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    Promos are due here by midnight on 11-10-14
    Dia Banks
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    Post  Dia Banks on Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:47 pm

    The camera opens up on what appears to be the outside of an abandoned warehouse district. We hear the clicking of heels against wet pavement before the person comes into view. We see our CWA Champion Dia Banks and she looks more punk rock than we’ve ever seen her before. Her hair is completely cherry red and spiked up, sunglasses over her eyes, but her lipstick is as red as her hair. Her outfit consists of a black leather half jacket over a white Black Flag halter top, a black leather mini skirt, black fishnets, and knee high black leather boots. She looks fierce and when she grins, we see her two canine teeth are covered by realistic looking vampire fangs.

    Dia: *smirks* Live fast, stay young, who wouldn’t want to be a vampire?

    She takes a few more steps, looking rather strong and forceful.

    Dia: Did you know vampires are the most done type of villain in horror movies? Underworld, 30 Days of Night, The Lost Boys, and let’s not forget the classic Dracula. All have these bad ass vampire types, yet each are different than the other. In the 90’s and 80’s, a company called White Wolf made one of my favorite vampire things, excluding The Lost Boys of course, of all time. That thing was called Vampire: The Masquerade.

    She looks around, going to one of the warehouse doors and knocking in the rhythm of a funeral dirge before someone on the other side opens the door. She enters and the inside looks like a club. Loud techno music plays while people dance on the floor. A makeshift bar is set up along one side and Dia orders herself a drink as she turns to survey the scene. There seem to be sections of people sitting together but the one similarity is all have either fake vampire fangs or, like the bartender, their teeth have been sharpened into fangs. Dia’s face falls on a group of people dressed similarly to her in leather and band t-shirts, hair done in mohawk’s or cut short. They see Dia and raise their glasses, Dia doing the same in response.

    Dia: Rebels without causes. I’ve been one almost all my life. I’ve lived life by a code of honor only I understand. Even when I turned my back on my best friend, without what seemed due reason for others, I knew I had a reason. Being a rebel, my vampire clan that I take the most to is the Brujah. Some Brujah are all about following others. Me? I’m a defiant individualist. To quote an old Degeneration X saying, “You make the rules and I will break them.” Most of the Brujah are like me. We find chaos and strength to be just what we need to shut others down. Our clothing, those of us who are individualists, always shows how we feel. My bright colors, my leathers and laces show how I feel about life. I embrace it. We’re about change, about what we want to see in the world. What I want to see in the world are more people like me. And Phil. And Colt. People who don’t give a good God damn what others want, because we’re having too much fun doing things our way. As a Brujah the change I want to see in the world is more people willing to express themselves individually.

    She chuckles and takes a sip of her drink.

    Dia: Of course…Brujah like me aren’t without weaknesses. My passion can be my curse. I can become so involved in seeing things only one way…like I was when I turned my back on Phil…that I almost ruined one of the best things I had. Another problem I have is that I’m willing to frenzy. In a fight, I’ll keep kicking your ass until someone has to pull me off of you. But you wanna know the wonderful thing? In my upcoming fight, that isn’t a problem unless I manage to get myself counted out. Being fierce and ready to fight and ready to win only makes me more dangerous. I have a title to protect. And…while I admire my challenger, let’s make one thing clear. I don’t like to lose.

    She looks towards another group of vampires that look effortlessly…happier. Their clothing varies from extremely bright colors and very revealing outfits, to all black and long sleeves. They don’t talk like the group of others were doing, instead they seem very focused on whatever they are doing. Some are playing instruments, others are writing feverishly, and still others seem to be drawing.

    Dia: You’re average Toreador. Always too stuck up in their writing or whatever art form they decide they want to do. Smart, witty, fun to watch when they do their thing. In the world of vampires, a lot of Toreador decide that they want to entertain humans. Alex Shelley is by far one of the closest examples to a Toreador that the CWA has. He often focuses on his career and how he looks, maybe forgetting to eat or something because of it. He thinks, just like a Toreador thinks, that there is nothing more important to him than what he enjoys to do. It’s a shame because just like most Toreador’s end their lives, he’s going to end his career by giving in to his ways. He’s going to work too hard and something’s going to happen that isn’t supposed to: be it an injury or what not. Alex, kid, give it a rest. You’re going to hurt yourself because you won’t stop. His weakness? When he sees something, he’ll appreciate it. He’ll appreciate a beautiful move in the ring, you can see it in his eyes. He’ll even take a step back sometimes.

    She sips her drink again, musing over something.

    Dia: One thing I’m glad about is that we don’t look at each other like a Brujah or a Toreador look at each other. He doesn’t see me as never having accomplished something. That’s because I’ve got something he wants. I’ve got the CWA Championship that he’s drooling over, that he craves to make himself a true champion and not just a tag champ. I don’t give him only three interesting matches, like a Brujah would do with three interesting nights of speech. I know that Alex is one of the better competitors in the CWA. He’s fascinating. I adore what he can do. But this title came after a good, long feud. This title defines me as a CWA Vixxen. I won’t lose it to Alex. I won’t.

    She sips her drink the look in her eyes being a mischevious one as the camera fades to commercial.
    CM Punk
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    Post  CM Punk on Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:38 am

    A harsh, yet familiar sound of static is heard, the screen filled with the black and white interference for a moment before the scene cuts to a dimly lit room, the walls bare and no furniture visible, giving the room a very cold, empty feel. The only thing that seems to be occupying the room is a man standing in the centre, dressed in a dark, hooded jacket and jeans. He has his hands clasped together and resting against his chin, fingers interlocked and his is head bowed, almost as if he’s praying. As the camera slowly zooms in on the man, letters tattooed on the man’s fingers become visible and covering his hands is an all-too-familiar ‘x’ bearing tape, marking the man as CM Punk. He lowers his hands to reveal a smirk and as he lifts his head, the light catches his hooded face, showing deeper shadows under his eyes than usual.

