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    2-10-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    2-10-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 2-10-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Christian on Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:33 am

    Post here peeps
    Alex Shelley
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    2-10-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 2-10-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Alex Shelley on Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:50 am

    The camera slowly fades in on an empty locker room before turning to look as the door opened and CWA wrester Alex Shelley and his ROH tag team partner Chris Sabin, they set their ROH tag team belts down as they sit down on a couch. Alex wipes his forehead as he smiles and relaxes against the couch, as Chris reaches for a water bottle.

    Alex: Well that match was awesome man, I love wrestling Briscoe's!

    Chris: *smiles* I have to agree Lex, probably the best tag match we've had in a while.

    Alex: Yeah. *nods* I just wish you worked for CWA too; I've not really had much to do at the CWA. I mean I'm glad to have the matches I do have, but I do wish I could have more tag team matches. Don't get me wrong I love helping Dante out; the kid is a great wrestler and a good friend. But I've not been in a tag team there since I was teaming with Christian and I'd love to be able to have more tag team matches.

    Chris: I know Lex, but I've got a lot of work over at TNA and I'm pretty lucky they even let me work over at ROH as well.

    Alex: I know Chris. *smiles* Your an awesome friend.

    Chris: *smiles* So what is your next match at the CWA?

    Alex: I've got a fatal four way match against Vitani, Justin and Dante. *small grin* Probably some of the best high flyers in the CWA in one match, pretty exciting if you think about it. I mean with have Vitani, the Five Nations champion and a one of the best of the females in the company. And Justin who is an amazing high flyer and is great in the ring. And finally Dante who is so amazing for only starting a few years ago and is the future of wrestling in the CWA. I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see how he does in the match. I know I should probably root for myself, but I do hope he can pick up the win in the match. It would be a great way for him to really show just how good he is.

    Chris: *chuckles* Well I'm still going to be rooting for you Lex and I know Casey will be rooting the hardest.

    Alex: *smiles happily and nods* Yeah, I'm really lucky Chris. I've got a wonderful fiancé and I love him so very much, I'm so lucky he loves me.

    Chris: *smiles and gives his best friend a half hug* Come on let’s get cleaned up and go get some dinner, I'm starved.

    Alex: *grins and chuckles* Yeah alright Chris, we should see if there is a Stake & Shake around here. A shake sounds really good right now, I’m thinking of getting a cookies and cream shake.

    Chris grins and nods before the two get off the couch and open their bags, the camera slowly fading out as they get they’re street clothes out of the bags.
    Dante Westmore
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    Post  Dante Westmore on Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:06 pm

    The camera slowly fades in on a small hotel lobby, off in the corner is a small sitting area. Sitting there is CWA rookie Dante Westmore; he is wearing a black hoodie, a plain green t-shirt, ratty jeans and running shoes. He looks like he is lost in his art pad as he draws, his pencil moves quickly across the paper. Some of his brown hair falls across his forehead as he works; the camera is content to watch him for a few moments. He finally looks up from his pad and smiles softly as he spots the camera.

    Dante: Hey Leo, how are you doing?

    Leo: *smiles* I'm doing fine, how are you doing tonight?

    Dante: I'm doing great, I had some fun with some friends today and I finally finished all my character designs for the CWA comic.

    Leo: That's awesome Dante! So does that mean you can get started on the rest of the comic now?

    Dante: *smiles happily and nods* Yep! I'm very excited about it; I posted character previews on the CWA website. Mr. Carter thinks it could turn into a hit and I think everyone I've shown has liked the character designs.

    Leo: I can't wait to see it when you finally finish it, I'll have to check out the website later.

    Dante: It's been a pretty exciting week, I've enjoyed being here and I'm going to be in a tag team now!

    Leo: Wow! *smiles* Who is your tag team partner?

    Dante: Tonio! We decided to form a tag team, I've pretty excited for it.

    Leo: You two should be a pretty exciting tag team.

    Dante: We should, it'll be fun to tag team with a friend and I really think we're going to bring something new to the tag team table. We are still working out some of the details and I'm not sure when our first match will be, but I know we're going to be awesome. We're going to see if we can enter the tag team tournament and see how it goes from there.

    Leo: Sounds like you've had a pretty big week and it's not even over yet, you've still got that big fatal four way match on Monday night. Are you nervous or excited about it?

    Dante: Both... *chuckles softly* I think I'm probably more nervous than excited, but that’s just because of it being such a big match. I've never been in a fatal four way match before and I'm still not completely sure how well I'm going to do, Alex keeps saying I'm going to do great though and he has been answering the tons of questions I've been asking him. He's tried to walk me through what the match is going to be like and we've been watching tapes together, I think that's been helping a lot.

    Leo: *smiles softly* Well I know you’re in good hands with Alex, so I've got a good feeling you're going to do great in the match.

    Dante: I hope so; I mean I'm going to be in there with one of the best Vixxen's in the whole CWA and Two of the best high highflyers. Just at look how great Ms. Vi has been doing, she is still the reigning Five Nations and Vixxen's Champion. She is amazing to watch in the ring and I feel honored I get to work with her; she's probably going got be the one I'm going to be careful of. And then there is Justin, one of the most exciting highflyers I've seen in the CWA. His 450 Slash is so beautiful and the way he can quickly move around the ring is just amazing to watch. And I can't forget my mentor Alex; I mean He is just so epic to watch in that ring. He's an awesome highflyer and can move so fast, but he's also amazing when he isn't highflying. He's so under rated by too many people and that makes me sad, but he never lets it get to him. I can only hope I can be half the wrestler he is someday.

    Leo: I think you are already on your way to being just as good as him kiddo, but tell me how well do you see yourself doing in the match?

    Dante: Well I think... I think I can see myself doing pretty well in the match, I mean with all the work Alex and I've been doing to get ready. He's been an amazing help and he tries to say it's not his work, but my talent that's going to help me win this match. *shyly runs his hand through his hair* He says I'm a natural in the ring and that I shouldn't fret about it so much, but sometimes I just can't help it. I just got to work hard and hopefully find an opening to give my Super Kick and get the pin; it’s going to be too crowded to try the Crossface.

    Leo: *grins* Well I'm sure you’re going to do awesome kiddo. *waits a moment* So have you gone to dinner with Wade yet?

    Dante: *flushes* Um no, not yet...

    He stops when he notices Wade is coming over to where he is sitting in the lobby.

    Dante: Oh hey Wade.

    Wade: *smiles as he walks up* Dante, Leo. How are you boys?

    Leo: Doing fine.

    Dante: I'm good, you?

    Wade: Had better days. I'm not interrupting anything am I?

    Dante: Just doing my promo for the show. *smiles shyly*

    Leo: I think we're just about finished here; I'll be going I guess.

    Dante: *nods* Okay Leo, thanks again for coming to get my promo.

    Leo: *smiles* No problem kiddo, later Wade. See you later kiddo.

    Leo's camera turns away for a few moments before turning back when he is a few feet away; he zooms in a little as he listens.

    Wade: *watches Leo leave before turning to Dante* Are you two...

    Dante: Are we...? Oh you mean together? *flushes again* No, Leo's got a boyfriend that works backstage. We're just friends. *glances at Wade*

    Wade: *nods* Oh...I thought...

