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    9/10/12 Monday Night Carnage


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    9/10/12 Monday Night Carnage Empty 9/10/12 Monday Night Carnage

    Post  Casey on Thu Sep 27, 2012 10:32 am

    The show opens with its new theme song, the fans cheering loudly as the pyrotechnics go off. The commentators do their usual introductions and discuss the night’s upcoming matches before ‘Whatever’s Real’ comes on, Alex Shelley making his way to the ring, soon followed by Nolee’s ‘Hell on Heels’, the Vixxen looking confident as she heads to the ring.

    Alex Shelley vs. Nolee Lacroix

    As soon as the bell rings, Nolee rushes forwards and tackles Alex, raining punches down on him as he lies on the mat until the referee warns Nolee to back off. Once Alex gets up, Nolee hits him with a quick kick to the stomach before going for her finisher move, hoping to end the match early. Alex quickly counters the move though by elbowing her in the face, making her let go. Irritated, Nolee shoves Alex into a corner, but he stops himself colliding with the turnbuckle and as Nolee charges at him, he manages to turn it into his Sliced Bread #2 before quickly going for a pin.

    Winner: Alex Shelley via pinfall

    Nolee looks angry when she realises she lost and gets up, going to attack Alex before the referee gets in the middle, telling her to leave. Looking bitter, Nolee slides out of the ring and heads backstage as Alex celebrates.

    Backstage, Casey is seen waiting for Alex, his usually chin-length blonde hair cut short and messy. When he sees Alex, he grins and goes over to hug him.

    Casey: Hey!

    Alex: *smiles and hugs Casey tightly* Hey!

    Casey: How are you doing?

    Alex: I'm doing great! *kisses Casey's cheek* What about you baby?

    Casey: I’m fine, I was just watching your match.

    Alex: *smiles widely* I can't believe I did it.

    Casey: What, win? Why’s that hard to believe?

    Alex: After all the shit people had talked about me... *pauses like he's thinking of something from the past* Sometimes the dark part of my brain thinks that crap they said was real, this proves all of then were wrong…

    Casey: *frowns, putting a hand on Alex’s cheek* You know none of that’s true, you shouldn’t let assholes like that get to you.

    Alex: I know *smiles softly at Casey* I love you.

    Casey: *grins* I love you too.

    Alex kisses Casey with a smile as the scene fades.

    The camera goes to the ring as Drew's music hits and he slowly makes his way down to the ring with a cocky smile. After he makes his way into the ring the camera switches back to the entrance just as the Vixxens’ Champion music hits and she comes out with a big smile and her title around her waist. Colt her manager is behind her and the two of them head down to the ring, Dia climbs in and turns to smile at Colt, who wishes her luck before she turns to face Drew.

    Vixxens Champion Dia Banks w/ Colt Cabana vs. Drew McIntyre

    The bell rings and the two lock up, Drew quickly gaining the upper hand, locking Dia in a headlock. She tries to fight him off by elbowing him, eventually making him let go, Dia quickly hitting him with a dropkick once she’s free. The two fight for a couple of minutes, momentum shifting back and forth between them before Dia catches Drew in a move similar to Punk’s Anaconda Vice submission hold. Drew struggles to try and break free, only just able to reach the ropes when he tries. Once Dia has to let go, Drew quickly goes on the offensive, going for his Future Shock finisher when they’re both on their feet, only for Dia to quickly turn it into her Diamond Cutter before pinning Drew.

    Winner: Vixxens' Champion Dia Banks via pinfall

    Dia grins as she rolls out of the ring, going over to where Colt is waiting with her title. He hugs Dia and hands the belt to her before they head backstage.

    Dia is walking down the hall after getting out of her match, stopping when she sees Arella Rayne.

    Dia: *almost as if she has no opinion at all* Miss Rayne.

    Arella: *looks up from her sketch pad* Dia...

    Dia: *puzzled look* Don't you have a locker room to draw in?

