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    2-10-4 Monday Night Carnage


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    2-10-4 Monday Night Carnage Empty 2-10-4 Monday Night Carnage

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    Woman's Voice:
    He's got the whole world in his hands...

    The camera opens on darkness which is slowly illuminated by a gas powered lantern to show a young woman sitting in a rocking chair. She has fire red hair that hands loose on pale bare shoulders since she is in a floral print sundress. There is a smile splaying across crimson lips but it does not seem as cheerful as it could due to the lost look in her eyes. She's holding a black rosary in her hands as she continues to sing.

    Woman's Voice: *singing*
    HE's got you and me brothers in his hands
    He's got you and me brothers in his hands
    He's got you and me brothers in his hands...

    The word brothers alerts us to two men sitting on either side of her in the floor. The man to her left has black unruly hair that seems as unkempt as his black beard. He wears a white muscle shirt and blue jeans, having a rugged appearance to him. The man to the woman's right is bald with a wild red beard. His outfit is a forest green jumpsuit which makes him look rugged as well. However, we cannot see the man in the jumpsuits face because he wears a sheep mask over it. The one with the black wild hair joins in on singing.

    Woman + Man's Voice: *singing*
    He's got the whole world in his hands.

    She stops singing and looks behind her left shoulder. The lantern which we assumed was being held by the ring post is now shown to be in a man's hand. The man wears a straw panama hat with a black band, a Hawaain shirt open over a black muscle shirt, and white cargo pants. His hair and beard are as wild as the man to the woman's left though not as long. The two men and the woman look at the man, awaiting him to speak, which he finally does.The lights were still down and the only illumination came from the gas lantern that was held in one meaty paw. His voice was deep and growling as he lifted the mic to his lips.

    Man: They say that the truth is in the eyes of the beholders, however how can anyone see the truth when they have been force fed lies from the moment they can walk and then taught to repeat them from the time they could speak.

    He started pacing around the ring; a lone spot light shining on him now and twice he walked past the assembled group in the ring, his hands lingering on the two men before he placed a hand on the woman's shoulder.

    Man: These lies will be your undoing; your downfall, and the final toss of dirt on the coffin when you pass from this world. Open up your eyes! And behold the "truths" that you have been brought up to know are nothing but lies for the wealthy and devious use to hide their wrong doing. Open your ears and hear the truth from a man they don't want you to listen too. Listen to what I have to say and through my words find your Salvation!

    His hand falls away from the woman's shoulder and he walks back to the edge of the ring and looks up the ramp; his head tilted the side as he gazes out into the dark.

    Man: Bring me your warriors and I'll reveal them as cowards. Bring me your weak and I'll make them strong. Tell me your lies and I'll show you the truth.

    His voice died away as the three others in the ring started singing again and he dropped the mic before raising his arms and letting his head fall back; a manical laugh issuing from his lips a the lights went out again; the lamp puttering out moments later to leave them all in total darkness. The lights come back on seconds later, the group being gone from the ring. We see Val, James, and Pete sitting together at the announcers table, each looking as if they are either intimidated or worried by that last segment. Val is dressed in a black shirt with the Angry Birds King Pig on it with blue jeans. James is in his usual black tuxedo. Pete has a gray shirt with the words Boys ‘Round Here on it in yellow lettering and blue jeans. None of the three want to speak at first.

    Val: *slightly scared* Um…that was…

    James: *eyes wide* Who the hell were they!?

    Pete: *shakes his head* I dunno but their appearance can’t be good for the start of the tag team tournament.

    There is another pause between the three for a moment.

    Pete: So…um…this is Monday Night Carnage and…well…uh…we got some pretty good matches tonight.

    Val: *as if trying to find a bright spot* Angel James is gonna take Jack Swagger down a peg…hopefully…

    James: *brightens up* The main event is going to be pretty great! We got Dia and Punk facing off against both Nolee and Sheamus as well as Carter and Jay. It should be a wild match!

    Pete: Let’s keep in mind that the tag team tournament does not officially start until next week. This tag match does not mean anything. So let’s get the show underway!