    Punk: *speaking slowly, in an almost mocking tone* Nolee, we meet again. I bet you’re looking forward to this, am I right? I bet you can’t wait to brag about how you’ll win, I bet you’re eager to prove to yourself to your brother and your husband; to show you can do something without their help, that you can be noticed without them by your side. Tell me ‘princess’: When was the last time you won a match without the extra help from your borderline alcoholic husband? You brag about getting help from him every chance you get, taking tricks from his book and fighting like a man instead of helping prove that woman can take on the rest of us on their own; as all you Vixxens seem intent on showing us. You’re kind of contradicting yourself there a bit, don’t you think?

    He tilts his head a little to one side with a questioning look, eyebrows raised.

    Punk: You know, out of all the people in this company, your family is probably the worst offenders to the Straight Edge lifestyle I follow. Sheamus isn’t the only one with a drinking problem; as far as I’m aware, almost all the males you’re close to have one, or are in danger of doing so. It’s disgusting. *he shakes his head* You seem to be a magnet for that particular habit Nolee, are you sure you aren’t helping cause it? You lost your birth parents in an accident, didn’t you? How’d that happen? I’m guessing those drinks –those poisons are the cause of that too.

    He steps back a bit from the camera, opening his jacket to reveal a shirt with a familiar logo on it; one belonging to the infamous ‘Straight Edge Society’.

    Punk: If they were still with me; if the poor management of the WWE hadn’t ruined a good thing; the SES –the Straight Edge Society would have had a field day coming here. I’m sure it would be easy to bring them back... The people who work here are filled with alcohols and nicotine, probably a number of other substances too I’m sure.

    He rolls his eyes before raising a hand to lower his hood, brushing the hand through his hair afterwards.

    Punk: I really don’t understand how you people do it; knowingly killing yourselves with those poisons day by day: Do you need them to cope with all your problems? I certainly don’t. It’s really not that hard to go without them. Do you need them too ‘princess’? Do you sit with your brother and your husband, drinking away your Wyatt troubles instead of facing them? Why are you so scared of a bunch of people dressed as a live action version of ‘Old Macdonald’s farm’? They seem to see the wrong you people do; much like the Straight Edge Society does. Sure, it’s a little weird that they dress as they do, but they sound to me like they just want to help…

    He shrugs his shoulders, going quiet for a minute as he contemplates the situation.

    Punk: You know; you seem to turn down help from a lot of people Nolee, besides your precious Sheamus. Stubbornness, like the way alcoholics seem to surround you, seems to be a very common thing with yourself and your little ‘family’. If people offer help, why not accept it? Isn’t that a little rude? I’m sure the lot of you could probably use the help; especially your brother and husband. Don’t you want them to get that Nolee; or would you rather watch them fall apart and suffer?

    The former CWA Champion stays quiet for a moment afterwards, almost as if waiting for an answer.

    Punk: Why don’t you just accept the help you sorely need Nolee? Why not admit that if it weren’t for Sheamus, you’d have no hope of beating me? Even with it, your chances are small. You only have in the past because I was pre-occupied with more important things. This time you won’t be so lucky…

    He shakes his head and turns his back on the camera, showing that the back of his jacket, like his shirt, bears the Straight Edge Society logo before the scene cuts off, leaving nothing but the static again.
    Seth Rollins
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    Post  Seth Rollins on Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:27 pm

    The camera fades in on a small group of guys sitting around a table, quite a few well known wrestlers are there and among them is CWA's own Seth Rollins. He's wearing a black shirt with a Cerberus on it, blue jeans and a plain blue baseball cap. He laughs at something before spotting the camera and excusing himself from the table, he is almost nothing like the Seth we've seen from his promos.

    Seth: Hey sorry I had to have you come out here instead of the normal spot, but I couldn't miss the chance to hang out with my friends.

    The cameraman just nods, looking like he's trying to figure out what's really happening.

    Seth: *laughs at the look of the cameraman* What? Did you think I didn't leave the boiler room except for matches or something? Or did you just think I didn't have any friends? *chuckles as he pauses* Look, what happens in the boiler room is me in my mindset for my matches, outside the ring I'm a normal guy like everyone else. *smiles* So let’s get this thing started, I've got my second match against Devyn this week and my first pay-per-view. I've got to admit I've watched some of Devyn's matches and the kid is good from what I've seen, but just because he's good doesn't mean he's going to beat me. *grins confidently* See he's good, but I'm better and I proved so last week against Jindrax. I've got a good number of years under my belt and I know how to control the ring, he doesn't have that advantage yet. Sure he has two mentors I have the watch out for, but it only takes one mistake on his part and the match is mine. And make no mistake, the match will be mine and I will walk out with another win at the pay-per-view. Then I'll be watching the rest of the matches closely, there are more than a few people I've got business with and I hope they know who they are.

    Seth gives a smirk before turning from the camera.

    Seth: I'm done with this promo, now go.

    That’s all he says as he walks back over to the table, his smirk changing into a real smile as he talks to his friends and the camera fades out.
    Nolee Lacroix
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    I stay out too late
    Got nothin’ in my brain
    That’s what people say mmm-mmm
    That’s what people say mmm-mmm

    Music plays as the camera opens up on what appears to be a little country honky tonk. The walls are decorated very rusticly. Patrons sit around, having a nice Halloween party in costumes. WE see a table of men and a woman, all of which who work in the wrestling business. James Storm is dressed in a traditional cowboy outfit with his arm draped around Bobby Roode who is dressed as a pirate. Dolph Ziggler, dressed as Joffery Barantheon from Game of Thrones, sits on the other side of the table as he chats with Laurie Pierpont, who is dressed as Supergirl.

    Laurie: Yeah, well, she’s not happy at all so when she gets here, try not to talk about it.

    James: Rightfully so! Punk dunno what the hell not knowin’ her parents has done t’ the kid.

    Dolph: Um…how do you know…

    Bobbie: Carter told us once. Her daddy was drivin’ an’ they got hit by a drunk driver.

    Dolph: Oh man…

    Laurie sees the door open and shushes the others on the matter as Nolee enters in her Halloween costume. The dress is bright red with black embellishments on her flared skirt. She wears a red and black feather collar that reaches all the way to her shoulders. Red gloves reach her elbows, decorated with black feathers at the top. The masquerade mask on her face is red with black accents around the eyes.

