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    12/24/12 Promo area


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    Post  Admin on Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:03 pm

    Promos are due midnight on Sunday the 13th.

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    Post  Admin on Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:57 am

    Female Voice: A valncre sans peril en triample sans gloire. *

    The camera opens up on a snowy park center where a large statue on top of a large column stands. A path leads in each of the cardinal directions to other areas of the park and a bench sits at the corner of each path underneath a barren tree. The snow has been moved off of these paths so that the patrons can visit the column and statue. Among the men and women snapping pictures and just admiring the sight is CWA Rookie Antonio Jacinto. He looks ready for the winter weather: a heavy black trench coat covering his torso, a pair of gray earmuffs that match his gray gloves, and a bright red scarf around his neck that seems out of place with the rest of his outfit but adds just a splash of life and vitality. He’s looking up at the statue, a smile on his face.

    Antonio: This is the Siegessaule, a column that was built to commemorate the Prussians victory in the Prussa-Danish War of 1864. The statue at the top was added later after even more victories in war and is called the Golden Else, that means goddess of victory. I thought it was fitting for me to be in such a place, a place of victory.

    He walks through the doors at the bottom of the column, taking the elevator to the observation desk that looks out over the cityscape. He steps up to the railing, through the crowd, hands gripping the metal rail and, with a smile, he speaks.

    Antonio: This is a fitting place to be. I won my first match in the CWA against Dante Westmore. Such a win was supposed to catapult my career, to make me feel like I had done something. Instead I was more upset about my mentor leaving the company then I am happy that I was my first match. We celebrated his career, not my win. I didn’t mind, no, in fact I was happy for him. But that’s the past, you are here to hear what I have to say about my opponent for this week.

    He turns to look at the camera though his hands are still spread across the railing and he is leaning back against it, studying the camera person. A smile plays across his lips and he continues with his speech.

    Antonio: My opponent for the week is an Irishmen. I would love to speak on how the Irish and French are enemies and want to stay that way. However, the French and Irish have always had good relations. That being said, I take pride in my heritage as much as he does. I’m sure Mr. Farrelly has studied his ancestry and found several famous Irishmen in the roots. I have done the same to mine. On the French, I have the fortune of being related to Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Antonio smiles as a wicked gleam crosses his eyes, though the smile on his face is still a handsome and normal one. He runs a hand through his wavy black hair before continuing.

    Antonio: As my history, both ancestral and career, can show you I’m a winner. I come from a long line of winners. Sheamus may have great talents, a great streak but I’ve got something I bring to the table that he doesn’t. I bring youth and vitality to the table. Sheamus, sure, he’s fast and strong but because I’m not old I’m even faster and even stronger. It’s a major age difference, after all I’m only a year younger than his wife and everyone knows that’s a huge age difference too. He’s off nursing Tylenol and Guiness while I’m drinking Jager bomb body shots off of professional models and partying to the brink of dawn. I’m the future baby! And if you’re not gonna adapt, stay in the past. In fact, Sheamus, I wouldn’t even show up if I was you. Your old news, I’m the next big thing.

    He smirks and flips his hair, looking up at the sky.

    Antonio: It’s nothing but up for me…nothing but up…

    The camera fades out on the skyline of Berlin, the gray color the prediction of Sheamus outcome in this upcoming bout.

    *translation: To win without risk is a triumph without glory.

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    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:37 am

    We open up on a large and rather neatly decorated living room that definitly has the Christmas spirit. The Christmas tree is decorated with silver and gold ornaments alongside silver tinsel. Green for garlands decorate the fireplace where three stockings hang. There is snow outside covering the ground. The front door opens and in walks Wade Barrett, dressed in warm clothes. A black skull cap covers his curling hair and his gloves match his skull cap. His leather coat is pulled close so you can't see his shirt but his slacks are neatly pressed and he's wearing black buckle shoes. He has a stack of wood in his arms and he's got a bag hanging from one of his hands. He sets the wood down next to the fireplace and sets the present in his hand, and another small one he pulls from his pocket, under the tree. He removes the skull cap and gloves before brushing his hair down to look nice.

    Wade: *deep breath and quietly mumbles* Surprised she didn't meet me at the door.

    The sound of high heels on the steps is heard and Wade turns, coming face to face with his mother Victoria. She has her black, with one gray streak, hair pulled into a tight bun at the top of her head. Her skirt is black with a red sweater pulled over it. Her heels are black and make her as tall as Wade.

    Victoria: Stuart.

    Wade: Victoria.

    There is a silence between the two when Victoria, out of character, embraces Wade in a warm hug. Wade hugs her back, smiling briefly. He steps away and sits on the couch, Victoria sitting next to him. There is a shared moment of silence before Wade speaks up.

    Wade: She left me mum...

    Victoria: She's happy with that other fellow, isn't she?

    Wade nods and goes to speak up again but Victoria puts her hand up to silence him.

    Victoria: You loved her but she wasn't right for you. Son, as much as I may not like it, I've never seen you as happy as you were with.

    Wade: *holds up a a hand of his own* He's married now mother. I'll be fine alone for now. Would you like to open your presents?

    Victoria: Not now son. Let us get supper out of the way first.

    Wade: Is it prepared?

    Victoria: Not yet son. It should be shortly. Why don't you tell me about what you have going on at work. I saw your tag championship match against that Justin boy and Christian. You showed them why they shouldn't mess with men from the Isles.

    Wade: We did, didn't we? Drew and I have always been good friends, even now. As a combined team no one can stop us, even if that dreadful woman Vitani took his Five Nations title. *smiles* I'm glad I could be here mum. I'm planning on stopping by Great North later to see-

    Victoria: He's here already.

    Wade's eyes light up and he gets up, smiling. When he sees the look on his mothers face, his smile falls and he sits down across from her.

    Wade: He's not doing well, is he?

    Victoria: He's doing as well as he can, the odds have been stacked against him his entire life.

    Wade: He'll pull through mum...he has to...*chuckles* You know, my opponent for the week laughed at me before he found out. Someone got audio footage of me reading Goodnight Moon to him. He could never understand the situation. I've been in with him for his entire life, even if he has two himself.

    Victoria: Who do you fight?

