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    6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:59 pm

    Promos are due here in two weeks: June 29th.
    Abigail Wyatt
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    Post  Abigail Wyatt on Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:20 pm

    The creaking of a rocking chair is heard as the camera opens up on a dilapitated old barn, empty save for a young red haired woman we recognize as Abigail Wyatt sitting in her rocking chair. Her hair is let loose around pale shoulders, the dress she wears is a pure white sundress. Her hands clasp her black rosary and she seems to be praying. When she looks up, we see her eyes are cold and full of hatred.

    Abigail: *softly* Wolves lie in wait for gentle, unsuspecting lambs. The lambs trust their shepard to take care of them. The shepard isn't always around, the shepard must attend to other affairs. This leaves the lamb to make her own choices and the wolf is free to gobble up the lamb.

    A slow smile breaks across her lips and she lets out an eerie chuckle.

    Abigail: No one ever suspects the lamb of finally fighting back.

    She stands and places the rosary around her neck before she takes the small pendant that also hangs around her neck off, looking at it angrily.

    Abigail: I was a lamb once. He was the wolf. I trusted him completely. He devoured me and moved to a new target without so much as a passing glance. I learned, oh did I learn. I learned that I needed to be strong or others would do the same. That not all monsters look like monsters. He didn't look like a monster. He looks just like the rest of the worlds liars.

    She lets the pendant slip from her hand before she speaks again.

    Abigail: Miss Lea, they've set you in front of me. To stall me. They've lied to you your entire life. They told you that you was worth their loving gazes. Miss Lea, they been misleadin' you! They been lyin' to you. Even your big brother Paul's been lyin' to you. I would never lie to you! I offer salvation, guidance in this world! But...I can't provide that guidance just yet. First, you must fall at my feet. You must feel my kiss and the fire of my wrath. For my touch, it could save the world!

    Her voice grows calm and her eyes have a dark intensity to them.

    Abigail: But my kiss will burn it to the ground. Be careful Miss Lea, we're comin'.

    The camera fades out on her laugh as she falls to her knees and tosses her head back to the sky.
    Dante Westmore
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    Post  Dante Westmore on Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:29 am

    The camera slowly fades on a small shop, filled with tables of filled with comic book boxes. There are a few people in the shop, but the camera zooms in two young men standing at one of the tables. A closer look shows it to be Antonio and Dante, the newest tag team in the CWA. Dante is dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with Gambit on it. Antonio looks nerdier than usual, wearing black thick rimmed glasses. He's dressed in a fedora, a shirt that has The Hulk on it, and a pair of jeans. He flips through a comic.

    Antonio: Dude, I love this place. Lucas has a strict no nerd policy in his gym.

    Dante: Yeah this place is really awesome, glad the GPS knew where it was. *smiles as he looks at one of the boxes*

    Antonio: So....I thought of a team name.

    Dante: Really? *looks up from the box* What name did you think of?

    Antonio picked a few comic books before crossing over to another table.

    Antonio: *smiles* Well, when I was growing up I had two favorite tag teams. The Midnight Rockers and the Rock n' Roll Express.

    Dante: *smiles* Your thinking of combining the two aren't you?

    Antonio: I'm thinking about The Midnight Express.

    Dante: I like it, we should use it Tonio.

    Antonio: You said you had a tag team theme song in mind?

    Dante: *nods* Yeah, I do.

    Antonio: *smiles* What is it?

    Dante: Well I was thinking maybe Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi?

    Antonio: I love Bon Jovi! *grins* So, didja hear who we fight?

    Dante: *smiles before shaking his head at the question* No I haven't heard yet.

    Antonio: Beauty and The Beast, Nolee and Sheamus.

    Dante: *joking* Wasn't Disney last week Tonio?

    Antonio: *laughs* Yeah, it was. But they are so fit like that. *rolls his eyes*

    Dante: *chuckles softly* Well it does fit what Mr. Alex calls her.

    Antonio: What does Alex call her?

    Dante: He calls her CWA Princess when he talks about her.

    Antonio: Well...if ya think about it...she technically is...

    Dante: True and Alex says it doesn't help that she knows it.

    Antonio: And she thinks her beast of a husband is any better than anyone else. I can beat him blindfolded.

    Dante: *without thinking* Wade is way better...

    Antonio: *chuckles* Of course you would think that.

    Dante: *blushes* What’s that supposed to mean?

    Antonio: Nothing, lover boy. *chuckles*

    Dante: *blushes harder* Tonio...

    Antonio: C'mon, I'm your new bestie. You can tell me anything. *chuckles* Anyway, we need to focus on our match.

    Dante: *smiles shyly and nods* Yeah.

    Antonio: So we're a highflyer and a submissionist facing two brawlers. Got a plan?

    Dante: Well at this minute, no I don't have a plan yet. But with the two of us it shouldn't be hard to come up with a plan together.

    Antonio: I was thinking you could handle Nolee. With as much as Alex fought her, you should have no problem.

    Dante: Maybe, I think most of his matches with her were before me though. But they've had a lot of face to face interaction with they really it on the wrong foot so I think I'll be able to handle her.

    Antonio: She's quick but your even quicker.