    Dante: Leo's very happy with his boyfriend Joseph... *quietly* I've not had a boyfriend in a while... Thought everyone knew that...

    Wade: *nervously rubs the back of his neck* Well... Um... I thought... I didn't know...

    Dante: *shyly* Oh... I thought... Everybody did...

    The camera starts to fade to black as Dante looks up at Wade; the screen goes completely black as Dante starts to say something.
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    Post  Jack Swagger on Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:55 pm

    The camera opens up on an American flag rippling in the breeze before the camera pans out to show a Canadian, a Mexican, a German, a French, a Japanese, a British, and finally an Italian flag also blowing in the wind. Along with the flags we can see what appears to be a gigantic white golf ball. It is not a golf ball but instead the Epcot ball at the Epcot Disney park in Orlando, Florida. We see a brief glimpse of each world pavilion: a replica Independence Hall in America's, a totem pole in Canada's, an Aztec temple in Mexico's, a doll shop in Germany's, a miniature Eiffel tower in France's, drums in Japans. The camera rests on a large, beautiful replication of Rome's Trevi Fountain in the Italy pavilion. Standing in front of the fountain is Jack Swagger, dressed in a black muscle shirt and camo shorts. Though he looks unimpressed, he seems to have an air of longing.

    Jack: Do you remember the Trevi Fountain?

    Ella Ross steps into the frame and she nods, though standing a bit aways from Jack.

    Ella: It was when you and I were still dating.

    Jack: When I was happy.

    Ella: You seem happy enough with your bigoted views on foreigners.

    Jack: *rolls his eyes* You aren't here to ask about my views, Miss Ross. You are here to conduct my promo.

    Ella: Considering your facing off against Angel James, I expect you to talk about how you feel, at least how you feel about Italy.

    Jack: Honestly? Italy's one of the last places I remember being honestly, truly happy. I had someone to love, reason to laugh. Hell, for a while after you left me for Luther, I had Dolph. It was a happiness there too. All things change though. All things.

    Ella: What changed for you?

    Jack: You and Dolph taught me two very important lessons. You taught me love isn't forever. Dolph taught me that sometimes love isn't love but lust. I got so mad at my own relationships and when looking at the couple pissed me off...Angel and Petey Williams. Why should they, two foreigners, be happier than me: a red blooded, hard working American?! Then and there I set my sights on making them as miserable as I felt. I'll start with Angel and take any foreigner out of my way.

    Ella: Why does it matter if they are foreign or not?! Happiness is happiness Jack!

    Jack: *with fire in his eyes* Because they come here and take everything belonging to us without asking! My old man lost his job at the plant in my home town because of foreigners! My friends have lost title shots to foreigners who didn’t deserve it! I lost…

    Jack stops, sitting on the edge of the fountain to stop himself from saying anything further. Ella, tenderly, sits next to him.

    Ella: Jack…who did Dolph leave you for?

    Jack: *mutters* Emma from NXT…

    Ella: That’s what started it, isn’t it? You lost Dolph to Emma and since then you’ve hated foreigners!

    Jack: Doesn’t matter. What matters is my problem with Angel. See, she’s my opponent this week. I have to take her down. She was the reason I came back, part of the reason. The rest of the reasons are the pay and to help the man who hired me. In fact…he should be here soon.

    Ella: We’ll finally get to meet him?

    Jack mutters something before looking up as a shadow crosses the sun, meaning whoever Jack was waiting for is here.

    Jack: Sir.

    The camera swivels to show the ever despicable Paul Heyman, who is not dressed for the warm Florida weather. He dabs at his forehead with a cloth before assessing Ella Ross.

    Paul: Who are you?

    Jack: Paul, this is Ella Ross. She’s an ex…but a friend.

    Paul: She’s a distraction. We need to focus on your plan to win.

    Jack: My plan to win is simple. I’m going into that ring, gonna give her everything I’ve got, and then I’m going to use The Patriot Lock to break her ankle. Any questions?

    Paul: No questions but a statement. That plan is stupid.

    Jack: Stupid? That plan is all of what I do.

    Paul: You’re not Lesnar. You’re smaller and easier to hurt. You need to assess her, to evaluate her strengths. Plan for her weaknesses.

    Jack: Fine, fine. What would you suggest?

    Paul: Well, we know she’s had an injury in the past?

    Jack: Injur...*looks shocked* Paul, that’s low…I couldn’t attack her…

    Paul: What? Couldn’t hit her in the stomach with a few hard placed punches? Do what you have to do Jack. You want to prove to her that Americans are better, right?

    Jack: Yes but…

    Paul: But what?

    Jack: *looks stern again* Let’s just go.

    As Jack stands, he squeezes Ella’s hand and shoots her a soft smile as he heads out of the shot, the camera fading on Ella.
    Antonio Jacinto
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    Post  Antonio Jacinto on Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:31 pm

    The camera opens up on what appears to be a photo shoot, the set looking like a jungle with a tree of fruit front and center. The nearby door opens and out walks Antonio Jacinto, wearing less clothes than we have seen him in before. His hair is pulled into a small ponytail at the back of his head with no shirt and just what appears to be a cloth that looks sort of like a speedo. He appears to be at ease with a smile and stretching his arms.

    Antonio: So how does this work?

    Cameraman: Well, we’re gonna let you get use to our set, investigate as if you were really a jungle boy and take some pictures. When we get done here, I’ll show these to my crew who’ll make adjustments.

    Antonio: Adjustments?

    Cameraman: Yes sir. Mostly enlarging the background to look like a real jungle, do some digital enhancing on that. If they touch you up it will be to get rid of the tattoo on your back. No size changing or recoloring.

    Antonio: *looks relieved* Good. I couldn’t let this happen if it was gonna be that way.

    Antonio crosses to the set and when given a cue, starts exploring the set. He climbs up the tallest constructed tree and sits for a moment before something else catches his eye and he’s scrambling down the tallest tree to get to the fruit tree. Instead of grabbing it with his hands, he can hit it with his hip and grabs one of the pieces of fruit that falls. After a few more playings on the set, he gets called over by the cameraman.

    Antonio: Did you get a good one?

    Cameraman: A few great ones actually. That hip thing, if I gave you some time after a break can you do it front facing?

    Antonio: *grins* Fits the spirit of the character, I can try.

    Cameraman: Great, we’ll break for lunch before you go to makeup then come back here for that shoot.

    Antonio: Good deal!

    He crosses to where the CWA Cameraman Luther Briggs is sitting. He’s laughing at Antonio who doesn’t seem fazed, the two laughing together and bumping fists.

    Antonio: Hey man! What’s up?

    Luther: I’m cool man. Why the hell are you wearing that get up for a photoshoot? Doing Playgirl?

    Antonio: No, I’m not doing Playgirl. This is for the Disney promotional line. They asked me if I would come in as a model for Mowgli.

    Luther: That’s actually pretty cool. So I heard you have a match on the Disney Dream card that Carter and Cody set up?

    Antonio: I do. I face Devyn.

    Luther: You excited?

    Antonio: Very. It’ll be a nice showcase of talent. *as he unpacks his lunch* You know…Devyn sorta reminds me of Baloo from The Jungle Book.

    Luther: Oh yeah? How so?