    Wade: One of the rookies, Dante Westmore. He's not bad from what I've seen. He takes after Alex from what I've seen. He's quick but at the same time he's strong. No doubt with more training he could be a force to be reckoned with but he's just not at my level yet. He seems prone to being underestimated. Unluckily for him, I view him as I view the other competitors in the CWA.

    Victoria: *as she sips her tea* And what is that son?

    Wade: I look down on them. They judge me as an ass so I decide to fulfill my own suspected role. That doesn't matter, what matters is that I'm able to defeat him.

    Victoria: I remember you fighting to pay your way through college. No one could beat you in a fair fight.

    Wade: *chuckles* Yes, well, they won't let me treat them like my opponents from that world. Dante coudln't handle it at least, he's to soft. That's part of what ensures my victory, that and my finisher.

    Victoria: The Wasteland?

    Wade: No, no. The Bullhammer. *he taps his elbow with two fingers* This elbow, with as much force as I put behind it, can knock a grown man off his feet and break his jaw. In fact, if I was Mr. Westmore, I'd make sure that Lacroix and Rhodes didn't book me for a few shows.

    Victoria: And why is that son?

    Wade: Because it's hard to talk with a broken jaw.

    Victoria: After Dante I assumed you'll move on to that young woman?

    Wade: *grits her teeth* Mariana...I'll deal with her when the time comes. Make no mistake about that. First, I have to deal with Mr. Westmore.

    Victoria nods and looks at her son with kind eyes, however, her eyes drift from Wade to something behind him. Wade turns in his seat, a smile coming to his face as he sees a young boy in a wheelchair. Wade gets up and walks over, a smile on his face as he crouches down to the boys level.

    Wade: Merry Christmas sport!

    Young boy: Bubby!

    The camera fades out, though the viewers are more than likely in shock.
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    The sun is shining on the sea today
    You're living your life the easy way
    You've left behind
    The world again
    So be a tourist
    Hear the call
    Now you've been saving your money
    You can spend it all,
    And you can come away
    With me today

    Free from all you're meant to be
    Come on baby jump right in
    Cause tonight
    We can be right here where we wanna be
    Come away
    Come away
    Get away

    The camera fades in on a small bar where a man is singing and playing an acoustic guitar. He looks familiar with his shoulder length hair, but you are only allowed a few moments to ponder this before the camera cuts to the tables in front of the stage. The camera slowly zooms in on a table with two men sitting together, its CWA rookie Dante Westmore and one of his older brothers Artemis. He is smiling as he chats with his brother and it takes him a few moments to notice the camera. He excuses himself and gets up, he motions for the camera to follow. He goes to a small alcove away from the crowd and smiles at the camera.

    Dante: Wow Alex is right! You guys can find us almost anywhere can't you? I probably shouldn't be surprised though, I've seen you guys just show up in so many promos. I guess you’re here to get me to talk about my upcoming match with Wade Barrett?

    Dante pauses, as if he isn't sure what to say.

    Dante: Well to say I'm not nervous about my match would be lying, I only have a match under my belt and Wade is by far the biggest guy I've ever been in the ring with... *chuckles softly* Of course Alex is kind of pissed they are having my fight someone like Wade so soon, he thinks that Nolee set this up... Because I kept Sheamus from really hurting Alex...

    He sighs and leans against the wall behind him.

    Dante: I think it's stupid that he even has to deal with that crap... But he says people like Nolee will always take the easy way out and use anyone they think they can... *gives a humorless chuckle* Just like popular kids in high school... But even if Alex is right or wrong about Nolee's involvement I have a big match in front of me...

    He pauses again, looking lost in thought.

    Dante: Wade scares the shit out of me sometimes, but also I respect him. That's not something he's probably used to hearing for his opponents, well he is probably used to hearing he scares the crap out of people... But I don't think he hears something like that from people he works with. Maybe it's because he plays his role as a villain too well, but maybe it's also because he never treats his opponents with respect. He'll talk someone down as fast as he can, especially if their American and yet he take offence when someone calls him out on it. I can understand being proud of where he is from and in a lot of ways maybe people are too hard on him, but he doesn't even try to see where other people come from though...

    Dante stops as runs his fingers through his brown hair.

    Dante: He acts like a bully, he hates being called out on it and yet he still does it. He's content to just fill the mold that he thinks people see him as and he's happy to play the role to the fullest. Ever since I started people have tried to shove me into a mold, they think I'm weak or soft and they think I should just go willingly into that role... But I don't want to be something just because that’s what they want me to be, I want to do something because it's what I want to do. I like who I am and I'm not going to change unless I want to. Wade may be content to let others shape him, but I'm not and I hope I can prove that my winning my match.

    He pauses for a breath.

    Dante: I guess all I am do is try my hardest and hope I can either hit the Superkick or lock on the Crossface, hopefully either one will help me get the win. *smiles* Especially with both of my brothers going to be at the show this time, Arty managed to talk Jacen into coming and I promised I would come to his show. Oh! I probably forgot to say, but the one singing on stage is my oldest brother Jacen! He sings mostly covers, but he writes a lot of music too.

    He stops as the sound of clapping reaches him.

    Dante: Oh his show is over, I have to go! We are going to go out to eat together; I guess I'll be seeing to CWA universe at the show for my match! *waves at the camera* Bye!

    Dante smiles as he quickly leaves the alcove and heads back to his and Artemis's table, the man now known to be Jacen is already there and the camera fades out as Dante hugs him tightly.

    Jacen Westmore
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    Artemis Westmore
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    The camera starts to slowly fade in to the soft sound of flute music and the chatter of a people. The scene of a small Japanese restaurant is what the camera shows as it slowly pans around; it is quiet as there are not too many people in. But one table catches the eye and the camera moves closer. At the table sits Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Petey Williams, Petey looks much better than the last time we saw him. The camera moves closer as Alex smiles and puts down his chopsticks.

    Alex: I was so glad to see Angel is doing so much better man.

    Chris: *smiles and nods* Me too, shame she had to leave earlier.

    Petey: *smiles* Japan has been a good place for Angel to be the last few months, she's been at peace here and she even started smiling again. *slips on his tea* I know she hated to leave, but she really wanted to go start looking for a dress for the wedding. I think she should be meeting up with Vitani right about now.

    Chris: So you finally set a date huh? When is it? And are you having it here or in the states?

