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    Casey's Blog: July 2012


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    Casey's Blog: July 2012 Empty Casey's Blog: July 2012

    Post  Casey on Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:05 am

    It’s been a while since I did this, but I figured now would be a good time to start this up again considering the war that’s brewing and people have come and gone from the CWA and just about everyone’s been dealing with issues of their own while they’ve been busy worrying about who’s going to end up running the company.

    A lot of friendships have been under strain and problems from people’s pasts have come to light; I also heard a certain ‘Princess’ finally got what she wanted…though she’s still not happy thanks to her loss to her former friend and newest Vixxen, Mariana Thomas.
    Apparently it’s Sheamus’ fault she lost, yet it was her match and from the way he talked about it in his promo when he was the one against Mariana, Sheamus didn’t really even want to be part of the feud; it wouldn’t be the first time though that the Irishman’s done something simply to please the ‘Princess’.
    Nolee as usual still doesn’t really get along with anybody, especially not Angel; though there was her brief affair with Drew McIntyre, who she apparently asked to join the CWA just for that purpose although both her men mentioned McIntyre’s had a rivalry with Sheamus for years, which the affair only seemed to make worse.

    Meanwhile Wade’s ‘team’ Solstice is having issues…though when aren’t Wade’s teams having issues? Speaking of which, when did they even wrestle as a team last? I know Justin’s still injured, which I assume wasn’t helped by the CWA champ’s latest stunt that involved breaking and entering…and assault; but even before that they barely actually tagged together. Their ‘manager’ isn’t helping that situation either since the champ first attacked Justin Gabriel, who’s complained about the ginger being ‘annoyingly over protective’.
    Wade as usual has been in a feud with someone who usually always seems to get the upper hand over him, though instead of Christian, it’s now CM Punk; who’s done nothing but piss people off since arriving in the CWA and joined Carter’s team after forcing Cody to buy him tickets to the Avengers movie and Carter gave him a cage match against his nemesis Wade.

    Their feud seems to have continued on from when Punk took the Nexus from Wade and they seem to have only grown to hate each other even more since then… Odds are they’ll still be fighting after how Punk one their cage match, considering his friends Dia Banks and Colt Cabana helped by stopping Wade escaping…and hurt Wade’s already injured friends. I’d hate to see how violent it’ll get if this feud continues after what’s already happened.

    Thankfully Christian’s free of his stalker and has gone back to happily being with Carter, meaning he doesn’t have to constantly worry about his friends getting hurt, he seems a lot happier now, but I’m not sure he’s quite back to his usual self yet. If Carter wasn’t already in a tag team with Kane, I’d suggest he team up with Christian, but teaming up with Kane is always a better alternative than having to fight him; although fighting someone you love like Carter and Christian have to isn’t exactly what I’d call fun.
    I’m just glad I don’t fight, I’d hate to have to fight Alex…then again he hasn’t had as many matches as some of the other Warriors and Vixxens, which is a shame; he isn’t a bully like a lot of the other Warriors are, Punk probably being the worst at the moment. He even insulted Nolee despite being on her brother’s side in the war. Thankfully Alex doesn’t get involved in all the crazy, often dangerous feuds and storylines, though being part of a proper one might help get him a title shot; though the CWA champ’s a psycho and if Kane and Carter use their rematch clause and win the tag titles back, assuming Alex teams with Christian again, Carter would be stuck fighting him again; otherwise it’s McIntyre and Angel…who just need a third member and they can be the new, possibly more successful Foreign Legion.
    They could always get Vitani to join them, seeing as her and Angel work well together, assuming her Cody issues that ruined Nocta Hemata’s tag title reign don’t get in the way again.

    Who knows what will happen with all these issues though, the things that go on within the CWA are even more unpredictable than Nolee’s mood swings…which are often the cause of some of the issues, so it’s almost impossible to say.


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