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    09-24-12 Monday Night Carnage


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    09-24-12 Monday Night Carnage Empty 09-24-12 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Casey on Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:01 pm

    The show opens to ‘This Means War’ by Nickleback, accompanied by pyrotechnics before the camera pans across the crowd, eventually resting on the commentators, James Chapel and Val Venis.

    James: Hello and welcome to Monday Night Carnage! I’m James Chapel and this is Val Venis. We aren’t even up to a pay-per-view yet and we have a night full of exciting matches!

    Val: Yeah, like the newest two of our Vixxens facing off against each other.

    James: That’s right; we have Arella Rayne up against the undefeated, Five Nations Champion Mariana Thomas. We also have a match between Christian and Wade Barrett, whose old hatred for Christian has resurfaced, fuelled by the poll that was put up allowing fans to vote for Christian’s new tag partner.

    Val: That’s right; Wade seemed convinced even before the poll was over that his tag partner Justin Gabriel was going to be taken from him, now he’s madder than ever.

    James: Speaking of ‘mad’… the first match for the night is between Kane and Lucas Turner, who seems out to get the CWA champion after how the title match at the last pay-per-view ended.

    Kane's theme music hits but before he is fully in the ring, Lucas runs in and ambushes him from behind. He tosses Kane over the ring ropes but the ref is helpless to do anything until Kane is tossed into the ring.

    1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Kane vs. Lucas Turner

    Lucas smirks as he stands over Kane, kicking the man while he's down. He paces the ring in front of the downed giant and when Kane finally manages to get to his feet, Lucas sends the left hook into his face hard, downing him before going for the pin.

    Winner: Lucas Turner via pinfall

    As Kane is getting out of the ring, Lucas grabs a microphone from one of the ring techs. He begins to speak.

    Lucas: Punk! I know you're back there and I know you can hear me, so listen up. I'm officially telling, not asking but telling, you that I AM the number one contender for your title. I look forward to hearing you speak about it later tonight and if you haven't, well, then I'll just have to hunt you down won't I?

    Dia and Mari are seen gossiping in their locker room. Dia is fastening the silver buckles on her black combat boots.

    Dia: Yeah, so Xavier took me and Louis to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It's good for Louis to meet my brother, his uncle.

    Mariana: That's nice. It sounds like you had fun.

    Dia: We did. *looks at Mari* You're awful quiet.

    Mariana: *hesitates a moment* Yeah I've been wanting to ask you something. *starts wringing her fingers nervously*

    Dia: *raises an eyebrow* About? You didn't, like, eat that bit of cheesecake in the fridge did you? Cuz I'd end our team over my cheesecake. *lets out a laugh*

    Mariana: *laughs* No. I'm getting married here in November, you know. And...

    Dia: You want me to be your maid of honor?

    Mariana: Well no. *sighs and takes a deep breath as if preparing to confess a crime* Things happen on a honeymoon and if I come back and I can't defend my title, we have been talking about expanding our family after all and it's important that I know that...well, will you hold my title for me? *she was speaking fast and in her nervousness she was verging on rambling*

    Dia: *blinks in confusion* So your saying if you get preggers, you want me to be a surrogate champion? Mar, I'm a bit confused on why...*nods* but I'll do it.

    Mariana: Yes! That's exactly what I'm saying! As for why, I'm undefeated. I don't want to have to just give it up and disappear to be forgotten by the fans just so I can fulfill my dreams of having more kids. And I trust you. *sighs with relief and looks more relaxed, brushing her hair behind her ear*

    Dia: Mari, I share one thing with Phil. I can get greedy over these titles. I live for them. But I'm flattered you trust me.

    Mari: I don't think you'd betray your pregnant friend. That just doesn't seem like you.

    Dia: No one expected Phil to GTS The Rock but he did. No one, sorry if this hurts, expected you to beat Arella tonight. But you did. No one ever expects most things that happen to and with the four of us.

    Mariana: I didn't expect to beat Arella either. But I do trust you nonetheless. Thank you for not calling me crazy.

    Dia: *claps a hand to Mari's shoulder and gives her a lopsided grin* Oh Mari, honey, you're in a team with me and Colt and Phil. I don't need to point out your crazy. Now you worry about Sheamus and Drew at the ppv and I'll worry about Angel tonight and Arella at the ppv.

    The camera switches back to the ring as "Take Over" by Dale Oliver begins to play and Christian, Edge no where in sight due to Christian telling him not to come out to the ring this week. Something in his walk is telling the fans that he is NOT looking forward to this match. He gets in the ring and looks around, looking for any sign of Wade doing what Lucas did earlier. When "Indifferent To Suffering" starts to play and the heavy lyrics start to sound, Wade walks out to the entrance ramp. He looks fiercer than we have seen him in recent weeks and heads straight for the ring, not caring about the fans around him booing.