    Dante: I'm glad to say I've gotten even faster thanks to training with Alex; we both had good teachers that helped us become better in our chosen styles. *smiles* Maybe I'm pretty biased, but I think that is going to be a big help for us and is going to get us the win.

    Antonio: Your speed? Psft, it’s going to be my strength that gets us the win. I mean, Sheamus is strong and all but I know how to snap bones.

    Dante: *chuckles* I'm not saying it's my speed that's going to get us the win; it’s going to take both of our skills combined to win this tag team match Tonio. I was just saying we've both have been lucky enough to have good teachers, but it's going to take us combining what we do best to win this match.

    Antonio takes in his message appraisingly as he nods.

    Antonio: Wait...did you just say that Lucas was a good teacher? *chuckles* Anyways, I'm going to pay attention to Sheamus. He's a brawler, he hits pretty hard too.

    Dante: *chuckles softly* He's a good teacher even if he's a major creep Toni, not that you needed too much help from the tapes I watched. You need to be careful Sheamus doesn't catch you, he can do major damage if he does Tonio.

    Antonio: *smiles and nods* I know he can do major damage. *gestures to the comic* He's like The Hulk. Me? I'm more Iron Man. As long as I stay alert, I can kick his ass.

    Dante: So if he's the Hulk and you're Iron Man, what does that make me?

    Antonio: Hmmm...Hawkeye. You never miss your target.

    Dante: You really think so Tonio? *shy smile*

    Antonio: I know so! Your high flying moves rarely miss their mark! You land some gnarly moves dude!

    Dante: Thanks Tonio! Your amazing in the ring too, you manage to make much bigger guys tap out!

    Antonio: *chuckles* Let's hope I can make the Celt tap.

    Dante: You will Tonio. *smiles before tilting his head* So what does that make Nolee? Your Iron Man, Sheamus is the Hulk and I'm Hawkeye, what is she?

    Antonio: *snorts* MJ Watson. Pretty to look at but completely useless.

    Dante: I wouldn't discount Nolee; the women in this company have a tendency of kicking ass when the men discount them. *teasing* Besides I thought you liked girls.

    Antonio: Yes, most of the women. I mean, if it was Dia Banks or Vitani Summers, I would be worried. But Nolee? She's not half of their talent. *chuckles* I like girls who haven't been around the block as many times as a jogger. 4. 4 guys she's dated.

    Dante: I'll admit I think most of the others are better, but you still can't discount her. Wait 4? Who besides Drew and her husband?

    Antonio: She's got some brawling ability but mostly she pretends to be strong. *thinking* Didn't she date Lucas and Swagger?

    Dante: *wrinkles his nose* Lucas and Swagger... She really doesn't have the best taste in guys...

    Antonio: *smirks* I thought you liked brutes.

    Dante: *without thinking* Wade's not a brute... *flustered* I mean... He probably doesn't even... I... *blushes* He hasn't even talked to me since my last promo...

    Antonio: *points a finger* Ha! You do like him! *chuckles* You realize if Drew and Wade beat Cody and Devyn, we're next.

    Dante: *sighs* I know... But it's not like he likes me though... It would just be a match... Between two CWA wrestlers...

    Antonio: Naaah. He digs you.

    Dante: How can you really tell Tonio?

    Antonio: Dude, I'm a people person. He looks at you like he use to look at Belle. He's just damaged.

    Dante: I've heard people say he still loves her...

    Antonio: People? Who?

    Dante: People backstage.

    Antonio: Hey, don't listen to them!

    Dante nods shyly.

    Dante: Thanks Tonio.

    Antonio pats Dante on the back before gesturing to the counter.

    Antonio: Hey, let's pay and then you can tell me more about your comic.

    Dante: *smiles and nods* Okay Tonio.

    Dante grabs his pile of comic and heads to the counter. The camera fades out on Dante and Antonio walking together.
    Alex Shelley
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Sat Jun 28, 2014 2:13 am

    The camera fades on a mostly empty gym; in the corners of the large room are CWA wrestler Alex Shelley and his ROH tag team partner Chris Sabin. Alex is wearing just gym shorts and gym shoes while Chris is wearing a t-shirt, shirts and gym shoes. Alex is running on a tread mill as Chris is standing by his treadmill and wiping his face.

    Chris: Lex you've ran enough, let's take a small break. You've been running for almost an hour...

    Alex slows down and looks like he's going to say something when Chris shoots him a look, Alex sighs softly and gets off the treadmill.

    Chris: Lex... I'm just worried okay; you've been pushing yourself too hard again...

    Alex: I'm not pushing myself too hard Chris... I just... I'm trying to get rid of the fat from my middle... Austin always was telling me I was too fat...

    Chris: You are Lex... And there is nothing wrong with the weight around your stomach Lex! You have one of the best six packs in the CWA! Fuck Austin for making you doubt your body and giving you issues with how you see it... I know you have trouble believing it Lex, but it's true. Trust me Lex, I'm your best friend and won't lie. You're not fat Lex and you don't have to over work yourself.

