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    07-22-13 Monday Night Carnage


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    07-22-13 Monday Night Carnage Empty 07-22-13 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Casey on Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:33 am

    The camera opens up on the announcers table without the usual span across the audience. At the announcers table sits Val Venis, James Chapel, and this week they are joined by Pete Branaugh. Val looks happy to be sitting by the newcomer as does James but Pete himself looks very nervous.

    Pete: W…welcome to Monday Night Carnage. I’m Pete Branaugh, the newest man at the announcers table, joined by pros Val Venis and James Chapel.

    Val: Yeah, last week I believe you called yourself James Castle.

    James: A name change is always worth it!

    Val: Yeah, well, your name is James Chapel.

    James: *mutters* As least my last name is the only thing I changed Sean.

    Val: We do not speak of that!

    Pete: While my cohorts are arguing, allow me to tell you about tonight’s show. We have the in ring return of our General Manager Cody Rhodes as well as a match that can be defined as the classic high school battle of the popular kid vs. the outcast, Antonio Jacinto vs. CM Punk!

    James and Val keep arguing as the camera turns to the CWA ring. “All American Nightmare” by Hinder begins to play as Jack Swagger heads out to the ring. The fans boo him and he looks rather angry, yelling back at the fans. He gets into the ring, pacing as his theme stops and Dale Oliver’s “Take Over” signals the arrival of Christian, who is accompanied by Edge. Christian gets in the ring and Jack looks at him, waiting to fight.

    Jack Swagger vs. Christian w/Edge

    Jack goes in for the test of strength, the two men locking up for a grapple. Jack gets the better grip and uses the grapple to pull Christian into a belly to belly suplex. Christian arches in pain on the mat, Jack dropping a knee on Christian’s chest. Jack gets back to his feet with a smile on his face as the fans boo. He hauls Christian to his feet, grabbing his arm and tossing him into the ropes. As Christian bounces back, Jack lands a solid forearm to the chest. He stomps again and again on his ankle, weakening it for the Patriot Lock. He locks it in and Christian gets to the ring ropes before he can tap out. He doesn’t let go of the move, the ref having to pull Jack away. As Jack is distracted by both the ref and Edge, Christian is able to get to his feet. Jack turns around only to get hit by the Spear and rolled up for the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Christian

    Christian gets to his feet to celebrate, rolling out of the ring and heading to the back as the camera fades to the first commercial.

    -You’re Next trailer-

    The camera fades back to the ring where Alex Shelly paces as “Whatever’s Real” plays. At his side, forever faithfully, is Dante Westmore. The two talk before “The Collapse” by Adelita’s Way resounds through the arena. Out comes Cody Rhodes, his mysterious friend on one side of him while on the other is Vitani Summers. Cody rolls into the ring and smiles, looking Alex over before laughing him off.

    Alex Shelly w/Dante Westmore vs. Cody Rhodes w/ ? and Vitani Summers

    Alex rests in the corner before the two men circle the ring. Cody hits some kicks to the back of Alex’s knees, the highflyer dropping to the mat. Cody pulls him up and tosses him to the post, Cody hitting elbows to Alex’s gut. Alex doubles over but when Cody backs up and runs at him for a high knee, Alex moves out of the way. Cody turns and jumps at Alex with the Beautiful Disaster Kick. It drops Alex and Cody rolls him up for a quick pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Cody Rhodes

    After Cody’s match is over, he celebrates briefly with Vitani, then stays in the ring, signalling for a microphone as his hooded friend joins him; the two exchanging a look and a few quiet words before Cody is handed a mic which Vitani had gone to get him. He waits a moment, a frown on his face as if he’s half expecting something to stop him, the crowd quickly going quiet when he finally raises the mic to speak.

    Cody:  Alright, I suppose we should just get this over with before my luck runs out… *he glances at Vitani, who smiles at him before he continues* So my hooded friend here, as I’ve hinted before, is going to be starting here in the CWA as another member of our highly talented roster and instead of him just appearing in the ring one day, I felt he should get a proper chance to introduce himself. So…

    He gestures to the hooded person beside him, the camera focusing on them instead as they reach their hands up to lower the hood. The young man is the blonde seen recently in one of Vitani’s promos, his hair just long enough to hang in his face. He grins as Cody hands him the microphone before he and Vitani get out of the ring.

