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    8-16-13 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area


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    8-16-13 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area Empty 8-16-13 Monday Night Carnage Promo Area

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 15, 2013 2:50 am

    Promos are due Sunday the 29th.
    Angel James
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    Post  Angel James on Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:42 am

    The camera slowly fades in as the sounds of parents and children are heard and a beautiful conservatory filled with palms is shown. In one of the corners is a black metal gazebo that is surrounded by the plants that fill the large room, inside are three benches. Sitting on one of them is returning Vixxen Angel James; she is wearing a black fitted short sleeved peasant shirt, faded dark blue jeans and short black boots. She slowly looks up from the stack of papers and magazines sitting next to her, she has a look of happiness in her eyes and smiles brightly when she sees the camera.

    Angel: Well hello there, I see you managed to find my little hideaway for the day. I was expecting you to show up sooner or later, I suppose your here for my promo and probably a few words about my return?

    She pauses as the cameraman nods before turning to face the camera fully.

    Angel: Well let us get started then, I suppose first I should talk about it being my first time back in the ring in a long time... I cannot really believe it sometimes, I've been away from something I love for a long period. I'm excited to be stepping back into a CWA ring; I suppose you must be wondering if I'll be having any ring rust? Well I when I started to think about when I would come back I started to work in the practice ring with Petey and I'm happy to say that there was hardly any rust and I've worked away any there may of been. *smiles* I suppose next I should speak about my opponent for the week, but unfortunately I know next to nothing about my opponent only that their name is Devyn and they are working with Cody. I find myself quiet excited about the challenge of facing an opponent that no one else has had the chance to face in the CWA and I cannot wait to see just what type of skill my opponent has. I hope they are looking forward to our match as well and I hope they are ready to face me because I know I am ready to face them.

    She turns away from the camera to look at the plants next to her; she gently touches one of them before turning back to the camera.

    Angel: I suppose you’re wondering about the stack besides me, well I decided to use this wonderful place to go over some of the plans for my wedding. Strange to think about how close we are to having everything planned out, it will be another step closer to getting married. *smiles* I feel so happy when I think of it...

    She pauses once again as her cell phone alarm beeps.

    Angel: I am afraid I must get ready to leave, I am meeting Petey and the others for dinner in an hour and I should freshen up beforehand. I hope I gave you enough for my promo, I suppose I will see you backstage at the show so I will say goodbye for now.  

    She smiles as she leans forward and grabs a messenger bag that was just off to the side of the frame. She carefully places the papers and magazines in the bag as the camera slowly starts to fade out; she closes and puts the bag over her shoulder as it finally goes black.

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    We open up in the courtyard of a home we have seen several times, The Barrett Manor. Outside sits Wade Barrett on a lawn chair. He has a pair of sunglasses on with a red polo and blue jeans. In one hand he is holding a beer, a Budweiser by the look of it, and in the other he is holding a copy of The Great Gatsby that he's actively reading. The camera person clears their throat to let Wade know she's here. Wade puts down his beer to hold up a finger to show her she has to wait. he closes his book and smiles at her as he lays the book on the patio table. He stands and stoops to hug her.

    Wade: Miss Ross! It has been too long.

    Ella: *smiles and warmly hugs him* It has, it has. You and your mother fixed things?

    Wade: Yes well, mother needs help caring for Teegan. He's doing much better but mother still needs help.

    Ella: Teegan?

    Wade: Do you remember last year around Christmas that wheelchair bound boy?

    Ella: Vaguely.

    Wade: Well Teegan is that little boy, my younger brother. He's been sick for all of his life. He's the glue that kept me in England for so long.

    Ella: Well I'm sorry he's sick but glad he's doing better. What were you reading?

    Wade: *smiles and gestures for her to take a seat* The Great Gatsby. I believe most American authors to be hacks but I rather enjoy F. Scott Fitzgerald. This book basically boils down to old money or new money.

    Ella: *teasingly* Sounds exciting.

    Wade: It's much more than that. It explores the era of flappers, of rum runners, and of jazz. If I lived in any era other than now, it would be the 1920's. *smiles* Regardless, there is a lesson to be learned from the lesson of new money vs old. The old money will always remain but new money will always be coming in. I like to transfer this over in terms of my match with Cody Rhodes not in terms of money but a wrestling dynasty.

    Ella: Really?

    Wade: *smiles* The Rhodes are a wrestling dynasty. There's Dusty, the patriarch. He wrestled for years. Then there was that freak Golddust who never quite made much of himself but the fans love anyways. Cody is somewhere in between. He's not quite as talented as his father but more talented than Golddust. That's all old talent. Since I was not born nor bred for this lifestyle, I'm considered new talent. I made my own way, readied myself for my own dynasty.

    Ella: That's easy enough to understand. So what does that have to do with winning?

    Wade: *grins* What does this have to do with winning? It's quite simple actually. Cody has to abide by his legacy. There are moves and a certain move set they expect Cody to use. They expect him not to be too brutal. Cody lives up to these. He uses those moves, adheres to not being so violent. I don't have anything to live up to except the standards I set up for myself. The fans don't expect me to wrestle like someone else, they just suspect me to be a bit violent.

    Ella: You don't underestimate Cody do you?