    Alex: I hate that I can't see my body right... But thank you for looking out for me Chris. *small smile*

    Chris: Hey that’s what your best friend is here for Lex, I'll always be here for you man. *small grin* So who are you fighting in the CWA this week? Another epic bout with your arch nemesis Nolee? Or maybe one of the other jerks there?

    Alex: *wipes off his forehead* Luckily I'm not fighting any of the jerks this week and I'm very happy I'm not fighting the Princess again. I'm fighting the CWA Champion Dia, meaning I'm in for a very awesome match. It's nice to get a match against someone that doesn't want to hurt me or insult me. *laughs softly* It's going to feel weird watching her promo when it comes out and probably not be insulted.

    Chris: *chuckles softly* Yeah, I can see how it will feel weird Lex. So are you going to high fly against her or technical and see if you can get her to tap?

    Alex: *smiles* Well that's a really good question, normally I'd think about focusing on one or the other. But I'm not going to over think this match man; I'm honestly just going to try and have a good time with it. I mean sure I'm going to try and win, that's the point of wrestling. But I'm not going to have to worry about her trying to injure me and honestly I'm looking forward to having a fun match with her. It’s a win-win and I know it's going to be an awesome match for the fans.

    Chris: Sounds like you're really excited for this match man, I know you're going to have a really good match Lex. *smiles* So you excited for Dante's first title shot?

    Alex: *takes a drink of water* Very excited, the kid deserves it and I hope he and Antonio win. *smiles softly* Sort of feel like a mama bird watching a baby bird fly for the first time. *laughs softly* I'm feeling weird now, I think it's time we shower and head back to the hotel before I start sounding weirder.

    Chris: *laughs* Too late for that Lex.

    The two friends laugh again as they walk towards the locker room at the back of the gym, the camera fading out as the best friends joke with each other.
    Carter Lacroix
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    Post  Carter Lacroix on Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:34 pm

    The mood on the Lacroix property is darker than we are use to. The wind rustles through the trees as we see a black Kia Soul pull up in the gravel driveway. The engine is cut and Pete Branaugh steps out, dressed in blue jeans and a New York Yankees baseball jersey. He heads up the stairs, knocking on the door. Instead of being greeted by a smiling, happy Carter; Pete is greeted by the barrel of a shotgun.

    Pete: Fucking hell man! When did you get a gun!?

    The gun is lowered and we see what appears to be Carter. His facial hair has grown in thick and he has dark bags under his eyes. His plaid shirt is open over a bare chest and his jeans look ripped and dirty.

    Carter: Pete. *nods* Sorry ‘bout that. Can never be too careful.

    Pete: *takes in his friends appearance* You okay? I can come back later.

    Carter lets Pete into the house that Carter and Jay share together. It looks nice, all except for the den. Soda cans litter the table and a blanket and pillow lay on the couch. Carter places the gun against the wall and sits back on the couch, eyes never leaving the one window in the room.

    Carter: *darkly* They found me.

    Pete: *wary* Who?

    Carter: Men and a woman I never thought I’d see again. I needed someone to guide me when I was young and naïve and stupid. He taught me to act a certain way, to trust or not trust. For a while, I believed him. I hung on his every word. You wouldn’t have recognized me back then. But…I made a decision and ran from it. But the past is here now.

    During Carter’s tirade, Pete looks utterly confused.

    Pete: Um…right..but who?

    Carter: *mutters* They’ll reveal themselves soon enough.

    Pete: Riiight. Um…so who do you fight coming up?

    Carter: *thinking* CM Punk.

    Pete: You worried?

    Carter looks at Pete as if he’s deep in thought before speaking.

    Carter: No. Not ‘bout Punk. Fighting him is always fun, we bring different dynamics. He’s a technician or highflyer depending on how he feels. Usually against me he’s a technician because he knows how to bend the hell out of my knee.

    Pete: *is glad his friend seems to forget his trouble* His knee is bum too. Tit for tat.

    Carter: I couldn’t hurt him, not on purpose. It would mean I’m no better than them.

    Pete: So what’s the plan going into this match?

    Carter: *softly, hanging his head* I haven’t thought about it yet.

    Pete: *wide eyed* You’re fighting CM Punk, one of the longest reigning CWA Champions and you haven’t thought about a strategy yet?!

    Carter: *looks ashamed* No alright! I’ve been wrapped up in worry about them that Punk has taken a backseat. Besides, you can never really prepare for CM Punk. He’s a bit like Piper. As soon as you think you know what he’s going to do, he changes it up. With the state I’m in, he’s libel to completely catch me off guard by a simple move here or there. My safest best is to go in there tough, hit a few hard moves and completely decimate but not hard enough to do any real damage permanently.

    Pete takes a look around the dirty living room, realizing something’s missing.

    Pete: So..uh…where’s Jay?

    Carter: Sent him for a trip with Adam. He’s safer that way.

    Pete: *sighs* Ready for anything?

    The camera focuses on Carter’s sleep worn, worried face.

    Carter: I’m ready for CM Punk.

    The camera fades off on Carter sitting there worried in the living room with Pete, though he can be heard after.

