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    Name: Wade Barrett
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 260 lbs
    Age: 31
    Hometown: Manchester, England
    Nickname: N/A
    Manager?: Not at this time, always looking
    CWA accomplishments: None
    Non-CWA accomplishments: former WWE intercontinental champion
    Type (Face or Heel): Heel
    Style of Wrestling: brawler, dirty
    Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.):hated bully
    CWA Win/Loss Record: 0-0-0
    Current CWA Fueds: None
    Finisher(s): Wasteland
    Entrance Theme (If you wish to include one): End Of Days- Emphatic
    Introduction Promo:

    There is a shocking series of clips playing that feature key moments of Wade's career from the beat down of John Cena to the moment he was fired by Triple H after hitting Stephanie McMahon with the Wasteland for no reason other than he was mad at H. The camera pans out and you can see Wade sitting in front of a television, relaxing back on the couch with a glass of wine in his hand.

    Wade: Not many people liked what I did that day. I was fired. They told me to take my skills elsewhere. Future Endeavored they like to call it. I haven't worked since but that's about to change. You see I just signed a contract with the CWA. Seems Jerry Lawler was always impressed with what I did, even if he didn't agree with it. Now I'm going to make my mark there, crush any man or woman who gets in my way.

    REASON FOR JOINING CWA: I was fired for my boldness. Now I plan on showing them how bold I can really get.
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