    Wade: No, no. I know Cody is a brilliant competitor. He's fast enough that most men my size aren't going to catch him but strong enough that if we do catch him, he can inflict as much harm on us as we do him. I always look forward to facing off against Cody. I just feel as if I could beat him easily. He's been out of the ring for so long that he's accumulated ring rust. I can beat him. I can demolish him.

    Ella: Bullhammer or Wasteland?

    Wade: That's a no brainer. Wasteland.

    Ella: Why is it a no brainer?

    Wade: The Bullhammer is a move I save for special occassions. It's a move I save for the enemies who need to be dealt with formally. The Wasteland is a move I use for those who I have no grudge against.

    Ella: No grudge against Cody? Did you forget how he stripped you and Justin of your titles?

    Wade: One mistake does not an enemy make. *smiles kindly* Would you like to stay for supper?

    Ella: Oh I couldn't intrude!

    Wade: Honestly you aren't.

    Ella smiles as Wade offers her his arm, the camera fading out on the cover of The Great Gatsby.

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    Post  Admin on Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:29 pm

    The sound of weights is heard as the camera opens up on what appears to be a home gym. There is a young woman with her back to the camera, the woman dressed in a black sports bra and black shorts. Tattoos of different sorts mar her skin and her hair is cut so short it’s almost buzzed and it is dyed bright red. We realize, through the different tattoos and the short and colorful hair, that we’re looking at Dia Banks in workout mode. She hears the door open and turns her head to see Paul Heyman enter the room in his usual gray suit.

    Paul: How is my client feeling today?

    Dia: Good, Paul. My headache is gone.

    Paul: Yeah, I saw him leave with Louis.

    Dia: *shoots a cold look* Colt isn’t a headache, Paul. He’s the love of my life. I had an actual headache that’s gone now.

    She stands and crosses to the refrigerator in the room, grabbing herself a water and tossing a bottle of Dr. Pepper to Paul who catches it.

    Paul: Sorry, sorry. *cracks open his soda and takes a drink, swallowing it with one audible gulp* Training?

    Dia: Like hell. Carter says this is my only chance at Punk’s title. So Halloween Havock, which is coming up, is my chance.

    Paul: And we’re ready for that. Are you ready for your match coming up?

    Dia: That’s what I was just prepping for. Some say he’s a pushover but I disagree. Dante Westmore is the future of the CWA’s male division. Yeah, you heard that right. I think Dante Westmore is the future.

    Paul: Are you kidding me? The kids a pushover!

    Dia: He is not! He has manners, he respects people. Yeah, he’s a little naïve but isn’t everyone deep down? Being paired with Alex Shelley was the best thing for him. It makes him strong and teaches him to be a better high flyer. Putting Dante with anyone else, except for maybe Justin Gabriel, would have been a waste.

    Paul: Sometimes I don’t see why you care about so many people. You and your family should be all you care about.

    Dia: Normal people generally don’t work like that. They generally have friends they care about.

    Paul: You have friends.

    Dia: Considerably less since I started this crusade against Phil. *takes a deep breath and shakes her head* Anyways…this match is going to be a good test for me. Dante’s a very powerful guy without being a very strong guy. The power comes from his ability to fly high. I know he can hurt people with those moves. Luckily for me, I’ve worked with high flyers. I trained with some of pro wrestling's best and it’s partially the reason I chose the style of wrestling I did.

    Paul: You mean you chose to be a submission style wrestling because of high flyers?

    Dia: Yeah, I did. I found that Colt favored being a high flyer. For a few weeks I realized that I couldn’t keep up. Daniel Bryan was actually the one who taught me submission style.

    Paul: Why doesn’t that surprise me?

    Dia: Because you know me. *rolls her eyes* I’m taught to use the speed and agility of others to hurt them. Dante’s never fought a submissionist simply because we don’t have many of them in the CWA. Not only am I a submissionist and can use his momentum to essentially break a bone, I’m every bit as fast as he is. I’m a well rounded wrestler through and through.

    Paul: So you aren’t worried about him?

    Dia: *deep sigh* I never said that Paul, listen. Dante’s got one thing that I…I realize I lost a while ago…

    Paul: And that is?

    Dia: Naitivity and free expression. I…I didn’t always use to be so stiff and unfeeling. I use to have fun out there and felt free to be different…not so much anymore…

    Paul: You think that benefits you? As my client, I have to tell you that you don’t need to be that. You keep up with the fierce attitude you have going on, you’ll be fine.

    The sound of a knock on the door upstairs is heard and Dia looks confused.

    Dia: Did you invite someone over?

    Paul: Yes, actually, my newest client. I wanted you two to sit down and talk together.

    As Paul hustles off, Dia takes another drink of her water as she sits to rest.

    Dia: Sometimes I wonder why I ever chose to listen to Paul. He’s a smart guy, honestly. He knows a lot about the business and I’ve learned from him. But he’s caused me to lose things I care about. Punk was a burned bridge, one I’ll probably never get back. If he’s listening…I’m sorry Phil. I really do care about what happens with you, you’re a good man. *runs a hand through her hair, looking at the ceiling and blinking back tears* Dante…you’re up next. You’re my next challenge to overcome. I’m going to beat you. I’m going to win.

    She takes a deep breath.

    Dia: I just can’t afford not too.

