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    Name: John Morrison

    Height: '5"9

    Weight: 200

    Age: 28

    Hometown: LA, CA

    Nickname: Johnny

    Manager?: Criss Angel

    CWA accomplishments: Having made the Undertaker submit? (I dunno)

    Non-CWA accomplishments: He was a gymnast, elite, won many awards. Until he had an accident.

    Type (Face or Heel): Er... For him the line between Heel and Face is paper thin...

    Style of Wrestling: High Flying

    Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.): The Bitch Everyone can't help but watch.
    CWA Win/Loss Record: 0-0-0

    Current CWA Fueds:

    Finisher(s): Starship Pain, Moonlight Drive

    Appearance: A little petit, by powerful and muscled. Dark brown, shoulder length, silky hair. Striking green eyes, gorgeous legs, and toned abs.

    Entrance Theme : Aint Not Make Believe by Whoever-the-hell-its-by lull

    Introduction Promo: *is wearing fitted jeans and a shirt half unbuttoned, and smirk dancing on his lips as he flips the microphone around in his hand* I'm John Morrison. I'm hottest man you'll ever see, the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet... "pauses* And your worst nightmare. I'm here to win, to leave you weeping on the mat. That's a promise. And I'll do it, without a hair out of place. *runs hands through hair and smirks*

    John Morrison Morrison_display_image

    REASON FOR JOINING CWA: "Why I joined? Oh hm... well first off, the last company sucked ass. Second of all, I came to shake this place. I'm gorgeous, I'm talented, I was a former gymnast. I'm uin the history books. And I'm a spitfire. We'll see if you can handle me.

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    Aim/MSM/etc screen name: mustange999

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