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    Soft elegant music plays instead of the opening music of the pay-per-view, the view not going to the ring announcer but to the ring instead. Tall calla lilies sit at each of the four corners of the ring while the mat is whiter than usual. An archway, laced with blue roses, sits in the center of the ring in front of a man in a preachers’ outfit and two microphones. The music keeps playing, now sounding like a classical version of Dropkick Murphy’s Loyal To No One. Sheamus, dressed in a three piece black tux with a blue vest and bow tie, walks out to the ring and bends to get in. He shakes the preachers hand and smiles, grinning when he turns to look at the ramp as the classic wedding march is played and Nolee walks out onto the ramp. Her dress is a classic white sheath with beading in the form of a Celtic Cross around the top, a blue sash tied around the waist. On her head sits a small white bowler hat cocked to one side with a veil hanging from it to just below her eyes. As she heads down the ramp, the wedding music cuts out and this is what we hear, a young woman on the titantron. The camera fades in on the titantron to show a young woman with pink hair, a piercing on the right side of her bottom lip which shines as she smirks, the camera zooming out to show her holding a microphone that’s attached to a stand, male band members playing the music. The woman’s outfit is handmade, the altered corset-shirt and hooded vest, the dark purple tutu-like skirt, the leggings. She has grey lace up boots on that don’t quite reach her knees and striped fingerless gloves.

    Woman: *imitating Nolee’s voice* “Where's the big shake up of the Vixxens’ Division we all need? Since Belle left, we've all slacked in keeping up with the boys.” *she switches to her normal voice* You’ve all slacked since she left, really? I could have sworn the guys never considered the Vixxens to be equal to them in the first place for whatever reason… Either way, if you think that’s true; why aren’t you doing anything about it huh? Why say such a thing if you aren’t going to step forward yourself to start the change?

    Nolee looks furious as she turns and looks up at the titantron, the knuckles on the hand that is clutching her boquet turning white. She bites the inside of jaw but turns, trying to look as dignified as she can be. Sheamus holds open the ropes for her and she gets in, looking at him lovingly. She stands in the ring for a second, getting use to the feel of her stilettos before the voice of the woman we heard before is heard again.

    Woman:If you say you’re going to do something, do it! Don’t just forget about it and turn the show into a competition to get married first; save that shit for another of those horrid MTV shows. You could call it ‘let’s play childish games with our personal lives instead of doing our jobs’.

    Nolee looks furious before turning to look at the titantron, Sheamus even looking worried about how Nolee is feeling. The blonde vixxen turns back to Sheamus.

    Preacher: We gather here today to join these two in holy matrimony. Now I understand the duo have written their own vows. Mr. Farrelly would you like to go first?

    Sheamus nods and turns to Nolee, smiling nervously before speaking in Irish, which he translates afterwards.

    Sheamus: Nolee, I know we didn't exactly start off on the best of terms when we first met here and we've been through our share of good and bad with each other and our families, along with issues on the show and others not approving of our relationship, but i don't care. What matters is that we've been there for each other when we've needed it and that we love each other...

    Nolee smiles and holds Sheamus’ hand, barely able to contain her tears even though this is just a makeshift wedding.

    Nolee: Sheamus, when I first met you, you infuriated me. I couldn’t understand how I felt so strongly for a guy who hurt my brothers feelings like he did. But then I grew to realize you were just a man putting up a front, you weren’t the man you wanted people to think you were. I fell in love with you. I may have not always been the best girlfriend, I may have not always been there for you. But that’s in the past. Today we start our own life together. I promise to stand by you, to help you whenever you need it, and to be the one you can turn to when the rest of the world turns its back on your.

    Preacher: Isn’t that touching? *smiles* Do I have any objections to this union.

    The titantron shows the womans promo once again, as if on cue.

    Woman: I’m going to do something about all this; I’m going to do exactly what Nolee was looking for someone to do – shake up the CWA. I’m going to be the newest Vixxen on the roster and I’m going to show everyone what it means to stand up for what you believe in. *she reaches one hand up, brushing it through her dyed hair* Who am I? I’m Arella Rayne and I’m going to show you all why letting your personal life spill into your work life is a bad idea.

