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    9/16/11 Friday Night Carnage Promos


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    9/16/11 Friday Night Carnage Promos Empty 9/16/11 Friday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Wed Sep 14, 2011 1:16 am


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    Post  Admin on Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:26 pm

    The camera fades into a rustic log cabin in the woods. There is a dirt road that leads to the house where a handsome older man is outside, shirtless, chopping up firewood. A red pick up truck pulls onto the road and parks outside the house. Out steps Nolee Lacroix in a pair of blue jeans and a flannel button up shirt. She spots the man and heads over, smiling

    Man:You're an hour late. You obviously don't need my help in training to fight these pathetic female opponents of yours.

    Nolee:Look, you came to ME for help. You said you needed a job and that you hadn't been able to find work since the last UFC fight you were in. I simply chose to have you start training me, I could have had anyone in the business.

    Man:*glares and sighs* Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now who the hell are you fighting?

    Nolee:*simply* Angel James.

    Man:*laughs* Angel James? You are fighting Angel James and you need my help to train? Nols you really have lost your touch. What makes her any harder than training against a real opponent.

    Nolee:Well she's a former Shimmer star and a former ROH champion. She's strong in her own right. Hell, I'm pretty sure she'll be a contender for the males titles at one point.

    Man:I still don't see how she's a threat to you kid. You've always been a good fighter.

    Nolee sits down on a log next to him, looking on as he continues to chop wood

    Nolee:You don't get it do you Lucas? She's tough. She's been around the block when it comes to fighting. She knows how both the tag team and single divisions work. Me? I barely remember half of what Jerry taught me growing up.

    Lucas:If this is about skill then fine, I'll train you. If not, step outside of my land and don't come back. I only take professionals here. Now are you ready to kick Angels ass?

    Nolee:*hesitates before nodding* Yeah, yeah I'm ready,

    The camera pans in on them shaking hands before fading out.

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    Post  Guest on Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:10 pm

    Friday Night Carnage. It's the debut night of John Cena, most recent ex-employee of the WWE.

    The camera pans around the hallway backstage, empty. As the camera pans around, it goes down ever so slightly until you see a pair of black sneakers. Those black sneakers, you see, are connected to a pair of legs. And those legs, covered in knee-length jorts, are connected to a torso, covered in a black shirt with orange writing, depicting "Hustle. Loyalty. Repect." And that torso, that broad torso, is connected to a neck and a head. That body that was just shown? That's John Cena. And next to him is Maria, with a mic.

    "I'm standing here with John Cena," Maria said, with a motion to John. "Who is one of the newest additions to CWA." She turns to John, who is standing there respectfully, a smile on his face. "So, John, why have you decided to come here? I mean, it's great to see you again, but you seemed so happy in WWE."

    "Simple, Maria. Change. My life has been phenomenal the past 10 years. But it's the same thing. The same people. The same cities. The same gimmick. I can't do it anymore. I heard that Jerry had his own thing going and we're friends. So I talked to him. And he offered me a contract. So here I am," John replied and smiled his dimpled smile.

    "Well, that's great John. CWA is lucky to have an amazing wrestler like you. Speaking of wrestling, you actually have a match tonight," Maria said, getting to the real point of the interview.

    "Yes, I do. With Jeff Hardy," John said in return, nodding.

    "What are your thoughts? About the match and/or Jeff," Maria asked him.

    "Jeff, though he has his fault, is an amazing wrestler and a great opponant. He knows his stuff and he does what he can to keep everyone in the ring safe. If I were like everyone else, I would bring up his mishap with drugs. His suspensions from the WWE, his mess-up at Impact. But I have more respect for him. I'm not going to bash him. I look forward to seeing how our match goes and being in the ring with him again," John said and then gave Maria a hug before walking away.

    Maria chuckled. "Well, that was John Cena. We all have seen one side of him, and I'm sure we're looking forward to another side."

    The camera shows John walking to the gorilla before fading.
    Angel James
    Angel James

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    Post  Angel James on Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:40 am

    Camera fades in on Angel watching watching Nolee's meeting with the unknown man. At the end of the clip Angel pauses the tape and looks at the camera with a grin.

    Angel: Well Miss Lacroix, I have to say I was almost surprised at the news that you were looking for a trainer/bodyguard. I mean the self proclaimed Next Best Thing In the CWA needs a trainer to fight me. I will admit though mio caro (my dear), it was a stroke to my ego as well.

    Angel stops and chuckles softly.

    Angel: Especially when I heard who you had hired, a former UFC fighter. I was impressed and when I found out who it was, I found as much footage as I could so I could give everyone a sneak peak.

    Angel hits play on the remote, the screen shows many clips on the man Nolee was talking to fighting in the UFC. The screen then starts to show news reports and footage of a crowded ring with people panicking. When the clips are done Angel turns off the TV and faces the camera with a grin.

    Angel: The infamous Lucas "The Natural" Turner, I have to say you have very interesting taste in teachers and men. But unfortunately mio caro (my dear) no matter who you have to train you or who you have as a bodyguard, you won't beat me.

    Angel's face become serious as she starts again

    Angel: I've been Shimmer Women's Champion, I've been Tag Team Champion with one of the greatest X-Division Champions ever. I've wrestled in Japan and Mexico, I've trained in all the styles. And I've proven time and time again that even if I lose the match that I was one of the best matches of the night. I am the best women's wrestler out there, and I will always prove it over and over again.