    Carter: And I’m ready for them.
    Bray Wyatt
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    Post  Bray Wyatt on Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:28 am

    A light flares in the darkness; illuminating the large man and casting a larger, more contorted shadow on the rough hewn walls. A tattered leather apron covered in old and new blood splatters covered his chest as his hair hung wetly around his shoulders in curls.

    "Jay Lethal. Your gods must not favor you. They have thrown you to the wolves and left you to flounder. Perhaps they believe you'll find your salvation at my hands, or perhaps this is their way of punishing you for transgressions against their golden rules."

    He paced; turning around with his arms held out wide and a mad laugh leaving his lips before he spun back to face the camera. His eyes were wild; the flicking of the fire rising up behind the man to give him almost the look of a demon as he tilted his head to the right; his hair now falling over his shoulder.

    "Truth is a funny thing Jay, so is pain for most times they are wrapped up in each other that you can't tell them apart. Make no mistake Jay, I'm not a soft spoken prophet that leads their sheep to the promise land, I am not a savoir by any means. I have many names Jay Leather. Seducer. Destroyer. Prophet. It is up to you what you will call me. But what the ref will call me, will be Winner."

    The look was back in his eyes as he started laughing again; the fire flickering again before roaring upwards and then then dwindling again, showing the room to be empty save for a bloodied knife and the scuffs in the dirt floor to show where the man had stood.
    Drew McIntyre
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:53 pm

    The camera opens up on the Bennett manor living room, where Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre sit having beers. Wade's dressed in a German soccer jersey, since England is out of the cup, and black shorts. His feet are propped up on the table with a smile.

    Wade: Nice day today, isn't it?

    Drew tilted his head before shaking it. He'd watch the cup only sparingly, having spent more time training for their upcoming match than anything else.

    Drew: It is. Too bad it is the only down day we have before the match.

    Wade looked over at him and chuckled, shaking his head. The Brit had not remembered the match until now but he shook it off.

    Wade: Are you really that worried? Its Cody Rhodes and his rookie.

    Drew tilted his head before shaking it. He'd watch the cup only sparingly, having spent more time training for their upcoming match than anything else.

    Drew: It is. Too bad it is the only down day we have before the match.

    Wade looked over at him and chuckled, shaking his head. The Brit had not remembered the match until now but he shook it off.

    Wade: Are you really that worried? Its Cody Rhodes and his rookie.

    Drew: Worried? Of course I'm not worried. I know we have this in the bag; as if there was any doubt that we'd win.

    Drew snorted before lifting his glass to his lips. He might not have been worried however he knew that any given day would wind up in the other men's favor if they didn't watch it.

    Wade: I'm going to look forward to decimating Rhodes. He had the nerve to strip us of our titles! Simply because we decimated Sheamus too badly. I swear, Rhodes has it out for me.

    He snorts and sips his beer before licking his lips.

    Drew: You were overly aggressive Wade. He was only acting in the best interests of the company.

    Wade: I was not overly aggressive! I was doing what it took to weaken the Irishman! Its not my fault your former whore got in the way...

    Drew sat his beer down as he cracked his knuckles; ignoring Wade's outburst even as Wade shook his head and fell quiet to listen to the Scotsman.

    Drew: It's quite simple, we make sure to tag in and out and keep up the flurry of hits; keeping whoever starts the match away from their side of the ring. After a while they'll tire and we can plant them back to the mat and get those titles back.

    Wade: That's a good idea. If we keep up hurting the man in the ring, he won't be able to hit back.

    Drew: Exactly, and they can't say that we were too aggressive or whatever else they'd want to say as we'll be tagging in and out constantly. Leaving the man in the ring confused as to who is hitting him.

    Wade nods at Drew; the strategy an old but well tried and true formula that always brought results.

    Wade: I hope to god that we get our hands on Cody....though decimating his rookie will be just as sweet.

    Drew: I would rather have Cody in the ring; a rookie isn't worth much other than a meat shield.

    Wade: *his jaw ticks* Not all rookies are that way. *continues* We do have to be careful of his Cross Rhodes maneuver. Luckily, you use to tag team with him.

    Drew: -he waves his hand- I'm not talking about you. And you know it. Calm down a bit. The cross rhodes is a devastating maneuver however it's easily avoided if you watch him.

    Wade won't admit to Drew that he's not the rookie he meant, having Dante Westmore on the brain.

    Wade: What about his other moves? He's got a good move set on him. The Beautiful Disaster kick? If that hit us, we'd be done for.

    Drew: Cody has ticks that shows his hand when it comes to moves, keep an eye on him at all times and you can dodge anything he can throw at you.

    Wade: I always watch my opponents. I'm stronger and better than either of them.

    Drew: Then there isn't going to be a problem. We'll win this easy.

    Wade: What I'm worried about is that you'll go soft on his rookie.

    Drew: -he arched his eyebrow- Oh? And why is that?

    Wade: -smirks- He's a pretty thing and we all know you hate to hurt pretty things.

    Drew: -He flips his hair- Just because I appreciate pretty things doesn't mean I won't destroy them if they are in my way to a title.

    Wade: *smirks* Well, I'm sure we'll have this in the bag. We should try to keep Devyn, the rookie, in the ring. He's a highflyer but he can't take a real hit worth a shit. We land some heavy punches and he'll drop like a sack of potatoes. What we have to worry about more than anything is Vitani Summers interfering on her boyfriend and friends behalf.