    Christian vs. Wade Barrett

    As soon as Wade gets a hold of Christian, he doesn't let go. Punch after vicious punch, he pummels Christian and shows no signs of letting go. Fiercely he pulls Christian up by the arm and tosses him into the turnbuckle, rushing over to land a knee to the stomach before landing a solid punch to the jaw. Christian drops to the mat again and Wade raises one arm, turning his back to his downed opponent. Christian gets to his feet and lands a drop kick to Wade's back. This seems to do nothing to the big man and he merely turns around, looking down at Christian like he is going to hurt him twice as bad. He grabs Christian's arm to fling him into the ring ropes but doesn't and instead pulls him closer to elbow him hard to the jaw, sending Christian reeling before planting a foot on his chest to keep him down for the pin.

    Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

    Wade smirks and raises a hand as the camera fades to commercial.

    The show returns to the new theme song of CWA Superstar Sheamus, "Which Is Why" by Skyclad, plays throughout the arena and he makes his way to the ring. He smiles as he climbs in and looks around, slamming his fist against his chest before proclaiming fella as much of the audience screams it with him. He looks at the entrance and scowls as "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest plays and McIntyre walks out to the ring. He doesn't look as jovial as he usually does and rolls his shoulders before heading into the ring.

    Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

    Drew and Sheamus circle the ring, the two staring each other down. Sheamus makes the first move, a grapple, but Drew counters it and tosses him hard onto the mat. He lands a knee across Sheamus' throat, instantly letting the fans know he is not going to be the whipping boy of the CWA any longer. He picks Sheamus up and delivers a hard clothesline, sending Sheamus head over feet and crashing back to the mat. Vicious stomps to the head are the next agenda and they keep coming until referee Vincent Mangano has to actually pull Drew off of Sheamus. Drew stalks Sheamus like a tiger stalking his prey and as soon as Sheamus gets up, Drew grabs him for the Future Shock, which he lands perfectly before going for the pin.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre via pinfall

    Drew gets up, his face cold and emotionless. However he nods and the twinkle in his eye tells us that this just the beginning of the new and improved Drew McIntyre. The camera fades to our second commercial break on that image.

    The beginning music of "This What Rock And Roll Looks Like" starts to play and Vitani Summers, with her boyfriend and General Manager of Monday Night Carnage Cody Rhodes right besides her, walks on out to the ring. She’s dressed in her ring gear, a purple top similar to the style of Alicia Fox’s and a darker pair of shorts, no longer denim like her original ones, but an actual pair made for wrestling and knee high boots. She’s also wearing knee and elbow pads and her white ‘V.S’ initialled vest like Cody’s ‘C.R’ one. Cody is dressed in his ring gear, except he is wearing the C.R vest that matches Vitani's V.S one. They walk down the ramp and Vitani gets into the ring, looking at Cody and blowing him a kiss before the music of her opponent begins. The guitar chords for "Hell On Heels" plays and Nolee Lacroix walks out as the lights dim to their purple hues. She rolls her eyes in almost an affectionate manner as she looks at Cody and Vi, stopping by ringside to ruffle Cody's hair before getting in the ring and mouthing "You treat him right" to Vi before referee Hanna Beckford calls for the match to begin.

    Vitani Summers vs. Nolee Lacroix

    They lock up and go at it. Nolee takes Vitani down and mocks him before working on the arm. Vitani goes back and forth now. A two count is almost picked up by Vitani but Nolee kicks out. Nolee cuts Vitani off with a big boot and works him over in the corner. More back and forth action. Nolee drops knees to the face and Vitani ends up on the floor. Vitani turns it around on the floor and leaps through the ropes to take Nolee down. Vitani brings it back in the ring for another unique pin attempt. Vitani goes on and leg drops Nolee’s head on the apron. Vitani springboards in with an elbow drop but Nolee moves out of the way and as Vitani is attempting to get up, Nolee hits her with a boot reminiscent of Sheamus' Brogue Kick before pinning her.

    Winner: Nolee Lacroix via pinfall

    She gives Cody an apologetic look as he helps Vitani out of the ring, celebrating for a moment, the show cutting to a brief ad about the upcoming Hell to Pay pay-per-view.

