We finally reston our commentators Val Venis and Terry Funk

    Terry: Hello one and all, welcome to Monday Night Carnage! What a show we have for you tonight.

    Val: That's right Terry! We have a jam packed night full of our CWA Vixxens.

    Terry: Forget our Vixxens Val! I wanna know whats going to happen when CWA champion Wade Barrett gets interviewed by "Captain Charisma" himself Christian! Will the Brittish rogue pay for his crimes against Christian on Friday when the the two meet face to face for The Peep Show?

    Val: *rolls his eyes* Well I won't forget about our Vixxens, Terry, because we have our first match of the night, right now!

    An upbeat song without words starts to play as CWA Vixxen Gail Kim enters. She gets in the ring, waiting patientlyas Bad Girlfriend by Theory Of A Deadman begins to play. Belle Moore walks in as the fans scream for her. She smirks, blowing them a kiss as she runs to the ring. The bell rings and the match begins.

    Belle Moore vs Gail Kim

    Belle instantly starts to demolish Gail. The jobber has little chance to stand as Belle sends kick after kick to Gails legs, torso, and head. She pulls Gail to her feet, Irish whipping her into the corner. She stands on the second rope and slams her fist into Gail. The Asian beauty pushes Belle off and she falls to the mat. Gail climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes to arm drop Belle. Belle, however, raises her knees up. Gail hits, the pain rising through her side. Belle kips up and raises Gail, giving her the Twist of Faith. She then pins Gail for the three count.

    As the camera fades in, Sheamus is seen in the ring pacing back and forth anxiously, a microphone in his hand. He ignores the fan’s booing, which is a result of his actions in the past week, continuing his pacing as he waits for them to calm down.
    Eventually he stands still, slowly raising the microphone to his hand as the fans go quiet

    Sheamus: Look. I know a lot…well actually, all of yeh by the sounds of it, don’t like me. I know it’s because I decided to align myself with Wade Barrett…

    He paces again as the fans boo loudly at the mention of the CWA Champion, waiting for them to go quiet again.

    Sheamus: Yes, I know. Yeh don’t like the fella and now yeh hate me too, along with our team mate Angel; which is fair enough. We didn’t play fair last week, I’ll admit that. *he shakes his head as some of the fans boo again* But that’s not why I’m out here anyway. I’m not goin’ to make excuses fer my actions. He pauses, running a hand through his hair as he takes a deep breath.

    Sheamus: Yeh see, I’m an honest man, I’m happy to admit I’ve done something wrong, I interfered in a match, I Brogue kicked Lucas backstage…

    The fans have a mixed reaction to this, most of them booing, a few cheering, the rest shocked by what he’d just said.

    Sheamus: Yes I did that, don’t be so shocked, the man’s an arse ok? *he smirks* Well…he’s one ter me anyway. I’m not goin’ ter apologise fer it either. The fella insulted me, calling me ‘Shamrock’. *he frowns as a few fans laugh* It’s not funny! This is exactly why I’m working with Barrett against them all!
    Anyway, not important... I came out here to explain why this tag match won’t work out. But first I need someone to help explain… *he looks up towards the entrance ramp, waiting.*

    She's Country by Jason Aldean hits as Nolee walks down the ramp. The fans boo her for her actions last week against Belle Moore. She gets in the ring, eyes locked on Sheamus with a soft look in her eyes. She walks past him and grabs the microphone that the ring side tech hand her, pausing to look at him.

    Nolee: *waits for the fans to die down before speaking* Sheamus, you're right. This tag team match isn't going to work out. There's going to be a few things broken, probably bones, between you men and between us women.

    The fans boo and she looks at them before deciding to speak again.

    Nolee: I...I came out here because you said you wanted to talk. And I'm ready to talk. I just...I just don't think you're going to like my answers...

    Sheamus looks slightly worried as he watches Nolee speak, leaning against the ropes as he goes to speak again.

    Sheamus: *trying not to sound as nervous as he is* What…what do yeh mean I’m not going ter like your answers…? Oh…by the way, speaking of broken bones… *he frowns, his voice and eyes suddenly becoming cold* If Lucas steps into the ring with me… Well take this as his official warnin’, I will break his bones without hesitation if I have ter.

