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    Ten Greatest CWA Stars


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    Ten Greatest CWA Stars Empty Ten Greatest CWA Stars

    Post  Admin on Sun May 25, 2014 7:32 pm

    Ten Greatest CWA Superstars
    By: The Miz

    Looking at win-loss records can give us a look at great superstars. I got real tired hearing debates about who the greatest are in this company so today I’m going to rank the stars, from ten to one, and give their exact win-loss record that makes them so good.

    10) Angel James
    Record: 14-18 in 32 matches
    Angel James is one of the most talented Vixxens to ever grace the CWA. She’s quick, she’s talented, and that made her one of the longest reigning Vixxens Champions. A win-loss record like this simply solidifies her great status.

    9) CM Punk
    Record: 14-6 in 20 matches
    He is the best in the world at what he does but the punk’s record doesn’t keep him at the top. He was CWA Champion with good reason, only losing to his best friend Dia Banks.

    Cool Lucas Turner
    Record: 15-17 in 32 matches
    One of the meanest men to grace the CWA ring, Lucas Turner’s record places the man in the top ten. His battles for both titles and the hearts of those he became obsessed with lowered his record, giving him several losses.

    7) Dia Banks
    Record: 15-7 in 22 matches
    Our reigning CWA Champion is indeed deserving of her spot in the top ten. She’s had her share of losses but mostly that was in her time with Paul Heyman misguiding her as manager.

    6) Sheamus
    Record: 18-19 in 37 matches
    The only Irish born CWA Warrior, Sheamus has never won a title but that doesn’t stop him from ranking inside the top ten.

    5) Vitani Summers
    Record: 20-14 in 34 matches
    Our reigning Vixxens Champion as well as Five Nations Champion, Vitani Summers truly deserves her spot in the top five stars of the CWA.

    4) Wade Barrett
    Record: 23-17 in 40 matches
    The former bare knuckle boxer who will never let others forget he was the first CWA Champion, Wade Barrett has been one of the company’s biggest heels but with a record like his, it’s easy to see how talented he really is.

    3) Nolee Lacroix
    Record: 23-16 in 39
    For the woman who others claim has the highest loss record in the CWA, Nolee is the highest ranked Vixxen in the entire company and the third highest ranked star.

    2) Carter Lacroix
    Record: 27-15 in 42 matches
    Carter proves a country boy can survive with his multitude of accolades; from being a tag team champion to being our CWA CEO.

    1) Christian
    Record: 28-14 in 42 matches
    How fitting is it that one of our oldest CWA Warriors is the top ranked star inside the entire company? Christian has proved time and time again that he is that damn good.

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