    “All American Nightmare” by Hinder starts playing as Jack Swagger, with Paul Heyman at his side, exit to the ramp. Jack seems confident, rolling into the ring and rolling his shoulders as he awaits his opponents. Angel’s theme song “I Like It” by Lacuna Coil starts up and Angel enters the room with a grin. She rolls into the ring across from Jack and rolls her eyes.

    Jack Swagger w/Paul Heyman v Angel James
    Jack wastes little time in running towards Angel to try and land a hard forearm to the chest. Angel ducks under the forearm. As Jack turns around, Angel hits an extremely well placed dropkick to the chest. Though it was a hard kick, Jack only stumbles back and does not fall. He grabs Angel from the man and lands a nasty German suplex. That move does hit and with enough force that it seems to daze Angel. Jack capitalizes on this and stomps twice on both of her ankles so that he can hurt her ankles for later on. He stands, grabbing one of Angel’s legs and dragging her to the ring post and slamming her ankle against it. Referee Hannah Beckford yells at Jack as a warning that unless he stops, she will disqualify him. Jack scowls but moves away, standing across from Angel, ready to attack. Angel wearily gets up using the corner and Jack runs at her for a shoulder to the gut. Angel sees this as her opportunity to be on the upside and moves out of the way, Jack hitting his shoulder on the steel ring post. Angel grins and, with her good leg, kicks Jack in the temple. Jack drops like a sack of potatoes and Angel goes for a pin.
    Winner via pinfall: Angel James

    Angel grins and rolls out of the ring, celebrating at the ramp as the camera cuts to commercial.

    The camera comes up on the office of Carter Lacroix where Carter is pacing back and forth, seemingly nervous. The door opens and Nolee enters, looking just as nervous.

    Nolee: It was them that opened the show…why are they here?

    Carter: *shakes his head* Dunno…I haven’t thought about them…I didn’t know they were…

    Nolee: I haven’t thought of them in that long either but it’s them Carter! You know it’s them! *nervous* I haven’t brought that up to Sheamus…he doesn’t know yet…

    Carter: I haven’t told Jay either. *nods* I’ll keep you safe, I promise.

    The camera cuts to the ring as Nolee hugs Carter tightly. In the ring, Dante Westmore stands excited, ready to take on this match. He grins as Alex Shelley gets into the ring, the two shaking hands and promising to be friends after the match as Alex’s theme “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade plays in the background. That ends and “Oh Africa” by Akon begins to play. Justin Gabriel, with ever dutiful Heath Slater at his side, enters the arena. The two run towards the ring, Justin baseball sliding into the ring. He smiles at Alex and jokes with Dante before his theme dies down. “What Rock and Roll Looks Like” starts playing and Vitani Summers, with Cody Rhodes and Devyn Rogers at her side, makes her way to the ring. The Five Nations Championship gleams on one shoulder while the Vixxen’s Championship gleams on the other. Vitani hands one title to her boys before rolling into the ring.

    Five Nations + Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers w/Cody Rhodes and Devyn McKinney v Justin Gabriel w/ Heath Slater v Alex Shelley v Dante Westmore
    Alex chooses to lock up with Justin, leaving Dante with the huge task of focusing on Vitani. Alex and Justin go to the outside of the ring, leaving Dante to circle the ring with Vitani. Vitani is the first to hit the lock up with Dante, gaining the upper hand and tossing the rookie into the ring ropes. When Dante bounces back, he tosses a hard clothesline into Vitani’s chest. Vitani gives a stumble backwards, but as she does, she slumps against the ropes. Dante knocks her over the top rope to the floor. This Dante seems to have been learning from Wade Barrett, following Vitani to the outside. As they are getting to the outside, Alex tosses Justin back to the inside of the ring. Alex waits for Justin to get up and hits him with the Sliced Bread #2. Justin ducks it and hits a strong kick to the temple. He goes to pin him but Dante pulls him away and pins Alex if Dante wins.
    Winner via pinfall: Dante Westmore

    Alex looks shocked that Dante pinned him but a smile crosses his face as he hugs his rookie, congratulating him.