    Antonio: Well, think of Baloo. He’s a literal party animal. He loves music and to dance and have a good time. That’s Devyn for you. Usually when I see him backstage, he’s listening to music and smiling. An absolute joy to be around. Facing him will be interesting. I have a feeling we’ve got to see what exactly he can do. Then again…

    Luther: You don’t think he’s as strong as others think he is?

    Antonio: That’s not it at all! *shakes his head* I think I’ve been holding back.

    Luther: Holding back?

    Antonio: Everyone seems to forget I’m a former champion from Chikara. Not only that, Lucas Turner helped me fine-tune my skills. Do you think he would have trained me if I wasn’t strong?

    Luther: *frowns* Who says you’re not strong?

    Antonio: *looks down* Does it matter? I’m not strong, physically. No. *looks back up, beaming* I’m strong of heart though. I got big ideas of this match.

    Luther: You got a plan?

    Antonio My plan is to win. *chuckles* Know how I’m gonna win?

    Luther: Go ahead and tell me. *smiles*

    Antonio: Well I’m gonna match Devyn’s speed. He’s quick but I’m quick too. I’m only a couple moves from being a high flyer. That’s how quick I am. Second, I’m gonna keep my eyes on ringside as well as in the ring. Cody always comes out with Devyn. Sometimes, Cody even cheats for Devyn. Cheating is something I was taught to do well by Lucas. I can see the signs, so I can watch Cody. Not that I think Devyn would have Cody cheat on purpose. He’s too honorable.

    Luther: Cody?

    Antonio: *snorts* Puh-lese. Devyn. *chuckles* Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna eat before I start the next half of the shoot.

    Luther: No problem man, thanks for catching up.

    The camera focuses on Antonio eating his lunch before it fades out entirely.
    Wade Barrett
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    Post  Wade Barrett on Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:21 am

    The camera opens on the sound of laughing children before we ever see anything. When we do see something, we see the familiar faces of Alyssa and Emily Turner, who have grown since we have last seen them, and a young boy we remember as Teegan Barrett, Wade’s wheelchair bound little brother. Lyssa is dressed as Tinkerbelle from the animated Peter Pan while Emily is dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Teegan is wearing a shirt bearing his brother’s face and a pair of blue jeans. The trio is in line for the Alice’s Mad Tea Party ride at Disney’s Disneyworld park, albeit at the front of the line. Behind them are Lucas Turner, dressed in his normal black muscle shirt and blue jeans, and Wade Barrett. Wade is dressed for Disney in a blue outfit reminiscent of Beast from Beauty and The Beast.

    Lucas: We have the next ride!

    Lyssa: I’m so excited!

    Emily: Totally! *pops her gum*

    Teegan tugs on Wade’s sleeve, Wade leaning down like an attentive older brother to listen. Wade smiles before standing back up straight.

    Wade: Teegan wants to thank you guys for inviting him. He says he’s enjoying it.

    Lucas: *a true, genuine smile across his lips* Every child deserves to see the Magic Kingdom at least once. It truly is the happiest place on Earth.

    The line moves up and we see the group get onto the ride, Wade helping Teegan. As the ride begins, nothing seems more previous than Wade pressing a kiss to the top of Teegan’s head. The tea cups spin in flourishes of color, smiling and laughing being heard and seen. As the ride ends, Lucas helps Wade get Teegan back into his chair while Emily and Lyssa are telling the young man about their favorite ride: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

    Lyssa: You shoot the targets to win!

    Emily: You’ll love it Teegan!

    Teegan nods and squeezes Emily’s hand to show he’s ready. The kids walk ahead of Lucas and Wade who keep a good eye on them.

    Lucas: So…he’s mute?

    Wade: *shakes his head* No, not mute. He’s shy. He just…he doesn’t walk, he can’t. Other than that, he’s perfectly healthy. *soft smile* I want to thank you. Teegan doesn’t get out much…

    Lucas: Honestly Wade, I’m happy we could get him out here. A kid needs fun.

    Wade: *chuckles* You’ve changed. How did a hard hearted, obsessive bastard like you become such a damn good family man?

    Lucas: I stopped trying to be the tough guy and started being myself. *smiles* So they tell me you personally wanted to have me in your corner for this tag team match. Why? I’ve been out of commission for a while.

    Wade: Because it’s a dream card. I always thought I could be your tag partner but you were always in Nolee’s back pocket or obsessed with Christian. I was in Belle’s pocket.

    Lucas: To be honest, you have a heavy handed style that I enjoy. So, who do they have us against?

    Wade: *stops Lucas as Teegan and the girls stop to turn around* What is it?

    Emily: Teegan’s hungry and wants Dipping Dots.

    Wade: *a bit shocked* He told you?

    Emily: *beams* Yep!

    Wade fishes his wallet out of his pocket and hands it to Emily.

    Wade: Buy you, Teegan, and Alyssa a Dipping Dots each, any drink you want too. When we get to the next shop, you’ll all get a toy too.

    Emily, Teegan, and Alyssa get in the Dipping Dots line while Lucas and Wade sit on a bench to watch and wait. Wade has tears in his eyes because his brother has made his first real friends.

    Wade: They…uh…they have us against Arella Rayne and Cody Rhodes.

    Lucas: Wow, what a team! *rubs the back of his neck* How are we gonna handle this?

    Wade: Carefully. Arella is dangerous on her own. Cody is dangerous on his own. Putting them together is extremely dangerous. Both of them have extreme speed while Cody has the strength to back that speed up.

    Lucas: Yes but we have brute strength. While they’re prancing around, we land a few heavy blows. They’ll drop like flies. *leans back on the bench*

    Wade: No, that’s not good enough. Cody’s got enough stamina to withstand the heavy blows. Maybe we can treat Arella like that, land your left hook so we can get her out of the way early. Then we have to deal with Rhodes.

    Lucas: Do you have a plan for him? Any plan at all?

    Wade: Well…here’s how I see it. Cody’s got speed, he’s got strength, and he’s got stamina. He can be weak though. If we pick a target on him and work at it, we can win. I’d say a knee or shoulder. If we work on his knees, he can’t move as fast. His shoulder takes away that ability to execute moves.

    Lucas: His knee sounds best actually. Should we divide work?

    Wade: *nods* You can handle Arella easy enough with the left hook. Me? Cody took my title from me for a SECOND time. It would have been different if he gave it to Nolee and Sheamus but he didn’t. He fucking made a tournament for it, probably so either he and Devyn or Angel and Vitani can win it. *rolls his eyes* Not like Vitani needs another title. She’s Vixxens Champion and Five Nations Champion. Bout time she lost them.

    Lucas: *chuckles* Fine. I’ll put Arella down so you can put Rhodes down. But you gotta tell me something.

    Wade: Sure, it’s the least I can do.

    Lucas: *smiles* Why Beast? Out of all the Disney characters, you chose Beast. Is this you crying out for Belle to be back or what?

    Wade: Hell no! She can rot in hell for all I care. *nervous* I like Beast, he’s seemingly cold and fierce but at the same time he is just putting on an act because he’s afraid to let someone close…*takes a deep breath* Like me.

    Lucas: If you’re talking about who I think you are…he knows.