    I go on too many dates
    But I can’t make them stay
    At least that’s what people say mmm-mmm
    That’s what people say mmm-mmm

    Nolee sits at the table, hugging all of her friends in turn. She notices the nervous looks about them but decides not to say anything at first as James speaks up.

    James: A firebird?

    Nolee: *proud* A phoenix. Thought it was cute and oddly fitting.

    Dolph: *hesitates* Fitting for-

    Nolee: *sighs* I know you guys were talkinga bout me. James butt dialed me.

    Bobbie slaps the back of James head, who instantly brings his hand up to rub the spot.

    James: Ow!

    Bobbie: James ya ijit!

    Nolee: No, no it’s okay. I can talk to you guys about what that jerk brought up. *hesitates* I suppose I should start at the beginning. I should start with the accident. I was to little to really get it back then but…when I got older Jerry told me. My dad was fighting sobriety, trying like hell to make up a drunken fling that left his an’ mom’s marriage almost broken. He was doing good too. They were on a date, an’ on the way home, got hit by a drunk driver. The car was totaled, the accident killed mom instantly and dad died on the way to the hospital. I never really knew them, so Punk certainly couldn’t of. I was broken when he mentioned that. How DARE he mention MY family!

    Laurie can see the hurt and anger in Nolee’s eyes and she wraps an arm around her friends’ shoulders. A waiter comes over and takes their orders as Dolph speaks up.

    Dolph: I’m sorry about your parents. I know it’s gotta suck. Um…why do you sound so offended about Punk being the one to bring them up though?

    Laurie: I’d be offended if anyone brought up my family but…well…why is it different with him?

    Nolee: Cuz he ain’t got a family himself. ‘Least mine’s not here t’ be with me. Mah brothers, even Kip an’ Vance who ain’t known me all mah life, love me unconditionally. Where are his momma an’ daddy? Ah’ll tell ya where. His daddy’s gettin’ drunk and laughin’ ‘bout his son’s choice of lifestyle. His momma is probably cryin’ over a bruise his daddy gave her. An’ his brother? His brother don’t give a damn ‘bout what’s happenin’ t’ him. All his brother cares ‘bout is money.

    Bobbie: Nols…that’s a little harsh…

    Nolee: Harsh? It’s true!

    James: Even if it’s true-

    Nolee: He talked ‘bout my family! He deserves it! An’ bringin’ up mah brother? He has no right getting’ involved in that business. Ah know that the Wyatt’s don’t look scary, an’ may look like just another “old McDonald” rip off as he so put it, but he’s wrong. They aren’t people you want to mess with.

    Dolph: I can attest to that. I was the brunt of more than one little attack. I don’t envy Carter…

    The drinks arrive and Laurie hands them out: James and Bobbie ordered beers, Dolph a screwdriver, Laurie a strawberry daiquiri, and Nolee just a glass of Root Beer.

    But I keep cruisin’
    Can’t stop, won’t stop moving
    It’s like I got this music
    In my mind
    Saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

    Nolee takes a drink of her drink and looks around the bar, friends laughing and joking with one another. She seems at ease, before she looks back at her friends.

    Laurie: We can totally change the-

    Nolee: Nah…I know we have to get on the subject of my husband and what Punk said about him.

    Dolph: First of all, speaking of the husband, where is he?

    Nolee: Picking his brother up from the airport actually. I know he misses Kieran and with all the problems happening with the family, I wanted to let Kieran know that he always has a home with us if need be.

    Dolph: And the second thing…what do you think about him bringing up Sheamus?

    Nolee: I know that Punk brought up Sheamus in an attempt to make me angry but it’s honestly not going to work. I’m proud that I rely on my husband. It’s what a solid relationship does. You rely on one another, you share the losses along with the wins. He brought up the fact that I say I can fight like a man and that it’s not helping to prove that women are every bit as strong as men. My response to him: isn’t that what Dia does? His precious little friend is always saying that she fights like a man. Well I do too. What’s the difference in what she does and what I do? Is it that my husband is actually a wanted wrestler, unlike Colt Cabana who got sent all the way to Japan because nobody in America besides Punk and Dia gave a shit about him in ring? I brag about everyone I learn something from. I learn from Sheamus how to fight, sure, but my opponents teach me just as much. In this business, you learn from everyone. All of the friends, all of the enemies. Each one has an important lesson to teach us and we have to take that into consideration. So, no, his attempt to shame me into feeling a certain way about what I do as far as my husband is concerned doesn’t bother me. I mean, who is he to talk about relationships if he can’t even hold onto Vera? At least Sheamus kept me, even if I did have a wandering heart for a while. I came home to the man I love. Has she even talked to Punk since he sent her away? Sure, Sheamus was hurt when he found out that I loved Drew too, but he stayed by my side the entire time.

    ‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
    And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
    Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off
    Heart breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
    And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
    Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
    I shake it off, I shake it off

    Nolee takes a deep breath, smiling as she realizes what song is playing. She sips her Root Beer, before holding it up in the light.

    Nolee: You know…he’s wrong.

    James: *drinking his beer* ‘Bout what this time?

    Nolee: About me needing alcohol. I’ve never had what is typically defined, not Straight Edge defined, as a drinking problem. Sure, I have a beer every now and then, but I don’t do it to escape my problems. I’m not an alcoholic. I do it on rare occasion with my friends. He asked if I drank away my Wyatt problems. I don’t have Wyatt problems. Sure, they hurt me. I got tied up in the ropes and that creepy sheep mask was but on my face…but I was a message. Even when I had a problem with Drew, I didn’t drink myself away from my problems. I cried about it.

    Bobbie: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a drink now an’ again!

    Dolph: Says the former Beer Money member. *chuckles as he drinks his own*

    Laurie: She’s got a point. I never saw her drink the way true alcoholics do. Sure, she enjoyed a drink now and again but she was with us. She never over did it.

