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    Painful Resolutions II Results


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    Painful Resolutions II Results Empty Painful Resolutions II Results

    Post  Casey on Mon Mar 04, 2013 12:38 am

    The show opens to The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Showdown’, the crowd cheering as the camera pans over them, pyrotechnics going off before the camera rests on commentators Val Venis and James Chapel.

    Chapel: Good evening fans and welcome to this year’s Painful Resolutions pay-per-view. We have a busy night ahead of us, starting off with the CEO Carter Lacroix and his tag partner Kane competing against the team of Carter’s sister, Nolee and her husband Sheamus.

    Venis: That’s right, it’s not the first time they’ve fought against each other either, but I doubt that makes it any easier for the brother and sister. To top it off, the match will earn the winning team a shot at Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre’s tag team championships anytime between now and the end of Champions’ Ball.

    Chapel: Yeah that can’t make things any easier for them… We also have a match between newcomer Antonio Jacinto and Christian.

    Venis: Because we didn’t see that coming…

    Chapel: What are you talking about?

    Venis: Well Jacinto is trained by former CWA star Lucas Turner. After the whole thing between him and Christian it’s hardly surprising his apprentice is fighting the former champ.

    Chapel: Right… *he pauses briefly* Well besides that, we also have a Triple Threat, a Five Nations Championship match and a Lumberjack match, where Wade Barrett will be fighting Mariana Thomas.

    Venis: Don’t forget tonight’s main event! We have the two former friends and current Vixxens and CWA champs fighting each other.

    Chapel: Yeah, I have a feeling that will be an exciting match, but for now we should get ready for the tag match and start the show.

    "The Only Way I Know" by Jason Aldean, Eric Church, and Luke Bryan starts as the honking of a truck is heard. Carter Lacroix pulls out in a black Ford pick-up truck, half hanging out the window as he honks. He grins as he gets out and climbs into the ring. Man on Fire starts and Kane walks to the ring, shaking Carter's hand as they get into a corner to talk. The two speak for a moment before "Which Is Why" by Skyclad plays, Sheamus and Nolee walking out side by side. The couple gets in the ring and stare their opponents down, Kane and Sheamus deciding to start things off.

    Carter Lacroix and Kane vs. Nolee Lacroix and Sheamus (winner can contest for the CWA Tag Team Championships any time before or at Champions’ Ball)

    Sheamus and Kane grapple, Kane getting the upper hand and tossing Sheamus into the ring ropes. Sheamus bounces back at him and Kane lands a clothesline that sends Sheamus head over heels. Kane stands over him, preparing the glove before the chokeslam close to his corner. Carter tags himself in and rushes in for a knee to Sheamus' temple. Carter taunts Sheamus, his back to the Irishman. Nolee gets tagged in and Carter turns back around. The siblings stare at each other, Carter trying to back up and tag Kane in but Kane is pissed and won't let him. Nolee hits a swift kick to Carter's chin and he stumbles backwards, growling. He goes after his sister who dodges his grasp. Nolee wraps her arms around Carter's neck in a sleeper hold, the cowboy going down to one knee. Nolee lets go and while he's down, wraps her arms around his and preforms her finisher. Kane goes in to attack her as she pins Carter but Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick to protect his wife.

    Winners: Nolee Lacroix and Sheamus via pin

    Nolee squeals and gets up, tossing her arms around Sheamus' shoulders, kissing him sweetly.

    Nolee smiles as she and Sheamus walk backstage.

    Nolee: We won baby! We won!

    Sheamus grins and nods, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

    Sheamus: Of course we did, why wouldn’t we?

    Nolee: Well it was Carter and Kane...

    Sheamus: True…but to me, Carter’s always seemed a little more reluctant when it comes to fightin’ you.

    Nolee: We're best friends and family, we've always been afraid to fight each other.

    Sheamus: *nods* I guess it just seems odd to me because Keiran and I have fought so many times growing up…

    Nolee: Well now Carter's your brother in law. *smiles*

    Sheamus: *smiles back at her* I know he is, why would I forget somethin’ like that?

    Nolee: Well...*hesitates*...nothin's really changed since we've been a couple to us being married.

    Sheamus: *stops to look at her properly* What do yeh mean…?

    Nolee: *smiles*'ve had the same old routine...

    Sheamus: What routine? *hasn’t noticed*

    Nolee: We go to work, we watch movies at home. Stuff like that.

    Sheamus: *frowning slightly* Oh…well we can go out somewhere if you’d like.

    Nolee: I would like. Just me and you.

    Sheamus: Alright then. We can go now if yeh want.

    Nolee: We can go to dinner?

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* If there's somewhere around here you'd like to go.

    Nolee: Anywhere as long as I'm with you.