    Drew: A rookie in the ring is most likely the best one to have. However if Vitani interferes that would become a dq...and we'd still move on to the next round...right?

    Wade: If the ref caught her. She's sneaky, almost as bad as Heyman. *smirks* We have this in the bag.

    Drew: She'll be caught. Trust me. She might be sneaky but we're sneakier and have more knowledge between the two of us.

    Wade: *nods* Yes, we are. At the end of the day, the Sun will set on the Americans because the Sun NEVER sets on The Empire.

    Drew: -he raised his bottle with a grin- This true. Our Empire is the grandest of them all and never shall it fall.

    Wade laughs with Drew as the camera fades out.
    Dia Banks
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    Post  Dia Banks on Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:32 am

    The camera opens up on the living room of the Banks family home, an upgrade from the small apartment they once shared. Colt and Louis are sitting on the floor, playing with action figures. Colt is dressed in a blue v-neck tank top and green shorts while Louis is in a blue shirt with Toothless and Hiccup on it and black shorts.

    Louis: Got you!

    Colt: Nuh-uh!

    Louis: Yeah huh!

    Colt: Nooo! My guy had a force field!

    Louis puts down the toy he’s holding to give Colt a look that resembles the one his mother often gives to Colt.

    Louis: Are you an idiot? The Hulk doesn’t have a force field.

    There’s a chuckle from the door and we see Dia Banks, dressed as if she’s been cooking. She’s wearing black Ramones tank top, they top of the symbol barely visible since she’s wearing an old 50’s style white apron with black polka dots and black jeans.

    Dia: That’s not nice, Louis. He’s not an idiot.

    Colt: Thank you!

    Dia: What he was doing was just idiotic.

    Louis laughs and goes back to playing as a knock sounds on the door.

    Louis: *looks up* Someone’s here momma!

    Colt gets up and crosses to the door and opens it to reveal James Storm and Bobbie Roode. James is dressed in a black cowboy hat, black sunglasses, a black muscle shirt, blue jeans, and black flip flops. Bobbie has a black baseball cap on backwards, a red pair of sunglasses, a red muscle shirt, blue jeans, and red sandals. In James hand is a six pack of beer, while Bobbie has a bag full of snack foods.

    James: Scotty!

    Colt: Don’t call me that. You know I prefer to be called Colt.

    Bobbie: Well, Colt, you gonna let us in?

    Colt moves so that the two can get through and Louis runs to hug them.

    Louis: Uncle Storm! Uncle Bobbie!

    James: Hey ‘lil duke! God yer gettin’ big!

    Bobbie: Yeah he is!

    Dia: *smiles at them* Hey guys! You’re the first to get here. Cole, Steen, and D-Bry should get here soon. Philly Cheesesteak went to the store to get buns.

    Bobbie: Philly Cheesesteak?

    Colt: It’s what she’s taken to calling Phil, ya know, CM Punk.

    James: She’s weird.

    Dia: *scoffs* Weird? I’m fucking nuts.

    She leads them out to the backyard which has a large grill sitting on a covered patio. An in-ground pool sits in the center of the yard with an attached diving board and slide, while a wooden swing-set sits near the left side of the yard.

    Dia: Welcome to the Banks backyard.

    James: Nice house man!

    He sets the beer down on the patio set before grabbing himself one. He then hands one to Bobbie and one to Dia.

    Bobbie: So, Miss Champ, how’s it feel?

    Dia pops her drink open, sipping it before speaking.

    Dia: Bittersweet actually. The actual title in my hands? The feeling of being something? I love it. For once in my life, I am the top dog of a company. They all look up to me. But the road getting here? The fact that I went stupid trying to get it? I hate myself for how I went about it. I never should have turned my back on Philly Cheesesteak.

    Colt takes her hand and squeezes it.

    Colt: That’s behind you two. You’re buddies again.

    James: Yeah, ain’t no one better friends than you three.

    Dia: *chuckles* I’ll drink to that.

    The three clink their bottles with Colt tapping his Mt. Dew can instead of a beer. The sound of Louis playing in the pool is heard and the group watches.

    Louis: Momma! Look I’m Alex Shelley!

    Louis does a back flip into the pool off of the diving board.

    Dia: *chuckles* Leave it to Lou to be a daredevil.

    Colt: *kisses her cheek* I’m gonna take him to get changed and check the burgers.

    Colt goes over to the pool and helps Louis up the ladder before leading him inside.

    James: So whose your next opponent?ff]Dia: For the title? Not telling yet.

    Bobbie: Next opponent in general then.

    Dia: Oh! Alex Shelley!

    James: *beams* I love that kid.

    Bobbie: One of my favorite opponents.

    Dia: He is by far one of the hardest working men I have ever known. He’s the best highflyer in the CWA, quick and light on his fight. If I can’t win, that’s part of the reason why. To use a phrase coined by Jack Swagger, “his flippy, high flying stuff” is bad ass. It’s no wonder boys like my Louis idolize him. He’s interesting but…

    Bobbie: But?