    Petey: *grins* Not a definite date yet, but we know it’s going to be in the spring and as far as I know it’s going to be in the states.

    Alex: *smiles* Awesome man! So you pick a best man yet?

    Petey: *laughs* Oh come on you know both you and Chris are going to be my best men!

    Alex: *chuckles* What? No harm in asking.

    Chris: *chuckles* He's right Petey. *turns to Alex* So how is your rookie doing? I saw he had his first match.

    Alex: Dante's doing good, nervous about his next match. *frowns* They put him against Wade this week...

    Petey: What? But isn't this just his second match?

    Alex: Yeah... I think the princess had something to do with it... Poor kid should be slowly built up to someone like Wade, not thrown to him after just after his first match ever... And of course Wade threatens to hurt him and I'm worried he will.

    Chris: You really think Nolee would do that?

    Alex: Yeah I do, she didn't mind sending her caveman after me so she'd have an easy match and honestly I wouldn't put it past her to take out her feud with me on Dante. *smirks* Her attack from the caveman managed to help me get a little something special though. *he grins as he leans closer to his friends* Next time she wants to send her goon after me they’re going to be in for a big surprise.

    Petey: *chuckles* What do you have up your sleeve Lex?

    Alex: *chuckles* I don't have it here with me, it’s in my bags. *pulls out his phone* But I do have a picture of it. *he shows them the picture*

    Chris: *looks shocked for a second before laughing* Lex that is awesome!

    Petey: Oh man that is going to be priceless if you ever get the chance to use it.

    Alex: *puts his phone away* And I made sure that it will protect Casey and Dante too; I'm not taking any chances here.

    Chris: *nods* The way things have been going that's probably smart.

    Petey: Yeah... So who are you facing this week?

    Alex: *picks up his chopsticks again* I'm fighting Drew this week.

    Petey: Nolee's ex?

    Alex: Yeah, I don't want to focus on that when I think about my match though. Drew is a good wrestler and should be known for more than that, besides he was smart enough to get away from her. He is part of the new tag team champion's, but he did lose his Five Nations title to Vitani. But with how tough she is in the ring that is nothing to be ashamed of and I think he had a good run with the title. *smiles* I'm really looking forward to the match with him.

    Chris: Really?

    Alex: Yeah, I think Drew is a good guy and I think we'll have a good match. It should be an interesting to see who will come out on top with his Brawler style and my mix of styles. I think we well have a really good match together, I know win or lose it will be better than my last match. Afterwards I'm planning on taking Casey out on a date, there is a restaurant in Berlin that a friend said was really good.

    The camera chooses then to zoom back from the table as Alex continues to talk, slowly fading out on the three friends.

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    Post  Christian on Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:37 pm

    The camera fades in on the parking lot of a shopping center, it is early afternoon with the sun shining and the lot is full of cars. After a few moments of quiet one of the doors to the shopping center opens and out walks Christian and Edge. Both are wearing coats and sunglasses, as they make their way to the car Edge smiles at Christian.

    Edge: Well I think that signing went well.

    Christian: *smiles* Yeah, it was nice to meet so many of our fans...

    Christian stops as a car arrives in the parking lot and a young boy and his mother hurry over to the door.

    Boy: *sadly* Momma I think we miss it... Sign say it end at one...

    Mother: *picks up her son* I'm sorry Zach... I wish I could have gotten us here faster.

    Zach: *curls close* It okay momma...

    Christian and Edge walk over.

    Christian: Is something wrong ma'am?

    Zach: Momma! It them!

    Mother: Oh! So sorry we didn't mean to disturb you...

    Edge: It's okay. *smiles at them* You came for the autograph signing?

    Mother: Yes, but we got stuck in on the freeway... I know you already have worked so hard already, but could he at least get a picture?

    Christian: *smiles Oh course we'll be more than happy to take a picture and sign something if he would like us to.

    Mother: Thank you so much!

    She pulls out a camera as both Christian and Edge kneel next to Zach. After taking a picture Zach holds out a CWA program, which both Edge and Christian sign. When their done they both give a hug to Zach and say goodbye, as they drive off Zach waves out the window at them. Edge smiles as they lean against the hood of Edge's car.

    Edge: I'm glad we were still here when they got here.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah, I'd hate to find out we missed meeting a fan.

    Edge: *nods and is quiet for a few moments* So I heard they have you fighting Justin this week.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah...

    Edge: Have you two talked at all?

    Christian: A little over Facebook, I told him I wanted to still be friends... Even if he doesn't want to tag with me anymore.

    Edge: What did Justin say Jay-Jay?

    Christian: He was very vague... I think he said he wanted to stay friends, but honestly I'm not sure Addy.

    Edge: You guys seemed to get along well; I think you'll end up staying friends.

    Christian: *nods* I hope so.

    Edge: How do you think your match is going to go?

    Christian: Hopefully it will go well; it should be a pretty good match. We have a little bit more than a few differences in our wrestling styles and in how we are in outside the ring, but we're alike in a more than a few ways as well. I think Justin is great in the ring, he's skilled and he works hard. He's so much better than a lot of people give him credit for and I would like to see him get more things like title shots.

    Edge: *smiles* Your right he does deserve to get more chances.

    Christian: And with this being a new year I hope he gets them. *smiles* I hope he knows I respect him a lot.

    Edge: I'm sure he does Jay-Jay, come on let's get out of here and get some food. I am starved and I hear taco’s calling my name.

    Christian: *laughs* Okay, Okay let's go.

    Edge grins as they both climb into his car and the camera fades out as they drive out of the parking lot.


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    Post  Vitani on Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:39 am

    Vitani is seen dressed in a plain blue tank top, a purple dance skirt and black leggings, dance shoes on her feet as the Jamaican Vixxen practices her dancing. Her hair is tied back in a loose bun and the only jewellery she’s wearing is her Triforce necklace. The song ends and Vitani goes to continue dancing as the next one starts, only to stop and pause the music suddenly instead.

    Vitani: *to someone off screen* About time you showed up; I thought maybe you’d changed your mind without telling me…

    The camera zooms out a little from Vitani, showing her friend Vera walking up to her, wearing a green dress and heels, her blonde hair in a braid.

    Vera: Excuse me? Why would I do something like that?

    Vitani: *calmly* You’ve done it the passed few times I’ve suggested we hang out Vera…

    Vera: *pulls a face* Well I’m sorry if I had more important things to do.