    I never miss a beat
    I’m lightning n my feet
    And that’s what they don’t see, mmm-mmm
    That’s what they don’t see, mmm-mmm

    I’m dancing on my own (dancing on my own)
    I make the moves up as I go (moves up as I go)
    And that’s what they don’t know, mmm-mmm
    That’s what they don’t know, mmm-mmm

    Nolee: CM Punk seems to think that I’m stubborn. Well he got that right. I’m stubborn. I’m stubborn in the way that John Cena is stubborn. I’m stubborn in the way that CM Punk himself is stubborn. I won’t be intimidated or pushed over so easily. I give a fight each and every time I step into that ring. So I may borrow a few moves from my husband’s move set, I end each time with my own move. I don’t care what he has to say. I don’t care about words. This business is based off of who can walk the walk. I’ve proved that, sure, I may not be anyone’s consideration when it comes to a champion, but I’m fun to watch. I give them what they want. I make sure that they know that I’m having a fun time, that they can see the hard work and dedication that I put into each and every match I go into. I’m ready for CM Punk. Hell, he can bring his precious Straight Edge Society if he wants. The big question is…well…is he ready for me? Because just like the phoenix, each time I'm down and out, each time he thinks I'm gone, I'm going to keep popping back out until I end him.

    The camera fades on the babbling of the friends as they speak to each other. Yet when the screen goes black, we hear this little gem from the song.

    Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world
    You could have been getting down to this sick beat
    Alex Shelley
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    The camera fades in on a small bar, the place is decorated for Halloween and almost everyone is in a costume. Sitting near the small stage in the main room is CWA's own Alex Shelley; he's dressed as Kilik from the SoulCalibur game series. He sips on a drink before looking up as someone walks to the table he's sitting at, it's his ex-boyfriend Austin Aries. Austin grins as he sits at the table; he's dressed in every day clothes and rolls his eyes as he looks at Alex's costume.

    Austin: So Alex why did you ask me here? *smirks* Missing me?

    Alex: No Austin, I don't miss you at all and I will never miss you.

    Austin: *chuckles* So you say... Lexie... So tell me why I'm here.

    Alex: *stands up and holds back a small smirk* You'll see.

    Alex heads to the stage and climbs up; he goes up to the microphone and takes it.

    Alex: Hello everyone, tonight I'm going to be preforming a special cover of a song for someone in the audience.

    Alex smirks as the music starts playing, holding the microphone to his mouth.

    Alex: Do you remember me
    You can't see the things
    That make me who I am
    You'll never understand

    And I gotta keep moving, you're living off my sweat
    Moving, the devil's on my back
    And these are the days that I dreamed about
    And you're always there to remind me

    You're my enemy
    All that we had has gone away
    There are times that fade away
    But you'll still be my enemy

    The friend you had in me
    You turned on so easily
    I'm sad to see you go
    At least now I know

    And I gotta keep moving, you're living off my sweat
    Moving, the devil's on my back
    And these are the days that I dreamed about
    And you're always there to remind me

    Alex smirks and jumps off the stage, continuing singing as he makes his way to Austin's table.

    Alex: That you're my enemy
    All that we had has gone away
    There are times that fade away
    But you'll still be my enemy
    My enemy
    My enemy
    My enemy

    Alex's smirk grows almost angry looking as he jumps on Austin's table, leaning down towards his ex.

    Alex: And I see clearly now
    You tried to bleed me
    And I see clearly now
    You tried to feed on me

    And I see clearly now
    You tried to bleed me
    And I see clearly now
    You tried to feed on me

    And I see clearly now
    You tried to bleed me
    And I see clearly now
    You tried to feed on me

    Alex jumps off the table and quickly moves back to the stage.

    Alex: 'Cause you're my enemy
    All that we had has gone away
    There are times that fade away
    But you'll still be my enemy
    My enemy
    My enemy
    My enemy

    Alex grins as the song ends and he gives a bow, putting the microphone on the stand he gives a mocking wave to Austin before moving off stage. He goes to a room the bar has for the bands to get ready before a show, he knows Austin won't be far behind and he is right as an angry Austin storms into the room.

    Austin: *growls* What the hell was that out there!?

    Alex: *calmly turns towards him* That was me cutting every single tie with you Austin, that is me getting all the hurt and anger towards you off my chest so I can focus on loving my wonderful fiancé. *his eyes go dark* You did so much shit to me Austin, you hurt me and I know it didn't even matter to you! You used me, made me feel like shit about myself and worst of all you abused me! You were my first boyfriend, I loved you and you didn't ever give a fuck about me! I want back all the time I put into trying to make you happy, I want back all the tears I cried over you and I want back all the love I thought I had for you! I'm sick of your mind games Austin and I just want you gone, I'm done with you forever!

    Austin looks speechless and almost ashamed, having never seen Alex like this before.

    Austin: I'm...

    Alex shakes his head and points the door.

    Alex: Just get the hell out of here Austin, goodbye forever.

    Austin starts for the door, looking back at Alex before finally leaving. Alex takes a deep breath before sitting down, it slowly hits him that he finally told Austin what he's always wanted too and he smiles softly. After a few moments later his best friend Chris Sabin enters the room dressed in a costume, he looks worried as he walks towards Alex.

    Chris: Lex? Was Austin just in here? Did he try to hurt you or do anything to you?

    Alex: *chuckles softly* I'm fine Chris; he didn't do anything to me. In fact I managed to get out all my anger out and let him know I was done with him for good.

    Chris: *looks shocked* You what? What did he say?

    Alex: *grins* For once he was quite speechless.

    Chris: Wow... *smiles when he realizes his friend is okay* So what now Lex?

    Alex: Well dealing with Austin was the first step on the path in the rest of my life and the next step is going to Hell To Pay and taking the title from Dia. *confident* I'm going to that match and I'm going to win that title. I'm going to put all of my heart and soul into this match; I'm not going to lose. Dia will be tough and she's fighting to keep her title, but I'm fighting to get something I've wanted for a long time. Ever since I got here all everyone has ever seen me as is a tag team wrestler, no one has ever given me a fair shot or has looked down on me. I have to beat her this Sunday, I need to win that title and I'll be damned if I let this chance slip away. I can be just as fierce as Dia, I have a whole bag of tricks up my sleeve and I refuse to lose. *has a fire in his eyes* She may be the toughest opponent I face in the CWA and this just might be the toughest match I have, but I'm ready. I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain; I never give up when I want something. It's only a matter of time until that beautiful belt is mine and I'm named the CWA champion. I hope Dia is ready, because I'm winning this Sunday and there is nothing she can do to stop me.

