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    Summer Heat Results


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    Summer Heat Results Empty Summer Heat Results

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    A video package of the Wade Barrett/CM Punk feud plays before the camera comes up on the inside of Wade’s locker room. Heath and Justin sit close together on the bench as Wade paces the length of the room. He glances at the two before he breaks the silence.

    Wade: So you really won’t be at ringside?

    Justin: Just because he said we won’t doesn’t mean that’s true.

    Wade: Is it true?

    Justin: No. We’re friends, we aren’t just going to abandon you.

    Wade: *looks at Heath* Are you in?

    Heath: *hesitates for a moment before nodding* Yeah I am.

    Wade: Good because I have a plan…

    The camera fades out on the Brit explaining something to Heath and Justin. It comes back up on a shot of the ring as “Loyal To No One” starts playing. Sheamus walks out to the ramp, smiling wider than he has in a while. Nolee walks out to be by his side and the two share a sweet kiss before they walk to the ring, hand in hand. She holds open the ropes for Sheamus and he gets in the ring before she goes and sits next to the announcers. The High Crusades “Whatever’s Real” starts to play and Alex walks to the ring, a smirk on his face.

    Sheamus w/Nolee Lacroix vs Alex Shelley

    Alex mouths something to Sheamus who gets pissed at whatever it was and goes after Alex. He flings the younger man shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Alex cries out in pain and Sheamus goes back to him, landing a swift kick to the ribs. Alex drops to the mat, Sheamus wrapping a first in his hair and hauling him up. Alex lands a kick to Sheamus’ knee but the Celtic Warrior doesn’t seem to mind. He powerbombs Alex before back up into the corner, slapping his chest and screaming Brogue. Alex dizzily gets up just in time to be met by a rough Brogue Kick to the jaw before Sheamus rolls him up for the pin.

    Winner: Sheamus via pinfall

    The camera fades out on Sheamus celebrating and in on Dia, dressed in her ring gear, talking to Colt who is holding Louis’ hand.

    Colt: You sure you’ll do fine Dia?

    Dia: I’m sure Colt. Sheesh, it’s just a match.

    Colt: And you’ll think about what we talked about?

    Louis: *giggles* Mama and Uncwe Canbanana and Uncwe Punk!

    Dia: *smiles and ruffles his hair* No more talkin’ bout it. It’s a surprise.

    Louis: *holds a finger up to his lips* Shhhh!

    Dia smiles and pecks Louis on the forehead before kissing Colt on the cheek. “Dancing With Myself” starts to play and Dia runs out to the ramp, playing air guitar for a moment before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. She looks ready to go, even as “This What Rock and Roll Looks Like” by Porcelin Black starts. Vitani, championship on her shoulder, walks to the ramp. She poses with Tion and her family before getting into the ring.

    Co-Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers vs Dia Banks

    Dia and Vitani shake hands before the bell rings and afterwords lock up. Vitani gets the upper hand and locks her in a headlock. Dia lands a solid elbow right to the ribs but one isn’t enough to make Vi let go so Dia lands another. Vitani lets go of the headlock but keeps a hold of Dia’s arm, pulling her in for a strong clothesline to the chest. Dia falls to the mat and Vitani climbs the turnbuckle to the top before going for a leg drop. Dia rolls out of the way and Vitani hits the mat, hard. Dia gets up and rolls Vitani over, attempting a Boston Crab. Vitani refuses to tap and reaches for the ropes but Dia pulls her back to the center of the ring. Vitani refuses to tap and Dia lets go of her. She pulls Vitani up by the arm which proves to be a bad idea as, out of nowhere, Vitani lands the insiguri. She rolls up Dia for the three count.

    Winner: Co-Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers via pinfall

    Dia looks shocked that she didn’t win but when Vitani helps her up, she allows it. She gives Vitani a half hug and points to the Vixxen’s title mouthing “you deserve it” before walking out of the ring. The camera fades to the first commercial of the night.