    Sheamus: Alright. *he kisses her cheek* Well why don’t we go get ready then?

    Nolee: *smiles at him sweetly* The two of us being tag champs, can ya imagine?

    Sheamus: *smirks and nods* I can. We just have to make sure it actually happens.

    Nolee: Of course it would. *smiles*

    Sheamus: This time it will.

    Nolee: *smiles and takes his hands* And before you know it, we'll be champions.

    Sheamus: *nods* But first, dinner.

    Nolee: Nooo, I thought we'd cash in now.

    Sheamus: *frowns slightly* You’re jokin’ right? Shouldn’t we wait ‘til we’re rested?

    Nolee: Of course I'm joking! Let’s go.

    Sheamus: Right.

    He smiles and nods, leading her off screen.

    "Heartbreaker" by Taio Cruz starts playing as Antonio Jacinto walks out, flower in hand. He kisses the cheek of a woman in the audience, his girlfriend Jessie, and puts the flower behind her ear. Climbing into the ring, he looks overly confident. "Take Over" by Dale Oliver starts and Christian, Edge and Rhyno by his side, makes his way to the ring. Antonio looks around, assessing the situation before gesturing for someone to come out of the audience. Lucas Turner climbs the barricade on one side while long forgotten superstar Jack Swagger climbs the barricade on the other, both men coming to stand in Antonio's corner.

    Antonio Jacinto w/ Jack Swagger and Lucas Turner vs. Christian w/ Rhyno and Edge

    It's obvious from the very first punch that Antonio is looking for a fight and not a match. He angrily pushes the ref when the ref talks to him, earning himself a disqualification.

    Winner: Christian via disqualification

    Antonio keeps fighting Christian, Lucas brawling with Rhyno and Swagger keeping Edge down with kicks to the knees. The men are still brawling as the camera cuts to a commercial.

    ~Ad break~

    When the show returns, ‘Whatever’s Real’ is playing, Alex Shelley heading to the ring with Dante Westmore by his side, already dressed for his own match. Once they’ reach the ring, Alex pauses on the apron and hands something to Dante to hold onto before turning to look up at the ramp as Vitani’s Porcelain Black theme comes on, the Vixxen wearing the Five Nations title around her waist, Cody by her side as she heads to the ring.

    Five Nations Champion Vitani Summers vs. Alex Shelley for the Five Nations Championship

    The match begins before Alex is even in the ring properly, the high flyer still on the outside of the ropes, talking to Dante when the bell rings. He hears someone call out his name, only to realise too late it was a distraction, Cody smirking when Alex glances at him, allowing Vitani to hit Alex with a hard dropkick. He falls to the ground below, Dante moving to go help him until Cody steps in the way, Vitani sliding out of the ring to toss her opponent back in, pulling him to his feet so she can perform the Shiranui before quickly rolling up Alex for a pin.

    Winner and still Five Nations Champion: Vitani Summers

    Vitani grins and shoves Alex away from her when the bell rings, getting to her feet so the referee can raise her hand before she slides out of the ring to join Cody, who hands Vitani her Five Nations belt; the Vixxen raising it in victory before the two head backstage.

    Alex leans against the turnbuckle after getting to his feet and has Dante hand him a microphone and a small box, he takes a deep breath.

    Alex: Casey can... Can you come down to the ring?

    After a minute or so, Casey appears and heads out towards the ring, looking confused. He ducks under the top rope as he gets in, asking Alex worriedly if everything's okay.

    Alex: I'm fine babe... I have something I need to ask you...

    Casey: *frowns slightly, still confused* What is it...?

    Alex looks down at the ring box in his hand and slowly gets down on one knee.

    Alex: *voice his a little shaky* Casey... I love you so much and.... *takes a deep breath* And I want to ask you to marry me. *opens the box so Casey can see the ring*

    Casey stands there watching Alex curiously, looking embarrassed when Alex asks the question, knowing a lot of people are watching.

    Casey: I... *he goes to say something but stops, blushing and shyly nodding instead*

    Alex smiles happily as he pulls Casey into a sweet kiss, afterwards hugging him close.

    Seeing Alex's smile, Casey can't help but smile back at him, leaning against the high flyer when he hugs him, Casey slowly wrapping his own arms around Alex's neck.

    Alex kisses the top of Casey's head before leading him from the ring, leaving Dante there after quickly wishing him luck in his own match. The crowd cheers at the sound of ‘Oh Africa’, Justin Gabriel looking excited about the match as he heads to the ring, soon followed by Drew McIntyre, who has his Tag Title over one shoulder, almost reluctantly handing it over to the one of the men working ringside to be looked after.