    Vitani: *curious* Like working?

    Vera: …that’s part of it.

    Vitani frowns slightly, watching Vera carefully as she speaks.

    Vitani: So how’s your boyfriend doing?

    Vera: What boyfrie- Oh, Punk? He’s fine; he’s just been rather…moody lately.

    Vitani: *raises an eyebrow* Moody how?

    Vera: I don’t know, he doesn’t say what’s wrong, he’s just moody.

    Vitani: Did you even ask him?

    Vera: I…was busy.

    Vitani: With?

    Vera: *quickly changing the subject* Who are you fighting this week?

    Vitani: *frowns, but answers her anyway* I’m against Nolee, Mariana and Arella. I think it was a ladder match to decide the number one contender for the Vixxens’ title.

    Vera: *looks surprised* Are you going to be alright in a match like this?

    Vitani: You think I can’t win this match? Aren’t you a great friend? *she rolls her eyes*

    Vera: Hey I was just asking!

    Vitani: No you weren’t, the way you said it sounded like you don’t think I can win. What’s gotten into you lately anyway? You usually never just not show up to things without saying you can’t make it and you normally aren’t so rude to me and your other friends…is something bothering you?

    Vera goes to respond but hesitates, brushing a loose bit of hair off her face.

    Vera: I uh…How about I tell you after your match, so you aren’t worrying about it instead of climbing that ladder?

    Vitani: *after an awkward silence as she thinks about it* Alright, but you have to promise you will.

    Vera: *sighs and slowly nods* Alright. *after a pause* …so what are you planning to do for this match?

    Vitani: Well I’m glad it’s not like any of the matches the other place would have for its females, considering it’s supposedly a ‘Christmas’ ladder match. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but Cody assured me it didn’t mean we have to wear those tiny, humiliating costumes Divas would. As for competing in the match itself, I’m going to have to be very careful. Any one of the Vixxens can be dangerous enough on their own, so adding in a ladder and two other Vixxens means I can’t afford to get distracted at all if I want to win…or to avoid getting hurt. We all know ladder matches can cause people to leave with serious injuries and I’d rather not be added to the list of people who’ve done so. I’m hoping I can find either Edge or Christian before the match to see if they have any advice on how to get through the match safely…and hopefully to win, but my main concern is safety in a match like this, winning will just be an added bonus. *she looks worried, pausing before speaking again* I bet Dia’s glad she’s the champ right now and doesn’t have to be a part of this match.

    Vera: *curious* Why’s that?

    Vitani: Well when she had to go against Christian in one she mentioned she wasn’t too fond of high places, so she’s lucky she’s the champ or she’d probably be in the match. I’d hate to be thrown into a match that involves something I fear, especially when it’s worrying enough without that. *she glances at a clock on the wall behind them* I should go change, Cody and Ted should be here soon.

    Vera: *frowns slightly* …Ted’s coming to lunch with us?

    Vitani: *looking back at her* Yes…is that a problem?

    Vera: Uh…no, no it’s fine.

    Vitani: Okay… *doesn’t look entirely convinced, but nods anyway* I’m going to go get ready then.

    Vera nods, playing with a bit of her blonde hair again as Vitani walks off screen, the scene fading out as she does so.
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    Post  CM Punk on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:31 am

    The camera opens up on the inside of a burger place, the door opening to let in Dia alongside Louis and Colt. Dia is wearing a red shirt that says "Livin' Life, Lovin' Life" and a pair of blue jeans and black punk boots. Louis smiles, looking much like his father and uncle in a red ‘Cabanarama’ headband and a white "CM Punk is not impressed" shirt with blue jeans.

    Louis: I get a buwgew!

    Dia: That’s right buddy.

    Colt smiles down at Louis before looking around the place as if searching for someone.

    Colt: I don't think he's here yet...

    Dia: Well maybe we don't have to worry him showing up. You go get a spot to sit with Louis.

    Colt: *nods and looks at Louis* Where do you want to sit?

    Louis: Pwaypwace! *grabs Colt's hand, swinging it*

    Dia chuckles as she watches the two walk to the back, her own eyes scanning the menu before periodically looking at the parking lot. After a couple of minutes, CM Punk finally walks into the place, going over to Dia when he sees her.

    Punk: *jokingly* Waiting for someone?

    Dia: Yes because I thought it was kind to invite you. *rolls her eyes* Trust me, if you weren't my boyfriends best friend I would leave you.

    Punk: *laughs* No you wouldn’t.

    Dia: I would to. You've been such a jerk lately...

    Punk: *quickly goes quiet, not making eye contact with her* Right…

    Dia shrugs her shoulders, ordering the food for the table.

    Dia: Chicken nuggets or a burger?

    Punk: Uh…a burger I guess, I can get it though.

    Dia: *smiles* It's fine. I can buy it. You just stand there and sign autograph-oh wait. No fans have asked you for any yet. Must be losing your touch.

    Punk: *raises an eyebrow* Excuse me? I’m not like Cena, I don’t enjoy being stalked everywhere I go, getting asked to sign shit.

    Dia: If I was you, I'd like getting to sign autographs. It means even if you are an ass, the fans appreciate what you do.

    Punk: Oh I do, just not when I’m trying to actually live my life away from work. It’s nice to actually be Phil Brooks once in a while instead of always being expected to be CM Punk and stop what I’m doing for some stranger.

    Dia: Well I'm the real deal. What you see is what you get and I hide nothing from my fans. Unlike you, I'm not angry if fans understand me.

    Punk: I’m not angry about that; I just like my own space every now and then.

    Dia: Having your own space is overrated.'s Vera?

    Punk: No it’s not. *he pauses before answering the question* Out with her friends…

    Dia: What friends Phil?

    Punk: Uh…Vitani, I think.

    Dia: If I was you, I'd be keeping a better eye on her...

    Punk: *frowns* What, why?

    Dia: I heard from a little birdie that your lovely lady might be being lovely for someone else.

    Punk: *raises an eyebrow, looking like he doesn’t believe her* Why would she do that?

    Dia: From what I hear she sleeps around...

    Punk: Just because she has in the past doesn't mean she always has to be...

    Dia: I know Phil but I heard it from a reliable source. Just be careful. Last thing I need is you being worried about it while we have our tag match.