    The camera pans out to show the kids moving back to Lucas and Wade and eventually fades out.
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    2-10-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty Re: 2-10-14 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Angel James on Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:09 am

    The camera slowly fades on what looks like the rooftop of an older Japanese building in an urban setting, but a closer look shows it to be a movie set. The room is quiet as a single dark haired woman stands in front of camera, acting out a scene. She is wearing a black cut off shirt with a gray breast plate, black pants, black gloves, a gray storage belt, gray boots, a black choker necklace and a black mask covering her lower face. She pulls out a katana and a throwing star before taking a fighting stance before the Director gives the call of cut. After a few moments of talking with the Director the woman heads over towards the camera, pulling down the face mask to show that the woman is CWA Vixxen Angel James. She smiles as she puts down the props before sitting down on a chair.

    Angel: Hello Leo! I was not expecting to see you today my friend.

    Leo: *smiles* I know, but we weren't able to set up a date for your promo so I thought it would be okay to try and catch up with you. I didn't know you were filming something, is this for a show or movie?

    Angel: It is for a miniseries, I am one of the three main characters.

    Leo: Wow that is awesome Angel! Can you tell us about it? Or do you need to keep it under wraps?

    Angel: Well I can talk a little about my character, but that’s about it. I play a character name Yuri, she was adopted by a Japanese family when she was abandoned in Japan by her father and her new family trained her to be a ninja. She then enters a love triangle with her adopted brother and a man from a rival family. I think that is all I can tell you for now though.

    Leo: *looks amazed* Wow you have a lot on your plate then, with the CWA and your upcoming wedding. How are you able to deal with it all?

    Angel: *smiles* Well most of the wedding preparations are finished already and ready for next month, the Director is awesome enough to work around the days I have got to be with the CWA. I am used to the hard work, it will be like traveling to the different independent wrestling company’s again.

    Leo: Will it be in Japanese or English?

    Angel: It is going to be released in Japanese, but they are thinking about making an English dub. Luckily I can speak Japanese, I learned a lot during an early tour in Japan when I was in the independents and I managed to become fluent during my stay here during my time off.

    Leo: Are you excited about the upcoming wedding.

    Angel: *nods with a smile* Yes, very excited about it.

    Leo: *pauses before asking* And what about your match this week?

    Angel: *smiles fades slowly* Oh yes... My match against Swagger...

    Leo: I take it you’re not happy with Swagger.

    Angel: No I am not... Honestly I know this match has been coming since the swine attacked me... I am... Looking forward to showing him why I am not one to mess with...

    Leo: *nods* So you saw his promo?

    Angel: *nods slowly* Oh yes, I saw his little promo about our match.

    Leo: So what did you think of it?

    Angel: Honestly? I almost felt sad for him.

    Leo: *shocked* But how could you feel sad for him after what he's said and done?!

    Angel: *chuckles softly* I only said almost Leo; I did feel a little pity for him at the beginning of his promo. He lost what he thought was happiness twice, he gave his heart twice and they did not work out for him. Unfortunately for Swagger he lost any sympathy I may have had for him when he said he wanted to make me and Petey as miserable as he is. *pauses before continuing softly* I've earned this happiness after what I have lost... I have lost more than Swagger has... I have worked harder than he has to get my happiness and I do not think it should matter that I was not born in the same country then he was. Americans are not the only people allowed to be happy and the fact that Swagger believes that just makes me sick. America was built by people from many countries and that is what makes it such an amazing place, it is a shame that men like Swagger cannot see it that way.

    Leo: *nods* Swagger has become closed minded... I suppose his new manager isn't going to help with that.

    Angel: *chuckles darkly and murmurs in Italian before returning to English* Oh yes his manager, the puppet master behind Swagger. The one who wants Swagger to attack my stomach, he wants him to attack the place he thinks I am going to be most vulnerable. It is not bad enough that if Swagger had his way he would break my ankle and take me out of my livelihood for months, but he wants Swagger to go after what they now think is my weak spot. *a small grin comes to her face* They underestimate though, I am stronger then they think and I am going to win this match.

    Leo: *notices the grin and smiles softly* You have a trick up your sleeve don't you? What is it?

    Angel: *grins grows a little* Oh yes I have a trick up my sleeve, well I suppose it's a more than just one trick.

    Leo: What is it? Can you tell us?

    Angel: Well I can tell you one or two of my new tricks. *leans back in her chair* I have picked up a new training partner, one of the best female wrestler to ever be in this business Victoria. She has been helping me get ready for when I finally get my Vixxen's title match; she and I have been friends for a few years. And for my second new trick, well I have been working on a new move. I think Swagger may be just the person to try my new move on; it is made to take down swine like Swagger down. I think it is time that Swagger learned that just because he is a big does not mean he is invincible and I will prove he cannot just walk over me. Swagger is only a bully and I can stand up to a bully, I cannot wait to move on from Swagger and his crap.

    Leo: *grins softly* You’re going to beat him, I just know it. You’re a fighter and your soul is a strong one, you'll show Swagger.

    Angel: *grin turns into a real smile* Thank you Leo, it is always wonderful to have support from a friend.

    Angel stops as a female assistant walks over.

    Assistant: Ms. James the Director wishes to speak with you.

    Angel: *nods* Thank you; please tell him I will be right there.

    The assistant smiles and nods before turning to leave, Angel looks back at Leo with a smile.

    Angel: Well it looks like I have to run; it was great to talk to you again my friend.

    Angel waves to Leo and the camera before heading after the assistant, the camera slowly fading out as Angel walks away.

    Angel's costume
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    Post  Dia Banks on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:33 am

    The familiar sound of buzzing of a tattoo needle is heard as the camera opens up on a tattoo shop. Dia Banks sits in the lobby of the shop, Colt at her side. She's dressed cheerfully, brighter than she dressed when in the employ of Paul Heyman. Her hair is short and streaked with red which matches her sunglasses. Her top is a black tank top that says "What's Rock without Punk?" in red lettering and her bottoms are tight leather. She glances at Colt, whose smiling and dressed brightly. His shirt is bright pink and says "This Is Your Mom's Shirt" in black lettering with black capri's.

    Dia: You're first tattoo! *grins*

    Colt: Yep! *smiles* When's numbnuts gonna get here?

    The door opens with the cling of a bell and Dia chuckles, not looking up from her cell phone but pointing at the door.

    Dia: That would be numb nuts.

    Hearing the comment as he enters the store, CM Punk rolls his eyes, followed by a small shake of his head. He stands just inside the door, wearing a ‘Hulk Smash’ t-shirt and worn jeans; arms folded as he raises an eyebrow.

    Punk: That would be who?

    Dia grins up at him to show that she's not mad but instead was joking around.

    Dia: Numb nuts. Hey, I only repeated what Colt said. He is a very bad influence.

    Punk: Oh I know he is. His idiocy is contagious apparently. *he grins, joking in return*

    Dia: *laughs and pats the chair next to her* Come sit! You're getting one too after all.

    Punk: *chuckles* Yeah, if I can find enough room for one.

    Dia: I'm sure you got a free leg or a shoulder or something. Besides, this one is for a good reason. Louis asked us to get matching tattoo's because 'friends have matching things'.

    Punk: *finally moves to sit down with them* It was his idea? *he pauses for a moment as if in thought* I might have room on an arm… *he starts looking over them for empty space*

    Dia: *chuckles* Yeah, it was his idea. Says that if we have matching tattoos, we'll never fight again because all we gotta do is look at our tattoos and remember we're best friends. *hesitates for a moment* I dunno if I've apologized lately but...I really am sorry I took your title and did all of that shit when I was working for Heyman.