    The door opens again but the scene fades out before we can see who is following behind Paul.
    Dante Westmore
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    Post  Dante Westmore on Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:44 am

    The camera slowly fades in on a small restaurant in a small plaza, the sign on the side of the wall proclaiming it to be Lee's China Kitchen. The camera then moves as it enters the restaurant and looks around for a second before spotting the CWA Rookie Dante Westmore sitting at a table. He is dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a shirt with the comic book hero Nightwing. He spots the camera and smiles as he waves it over to his table.

    Dante: Hi Leo, glad you finally made it. Did you have trouble finding this place?

    Leo: *sits down with a smile* No, no trouble finding the place. I did have trouble finding a place to park; the parking lot is hidden really well here.

    Dante: Sorry I should have warned you, Angel wrote it down when she told me about this place. She says that the Pork Fried Rice is great here.

    Leo: Maybe I'll try that then. *grins* So how is the comic book coming along?

    Dante: *smiles* It's going great right now, working on getting the fourth page drawn and should be starting the fifth page soon. I'm really excited to get this project off the ground and I hope everything turns out good.

    Leo: Well I can't wait to read it when it comes out. So what do you think of your match for the week?

    Dante: Well I'm...

    Dante stops as a man's voice cuts him off, the man walks up to Dante. He has a grin on his face and is wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes letterman jacket.

    Man: Well, well if it isn't little Dante Westmore. You still look as scrawny as ever.

    Dante: *frowns slightly* Marcus... I wasn't expecting to see you in Columbus...

    Marcus: *grins* I go to college at Ohio State; I'm on the football team. Couch even says I may end up getting drafted to the NFL next year. *jeers* So which fantasy are you failing to live out, the one where you are going to make your very own comic book or the one where you are going to be a professional wrestler? I bet it's the nerdy one, oh wait they're both nerdy. *spots Leo and the camera* So if this just some bum you paid to tape one of your 'wresting promos'? *sneers* Or are you this guy's latest boy toy?

    Dante looks away from both Marcus and the camera for a few minutes. He looks up again with a determined look in his eyes and he looks Marcus in the eye.

    Dante: Well actually Marcus I am currently living out both of my 'nerdy' dreams. I am lucky enough to be working for the CWA and to be working under my mentor Alex Shelley. I'm going to have a match this week and I am trying to get my promo for the week done. My boss at the CWA is allowing me to make a comic book based off the CWA wrestlers, he thinks my work is good and will be a good thing to promote the company. I suppose it may not seem like much to you with your future as a football player, but I don't care what you think Marcus. I never did despite you and your bullying, I've always been happy being me and I'll never be anything I'm not. I suppose that's me being naïve, but I'd rather be my naïve self that the bully you grew up being. *narrows his eyes in a rare show of anger* Pick on me all you want, I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me anymore. But leave Leo alone Marcus, he's a good friend and he doesn't deserve you acting like a dick to him. He isn't a bum, he's a camera man for the CWA and he's currently dating a nice man that also works in the CWA. Now please leave Marcus, you’re not wanted here and I'm not going to let you ruin a nice lunch with a friend.

    Dante stands up as he continues to stare Marcus in the eye, after a few moments Marcus looks down with an ashamed look before turning and leaving for the other side of the restaurant. Dante slowly sits down again before looking at Leo and the camera, his anger gone when Marcus left.

    Leo: Dante are you alright?

    Dante: *gives a small smile* Yeah... Just surprised I stood up to him like that... *rubs the back of his neck* That was Marcus, one of the jocks that liked to pick on me for being different in high school... He was such a jerk back then and looks like he's still one now...

    Leo: *smiles* You’re a good kid and a great friend Dante; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. *pauses* So let’s get back to my question before, so what do you think of your match this week?

    Dante: Well I hope it will be a good one... I'm sort of nervous fighting Dia... She's gone through such a big change and part of her seems like a completely different person and part... Part of her seems like it’s been buried and left to rot under her skin by Paul Heyman... I know it's not my place to say this... But I think she needs to drop Heyman like a hot potato... Before she loses the parts that make her who she is... Or worse she loses her friends and family... *sighs and runs his fingers through his hair* I know she has an advantage over me with her being a submissionist and me focusing on my high flying. But working with Alex has given me some great technical moves and I'm hoping I'll be able to use some of them to get me out of her moves if she manages to catch me.

    Leo: Well we'll have to wait and see... *chuckles* Unless you can see into the future and can just tell me if you’re going to beat Dia?

    Dante: *laughs* Sorry nope, no mutant powers of awesomeness have come to me yet. So I guess we will all just have to wait and see.

    Leo: *smiles* And has anything... Interesting happen with the whole Wade thing?

    Dante: *looks down shyly* Um no, not really... I've been thinking about it though, I still feel very confused by it all and by... How I feel about it... *sighs and looks up again* Maybe I'll figure it out soon... *picks up his menu* But for now let's just try and figure out what to order cause I am hungry and need some yummy food.

    Leo: *chuckles* Okay, Okay I'm getting hungry too. Just let me turn off the camera and we'll look at the menus.

    The camera turns down to the table as Dante reads some of the menu to Leo, after a few moments it goes black as the camera finally shuts off.


