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    Addressing the Rumours: Nolee interview


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    Addressing the Rumours: Nolee interview Empty Addressing the Rumours: Nolee interview

    Post  Casey on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:37 am

    After posting my most recent blog, there were as usual, some mixed reactions to what I’d written. The most negative reaction was from former Vixxens’ champion, Nolee Lacroix. After some impolite comments towards each other (along with threats towards a certain interviewer), I decided to help the Vixxen set things straight with the CWA universe about the controversial issues that have seemed to surround her during her time in the CWA.

    Nolee: Interview me. Ask all the questions everyone wants to know.

    Casey: *hesitates before nodding* Okay…

    Nolee; *sits cross legged on a chair* Well go on!

    Casey: Um... what exactly happened with your match against Mariana?

    Nolee: Which one?

    Casey: The Summer Heat one.

    Nolee: I gloated to Jensen, Sheamus got me disqualified.

    Casey: I take it you didn't plan for it to happen that way?

    Nolee: I wanted to do it with my own two hands...

    Casey: *nods* Did you explain that to him beforehand?

    Nolee: I...I don't think I should have had to.

    Casey: You didn't warn him in case?

    Nolee: Didn't think I had to...

    Casey: *shrugs* What about your conversation with Angel afterwards, do you regret picking Jerry's side at all?

    Nolee: *softly* Of course I do...

    Casey: Carter wasn’t too happy about it then?

    Nolee: Heartbroken...

    Casey: Would you have rather joined Carter if you'd thought about it, or just stayed neutral?

    Nolee: Stayed neutral...

    Casey: Have you spoken to Carter since?

    Nolee: *hangs her head* No...

    Casey: Why not?

    Nolee: He...he won't...

    Casey: Your brother won't talk to you? Have you tried to explain...?

    Nolee: Anytime I call him, he won't answer. He won't text. He avoids me.

    Casey: He'll see this won't he? Why not explain now?

    Nolee: Please...Carter...I was just angry and I...I didn't mean it...

    Casey: *waits to let her finish*

    Nolee: *wipes her eyes* So what else can you inquiring mind think to ask?

    Casey: Well from what I saw, Sheamus hadn't picked a side yet; what do you think he's planning to do?

    Nolee: I can never guess what Shea is going to do. Hopefully he can stay neutral.

    Casey: *nods* Any idea of who might win in the end?

    Nolee: Whomever’s team is more polished.

    Casey: I take it pretty much everyone thinks the team they're on will win?

    Nolee: How can you not?

    Casey: Well some joined sides simply because of their rival being on the other team...

    Nolee: Like me.

    Casey: Yes, like you... And people like Wade Barrett, isn't he on Jerry's side because of Punk?

    Nolee: That and because Carter and Wade don't really get along. But mostly Punk.

    Casey: *nods* Was there anything else you wanted to clear up?

    Nolee: I'm open for any questions.

    Casey: *hesitates before asking* Do you and Sheamus have anything planned yet?

    Nolee: We're getting married at the next pay-per-view.

    Casey: aren't worried at all considering how weddings on other wrestling shows have turned out?

    Nolee: That was the WWE. This is the CWA. Who would ruin my wedding? Besides, this is just one for the fans. We're having a proper wedding later.

    Casey: I was just asking, some fans might expect something similar to happen. Having a proper one away from the show is probably a better idea.

    Nolee: I know it's a little expected, but it won't happen.

    Casey: Hopefully not, anyway...

    Nolee: Who would do it?

    Casey: *shrugs* I don't know. If anyone did though...well, you aren't exactly the most loved by the others are you?

    Nolee: The other girls are jealous.

    Casey: How so?

    Nolee: I'm much better than all of them.

    Casey: They seem to disagree with that though, some of them say they’re the best; others seem to think Angel is because of her record holding the Vixxens’ title. So what’s your reasoning behind thinking you’re the best?

    Nolee: I've worked harder for what little I have. You all think because Jerry is my dad, I get it easy. Well I don't. When you’re a legends kid, people assume more than what your capable of.

    Casey: Not everyone thinks you have it easy; I’ve never really been a fan of your attitude though…or the attitudes some of the others have. I guess a lot of them deserve the attitude you give them though, they don’t really treat you much better.

    Nolee: Exactly! I learned back in the WWE when I was training with Dolph not to let people get away with insults. Man has a temper.

    Casey: You aren’t like how the others see you at work while you’re away from it are you? In some of your promos you’ve seemed, well… different.

    Nolee: Of course not! Work is work and time away from the ring is personal. I'm a normal 19 year old away from the ring.

    Casey: I just asked to make it clear, because some people assume that what they see on TV is how a person really is.

    Nolee: Well some people are. Like Dia. She's really a fun loving but free spirited mother.

    Casey: True… but some of the others like yourself are quite different, like Lucas when he’s around his children, or Punk when he’s around his friends...

    Nolee: Punk's not really different around his friends. He's sarcastic and sort of an ass. They just know how to handle it.

    Casey: *shrugs* I guess so… *pauses nervously* I um…I’m sorry I’ve offended you with what I’ve said, I just write things as I see them; which is why the people I actually speak to often don’t end up feeling insulted. If I’d known exactly what was going on, I’d have written it different…

    Nolee: *soft smile* You’re not so bad Casey.

    Casey: Not really… *gives a small smile*

    Nolee: So is that it?

    Casey: *nods* …unless there’s anything else you’d like to say?

    Nolee: If anyone does think of ruining my wedding, it's not just me you have to deal with. Lets say an All American man of honor is gonna be awful pissed.

    Casey: I doubt Sheamus would be very happy if someone did either…

    Nolee: *giggles* Well that's like me saying I won't be happy, redundant.

    Casey: *smiles* Good point.

    Nolee: *smiles* So points already made.

    Casey: *nods* Right.

    Nolee: Is that it?

    Casey: I suppose so; unless there’s anything else you want to say?

    Nolee: Not that I can think of.

    Casey: Okay, well we’re done then. *he smiles*

    Nolee: Thanks Casey.

    Casey: You're welcome.

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