    Colt: Actually you haven't apologized since last night at dinner...unless you sent him a text. Knowing you, you sent him a text.

    Punk: *jokingly* No, not at all. Except right after I left, when I was going to bed, when I was eating breakfast… Oh and just now.

    Dia: *blushes* Well, you know, I feel like I have to. I was such a bitch because I thought that Heyman was right. I thought doesn't matter now though. What matters now is that you and I and Colt are back together again and ready to rock! Did you see the team shirts I made?

    Punk: I don’t really care about the taking my title part, I thought I made that clear when you won. *he looks slightly worried* T-shirts?

    Dia points to the shirt she is wearing with a large grin.

    Dia: What would punk be without rock. Its a play on music that we like.

    Punk: *smirks* And here I thought it meant I was teaming with ‘The Great One’.

    Dia: *rolls her eyes* C'mon, I'm soooo much cooler than The Rock. Like, a million times cooler.

    Punk: Duh. You actually bother appearing more than once every other month. And your theme song’s definitely cooler than his.

    Dia: I dunno, I always thought his theme song was pretty cool. Besides, I'm gonna change mine. Shitlist was more of a song that Paul told me I should use. I'm looking at something light and bubbly, or maybe I'll change it back to 'Dancing With Myself".

    Punk: Aww, you still want to dance alone when you have Colt? That's not nice.

    Dia: *laughs* Nah, I guess I would have to change it then. Any suggestions?

    Punk: So nothing I'd use unless you want to sound angry.

    Dia: *laughs* Cult of Personality isn't really angry.

    Colt: Don't we have a match you two should be worrying about?

    Punk: No, but the Killswitch one was. *to Colt* Probably?

    Dia: Not really, fire isn't exactly evil. That was more about wanting to be noticed I think. *nods* We fight the two CWA power couples: Nolee and Sheamus and Carter and Christian.

    Punk: You mean the boss and his sister and friends.

    Dia: I feel like we're being set up, ya know? Like we did something they didn't like.

    Punk: ...well /you/ may not have.

    Dia: *looks at Phil* What did you do? What did you do that you didn't tell me or Colt about yet?

    Punk: *flinches* Well... You know that thing Rhodes was all pissed about...?

    Dia: Rhodes is always pissed about everything. This time it seemed like he was pissed about something Wade and Drew did.

    Punk: Nah, he was pissed at having to sort out other people's personal issues, the battle of the exes was the second...

    Dia: This doesn't have anything to do with you and Vera does it? I told you she was bad news Phil.

    Punk: *sighs* That was the /start/ of the problems. But not the only ones.

    Dia: Phil...what's going on. You're our friend. Tell us.

    Colt: Yeah man, whats up?

    Punk: *hesitates* It's

    Colt: Will you please just tell us what the hell is going on?

    Dia: Honestly Phil.

    Punk: *to Dia* You should know. Your 'manager' was the reason behind half my problems.

    Dia: So...some of the things he said was true?

    Punk: Uh...which things did he say?

    Dia: He...he liked to talk about your relationship with your parents....and how you may quit on the fans without warning...

    Colt: Your quitting?

    Punk: *frowns* Why would I quit? And the parent issues was not his business to discuss.

    Dia: To be honest Phil, he didn't tell me anything that you haven't told me and Colt in the past. Just tell me why Cody is pissed so I can understand why we're fighting the happy couples.

    Punk: He had to send 'blondie' as Sheamus calls him into my hotel room the other week just to get me out of there, I kind of argued with Cody about it at that show and as I said before, he had to break up the battle of the exes...

    Dia: *feeling dejected* Sorry...I guess part of that has to do with me...

    Colt: This is good! You can use the anger you feel at Sheamus to go after him...well the anger isn't directed at Sheamus but...yeah! Direct that anger to someone else!

    Punk: No, it's to do with Heyman lying to manipulate you.

    Dia: Alright, how bout we focus on this match huh?

    Punk: *nods* Sorry. So what do we do?

    Dia: Well, we have to make sure that we can handle them. I have a feeling they are all going to work together to beat us.

    Punk: Sounds about right. I doubt Carter and Nolee will want to fight each other much.

    Dia: Carter would fight her only as a last result. He hates fighting her.

    Punk: That's dumb, I have no problem fighting you guys...

    Dia: But we aren't blood. Nols is technically the only blood Carter has left. We don't have to worry about the others not fighting each other though. They'll be able to.

    Punk: So? Since when does that matter? I'm closer to both of you than those related by blood. *shrugs* I know the other two will fight, but I doubt they'd attack them as hard as us. They'd probably get in trouble for hurting them.

    Dia: Well then we have to show them exactly how hard we can hit. If we're willing to beat the shit out of each other, they should know that we will beat the shit out of them.

    Punk: You'd hope they know. I've often said my best, often most painful matches are against my friends.

    Dia: *chuckles* Well, who do you want to focus on? I wanna get my hands on Miss Bitch.

    Punk: *smirks* Just to be clear, you mean Nolee right?

    Dia: *chuckles* There are no other misses in the match, are there? She thinks she can be Vixxens Champ material? We'll see how she stacks up against the CWA champ.

    Punk: Are you alright to do that? ...I mean, after the match we had. *looks worried for a moment*

    Dia: *grins wide* You really think after the match we had that I'm not ready for everything? I'm the champ now. I have to be able to defend myself from all new comers. Nolee's a fly on the wall compared to you.

    Punk: *shrugs* Just checking.

    Dia: *chuckles* Who do you want to focus on?

    Punk: Hmm. I'm not actually sure.

    Dia: C'mon, you gotta be wanting revenge against someone!

    Punk: For what? It was Heyman that pissed me off, not them.

    Dia: True, true. *thinks about it* You're not even mad at Carter, who hired Heyman?

    Punk : I doubt he meant for all that shit to happen...

    Dia: *shrugs with a chuckle* I was just trying to get you to fire up about this match. It's important.

    Punk: you'd know if I wasn't enthusiastic about a match at all. You'd have to be doing what the others had to, dragging me out of a hotel room.

    Dia: *chuckles* I'm just glad that we are working again. My plan for the match is to hit 'em high and you can hit 'em low.

    Colt: I love when you talk strategy babe.

    Dia: *grins* I know you do.

    Punk: *rolls his eyes at them* I can do some high flying things too remember, just not as many as the crazy people like Justin or Alex.

    Dia: *chuckles* I'm a submissionist but I'm light and can high fly too. Besides, it helps me get over my fear of heights.

    Punk: There aren't enough people besides us who even bother with submission anymore.

    Dia: Antonio Jacinto is a submissionist.

    Punk: Oh he is? I haven't spoke to the kid.

    Dia: *shrugs* He talks about it enough.

    Punk: If you know him. Thankfully though, we don't have to worry about his moves. But I'd say it'd probably hurt less than Sheamus' giant feet kicking people.

    Dia: Well you worry about Sheamus and his giant feet. I'll worry about everything else.

    Punk: *laughs* Alright then.

    Dia smiles as the tattoo artist signals them back.

    Dia: Ready to get your tattoos, Simba and Pumbaa?

    Colt: Course! I'm the lovable joker of the group. *smiles wide*

    Punk: *sighs* Remind me again why we're getting cartoon characters?