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    Post  Admin on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:39 am

    Didn't I make you feel like you were the only man
    An' didn't I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can
    Honey you know I did
    And each time I tell myself that I, well, I think I've had enough
    But I'm gonna show you, baby, that a woman can be tough

    Before the camera opens up we hear the sound of a band playing a soft country rock song. When the camera does open up we see a small stage where Three Young Guns, the band that Carter Lacroix formed, plays. In the back on drums is Pete Branaugh, wearing a black baseball cap on his head accompanied by a yellow muscle shirt and blue jeans. Carter plays guitar, standing slightly behind Nolee but in front of Pete. He's dressed in a red and black plaid button up shirt with blue jeans and black cowboy boots. Nolee stands front and center, holding onto the microphone. Her hair is curled around her head to look more glam and she wears a small leather jacket over an emerald green and black tunic top which is over black leggings and completed by a pair of black flats. She continues singing, putting all her emotion into it.

    I want you to come on, come on, come on, come on and take it
    Take it!
    Take another little piece of my heart now, baby
    Oh, oh break it!
    Break another little piece of my heart now, darling, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Oh, oh have a!
    Have another little piece of my heart now baby
    You know you got it if it makes you feel good
    Oh yes indeed

    Though we know that she is happily married to The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus, Nolee seems to be channeling all of the pain and heartache she felt after she lost the relationship with Drew McIntyre. She confidently walks to the front of the stage, peering into the audience.

    You're out on the streets lookin' good
    And baby deep down in your heart I guess you knew that it ain't right
    Never, never, never, never, never, never hear me when I cry at night
    Babe and I cry all the time!
    But each time I tell myself that I, well, I can't stand the pain
    But when you hold me in your arms I'll sing it once again

    Carter and Pete join in on this chorus, each matching the intensity that Nolee is singing with.

    I'll say come on, come on, come on, come on and take it
    Take it!
    Take another little piece of my heart now baby
    Oh oh break it!
    Break another little bit of my heart now, darling, yeah
    Oh oh have a!
    Have another little piece of my heart now baby
    You know you got it, child, if it makes you feel good

    The trio gets done with the song and decides to take a break, heading back to the dressing room. Nolee kicks off her flats and sits on the couch, rubbing at her feet. She doesn't realize that she is recieving odd looks from Carter and Pete.

    Nolee: Man, my dogs are barking! I should have worn my boots.

    Carter: So...

    Nolee: Yeah bro?

    Carter: Is everything okay?

    Nolee: *confused* Everything's fine. Why wouldn't they be?

    Pete: That was a lot of emotion for a simple song. You sure you don't have any boy problems?

    Nolee: *bright smile* Stephen and I are just fine. I'm so glad I married him. He's loving and gentle and sweet and just everything I could ask for.

    Carter: So where did that level of intensity come from?

    Nolee: Boys, that song is a Janis Joplin classic. It's an emotional classic. I only sing it how it deserves to be sung. I mean, she's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for God sakes! Besides, all of us have been in a relationship where they took the very best of us. Mine was McIntyre.

    Carter: Johnny Curtis...

    Pete: Lainey Burgress...

    Nolee: See? All bad, bad relationships. *smiles* I like Christian for my bubba. I don't remember the last time Carter was this happy.

    Carter: C'mon sis...*blushes* I asked him for a domestic partnership, y'know? I mean, I'm not ready to get married quite yet but we can live together and he would be happy then.

    Pete: Carter, man, that's great!

    Nolee: He may as well be my brother-in-law. Was you setting this match up a sneaky way of sayin' that?

    Carter: I guess in a way it was.

    Pete: That's right, you fight Sheamus and she fights Christian. *smiles at Nolee* Think you can beat him?

    Nolee: *skating around the question* He's one of the best wrestlers in the company and probably one of the oldest. He's been wrestling since at least the 90's. That just means he's accumulated all of this talent that I have yet to see yet because I'm newer to the wrestling scene. I'll never fight some of the greats that he did.

    Carter: *crosses his arms over his chest* That didn't answer the question Nols. Do ya think ya can beat Jay?

    Nolee: *deep breath* I think if I work really hard and train really good for this match...I could possibly beat him.

    Carter: *teasing* Really? Am I gonna have to sit ringside for this one?

    Nolee: *holds her hands up in defense* I wouldn't hurt him! Christian is a nice guy, he's certainly not Alex Shelley. Christian's been nothing but nice to me all the time. When we both get in that ring, it's going to be the best of two different styles of wrestling. Jay's really technical. He knows what he's doing in that ring. Even though I favor being a brawler, I wouldn't put myself as a brawler because I use a lot of different moves. Honestly, the last time I was in a ring with Christian our match got nominated for match of the year.

    Carter: Was it that long ago?

    Nolee: Uh huh, and I've learned a lot since then. So I look forward to this match and...well...and I think I've learned enough that I can beat him...

    Carter: Good luck sis. Course I'm pullin' for Jay Jay to beat you but... *sticks his tongue out at her*

    Pete: Alright you two, we should get out there for our next set. I would like to play some more music.

    The three leave the room, the camera fading out on the flats that Nolee was wearing.[/color][/color]

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    Post  Christian on Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:20 pm

    The camera slowly fades in on the outside of a building with a red awning; "Thurman Cafe" is printed on the awning in white letters. It then cuts to inside a packed waiting room, in one corner sits CWA wrestler Christian and his best friend Edge. Edge is wearing his 'Guard dog' t-shirt and a pair of faded black jeans while Christian is wearing "That’s how country boys roll" Carter Lacroix t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. The two friends are talking as they sit and the camera moves closer to hear.