    Punk: What 'reliable' source? I'm not going to worry about it during our match, I know better than that.

    Dia hesitates but whispers under her breath.

    Dia: From Vitani...

    Punk: *frowns, looking worried before quickly hiding it* The others are probably waiting for their food...

    Dia nodss and brings the food to the table, Punk following.

    Dia: Look who I found.

    Louis: Uncwe Phiw!

    Punk: *smiles at Louis* Hey.

    Louis: You made it!

    Punk: Of course I did.

    Louis: *points at his shirt* You got dis fow me fow Chwistmas....

    Punk: *nods and smiles* What else did you get?

    Dia: Tell him about the action figures that Santa got you.

    Louis: He got me an ation figuwe of you and Papa Cowt!

    Punk: *chuckles* Oh really?

    Colt: *tries not to laugh*

    Louis: *smiles and nods as he swings his feet* Uh-huh! *grins* You and mommy has a tag match!

    Punk: *smiles and nods* We do. *he looks at Dia* You know we're going to have to put aside our 'issues' related to that contest right?

    Dia: My issues aren't related to that contest. My issues are related to a certain friend not being nice.

    Punk: How have I ever really been nice though?

    Dia: Well you haven't been this bad.

    Louis: *pouts* No awgue!

    Punk: I have, just …not in front of Louis. *he goes quiet, frowning*

    Dia nods and smiles at Louis.

    Louis: You gonna win?

    Punk: Well I hope so… We’re against Kane and Carter though.

    Louis: *gasps* You fight Kane.

    Dia: Uh huh! You think we can win.

    Louis: I no know...

    Colt: You don’t? Why not?

    Louis: Mistew Kane is weawwy weawwy stwong!

    Dia: So is uncle Phil!

    Louis: Weww Mistew Cawtew is weawwy fast!

    Punk: But we’re both fast too…

    Louis: Mama say you a wame duck. Bein' a wame duck means you swow.

    Dia knows she didn't say "duck" and looks sheepish.

    Dia: Cuz of his knee.

    Punk: *frowns, lowering his head* I… My knee’s fine…

    Dia: You were favoring it last match you had...

    Punk: *mutters, being stubborn* I was not.

    Dia: *softly nods* We'll be okay Phil. I'm in tip top shape.

    Punk: We would be anyway, I’m fine…

    Dia: So we have to pick a strategy.

    Louis: *nods* Stwategy!

    Colt: *chuckles* Yeah it does help to have one of those…

    Louis: Win?

    Dia: *smiles* Win how though?

    Colt: *grins* By winning obviously. *after Punk gives him an irritated look* What…?

    Punk: You aren’t helping…

    Dia: We can have some fun in this match. Kane and Carter are always good opponents.

    Punk: Of course they are. They can also be dangerous though.

    Dia: Kane's mellowed out since teaming with Carter. He's not as dangerous as he use to be. And Carter is predictable.

    Punk: True… that doesn’t mean their moves stopped hurting though.

    Dia: Pain's only temporary.

    Punk: Sometimes it can be enough to cause even the best of us to lose though.

    Dia: *shrugs and states plainly* Maybe those of us who think that they are the best in the world, really aren't all that great.

    Punk: *glares at her* Excuse me?

    Dia shrugs and rolls her shoulders as she takes a bite of her burger.

    Dia: *grins* I'm not sure what you mean.

    Punk: You’re not sure what I mean? You’re the one who just suggested I’m not as good as I think I am.

    Dia: *shrugs* You’re not. You think you’re the best. You’re wrong.

    Punk: Even if I’m really not I’d still rather say I am. So many of you doubt yourselves each week… have you ever seen me do that? Its called self confidence, something a lot of the others could really use.

    Dia: *smiles and shrugs* Some of us think that but the rest of us are something called humble.

    Punk: Humble doesn’t suit everyone.

    Dia: People should get use to being humble.

    Punk goes to respond but Colt cuts him off.

    Colt: *sighs* You two know that this isn’t going to help you win at all, right?

    Dia takes a deep breath and runs a hand through her hair.

    Dia: You’re right, you’re right. We need to focus on the match.

    Colt: *nods* It’s probably more helpful.

    Punk: *frowns, muttering* Right, sorry…

    Dia: So do the two of us have a set plan?

    Punk: *jokingly* We go out there and just kick their asses? *he laughs and shakes his head* That won’t help with them, I know. We need a proper plan.

    Dia: Actually Punk, that sounds like a damn good idea.

    Punk: It does? I mean, it doesn’t really help much as an idea unless we know how we’re going to do it…

    Dia: We take ‘em down. *shrugs* Easy solution.

    Colt: Are you sure about that?

    Louis: Mommy and Uncwe Punk be tough Papa Cowt!

    Colt: I know they are, but so are the others and whether or not he admits it, Punk isn’t exactly 100%...

    Louis: You awen't Uncwe Phiw?

    Punk: *hisses at Colt* I’m fine! I told you there’s nothing wrong with it!

    Louis: *tears up and whimpers* Uncwe Punk be mean!

    Punk: *quickly stops, having been about to say something else* …sorry.

    Louis: I wanna go home!

    Colt: *looking at Dia* Did you want to stay and finish talking about your match? I can take Louis and meet you there later…

    Dia pulls Louis over to her and whispers something in his ear before he giggles and nods.

    Louis: I stay wong as Uncwe Phiw sings the happy song!

    Punk suddenly freezes, pulling a face, obviously not too thrilled with the idea.

    Punk: Wait…what? You’re kidding, right?

    Louis: You sing happy song!

    Dia: Yeah Uncle Phil you sing the happy song. Then we can leave.

    Punk: I don’t sing. Even if I did, I have no idea what the ‘happy song’ is…

    Louis: *singing* Happy and you know it clap hands! *claps his hands*

    Punk: *has a pained look on his face* Seriously…?

    Louis: *growls* Sing it!

    Punk: But-

    Colt: *smirks* You don’t want him to cry do you Phil? We all know you hate seeing people cry…

    Punk: *groans* Colt…

    Louis: Pweaaaase?!

    Punk: know I don't sing...

    Louis: You sing fow me! You sing sing sing!

    Punk goes to protest, but can’t bring himself to do so as he looks at Louis. With a defeated sigh, he slowly starts singing.