    Dia: Because our friendship symbolizes that of Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba. I'm Timon, the wise cracking buddie of the group who looks after the other two. Colt's Pumbaa, who usually cracks jokes and has more heart than the other two. You're Simba're a destined king of wrestling. You are the best in the world.

    Punk: Right. *he rolls his eyes, but can't help but smile afterwards* Colt's not going to cry is he? *smirks*

    Colt: Hey Phil. Yeah, fuck you. *is joking*

    Dia: Ten bucks says you do cry.

    Punk: *chuckles* Depends where he gets his.

    Dia: I'm getting mine on the top of my foot. That way I can always walk in the footsteps of a good role modle of a good friend.

    Punk: Role model? Who the hell are you referring to huh?

    Dia: *confusing smile* Um...what? Timon is a good role modle for being a friend. He was always at Simba and Pumbaa's side when they needed him.

    Punk: I guess he was; even when he was scared…

    Dia: See?

    Punk: I guess so. But I don't see how I'm a 'future king' as you put it.

    Dia gives a cryptic smile.

    Dia: Someone has to be around to team with Colt.

    Punk: What do you mean? I've teamed with him hundreds of times.

    Dia turns and looks over her shoulder.

    Dia: Never for the CWA Tag championships though.

    The camera cuts out on that cryptic saying, the three laughing together.

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    Post  Devyn on Wed May 07, 2014 9:57 am

    Devyn is seen sitting outside of a café, the surrounding people wearing colourful shirts, mouse ears or costumes of characters from many well-known movies and shows, ranging from things like Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella to movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and even the occasional Jedi or Superhero. Devyn however, is wearing a grey shirt and jeans; the only thing ‘Disney’ about him being the sketchy image of a pirate medallion on his shirt. As a shadow falls across his table, Devyn looks up from the drink he has sitting there and raises an eyebrow.

    Devyn: Aren’t you that interviewer guy?

    Casey: *moves into view of the camera* Uh- Yeah? People generally call me Casey though…or ‘blondie’ if they want to be assholes. But yes; I am the one who does interviews…sometimes.

    Devyn: …‘sometimes’?

    Casey: Well half of the time the camera people just do it for these promos, the other half I wonder if maybe the bosses forgot I’m even here besides to hang around Alex, even though I’ve been here since the start. *he rolls his eyes*

    Devyn: *frowns* Sounds fun. *after a moment* Wanna sit?

    He pushes the empty chair out with a foot, Casey standing there for a moment before sitting.

    Casey: Thanks. *Devyn simply shrugs in response* You weren’t meeting anyone, were you?

    Devyn: *shakes his head* Who would I meet? Cody’s busy.

    Casey: You don’t know anyone else we work with?

    Devyn: Well I know you…now. Otherwise no; not really.

    Casey: So what are you doing out here then?

    Devyn: I’d say enjoying the quiet, but I think the only time this place is quiet is when it closes. *he smiles a little* I just thought I’d get a drink before braving the crowds. I promised my sister I’d get her something. *he quickly jumps back in character* It’s lame I know, but she nagged me.

    Casey: …It’s not lame. It’s nice.

    Devyn: *sighs* Right. Whatever. So  I take it you came to ask about my match I have?

    Casey: That’s what I what I was supposed to do, yes. Are you looking forward to it?

    Devyn: Duh. Why wouldn’t I? I get to verse someone my age instead of one of the old guys. *he smirks*

    Casey: They’re not that old-

    Devyn: *shrugs* They’re older. It’s nice to see more of us getting into a professional wrestling company before we’re 30. Unless you have an older relative in the business, that’s really hard to do. Or, if it does happen, those people are mostly just part of the scenery. Just look at your boyfriend’s career. *he laughs*

    Casey: *frowns* …can we not get into that please? I’m here to do my job, not talk about my fiancé.

    Devyn: Aww, did I hit a sore spot?

    Casey: *irritated* We’re here to talk about your match! You know, the one against Antonio.

    Devyn: Fine, fine. It’s gonna be awesome, obviously. I bet I can win. There’s no way I’m tapping out. I’m too cool for that and my Finishers are so much easier to pull off than all those holds; faster too, so I have an advantage there.

    Casey: …you know Cody’s not going to be there to help you, right?

    Devyn is silent for a moment, having some of his drink to hide the fact he’s nervous.

    Devyn: So? I’ll be fine. I’ve been winning matches without him for years before CWA. I did it then, I’ll do it now.

    Casey: Oh? Well, good luck with that. *he gets up, shaking his head at Devyn* I’ll see you at work.

    Casey turns and walks off, rolling his eyes.

    Casey: *muttering* I liked him better when he wasn’t in character…

    Once Casey’s gone, Devyn’s attitude changes again, back to his off screen self. He frowns, feeling guilty about annoying him, but then shrugs his shoulders; finishing his drink as the scene cuts out.  
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    Post  Carter Lacroix on Wed May 14, 2014 11:52 am

    The camera opens up on a tray of sushi and as the camera pans back we see Carter Lacroix, dressed in a short sleeved blue plaid button up and blue jean shorts, poking at the sushi with a black chopstick as if he is afraid to pick it up and try it. He looks to the person to his right and shakes his head furiously.

    Carter: I ain’t tryin’ this.

    A soft laugh is heard from the right and the camera moves out to show Christian is sitting next to him, dressed in blue jeans and one of Carter's CWA shirts. He has his own pair of chopsticks and is using them to pick up a piece of sushi.

    Christian: Its good Carter.

    Carter: *wrinkling up his nose* But…but it’s uncooked fish!

    Christian: Yes it is, but its good Cart.

    Carter: *wrinkles his nose* If I try it can we talk about work stuff?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah of course.

    Carter pokes the sushi with the chopstick again before picking it up and taking a small bite. His eyes light up and he looks at Christian.

    Carter: That was actually good!

    Christian: *smiles* See I told you it was good.

    Carter: So this means we can't talk about work.

    Christian: Yeah we can talk about work now Cart.

    Carter: So...uh...this tag team match...*looks nervous* you ready?

    Christian: *smiles softly and nods before reaching with his spare hand to take Carter's hand* Yeah I think so.

    Carter: I heard Punk and Dia think we are punishing them. Its not true. I don't make the matches, I leave that to Cody. I just second glance to make everything fair.

    Christian: your always fair, I don't see why they think your punishing them.

    Carter: Apparently Punk did something to anger Cody. *shrugs*

    Christian: I didn't know that.

    Carter: *shrugs* I just found out by listening to their promo. It was actually pretty cool.

    Christian: ohh. *nods* I haven't seen it yet.

    Carter: *smiles* It's the usually bad asses gimmick we get from them. It should be fun to actually fight. *sighs* What I'm not looking forward to is fighting sis and Shea.

    Christian: Why are you worried, Nolee can hold her own in the ring.[/color]

    Carter: I know sis can hold her own. I really do. It's just...well...I know that this is going to be an all out brawl...

    Christian: you think so?

    Carter: I know so. We know how brutal the others can be. Think? I know so babe. My focus is on Punk. You?

    Christian: I suppose I haven't thought about that, with four other people it'll be hard to focus on just one.

    Carter: That:s true. I think Punk and I would put the best show on. Personally, if I were you, I would go and focus on Nols or Shea.

    Christian: You think so Cart?