    Alex looks right at the camera before smirking, the fire in his eyes burning even brighter.

    Alex: Say goodbye to your title Dia, because it's going to be mine.

    Alex stands up and walks to the door, leaving as Chris follows him back to the bar. The camera follows them, watching as Alex walks over to Casey and kisses him lovingly before fading out on them.

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    The scene opens with a shot of a couch, empty besides a blanket and a purple sock monkey. After a moment, a frustrated sound is heard and the camera zooms out to show someone on their hands and knees, their head and shoulders out of view behind the couch. When they speak, the sound of their voice identifies them as a young male, obviously stressed.

    Young man: Come ooon, please come out?

    Receiving no response, the man sighs and backs out of the space, sitting back on his knees, showing him to be a tired-looking Devyn McKinney, a faint bruise still marking his jaw to one side.

    Devyn: You know you can’t stay back there all day. *He pauses for a moment, his voice sounding uncertain when he continues, as if he has no idea how to deal with his situation.* …I-I’ll have lunch without you.

    After getting no response again, Devyn groans and crawls over to the couch, getting up just long enough to collapse onto it, burying his face against the cushion, one arm hanging over the edge of the couch. Soon after, footsteps can be heard on the wooden floor, Vitani walking into view before stopping a few steps away from the couch with a frown.

    Vitani: Any luck?

    Devyn: *voice muffled by the cushion* No…

    Vitani: Don’t worry, she’ll come out eventually on her own, this is all just very new to her.

    Devyn: *rolls over onto his side, facing the camera* Yeah, me too…

    Vitani: *moves to sit on the arm of the couch closest to Devyn’s head, speaking softly* I know. It’ll take some time I’m sure.

    Devyn: *nods, speaking again after a silence* …where’s Cody?

    Vitani: With his brother. He thought you’d like the time to adjust without him around.

    Devyn: But not you…?

    Vitani: *considers it for a moment* …well I thought you might need the help at some point.

    Devyn: *lets out a sigh of relief* Probably. She’s been back there for at least an hour by now.

    Vitani: *slowly nods* She’ll come out when she’s ready.

    Devyn: What makes you so sure of that?

    Vitani: Oh; well Tion used to hide under his bed a lot.

    Devyn: He did?

    Vitani nods, the two going quiet as movement is heard from behind the couch. After a few moments, the small, blonde head of a little girl peeks out. She hesitates before fully emerging and walking around to the front of the couch, stopping by Devyn’s legs. The girl appears to be no more than five years old and her blonde hair matches the shade of the CWA star’s.

    Vitani: *smiles when she sees the girl* Aww, she’s so cute! What did you say her name was?

    Devyn: Cassie- Uh… Cassandra… *he rolls his eyes, not fond of the longer name*

    Vitani: *turning back to the little girl* Hey there Cassie, have you seen the Frozen movie? *the girl nods, her eye lighting up* Want me to braid your hair like Elsa?

    Cassie responds with an excited squeak and nods again, hurrying over to Vitani before turning her back to the Vixxen to have her hair done. Devyn smiles a little, but sighs as he sits up to watch.

    Devyn: I’m going to have to get a whole lot of Frozen now, aren’t I? *he pulls a face*

    Vitani: *chuckles as she braids Cassie’s hair* Probably. *stays silent for a moment* …so uh, what’s the story behind her being here? Is this what your dad was angry about?

    Devyn pulls a face and nods.

    Vitani: So she’s actually…?

    Devyn: Yeah…apparently. I’d never heard of her until that day though. *he hesitates, shifting sitting position before continuing* Before I asked you and Cody to come and get me…I got a call from an old friend-

    Vitani: ’Friend’?

    Devyn: …we occasionally stayed together for the night after going out to clubs. *he looks guilty in response to the disapproving one Vitani gives* Yeah I know. I’ve never really been the dating type though.

    Vitani: *slowly nods* Well not everyone is. What did she say though?

    Devyn: Well, she kind of just told me all of a sudden that I was a father…then explained Cassie was almost five. *he pauses for a moment* Kind of explains why she suddenly stopped talking to me for a few years though.

    Vitani: So why’d she wait until now?

    Devyn: Something about not having money to keep taking care of her? It was either I took her, or she’d go to a family she’d never met. Better her actual family, right? *he sighs* I just have no idea what to do. She’ll have to be travelling with us; I can’t just leave her with a babysitter. I may as well have let someone else take her then.

    Vitani: I can help watch her backstage. I’m sure Cody wouldn’t mind either.

    Devyn: *lets out a sigh of relief* Thanks …for letting me stay with you both too.

    Vitani: *smiles softly* It’s alright, we’re happy to help. We couldn’t just leave you after how your father responded to the news.

    Devyn nods, absent-mindedly rubbing his bruised jaw.

    Devyn: I’ve been so busy sorting this out I haven’t even thought about my match…

    Vitani: That’s understandable; Who were you up against?

    Devyn: Uh…Seth Rollins? I didn’t expect him to come here; he had a lot going on back in the WWE.

    Vitani: Cody was showing me his promo earlier. He was saying how he was better than you and had been doing this longer than you have…

    Devyn: *rolls his eyes* At least I’m familiar with the CWA arena. He’s had one match here; against a guy who enjoys being paid to lose and make others look good. And longer than me? Really? He’s what- 28-29? That only makes me 2-3 years younger than he is! And it’s not like I’d never wrestled before the CWA; I was doing quite well in ROH before Cody found me. I was in TNA briefly too- did he even do research on me at all? *he laughs and shakes his head* Even if he has been in the ring longer; it can’t be by very much, so it’s not really going to be enough to say he’ll definitely win over.