    Punk: If you’re happy and you know it- *he pauses to glare at Colt, who’s laughing*

    Dia pulls out her video camera, half hiding it behind her cup.

    Louis: Go oooon.

    Punk pulls a face, but starts singing again, reluctantly clapping after a look from Colt. Dia tries her best not to laugh.

    Louis: *grins* Happy and know it stomp feet!

    Punk: *groans* Do I really have to sing the rest?

    Louis: *yawns* No. I sweepy.

    Punk: *sighs in relief* Okay…

    Dia smiles and nods, standing as she picks up Louis.

    Louis: *smiles* Uncwe Phiw take me to movie watew?

    Punk: Uh…sure, I guess I can do that. *he gives a small smile*

    Dia nods and looks at Punk.

    Dia: Remember our strategy and don't go commando. *pats his shoulder* And tell me if you find out about Vera.

    Punk: *jokingly* I’ll try not to… *he frowns slightly before nodding*

    Dia kisses the top of his head before leaving, the camera fading to black.

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    Post  Kane on Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:45 pm

    Camera opens with Kane stalking around his room, running his fingers through his hair and muttering to imelf violently. A couple times his fist flies out and slams into the wall; leaving spiderwebby cracks behind. A knock on the door draws him from his thoughts long enough to bark out in a gravely growl.

    Kane: Come in, the door's open.

    Carter: *he pushes the door open, entering in a nice dress suit and cowboy hat; looking aroind he surveys the damage that Kane had created.* Hey there big guy; looks like you need to calm down some. The bill for this roo is going to be astronomical. *it was said with a tiny smirk to show that he was playing as he took a seat*

    Kane: I'll calm down when those titles are back where they belong; around our waist. *he snared as he pulled on his hair in frustration*

    Carter: They will, don't worry about it. Drew and Wade can't coexist for very long. Their egos will come into play and soon they'll fall apart. And we'll be there to pick up the shattered pieces and our belts. *he waved his hand to dismiss the thought as he frowned* We have something more important to worry about right now. We're facing Dia and Punk and even though they aren't getting along at the moment they are still friends and know hiw to work together. It'll be a fight but if we stay focused we should be able to come out on top.

    Kane: *he tilts his head at Carter* Should? You don't think we can rip them aprt and leav them nothing more than blood smears on he ring mat?

    Carter: No, no. That's not what I meant. I meant if we come up with a plan of attack instead of just harming everyone our chances of getting more wibs and working our way back to number one contenders would be greater. Right now we're the ex tag team champs so no one is going to take us seriously. If we play our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses we will be unstoppable. And that's what we want. We want to be a force not to be messed with. And he best way to do that is to lull them into a false sense of security before completely and utterly destroying them.

    Kane: *his lips curled into a sick smile as he nodded* I think you've been around me way too long LaCroix.

    The camera closes out on the two of them laughing before they put their heads together to work out a plan of attack.
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    Camera opens on Drew in the gym, his hair pulled back in a tight pony tail and his head phones in place as he worked out. Sitting on a lounge across the large cavernous room Johnny sat and every once in a while their eyes would meet for a second and they would share a smile before Drew would turn back to his work out. His mind was torn; one half proud that he was part of the tag team champions and the other ashamed that he'd lost his five nations belt. Still the loss only spurred him on to do better, to train harder and get back in the title hunt for his lost belt. With a deep sigh he moved from the treadmill he'd been working on to the punching bag; his eyes narrowed as he made the first strike. Alex Shelley. A good wrestler and all around good guy. It would be a good match, their styles were different but at the same time they would do what it takes to win. They were going to leave it all in the ring and put on one hell of a match for the fans. Again his focus was on the bag; the creak of the chain as it rocked back and forth a small reminder that the rhythmic movement wasn't in his head.

    He didnt know how long he'd been at the bag, it seemed like forever and mere seconds at the same time so the soft touch to his shoulder jerked him from his trance like state and sent him whirling around. He blinked a couple of times to clear his mind and his vision of the swinging bag. In front of him Johnny stood with a bottle of cold water and a towel; a smile on his lips.

    Johnny: Hey there champ. I think its time for a break. You've been at it for four hours.

    Drew: *he took the bottle with a smile as he kissed Johnny's cheek* You take goods care of me. Where would I be without you?

    Johnny: *he wrinkled his nose and pushed Drew away* Marinating in your own sweat and working yourself to the bone.

    Drew: *he chuckled as he grabbed a towel and dried his face* Och, that is true but I'd also not be champion if it weren't for you.

    Johnny: You say that but it is all you out there winning those matches. I just cheer you on from the back and threaten any ring rat that thinks they're going to get anywhere near you. *he grinned as he swatted Drew's behind playfully* Though right now I'm pretty hungry, how about we ditch this sweat factory and get some dinner....after you take a shower first.

    Drew: That is the best idea I've heard yet.

    The camera fades on then leaving the gym, Johnny laughing and smacking Drew away when he would try to touch him with the bag swinging slowly abandoned in he background.

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    Post  Admin on Mon Jan 14, 2013 3:53 am

    Familiar Female Voice: Your sure about this?

    Male Voice: It'll be fine, no ones going to make you do anything you don't want to.

    Familiar Female Voice: Alright, alright I'll do it.

    The camera fades in to a rocky area where cameras are set up, cluing us in to the fact that this is a movie or television set. We see the source of the familiar female voice, Nolee Lacroix, and she's dressed different than we have ever seen her before. She has her hair straight on her shoulders, a pair of steampunk style goggles on her head. Her clothes consist of a pair of yellow short shorts with a white tank top underneath a black half jacket with cap sleeves. Her elbow high fingerless gloves are the same shade of brown as her boots. She's attached to a harness and as the camera starts rolling we see Nolee lifted int the air, palms facing the ground. We see a man dressed in green leather come into the shot, an unloaded bow raised and pointed at her. The dialog between the two can't be heard before the director calls for a a wrap.

    Director: Lets wrap for lunch folks.

    The crew breaks and Nolee is let out of the harness. She walks over to the camera and hugs the operator, leading us to believe that its Laurie. The two grin at each other and Nolee pulls them to sit underneath a shaded area.

    Nolee: so glad you found the place! Shootings remote today.

    Laurie: I can't believe you're shooting an episode of Arrow today! Who are you playing?