    Carter: I know so. You guys always manage to put on a good show. I love watching you v Shea.

    Christian: Awww, thanks Cart. *small smile*

    Carter: You know me, I only speak the truth. What:s your assumption? What do you think will go down in this fight?

    Christian: Well I think we will make an awesome team and win.

    Carter: Nothing else to say? *chuckles* Your usually talkative.

    Christian: *chuckles* Well I just think we're awesome enough that we don't have to brag about it.

    Carter: *laughs* We are so good that bragging is a right we so totally have. I know we'll win!

    Christian: *laughs softly* Yeah we will.

    Carter: Any parting words for our opponents? Any words of wisdom?

    Christian: *chuckles softly* Words of wisdom Cart? Most people wouldn't say that what I say is wise Cart.

    Carter: You're a legend, babe. Of course you're wise.

    Christian: *smiles softly* Aww Cart.

    Carter: Well it's true. *grins*

    Christian: Your too sweet Cart.

    Carter: I'm not...I'm as sweet as I need to be.

    The camera fades off on the waiter bringing Carter and Jay more food, Carter wrapping an arm around his boyfriends shoulders.
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    Post  Cody Rhodes on Sun May 18, 2014 9:06 am

    As the scene opens, Arella Rayne and Cody Rhodes are seen sitting on a couch in a hotel room, sitting as far away from each other as possible. Arella has her arms crossed and headphones in while Cody is sitting reading a comic. There is obvious tension between the two. A sigh is heard off screen before Arella’s friend Sabrina comes over, standing a few steps away from the couch.

    Sabrina: Come on guys, I would have thought you’d get along; I mean- you both…kind of agree on the same thing about the business…

    Arella: *in a hostile tone* We’ve already talked about it. We don’t agree.

    Sabrina: Why not?

    Cody: *before Arella can reply* Because. She thinks people shouldn’t be showing much of their personal lives on TV at all, that everyone have their work and personal lives separate. I just don’t like having to clean up the messes left behind when those personal lives start seriously interfering with work.

    Arella: *takes her headphones out, rolling her eyes before looking at Cody* Which is why they should be keeping half that stuff off the show.

    Cody: And then what: pretend to be someone else entirely? Doesn’t that go against yours and Vitani’s ‘be yourself’ attitudes?

    Arella: I- No! That’s not what I mean!

    Cody: *puts his comic down on his lap* Then what do you mean?

    Arella: I mean that the show’s about wrestling, not personal relationships. Some people I think see it as the other way around though, that the wrestling is just background stuff to fill time. All the personal drama the others have shouldn’t be the focus of the show.

    Cody: *his expression softens* …so you have the same kind of idea as Vi?

    Arella: Well…I guess so? I just- probably don’t express the idea as clearly as I should though.

    Cody: *chuckles* Probably not.

    Sabrina: *awkwardly* …so um, not to be rude or anything ‘Rel, but why is he here again?

    Arella: *laughs* Because we have a match together.

    Sabrina: Like…as a team?”

    Arella: Not ‘like’. We will be a team.

    Cody: Will we? You didn’t sound like you had much team spirit earlier.

    Arella: -That was a misunderstanding. Obviously…

    Cody: *raises an eyebrow* ‘Obviously’? I don’t think it was really all that obvious. Are all your opinions so confusing to understand?

    Arella: uh…no? *smiles sheepishly*

    Sabrina: *laughs* Mostly, yes they are.

    Arella: Whatever. So uh, are you going to be a problem?

    Cody: Me?

    Arella: *rolls her eyes* Yes you. Will you be a problem in this match? Wade and Lucas are huge and they’ve squashed so many on the show before…

    Cody: *frowns* What do you mean…?

    Arella: Well your win record’s kind of um…shit.

    Cody: *irritated, he gets up and stands facing Arella with his hands clenched into fists* Excuse me? Pretty sure I’ve explained that before, it has nothin’ to do with skill, just how busy I was worrying about the other half of my work!

    Arella: Still kind of lame if you lose that often…

    Cody: *growls* Don’t forget which one of us is the show’s manager here. If you’d prefer I don’t have Carter kick you out I suggest you show a little more respect. I’ve been working in this business a lot longer than you.

    Arella: I have a right to be concerned about our match!

    Cody: But not to speak to people running the show you work on like that! Just because Carter and I are younger than most in positions like ours, doesn’t mean you can speak to either of us that way!

    Sabrina: ‘Rel-

    Cody: *snaps at Sabrina* Shut up!

    Arella: *angrily gets up to face Cody*Hey! Don’t talk to her like-

    Cody: *interrupts her, his tone caustic* If you think you have a better chance beating big guys like Barrett and Turner, you seriously need to stop and think about just how little skill you have in wrestling compared to the rest of us in the match. You’d not even been learning for more than a year when we hired you. Don’t you dare try and say you even more skill than me. You’ll be lucky to make it out of a finishing move from either of those men still conscious! Now I suggest you do some more research on the two of them so you can at least find a way to keep yourself safe from those moves if you want to even have a chance of making it through this match.

    Arella: I-

    Cody: *cuts her off again* And I suggest you work on your attitude. If you even try what you did with me around our opponents, they will knock you out. I’ll see you at the show. You better be ready.

    He turns and leaves the room, leaving Arella and her friend standing there in a stunned silence.  

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    Post  Vitani on Thu May 29, 2014 8:27 am

    Vitani is shown pacing in front of a store covered in various Disney posters and logos, looking concerned as she talks on her phone, ignoring the stares from people passing by and going in and out of the store. She is dressed as the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Esmeralda, though in the full costume and not altered to be a costume for wrestling in, as she’s worn in the past.

    Vitani: Yes I know Kara’s away with family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come just because of that? *she listens to a reply* Yes, Aislin will be here. I know you don’t get a long much, but please try? You’d be here for me, not her… Why? Cody’s busy and so’s his friend and I know you and Aislin are nearby.  

    She sighs and stops pacing, leaning against a light post instead.

    Vitani: Yeah I know you have your own work stuff, but not today you don’t. I know you’ve been wanting to come here, so why’s Aislin coming too such a big deal? *she rolls her eyes as she listens to the response* Please Vera? Odds are we’ll be too busy half the time to even really say that much, I doubt there’d be any fighting. If you come and really don’t like it, you can go, but at least try getting along with her for a bit…? *after a reply, she grins* Thank you! I’ll see you soon?

    Vitani finishes on the phone and the scene cuts to sometime later, where her and Vera are standing waiting outside a bathroom, presumably for Aislin. Vera is dressed as Rapunzel, though with shoes on; flowers braided into her blonde hair.

    Vera: So…how’s work?

    Vitani: Hmm? Oh! It’s good. I can’t wait for my match, it should be exciting.

    Vera: *curious* Why’s that?

    Vitani: *grins* It’ll be full of people like me.

    Vera: What, girls?

    Vitani: *laughs* No, high flyers.

    Vera: Oh! That does sound pretty cool. Who’s in it? Besides you of course.

    Vitani: Obviously. *she smiles and shakes her head* Justin Gabriel, Dante Westmore and Alex Shelley.

    Vera: *raises an eyebrow* All guys?

    Vitani: Yes. …what’s wrong with that? I can take care of myself. There’s a reason I have two titles Vera.