    The camera comes back to the ring where the lights have gone dark to purple and gold hues, “Hell on Heels” by The Pistol Annie’s playing. Nolee stands on the ramp, Sheamus beside her, looking determined and ready to go. She stalks down the ramp and when the duo gets to the ring, Sheamus holds the ropes open for her. She gets in and tosses her cowboy hat to the audience before Heavy Prey by Lacey Sturm and Geno Lenardo starts to play, the lights coming back to their bright hues. Mariana, with Jensen at her side, makes her way to the ring not wasting time with frivolities. She gets in the ring and referee Josh Hamlin tells Jensen to pop out his clip and eject the chambered round. Jensen looks less than thrilled but does as he says. Jensen stands in Mariana’s corner and Sheamus stands in Nolee’s, who has laid her Vixxen’s Championship in the corner.

    Mariana Thomas w/Jensen Winchester vs Co-Vixxens Champion Nolee Lacroix w/Sheamus

    Mariana wastes little time, rushing Nolee with a high knee. The cowgirl has little time to defend herself and the knee connects with her gut. Nolee doubles over and Mari pulls her close for a bulldog. Nolee hits the mat but still Mari won’t let her be for a moment and places stomps to her forearm so Nolee can’t pull off her finisher. She backs off from Nolee a bit and does a crotch chop, smirking much like a member of DX. Nolee manages to get to her feet and as Mari comes at her with Sweet Chin Music, she ducks under and hits a hard chop to the knee. Now it’s Nolee’s turn to be on the offensive.
    She steps on Mari’s knee with the heel of her cowgirl boot. The ref counts to 4 and Nolee gets off before she gets disqualified. Nolee smirks and admires the ring on her hand before slapping Mari across the mouth and leaving an imprint of the diamond. The ref obviously doesn’t see it and she slides it off in her pocket before lifting Mari and Irish whipping Mari into the corner by Sheamus. Nolee turns to gloat to Jensen and as she does, Sheamus gets on the apron and slams a brutish arm against her stomach. The ref turns to see this action and calls for Nolee to be disqualified.

    Winner: Mariana Thomas via disqualification

    Nolee stops for a second when she hears the bell and turns, eyes wide in shock. She sees Mari slip form the ring and head backstage with Jensen before she yells at Sheamus, the camera fading to backstage. The camera catches up with Jensen and Mariana.

    Jensen: I knew you could do it baby! *wraps his arms around her and spins her around, her feet leaving the floor* Despite your fears to the contrary, I knew you’d win. *he rests one hand on the side of her face, the other on the small of her back*

    Jensen kisses her one, two, three times in quick succession, the third kiss longer and deeper than the first two. He breaks the kiss and rests his forehead against hers.

    Mariana: I thought for sure I’d lose. She’s been doing this consistently for three years while I sat on my ass setting up matches, raising Laylah, and having a baby. *she pauses, her arms around his neck, her fingers running over the hair on the back of his neck* I guess I just never expected it to happen so fast.

    He takes his hand from her face and starts digging around in the pocket of his jeans.

    Mariana: What are you doing? *she arches an eyebrow in curiosity*

    Jensen: Something I should have done a long time ago. *takes a small step back, leaving his forehead pressed to hers* Mariana Elizabeth Thomas will you marry me? *he brings a hand up between them and between his thumb and index finger is a ring*

    Mariana: Oh my god! It’s beautiful! I don’t know what to say! *she’s stammering a little and shaking her head slightly in shock*

    Jensen: Please say yes. *his green eyes are shining with anticipation*
    Mariana: Yes! Of course! *she watches him slide the ring onto her finger*

    She grabs his tie, puts her lips to his, and pulls him toward her, causing him to stumble. He pulls her close and throws out a hand, stopping them from hitting a wall.

    Jensen: Are you okay? *his voice is quiet when he pulls his lips from hers*

    Mariana: No. *Jensen looks concerned* You stopped kissing me.

    The camera fades to the ring as Man on Fire echoes throughout the arena as Kane and Carter walk out onto the ramp. Carter’s ring gear reflects a darker attitude. He climbs in first and tosses his hat to the audience before Kane’s pyro goes off. The cowboy who at one time would have jumped doesn’t look phased. Broken Dreams begins to play and Drew, alongside Angel, walks to the ring. The two teams look at teach other before Carter gets out of the ring and so does Angel, leaving Kane and Drew as the legal man.

