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    10-22-12 Monday Night Carnage


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     10-22-12 Monday Night Carnage  Empty 10-22-12 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Casey on Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:40 am

    The camera opens up on Dia speaking on her phone, looking a bit worried as she stands near the guerrilla, pacing every now and then.

    Dia: Yeah, yeah. I know hun. No, no it's okay don't worry about it Mari. Arella's not cleared to compete this week and Louis' not feeling well. I talked to Carter and he's dismissing the match.

    Dia hangs up the phone and sits on a nearby crate, running her hands through her hair. She smiles and looks as the camera pans to Colt looking at her.

    Colt: C'mon, let's go get Louis from Carter and go to Phil's room. He'll be happy to see us.

    Carter takes Dia's hand as the camera pans to show the ring. ‘Man on Fire’ is playing as Kane stands pacing the ring. The lights go to black with a dark blue spot bathing Wade Barrett who stands on the ramp dressed in his ring gear with his heavy black coat with a red rose pinned to the lapel. He makes his way to the ring where he removes his coat. The two monsters lack eyes and referee Hank Mitchell asks for the bell to be rung.

    Wade Barrett vs. Kane

    The big men circle the ring, sizing each other up. Kane is the one who initiates the lock up, Wade tossing Kane to the turnbuckle and landing heavy hands to the gut. Kane shoves him away and as Wade approaches, Kane hits a heavy forearm. Wade goes down and Kane takes the opportunity to stomp on the Brit's limbs. He brings his foot down to stomp on Wade's leg but Wade rolls out of the ring to regain stamina. Kane follows him to the outside and when Kane attempts to grab him, Wade grabs him and shoves him face first into the steel post. Wade rolls back into the ring and paces, waiting for Kane to get in. When Kane does, Wade grabs Kane's arm and goes to lariat him into the ropes, landing a heavy elbow to the face before scrambling to pin him.

    Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

    The camera turns from a celebrating Wade to Carter standing backstage with Nolee, the two siblings having watched the match together. Carter looks as if he's contemplative before he speaks up.

    Carter: You're not worried about Shea are you?

    Nolee: Not really. He's a big boy, he can handle himself. *sits on a box* So what are you gonna do to take this show to the next level?

    Carter: Cody and I have been tossin’ some ideas around. We're thinking something. Next week we're doing Roulette. Spin the wheel and you get your match type.

    Nolee: Oooh! Sounds fun! *hugs Carter* Get on out there and get your revenge on Gabriel.

    Carter: Thanks sis!

    Carter gets in his truck and drives out as "The Only Way I Know" by Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Eric Church plays. He gets out of the truck and line dances down the ramp. He gets in the ring and tosses his hat to the crowd, signalling it wasn't his usual hat. Akon's "Oh Africa" starts playing and he runs out to the entrance ramp. He looks darker than usual and he doesn't bother shaking hands. He gets in the ring and gives Carter a menacing look before handing the title to referee Hank Mitchell and getting ready to fight.

    Carter Lacroix vs. 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel

    Justin immediately lands a low kick to Carter's knee, sending the big man to the mat. A flurry of kicks rains down on Carter before Justin lands one to the back of Carter's head. Carter hits the mat face first and Justin starts a raining down of kicks to the back. Justin smiles as he backs up against the ropes, Carter finally managing to push himself to his hands and knees before Justin lands a swift running kick to the stomach. Carter drops again and Justin decides it's time to go for the 450 Splash. He climbs the turnbuckle and crouches before he jumps at Carter with his finisher. Carter brings his feet up and they catch Justin right in the chest. Carter rolls Justin and with an armbar jerked and wrenched, Justin taps out.

    Winner: Carter Lacroix via submission

    As Carter’s celebrating his win, Justin gets to his feet, watching Carter as if he’s thinking of attacking him before deciding it’s better not to. He gives Carter a friendly smile before disappearing backstage.

    The camera follows, showing Justin’s still got the dark look about him as he heads to the locker rooms, not stopping even though someone’s heard calling out to him.

    Voice: Justin, wait…

    Justin sighs and stops, slowly turning to look as Heath walks up to him.

    Justin: *raises an eyebrow, not sounding very happy to see him* What are you doing here?

    Heath: *frowns at the tone of his voice* I wanted to talk to you…

    Justin shakes his head and turns to leave, Heath grabbing his hand to stop him.