    ?: Oh it’s nice to finally be able to take that hood off, it was totally messing up my hair. *he chuckles* Anyway, I’m just going to go with the assumption that none of you have been watching ROH or anything at all. My name is Devyn and before being offered a place here, I was in the Ring of Honor …and I’ve also briefly worked with TNA. But just forget that, because I know some fans are unnecessarily prejudiced against people who’ve been there, just because a few others there gave the place a bad rep.

    Devyn takes a few steps, brushing his free hand through his blonde hair before he speaks again.

    Devyn: Anyway, I’m here now and I’m going to show you all what having fun really looks like.

    With a smirk, he tosses aside the mic and spins around before posing in a way fans would expect to see from WWE’s Fandango, winking when the camera zooms in better on his face. He pulls a pair of sunglasses out of a pocket, flicking his hair back before putting them on. He climbs out of the ring, posing with some of the fans at ringside before disappearing backstage.      

    The honk of a truck horn is heard as “The Only Way I know” plays over the arena. Carter comes out to the ring in a cherry red Ford truck, half hanging out of the window. He gets out, shaking fans hands and even posing for the occasional picture. He rolls into the ring where Dante is working, having been out there for Alex’s match. Carter shakes his hand encouragingly before the two men take different corners.

    Carter Lacroix vs. Dante Westmore w/Alex Shelley

    Carter goes in to overpower the rookie but Dante moves out of the way of the grab. Dante runs at Carter for the clothesline. The bigger man picks Dante up for a sidewalk slam. Dante hits the mat and Carter gets on the turnbuckle to try out a flying elbow. As he comes down, Dante rolls out of the way. Carter hits and lays in the center of the ring, hurt. Dante rolls him up for a pin but Carter instinctively kicks out.
    Carter pulls himself up on the ropes to see Wade heading down to the ring. Carter looks angry and yells at Wade, focusing on him and not Dante. When Carter turns around, Dante lands a dropkick to the head and rolls him up for the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Dante Westmore

    Dante reaches out to pull Carter up but the cowboy is angry and slaps it away. He glares at Wade and heads out of the area as the camera fades to commercial.

    -Sleepy Hollow trailer-

    After the camera gets back from commercial, we see Wade Barrett standing outside of Dante Westmore's locker room. He straightens his tie before knocking on the door. Dante opens the door wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt, having changed out of his gear already.

    Dante: Hello..? *looks up at Wade*

    Wade smiles and looks at Dante, looking as if he should be handed a medal.

    Wade: You're welcome for distracting Carter enough so that you could pick up the win.

    Dante: Oh... T-Thanks... *is confused by his "help"*

    Wade: Tell me, Dante, when was the last time that Alex did something like that to help you win?

    Dante: He... Says he believes I can win on my own...

    Wade: Well you can win on your own but everyone needs help sometimes. Was he the one to help? No, I was.

    Dante: He... I'm sure he'd help if... He thought... *bits his lip slightly*

    Wade: I'm always there to help, Dante.

    Dante nods slowly though he wants to ask why, but he doesn't. Wade smiles and pats his shoulder.

    Wade: Consider me as a new pro showing you the ropes.

    Alex: *walks up* Dante? *looks at Wade with a protective look* You ready to go kid..?

    Wade: *looks at Alex and then looks at Dante* Remember what we've talked about.

    Wade turns to leave the scene as the camera fades out.

    The camera fades to the ring as Justin Gabriel makes his way out to the ring with Heath Slater by his side as “Oh Africa” plays in the background. He gets in the ring, smiling at everyone. “Shitlist” by L7 starts as Dia, with Heyman leading the way, walks to the ring. Dia glares at Justin as she stands in the corner, Heyman whispering in her ear. He pats her shoulder as she steps out of the corner.