    Nolee is now furious and she turns, grabbing one of the microphones.

    Nolee: Alright! Alright that’s enough! I don’t give a damn who you are but you can’t just ruin the best day of my life! Get your ass out here!

    A song comes on and plays through the arena, 'Up in Flames' by a mostly unknown band, Icon for Hire. Instead of the woman appearing on the stage, she comes from the audience, jumping over the barrier before heading towards the ring, going up the steel stairs. She's wearing a black and purple gothic style dress, a small veil attached to a bow in her hair as if she put it there to mock Nolee.

    Nolee: I don’t know who you think you are but you have no right to be here! You have no right to ruin my wedding! This is for the fans dammit! Tell her Shea!

    Sheamus goes to speak but stops, glaring as the woman raises a hand to cut him off.

    Arella: i /told/ you who i was in the video, maybe you should pay attention. In case you missed it, the name's Arella Rayne.

    Nolee: I don’t care who you are! You have no right to ruin this! *growls* Your lucky I’m not ready for fighting just yet or I’d kick your teeth down your throat! Luckily, Sheamus can do that for me!

    Arella: no right? I think i have one, the minister asked for objections, so i'm objecting in place of all the fans who'd rather watch actual wrestling over another classic doomed wrestler wedding.

    Sheamus grabs her arm, trying to get her to leave the ring, but Arella pulls her arm away, Sheamus not wanting to be too rough.

    Nolee: *if looks could kill the one she’s giving Arella would send her to an early grave* A doomed wedding? This wedding is not doomed! Now get the hell out of my ring, let us say our ‘I do’s’ and let me get changed for my match. Once I win, I can worry about stalking you down and kicking your teeth in.

    Arella: *laughs* You're going to stalk me now? Good luck with that. Anyway, I've made my objections, I think I'm done here. *she turns to leave, smirking*

    As a close up of Nolee’s furious face is shown, the camera fades to it’s first commercial break of the night.


    When the camera comes back from commercial, Belle is standing in the ring with Wade standing outside of it as “Bad Girlfriend” by Theory of A Deadman plays. They appear to be talking to one another before the lights dim and “Hell on Heels” by The Pistol Annies starts to play. Nolee walks out, her hair still done up from her ruined wedding ceremony, but other wise still in her ring gear. She gets into the ring, eyes locked on Belle’s before referee Hanna Beckford calls for the starting bell.

    Nolee Lacroix vs Belle Moore w/Wade Barrett

    There’s a moment between the two girls where they share a look before getting back into the ring. Belle locks her up and manages to bring her to one knee, slipping behind her to lock her in the headlock. Nolee elbows her in the gut. Belle doesn’t let go and it takes Nolee getting to her feet and backing Belle up into the turnbuckle to make her let go. Belle lets go but before Nolee can back away, Belle has a hold of her arm and is flinging her into the opposite turnbuckle. Nolee hits and Belle comes at her with a strong kick to the gut. Nolee slumps down in the corner and that causes Belle to send a flurry of kicks to her midsection. She drags Nolee out of the corner and attempts the pin. Nolee rolls her shoulder up and the match continues. Nolee stands, grabbing Belle and taking her down to the mat for an arm bar but Belle manages to reach the nearby ropes and Nolee is forced to let go. The hardcore princess comes at Nolee and the two trade blows in the center of the ring before Nolee gets the upper hand. She sends one final punch which knocks Belle off of her feet and Nolee goes to stand behind Belle as she stands. When the hardcore princess finally stands up, Nolee attempts her finisher: locking her arms around Belle’s, clasping them at the back of Belle’s head, and finally taking her down to the mat with a slam. Nolee then covers her for the pin.

    Winner: Nolee Lacroix via pinfall

    Nolee smirks and stands up, looking down and waving mockingly at Belle. She heads out of the ring and backstage, smiling when she passes Sheamus who is making his way out to the ring, stopping to kiss him on the cheek before continuing on. There, waiting for him, is Wade Barrett.

    Wade: Look, I’m sorry about your wedding. I don’t even know who that lady was.

    Sheamus frowns, shaking his head.

    Sheamus: Me either, she's just lucky she's not a fella, otherwise she'd have gotten a Brogue kick...