    Vitani: Either way it’ll be an interesting match. *she gives an encouraging smile* I’m sure you’ll do fine.

    Devyn: *smiles back* Thanks. *as Vitani finishes braiding Cassie’s hair, the girl responding with a huge grin* …you might need to teach me that I bet she’ll want it all the time now.

    Vitani: *chuckles and nods* I can do that.

    The two go quiet as Cassie moves from Vitani and silently climbs up onto the couch, curling up beside Devyn. He hesitates for a moment before slowly reaching down, wrapping an arm around Cassie as the scene fades out.
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    Post  Jack Swagger on Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:15 pm

    The camera opens up as the theme song of the tv show The Twilight Zone plays in the background. The shot is in black and white as items familiar to the CWA fans seem to float in space, items such as the title belts, Cody's jacket, the Wyatt families sheep mask, and finally the door to the general managers office. As we see these, the voice of Jack Swagger is heard.

    You're travelling through another dimension
    A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind
    A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination
    That's the signpost up ahead, your stop
    The Twilight Zone

    The camera opens up on a mock match between a man who looks like Jack Swagger and a woman who looks like Vitani Summers. The woman who looks like Vitani pins Jack for the three count as the camera pulls back into the stands, Jack Swagger standing in a nice gray suit with his hair slicked back.

    Jack: What you have just witnessed is a win by Missus Vitani Summers, a champion of the wrestling organization known as the CWA. She's been the Five Nations champion for as long as she can. Her beating of her superior opponent, Jack Swagger, is a true underdog victory. A victory that can only be won in The Twilight Zone.

    He laughs and holds up a hand, chuckling as the camera switches from black and white to color. Jack's grin is almost sinister as he looks over to glance as Paul Heyman, who has joined him on screen.

    Paul: My client Jack Swagger wanted to do this as the promo for a plethora of reasons. The first is that The Twilight Zone is a piece of Americana. Everything about The Twilight Zone speaks good, old fashioned, American horror. The theme song is one of the most easily recognized television theme songs in the entire world.

    Jack: *nods* My grandfather and I use to watch The Twilight Zone every Halloween. It was scary but at the same time completely fictitious.

    Paul: The scary leads us to the second reason.

    Jack: A lot of different people have things in the CWA that they don't deserve. Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre don't deserve a shot at the CWA Tag Team Championships. Nolee Lacroix doesn't deserve all the hatred that she gets. And Vitani Summers CERTAINLY doesn't deserve the Five Nations Championship.

    Paul: Let's face the facts. Vitani Summers has only kept her championship because she's never fought a combatant like Jack Swagger. Jack is a man who places all of his time and dedication into his craft. He spends hours in the gym working on his moves as well as watching tapes of his opponents.

    Jack: Do you know what I've noticed? Vitani only wins when it counts because her beloved Cody or their twerp of a rookie Devyn cheat for her to win. Most don't understand that the truly dangerous one is Cody, not Vitani. Vitani is a push over. Sure, the Insiguri is a rough move but any true fighter knows how to duck under it. The Patriot Lock is a bit different. It's a test of will power, not a test of skill. Once I lock you in, you have to have dedication not to give up.

    Paul: While my client initially wanted his stable members, Justin and Angel, to stay away from the ring, I've managed to convince him that it is truly in his best interest to allow them to join in.

    Jack nods, though there is a bit of annoyance in his eyes. It is possible that he doesn't like his stable mates.

    Jack: That's right. If she's going to have her people, I'm going to have mine. Justin, he'll be more than a good match for Cody. After all, Justin is the number one contender for after this match between Dia and Alex. Justin deserves to be champion. And Angel? She's twice the combatant that Devyn will EVER be and will knock of Vitani for the Vixxen's Championship.

    Paul: And I'll be there as an observer, so Jack can have moral support.

    Jack: Do you know why Vitani won in The Twilight Zone? Because the only place Vitani Summers will ever truly beat me is in one ruled by the imagination.

    The camera fades to black on the smirking image of Jack Swagger as the iconic Twilight Zone music plays in the background.
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    Post  Angel James on Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:58 am

    The camera fades in on a long room; a bright Halloween party is going on at one end of the room. The camera focuses on the darker side of the room, where the CWA Vixxen Angel stands alone in front of a window. She is dressed in an elaborate costume, a black and blue dress with a silver belt, blue leggings, black and silver boots, a silver collar, silver arm jewelry and a silver headdress that allows her black hair to hang down her back. She also holds a silver staff with a large blue orb; she looks the part of a proud sorcerous. Angel glances at the camera before returning her eyes to the window.

    Angel: When I was a child I always found it strange that in legends and stories magic and its users always had to be good or evil. And often more than not, magic was evil or black. Then there was the good or white magic, never gray magic... I supposed I believed there was only good or evil when I was little; I like to think I know better now. Of course it seems that the so called fans still believe in simple good or evil and they now label me as a bad guy.

    Angel pauses before giving a soft and enchanting, though almost nothing shows in her eyes.

    Angel: I am neither good nor evil; I walk the line between because I tire of always being seen as good before being forgotten by the fans. *smirks slightly* I work for myself now, I work towards gold and I will take what is mine. Paul wants to control the titles of the CWA and I want to hold the title again, I think it is a good exchange. After all he's one of the best managers out there and I'm the best Vixxen in the whole CWA, hell I'm the best on his whole team.

    She stops smirking as she looks back at the party for a moment.

    Angel: I hope Vi will agree to keep whatever happens in that ring this Sunday out of our friendship, I still view her as a friend... But in our match I will do whatever I have to... I will win back the Vixxen's title and I will start the slow climb towards the CWA Title. I don't care how long it takes, that title will be mine. I'm back and I will rule the CWA ring. Everybody needs to watch they're back because they will never know when I will strike.

    Angel turns her back to the camera before slowly heading back to the party, a smile on her lips as she gives a kiss to her fiancé. She looks almost like the old Angel that everybody knows, the new side of Angel gone for now.