    Nolee: *sighs* Sheamus...we're competitors. It's our job to show the fans here what they paid money to see. Tonight, they paid to see the first ever CWA tag team match between two members of "Foreign Legion" as I think you and the other two have taken to calling yourselves and me and Lucas.

    She pauses, not sure what to say about his anger at her bodyguard/friend.

    Nolee: He knows it's in the job description. He will do anything to win as well. But I swear, if you two cheat, you won't like the Nolee who comes into the ring.

    Sheamus nods as he listens; agreeing that they are both competitors and have a show to put on, though he frowns at what Nolee says about cheating.

    Sheamus: Fine. I’ll promise to fight fairly, but I can’t say the same about the other members of the Foreign Legion, in the end it’s Wade who’s in charge, not me. But you know as well as I do that if we end up in the ring together, the match isn’t going to run as it should.

    Nolee looks away, blushing like a school girl in embarrassment.

    Nolee: Sheamus...I...I just don't know how...*she takes a deep breath as to calm herself* Sheamus, I'm a woman who knows how to fight. If we end up in the ring together...we have to fight each other. No matter if we are dating or not.

    The crowd is shocked at these words, unsure what was going on.

    Sheamus slowly closes his eyes, sighing. After a few seconds he stands up, no longer leaning on the ropes and comes closer to her.

    Sheamus: But yeh know I’d never hurt yeh right? *he steps closer until they’re barely a step away from each other, smiling.* I was brought up in a place where it’s not ok to hit a lady. Lucas on the other hand…well he’s hardly a lady, though when I kicked him I half expected him to squeal like a little girl… *he smirks as the crowd laughs*

    Nolee giggles and kisses his cheek, smiling.

    Nolee: Just remember that no matter what happens out there tonight I love you.

    She turns away and heads out of the area.

    As we come back from the commercial break, we hear the song "No More Words" blare over the loud speakers. Jeff Hardy heads out to the ring, doing his usual dance before almost strutting down the entrance ramp. The fans, glad to see their new CWA superstar, cheer loudly. He gets in the ring taking off his home made arm bands and shirt, tossing them into the crowd. He paces the ring, awaiting his opponent. Kane's theme song begins to play, the arena seemingly taking a darker tone. He stalks to the ring and climbs in, looking down at Jeff Hardy as the match begins.

    Kane vs Jeff Hardy

    The two men tie up and Kane instantly gets the upper hand. He practically throws jeff across teh matt. Jeff pulls himself up on the ropes as the Big Red Machine stalks toward him. Kane reaches out to grab him but Jeff dodges the grab by ducking under the arm. When kane turns around, Jeff catches him with a drop kick to the chest. Kane stumbles back but it doesn't look as if it effected him very much. He glares back at Jeff and hits him with a hard forearm across the chest.
    Jeff drops to the mat and Kane stands over him, victoriously. He bends over to pick Jeff up by his throat. He manages to get the young man to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner. Jeff hits hard but as Kane runs towards him, Jeff raises a foot and plants it in Kane's chest. Kane stumbles backwardsbut again tries to come at Jeff, only to be let with another hard planted boot. Kane drops to one knee and Jeff climbs the turnbuckle, hitting him with a flying boot to the head.
    The Charismatic Enigma stands, raising a hand as the crowd cheers in victory. He turns around to look at the downed monster. He approaches the man and bends over to pick him up. Bad mistake. Kane's hand pops up, grabbing the mans throat. Kane stands up and chokeslams him.
    Jeff lays on the mat in pain but even as Kane pins him, he manages to kick out. Kane yells at the ref and turns back to Jeff. The rainbow haired warrior has managed to get to his feet and when Kane runs at him, fulls speed to shoulder check him, Jeff dodges the move which sends Kane into the turnbuckle. The bigger man falls to the mat so Jeff climbs the turnbuckle. He lands the Whisper In The Wind and lands the pin.

    Winner via pinfall:Jeff Hardy

    We switch to Jerry Lawler on the phone, talking to someone hurridly as Carter enters his office. The cowboy is wearing a plain black t-shirt, dark jeans, and tan cowboy boots. He smiles as Jerry gets off the phone.