    Wade: When has gender ever stopped you from Brogue kicking someone. I swear, you’ve gotten soft. I know you love her but is Nolee really the best choice for you?

    Sheamus: Since I didn't want to ruin the day more than the girl did by getting violent. *he frowns* Why wouldn't she be?

    Wade: She cheated on you Sheamus. Once a cheater, always a cheater. *shakes his head* But I digress, we have a match and as much as we may not like it, we have to go through with it. I hope I don’t ruin your day even more by beating you.

    Sheamus: I turst her not to do that again. *he suddenly has an amused look on his face* Who says it's you that'll win?

    Wade: *grins* I do. Now, excuse me but I have to get on out to the ring.

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* Good luck.

    The camera follows Wade to the ring as “Warrior” by Disturbed plays. He gets in the ring and smiles, looking at where Belle sits, having decided not to leave from her match. The original Dropkick Murphy’s version of Loyal To No One starts playing and Sheamus walks out to the ring, looking fierce. He gets in and shakes Wades hand, who mouths ‘congrats’ to his old friend before the ref calls for the bell to be rung.

    Sheamus vs Wade Barrett w/Belle Moore

    The bell sounds and the two friends stand up against each other, nose to nose and talking to each other. Both have a smirk on their face before Wade shoves Sheamus who stumbles back. Sheamus looks at him like he’s crazy and comes forward, fists raised. He looks fierce and grabs Wade, the two men grappling before Sheamus gets him for a rather vicious sidewalk slam. Sheamus writhes in pain and attempts to get up but Wade will have none of it. He kicks Sheamus in the head to keep him down, smirking as he backs up to stare down at him. He wrings his hands in front of him and looks down at Sheamus, waiting for his friend to get up. When Sheamus does get up, Wade picks him up for the Wasteland and manages to land the move before placing a boot on his chest.

    Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

    Wade removes his foot as soon as the three count is done, extending a hand to help pull Sheamus to his feet. The two friends hug and head out of the ring. The camera pans to backstage where Carter is lifting weights to get ready for his match later on in the night. He seems to be focused until he hears the door open and turns his head to see Christian enter.

    Carter: Hey man! Tonight’s not off to a good start for my team huh? Nolee wins which adds to Team Jerry, Wade wins. It’s starting off to a rocky start…

    Christian: *nods with a soft sigh* Yeah.... *goes over to Carter* We can do it thought... Right?

    Carter: Luckily we have a few matches where it doesn’t matter. You versus Mari and Kane/me versus Angel/Drew will end up in a win for my team either way. *grins* Not that I don’t hope my boyfriend wins more than my good friend though.

    Christian: *smiles* Thanks Carter, I'm sure Punk will retain his title and i bet Dia will will too.

    Carter: I’m sure Punk will retain but if he doesn’t Alex or Drew winning will give us the company too. As for Dia, other than the fact that Vi’s working for Jerry, I have no problem with either one of them winning. I just want to run this company right, ya know?

    Christian: I know baby, you deserve to run it too.

    Carter: *smiles* Thanks. Worried about Mari?

    Christian: A little, yeah.

    Carter: Don’t get nervous. You’ll do great. You’re both great competitors. It’ll be a hard fought match. Wanna sit in here with me and train before our respective matches?

    Christian: *smiles and nods* Yeah, sounds good.

    Carter smiles as the camera fades out on the two men working out and fades to the first commercial break.


    The camera comes back up on “Dancing With Myself” playing on a shot of an empty ring. Dia runs out to the ramp, playing her usual air guitar as Colt runs out to play air drums. The two run down to the ring in unison before Dia slides in the ring and Colt stands on the outside. They share a look before Dia looks away and at the ramp, “This What Rock and Roll Looks Like” playing over the speakers. Vitani, her title over her shoulder, walks to the ring and gets in with a smile to Dia. The two girls nod at each other, though Dia is feeling more nervous than she lets on.

    Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers vs Dia Banks for the Vixxens Championship

    Dia looks like she’s not sure if she wants to put all her strength into it but after some words of encouragement from Vitani, she nods and approaches the Vixxens Champion. Vitani, thinking she’s going to grapple is prepared for that, but is shocked when Dia takes her down with a double leg take down. Dia hits a few closed fist punches, something that is unlike her but shows that she has a determination to win. Referee Josh Hamlin pulls Dia off of Vitani though, as the number one contender was not keeping a count of how many punches she delivered to her opponent. Dia allows Vitani to stand and she does so, Dia going near her. Vitani attempts her insiguri a little too early and Dia capitalizes on this fact, going down and locking her in a Boston crab. The Vixxens Champion attempts to get to the ropes but to no avail, tapping out as she cannot reach her salvation.

    Winner and New VIxxens Champion: Dia Banks via submission

    Dia smiles and nods, forgetting momentarily that it’s a title match. When she does remember, her eyes light up and Colt slides into the ring, hugging her tightly before grabbing the belt from the ref and handing it to Dia. Dia looks greatful and Colt leans in for a kiss, Dia pressing one to his cheek before heading backstage. Mariana smiles as she walks up to her friend and new team mate.

    Mariana: Congratulations on your win. Now, what were you thinking not giving him a kiss back?

    Dia: He wanted a kiss?

    Mariana: Uh, duh! If you didn’t see that then you need glasses.

    Dia: He was happy for me yeah, but a kiss I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet.

    Mariana: Do you need me to go back and replay it?

    Dia: I know he loves me but one step at a time okay?

    Mariana: You two are supposed to be together, it’s like destined.

    Dia: You sound exactly like Phil.

    Mariana: Maybe Phil’s right.

    Dia: Look, I’m sure you have more than me and Colt to worry about. You’ve got a championship match of your own tonight and if you don’t win not only will you not be champ, Jerry could keep control of the company. Is that what you want?

    Mariana: *puts her hands on her hips* Hey, I came into this whole thing as a neutral party.

    Dia: Yeah and now, you’re one of Carter’s advisors. Colt and I’s rumored relationship, or whatever you and Phil wanna call this, can wait.

    Mariana: He may have waited this long for you but that doesn’t mean he’ll wait forever.

    Dia: He needs to be happy and I don’t think I’m the one he needs.

    Mariana: Yes you are. Accept it. Get over it and be with him.

    Dia shakes her head and places her title on her shoulder.

    Dia: Look, I’ll think about it okay? I can’t promise anything. For now, lets just worry about proving we’re the best and later we can focus on love lifes. And a party. We’re gonna need a party.

    Mariana: That’s all I ask. *smiles and beams inwardly*

    Dia rolls her eyes and the camera pans to a shot of the ring. The pyrotechnics for Kane’s theme go off, the red lights bathing the arena, and Kane and Carter making their way out to the ring. They look a tad more sinister than they usually look. Carter gets in the ring first, then Kane, and the two talk for a while before “Broken Dreams” plays and Drew walks out to the opening of the ramp before Lacuna Coil’s “I Like It” starts to play and Angel walks out to stand next to him, their titles gleaming on their shoulders. Drew gets in the ring first and smirks at Carter, gesturing for him to get in the ring. Carter takes his advice and gets in the ring.

    CWA Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre and Angel James vs Kane and Carter Lacroix for the CWA Tag Team Championships

    Carter and Drew start the match while Angel and Kane wait on the outside. Carter gets a scoop slam quickly and then runs off the rope to land a leg drop across Drew’s chest. He makes a quick tag to Kane, while Drew is still down, and the big red machine gets into the ring. He allows Drew to stand but as he sees Drew going towards Angel for the tag, he grabs the Scott for a chokeslam. Angel gets in the ring to attack Kane but Carter fights her out of it and they end up on the outside of the ring. Kane cokeslams Drew and then pins him.

    Winners and New CWA Tag Team Champions: Carter Lacroix and Kane via pinfall

    When Carter hears the bell ring, he looks over to see who has won. When he sees it’s Kane, he pumps his fist in joy before sliding in the ring and grabbing his title. He thinks about it in his head before holding up two fingers on one hand and two on the other mouthing, ‘We’re tied, watch your step’ before the camera fades to commercial.