    As Angel James makes her way through the back, Jack Swagger rushes her. We hear a brutal beat down, the backstage camera having been knocked over in Jacks' rush at Angel. The camera manages to focus as Jack stomps on her leg, screaming slurs at her before it fades back to the ring where Devyn stands, dancing a bit. Vitani and Coty sit together to watch their rookie in action. “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz starts up and Antonio Jacinto runs on out to the ramp. He waits for a moment as if assessing how many people are at ringside. He turns around to shout backstage where Lucas Turner and Wade Barrett enter. The trio make their way to the ring, Antonio climbing in while the other two wait outside

    Devyn McKinney w/Cody Rhodes and Five Nations and Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers v Antonio Jacinto w/Lucas Turner and Wade Barrett
    Antonio wrings out his hands as he stands across from Devyn. He feigns running at him only to laugh when he doesn’t, laughing with Lucas and Wade. While Antonio is laughing, Devyn runs at Antonio with a flying fist. Antonio turns his head to get caught in the jaw which knocks him down. Antonio rubs his jaw but when Devyn tries to pull him up, Antonio pulls Devyn down as he comes up, placing swift kicks to the chest. He tries to catch one to the head but Devyn catches his foot and tosses him to the mat. Devyn watches as Antonio rolls out of the ring to catch his breath and regroup, deciding that Antonio shouldn’t get this liberty. Devyn runs into the ropes opposite, charging the opposite ropes and flying out to hit all three men. He pulls Antonio up by the hair and tosses him into the ring. Antonio rolls out of the pin, groggily pulling himself up in the ring by the ropes closer to the announcers table. Devyn comes toward him and Antonio turns to hit a left hook to the jaw. He’s stunned when Devyn goes down but capitalizes on it with a pin.
    Winner via pinfall: Antonio Jacinto

    Antonio looks shocked and bends down to wake Devyn up. He makes sure that Devyn is fine before rolling out of the ring and nodding eagerly to Lucas and Wade before heading to the back.

    We see Jack Swagger backstage, looking as if he's waiting for someone. His eyes light up as he sees who he is looking for and crosses over.

    Jack: *pitying him* Another loss.

    Justin Gabriel is standing leaning against the wall, head hung and obviously upset. Heath doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby. Hearing Jack, Justin lifts his head.

    Justin: *bitterly* Come to rub it in?

    Jack looks honestly kind and shakes his head.

    Jack: No. I heard about your mother.

    Justin tenses before slowly standing up straight, watching Jack warily.

    Justin: Where'd you hear that from?

    Jack: I heard Heath on the phone with his folks explaining why he was gonna stay in South Africa.

    Justin: ...oh. *he frowns* He insisted on it, even after I said it was okay if he couldn't come.

    Jack: Look...I lost my dad to cancer a few years ago. He wanted me to go on and settle down. I couldn't bring him his last wish. *innocent look* Did you promise her anything?

    Justin: No one said that's why she's unwell. She can't be like- She won't be like dad was...

    Jack: *holds his hands up* I didn't mean she had it. I'm just showing I know what its like to lose a parent. Look...I know a guy who can help if you're sick of losing...

    Justin: *takes a breath to calm down, slowly nodding* Right... Uh sorry. *he can't help but look curious* You do?

    Jack nods and wraps an arm around Justin as the camera fades out to commercial before we can hear what's going on. The camera comes back from commercial to show Wade and Lucas standing in the ring, looking a little sore from Devyn’s springboard dive during the Antonio v Devyn match. Across from them stands Cody Rhodes, Vitani and Devyn STILL at ringside. Cody is assessing these opponents before “Up in Flames” by Icon For Hire starts to play. Arella, ready for her time in the ring, comes out ready to go. She rolls into the ring, grinning at Cody. Each team speaks within itself to decide who will go first: Cody and Lucas winning the debates.

