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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage


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    5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage  Empty 5-27-13 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Casey on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:37 am

    We see the Dallas crowd cheering with their signs as the camera opens up on the sold out arena for a Championship Wrestling Alliance show. Soon the camera is on the loveable goofball announcers: Val Venis and James Castle. Val has on a black cowboy hat and black Montgomery Gentry band shirt while James is in his usual suit.

    James: That's Venis, I'm Castle and welcome to Monday Night Carnage!

    Val: That sounded weird. Venus and Castle, I mean. What are we, cops?

    James: Yes, I'm the good cop who follows the dress code. You're the renegade obviously.

    Val: Damn right I am! Anyways we got a great show for you tonight including the return of Jack Swagger!

    James: Who hired him back?

    Val: I dunno but maybe we'll find out before too long I bet.

    Hinder's "All-American Nightmare" begins to play as Jack Swagger heads out to the ring, wearing a black wrestling singlet. He grins a toothy smile as the fans boo and hiss, chanting "We the People" as he stands in the ring. "What Rock and Roll Looks Like" starts and Vitani heads out to the ramp, Cody Rhodes faithfully at her side. This match, for the fans, is the lesser of two evils and that's obviously Vitani.

    Jack smirks as he and Vitani stand in the ring looking face to face.

    Jack: Now, now Miss Summers. I told you in my promo I wouldn't fight you unless I saw your green card or work visa. Did you bring either of those?

    Vitani rolls her eyes and shakes her head at him.

    Vitani: You don't have the right to ask anyone those kinds of questions Jack. You aren't my boss, or an officer of any kind.

    Jack: *smirks* As a good ol' American boy who actually likes American values, I have every right to ask if you are actually American or not.

    Vitani: Everyone knows I wasn't born here, just like they all know I officially moved here when I started training! You really think they'd even hire people here illegally?

    Jack: Well I know that if Christian was illegal, Carter wouldn't do nothin' about it. How can I know that a girl like you is legal? I wanna see those papers.

    Vitani: I doubt Jerry would have hired any of us in the first place if we had none.

    Jack: *smiles* I'm waiting. You don't get to fight unless I have some proof. Why don't you get your American handler, who you no doubtedly are gonna marry to stay in the country, show me your papers.

    Vitani: Excuse me? I don't have or even need a handler!

    Jack: And yet you don't come alone. Alright, alright, if I'm not going to get proof that you're not illegal, then start this damn match.

    Vitani: Because Cody's my boyfriend. There's a difference. *she smirks, not happy with him* I'll be happy to start the match though.

    Jack smirks as the bell rings to start the match.

    Jack Swagger vs. Five Nations and Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers

    Jack circles the ring, his and Vitani's eyes both on each other waiting for the other to make a mistake. Jack sees an opening and goes for it, throwing Vitani into the ropes by her arm. When she comes back at him, Jack sends her to the mat with a ferocious forearm across the chest. Vi springs to her feet, dodging Jack's first attempt at the Patriot Lock. Vitani smirks as Jack lunges for her again. As he gets closer she lands the Enziguri and goes for the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Vitani Summers

    After the match Vitani kisses Cody, holding her Five Nations Championship in one hand and her Vixxens Championship in the other proudly.

    -The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer-

    "Up In Flames" by Icon For Hire plays as Arella Rayne already stands in the ring, waiting for her opponent. "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz begins and Antonio Jacinto exits to a booing audience. He rolls his eyes and heads into the ring, smiling at Arella. He gets in the ring and bows mockingly before getting ready to fight.

    Antonio Jacinto vs. Arella Rayne

    Antonio immediately goes to attack Arella with a chop but Arella catches his arm and twists it behind his back. Arella tosses him into the ropes, keeping a firm grip on Antonio's arm when she pulls him back for a bulldog to the mat. Antonio pulls himself back up using the ropes only to be backed into the corner by Arella. The woman keeps sending chops to Antonio's chest, sending the young man to a sitting position in the corner. Arella sends some fierce judo kicks to Antonio's head and all the young man can do to defend himself is bring up his hands over his head. Arella shows no mercy and drags him out of the corner, covering him for the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Arella Rayne

    Arella mocks Antonio with a bow of her own as she gets out of the ring and heads to the back, the fans cheering.