    Icon For Hire's "Up In Flames" begins and out walks Arella, looking confident in her own skills. She almost swaggers down to the ring but the fans are eating it up, loving their new anti-hero of the Vixxens division. She gets in the ring and looks around, proud of the change she has started amongst the fans and their thinking. She smiles and looks at the ramp as "Trip The Darkness" by Lacuna Coil begins and Mariana walks out. She grins and pats the championship on her shoulder as she heads down the ramp. Though she is undefeated, she is still humble about her skills in the company. She gets in the ring and hands her championship to the ref before turning to Arella and shaking her hand as the bell ring.

    Arella Rayne vs. Five Nations Champion Mariana Thomas

    Wristlock from Arella and Mari turns it into a fireman's carry with a wristlock of her own. Arella with the leg scissors on the body of Mari. Drop toehold for Arella and Mari turns it into a hammerlock. Arella counters with an arm drag throw. Mari once again gets the hammerlock. Ref breaks the two in the corner. Arella ain't having it and uses it to get a side headlock. Mari puts her off the ropes and attempts to leapfrog, but Arella catches her. Mari fights out and shoves Arella from behind. Arella isn't happy and starts putting the finger in the chest of Mari. Arella is angry and gets the double leg takedown. She mounts and wants some punches. Mari gets the rope break. Arella going up top and wants some fire from the audience, who is loving this match. She jumps for a missile dropkick, but Mari lands the Sweet Chin Music as Arella comes down, getting the pin afterwards.

    Winner: Mariana Thomas via pinfall

    Mariana grins and looks ecstatic, moving up her win record and cementing her stance as the only undefeated CWA superstar even further. She grabs her title and goes to leave but stops, turning around to offer Arella a hand and the two girls make it backstage together as the camera fades to commercial for the final time in the night.

    Cody is seen walking around backstage as if he’s looking for someone. After a minute or so he smiles, apparently having found who he was after, the camera zooming out to show him approaching Nolee.

    Cody: Hey.

    Nolee smiles at Cody, taking one of her earbuds out of her ear.

    Nolee: Hey Coddles! How’s being gm treating ya?

    Cody: *grins* Pretty good actually.

    Nolee: Heard about you and Vi. Good job Coddles.

    Cody: *laughs* You didn't really have to hear about it, you saw it.

    Nolee: True, true. So whatcha need Coddles?

    Cody: Um…I wanted to see if you were okay…

    Nolee: Why wouldn't I be? I won.

    Cody: *hesitates before speaking* …I heard what happened.

    Nolee: With that pink haired skank?

    Cody: …with Arella, yeah.

    Nolee: Sheamus was drunk. He didn't know.

    Cody: I didn’t say he did anything… *pauses* …what exactly did happen though?

    Nolee: He says that they were in Ireland, that he was drunk and so was she. They kissed. meant nothing to him. *bites her lip*

    Cody: *frowns* …are you sure you’re okay?

    Nolee: Wh...what if he did more and is afraid to tell me?

    Cody: You really think he’d do that to you?

    Nolee: If he was drunk enough, yes.

    Cody: Have you asked him?

    Nolee: He said no but...he wouldn't tell me if he knew he was gonna hurt me.

    Cody: Oh… *frowns* I’m sorry.

    Nolee: Don't be...I deserve it...

    Cody: No, you don’t.

    Nolee: For what I did with Drew I do.

    Cody: *sighs and shakes his head* You can’t keep thinking of everything bad that happens as punishment you think you deserve… Sheamus forgave you didn’t he? So why would you deserve that?

    Nolee: It was rotten what I did Coddles...

    Cody: Either way he forgave you… Besides, everyone makes mistakes.

    Nolee: They do...I just...I dunno. Hey, after the show you and Vi doin’ anything? If not we should ditch the significant others for the night and go see the pre-opener for Wreck It Ralph in Hollywood.

    Cody: *chuckles* No I don’t think we have anything planned.

    Nolee: Then we're going.

    The camera fades out on Nolee standing and hugging him.

    "I Like It" by Lacuna Coil begins to play and Angel heads out to the ring, looking like she really doesn't want to fight right now and nobody can blame her. She gets in the ring and sits on the turnbuckle near the announcers table, looking absolutely heartbroken. "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol begins and out runs Dia Banks, playing air guitar. She grins and runs down to the ring but as soon as she gets in, who she's facing hits her hard.

    Angel James vs. Vixxens Champion Dia Banks

    Dia looks reprehensive as she goes to attack Angel, getting a few chops into the woman’s chest. She tosses her, almost gently, into the ring ropes and when she comes back, she lands an impressive European uppercut. She looks at Angel who doesn't seem to be fighting back at all and the ref looks at Angel, asking her if she can continue. Angel shakes her head and the match is immediately called off.