    Dia: But I’m me. *chuckles*

    James: That’s sooo lame!

    Dia: *laughs* I’m joking! I’m not that person anymore. Nah, I’m sure that we’ll put on a good show. I can catch him. The fun thing will be seeing each other’s move sets in action. His high flying will go great against my submission set…if I can catch him. Alex has skill…maybe more than me…

    Bobbie: Is that doubt?

    James: I do believe it is Bobbie!

    Dia: Oh shush! *chuckles* I plan on beating Shelley! I’ll pop him with a Diamond Cutter as he jumps off the top rope then lock him in something to make him tap. I have a surprise for Alex Shelley and trust me, he’ll never see it coming.

    The camera fades as Colt brings the plate of hamburgers over, Louis climbing into her lap.
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    6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  CM Punk on Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:25 am

    Punk is seen pacing in his living room, anxiously running a hand through his hair or muttering to himself every now and then. After a few moments, a sigh is heard as WWE’s Kofi Kingston sits down on the couch, putting a can of Pepsi down on the coffee table for each of them.

    Kofi: Come on man, chill. Things can’t be that bad, can they?

    Punk stops and turns, looking as if he’s about to unleash his anger on Kofi, but then he stops and takes a breath, slowly calming down. When he speaks, the words are slow, as if he’s struggling to avoid freaking out over something.

    Punk: It is bad actually. I can’t- I can’t deal with her right now… I don’t want to either.

    Kofi: *looking confused as he opens his drink* Who exactly…? Dia?

    Punk: *pulls an ‘are you serious’ face before shaking his head* Nooo. Not her, Dia’s great.

    Kofi: *slowly nods* Then who-?

    Punk: *lets out a frustrated sigh* Vera.

    At first, Kofi looks confused, staring down at his drink for a few seconds before his expression turns to one of recognition.

    Kofi: Wait, Vera? As in- *he shakes his head disapprovingly* …You spoke to her didn’t you?

    Punk smiles sheepishly and shrugs his shoulders before dropping down beside Kofi on the couch.

    Punk: I had too! She- She said she was coming…to the CWA…

    Kofi: *looking concerned* She isn’t though; is she?

    Punk: I don’t know! *he runs a hand through his hair again* I tried to ask, but she took it as me hinting I wanted her back…

    Kofi: You don’t, do you?

    Punk: What? No! As everyone else puts it, she’s a ‘bitch’.

    Kofi: Yeah she is. I seen her backstage with some of the other Divas. Dude, she’s worse than Maryse acted on screen. *after a pause* So what’d she say?

    Punk: *sighs and leans back, staring up at the roof as he speaks, none of his usual energy in his voice* She told me she left me because I’m an asshole who pushes everyone away… It’s probably true too; Dia turned against me, every other girl I dated before Vera also left me-

    Kofi: *frowns* Dude, no; it’s not that-

    Punk: *continues anyway* …even my own family hates me. You, Joey and Colt are pretty much the only ones who haven’t hated me at some point.

    Kofi: Dia didn’t hate you, you know that was Heyman. And there’s more of us than that, you just don’t speak to them as often.

    Punk: Oh yeah? *he looks back at Kofi* Name one person besides Dia and Colt that you’ve heard I get along with backstage where I am now.

    There’s a silence as Kofi sits with his mouth open, working to think of a name.

    Punk: See?

    Kofi: I thought you got along with Carter…?

    Punk: I did, for a bit. Last I heard from him or Cody was when the interviewer was sent to drag me out of my hotel room and Cody flipped over it.

    Kofi: Which they did because they were worried.

    Punk responds with a rude, snorting sound in disbelief.

    Punk: No, because they were pissed off with other people hogging up their spotlight with their own relationships, but were still beating them in matches. They’re all just butthurt that none of them could beat me even when I was a mess.

    Kofi: …when? *he shakes his head, deciding not to question it* So uh, what are you doing this week exactly? Fighting someone else with a grudge against you?

    Punk: *pauses to think* Well it’s Carter actually, so who knows. I have no idea if he’s been in on the whole Cody going nuts over everyone’s problems or not.

    Kofi: *laughs* I don’t think he quite went nuts, just got a bit angry.

    Punk: Yeah well he’ll end up like his snakey pal if he’s not careful. Hell he almost did at one point.

    Kofi: He did? –never mind that for now. Carter. Carter’s the boss guy you should be worrying about.

    Punk: Right… Wouldn’t have a clue what he’s been up to, been busy with repairing one of the few friendships I have –I’ll be visiting them soon actually- But I’m sure Carter’s got something going on; being the ‘boss guy’ as you put it means he’ll pretty much always have something. I’m sure sooner or later he’ll be stuck picking either matches and his boyfriend or running the show. Pretty much everyone else who’s gone to running a show’s had to drop the matches part of their careers. …with any luck he’ll be distracted from the match.

    Kofi: …you mean more than you are.

    Punk: Huh? *pauses halfway through leaning forwards to pick up his drink, hand outstretched but still empty*

    Kofi: Dude, you’re pretty distracted yourself.

    Punk: *sits back up without his drink, instead waving his hand dismissively* I’ll be fine. If I could hold onto that title while everything fell apart I can beat Carter while worrying about what Vera said. Don’t worry.