    Nolee is sitting in the locker room area, stretching out her leg as she gets ready for her match. Christian entered the locker room wearing street clothes, not having a match that week. Nolee looks up at him, smiling.

    Nolee: Hey Christian! What are you doing in here?

    Christian: I came to sit with Carter before and after his match. *smiles*

    Nolee: Well aren't you two getting closer! *chuckles*

    Christian: *sticks out his playfully* We are close, he's my boyfriend.

    Nolee: Well duh. *smiles* You two have been dating for, like, ever.

    Christian: *smiles* It's been over a year now.

    Nolee: You guys have been together longer than I have been with Shea.

    Christian: We have haven’t we, it doesn't feel as long thanks to Lucas and his games...

    Nolee: Yeah, you have. *smiles* So, didja need something?

    Christian: Not really, just decided to sit in the locker room while Carter wrestled.

    Nolee: You didn't have a match this week, that's right. *smiles and stretches*

    Christian: Yeah, Carter decided to give me the week off after being sick last week.

    Nolee: You were sick or you just chickened out? *teasing*

    Christian: I did not chicken out, trust me Addy won't let me forget I sick.

    Nolee: Aw, I know that. You have a plan for the ppv yet? I think me and Shea are cashing in our title shot at the tag titles.

    Christian: No, no plans yet for the ppv.

    Nolee: We could have a pre-match or something.

    Christian: Yeah that would be cool. *nods*

    Nolee: We should make a bet. Any ideas?

    Christian: Loser has to wash the winner's ring gear for a week?

    Nolee: Sounds good to me.

    Christian smiles and holds his hand out to shake on it. Nolee shakes his hand and smiles.

    Nolee: It's on then.

    Christian: *smiles* May the best one win.

    The upbeat theme of "Oh Africa" begins to signal fans to the arrival of Justin Gabriel who is joined by manager, friend, and lover Heath Slater. He high fives the fans as he runs down the ramp before sliding in the ring. Again, an upbeat theme plays, this time its "Me Against The World" by Simple Plan and out comes Dante Westmore, joined by mentor and friend Alex Shelley. Dante and Justin seem to be excited for this match because they shake hands before the bell rings.

    Justin Gabriel w/Heath Slater vs. Dante Westmore w/Alex Shelley

    Justin makes the first move, jumping at Dante with a powerful kick. The rookie hits the mat and Justin is all over him, not allowing the other high flyer any time to stand. Justin climbs the turnbuckle and because of how on top of Dante he was, hits the 450 Splash and pin.
    Dante kicks out and manages to get to his feet. He locks Justin in a headlock and goes to push him into the ropes before seeing Wade walking down to the ring. Dante is, for a moment, taken off guard but goes to throw Justin anyways. He tosses Justin onto the mat but Justin manages to slide out of the ring. Wade, however, tosses him back in for a hard hitting bulldog and then the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Dante Westmore

    Wade and Heath share words before Wade crosses over to Dante. The young man seems to be afraid and Alex ushers him out of the area.

    -Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D commercial-

    The camera comes back up on Wade stalking through the hallway back by the locker rooms. Pete comes up to him with a microphone in hand.

    Pete: Hey, Wade, can we get a few words?

    Wade: Yes, I s'pose so.

    Pete: What was that we saw out there?

    Wade: I protected the rookie and helped Dante. He needed me.

    Pete: But he was fighting Justin. Are you saying you and Justin are no longer friends?

    Wade: We're friends but I want to prove to Dante I'm worth trusting, no matter what Alex believes.

