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    8-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    8-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 8-27-12 Monday Night Carnage Results

    Post  Casey on Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:18 am

    The opening pyrotechnics of the show go off, the song “This Means War” by Nickleback playing instead of the usual “Crying Like A Bitch” by Godsmack. We see a bit more fans than have been there in recent weeks and as we get to the announcers table, we are alerted to the absence of Terry Funk which leaves just James Chapel and Val Venis sitting there at the table.

    Val: I’m Val Venis!

    James: And I’m James Chapel! Say Val, where’s Terry Funk? Isn’t he usually out here with us?

    Val: *grins* Oh he’s just in a little place we like to call the unemployment line! Carter Lacroix took over his fathers company and now we’re in the age of young blood!

    James: That’s right Val, young blood! Unfortunately two of our Vixxens couldn’t show up tonight, Miss Belle Moore and Miss Amy Hennigan, but that’s why we have ladies like these two who are about to put on a hell of a show for us.

    We get a shot of the ring as ‘I Like It’ by Lacuna Coil starts up and Angel James makes her way to the ring. She looks less than thrilled to be here but she gets in the ring anyways, showing that she’s not afraid of Arella. As soon as Angel turns, ‘Up In Flames’ by Icon For Hire starts to play and Arella heads out to the arena. Surprisingly, she receives a warm reaction and there are several signs and shirts in the audience supporting her.

    Angel James vs. Arella Rayne

    Angel and Arella square off in the middle of the ring. They grapple for a good few seconds before Arella manages to shove Angel away and deliver a strong chop to Angel's chest. An Irish whip sends Angel into the ropes and Arella tries to hit a high knee but it is deflected and Arella is pushed off balance onto her back. Angel hits with an elbow drop and goes for the pin but Arella is able to kick out easily. Angel grabs her by the arm and lifts her up, wrenching on her arm. Arella counters out of it and hits Angel with a kick to the head. Arella bounces against the ropes and hits a Lou Thesz press in the middle of the ring followed by several quick jabs to Angel’s face. Arella is forced off of Angel and the Italian Vixxen manages to get to her feet. As soon as Angel turns around to come face to face with Arella, she is hit with Disconnecting Reality (a tilt a whirl armbar) which allows Arella to go for the pin.

    Winner: Arella Rayne via pinfall

    When she hears the bell, Arella slowly gets up, the fact that she won taking a few seconds to sink in. When she actually realises the pink haired Vixxen squeals and jumps around excitedly before sliding out of the ring; going around and high-fiving some of the fans at ringside.

    The show cuts to a scene backstage, showing Christian walking into Carter’s office with a printed out piece of paper.

    Christian: Carter...

    Carter is polishing his boots as he looks up.

    Carter: Yeah Jay?

    Christian: *hands him the paper* This was printed off the site.

    Carter: *doesn't look up* What is it? I'm getting’ ready for my match.

    Christian: It’s a poll for the fans to pick my new tag team partner... I'm not one to complain but... You know fans picking stuff doesn't normally turn out good for me right?

    Carter: *looks at him* Not really, but I didn't authorize that posted. Who did?

    Christian: I don't know...

    Carter: Was it the guard dog?

    Christian: *facepalms* Knowing Adam... More than likely...

    Carter: Well who are your partners?

    Christian: Drew, Justin and Nolee.

    Carter: Your stealing Angel and Wade's tag partners?

    Christian: I didn't pick it! I only found out an hour ago.

    Carter: I know *chuckles* I know.

    Christian: If it was Adam I am going to kick his ass.

    Carter: Why?

    Christian: He could of asked first...

    Carter: But he didn't. C'est la vie.

    Christian: *nods, looking less upset* Who do you think they will pick?

    Carter: Probably Justin. Everyone loves him and your styles compliment each other.

    Christian: It would be interesting.

    Carter: Who do you hope wins?

    Christian: Justin probably, I think we would be good tag team partners.

    Carter: And if it's sis?

    Christian: Then we'll have to figure out how to mix our styles perfectly. *smiles*

    Carter: *chuckles and slips his boots on* They clean enough?

    Christian: Yep, they look great. *sits next to him*

    Carter: My match is up next. You gonna stay in here or go back to your room.

    Christian: I'll wait here for you.

    Carter leans down to kiss a cheek before he leaves. Christian smiles softly at the kiss before watching as Carter leaves, the camera switching away.

    Back in the ring, the crowd cheers as ‘Whatever’s Real’ plays and Alex Shelley appears high-fiving fans on his way to the ring. Once he’s in the ring, Alex jumps up onto one of the turnbuckles, quickly turning when Wade’s theme song by Disturbed comes on. The crowd has a mixed reaction as Barrett heads down the ramp towards the ring, Alex jumping down as Wade climbs into the ring.