    Nolee: Terra Markov.

    Laurie: Terra...she was in the Teen Titans right?

    Nolee: For a time she was but she was a villain to start with. We're doing the lesser known Atlee version though, except with black hair. They wanted a darker version so they went with the Dark Side Club story line. I can't tell you much more than that.

    Laurie: I've noticed Arrow covers a range of really bizarre heroes.

    Nolee: Oh yeah! That and the show Young Justice cover the widest variety of heroes in any shows I've seen. Now, I know people here have compared each other to well known heroes before but the lot of us, we deserve to be compared to the bizarre. Me and Arella and Vitani and Mari aren't normal divas. We're the ones everyone else has counted out in life because of different things about us. For instance, I'm counted out because I refuse to show more skin than a normal blonde.

    Laurie: You guys are an anamoly when it comes to female wrestlers.

    Nolee: Well I recommend you get your tablet out to check who these heroes I'm about to tell you about are.

    Laurie gets her tablet out of her pocket and gives Nolee a thumbs up so that Nolee can giver her first explination.

    Nolee: Vitani is like Voodoo, a woman named Priscilla Kitean. Like Vi, they were both dancers at one point. She was rescued by a team called Wild C.A.Ts. Her power allowed her to precieve if a person was possessed by a creature called a Daemonite as well as allowing them to be seperated from people. Later on she gained telepathy and the ability to develop animal like traits.

    Laurie: Wht does she remind you of Vi?

    Nolee: The fact that both of them were dancers but more so than that, Vi has a sort of telepathy when when it comes to her opponents in that ring. She has so much talent as a wrestler that she knows what her opponents are going to do before they do it. It's like Voodoo's "sight". That reason alone is enough but in the Wild C.A.Ts cartoon, Voodoo was portrayed as a naive teenager. Despite her feelings on the matter, Vi is very childish and naive.

    Laurie: So Vi is Voodoo. What about Arella?

    Nolee: Arella was tricky but I finally decided she reminded me of Cheshire.

    Laurie: Cheshire sounds like an acurate depiction of Arella.

    Nolee: Cheshire was an assassin who knew several types of martial arts as well as being an acrobat. Arella is both of these things. I forget which martial art she knows but shes damn good at it. Plus she's got intense speed. Thats a fierce combination, a deadly combination. We have to work a bit harder than usual to take her down. Just like Cheshire, we dunno what team she's playing for. She could be a heel or a face but we'll never know for sure. She's in this for herself.

    Laurie: Two of three. *hesitates* We don't have to talk about-

    Nolee: About Mari? We can talk about her, she's one of my opponents for the match. She wasn't a hard one to pick a hero for. I chose Mirage for Mari.

    Laurie: I love Mirage! She's one of the best lesser known Titans.

    Nolee: I'm surprised. Not many people know who she is. You see, Mirage was a hero who could project illusions and use those illusions to alter her apperance. Mari appears as different things to different people. She can appear as a decent wrestler, a Hollywood socialite, and a loving wife and mother. All three of those are perfect things, alone. Together, they don't always work. Ask The Rock, it's a hard thing to be a wrestler and an actor. And its hard to be either of those things and a mother. Mirage herself quit being a hero to take care of her own children.

    Laurie: You saying that Mari would do that?

    Nolee: Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that the four of us are going to tear the roof off of that arena.

    Nolee looks towards the set and smiles before standing up.

    Nolee: I gotta get back on set. Talk atcha later?

    Laurie: Alright Nols, catcha later!

    The camera fades off on Nolee going to the set.
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    Voice: Hey, you made it!

    The scene fades in on Justin Gabriel grinning at someone standing outside his hotel room, the camera zooming out to show the back of a man with dark hair, the Hardy brothers hoody he has on suggesting that it’s Justin’s old mentor, Matt. Justin grabs his arm, pulling him inside like a child would when leading their parent when they want to show them something.

    Matt: *laughs of course I did, not like I had anythin’ better to do anyway. Besides, I haven’t seen ya for a while. *he hugs Justin* So how are ya doin’?

    Justin: *smiles and hugs him back* I’m doing fine I guess, you?

    Matt: Can’t complain really. *he looks around the room* Where’s Heath?

    Justin: Busy with his own job.

    Matt: He still works there?

    Justin: *sighs and nods* Yeah he does. He doesn’t actually wrestle in the CWA, just manages me.

    Matt: Still? *after Justin nods* So who are ya against this time?

    Justin: *frowning slightly* …Christian.

    Matt: *raises an eyebrow* Aren’t you two a tag team?

    Justin: Yeah, we are. We were the tag champs, but I screwed up and lost them… *he hangs his head*

    Matt: *puts a hand on Justin’s shoulder* Hey, it’s okay. We all make mistakes and besides, Jeff and I rarely won tag titles, but we were still known as one of the best teams because we worked well together and the fans loved us.

    Justin: *gives a small smile* That’s true. We don’t really need the titles to make an impact.

    Matt: Right. *grins* So are you gonna beat Jay?

    Justin: *smirks* I might. Pretty sure I’ve done it before after all. It’ll be a friendly match of course, nothing over the top.

    Matt: So you’re still friends then?

    Justin: *nods* Yeah, I guess so. Either way I still have no reason to want to hurt him, Christian’s done nothing wrong, he’s good to work with.

    Matt: *smiles and nods* Of course he is. *after a pause* So is Heath going to be there for the match?

    Justin: *shakes his head* He won’t be back in time. We’ll get to see each other when we both get home though.

    Matt: That’s good. *he smiles* Any better than when ya called me last time?

    Justin: *nods* Yeah, thankfully. Still wasn’t the greatest before we both left for work, but it’s still better.

    Matt: *softly* I’m sure the two of you will get passed it. Don’t worry about it.

    Justin: I hope so.

    Matt: You will, you care about each other too much to let a small problem get in the way.

    Justin: Good point. *he gives a small smile* Hey um…seeing as Heath won’t be here…do you want to come out with me for my match? I bet Adam and Jay would be happy to see you.

    Matt: *grins* Sure, I can do that. It’s tonight yeah?

    Justin: *nods* Yeah. We could see if the others want to join us for dinner afterwards.

    Matt: Sounds good to me. Wanna get some training in before your match? We haven’t trained together since NXT.