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    Post  Dante Westmore on Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:58 am

    The camera fades in on a small changing room; Dante is standing at a mirror trying to fix the fake sword on his back... His brown hair is dyed lavender and he is dressed as Dragonball Z's Future Trunks. Antonio wore an orange outfit, reminiscent of Gohan from Dragonball Z.

    Antonio: Why did you pick these costumes for us?

    Dante: Because they are some of the best characters in the show, plus in Trunk's timeline they are best friends like us.

    Antonio nodded as he tried to fix his hair.

    Antonio: Best anime, like, ever.

    Dante nods in agreement before pausing.

    Dante: Tonio? Why did you enter the ring after my match? I don't think Wade was going to attack...

    Antonio: *looks at his friend, in disbelief* Of course he was going to! He's a coward!

    Dante: *softly* We were going to... Talk about the thing between us after the match Tonio...

    Antonio: What thing? He's using you!

    Dante: Is he? Why use me Tonio?

    Antonio: To get their filthy hands on the titles that we deserve!

    Dante looks conflicted at his friend's words.

    Dante: We talked before the match Tonio...

    Antonio: So? He's a master of mind games!

    Dante: And what if it isn't just mind games...

    Antonio: *sighs* Look, believe me or not. Your mentor even says what an ass he is. Dante, he's using you.

    Dante: *sighs softly* Let’s just talk about the match...

    Antonio: Alright! Then let’s talk about this match against the Irishman and the Brit.

    Dante: Drew is Scottish Tonio.

    Antonio: Right! It was princesses other man who was Irish. *laughs*

    Dante gives a small smile and nods.

    Dante: Yeah.

    Antonio grinned and rubbed his shoulder.

    Antonio: You wanna focus on your lover boy?

    Dante: *nods slowly* If you’d rather focus on Drew.

    Antonio: Actually I'd rather focus on Wade. I owe him for that Bullhammer.

    Dante: *nods again* I'm okay with focusing on Drew.

    Antonio: Why? Cuz ya can’t focus on Wade?

    Dante: Cause I want you to trust me in the ring.

    Antonio: I don’t think you'd turn on me in the ring. *shrugs* So what’s our game plan?

    Dante: Well I will probably try and catch Drew off guard with my high flying.

    Antonio: Or Wade. I think what they have on us is the amount of time they've spent together.

    Dante: *nods* You think they know each other better? That could be a factor. *looks thoughtful*

    Antonio: They've worked together since their rookie days.

    Dante: They've also worked apart for quite a time.

    Antonio: Good as singles and good as doubles.

    Dante: But so are we.

    Antonio: Very, very true. *smiles*

    Dante: We can do this Tonio, we can beat them.

    Antonio: I'm going in with everything that Lucas taught me.

    Dante: And I'm going in with everything that Alex taught me.

    Antonio: I think we could do this just fine.

    Dante: We will *smiles at him*

    Antonio nods and looks at his reflection in the mirror.

    Antonio: Tag Team Champs right here.

    Dante gives a small grin and nods before the camera slowly fades out on the two friends.

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    Post  Vitani on Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:52 am

    Vitani is seen dressed in a costume; a mix between a pirate and an assassin, her hair tied back in multiple braids beneath a pirate-like hat. The costume is a reference to the lesser known female character from the Assassin’s Creed game series- Aveline de Grandpré. The Vixxen appears to be on the rooftop of a house, sitting on the tiles with a thoughtful expression on her face. She glances up at the camera, yet speaks almost as if talking to herself, rather than those watching the footage.

    Vitani: Nocta Hemata should have lasted much longer than it did… it’s a shame. We could have been a great team, but it ended partly because Cody and I let our personal issues get in the way…

    She trails off, sitting in silence for a bit before speaking again, this time sounding like she’s aware of the audience.

    Vitani: Many teams should have lasted longer, but didn’t; one of the first being Foreign Legion. …Actually I think it was the first. Why bring up that particular team? They both have one thing in common: Angel James. The Vixxen was part of both Nocta Hemata and Foreign Legion. Both seemed like great teams, destined to go far; however they both died out and split early, before they reached their full potential. *she pauses for a moment* Now- I’m not saying it’s Angel’s fault that happened…but she’s the only one who was in both teams, so it’s a bit of a coincidence. Yes there were personal issues between other members, but if Angel really was dedicated to either team, maybe she should have stepped in and helped pull the teams together instead of just watching both fall apart?

    She shrugs her shoulders before she continues.

    Vitani: Considering her past experience with teams, I can’t help but wonder why Angel has now joined Paul Heyman’s little stable; especially when one member is a man whom both her and I; and likely every other Vixxen has grown to hate: Jack Swagger. For her, working alongside him is something I never imagined she’d do. Angel probably got the worst of that jerk’s comments. Justin Gabriel I can understand working with a bit more; or at least I could until his recent change to a more careless, selfish attitude. I get that Angel and Justin want to be given the attention they deserve, but teaming up with a racist and a snake is not the way to get it. For her sake, I hope like the teams she’s been a part of that this stable quickly falls apart- before her or Justin get hurt.

    She looks worried for a moment, and then slowly shakes her head.

    Vitani: I can’t let myself be too worried about Angel’s poor decisions. My main concern should be that I’m defending my Vixxen’s title against her. She was, at one point, the longest reigning Vixxen’s champion; but not anymore. That would be me. *she grins* And I plan to keep it that way…

    She chuckles and reaches up to straighten her hat before seeming to remember what she’s wearing.

    Vitani: Oh! This costume by the way is not for no reason. I thought it fit the situation, in a way. …that and there’s a party later. *she smiles* Poor Aveline is the main, playable character of her own Assassin’s Creed game, yet most fans of the series likely have no idea she even exists. She’s strong and just as talented as the male assassins from the other games, but doesn’t get the credit she deserves. Angel could easily relate to that, but I doubt she knows of Aveline either. *she sighs* The other reason this costume is appropriate is that when Cody first introduced everyone to Nocta Hemata, he was dressed as another assassin-like character, though from a different series. Now I’m up against my former teammate. So, in a way, dressing as Aveline is kind of a tribute to that; to all the great teams that have ended before their prime…

    She smiles softly, turning to look over her shoulder at the twilit sky, the sun slowly setting. She continues watching for a moment before turning back to the camera.