    Dante Westmore vs. Justin Gabriel vs. 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre

    The bell rings and the match starts off with Dante quickly ducking out of the way as the two more experienced wrestlers lock up, Drew quickly gaining the upper hand by overpowering Justin. The South African high flyer counters by kicking at the back of one of Drew’s knees, causing the tag champion to let go as he’s forced down onto one knee. With a smirk, Justin attacks Drew with a few punches to his head before Justin is suddenly hit with a super kick from Dante. When Justin falls, Dante makes the mistake of assuming Drew’s down and goes to pin Justin, not even getting a two count before Drew breaks it up. The Scotsman skilfully works on Dante while Justin recovers from Dante’s kick, the three ending up in a brawl once Justin’s back on his feet. Wanting revenge for the kick earlier, Justin manages to hit Dante with a quick Enziguri before suddenly receiving a Future Shock from Drew, who grins before going to try and pin the fallen rookie, only to have it reversed by Dante who then attempts to pin Drew instead. The referee gets down to start counting the pin, only to pause when theme song long absent from the CWA starts to play.
    Neither the men in the ring or the fans in the crowd are sure how to respond as Adelitas Way’s ‘The Collapse’ is heard and Cody Rhodes comes out, not in a suit like he’d normally be seen in lately, but in his white wrestling gear. He isn’t alone though as he heads to the ring, accompanied not by Vitani, but a man dressed in jeans and a hoodie, his face hidden by the hood. The two run down the ramp and slide into the ring, ambushing the three men already in there, Cody demanding the referee end the match once they’ve taken down the three competitors.

    Match ends in No Contest due to interference.

    Cody casually walks around the three lying in the ring, gesturing for a microphone once he reaches the end closest to the commentator’s tables, thanking them before returning to where the hooded man is standing before he speaks.

    Cody: *looking down at Drew, Justin and Dante* Sorry guys, nothing against you, but everyone has to start somewhere right?

    He raises his free hand, putting it on the hooded man’s shoulder.

    Cody: I’m sure you all know how hard it is to get a foot in the door when it comes to starting in the professional wrestling business, especially you Dante… Which is why I decided to give my friend here a hand; just like I helped Vitani get what she deserved.

    With a grin, he paces a little, the hooded man gently kicking or tossing the others out of the ring before going to stand back near the General Manager.

    Cody: This isn’t the last you’ll all see of my friend here, don’t worry… *his grin turns to an almost sinister smirk as the camera zooms in on him* This is just the beginning.

    He shoves the microphone into the referee’s hands before climbing out of the ring, followed by the hooded man, the two heading backstage as the show goes to a promo for the feud between the Vixxens’ Champion Dia Banks and the CWA Champion CM Punk, Shinedown’s ‘Enemies’ playing during the video’s intro. The promo shows clips from the beginning of their feud, when it was just a friendly competition, right up to most recent events where they agreed to have an ‘I Quit’ match.

    Wade Barrett is seen walking around backstage when the promo ends, seemingly looking for someone when he runs into Dante Westmore.

    Wade: Rookie...

    Dante looks up at him, having been reading a book.

    Dante: Mr. Barrett...

    Wade: May I speak to you?

    Dante: *puts his book down* Um yeah sure.

    Wade sits across from him and leans in.

    Wade: You screwed over two of my best friends tonight.

    Dante: How the hell did I screw Justin and Drew over? *looks confused*

    Wade: You should have let one of them win.

    Dante: It’s not a match if we all don't try to win.... And why shouldn't I try?

    Wade: Do you know what rookie means?

    Dante: *looks up at him* A rookie is someone that is trying to work their way up and learn from the people that offer to help them.

    Wade: A rookie is someone who has no respect for anyone else.

    Dante: *shakes his head* That is not true sir... Yes there are many rookies out there that don't respect the business or the people in it, but there are just as many rookies like myself that do respect... *tilts his head* I have a feeling your trying to tell me that me trying my best to win out there is disrespectful, but your wrong...

    Wade: You? Respect people? Ha!

    Dante: When have I been disrespectful? I have tried my hardest to be respectful to everyone.

    Wade: Do you know what happened to me when I was a rookie, Dante?

    Dante: No...

    Wade: The entire roster wanted me gone. I was nothing but a nuisance. That ladder match against Cena? I was s'pose to win that. Cena didn't like that very much.

    Dante: He... Took away your win?

    Wade: It was supposed to catapult me to main event status; instead it sent me all the way to the bottom.

    Dante: But why would they go back on their word?

    Wade: It was Cena, he was the golden boy. I swore from then on no rookie would be lied to.

    Dante: *swallows softly, not sure where this is going* Oh...

    Wade: You and me. Our feud could explode one of our careers.

    Dante: You... Want to feud with me? *shocked*

    Wade: It'll make your career and break mine or vice versa.