    The camera fades out on a confident Wade, fading in on the ring. Drew paces the ring, his theme song playing in the background. "Only Way I Know" starts playing as Carter makes his way to the ring. Carter gets into the ring, smirk on his face. The two stare each other down as the bell rings.

    1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre vs. Carter Lacroix

    Carter locks up with Drew, locking him in a headlock before pushing him into the ropes and landing a hard clothesline to the chest. Almost as soon as Drew's down he pops back up, tossing Carter into the steel post. Carter grunts at the pain as he connects, stumbling out of the corner. Drew rolls him up for a quick pin but it's not even a 1 count. Carter gets up, picking Drew up for a belly to belly suplex. Drew is lying in the center of the ring, a prime spot for Carter to apply the Cowboy Clutch.

    Winner via submission: Carter Lacroix

    Carter rolls out of the ring and over to the announcers table, grabbing a microphone before taking a seat in a nearby folding chair.

    Carter: You know, Drew; that was great for taking out my frustration.

    The crowd cheers and Carter laughs before waiting for the cheering to die back down again.

    Carter: You know, tag team gold is nice but I'd like to have singles gold. That's why at Champions Ball I'll be one of the three competitors facing off for Vitani's Five Nations Championship! Joining me will be Kane and this man.

    "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade starts, Alex looking excited to be named a number one contender. He high fives Carter, who heads out of the area, as Alex celebrates in the ring. "Indifferent To Suffering" by Chimera starts and out walks Wade Barrett, a smug smile on his face. He gets into the ring, glaring at Shelly as the bell rings.

    1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett vs. Alex Shelley

    Alex tries to hit Wade with a strong roundhouse, the brawler catching Alex's foot and wagging an admonishing finger. Alex spins, catching Wade in the face with the other foot. Alex mocks Wade with a bow but as soon as he's bent over, the brawler hits a nasty punch to the jaw. Alex stumbles into the ropes and Wade tangles his opponent up in them, landing punches until the four count, backing up to across from Alex. He lowers his elbow pad so that his elbow is exposed, grabbing Alex and landing the Bullhammer.

    Winner via pin: Wade Barrett

    Wade smirks as he gets up, raising a fist in victory. As Alex heads backstage, Wade has a smug look on his face.

    -Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer-

    As the show returns, Alex walks into his locker room as he shakes his head; he walks over to his bag with a sigh. After a moment a knock is heard, Casey standing in the doorway. Alex stops what he was doing and goes to open the door.

    Alex: Hey you *gives a soft smile*

    Casey: *smiles* Hey...are you alright?

    Alex: I guess so... As good as I can be right now...

    Casey: *frowns slightly* what do you mean?

    Alex: Wade... First he comes out during Dante's match and then he beats me...

    Casey: *rolls his eyes* Not surprising considering all the stuff the jerk’s done in the past. Sorry you didn’t win though...

    Alex: *sighs* Thanks baby, but it’s not losing that bothers me... *reaches his arms out for him*

    Casey: *moves closer to hug him* What’s wrong then?

    Alex: *hugs him* It’s the fact that Wade is messing with the poor kid...

    Casey: Yeah…that probably isn’t very helpful to him.

    Alex: No it isn't... *sighs*

    Casey: So how is he doing?

    Alex: He's very confused right now...

    Casey: I guess anyone would be if Wade’s messing with them.

    Alex: Yeah... I just wish I could help...

    Casey: There isn't really much you can do without Wade targeting you instead.

    Alex: He's my rookie; I've got to protect him... And I've beginning to wonder just why he has an interest in Dante...

    Casey: *nods* Any idea why?

    Alex: One... And I just might kick Wade's ass if it’s right... *sighs before kissing Casey's cheek* Let’s get ready to head out, my jaw hurts.

    Casey: Okay... *looks worried, gently putting a hand on Alex's cheek* …is it okay?

    Alex: I think so... It’s just sore.

