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    Dante's Comic Characters

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    Dante's Comic Characters Coollogo_com-126032893_zps78ef2e76

    Dante's Comic Characters N54
    Dante - Dante Knight, a young hero who was raised by his brothers. When he got his powers he lost control and it is thanks to Alex he didn't manage to hurt anyone. He finds he is often helped by a mysterious man, he is under the wing of Alex now and fights crime under the name Rook. (Energy Manipulation)

    Dante's Comic Characters Tek51f8b5cde59a11.75888264
    Wade - Stuart Bennett, a brooding business man who both helps and hinders heroes. Often helps the young hero Rook (he has a yet to be told romance interest), he has no powers.

    Dante's Comic Characters 7nyx
    Alex - Alex James, youngest of four adoptive siblings who all have super powers, he has a boyfriend who is a reporter, He has taken the younger Dante under his wing, he fights under the name Justice. (Weapon Manupulation)

    Dante's Comic Characters Zaqf
    Casey - Casey Johnson, a star reporter for the newpaper. He is the one that covers the super heroes, he is dating the hero Justice.  

    Dante's Comic Characters 3ke5
    Chris - Chris James, the second youngest of the adopted siblings he is Alex's best friend. He was the one that came up with the idea to fight crime, he fights under the name Kinesis. (Telekinesis)

    Dante's Comic Characters Jbod
    Petey - Peter James, the oldest of the adopted siblings he was born in Canada. He has feelings for Angela, he fights crime under the name Shield. (Forcefields and invisibility)

    Dante's Comic Characters 7auy
    Angel - Angela James, the second oldest of the adopted siblings she was born with wings. She has been in love with her adoptive brother Peter for a while though she feels she can't tell him. She was born in Italy and fights crime under the name Wings. (Power of flight through wings)

    Dante's Comic Characters Ouz
    Adam - Adam Lennox, the older brother of Jay, the two moved to the city a few years ago after they got their powers. He can be over protective of his brother but it never affects how he helps people, he fights crime under the name Thunderbolt. (Weather Manipulation)

    Dante's Comic Characters H98
    Jay - Jay Lennox, the younger brother of Adam, the two moved to the city a few years ago after they got their powers. he has a sweet side to him and loves helping the people he does, he fights crime under the name Flytrap. (Plant Manipulation)

    Dante's Comic Characters Carter10
    Carter - Carter Grey, a young lawyer who as a young teen discovered his powers. He has been seen with Jay Lennox resently, he has a a deep sense of honor and fights crime under the name Obsidian. (Super speed, super strength, heat ray vision, x-ray vision, ice breath, enhanced senses)

    Dante's Comic Characters Ha1c
    Nolee - Amanda Grey, there have been many different incarnations of the Angellus, each with a purpose. This century, Amanda has been born as the new Angellus to help protect her brother Carter. (god speech)

    Dante's Comic Characters 6b2a
    Sheamus - The Sorceror Sheamus, a sorceror brought to the present after his clan was all killed. He decided to set up a shop so he may help other in need. (Sorceror of old Celtic magic)

    Dante's Comic Characters Jk3p
    Cody - Cody Runnels, he works fighting crime with his girlfriend under the name of Majora (Telekinesis and telepathy)

    Dante's Comic Characters 4f9b
    Vitani - Vi Summers, she is a former dancer and burglar that uses her skills and grace to fight crime with her boyfriend using the name Esmerelda. (Enhanced agility)

    Dante's Comic Characters Z0to
    Antonio - Tony Moretti, son of a crime boss who fights crime under the name Hotshot. (Fire powers)

    Dante's Comic Characters 0rbu
    Justin - Justin Gab, a vigilante that works only at night. He is dating the rock guitar player Heath and uses the name Wolf to fight crime. (Energy Knives)

    Dante's Comic Characters 3q8g
    Heath - Heath Miller, a fun loving guitar player with a small city band and Justin's boyfriend.

    Dante's Comic Characters Q65a
    Arella - Arella Fox, an anti hero that trusts no one. She is new to the city and is making a name for herself, she uses the name Rayne when fighting crime. (Shadow manipulation)

    Dante's Comic Characters E9a5
    Punk - Phil Brooks, know to the criminal underworld as Punk he has a skilled mind to solve crimes and knows many types of martial arts.

    Dante's Comic Characters T1y1
    Colt - Devyn Colt, after his lover and the mother of their son Louis was kidnapped, Devyn Colt went to Asia and joined a monestary. There he learned to train in the arts of ninjitsu, eventually taking on the name Handa. (Has a tiger as his animal spirit)

    Dante's Comic Characters Cuo6
    Dia - Diane Amaura, a former hero she was brainwashed by a crime lord named Heyman and now works for him. She has a family that hasn't seen since she was brainwashed, she uses the name Morticide. (control's the dead)

    Dante's Comic Characters Tek51f8d06ddbf2c9.27940912
    Lucas - Crispin Alan, not a lot is know about him. What is know is that he is a powerful shot with a bow and arrow and a master manipulator, he uses the name Trickshot.

    Dante's Comic Characters Zoi0
    Swagger - Officer Jackson "Swagger" Looper, a dirty cop on the payroll of the crime lord Heyman. He has dislike for most heroes and has no powers.

    Dante's Comic Characters Rmj
    Heyman - Senetor Paul Heyman, sleezy and corrupt government official by day and a prominent mob boss by night. His prime plan is the destruction of all heroes and employs both Diane and Crispin.

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