    Kofi: *frowns* I worry because of that part where they sent the interviewer to get you. You know, where you were so down about the Dia thing you couldn’t be bothered with work?

    Punk: *stubbornly* I’m. Fine.

    Kofi: *raises his hands defensively* Okay, okaaay. If you say so man. Just sayin’ that from where I’m sitting, it looks like she’s gotten to you. …have you spoken to the others about it?

    Punk: No! Why would I?

    Kofi: *as if it’s obvious* Because they worry about you too. As you’ve said yourself before, Colt and Dia pretty much are your family.

    Punk: And? That doesn’t mean they have to know every little thing…

    Kofi: I wouldn’t call this little. At least speak to Colt, so Dia doesn’t get mad you didn’t say anything.

    Punk looks worried by the idea of her being angry and sighs in defeat.

    Punk: Alright, alright. *he rolls his eyes* It can wait ‘til I see them though.

    Kofi just nods and the two continue talking as the scene fades out.

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    6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Devyn on Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:35 pm

    The scene begins with a fade in on an outdoor dining area at night, the place lit with a few lamps, along with ‘fairy lights’ in the trees. Slow dance music can be heard playing in the background, presumably from an off-screen source. At the only occupied table there are two men sitting, both in neat semi-formal wear. The older of the two is Dustin Rhodes, better known as Goldust; the other is CWA’s Devyn McKinney, who looks rather bored and is leaning his chin in the palm of one hand, elbow on the table.

    Dustin: *gently nudging Devyn* Aww come on, what’s with the bored look hm?

    Devyn: *sighs, shrugging his shoulders* Oh gee, I dunno, maybe that I’m the only one here who’s single? *he pulls a face*

    Dustin: Why does that matter? My wife’s not here.

    Devyn: So? You still have one.

    The camera follows Devyn’s gaze as he looks at something just off-screen, showing Cody and Vitani slow dancing in the background. The camera then pans back to the two at the table, Devyn rolling his eyes.

    Devyn: And watching that is kind of depressing. Reminds me of the whole being single thing; I bet I’m like…the only one in the CWA who is.

    Dustin: *makes a sound in disbelief* I doubt you’re the only one. *he pats Devyn’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him* And how’s that ‘depressing’? I think they look nice together.

    Devyn: You’re Cody’s brother though.

    Dustin: And? That doesn’t mean I have to like everything he does. We probably have more disagreements than we do anything else.

    Devyn: *pulls a face, not believing it* Seriously?

    Dustin: *frowns a little at Devyn’s tone, but nods* Seriously.

    The camera zooms out a bit, so that the dancing couple are visible as well as the two who are sitting and talking. There’s an awkward silence as Devyn watches Cody and Vitani again, the two men struggling to find something to talk about, never having met before.

    Dustin: …so you’re teaming up with Cody this week?

    Devyn: Huh? *realises what he asked* Oh, yeah. And Vi’s coming too, I think. She usually does…

    Dustin: *frowns slightly* You aren’t happy about that?

    Devyn: No- I mean… No I’m not unhappy about it. It’s great. I train with them a lot now, so it’s always great to team with Cody. We know each other’s moves pretty well, which helps. Makes working together less of a hassle when you can guess what your teammate’s going to do without asking during the match. *he shrugs, hesitating before speaking again, obviously not speaking as his on-screen personality* …I’m not sure I’m good enough though.

    Dustin: *slowly nods, understanding* Cody’s good, yes. And you are too, even if you don’t see it. *Devyn goes to protest, but Dustin raises a hand to stop him* You are. I may not have seen it myself, but I hear Cody talking about your skills after every training session.

    Devyn stares at him in disbelief for a moment, before realising the elder man actually meant what he said. After a moment, a small smile appears to replace Devyn’s frown.

    Devyn: …he really does that? *Dustin nods* I had no idea. I mean…he said I did good but-

    Dustin: You didn’t believe him. …Why?

    Devyn goes to respond, but just as he’s about to, Cody and Vitani approach the table and he goes quiet, picking up a drink to use as an excuse not to say anything.

    Cody: *noticing the silence* Everything okay here?

    Though Dustin looks concerned at Devyn’s behaviour, he decides to leave it for the moment and looks up at Cody with a smile.

    Dustin: Of course. We were talking about your match you have together.

    Cody: Oh! Yeah, we’re up against Drew and Wade. Part of the tag team tournament. Bet they’re looking forward to it.

    Vitani: They might see it as being pointless; competing for what was already theirs.

    Cody: …until they had them stripped. They’re lucky they even get a shot at the belts after that. There was no need for the violence towards the others that there was in that match.

    Vitani: They’re still probably eager to try and knock you out of the tournament though.

    Cody: Probably. *he shrugs and looks at Devyn* Are you ready for this match?

    Devyn hesitates for a moment before putting on a fake smile.

    Devyn: Of course. Tag Team’s what I’m best at. …at least it was in ROH.

    Cody: How’s this different?

    Dustin: -Well you know it’s not exactly easy working with a new partner after teaming with another for so long.