    Arella: *shrugs* I don't have a match this week so I didn't see the point in going to a locker room.

    Dia: We need to talk about your comment about wrestling and the personal life.

    Arella: ...what about it?

    Dia: Is that how you feel? They should never mix, ever?

    Arella: Most of the time it shouldn't.

    Dia: And in my case?

    Arella: You haven't shown much of your actual personal life besides friendship. *she shrugs* It's mostly the people who focus on their personal life instead of their work while they’re here that bug me.

    Dia: That's not the personal life I'm talkin’ about and you know it.

    Arella: Oh really?

    Dia: My son.

    Arella: That's different.

    Dia: Is it? It's still an outside factor I let change my work life.

    Arella: But it's not you wasting time purposely chasing after someone like some of the others do.

    Dia: Who made you so bitter Miss Rayne?

    Arella: *stubbornly* I'm not bitter...

    Dia: *kind smile* You sound like me when I was your age. You ever need a friend; you know where to find me.

    Arella: Um...okay?

    Dia heads back to her room, smiling as she does so, Arella going back to her drawing.

    Back in the ring, the crowd has a mixed reaction as ‘Oh Africa’ plays and Justin heads to the ring. He high-fives a few fans, but is more worried about his match, getting into the ring less energetically than he usually would, saving his energy. Once he’s in the ring, Christian’s theme comes on, the Canadian walking out with Edge beside him.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Christian w/ Edge

    The match starts off with Christian ducking under a kick Justin aims at his head, only to be knocked off his feet by a leg sweep, Justin grinning over the fact that Christian had fallen for it. He quickly goes and bounces off the ropes while his opponent’s down, hitting Christian with a move similar to Rolling Thunder, quickly jumping back to his feet afterwards. Before he can do anything else though, Edge moves closer to the ring and grabs Justin’s foot, causing the high flyer to get hit by a dropkick from Christian. Frustrated that the referee didn’t see Edge’s interference, Justin hits Christian with a hard kick to his head, stomping on him once he’s down, much like the Nexus used to do. Afterwards, Justin hits him with an elbow drop to make sure he stays down before springing up onto the nearest turnbuckle, landing a 450 Splash before rolling Christian onto his stomach, forcing him to tap out to a bridging cobra clutch instead of pinning someone like he usually would.

    Winner: Justin Gabriel via submission

    Justin smirks and releases Christian when he hears the bell and he gets to his feet, not even bothering to check on Christian despite the possibility of having to team with him, leaving Edge to do so. Justin rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, still smirking as the show cuts to a commercial.


    When the show returns, "Trip The Darkness" by Lacuna Coil begins to play as Mariana, her title on her shoulder and Jensen following right behind her, heads out to the ring. She grins at the fans, even stopping to shake a few hands before getting into the ring and handing her title off to Jensen. "This What Rock and Roll Looks Like" begins to play and Vitani heads out to the ring, her demeanour a lot like it was when she first started wrestling in the CWA. Though it's not apparent what it actually is, there is a necklace around her neck that is the Triforce from the popular Legend of Zelda series and what appears to be the initials CR in the top one, a heart in the left triangle, and the initial VS in the right. Vitani gets in the ring and nods at Mariana who smiles and nods back.

    Vitani Summers vs. Five Nations Champion Mariana Thomas

    Mari punches Vitani and tries to stun her with some punches, but Vitani drops her with a right hand and throws her across the ring. Mari elbows her and fights off a powerslam, then she goes for a neckbreaker but Vitani counters and drops her with a powerslam. Vitani slams her head on the mat so Mari rolls outside, then Vitani runs after her but Mari throws her into the barricade. Mari runs at her but Vitani catches her and throws her in the ring, then she rolls in but as she approaches Mari who is on her feet and catching her breath in the corner, the red headed Vixxen lands Sweet Chin Music and goes for the roll up.

    Winner: Five Nations Champion Mariana Thomas via pinfall

    Mariana smiles and gets to her feet, Vitani congratulating her once she gets up before leaving the Five Nations Champion to celebrate.