    Heath: Justin…Angel, please… *he gives a small smile when Justin looks back at him* Look, I know I upset you-

    Justin: *cutting him off* You were an ass to me from the moment you got home.

    Heath: *has a pained look on his face* I know, I was tired, naw mean? I shouldn’t have done it though and I’m sorry… you didn’t really need to respond so angrily though.

    Justin: *sighs* You should know better than to annoy me after I’ve been drinking…

    Heath: *nods, slowly hugging him close* I know, I know. Did ya really have to leave over it though?

    Justin: *quietly* Yes… I figured after arguing like we did that a bit of time apart was better than accidentally doing something stupid.

    Heath: Oh… *he hesitates before speaking again* You’re coming back though, right?

    Justin: *lifts his head to look at Heath, giving a small smile* Yes, of course I am.

    He stands on his toes to gently kiss Heath, the show fading out to a commercial as the two hug.

    Commercial: Skyfall

    When the show returns, "Getting Away With Murder" by Papa Roach starts playing as Lucas walks out to the ramp. He's dressed in his ring gear and looks as dark and foreboding as ever but he waits as a young man follows him out. It's the kid we've seen before, Antonio Jacinto, dressed in ring gear similar to Lucas'. Lucas gets in the ring first and grabs a microphone to speak.

    Lucas: I've been doing a lot of thinking.

    The crowd boos as Lucas stands there, waiting for the noise to die down.

    Lucas: I've been thinking. This is a young man's world, professional wrestling. These matches take a lot out of a guy mine or Kane or even Christian's age. You can't do this forever, no. That's what I've been thinking, what I've been torn about. But I've come to a decision. At the end of the year, unless I win a championship, I will be giving up my career as a Warrior to be the mentor of Antonio Jacinto.

    Antonio smirks and looks over the crowd before Take Over plays and Christian makes his way to the ring. He regards Antonio for a moment before getting into the ring.

    Lucas Turner vs. 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Christian

    Lucas examines Christian a bit as they walk around the ring before Christian quickly tries to grab Lucas. He's got him from behind, but Lucas manages to slip away. Christian hits a few low kicks at the Lucas' leg, which causes him to stumble a bit. Christian smirks but Lucas rushes at him with a clothesline! Lucas gets on top of Christian and starts pounding away at his skull with hard right hands. Christian gouges Lucas' eyes and Lucas is blinded! Christian takes the opportunity and runs to the ropes; just as Lucas turns his head he collects a hard springboard enziguri from Christian. Lucas is sent stumbling back into the turnbuckle. Christian rushes up to him and hits a hard running knee right into his jaw. Christian approaches him again and seemingly out of no where, Lucas hits the left hook and traps Christian underneath his foot.

    Winner: Lucas Turner via pinfall

    Lucas leaves the ring with a smirk, speaking to Antonio about the match; leaving Christian alone as he slowly gets to his feet.

    The camera cuts to a scene backstage where Arella has her back to the camera, looking into a mirror as she ties her hair back into a ponytail, her hair completely colored purple instead of just the fringe. She turns when she hears someone and gives a small smile.

    Arella: Oh hey.

    Dia smiles as she steps into camera shot, Louis resting in her arms with his head on her shoulder.

    Dia: Hey. Heard ya wanted to talk?

    Arella: *nods* Yeah…sorry about the match.

    Dia: *smiles* It's alright. Louis' not feeling well and Mariana's in New York to spend time with her husband. *smiles* Besides, last match you fought was against me, I should feel great about this.

    Arella: Oh *nods* Sorry to hear he isn't feeling well though.

    Dia: *smiles* You know, you and me and Mari would have made a good team.

    Arella: *smiles* You think so?

    Dia: I know so. Our styles compliment one another very well.

    Arella: *grins and nods* True... *she holds up a bandaged hand, frowning a little* Too bad I was stupid enough to get my self hurt.

    Dia: Hey, injuries happen to the best of us. When I was first wrestling, I broke my ribs. Besides *grins* I still need a nubmer one contender for my title.

    Arella: Ouch... I'm just glad I only managed to sprain it. You don't have one yet?

    Dia: *shakes her head* Nope. I still have to pick. I've narrowed it down to you or Mariana.

    Arella: You don’t think people will say you’re biased?