    Edge: *runs a hand through his hair* Damn I wasn't expecting the wait to be so long...

    Christian: Me either, I hear the food is worth whatever the wait though.

    Edge: Well it better be Jay-Jay or you're not picking where we eat for the next month. *playfully glares at Christian before chuckling*

    Christian: *chuckles* All right Addy, but I'm telling you the burgers are supposed to be the best in the city.

    Edge: Well we will just have to see about that. *pauses with a smile* Too bad Carter wasn't able to come with tonight, we could of celebrated your domestic partnership.

    Christian: *smiles warmly as he thinks of Carter* I know... I still can't believe he asked me, I feel so happy whenever I think about it.

    Edge: *wraps an arm around his best friend* I've not seen you this happy in a long time Jay-Jay, not since before you and AJ decided to be just friends. You really love him a lot don't you Jay?

    Christian: I can't even describe how much I love him Addy; I can't even imagine my life without him at this point. He's so sweet and wonderful; he is the best thing in my life. *smiles thoughtfully* I'm so lucky Addy and oh so grateful I have his love.

    Edge: *smiles* I'm happy for you Jay-Jay... *pauses to take in the moment* So you think you’re ready for your match this week? *chuckles* After all your fighting your future sister-in-law. *grins as Christian gives a half blush* And do give me that 'not technically in-laws', I've seen how his family treats you. You’re already just like family to them and you know it, you and Carter just don't want the official paperwork yet.

    Christian: *smiles despite his blush* His family has been wonderful, especially Nolee. I'm looking forward to having this match; it's going to be nice to have a match where somebody isn't going to be trying to hurt me. It's going to be a friendly match between friends and I think it's going to be a great match.

    Edge: So how do you think will win? Will you beat Nolee?

    Christian: *chuckles* Well part of me would just love to go and say I'll win, but the veteran in me knows that anything can happen and a match can go either way. So I'll leave it at I know I 'can' win, but we'll see what happens in the ring. Hopefully I can catch her in the Killswitch for the win, but I she wins I'm fine with that as well. It's not a match where I'm fighting for something important like a title and it's not a match where I'm fighting to not get hurt like my match with Swagger. It's just a friendly match, though if I remember correctly it's a match over the fate of laundry... *laughs* Though if Nolee doesn't remember that part if she wins then I won't bring it up if you don't Addy.

    Edge: *chuckles* Trust me if she doesn't remember the bet I won't be the one to bring it up Jay-Jay.

    Christian: *chuckles softly* Good. *gives a playful grin* So how about we talk about getting you set up on a date Addy?

    Edge: *makes a face* I told you no on setting me up with Jericho again, the last time we tried it felt way too weird and people thought we were brothers...

    Christian: *chuckles* There are more guys out there then just Jericho Addy... *pauses* Maybe you could try again with Jeff...

    Edge: *sighs* It's over between me and Jeff... I'm content to be friends... He's moved on with a nice guy and I'm happy for him... I've got no right to drag him back to a relationship that didn't work the first two times... Besides I doubt Matt would let me...

    Christian: *sighs softly for his friend* There are a lot of guys that would love to have a wonderful guy like you Addy; we just have to look in the right places. *wraps an arm around Edge* We will find you the perfect guy, no matter what Addy.

    Edge: *smiles softly* I have no doubt you will Jay-Jay, though I'm not looking forward to you planning blind dates without telling me... Which I know you’re going to do, you have that 'must set Adam up' look in your eyes.

    Christian: *protests* I do not... I've only set you up three times... In the last few years...

    Edge: *laughs* Right... Just don't go overboard Jay...

    Edge stops as the call of "Reso party of two" rings through the waiting room.

    Christian: *grins* That’s us! Come on let’s get up there before they give our table away.

    Edge: *chuckles and nods* Go on ahead; I'll be right behind you.

    Christian smiles and nods before slowly getting up as the camera then starts to fade out to black.

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    The camera slowly fades in on the outside of a hotel, it is already getting dark outside and the hotel is lite up. Three men sit outside in front of a small fountain; a closer look shows it to be CWA wrestler Alex Shelley, his best friend Chris Sabin and his rookie Dante Westmore. Alex is wearing black jeans and a red t-shirt with a lion’s head on it, Chris is wearing a plain blue t-shirt and blue jeans. And Dante is wearing a black casual button up shirt and faded blue jeans; the three are talking as the camera moves closer.

    Chris: *leans back* So where are the others at?

    Alex: Well Casey had a work meeting and I believe Angel and Petey are going over some paperwork for her first match back or the wedding plans, but I could be wrong about that. *smiles* Speaking of matches, you feel ready for your match this week Dante?

    Dante: *smiles and nods* Yeah, I feel pretty ready for my match this week.

    Alex: *nods* Good, I'll come out with you this week. I know Dia is bringing Heyman with her and I have a gut feeling he'll try something; hopefully Dia will want to have a clean match.

    Chris: Well what about your match Lex? You've got a big one against the champ Punk; do you think you are ready for your match this week?

    Alex: *gives a small grin* Of course I'm ready Chris, I'm always ready for a match. *pauses* Though part of me is worried that Heyman is going to try something to attack Punk and ruin our match... I don't trust him and I would like to have a straight forward match with Punk, I just hope we can have one...