    Alex Shelley vs. Wade Barrett

    Wade seems less than amused as he looks over Alex, holding out a hand for a handshake. Alex, seemingly plotting his own agenda, goes in for the shake but he never even gets close enough to shake Barrett’s hand. In one foul swoop that looks more dangerous than anything that Lucas Turner could produce, Wade has slammed one of his meaty fists into the side of Alex’s head. When Alex goes down, Wade doesn’t just back off though. Wade starts a vicious assault, punch after punch and kick after kick. He smirks as he’s pulled off of Alex but as soon as he’s given Alex a bit of time to recover, he picks him up and delivers the Wasteland, adding a vicious punch to the head as he goes for the pin.

    Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

    Wade grins as he gets to his feet, raising a hand in victory. Most of the crowd boos as he celebrates his win, but he doesn’t seem to care and leaves Alex lying there as he heads back up the ramp, Justin and Heath waiting for him on the stage.

    Cody Rhodes is seen sitting backstage in the office that’s usually his father’s, sitting in the chair at the desk. He’s dressed in a grey suit with a light blue shirt, his feet on the desk as he plays a game on his Nintendo 3DS, looking happier than the past few times he’s been seen.

    Carter walks in the office, wearing his usual plaid shirt and jeans with boots.

    Carter: Cody my man! Adjusting to the office nicely?

    Cody pauses his game and looks up at Carter.

    Cody: Of course I am, it’s much more roomier now. *he grins*

    Carter grins as he sits down on one of the bean bag chairs in the room.

    Carter: Nice decorating job too!

    Cody: *chuckles* Thanks. I felt the old look was too…old fashioned. Besides, keeping the old look just made it seem like he’d come back.

    Carter: Well they won't so it's okay! *smirks* Like your new secretary? Amy seemed your type.

    Cody: *shrugs his shoulders, but smiles a little* She’s okay, I guess…

    Carter: Okay? She's a comic book geek. With extensive geekdome knowledge.

    Cody: Yeah, *he sighs* I know that, but… *he trails off, shaking his head*

    Carter: I get it, she's no Vi.

    Cody: *frowns* Something like that, I mean, she’s why I gladly helped get rid of my own father...

    Carter: You wanna win her back, I understand.

    Cody: The problem is I don’t know how…she doesn’t seem to believe I’ve changed.

    Carter: Want me to talk to her?

    Cody: Maybe? I dunno… is it worth it?

    Carter: If you love her, it's worth it.

    Cody: *nods slowly* I guess so.

    Carter: Anything else ya need while I'm in here?

    Cody: *jokingly, trying to cheer himself up* Oh hold on, let me find my list… *he chuckles* No, I’m fine.

    Carter: Good! I'll talk to Vi for ya, you hold tight okay? Now that the old Cody's back, she'll love you again.

    Cody: *slowly nods* Maybe… Thank you though.

    Carter: Maybe? C'mon this don't sound like the old optimistic Cody. What’s wrong?

    Cody: I spoke to her the other week, it didn’t go so well.

    Carter: How did it not go so well?

    Cody: Like I said before, she still doesn’t believe I’ve really changed.

    Carter: We'll convince her Cody.

    Amy: *pokes her head in* Dude, Cody, you totally stopped mid poke battle.

    Cody looks like he’s doing to say something else about it, but stops when he hears Amy and laughs instead.

    Cody: Sorry, I got distracted. *he points at the 3DS on his desk*

    Amy: *rolls her eyes* Uh huh, sure. Well when you get unbusy I'll totally beat you.

    Carter: I should get going, polished my wrestling boots for nothin’. Belle ain't even here.

    Cody: You will not. *he sticks his tongue out at her before looking back at Carter, shrugging* If you’re really that desperate to fight, find a jobber…

    Carter: *laughs* Nah, I gotta look over a few resumes for a new group of jobbers. We have far fewer boys than girls.

    Cody: Oh, we do? I never realized.

    Carter: Neither did I ‘til I got in charge. Well, I'll see ya later when you bring me next week’s card.

    The camera fades out to commercial as Carter turns to leave the office.

    When the show comes back, ‘Loyal to No One’ is playing and Sheamus is heading to the ring, too focused on the match he’s about to have to acknowledge the fans. He goes up the steel stairs, ducking under the top rope as he gets into the ring. He takes off his Celtic Cross necklace and hands it to one of the guys who work at ringside to look after as ‘Getting Away with Murder’ plays and Lucas heads to the ring.