    Angel grins again before continuing.

    Angel: I'll be seeing you in the ring mio caro (my dear), I just hope you're ready for a fight.

    The camera fades as Angel laughs.


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    Post  Christian on Sun Sep 18, 2011 12:02 am

    Camera fades in Christian talking into his cell phone. The words "I'm so excited!" and "You're almost here right?" are heard before Christian grins. Christian gives a quick goodbye and hangs up the phone when he spots Maria heading his way with her microphone. Maria asks for a quick interview, Christian nods with a smile.

    Maria: I'm standing by here with Christian, who agreed to answer a few questions. Now Christian your facing John Morrison this Friday, are you looking forward to the match?

    Christian: Yeah I am, the match should be a good one. Morrison and I have similar styles and it should turn out to be a great match for the peeps to watch.

    Maria: But rumor has is that Morrison and you have had words in the locker room in the past, is it true?

    Christian: I will admit we do sometimes bump heads, but we have never gotten into a physical fight. John can be hard to get along with, he's very into himself and thinks everyone is too. He likes to talk about himself... A lot, and he will say anything without thinking first. But I have a great deal of respect for his work and talent in the ring.

    Maria: You hosted your first ever Peep Show in the CWA last Monday, with Shawn Michaels as your first guest. What was that like and do you plan on another Peep Show soon?

    Christian: It was great to have Shawn on the Peep Show, Shawn is one of the biggest names in the business and it was an honor to interview him for the peeps. And as for another Peep Show I have one planned for next week, but you and the peeps will have to wait and see who my guest is.

    Maria: What about your match with Sheamus last week? He attacked you, right before the match and cost you a shot at the title. How will that affect your mind set this week?

    Christian: If anything its lite a fire in me to win, Sheamus's attack also showed me that I need someone to watch my back. And after a few phone calls I...

    Christian smiles widely as he stops.

    Christian: You finally made it!

    The camera pans out a little as Christian's long time friend Edge walks up. Christian and Edge share an embrace.

    Edge: Yep I made it man, you ready to go make history.

    Christian: Oh yeah, this is going to reek of awesomeness.

    The camera fades out as Edge and Christian high-five.


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    Post  Guest on Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:06 pm

    John's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. He purses his lips, his mind mulling over on what to say after watching Christian's interview. The crowd screams when they see him, a mixture of boos, cheers, and cat calls fill his ears as he walks down the ramp. He winks at the camera, blowing kisses to the crowd before he slithers into the ring.

    He grabs a microphone as his mind looks for the words to say.

    Christian... What can I say about Christian? Hmm... Let's start off with this. I respect you Christian. Believe it or not, I do. I respect what you've accomplished in you're career, which is a lot. You're a veteran of the ring, and I know for a fact, we're going to have an exciting match.

    He walks around the ring slowly, lightly tapping the microphone against his chin.

    But let's get one thing straight. Just because I respect you, doesn't necessarily mean I like you. He shrugs, a slight smirk gracing his lips. And we may have similar wrestling styles, but the thing is... I'm just more polished.

    He smiles, his white teeth gleaming in the camera. He both like to risk it in the ring... jump off ladders and whatnot... But I know how to do it with grace. With fluidness. You... you're sloppy, Christian. You may be a great wrestler, but you certainly are no performer. You don't now how to dress it up, you don't know how to put on a show and keep these people entertained.

    The crowd cheers and boos at his words. The boos don't effect him, as they are just music to his ears.

    And you know what, Christian? I do like to talk about myself. I love myself. I love my looks. And I know other people love my looks as well. I honestly think I'm the most awesome person I know... He chuckles a little. Well... except Miz... But that's a whole other story.

    The point is, I know I'm conceited. And ya know what? It works for me. I love myself. I love who I am. And if you think I'm vain for it, you're damn right. I don't care about haters like you. Because you know what? Haters like you, *slaps his ass* can kiss my gorgeous ass.

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    Post  Guest on Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:15 pm

    [Jeff is in his locker room, various paintings he's done throughout the day are propped against the wall to dry. He chuckles softly as he's braiding his hair]

    Jeff: Damn I forgot how long it takes to do this

    [He pauses at a figure in the doorway, it's Maria]

    Maria: Sorry to bother you Jeff, but I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your match tonight?

    [Jeff nods]

    Jeff: Absolutely, c'mon in, ask away [smiles]

    [Maria walks into the locker room, pausing to admire all of the art Jeff has around]

    Maria: So, tonight is your first match with CWA, how do you feel?

    Jeff: I'm excited. Feels good to have a chance to get back in the ring again, leave my past behind me.

    [Maria nods]

    Maria: You're facing Cena later tonight. I've already spoken to him, your thoughts?

    Jeff: I have a lot of respect for John, a lot of respect. John's done a lot for this business, bringing it into main stream media, helping us reach a new generation. John's a great guy, a great competitor. I'm grateful for the fact that I get to face John in my first match here, because I know he's one of the guys that won't hold what I've done against me. When he and I meet in the ring tonight it's not gonna be about addictions, it's not gonna be about suspensions, and court dates, it's gonna be about one thing, wrestling, and that's how it should be.

    [Maria smiles]

    Maria: Well, thank you for your time Jeff, I'll leave you to finish getting ready, good luck tonight.

    Jeff: Thanks Maria

    [He smiles watching Maria leave and the camera fades out as he's starting to cut out his arm bands]

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