    Chris: *pats Alex's shoulder* I'm sure it will be a clean match, if not you'll have Dante and I will be at ringside to help out. *gives a small smile* Well I would ask what your plan for your match with Punk, but you never have a plan anyway. I suppose I could ask if you think that you can beat Punk or not.

    Alex: *chuckles* Of course I think I can beat him, that's not saying I will beat him. I mean after all like Angel likes to remember us, anything can happen in the ring and one minute he could be winning and the next I could come up from behind and get the win. I will be trying my hardest to win though; I'm not going to let Punk beat me without a hard fight. I guess we can only wait and see who wins, though a big part of me wants for me to beat him.

    Dante: I'm sure you can beat him Alex, your one of the best here.

    Alex: *smiles and wraps an arm around Dante: Thanks a lot kid, that means a lot to hear.

    Chris: *smiles* So Lex, you and Casey pick a day for the wedding yet?

    Alex: *smiles happily* No not yet, but I do have something to ask Dante.

    Dante: *looks a little confused* Yes?

    Alex: Well Dante since we've been working together I've started to see you as a good friend and little brother... Will you be one of the groom’s men with Petey?

    Dante: *smiles shyly and gives a small nod* Yeah if you really want me too.

    Alex: *pats his shoulder* Of course I want you too.

    Dante: Thank you Alex.

    They are all quiet so they can take the moment in before the quiet is broken by the sound of footsteps as Casey, Angel and Petey finally arrive.

    Alex: Casey! *goes over and hugs him tightly*

    Casey: *smiles softly and hugs back* Hey Lexie.

    Chris: Glad to see you guys finally made it. *teases* I thought we'd starve before you'd get here.

    Angel: *laughs softly at him* Well Sorry, the paperwork took longer than we thought it would and then we decided to wait for Casey since his meeting was still going.

    Alex: *smiles* Well your all here and that's what matters, so the next order of business is finding a place to get dinner. Any good ideas?

    Petey: We could walk around and look? See what's nearby.

    Alex: Well that's a good idea as any, let’s do it then.

    The group agrees and slowly starts to move as they talk, the camera chooses now to start to slowly fade out. The camera finally fades to black as the group turns to go down another street.

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    Post  Devyn on Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:54 am

    Eminem’s ‘Bezerk’ can be heard as the scene fades in, showing the garage area of someone’s house. A motorbike can be seen, with a couple of parts missing and someone sitting on the floor facing it, their back to the camera. They put aside a cloth, suggesting they were cleaning something before they sit up straight and glance over their shoulder at the camera, allowing those watching to see that it’s the CWA’s newest member to the roster, Devyn McKinney. He lets out a sigh and gets up to turn off the music before leaning against a work bench, facing the camera.

    Devyn: I’d heard stories about how good you camera people are, but I thought they were joking about being able to find the wrestlers anywhere. I wasn’t aware anyone besides the bosses had my home address listed. *he shrugs his shoulders before looking down at his dirty t-shirt and worn jeans with a frown* Uh, sorry about me being a mess, but I had no idea you were coming here; I thought you’d show up at the arena or we’d arrange to actually meet somewhere.

    He looks down at his feet, kicking at a bit of paper left on the floor.

    Devyn: I take it you’re hoping to learn a bit about me? I was kind of hoping to keep my home life separate, but this kind of doesn’t make it an option. *he looks back up at the camera* Well, here’s really the only place I’m not very loud or outgoing and I spend a lot of time out here, repairing my motorbike I used to ride everywhere. Kind of a long story about that, so I’ll leave that for another time. *he frowns* There’s only three of us here and the place isn’t huge like most of the others have…and it’s not mine. I don’t have friends over, I visit them and I still work a part time job; at least until I’ve been in the CWA for a while. So, um…

    He trails off nervously, brushing a hand through his hair. He looks around the garage with a slight frown, not sure what to say next. After a moment, he looks back at the camera.

    Devyn: Angel; I-I’m fighting Angel in my first match. I barely know anything about her, besides that until CM Punk got his hands on a belt; she was the longest reigning champion. Cody made sure I know she’s definitely not to be underestimated; none of the Vixxens are. I heard she’s real tough, but she’s also been gone a while. I’m sure she’s still been training once she was able to again, it would be silly not to do so before returning, so I’m not expecting an easy win at all… I’m actually looking forward to a challenge, it’ll prove to me that joining the CWA was the right choice; that I won’t get bored by less skilled opponents; like lot of the people I fought before Cody offered me a place here. Besides the guy I worked briefly in a tag team with, I got really sick of them all fairly quickly in ROH; those people that make everyone remember why ROH isn’t a bigger thing than it is right now. I know good talents have come from it, obviously, as some of them are here…but right now; it’s not so great.

    The blond looks around again and goes to say something else until an older man’s voice can be heard coming from inside the house as he calls out. The camera pans across the room as Devyn glances nervously towards a door that separates the garage from the house, loud footsteps sounding as if they’re coming closer to the door. The camera focuses back on Devyn, who quickly hides a nervous look.

    Devyn: You should go; I’ll see you at work.

    He reaches a hand out, blocking the view of the camera as the door to the house is heard opening and the camera shuts off before anything else is heard.