    Sheamus vs. Lucas Turner

    Sheamus and Lucas circle the ring, staring at each other. They lock up but Sheamus tosses Lucas away from him and into the turnbuckle. Lucas comes out of the turnbuckle, hoping to land his left hook but Sheamus ducks under it and wraps Lucas’ neck in a sleeper hold. Lucas reaches over for the ropes which he manages to grab. Sheamus lets him go and Lucas crawls over to the ring ropes where he pulls himself up to stand. Sheamus smirks and lets Lucas stand before wrapping him up in the ring ropes and slamming his fist into his chest with ten clubbing blows before dropping Lucas back to the ring. Sheamus watches Lucas whose chest is almost as red as Sheamus’ hair. When Lucas stands and turns, he is met by the Brogue Kick and then covered for the pin.

    Winner: Sheamus via pinfall

    Sheamus quickly gets to his feet after the bell, cheering as he raises fist in victory before turning to Lucas with a smirk. He laughs and turns to climb one of the turnbuckles, shouting ‘An Ceilteach Laoch é ar ais!’ (The Celtic Warrior is back!).

    Dia Banks, dressed in her gear for the night, walks down the hall holding Louis hand. She sees the CWA Champion and stops.

    Dia: Hey Phil, talk to Vera yet?

    Louis: Hey Uncwe Phiw!

    Punk looks up from the book he was reading, saying hello to Louis before frowning at Dia.

    Punk: No I haven't, why?

    Dia gives Phil a fierce look, raising an eyebrow.

    Dia: Phil! You said you would talk to her.

    Louis: Talk to lady?

    Punk leans away from Dia, looking like a child being told off.

    Punk: How am I supposed to when she doesn't actually come backstage at all with Vitani? *he smirks* I heard you finally talked to Colt though...

    Dia turns red and looks at Louis before looking back at Phil.

    Dia: Yeah, yeah. I finally talked with Colt.

    Punk: *chuckles* You know he'll be hyper for weeks now right?

    Dia: This isn't about me, Philly. This is about you and Vera. I told you that if you didn't get a hold of her, I would.

    Louis: *giggles* Mommy mad.

    Punk: *sighs* Why's it so important to you anyway?

    Dia: You care about her Phil. I noticed you looking into the crowd for longer than usual at the ppv. You lost because you were looking for her.

    Punk: *looks away, muttering angrily, though he would have done it out loud if Louis wasn’t there* Okay fine, maybe I was looking for her, but I didn’t see her, so it was a waste of time…

    Louis: *sounding a lot wiser than a four year old* Love nevew a waste. Daddy Cowt taught me that.

    Punk: *laughs* Yeah, that sounds like something he’d say.

    Dia: So talk to her Phil. For me, Colt, and Louis? *glances at the wall* I got a team meeting with Mari...

    Punk: Wait, what have they got to do with this…? *he sighs and nods* Okay, I have my match soon anyway.

    Dia: They're all people who want to see you happy. *leans in to kiss his cheek*

    Louis: Hug?

    Punk smiles but quickly looks away from Dia, his eyes shining before he blinks away the tears that had formed. Once they’re gone he nods silently, holding his arms out to Louis.

    Louis grins and hugs Punk as the camera fades out to black.

    The crowd is mostly positive as ‘Broken Dreams’ plays and Drew McIntyre starts making his way to the ring, a determined look on his face. Once he’s in the ring, he waits for his opponent Mariana Thomas, who comes out to her Lacuna Coil theme as she heads down the ramp, Jensen following behind her.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Five Nations Champion Mariana Thomas w/ Jensen Winchester

    When the match begins, the crowd is split 50/50 between Drew and Mari. The two take in the atmosphere surrounding them and the thousands of fans cheering inside the arena. Drew and Mari circle the ring once before coming together for a half-hearted handshake in the middle of the ring. Then, they lock up and tussle back and forth, pushing to and fro with Mari finally getting Drew against one of the turnbuckles. Drew puts his hands up and the ref makes Mari release. They circle the ring again and grapple, this time Drew backs Mari into one of the turnbuckles before the ref makes Drew release and back off. They do the same thing one more time, circling the ring before locking arms and Drew gets Mari again backed into a turnbuckle. Except this time Mari swiftly reverses it and lands a back elbow to the chops, sending Drew down a peg. Mari stomps into Drew's ribs before grabbing him around the neck and landing an uppercut forearm. Mari sends Drew across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle. He charges, but Drew leapfrogs over him. Mari stops shy of crashing into the turnbuckle and when Drew comes towards her, she lands the Sweet Chin Music and goes for the pin.

    Winner: Five Nations Champion Mariana Thomas via pinfall

    When Mariana wins, Jensen slides into the ring, helping her up before the two kiss. Jensen holds the ropes open for her to duck under before he walks back up the ramp with her as the show cut to a commercial.

    When the show comes back from the commercial, the crowd is cheering as the new Vixxens’ champion performs her usual entrance with Colt Cabana, who has a huge grin on his face the whole time, Dia wearing the Vixxens’ title around her waist. The two stand in the ring, talking quietly as ‘Take Over’ by Dale Oliver plays and Christian heads to the ring, his best friend and manager Edge following close behind.