    Cody Rhodes + Arella Rayne w/ Five Nations and Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers and DevynMcKinney v Wade Barrett and Lucas Turner
    Cody and Lucas are staring at each other for a moment before Lucas charges him for a hopeful shoulder tackle which Cody steps aside from. Lucas stops himself from running shoulder first into the steel post but Cody distracts the ref so that Arella can land a furious elbow to Lucas’ face. The ref doesn’t see so the move is allowed. Cody comes up behind Lucas and gives a belly to back suplex. This lands Lucas near his and Wade’s corner, where Lucas tags Wade in. The British born gentleman charges Cody and hits him with a well placed boot to the head, similar to Sheamus’ Brogue kick. Cody drops and Wade does not let off of him, delivering well placed kicks to the legs until the ref pulls him away. Wade prepares his elbow for the Bullhammer as Cody stands but the Georgian native is so quick to tag Arella in that Wade misses. Arella lands some well placed judo chops before tossing Wade into her and Cody’s corner. Cody holds Wade so Arella can hit chops until the refs count hit four. As Arella backs unwittingly into Wade and Lucas’ corner, Lucas lands the disasterous left hook.
    Cody sees the move and yells at the ref, bouncing eagerly to await Arella. Wade doesn’t move fast enough and the young pink haired Vixxen tags Cody in. Cody smirks as he lands the ever vicious Cross Rhodes on Wade.

    Winner via pinfall: Arella Rayne and Cody Rhodes

    Arella and Cody shake hands, smiling together, before Arella leaves. Cody joins Vitani and Devyn, leaving with them.

    The camera cuts to the ring, the arena coming alive as “Only Way I Know” starts playing. The familiar horn of a pick-up truck is heard as Carter Lacroix drives the cherry red classic looking truck into the arena, Christian and Edge sitting on the tail gate. Carter parks it, cutting the engine and exiting the truck. He helps Christian and Edge up before the three make their way to the ring. Edge stands on the apron, giving last minute pointers before Skyclad’s “Which Is Why” starts to play. Sheamus and Nolee make their way out, standing on the entrance ramp as they both do the chest slap thing, shouting “fella”. They get into the ring, Nolee hugging Carter and high fiving Christian. They laugh and joke before “Cult of Personality” starts up. CM Punk and Colt Cabana enter, standing on the ramp as Cult of Personality cuts and “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pitbull starts up. Dia enters, as hyper as she was before she started working for Heyman. She kneels to one knee with the other two, doing the “It’s Clobbering Time” routine before they make their way to the ring. Dia’s CWA Championship glimmers in the light before she hands it to Colt. The three teams decide Carter, Sheamus, and Punk will start the match as the bell rings.

    CWA Champion Dia Banks and CM Punk w/ Colt Cabana v Sheamus and Nolee Lacroix v Carter Lacroix and Christian w/Edge
    The trio of men glance at one another, Sheamus and Carter’s eyes meeting. Punk doesn’t let the two get the chance to attack him, he runs at Sheamus and hits a heavy knee to the Irishman’s gut. Punk and Sheamus are battling fist to fist and Carter stays out of it, having learned to pick his opportunities from Edge. Punk has the upper hand, tossing Sheamus to the floor. As Punk turns around, Carter lands a chop to Punk’s chest. The two trade chops as Carter gets him weakened to whip him into a corner. Carter lifts Punk to the top, attempting a suplex off the top rope. He doesn’t succeed, Punk pushing him off. Carter’s knee hits the mat hard and we can see he is in pain. Christian and Nolee both look concerned but stay in their respective corners. Punk drops the elbow to Carter’s knee, causing the cowboy to cry out in pain. Punk gets to his feet but as he tries to attack Carter again, he gets distracted by Nolee in the corner. He and Nolee exchange words before Punk turns around to be met by the Brogue Kick. Carter has managed to get Christian tagged in, who breaks the pin up. Sheamus looks furious, yelling at Christian before the Canadian Irish Whips the Irishman into the ropes. As Sheamus bounces back, Christian drops to one knee and slaps him, hard. Sheamus stumbles back and Christian runs at him, hitting him with a high knee. Sheamus falls in his own corner and tags in Nolee. Nolee leaps at Christian to attempt a shoulder tackle but Christian simply moves out of the way. As he turns, he’s met by the Diamond Cutter, Dia having tagged herself in.
    Winner via pinfall: CWA Champion Dia Banks and CM Punk

    Dia raises her hand victoriously, Punk getting in the ring with her while Colt hands her the title. The lights flicker and the creaking of a rocking chair is heard as Dia looks at the titantron. The same chair as before is seen but the people are not. Dia looks confused but the camera cuts out on the scared look of Nolee and Carter Lacroix.

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