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    Post  Admin on Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:36 pm

    A roar is heard as the camera opens up on a forested area that reminds us of Jurassic Park. An animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex stands tall in front of us, a crowd around it snapping pictures. Children seem to be enamored and a bit scared, parents looking at it with appreciation. Standing with Pete Branaugh, who is dressed in a shirt that has a Velociraptor on it and blue jeans, is Carter Lacroix. Carter is dressed in a green Hulk shirt with a pair of black jeans.

    Carter: Don'tcha love dinosaurs?

    Pete: I've loved dinos since I was a boy. The first movie I remember seeing in theaters with my dad was Jurassic Park. I remember being so excited.

    Carter: *grins* My biological father...took me to see The Land Before Time when I was little before he died. I remember loving Littlefoot, I mean, for the longest time my dad called me Littlefoot. It just transfered over, even now sometimes Jerry will call me Littlefoot.

    Pete: So your favorite dinosaur, safe to say, is the brontosaurus?

    Carter: *chuckles* Actually, it's not. For the longest time my favorite dinosaur was the brontosaurus. As I read more, my favorite became the carnotaurus.

    Pete: I remember that one. Weren't they the bad guys in that Disney movie Dinosaur?

    Carter: I think so. The carnotaurus were "Sharp Teeth" too. They weren't as big as the T-Rex but they were just as mean. *chuckles* I guess it applies to this match coming up.

    Pete: Huh?

    Carter: The description of the T-Rex and the Carnotaurus fits the two opponents of my upcoming match to a tee. I mean, Sheamus is this big creature who could own this place if he let that fierceness out. Everyone loves Sheamus, thinks of him as the big dog on campus. Me? I'm smaller but every bit as fierce as he is. Because I'm the boss, people forget about me sometimes.

    Pete: I wouldn't say they forget about you...

    Carter: It's alright Pete. I love the loyal fans but for the most part I'm forgotten about in favor of the more popular stars. I like it like that. Sometimes I feel the stars underestimate me sometimes as well. That's their loss, not mine.

    Pete: Does Shea happen to be one of those stars that you believe underestimates you?

    Carter: No, thanks to Nolee, Sheamus knows what I can do. He knows I'm every bit as strong as he is. He knows I'm not just going to let him beat me. No, Sheamus is going to have to go toe to toe with me in that ring. He'll have to fight with all he's got. That Brogue Kick may be powerful but I dare him to try and power out of the Cowboy Clutch.

    Pete: Think he'll tap?

    Carter: Everyone does Pete, everyone does.

    The camera fades out on the image of the T-Rex's gaping maw.
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    Post  CM Punk on Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:50 am

    The scene opens on a dark room, the camera only able to see anything thanks to a gap in the curtains; the light shining through hinting that despite the darkness in the room, it’s daytime. As the camera pans across the room, it shows that it’s a bedroom with a doorway to a small bathroom left open. There’s a small table in the room, with two armchairs by it. On the table is a key with a room number tag attached, hinting that the room’s in a hotel and not someone’s home. By the foot of the bed, there is a bag left open, clothes left on top of it and around it instead of being put away neatly. A sigh is heard; the camera turning to show a short-haired blond is there with the cameraperson, who then speaks quietly, their voice allowing them to be recognised as Luther Briggs.

    Luther: What is it Casey?

    The blond glances over his shoulder at the camera, showing a worried look on his face.

    Casey: Well this is hardly my first choice of people to interview…especially if we have to wake him up…

    The camera turns to the bed, where someone is sleeping with the blanket covering their head. There’s a magazine lying open on the floor, along with a phone displaying a ‘low battery’ message and headphones plugged into it. The items look as if they were carelessly pushed off the bed before the person went to sleep.

    Casey: *hesitantly reaches a hand out to pull the blankets down* …Punk?

    A groan is heard from under the blanket, causing Casey to shake his head.

    Casey: *sighs* Just get your lazy ass out of bed. We got told to check on you after you didn’t answer your phone or the door since getting here the other day.

    Punk: *still under the blanket* Fuck off.

    Luther: *snaps at him* Don’t get shitty with us for doing our job. Get up. It’s already passed midday.

    Punk: So what?

    Luther: So what? You have to work in a few hours, like the rest of us. You have a match.

    Punk: I’m not going. Get out of my room.

    Casey: *irritated* Stop acting like a child and get up. I bet you’re just scared Alex is going to beat you.

    Hearing that, Punk quickly sits up, glaring at him.

    Punk: *growls* What was that?

    Casey: *keeps a straight face, not scared by him at all* Oh, you’re up now? *he shrugs as Punk continues glaring at him* I said you’re scared of losing to Alex.

    Punk gets out of bed after shoving aside his phone and the magazine with his foot, dressed only in black pyjama pants and angrily takes a step towards Casey, who doesn’t flinch at all like he would in the past.

    Punk: I am not. He should be the one who’s scared!

    Casey: I don’t think so. He at least is determined to get in the ring for the match; you didn’t even look like you planned on turning up, let alone getting out of bed.

    For a moment, Punk looks ready to hit him, but then changes his mind, angrily grabbing the interviewer by his shirt instead.