    Vixxens Champion Dia Banks w/ Colt Cabana vs. Christian w/ Edge

    Dia smiles as she reaches a hand out to shake Christian’s hand, the two grinning at each other as they circle the ring. They go for a lock up and Dia switches from the lock up to wrenching one of Christian’s arms behind his back. She grins and calls for Christian to give up, who of course doesn’t. He manages to get out of it by elbowing Dia in the stomach with his other arm. Dia doubles over and Christian lands a bulldog which brings Dia to the mat. Christian covers her but the Diamond In The Rough kicks out and gets back to her feet. She grabs Christian’s arm and attempts to Irish whip him into a turnbuckle but he will have none of that and sends her into the turnbuckle instead. Christian crouches down and waits for Dia to come out of it, going to attempt a spear. As she does get out of the corner, he comes at her and she moves out of the way. This causes Christian’s shoulder to hit and he staggers backwards. Suddenly Dia sees her opening for a win and takes Christian’s arm in her hands, bringing him down to the mat and applying a vicious armbar to the Charismatic superstar. Christian screams in pain and promptly taps out.

    Winner: Vixxens Champions Dia Banks via submission

    Dia slides out of the ring after her victory, Colt quickly rushing over to her with her Vixxens title as Edge gets in the ring to check on Christian. Dia smiles and kisses Colt’s cheek after he gives her the title, congratulating her on her win.

    Backstage, Justin is seen sitting watching the match that was just on in the ring, wearing jeans and a shirt with a wolf and a full moon on it. He looks up when he hears someone come into the room, grinning when he sees Heath.

    Justin: Hey, there you are-

    Heath: *cuts him off* I take it you haven’t heard yet?

    Justin: *confused* Heard what…?

    Heath: *frowns* About Christian’s possible new tag partners.

    Justin: *slowly* No…what about them?

    Heath sighs, sounding annoyed. He stands facing Justin, his arms folded.

    Heath: They’re letting people vote out of three people. Drew McIntyre, Nolee and you.

    Justin: What, since when? I…I’m supposed to be in a team with Wade…though we haven’t actually teamed up for a while; mostly thanks to a certain tattooed esel...

    Heath chuckles at what Justin said and moves to stand behind him, draping his arms over Justin’s shoulders, hugging him.

    Heath: I take it you aren’t too fond of this idea?

    Justin: Well...

    He goes quiet for a minute as he thinks about it, smiling as he looks up at Heath, who’s massaging his shoulders.

    Justin: It might not be so bad, it would give me a chance to work with someone I haven’t before. I haven’t exactly been very active on the show since I was injured, so maybe it will help? Though I won’t do it if my manager doesn’t approve... *he raises an eyebrow, waiting for a response*

    Heath: *grins* You should know by now that your manager approves of anything that’ll get you further up in the business.

    Justin grins back at Heath, speaking softly to him as the camera cuts back to the ring.

    The familiar sound of static is heard before the opening guitar riffs of ‘Cult of Personality’ play and the CWA champion walks out, the title hung over his shoulder. He heads to the ring slowly, pausing on the stairs to look around at those sitting ringside, frowning slightly when he gets into the ring, not having seen what he was looking for. He doesn’t flinch as Kane’s usual pyros go off, watching intently as his opponent heads to the ring before handing his title to one of the guys at ringside.

    CWA Champion CM Punk vs. ½ CWA Tag Team Champions Kane

    Kane and Punk lock up for the grapple, Kane getting the upper hand and picking Punk up for a suplex. As Kane does, somehow, Punk manages to land a kick to the back of Kane’s head. The big red monster goes down and it’s Punk’s turn to be on the offensive. He lands a barrage of kicks, reminiscent of something his good friend Daniel Bryan would do, as Kane tries to get up. The ref pulls Punk from Kane only to have Punk rush back at Kane. As Kane gets up and gets to where he can attack, “Getting Away With Murder” starts and Lucas Turner makes his way out to the ring. Lucas looks furious and he gets in the ring, not caring that Kane is standing right there. Lucas has a steel pipe in one hand and goes to attack Punk, landing the pipe across his stomach as the ref calls for the disqualification.

    Winner: CWA Champion CM Punk via disqualification

    Lucas makes his way up the ramp as he grabs a microphone from ringside.

    Lucas: You thought this was over Punk? You thought I was just gonna let your ‘win’ at Annual Affliction go? Not by a long shot. That title? It belongs to me! But really, *he looks at the pipe he’s holding in his hand* How’s this for a pipe bomb?

    The camera fades out on the sick smirk that plays across Lucas’ lips.

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