    Vera: I- Nothing, just worried that maybe they’ll overpower you with three of them…

    Vitani: They’re high flyers. We’re all pretty small. I’ll be fine. I even told Cody I’d love a match like this.

    Vera: *shrugs* Alright, if you’re sure…

    Vitani goes to respond, but instead stops as Aislin comes out of the bathroom, dressed as Alice from the Tim Burton adaption. Vitani watches with a concerned look as her two blonde friends stare each other down.

    Vitani: *sighs* Girls come on…seriously? Do we have to do this?

    Neither of the two responds, instead continuing the staredown before Aislin finally looks away, straightening her blue dress as an excuse for doing so. There’s an awkward silence between the three afterwards.

    Vera: *attempting to break the silence* So…I might be getting a job in the CWA…

    Hearing this, Vitani is suddenly alert and turns on Vera with a look mixed with shock and concern.

    Vitani: What?! No- Vera you can’t! Cody he- …He’d probably flip over all the drama you being there would cause. Please tell me you’re joking…?

    Vera shrugs and grins, a mischievous look in her eyes.

    Vera: I might be.

    Before she can elaborate on whether or not that meant she was joking, the scene fades out, while Vitani has a panicked discussion with her friends.

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    The camera opens on Nolee entering a room, blindfolded. At her side, holding her hand is Sheamus. She's dressed in a beautiful yellow sundress with sparkling white heels.

    Nolee: Can I take off my blindfold?

    Sheamus grins and glances down at her. The blue business shirt he’s wearing nicely compliments Nolee’s yellow dress, his pants a dark grey.

    Sheamus: Yeh can now. *he lets go of her hand to remove the blindfold*

    Nolee's manicured hand comes up to her face and when she removes the blindfold, she lets out a short gasp.

    Nolee: Oh Shea...

    They are standing in the Be Our Guest restaurant in Disney World, which is modeled to look like the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast.

    Nolee: *tearing up* Oh's beautiful...

    Sheamus smiles softly, gently putting a hand on her back.

    Sheamus: I thought yeh might like it.

    Nolee smiles and nods as they sit down at a table. She assesses his outfit and smiles, a twinkle in her eyes.

    Nolee: We are dressed like Belle and Beast for this...aren't we?

    Sheamus: *glances down at his shirt, chuckling* Kind of. Was an accident mostly.

    Nolee: *smiles softly* Do you know...I have always thought of us as the Beauty and The Beast of the CWA.

    Sheamus: Hey! *pretends to be offended before responding in a joking way* …that’s in no way true, cause I’m hardly a beauty. *pauses* Ah, but then if I was you’d be usin’ that word twice. *he grins*

    Nolee: Not Beast in a bad way. Like you...he tried to push others away at first. Now well, you are happy and changed.

    Sheamus: Yeh think I pushed people away?

    Nolee: *looks embarrassed* Well I...I didn't mean...*blushes* No...

    Sheamus: It's fine, I'm just askin'.

    Nolee: *smiles softly* You really do worry me sometimes. Sometimes you’re so serious. Is it a thirty thing? *winks as she teases her husband about his age*

    Sheamus: I'm not that I?

    Nolee: Not anymore. You've changed since you and I got married.

    Sheamus: *curious* How would you say I’ve changed?

    Nolee: Well...before we were married…you were a tad fiercer. Not saying it's a bad thing! I've mellowed out since then.

    Sheamus: *is quiet for a moment, thinking about it* I suppose I have.

    Nolee: *frowns* I didn't offend you...did I Shea baby?

    Sheamus: *shakes his head* No, no. Of course not; I just never really thought about it.

    Nolee smiles softly as she looks over the restaurant menu.

    Nolee: So...are we permitting work talk at dinner or not?

    Sheamus: *shrugs* Well we've gotta talk about it sooner or later, don't we?

    Nolee: *smiles* Triple threat tag team. Me and you against Carter and Jay and Punk and Dia.

    Sheamus: Ah that's right. Why Carter?

    Nolee: Well, he wanted to team with Jay so he thought he would do that now. *smiles and places her order* Surprisingly, I'm not worried about this match up.

    Sheamus nods as he listens, placing his own order before responding.

    Sheamus: Yeah aren't? Why not?

    Nolee: *shakes her head* I'm not. You've been training me to be a good star. With your help, I don't think anyone could beat me.

    Sheamus: Careful; even I've lost matches before remember, I wouldn't go sayin' no one can do it. Especially not when one of our opponents is someone who's known yeh your whole life.

    Nolee: True, true. Carter knows how I work in that ring. I think we can strike up an alliance with Carter and Jay for a while. We have to worry about the punk and punkette in this match.

    Sheamus: Hmm. That probably would be our best option. He'd agree to it yeah?

    Nolee: Carter will agree to it. Can't see why he wouldn't.

    Sheamus: I'm sure he would agree, but either way one of us has to find a way ahead of the others. Three of us'll be in the ring at once, won't we?

    Nolee: Yeah, they'll be three of us in the ring at a time. I figure that I can handle Dia and Jay.

    Sheamus: I'm sure if you were careful yeah could handle Carter too if you had to, you've done so before. *he smiles* But I should be fine with him and Punk.

    Nolee: I think you should handle Punk anyways. Maybe prove to Dia your title worthy.

    Sheamus: You think that'd help?

    Nolee: She just got done fighting him. It would prove your worth.

    Sheamus: Hmm. *he grins* I suppose it would.

    Nolee: *smiles* You should be the Celtic warrior again.

    Sheamus: You think I should?

    Nolee: I know so. Anything else to say we're on the subject. Like how we're gonna win?

    Sheamus: Well with three teams the best way's probably to get in before the others have a chance.

    Nolee: So keep one on the outside the whole time?

    Sheamus: Might be the best option. Or manage to do enough to keep one of them down. That might take too long though.

    Nolee: Well...*grins* I am a heel.

    Sheamus: *smirks* I suppose yeh are. But they're a stubborn bunch when it comes to stayin' down.

    Nolee: Not Punk once his knee is caput or Christian when I attack his arm.

    Sheamus: He still has trouble with that? I know Christian does, but not Punk.

    Nolee: An injury doesn't just go away.

    Sheamus: Hm, true. They can be a pain.

    Nolee: You have one? *cocks her head to the side*

    Sheamus: Not recent, no. Years ago. Before WWE even.

    Nolee:*looks a bit ashamed she didn't know that*

    Sheamus: Eh, I don't really bring it up much.

    Nolee: *smiles* So we capitalize on injuries. Anything else?

    Sheamus: Well we have to be careful not to get worn out before they do.

    Nolee: *smiles* We won't. Trust me.

    Sheamus: Hopefully not.

    Nolee: *squeezes his hand* We'll win.

    Sheamus: We could. *nods and grins*

    Nolee: *smiles* We will.

    Sheamus: We'll see.

    Nolee: So...about Keiran...

    Sheamus: Ah right, Keiran...

    Nolee: Do you really want him to move in with us?

    Sheamus is quiet for a moment before responding, thinking about it carefully first.

    Sheamus: I'm not sure. I dunno if he'd like it out here compared to Ireland...

    Nolee: *smiles softly* It’s up to you if we invite him darlin.

    Sheamus: We can invite him; I'm just not sure he'd accept it.

    Nolee smiles and the camera fades out on them talking.

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