    Winner: Vixxens Champion Dia Banks because Angel James can no longer continue

    As soon as the ref helps Angel backstage, Dia grabs a microphone and sits down on the ring apron.

    Dia: Let’s hear it for Angie huh?

    The crowd cheers and Dia nods, looking back out over the audience.

    Dia: She's a brave woman, a record setter with this championship. That's what I intend to be, a record setter like Angel. That being said, I have sort of a friendly competition going on with Phil. He believes he can keep the CWA Championship longer and hold a longer record than I can keep this Vixxens Championship. To him I say bring it. Neither one of us want a weak opponent who we can easily beat at hell to pay. Oh no. I want someone who can challange my physically. I want to face Arella Rayne.

    The crowd bursts into cheers and Dia chuckles before continuing.

    Dia: You hear that Arella. You're next in line. If you can beat me, then I welcome that. If you can't, well, that just means a longer amount of time I have with my title.

    Alex is sitting in his locker room having an important call on his cell. Seeing Alex on the phone, Casey waits quietly in the doorway instead of coming in.

    Alex: *to the phone* Thanks a lot, I'll see you Monday for the meeting *hangs up and sees Casey* Hey baby! *smiles*

    Casey: *smiles almost shyly* Hey Lexie.

    Alex: *smiles and goes over to hug Casey*

    Casey: *wraps his arms around Alex, leaning against him* Everything okay?

    Alex: Yeah, everything is fine, that was ROH on the phone.

    Casey: Oh…what did they want?

    Alex: They want me for a few shows, i[m going to talk to Carter and see if he'll let me work with them too.

    Casey: *smiles and nods before frowning slightly* …you saw who trains there, right?

    Alex: Yeah I did... You ok with me doing the shows Casey?

    Casey: *slowly nods* Yeah…

    Alex: *kisses the top of his head* You doing ok?

    Casey: Why wouldn’t I be?

    Alex: I just want to make sure *smiles softly*

    Casey: *smiles* I’m fine.

    Alex: *kisses him lightly* Good.

    Casey: So are you ready for your match?

    Alex: Yeah I think so.

    Casey: *grins* Good.

    Alex: *smiles* Walk me the entrance?

    Casey: *nods* Alright.

    Alex smiles and takes Casey's hand as they leave the room.

    "Cult Of Personality" begins and out walks Punk with Colt by his side. Dia walks up the ramp to leave but Colt grabs her around the waist and pulls her back to the ring, obviously wanting the three of them to be out there together. Dia rolls her eyes and giggles, resting at ringside in Punk's corner. He rolls his eyes to them and mouths, "losers" as "Whatever's Real" by the High Crusade begins to play. Alex walks out to the ring, obviously not happy with Punk. He gets in the ring to stand across from his opponent at the bell rings.

    Alex Shelley vs. CWA Champion CM Punk

    Lockup and a bit of a stalemate. Punk finally bullies him into the corner. Alex with an uppercut and now working Punk with strikes in the corner. Alex pushes Punk to the corner and gets a running splash. Punk starts battling out of the corner. Punk is back and he lands strikes and gets a belly-to-belly suplex. Going for a clothesline, but he runs into a high boot. Alex waits for Punk to get up and attempts the Sliced Bread #2 but Punk ducks underneath is Alex hits the mat hard. Punk smirks and grabs Alex for the GTS before going for the pin.

    Winner: CWA Champion CM Punk via pinfall

    Once Punk gets up he turns to leave the ring, then stops and turns the other way, going to get a microphone. He slides back into the ring as Alex is leaving and stands facing the stage, waiting for the crowd to settle before speaking.

    Punk: Lucas! Where are you ‘buddy’? I half expected you to have already hunted me down. You certainly know how to catch a guy’s attention...*he laughs* Seriously though, the ‘Pipebomb’ as you called it and now calling me out…you don’t leave me with much of a choice. You really didn’t have to go so far though, I considered picking you after you attacked me; not many people dare do that, especially how you did it.

    He leans forwards against the ropes, resting his free arm on the top rope, still watching the stage as if he expects Lucas to show up.

    Punk: So yes Lucas, I will see you at Hell to Pay, but don’t expect it to be a simple match where you can just ambush me like you did to Kane so you can just simply walk away with my title, there’s no way in Hell I’d let that happen. *he pauses before adding jokingly* I’ll think of something special for the two of us, okay? *he winks and then laughs, dropping the mike before sliding out of the ring to join Colt and Dia as the show ends.

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