    The camera changes to a shot of the newcomer Dante Westmore walking slowly down the hallway of the backstage area. Shouts are heard and then a door slamming as Wade Barrett is arguing with a stage tech and slams the door to the room he was in as he storms down the hall, knocking into Dante.

    Wade: Watch where the bloody hell you're going!

    Dante almost falls but manages to catch himself.

    Dante: You’re the one that almost ran into me...

    Wade snarls and doubles up his fists.

    Wade: Did not! Who the hell do you think you are?

    Dante: I'm no one, but I'm not going to let you think you can bully me.

    Wade: I'm not bullying you; I'm putting you in your place. I'm Wade /bloody/ Barrett and you can't treat me however you wish!

    Dante: I wasn't doing anything to you! All I was doing was trying to find my way around this place! And what right do you really think you have to put me in my so-called place? You’re not my teacher and you’re not the boss.

    Wade: Obviously you don't know who the hell I am! I was the first CWA Champion! I'm a record setter!

    There is a small scent of whiskey on his breath and he has his sunglasses on so you can't see his eyes.

    Dante: I know who you are, I watched you since WWE... *pauses as he smells the whiskey* You've been drinking...

    Wade: Your damn right you have, I'm a very prestigious...*hears the accusation and growls* I have not!

    Dante: I can smell it on your breath!

    Wade: *growls and tightens his fist* I am not! Strong men don't drink!

    Dante: *watches Wade carefully* You've been drinking... Because of Belle?

    Wade: *growls and punches the wall right next to his head* I haven't been drinking. Got it?

    Dante: *jumps at how close it was but tries to not look scared* Fine if you want to lie to yourself... You haven’t been drinking.

    Wade: You'd do good to stay out of my way...

    Dante: For the sake of the walls around here I think I better...

    Wade takes a deep breath and heads off to the ring. Dante sighs and shakes his head as he once again tries to find his way though the building.

    Instead of his usual "Warrior" by Disturbed, Chimera's "Indifferent to Suffering" starts to play as Wade Barrett makes his way out to the ring. He hasn't bothered to change into his actual wrestling gear and is still wearing his jeans and sunglasses, which he tosses at the crowd. He gets in the ring and, like the new boy Dante Westmore implied, he does seem to have been drinking a little. Kane's pyrotechnics go off and he looks to the source, not caring about the actual match it seems.

    Wade Barrett vs. 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Kane

    Wade doesn't look enthused as he and Kane start off the match. There are a few punches here or there but nothing really spectacular like you would expect from two powerhouses. Wade growls and starts getting more aggressive, performing a Lou Thez press and slamming fist after fist into Wade's face. Kane tosses him off before the ref can pull Wade off and the two men start to brawl, Kane throwing Wade out of the ring and continuing the punches. The ref's count gets high but neither man seems to care as they keep pummelling each other.

    Winner: No Contest on account that they were both counted out

    The two men keep brawling and eventually Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater have to pull Wade back to the back to break up the fight, the show cutting to a commercial.


    "That's How Country Boys Roll" plays and the sound of a horn is heard when the show returns as Carter Lacroix makes his way out to the ring in his truck. He looks happy and like the old Carter, getting a bag of CWA merch out of the back of his truck before handing it out to fans. He gets done and looks at the ramp as "Loyal To No One" plays, mouthing something about Sheamus needing a new theme song now that he's married. The Great White gets in the ring and shrugs at Carter, though his grin plagues his face as the bell rings.

    Sheamus vs. 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Carter Lacroix

    Sheamus connects with a few early dropkicks but Carter grounds him with an elbow strike, then he throws Sheamus out of the ring and slams him into the barricade. Carter rolls him back inside but Sheamus goes to the apron, then he slams his shoulder into Carter's ribs and gets into the ring for the attempt at the Brogue kick. Carter has other plans and he ducks under the foot only to hit Sheamus with a move very reminiscent of Stone Cold's Stunner before hooking his leg for the pin.