    Vitani: …if you don’t mind, I have a party to go to.

    She tips her hat in a ‘farewell’ gesture before she moves, seeming to disappear as she jumps down off the roof.
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    The camera opens up on a dark room, a single light showing Carter sitting on a stool with his guitar on his lap. He strums gently on the guitar as we see he looks worse for the ware. His eyes have heavy bags under them revealing he's slept way too little. His facial hair is patchy but full. His red and black flannel shirt is open over a bare chest. His jeans have holes in the knees as he begins to sing.

    Carter: *singing*
    You're own Personal Jesus
    Someone to hear your prayers
    Someone who cares
    You're own Personal Jesus

    He finishes strumming on the guitar and places it behind him on the floor. Taking a deep breath, he rubs his hands together with a small sigh.

    Carter: I s'pose I owe ya'll an apology. I ain't been forward with ya. There's been events that've passed that...that may make me look a villain. There have been people who I never thought I'd see again. It's time I told the truth, to let you decide on your own.

    He takes a deep breath, running a hand over the back of his neck. The look in his eyes is one of fear and uncertainty.

    Carter; Before I was set on being a wrestler, I figured I'd go to college. I wanted to try my hand at getting a business degree. On my way to school...I got hopelessly lost, ended up in Snake Bight, Florida. It was a nice, small town. Nothin' too out of the ordinary, except for a man who was preaching. His words...they were nice. He spoke so proudly of being able to save others. I remember it well, very well. He spoke of the sins that the world possessed, of having a chance to redeem oneself. I wasn't the best son to Jerry or brother to Nolee in my teenage years. I felt as if I needed to redeem myself, so this man appealed to me. I waited until he finished his preaching before I approached him. It was the first time I'd ever met Bray Wyatt.

    Johnny Cash's version of Personal Jesus plays in the background and Carter looks contemplative, as if the weight of the world sits on his shoulders.

    Feeling unknown
    And you're all alone
    Flesh and bone
    By the telephone
    Lift up your reciever
    I'll make you a believer

    Carter takes a deep breath and folds his hands on his lap. He doesn't look upa t the camera as he continues.

    Carter: Bray Wyatt inducted me into his fold, I was oen fo five in the main house. There was Bray of course. He was our patriarch and filled my head with disillusions of grandeur. Cuz of his words I grew...I grew to be cold and hateful. I forgot about dad and Nolee. I didn't tell them where I was. Bray filled my head with the thought that they were all my family. Luke Harper...he was another matter. Luke and I were fierce rivals. He wanted to prove to Bray that he was the most treasured son and I wanted to prove that I was. Erick Rowan...we never seemed to be seperable. He and I were close to each other. But not...not as close as I was to her.

    The song plays again, Carter seemingly lost in thought. He takes an old looking locket from his pocket, opening it to reveal a picture of Abigail along with a lock of hair. He looks at it almost fondly.

    Take second best
    Put me to the test
    Things on your chest
    You need to confess
    I will deliver
    You know I'm a forgiver

    He closes it, palming it and never looking up. We can't see the look on his face but we can see what's captured in his posture. His shoulders are slumped, his head lowered.

    Carter: I didn't always know that I was gay. When I was young...I thought that I was straight. I thought that I loved Abigail. We stole away from the rest of the boys whenever we could. It started innocent. We would whisper gentle things to one another, loving things. Then the touches began. Feather light and gentle. And day...she asked me to make love to her. She asked me if I would take her into her room while the boys were gone. I made love to her up there and instantly regretted it. I regretted the fact that I took something so precious from her because I realized that I didn't love her. I left that night...when everyone was asleep. Didn't leave a note, didn't tell 'em where I was going. In retrospect...I should have. I should have let her know that she didn't drive me off. She didn't really after all. I just...I regretted so much.

    The music in the room plays again as Carter stands, taking a deep breath as he paces.

    Reach out and touch faith
    Reach out and touch faith

    Your own personal Jesus
    Someone to hear your prayers
    Someone who cares
    Your own personal Jesus
    Someone to hear your prayers
    Someone who's there

    He stands still in the center by the stool.

    Carter: I forgot about the wrong that I did to Abigail, that I did to the boys who had given me a family. I thought that they would have forgotten about me, that they never would have searched for me. The moment they showed back up...well...I knew what I had done. I knew it was them but I played dumb. My confession here? I knew they could hurt Nolee or Pete or...god forbid...Christian. I knew it was a possibility. I still said nothing because i knew it would show me as the villain.

    The background begins to lighten, showing three television sets. The first switches on to show what the boys did to Pete, Carter crossing to watch a moment of it.

    Carter: were dragged into this by Bray because of our friendship. Bray was paying me back because I wasn't faithful to friends like Erick. I know you hurt your arm. I know you feel terrible. And I'm sorry for what happened to you.

    The second television switches on to show what happened to Nolee. Carter seems to grow a bit angrier at his, gulping down his anger.

    Carter: were dragged into this because I wasn't loyal to family. I know I haven't always been the best brother...I know my lies have hurt you...but I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. They strung you out like that...put the mask on you like one of the fold. Sheamus...I know he hates me for what I did. I know the two of you may never forgive me...but I apologize. I do.

    The third televisions shows what they did to Christian and that seems to be the last straw to Carter. He knocks over the stool and fumes.

    Carter: This! This was the last straw! I can't help that I ended up being in love with men! I can't help that I didn't love her! I know I shoulda told the truth, I shoulda told you what I was doing with her Bray. But hurting the man I do love? That was low for you! But you know what? I guess I deserved it in your head. In your head I probably deserve death because you still live in a time that's full of, well, archaic traditions. Mark my words Bray, you're gonna pay for everything you've done. I'm going to beat you in the pay-per-view. And if I don't? Oh you're gonna love this part Bray.

    The televisions switch off and Carter look straight at the camera.

    Carter: If you win this match, I'll join you guys again.

    The camera fades out on the solemn look on Carter's face.

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