    Justin: Yeah, we can do that; I could always the advice to improve some more…

    Matt laughs and shakes his head at Justin, the two continuing to talk as the scene fades out.
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    The camera fades in on a living area that doesn’t have much more furniture in it than a couch and a television, the space between the two occupied by two girls who are playing one of the ‘Guitar Hero’ games on an Xbox 360. The purple haired girl, Arella Rayne, is wearing a shorter, black version of her usual self made tutus over leggings and a white tank top with skulls on it. The red haired girl, her friend Sabrina, is wearing green shorts and a blue ‘I mustache you a question’ tank top with striped socks. She’s playing using the guitar controller while Arella sings with the microphone, though Sabrina looks as if she’s singing the words to the song anyway.

    Arella: Second chances they don't ever matter, people never change.
    Once a whore you're nothing more, I'm sorry, that'll never change.
    And about forgiveness, we're both supposed to have exchanged.
    I'm sorry honey, but I passed it up, now look this way.
    Well there's a million other girls who do it just like you.
    Looking as innocent as possible to get to who,
    They want and what they like it's easy if you do it right.
    Well I refuse, I refuse, I refuse!

    Whoa, I never meant brag
    But I got him where I want him now.
    Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
    To steal it all away from you now.
    But God does it feel so good,
    'Cause I got him where I want him right now.
    And if you could then you know you would.
    'Cause God it just feels so...
    It just feels so good.

    I watched his wildest dreams come true
    Not one of them involving you
    Just watch my wildest dreams come true
    Not one of them involving...

    They finally notice the camera, Sabrina using her ‘guitar’ to pause the game as she looks at Arella.

    Sabrina: I think they found you… *she laughs*

    Arella: I realized that. Not even any warning that they were coming either. I guess they couldn’t wait to talk about the ladder match…

    Sabrina: *almost dropping her controller as she goes to put it down* A ladder match?! When were you planning on telling me you were in a ladder match? Who are you against? It’s not going to be dangerous like on other shows is it?

    Arella puts her microphone on an arm of the couch before raising her hands to try and calm her friend.

    Arella: Whoa, hey, calm down Sabrina there’s no need to freak out, it’s only against some of the other Vixxens, it’s not like I’m against a ladder match vet at all. As far as I know, none of these girls have ever been in a ladder match either. Odds are they’ll all be worried about their looks or be too nice to hurt each other too bad.

    Sabrina: So were you ever going to tell me about it…?

    Arella: Well yeah…eventually. Kind of hard to find a right time when I knew you’d freak out.

    Sabrina: I’m not freaking ou- *she stops and changes her mind about what she’s saying* Okay, maybe I am… Sorry.

    Arella: *laughs* It’s alright, I know it’s because you’re worried, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to chill out a little bit.

    Sabrina: *nods* So is it for a title?

    Arella: *shakes her head* Nope, just the number one contender spot for Dia’s title. So, a title shot.

    Sabrina: You gonna win?

    Arella: Well…I’d like to say yes, but I’m not that stupid. Mariana’s smart and strong, Nolee can be fierce and cunning when she needs to be and Vitani… she’s fast.

    Sabrina: Just fast?

    Arella: *thinking about it* …I guess people underestimate her strength because she’s so nice. *she shrugs* Either way though, we all have very different styles to each other and the match is for something I’m sure we all want, even if not everyone will admit it.

    Sabrina: Of course they would want a chance at the title; it gets them recognized more than any of the others would.

    Arella: *nods* It’s Nolee I’m worried most about, she’s most likely to actually try cause harm with a ladder, to use it against the rest of us. She’s also often out to get whoever the Vixxens’ champ is at the time, so she’s probably going to be pretty eager to win this match.

    Sabrina: *as if just realizing something* Is this why you’ve been watching all those ladder match DVD’s?

    Arella: Yes, this would be why; I guess you’d call it research, seeing as it’s not really a match you can practice for, or even prepare yourself for in any other way, besides readying yourself for the possibility of getting hurt.

    Sabrina: *frowns, looking worried* …well I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

    Arella: *quietly* I hope so too Sabrina…I hope so too. *after a silence where the two friends exchange worried looks* C’mon, let’s take our minds off it for now by getting back to our game, okay?

    Sabrina: *smiles and nods* Alrighty then.

    The two pick up there controllers, the camera turning to face the television again as Sabrina unpauses the game, which then begins to countdown until the song starts playing again, the camera fading out as it does so. 3, 2, 1…

    Whoa, I never meant to brag
    But I got him where I want him now.
    Whoa, it was never my intention to brag
    To steal it all away from you now.
    But God does it feel so good,
    'Cause I got him where I want him now.
    And if you could then you know you would.
    'Cause God it just feels so...
    It just feels so good.

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    Post  Sheamus on Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:56 am

    The camera fades in on Sheamus, who’s sitting in his and Nolee’s living room, Irish music playing quietly in the background. He’s dressed in a green shirt with a vest and dark pants, his hair sitting flat instead of being spiked up. He gives a small smile to the camera before speaking.

    Sheamus: I’ve always loved my home, always been proud of the traditions us Irish folk were raised with. Sure, I wasn’t the most popular kid in town because I have such pale skin along with being a ‘ginger’ *he rolls his eyes, reaching up to touch his hair* and because I attended a Gaelscoil, where they teach us to speak Irish fluently like I do, where other schools don’t focus on it so much. I’m glad I went to one of those schools fer that reason, I like being able to say I can speak it fluently, not many people can.

    He frowns slightly at that fact, shrugging his shoulders before continuing.

    Sheamus: Because I’m proud of my Irish background, I always enjoy meeting other people who are the same about their own homes, like Wade Barrett is of his English heritage, or Justin is about being from South Africa. I haven’t actually met my opponent fer this week, but from what I’ve seen, he seems to be pretty proud of his own heritage.

    He smiles, glancing down at his hands before looking back up at the camera.

    Sheamus: I look forward to facing Antonio Jacinto, not just because he’s proud of the fact that he’s French and Spanish though, but because he was trained by Lucas, who I always enjoyed fightin’, the fella had one hell of a punch and I’m curious to see how well he’s taught this Jacinto kid. I just hope I can keep up with him…

    He trails off, looking worried, muttering something to himself in Irish as the camera fades out.

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