    Winner: 1/2 CWA Tag Team Champions Carter Lacroix

    Carter raises his hand and looks at Sheamus, helping his brother-in-law up. The two men wrap arms around the others shoulders and head to the back laughing and smiling.

    Justin is seen sitting backstage with a bottle of water in one hand, looking lost in thought. He has his eyes on the ground and doesn’t notice when someone approaches him.

    The camera pans up to show Wade glaring at Justin.

    Wade: Why the bloody hell did you stop me?

    Justin jumps slightly at Wade's voice as he's snapped out of his thoughts before looking up at him.

    Justin: Because, picking a fight with Kane isn't going to help you at all.

    Wade: How do you know what’s going to help me or not? Your more worried about tag teaming with Christian and your love affair with Heath!

    Justin: I'm worried about teaming with Christian because I'd rather not have to do it! And it's not an affair.

    Wade: *rolls his eyes* Worried my ass, you want the championship. And it is an affair. Maybe not in the traditional sense that one regards love in, but an affair none-the-less.

    Justin: Only because it's the only one I ever get a proper chance at everywhere I work and I'd rather it be with you, but we never even team together anymore. *rolls his eyes* It is not an affair in any way, /we/ have a proper relationship.

    Wade goes to snap back but when Justin snaps off with the fact that he and Heath have a proper relationship, he turns and picks up his things from his bag.

    Wade: You two are happy together, that much I know. You treat him right...

    Justin: Of course I treat him right, why wouldn't- *he stops and sighs* ...Wade I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. You know I'm here to help if you need it.

    Wade: *shakes his head* You have nothing to apologize over…

    Justin: Yes I do, I shouldn't have said what I did about my relationship considering...

    Wade: Considering what? Considering I ended up just like everyone said I would, alone?

    Justin: *frowns* You aren’t completely alone Wade.

    Wade: I'm not? You’re joining a new team; Belle left me for someone else. I'm alone. *looking through his locker* I had a bottle of Jack Daniels in here, where'd it go?

    Justin: That hasn’t officially been decided yet and you still have friends, even if we end up not working together anymore. *shakes his head* Why? You don’t need it…

    Wade: Until you get to busy with team meetings and things. *looks for it* May not need it but I want it.

    Justin: Those still don’t take up /all/ of someone’s time. *sighs* Instead of drinking like that, why don’t you come out somewhere?

    Wade: I don't drink all the time...did you take it?

    Justin: I never said you did. *he looks away* I might have…

    Wade: Why? Why did you take it?!

    Justin: Do you really want to end up driving everyone away from you again?

    Wade: It's already happening! Just give me the bottle!

    Justin: *shakes his head* No it’s not Wade, I’m trying to help you.

    Wade: Whatever...

    He storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

    Justin flinches as the door slams before sighing and shaking his head.

    The camera cuts back to the ring where Lucas Turner is already waiting for his opponent's music to hit. After about a minute, CM Punk is grinning as he makes his way out to the ring with his title and his manager Colt. He hands his belt to Colt before entering the ring, Lucas wastes no time and starts to attack Punk as the bell rings.

    CWA Champion CM Punk vs. Lucas Turner

    Lucas keeps up his attack on Punk for a few minutes before being pulled off him by the ref, Punk takes the minute that Lucas spends fighting with the ref to recover and when he tries to start the attack again Punk nails him with a kick to the head. Lucas backs into the corner as Punk keeps kicking at him and finally rolls out of the ring before rolling back in and trying to tackle Punk, he misses and hits the ropes. But he uses the ropes to the bounce back and hit Punk with a flying clothesline and goes for a pin, Punk kicks out at two and Lucas once a again starts to argue with the ref. Punk uses this and rolls up Lucas, using the ropes to get the one two three.

    Winner: CWA Champion CM Punk by pinfall

    Punk rolls out of the ring quickly, a huge grin on his face as Lucas cusses and screams at Punk as he raises his title over his head as the show ends.

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