    Casey: *nods and moves his hand away, gently kissing the injured area* Better now? *asks jokingly*

    Alex: *chuckles softly* Much better baby. *wraps an arm around him* Let’s get ready to go.

    Casey: *smiles and nods* Alright.

    Alex smiles and grabs his bag before leading him out of the locker room.

    Back in the ring, "Which Is Why" by Skyclad begins and Sheamus, with Nolee at his side, enters the arena. The two are wearing matching ring outfits: Sheamus in black wrestling trunks with green embellishments and a four leaf clover on the ass while Nolee is wearing a tight black top and pants with green accents and a shamrock on the top. The two kiss before Sheamus gets into the ring, Nolee standing in his corner. "Shitlist" by L7 starts and Dia, with Colt at her left and Paul on her right. Dia's got on a gray "Punk Is Dead' shirt with blue jeans while Paul is in a gray suit and Colt is in his red unitard. Dia gets in the ring, grinning at Sheamus.

    Dia Banks w/ Colt Cabana and Paul Hayman vs. Sheamus w/ Nolee Lacroix

    Dia listens to Paul whispering in her ear before heading for Sheamus, an intent look in her eyes. She grins and tries to land a standing dropkick to his knees. Sheamus grabs her in a belly to back suplex, Dia hitting the mat. She rolls out of the way of a stomp that would have connected with her head. Dia gets to her feet, receiving hard knife edge chops to the chest. She falls into the corner and Sheamus hits her in the head with a knee. The ref pulls him off of Dia and as the ref and Sheamus are yelling at each other, Colt makes sure that Dia is okay. Colt makes sure she's okay, Dia nodding. Sheamus comes back at her but Colt isn't done talking and pushes him. The ref gets angry and throws Colt out of the area. Dia yells at the ref but see's Sheamus so she hit's the Diamond Cutter. Sheamus falls but Nolee gets on the apron to distract the ref. This proves good for Dia as Paul slips her some brass knuckles. Dia gets a few punches in before pining Sheamus, Nolee having been thrown out and Dia hiding the knuckles in her pocket.

    Winner via pinfall: Dia Banks

    Dia throws an arm around Paul's neck, grinning as the duo makes their way backstage. Sheamus is cursing and yelling, Nolee wrapping an arm around his waist to calm him as she waits for her opponent.
    Her wait isn’t long though; ‘Cult of Personality’ soon heard playing as CM Punk walks out, passing Dia just before she disappears. The two pause for a moment, but neither says anything before separating. Punk makes his way down the ramp to join Nolee in the ring. Sheamus, still angry after his own match, goes to step forward, looking ready to hit Punk. Nolee however, holds an arm out in front of Sheamus to stop him, speaking quietly to the Irishman before he slides out of the ring to watch.

    Nolee Lacroix vs. CM Punk

    The bell rings and the two quickly start the match, both determined to take the other down as quickly as possible. They both seem to be hitting hard, the referee having to tell the both of them off, still not happy after the last match. Annoyed about being told what to do, especially after dealing with Dia and her managers, Nolee starts arguing with the referee, the word ‘biased’ heard among others. Punk slides out of the ring, returning with a chair as he said he’d planned to. Sheamus notices and just as Punk swings the chair at Nolee, Sheamus reaches in and pulls on his leg, though not in time to stop the attack all together, only making it less painful. The ref sees, but doesn’t bother calling for disqualification, instead checking to see if Nolee’s okay. Punk meanwhile has been dragged out of the ring, where he’s sitting with his back against the ring, using his arms to shield his head as Sheamus attacks him with punches. The referee shakes their head, eventually counting Punk out.

    Winner via count out: Nolee Lacroix

    The bell rings to end the match but Nolee stays in the ring, watching Sheamus. Eventually the referee has had enough and calls for security to help get Sheamus away from Punk, the show ending as Sheamus is led backstage by security, Nolee following while the ref helps Punk to his feet, who shakes his head, muttering the words ‘I’m done with this.’

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