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    Arella Rayne

    Arella Rayne
    Arella Rayne

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    Arella Rayne

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    Name: Arella Rayne
    Height: 5ft 9
    Weight: 145lbs
    Age: 20
    Hometown: San Francisco, California

    CWA accomplishments: None
    Non-CWA accomplishments: Trained in Ju-Jitsu before learning wrestling
    Type (Face or Heel): Tweener (mostly heel)
    Style of Wrestling: Brawler/Grappler
    Gimmick: Rebel, Punk rocker/Gothic Lolita, takes shit from no one
    CWA Win/Loss Record: 0-0-0
    Current CWA Feuds: None
    Finisher(s): Lost the Script (Flip Piledriver) & Disconnecting Reality (Tilt-A-Whirl armbar) -(I might change the names)

    Appearance: She often dyes her hair different bright colours, but usually pink or purple & makes her own clothing. She has a piercing on the right side of her bottom lip and one on her tongue.

    Entrance Theme (If you wish to include one): Up in Flames by Icon for Hire

    Introduction Promo:

    The screen is black as part of a song is heard playing, a female voice singing the rock song.

    Somebody make a move
    Somebody make a move
    Please somebody make a move
    We all know
    We all know what's going on

    Pointing my fingers the problems still linger
    They keep getting bigger and I hold the trigger
    Running with fire I live like a liar
    Please somebody make a move

    The camera fades in to show a young woman with pink hair, a piercing on the right side of her bottom lip which shines as she smirks, the camera zooming out to show her holding a microphone that’s attached to a stand, male band members playing the music. The woman’s outfit is handmade, the altered corset-shirt and hooded vest, the dark purple tutu-like skirt, the leggings. She has grey lace up boots on that don’t quite reach her knees and striped fingerless gloves.

    Woman: 'Cause everybody's so scared
    We don't wanna go there
    We don't wanna make a move
    We got all our lives to lose
    Screaming in the dark while we just play our part
    I'll play right along
    Like I don't know what's going on

    Somebody make a move
    Somebody make a move
    Please somebody make a move
    We all know
    We all know what's going on

    The guys keep playing music after the woman stops singing until she turns and signals for them to stop; turning back to the camera once they’ve left the room.

    Woman: *imitating Nolee’s voice* “Where's the big shake up of the Vixxens’ Division we all need? Since Belle left, we've all slacked in keeping up with the boys.” *she switches to her normal voice* You’ve all slacked since she left, really? I could have sworn the guys never considered the Vixxens to be equal to them in the first place for whatever reason… Either way, if you think that’s true; why aren’t you doing anything about it huh? Why say such a thing if you aren’t going to step forward yourself to start the change?

    She shakes her head before shrugging as if to ask ‘why?’

    Woman: It’s no wonder the men don’t give most of the Vixxens the respect they deserve, let alone the entire Divas division in the WWE. You say things like that and act tough, but never actually back up your words unless it’s against each other. If you’re going to say something tough and admit you’ve been slacking, fix it! If you messed up and chose the wrong team because you were pissed off or have a grudge against someone, stand up for your beliefs and go fix the mistake instead of whining and feeling sorry for yourself. *she goes over to the drums, picking up a drumstick and twirling it in her fingers* What happened to the Vixxens that challenged even Lucas Turner because they thought he was being an ass? What happened to the Vitani Summers I idolised because she believed in herself and told everyone else to do the same? She admitted herself that she went against her own beliefs out of spite towards her ex. Even Angel has been claiming she’s an ‘avenging Angel’, but hasn’t actually done any avenging!

    She angrily tosses the drumstick down, causing it to crash loudly against a cymbal.

    Woman: What’s happened to you all?! Have you all gone soft? Have you all turned your backs on your beliefs because you’re more worried about your personal lives that have not only spilt onto the screen, but they’ve taken over your work lives too! Most people keep their personal issues away from their work life, besides the occasional incidences like that whole Matt Hardy and Lita issue…

    Frustrated, the pink haired woman sits down on the drummer’s seat, her arms folded.

    Woman: You know I was at a signing for the CWA not too long ago; I told Vitani how I loved the fact that she was always herself and not who others expected her to be. I wish she still did that like she used to, instead of worrying about the whiny little Rhodes who complains instead of actually trying to fix the rift he created between them. I hoped that by saying it, she’d realise she’d turned her back on herself and just last week; she admitted it. I hope it the start of a change; the start of the re-birth of the Vixxens. I hope each one of those woman realise they need to stop worrying about personal issues that should be solved away from work like all good employees…and employers do and actually focus on what makes the wrestling business what it is; what makes the CWA great. They all need to focus on putting 100% into their matches and entertaining the fans who come to see wrestling, not a soap opera or a lame reality TV show. If you say you’re going to do something, do it! Don’t just forget about it and turn the show into a competition to get married first; save that shit for another of those horrid MTV shows. You could call it ‘let’s play childish games with our personal lives instead of doing our jobs’.

    She chuckles, though she still looks annoyed as she gets up, moving back in front of the drums, pacing by her microphone.

    Woman: I thought the point of the CWA was to be different from the WWE? What happened to that huh?

    Stopping her pacing, the rocker turns back to face the camera, her gloved hands on her hips.

    Woman: I’m going to do something about all this; I’m going to do exactly what Nolee was looking for someone to do – shake up the CWA. I’m going to be the newest Vixxen on the roster and I’m going to show everyone what it means to stand up for what you believe in. *she reaches one hand up, brushing it through her dyed hair* Who am I? I’m Arella Rayne and I’m going to show you all why letting your personal life spill into your work life is a bad idea.

    She smirks, switching to a fighting stance, the camera cutting out as she aims a kick at the screen.

    Superstar Base Pic:

    REASON FOR JOINING CWA: Well as the ‘Princess’ asked herself: “Where's the big shake up of the Vixxens’ Division we all need?” I’m here to do just that; shake up the Vixxens’ division and help turn it back to what it’s supposed to be.

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