    Carter: *pulls Jerry into a hug* Hey old man!

    Jerry: *laughs and hugs him back* Hey Carter! You needin' something kid?

    Carter: *smiles* Oh c'mon man! Do I necessarily need something to come see my pops?

    Jerry: *gives Carter a knowing look* Not necessarily. But you're trying to butter me up.

    There's a pause as Carter sits down in the chair sadly

    Carter: I don't want to fight her.

    Jerry: Santana?

    Carter: Right.

    Jerry: *takes a deep breath* Carter, kid, I told you before you signed up for the company that sometimes you'd have to do something, some fights, that you dont' want to. Do you really think that Nolee wants to fight Sheamus tonight in that tag match?

    Carter: No but...

    Jerry: But what? It's no different.

    Carter: *sighs* This IS different. It's against my morals. *he stands* But I'll go out there and do my best.

    Jerry: *slaps a hand to his shoulder* Good man Carter. Now get on out there and do your best.

    Carter leaves the office and walks to his truck which is parked backstage for himhe drives out to the arena. He climbs in, lowering his cowboy hat over his eyes as he drives out, looking happier than he previously did. He honks the horn as "That's How Country Boys Roll" plays. He gets out and almost line dances to the ring as he smiles. Climbing in he waits for Santana's theme song to play. It does and, with her Vixxens title over her shoulder, Santana walks confidently to the ring. She smirks at Carter and looks him over, sneering, before handing her title to the ref who hands it to someone on the outside as the bell rings and the match begins

    Vixxens Champion Santana Lopez vs Carter Lacroix

    Carter still looks apprehensive about fighting Santana which allows the Latin beauty to get in a few punches. When the third connects to his jaw, he pushes her away as if to say he's had enough. Santana gets up off of the mat and looks at him, almost tauntingly. He shakes his head and turns to leave but Santana launches himself at him. Locking Carter in a headlock, Santana manages to get him down to one knee. Finally Carter has had enough. He stands, with Santana still gripping him in the hold, and backs her against the turnbuckle hard enough to cause her to let go.
    Santana is on the mat now but Carter picks her up for a hard scoop slam to the center of the mat. When he notices the girl arching in pain, he picks her up for yet another slam which he lands. He rolls her onto her stomach and lands stomp after stomp to her back. Finally he gets to the mat and locks her into the Cowboy Clutch. She promptly taps out.

    Winner via submissionCarter Lacroix.

    After the match ends, Carter continues his assault on the Vixxens champion. Several security guards run out and pull the young man off of her. Several paramedics pull Santana onto a stretcher and wheel her off. The security guards calm him down and we see a look of realization come to Carter's face as the cameras fade to commercial.

    Commercial #2-----

    We come back from commercial to Eric Bischoff's office where he's on the phone with someone.

    Eric: Yes, yes I think...would you just...*he looks up as the door opens and Jerry walks in* I'm going to have to call you back. *hangs up* Yes boss?

    Jerry: Eric we need to talk.

    Eric: About?

    Jerry: I don't think...your the one who set up the match between Carter and Santana, correct?

    Eric: *nods* I thought it would be a good bout.

    Jerry: Did you figure Carter would lose it like that?

    Eric: *shrugs* It was a possibility.

    Jerry: *looks angry before calming himself* And is it true you gave Morrison and Cena the night off?

    Eric: *nods* They asked and I gave it.

    Jerry: Dammit Eric, you should have came to me about that! And if you knew that Carter was going to respond like that you shouldn't of put the kid in the match! Eric, I hate to have to do this, but you're fired.

    Eric: *looks shocked* can't do that to me! Who will you get to be general manager?!

    Jerry: I have someone in mind. You have til the end of the day to get your things out of this office.