    He pauses, not sure how to phrase what he wants to say. He didn't come here with kind intentions originally but he found himself looking at Dante like himself.

    Dante isn't sure if he should say anything or not, he looks like he is still trying to take it all in.

    Wade: careful who you trust.

    Dante: I... I will.

    Alex walks over looking half worried for his young rookie.

    Alex: Is everything okay here Dante?

    Wade: *sneers* Alex he's fine.

    Alex: Sorry I just wanted to check...

    Dante: *gives a small smile to Alex* I'm fine Alex.

    Alex nods before being called away by one of the stagehands, he glances back curiously before hurrying over.

    Wade: He's one I wouldn't trust. *looks away* I have a match to get ready for.

    Dante: *nods* Okay...

    Wade: *smiles and waves* Have a nice night.

    Dante gives a small wave as Wade leaves, more than a little confused by what had just happened.

    The camera follows Wade Barrett, who is making his way to the ring, where his opponent Mariana Thomas is already waiting. He ignores the fans as he heads down the ramp, too focused on his match to acknowledge them at all.

    1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett vs. Mariana Thomas in a lumberjack match

    Wade and Mariana stare each other down as the lumberjacks surround the ring, a few of them being the CWA’s jobbers like Primo, Jay Lethal, Katie Lea and Gail Kim. Others appear to be wrestlers possibly from a local company and a few other members of the CWA roster, one of them being Arella, who doesn’t have her own match to get ready for. When the bell rings, Wade charges forwards and starts attacking Mariana, his past experience in bare knuckle boxing showing through as he punches her. Wade dominates the match until he makes the mistake of following Mariana after tossing her from the ring, the two getting ambushed by the lumberjacks until they scramble back into the ring, the wrestlers on the outside making it clear they aren’t taking sides. Making the mistake of being too slow to get to his feet, Wade is left open to an attack from Mariana, who goes to try and hit him with her finisher after a quick kick to his gut. He ducks under her super kick though, looking like he’d known out of instinct that it was coming, rather than actually seeing it and counters with a quick, hard punch before hitting Mariana with a finisher of his own, going for the pin afterwards.

    Winner via pinfall: Wade Barrett

    Wade grins and gets to his feet, raising a hand in victory as he stands over his fallen opponent, the show cutting to a commercial.

    ~Ad break~

    When the show comes back, "Shitlist" by L7 begins to play and the audience looks utterly confused before Dia Banks walks out with Paul Hayman at her side. Her hair is cut short so that it's spiked all over and it' dyed a hot pink. Her Vixxens Championship is draped over her shoulder which is bare. Her ring gear is new: a neon green t-shirt with "Punk Is Dead" on the front in hot pink lettering and "Rock and Roll Lives" on the back, the shirt itself sitting over the top of her acid washed blue jean shorts and red knee high converse. She looks at Paul who stands next to her and nods before getting in the ring. She leans against the front rope, the one nearest the entrance, looking rather unimpressed. "Cult of Personality" by Living Color starts up, Punk and Colt walking out side by side. Colt looks rather depressed with everything going on and runs his hands through his hair before looking over at Punk. Punk's title sits on his shoulder, the same shoulder Dia was carrying hers on. He gets in the ring across from Dia and looks her over, extending a hand. Dia looks like she's going to shake it but at the last moment she slaps it away. She looks over at Hayman, almost as if she's asking for advice. She gets into her corner and listens to Paul before nodding as the bell rings.

    Vixxens Champion Dia Banks vs. CWA Champion CM Punk ("I Quit" match, loser forfeits their title)

    As the bell rings, Dia and Punk stand toe to toe, face to face. Instead of a punch, Dia grabs Punk by the chin for a kiss, the crowd confused by what’s going on. After the kiss, Dia knees Punk in the groin before hitting the Diamond Cutter. Punk drops like a rock and Dia leans over him, smirking as she says the words, "I quit".

    Winner: CWA Champion CM Punk

    Dia doesn't grab her Vixxens title, which she has practically just forfeited, as she leaves the ring. Instead she walks over, kisses Colt, and takes the CWA Championship from him. Colt looks to confused to stop her as she and Paul make their ways to the entrance ramp.

    Dia: Colt, baby, that kiss don't mean we're over. Nah, see, in the mafia a kiss seals a dangerous promise. I have a promise all of my own for you and Punk. See, being Vixxens champion was fine and dandy. It got me some recognition, it made them realize who I was. But the CWA Championship? Oh the CWA Championship will cement me as something great. I can put my name in the record books as a CWA Champion that means something.

    Paul: You were the past, Phil. My client is the future.

    The camera fades out on the image of Dia patting the CWA Championship that she has stolen from CM Punk, leaving the crowd in a stunned silence.

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