    Punk: *hisses* You try dealing with what I have! You try losing everyone you care about, besides one or two people. Or maybe you should try wrestling with the injury I had-

    Casey: *cuts him off rudely* Yeah you have a lot of stuff going on, but you know what? I’ve been through the same kind of things and I’m still doing my job. I came to work after being assaulted by Wade Barrett. I don’t speak to most of my family simply because one of them hates me and the others don’t speak to me simply because he’s the favourite. I’ve been through the whole dealing with an ex thing too. *sighs, dropping the attitude; instead looking at him sympathetically* Look; I know things can suck sometimes just as well as you know it. We’ve both been through hard times before and going by what you’ve put up with in the past, I don’t see why you can’t make it through this…

    Punk looks even angrier for a moment, but then lets go of Casey and almost stumbles as he steps back, sitting down on the edge of the bed, tears in his eyes.

    Punk: *speaks quietly, more to himself than anyone else* Losing her is like losing my family all over again…only a family I actually care about.

    Casey: *stays quiet for a moment, brushing a hand through his blond hair* Have you seen Dia’s promo?

    Punk: No. Why would I bother?

    Casey: *softly* I think you should probably watch it…at least the end.

    Punk:*bitterly, his eyes on the floor* Why? So I can hate being here even more?

    Casey stands there for a moment with a frown on his face, not sure what to say. Eventually he glances at Luther behind the camera, then turns back to Punk.

    Casey: She apologised.

    Punk lifts his head at that, the light he had in his eyes before Heyman showed up returning a little.

    Punk: …what? *looks unsure if he should believe it*

    Casey: Yeah she did. Like I said, watch it. *turns to leave*

    Punk: Casey?

    The blond pauses and glances back over his shoulder at the other man, raising an eyebrow.

    Punk: *hesitates* Thank you.

    The interviewer smiles softly at the words before suddenly smirking.

    Casey: I still think Alex is going to win.

    He turns again and walks out of the room, leaving Punk sitting there. Instead of looking angry again though, Punk rolls his eyes and ends up smirking as well.

    Punk: We’ll see about that.

    He then gets up off the bed, the scene fading out as he goes over to his bag.
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    Post  Cody Rhodes on Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:02 am

    Voice: Yeah. Everyone knows I haven’t had the greatest of relationships with my father over the years, especially when it comes to decisions involving work; but putting that aside, we are actually quite close…

    The scene fades in from a black screen after the voice is heard to show Cody Rhodes walking down a street with Vitani Summers, the two walking close together but not holding hands; Vitani carrying a purse and Cody moving his hands as he talks. Vitani appears to be watching where they are walking, occasionally glancing at Cody, who keeps his eyes more focused on her than where they’re going.

    Cody: I know I’ve barely spoken to him since he left the show, but he’s still important to me.

    Vitani: I know you care about him, but when you spoke to him on the phone he sounded like he’d be doing anything else…

    Cody: He was busy. Said we caught him in the middle of working.

    Vitani: Working where? He’s not part of the CWA anymore.

    Cody: He went back to the McMahons; sort of. Brief appearances. *shrugs* Doesn’t wrestle, obviously, but he shows up like other Hall of Famers do. That and even if he can be an ass at times, he gives good advice; especially when it comes to all the backstage ‘politics’ they have over there.

    Vitani: *slowly nods, but frowns anyway* You’re still his son though, he shouldn’t be so rude.

    Cody: He’s rude to everyone at some point; it’s better than mean like he was while working here.

    Vitani: I guess. Aren’t you worried he’ll still be like that when we go to see him?

    Cody: Not really, Dustin will be there too.

    Vitani: Your brother? *smiles* I don’t think I’ve met him yet.

    Cody: I know, *nods* that’s why I asked him to come…

    He trails off, holding up a hand to signal for Vitani to wait and he walks off camera for a moment, towards one of the stores on the side of the street. He returns soon after and gives Vitani a lavender hued rose, causing her to look somewhat embarrassed as she takes it.

    Vitani: Oh, um thank you. *she blushes a little before looking down at the rose curiously* Why this colour? Most people use red…

    Cody: Well I know you prefer purple colours and you like things that are different-

    Vitani: *sensing he left something out* And?

    Cody: *sighs and rolls his eyes* Well I didn’t want to give you a red one because is kind of one of the things everyone associates my opponent for this week with.

    Vitani: You mean Wade?

    Cody: See? You just proved my point. When it comes to wrestling; a red rose is something that goes with Wade. I was trying to avoid thinking about it.

    Vitani: *frowns* You’re worried.

    Cody: *slowly nods* Yeah… Of course I am. Wade’s bigger and stronger than I’ll ever be.

    Vitani: Well, yes; but as you’ve said yourself, you’ve been around wrestling your whole life; you have years of experience despite how young you are. Most people don’t even get to debut until they’re about 30, you’re 28 and you’ve been wrestling professionally for around seven years already.

    Cody: I know that Vi, but strength can easily overcome that.

    Vitani: And experience and endurance can overcome that. You know this could end either way, don’t convince yourself there’s no way for you to win, otherwise you’ll make that true.

    Cody can’t help but smile after hearing that and he steps closer to hug her.

    Cody: I love you. *he kisses her head before stepping back to look at her properly*

    Vitani: *giggles* I know. So, we’re going to a café somewhere around here right?

    Cody: *grins* Yes, we are. We aren’t too far away from it now.

    The two continue laughing and talking as they walk down the street, the scene fading out.

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