    Cody: True… But you were a champion there Devyn, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, should it?

    Devyn: Uh…I um… *he brushes a hand through his blonde hair* I guess not.

    Cody: *grins, patting Devyn’s shoulder* Good. Want a drink?

    Devyn nods and Cody goes off with Vitani to get themselves and the others drinks as the scene fades out.

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    6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 6-9-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Sheamus on Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:51 am

    The camera opens up on the apartment of Nolee Lacroix and Sheamus. Nolee is sitting on the couch with her knees pulled up to her chest, tears in her eyes as she rests her head on her knees. Her outfit is a cute tank top that says Brogue Street Hooligans and blue jean shorts. Sheamus comes into the room carrying a hot drink, frowning when he sees Nolee. He sits down beside her, offering the drink.

    Sheamus: You alright?

    Nolee takes the drink from Sheamus, offering a nod to show that she heard him. She sips the drink before responding.

    Nolee: I…um...I take it you didn't hear what Antonio and Dante had to say about me...and us.

    Sheamus: Uh...not really, no. *frowns* ...I take it they weren't very friendly?

    Nolee shakes her head and sniffles.

    Nolee: They called me Princess it’s an insult. *wipes her eyes* If...if they knew why I refer to myself as a princess they wouldn't laugh.

    Sheamus: What's so bad about bein' a princess?

    Nolee: They think it makes me entitled and that I get the chances I do because my daddy was boss and now my brother is. I work HARD!

    Sheamus: Well we both know it’s not true, so why’s it matter what they think? You’ve always worked hard. You’ve been fightin’ since day one to get where yeh are in the CWA.

    Nolee: No one bothers to see that! All they see is a girl whose supposedly like the divas in the other company because I have blonde hair and I'm perky!

    She wasn't mad at Sheamus, the weight of the words that Antonio and Dante spoke about her were finally enough to hurt her.

    Sheamus: *sighs softly* I know… Doesn’t help that most are taught to expect that; but you’d think they’d have realised with you it’s not true by now.  

    Nolee: So all we can do is go out there and prove to them that it’s not true.

    Sheamus: Hey we can kick some arse and win too. *he smirks*

    Nolee: *smiles* I dunno how you always manage to cheer me up.

    Sheamus: *shrugs* Luck maybe?

    Nolee: *chuckles* So, Shea, what's our game plan for the rookies?

    Sheamus: Hmm… Hard to say; I don’t really have much experience with either of ‘em.

    Nolee: Dante is a jerk! He thinks just cuz he's a rookie he's better...

    Sheamus: *pulls a face* How exactly does being a rookie make him better? Rookie means less experience.

    Nolee: I'm better. I mean, I use to train with real legends. Guys like Piper and Hogan were showing me shit when I was in diapers.

    Sheamus: Oh I know yeh have. I doubt he’s had experience with anythin’ else just as physical beforehand. I at least had Gaelic football.

    Nolee: *chuckles* You've always been a rugged man. So tell me, have you been strategizing?

    Sheamus: *laughs and shakes his head* Not always. There's that whole choir boy thing remember. Impossible to be 'rugged' doin' that. *he shrugs* Like I said I dunno all that much about these kids.

    Nolee: *chuckles* I bet you were an adorable choir boy.

    She sips her drink and relaxes.

    Nolee: Dante is pretty much Alex incarnate. And Antonio is a submissionist.

    Sheamus: Nah, not really. Not even other Irish really think of ginger as 'adorable'.

    He nods to show he understands.

    Sheamus: Well Alex I'm at least a little more familiar with. Just gotta stop him flyin'.

    Nolee: *nods* And not tap out to Antonio. I think we should over power them.

    Sheamus: *grins* Sounds simple enough, it's what I'm best at doin'.

    Nolee: *smiles* Land a few kicks?

    Sheamus: Maybe more than a few. *he smirks*

    Nolee: Maybe? *smirks* Ah think ah'm gonna hit the boys with a few hurricanranas...

    Sheamus: Sounds good. I'm a bit too big to do it myself.

    Nolee: Yes and besides, you'll be busy manhandling them. *she giggles*

    Sheamus: I suppose I will. *nods*

    Nolee: So I wanna focus on Dante. He's the one who has my ire right now.

    Sheamus: Go ahead. What's he even got against yeh anyway?  

    Nolee: Like rookie, like pro. He hates me simply because Shelley hates me. *chuckles* You know, I actually feel bad for him. If he wasn’t so concerned with what his pro thought, he could probably actually win this thing for his team.

    Sheamus: Well that's a pretty stupid reason to hate someone. Not like you did anything to him. ...yeh think that's what'll stop him?

    Nolee: Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about hate. You only hate the right people for the right reasons. Dante hates me for the wrong reasons, it'll be his undoing. As for his partner, well, he's just unlucky.

    Sheamus: *nods* Unlucky because he’s part of that team, or because he’s against us?

    Nolee chuckles as she cuddles against Sheamus.

    Nolee: Both baby.

    Sheamus: *chuckles and wraps an arm around her* True, true; can’t be all that fun goin’ up against a team who’s been working together as long as we have.

    Nolee chuckles as the scene fades to black.

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