    As Jerry leaves we see a still shocked Eric standing there. The scene fades out on Eric but fades back in on the ring, signalling the start of the next match. Hillbilly Delux by Brooks and Dunn begins to play as Nolee and Lucas walk to the ring looking strong. Lucas opens the ropes for her and she climbs in, the crowd booing. As they settle in to the ring, "Loyal To No One" by the Dropkick Murphys begins. The fans boo as Sheamus and Angel walk to the ring but not as loudly as they did for Nolee and Lucas. Sheamus holds open the ropes and lets Angel into the ring. The duo size up their competitors, Angel standing toe to toe with Nolee and Sheamus standing toe to toe with Lucas. The ref steps between them and Nolee turns to Lucas who gestures for her to climb out of the ring. She does so and stands in the corner, Angel doing the same.

    Sheamus and Angel James vs Lucas Turner and Nolee Lacroix

    The two men eye each other before Lucas attempts to go for the big right hook to the temple. Sheamus backs up out of his hitting range and puts his hands on his hips, shaking his head as if to say "no-no". Lucas goes for it again but this time Sheamus grabs his arm and twists it behind his back. The ex-UFC star growls in pain and turns around to try and get out of it but to no avail. Sheamus tosses him into the ropes and as Lucas bounces back, Sheamus hits him with a hard forearm. Lucas falls to the mat and Sheamus stands away from him, thumping his chest with a fist. As Lucas gets up, he sees the man setting up for the vicious Brogue Kick. He stumbles backwards, tagging in Nolee who slowly gets into the ring.
    Nolee stares at Sheamus before nodding. The two lock up, Sheamus easily getting the upper hand due to his size and strength. He throws Nolee into the ropes. Bouncing back, she ducks under his arm to avoid the clothesline. She turns to size him up, landing a kick to the shin. Sheamus drops to one knee and Nolee locks him in a headlock. Sheamus easily pushes her away and she hits the turnbuckle. Looking between her and Angel, Sheamus runs a hand through his red hair and tags Angel in.
    Angel climbs into the ring, running over to Nolee and landing a running knee to her chest. Nolee falls with her arms drapped across the ropes in a sitting position. Angel kicks her int eh face a few times as Nolee falls to the mat in pain. Lucas is in the corner trying to suopport Nolee by cheering but when he sees that cheering isn't doning anythinghe climbs off the apron. When Angel backs up toward him, he grabs her leg and trips Angel. The ref yells at him as Sheamus walks over. The two men brawl on the outside, the ref yelling at them. This leads to Nolee getting up in the ring and viciously stomping on Angels face. As she goes for the pin, the ref turns back around. Nolee manages the three count.

    Winner via pinfall:Lucas Turner and Nolee Lacroix.

    We zoom in on Val and Jerry who smile at the camera

    Val: Can you believe what we've seen here tonight?

    Terry: No I cannot Val! We lost our general manager tonight! Who does Jerry have in mind to be the new General Manager?

    Val: Is that what bothers you? What about what Carter Lacroix did to Santana Lopez? How will this effect the Womens Division?

    Terry: Leave it to you to be worried about the Vixxens division. Earlier in the week we, the staff that is, was told about the first ever CWA pay-per-view: Hell To Pay. Just a few moments ago, Val and I recieved news about one of the matches going to take place. Belle Moore vs Nolee Lacroix. Now, depending on our Vixxens champions health, the winner of that bout will either become the new Vixxens champion or the number one contender. But now, it's time for The Peep Show!

    Camera fades in on the set of the Peep Show with Christian sitting in one of the chairs holding a mic.

    Christian: Ladies and gentlemen, Peeps of all ages i'd like to welcome you to another addition of the Peep Show. Now my guest this week is the man that once ran the most controversial qroups in the wwe, he fought in two matches last night won CWA Championship. My guest is the CWA Champ, Wade Barrett.

    Wade's new theme song, The Warrior by Disturbed, starts to play and he walks out in a suit and sunglasses with his title belt over his shoulder. The fans boo for him but he just shrugs them off, laughing as he gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Wade: Hello Jayson, thank you for having me on this second rate show. Now tell me, why did you want to talk to the most sought after man in the CWA?

    Christian: *sarcastically* Well besides wanting the honor of talking to the biggest ass in the lockerroom, I wanted to ask about your recent talk with Sheamus. I mean me and the peeps want to know what's going on there Wade? Are you and Sheamus a team or are you trying to start another stable to carry you?