    Dia: Who else am I supposed to fight? Angel gave up. And Nolee's too focused on other things. It's you or Mariana or Vitani. If she shows interests in it, I'll let her in on it. A four way match would be interesting.

    Arella: Oh true… There really isn’t much choice is there?

    Dia: Not really. *smiles* So I'll tell you when I decide.

    Arella: *smiles and nods* Alright.

    Dia grins but frowns when Louis starts coughing.

    Dia: I should get outta here.

    Arella: *frowns* Okay, I’ll see you later then.

    Dia hesitates and turns to look at Arella.

    Dia: How about you join me and Colt for dinner? It'll just be room service but you can still join us.

    Arella: *shakes her head* I don't wanna intrude. Louis should probably rest anyway.

    Dia: *nods* Well the invitation stands.

    She gives Arella a half hug and walks off camera.

    The crowd is a mixture of cheers and boos as Skyclad’s ‘Which is Why’ plays, Sheamus walking out to the ring carrying a shillelagh with him like he’d said he would. He looks around carefully instead of interacting with the fans, keeping an eye out for his opponent as he heads to the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring, still keeping a lookout until ‘Whatever’s Real’ comes on and Alex Shelley appears, heading down the ramp before sliding into the ring. He springs to his feet, quickly taking a step back, hands raised defensively as Sheamus steps forwards, threatening him with the shillelagh before the referee takes it from him.

    Sheamus vs. Alex Shelley

    As soon as the bell rings, Sheamus rushes forwards and starts attacking Alex with hard punches, only backing away when Alex ducks under a punch and hits him with a quick kick to his stomach. Alex goes to dropkick him, but Sheamus sidesteps to avoid the highflyer, knocking him out of the air as if he were swatting a fly. Sheamus smirks and starts kicking at his fallen opponent until Alex suddenly grabs Sheamus, suddenly rolling him up for a pin attempt, though the ref barely reaches one before Sheamus kicks out, shoving Alex away. He gets to his feet, the two fighting for a couple of minutes before Alex hits Sheamus with a dropkick, causing the Irishman to end up in a corner after he stumbles backwards. Alex jumps up and starts attacking him with quick punches before Sheamus shoves him away again, Alex barely managing to stay on his feet. Taking advantage of Alex’s loss of balance, Sheamus rushes forwards and hits him with a hard Brogue kick before covering the fallen highflyer.

    Winner via pinfall: Sheamus

    Grinning, Sheamus gets to his feet, running a hand through his ginger hair before raising a fist in victory. He looks down at Alex, glaring at him, mouthing the words ‘That’ll teach yeh’ before collecting his shillelagh and rolling out of the ring, the show cutting to a commercial as he heads back up the ramp.

    When the show returns, Drew McIntyre is showing off in the ring, holding up his 5 Nations title with a smug look, though it quickly turns to a frown as CM Punk’s music interrupts him. The CWA champion appears with his title around his waist, Vitani’s friend Vera with him. The two head to the ring in a way similar to how Ted DiBiase Jr would when he was with Maryse, Vera posing in the ring as Punk stands up on one of the turnbuckles, holding up his title with one hand; Drew rolling his eyes and shaking his head at them. The bell rings once Vera steps out of the ring, staying at ringside to watch the match.

    5 Nations Champion Drew McIntyre vs. CWA Champion CM Punk

    The two men lock up; seeming evenly matched until Drew suddenly hits Punk with a hard hit to his jaw. Punk responds angrily, aiming quick kicks at Drew’s legs, bringing him to his knees. He goes to hit Drew with a move, but the 5 Nations champ seems to be a step ahead, quickly hitting Punk with a move of his own before landing his Future Shock finisher, looking to end the match early. Before he can pin Punk though, the referee is distracted by Punk crying out, holding his arm that Lucas had focused on attacking during his last match. While the referee is busy looking at him, Vera sneaks up behind Drew, low blowing him before going back to where she’d been standing. Seeing this, Punk quickly assures the referee he’s fine and gets up; grinning when his back’s to the referee, hinting that he may have planned what just happened. Taking advantage of the situation, he quickly hits Drew with his GTS and pins him, the ref unaware of what happened.

    Winner via pinfall: CM Punk

    The bell rings and Punk quickly exits the ring, collecting his title before going over to Vera, the two grinning and hugging before Punk mockingly raises his title, Vera kissing his cheek before the two head backstage laughing, leaving Drew furious in the ring as the show ends.

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