    Justin Gabriel w/Heath Slater vs. Dia Banks w/Paul Heyman

    Dia rushes Justin, tackling him and landing several punches to the face. The ref seperates the two and Dia stands in her corner as she is chastised by the ref. Justin scrambles to get to his feet and as Dia approaches him, attempts a spin kick to the face. Dia catches his foot and uses it to pull him in for a vicious clothesline. This time when Justin tries to get to his feet, Dia stomps down on his back. She drops a few standing elbows to the chest when he rolls over before glancing at Paul who mouths “end it”. Dia nods and, uncharacteristic to her fears, climbs the ropes. She jumps off at Justin and lands a nice elbow to the chest, similar to the one that her one-time friend CM Punk used. She rolls him up for the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: Dia Banks

    Paul gets into the ring with Dia and raises her hand in victory, though Dia looks very upset with herself. She heads to the back with Paul following her.

    Paul: What’s wrong Dia?

    Dia: Sometimes Paul I just…what if what I’m doing is wrong? What if me attacking Phil was wrong?

    Paul: Now hold on, you’re getting cold feet. Do you remember how he claimed to be the best? How he thought he was better than you?

    Dia: Yes but…

    Paul: But what Dia?

    Dia: *sighs deeply* But nothing. I’ll see you later.

    The camera fades to the ring where Nolee Lacroix sits on one of the ring posts as her theme song plays. Behind her we can see Arella sitting at ringside. “Hell on Heels”, Nolee’s theme, stops playing as Vitani’s theme starts. She has no one by her side, opting to come out alone. Both the Vixxens Championship and the Five Nation’s Championship sitting perched on her shoulders. She climbs in the ring and hands off her titles to the ref before turning to Nolee.

    Nolee Lacroix vs. Five Nations and Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers

    The two girls tie up, the Southern Princess overpowering Vitani. Nolee twists Vitani’s arm around her back and holds it there. Vitani backs Nolee into the turnbuckle and Nolee is forced to let go. Vitani lands a couple of kicks to Nolee’s legs before grabbing her arm and tossing her onto the floor near Arella. Vitani follows Nolee onto the floor. Nolee, who stood while Vitani got to the floor, grabs Vitani and tosses her into the announcers table. While the announcers move out of the way, Arella stands and starts yelling at Nolee. Their argument grows bad and neither Nolee or Vitani notice as they are both counted out.

    Winner: No one, double count out

    Nolee is still yelling at Arella and reaches out to slap her. This causes Arella to throw a punch of her own, sending Nolee staggering a few steps back. As Nolee and Arella brawl, Vitani lands a flying crossbody on the two girls. It seems as if nothing can break them up before a surprise entrant runs in: Angel James. Angel yanks, surprisingly, Nolee out of the situation and they talk for a few minutes as Carter makes his way out to the entrance ramp.

    Carter: Ladies, please! This fight is pointless! But if you want to fight this bad, how about you do it as Champion’s Ball?

    The crowd goes wild and Carter holds up a hand to quiet them.

    Carter: In fact how about you all fight for the Vixxen’s Championship? And Angel, welcome back.

    The camera fades to commercial on the reaction of the girls.

    -Disney Infinity commercial-

    Antonio Jacinto’s theme song, Heartbreaker by Taio Cruz, starts to play which signals the start of the main event. He walks out to the ring, a smile on his face as for once the fans cheer him. He waves and blows kisses before getting into the ring. He looks excited, even after “Cult of Personality” plays. CM Punk comes out to a huge pop, the crowd going wild. Next to him is Colt Cabana, who appears to be happier than he’s been in a while. Punk gets in the ring and the bell sounds.

    Antonio Jacinto vs. CM Punk w/Colt Cabana

    Antonio Jacinto starts by playing along with the hostile crowd by taunting them and kicking Punk in the groin when they do a test of strength. He then Irish whips Punk and clotheslines him onto the mat, much to the dismay of the fans. Jacinto gives Punk a quick leg drop and taunts the audience again, the taunt went on too long and as he tries to get Punk up, Punk counters and gives Antonio a GTS for the three count.

    Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

    The crowd goes wild for Punk but their cheers turn to boos as Dia Banks heads out the ring. She stands on the entrance ramp, looking almost apologetic but toughening up as Punk raises his title and proclaims best in the world and the show ends.

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