    Wade: *sneers as he continues* Of course these insignificant peons want to know whats going on there. Sheamus and I can merely help each other is all. He's a proud Irishman who is tired of getting ridiculed for his heritage while I am a proud Englishman who is tired of getting ridiculed for his.

    *He pauses taking in Christian with his eyes*

    Wade: Now you tell me. I've heard rumor backstage that you want to retire. What, get sick of not having your good old friend Adam here to help?

    Christian: *chuckles and grins* While I do miss my best friend Adam around, retiring is the furthest from my mind right now. Now you on the other hand you must miss your dear buddies from Nexus right. I mean especilly after they kicked you out for I believe CM Punk, am i right Wade?

    Wade: *snarls and stands close to Christian, making him look short by his height.* I DON'T miss the men in Nexus. After they kicked me out, me, the man who made them what they are, I lost faith. I allowed Justin and Heath to come back to me because I thought they had changed but they turned on me as well. All Americans do. Now...why don't you tell me why you invited me to this mockery of a show before I decide your not worth my time and beat you bloody senseless.

    Christian: *continues to grin and is not scared* Well Wade I asked you here to the Peep Show because i has another guest that wants to talk to you. You should know him well, especially since you wrestled him in your first match here.

    Christian stops with a grin as music starts.

    Wade turns around to look at the ramp wide eyed. He braces himself, waiting for the bigger man to get there so that a fight can insue. After a while, when Kane has still not walked out and the crowd is yelling excitedly, he realizes he's been tricked

    Christian chuckled softly as he slowly started to slip out of the ring.

    *Wade turned right around to be caught by a big right boot. He shook it off, dazed in the head and expecting Kane. What he found instead was the face to be Adam Copeland a.k.a Edge*

    Edge grinned as he rolled out of the ring and joined Christian on the side closest to the ramp. Christian grinned at his best friend. They both grinned at the dazed man in the ring.

    Dressed in his usual casual attire, Jerry walked on out to the ring

    Jerry: Edge and Christian, good to have you back. Not good to see that you haven't changed your cheating ways. Now I may agree that a man like Barrett deserves it but you just can't go around beating the crap out of people you don't like. No, *he smirks* You have to do it offically! That's why I'm making the match right now Christian vs Barrett!

    The camera fades out slowly as Christian grins at Wade.
    Commercial #3-----

    Christian vs Wade Barrett

    As the cameras come back up we see Wade standing in one corner, Christian standing in the other with Edge standing on the floor in Christian's corner. As the bell rings, Wade and Christian tie up. Christian gets the upper hand and Irish whips Wade over the ropes. Wade hits on the outside and Christian climbs out of the ring, walking towards the bigger man. As he gets to Wade, Christian recieves a punch to the jaw which causes Christian to cluch at his face and stumble backwards. Wade manages to get up and try to get back into the ring. He's stopped when Christian grabs his arm and keeps him on the outside. Christian dropkicks him in the ches and Wade stumbles back into the barricade as the refs count gets up to 5. Christians gets into the ring and as the refs count gets to 7 so does Wade. He is tossed into the turnbuckle and Christian kicks him in the gut a few times. As his foot comes down for another kick, Wade grabs it and tosses him away.
    Finally able to get up for a good strong attack, Wade bodyslams Christian. The smaller blonde lets out a cry of pain and Wade raises his arm, mocking victory. He goes back over to Christian and picks him up for a DDT. He lands it and goes for the pin, Christian kicking out at two. Wade shouts at the ref, turning his back to Christian. Wrong thing to do. Christian gets up and in a surprising turn, gets Wade in a pinned position for the three count.

    Winner via pinfall Christian

    As the cameras pan in on a celebrating Christian and Edge, we hear Dropkick Murphys "Loyal To No One" start playing to signal Sheamus to the ring. He runs out to start attacking Christian. Edge, who can't get involved, runs to the ramp and backstage. A few moments later he re-emerges, with Jeff Hardy running behind him. Sheamus and Wade flee, staring at Edge and Jeff who have helped Christian stand. The cameras fade out on the grinning trio as the second installment of Monday Night Carnage comes to an end.

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