    When the camera comes back from commercial break, we’re taken to the ring where Take Over by Dale Oliver is playing and Christian is standing in the ring, with Edge at ringside. All of a sudden the lights go off and “Trip The Darkness” by Lacuna Coil begins to play. A spotlight comes on on the ramp and Mariana, with Jensen standing behind her, is there. The duo make their way to the ring, Mari stopping at ringside where it’s shown that WWE Legends Shawn Micheals and Triple H are sitting wearing shirts that say “We Trained Her!” on the front with Mari’s picture on the back. She kisses both of their cheeks before getting into the ring, Jensen standing outside of it.

    Five Nations Champion Christian w/ Edge vs Mariana Thomas w/Jensen Winchester

    Mari locks up Christian with a side headlock. She is shoved into the ropes but bounces back with a leg lariat. She then lands a running knee drop before a cover but kick out at one. Mari follows with a vertical suplex and then a double arm suplex. The Vixxen sends Christian into the ropes and telegraphs a back body drop. Christian lands a running uppercut and tries for a clothesline but Mari ducks and hits a standing dropkick to the chest. She backs into the corner and tunes up the band, smiling as she can hear Shawn calling for the move that’s about to come next: Sweet. Chin. Music. She hits the kick and then goes for the cover.

    Winner and New Five Nations Champion: Mariana Thomas via pinfall

    Mariana looks proud of herself and takes the title, kissing Jensen before going over to the barricade with Hunter and Shawn who hug her tight and help her over the barricade to stand with them as the camera fades to a shot of the announcers.

    James: What a show we’ve had here tonight huh guys?

    Val: We got a new Vixxen who is not only really freaky but kinda hot!

    Terry: Not to mention that every championship has changed hands tonight and we still have one match to go!

    James: And for those of you keeping score in this giant war with Jerry and Carter, Team Carter is now up by one.

    Terry: Let’s hope Lucas can win this last match and at least tie it up, imagine how horridly Carter would run the company!

    Val: Nah, I’m all for Carter getting control!

    James: As am I but we’ll find out next won’t we.

    The camera pans to the ring where “Whatever’s Real” by The High Crusade begins playing and Alex runs out to the ring, looking excited. He bounces on his toes as “Broken Dreams” by Shamans Harvest starts up and Drew walks to the ring for the second time that night. He looks considerably less happy than he did earlier in the night and stands sullenly, shooting hard glances from Alex to the ramp. “Getting Away With Murder” starts to play and Lucas walks out, smirking as he does so. He gets in the ring, not bothering to pay attention to the two men that are already there before “Cult of Personality” starts playing and Punk, with the title around his waist, walks to the ring. He looks at each of his competitors and as he hands the title over, Jerry’s face comes on the screen.

    Jerry: Gentlemen, gentlemen, I forgot to mention one little thing. This match, it’s an elimination style match. Each time a man gets pinned, he gets eliminated until there is only one man standing. Pinfalls, submissions, and countouts all count in this match.

    The screen goes blank and the men, except for Lucas, who is still beaming because he probably knew this, look frustrated as referee Hank Mitchell calls for the bell to be rung.

    CWA Champion CM Punk vs Lucas Turner vs Drew McIntyre vs Alex Shelley for the CWA Championship

    The men all tie up, Punk going for Alex and Drew going for Lucas. Their respective battles go good, each man looking to score the first pinfall of the match. Finally, Lucas attempts a right hook on Drew who ducks and the move hits Alex. Punk smirks and pins Alex, eliminating him before giving Drew a GTS and allowing Lucas to eliminate him. It’s obvious that the two men have wanted it to be just them from the get go. The two men tie up before Lucas flings Punk over the top rope, the straight edged superstar crashing to the ground. Lucas follows him over and flings him into the barricade as the ref starts the count. Lucas nor Punk are paying attention and by the time Lucas realizes what’s going on, it’s to late and the referee has reached the ten count.

    Winner: Nobody
    Retaining Champion because the title belt does not change hands on account of count out: CM Punk

    Lucas looks furious and stalks towards Punk but the rest of Team Carter rushes out to the ring, standing in front of their champion. Carter’s the one who delivers a right hook of his own to Lucas’ face before the large man goes down, the camera showing the celebrating team and new CEO Carter Lacroix before ending for the night.

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