    Drew McIntyre and Angel James vs CWA Tag Team Champions Carter Lacroix and Kane for the CWA Tag Team Championship

    Drew and Kane tie up, The Big Red Monster getting put in position for a powerbomb. Obviously Kane thinks this is laughable as he elbows Drew. The Scotsman tosses Kane into his corner, quickly tagging Angel in. The Avenging Angel lands a few kicks to Kane’s midsection before the Big Red Monster pushes her off of her feet. He barrels his way to his corner, tagging in Carter. The cowboy jumps in the ring and grabs Angel, flinging her to the ropes and attempting to get a sidewalk slam. Angel bounces back at him and manages a kick to the gut before she hits the Twist of Faith.

    Winners and new CWA Tag Team Champions: Drew McIntyre and Angel James via pinfall

    Carter looks ashamed as he sits up, looking at Kane. Kane offers a hand and helps Carter stand before they walk out to leave the tag team champions celebrating. The camera follows Angel backstage walking down the hall. Nolee Lacroix, having been stripped of her title, storms down the hall and bumps into Angel.

    Nolee: Watch where your going!

    Angel: *frowns* Excuse me I believe it is you that needs to watch....

    Nolee: I'm not the one strutting around here like I own the place.

    Angel: Neither am I.... But that is rich comeing from the so-called Princess of CWA!

    Nolee: I am NOT in the mood to deal with you Angel. I'm really not!

    Angel: *rolls her eyes and says something in Italian*

    Nolee: Got something to say Angel? Speak English, your in America.

    Angel: *rolls her eyes before smirking* Why, does it intimidate you little Nolee?

    Nolee: Me? Intimidated? Never.

    Angel: *laughs*

    Nolee: What do we say we make this little feud more interesting? Fight for the chance to get married on Carnage first.

    Angel: I do not play childish games Nolee. *grins* I have real matches.

    Nolee: This isn't a game! *glares* You think your so much better than everyone! We'll see how you feel when daddy's still in charge!

    Angel: Guess this means you are going to run and tattle? And you picked a side.... *shakes head* Unlike you I have no side, I am still the avenging angel that watchs the field. I feel sorry for your brother though... To lose his sister.

    Nolee: I only picked daddy because you picked Carter. I will never be on the same side as you Angie.

    She turns and storms away, feeling hateful. Angel only shakes her head as she watches.


    Carter looks upset as he stalks through the hall, finally finding CM Punk.

    Carter: What in the hell do you think you are doing Punk?

    Punk: *looks up from where he’s sitting in the catering area, raising an eyebrow* Eating?

    Carter: No. I'm not talking about right now. I'm talking about breaking into Heath and Justin's room to attack Heath!

    Punk: Ooh, that. I /did/ say I was going to get back at them…

    Carter: Breaking into their room and attacking them is no better than Lucas having killed a man in the octagon. It's still an illegal activity Phil. *scowls* I really can't afford to have the future face of my company acting like a maniacal son of a bitch...

    Punk: But I didn’t break in, I had a key!

    Carter: *facepalms* That's still breaking in Punk. You can't do that! *sighs* Look, I need you to go out there tonight and win okay? I don't care how you do it...though there is a rumor that Wade's bringing Heath and Justin...

    Punk: Alright, alright; it’s not like I plan on doing it again at all. *nods* I plan on winning anyway. *he rolls his eyes* Of course he is, he cares more about winning against me than their safety…

    Carter: What I'm saying that if somehow Dia and Colt ended up ringside that no one could blame you...I think I saw them playing catch with Louis in the locker room area.

    Punk: Oh really? *grins* I’ll keep that in mind.

    Carter: *pats Punk's title* Make sure you win. If not...well...Jerry will just have something to brag about...

    Punk: We can’t let that happen now, can we? Don’t worry, I don’t plan on handing the title over any time soon, especially not to Wade.

    Carter: Good. Now get out there. Match is up next...

    Punk: *nods, moving to get up, hanging his title over one shoulder* I’m aware of that.

    Carter: Then why are we still in catering? *smirks playfully*

    Punk: Because I was eating, obviously. *rolls his eyes*

    Carter: *laughs* Alright, alright. Well I'm going to make sure that there's not a card up for Monday...if so I'm making it...

    Punk: *chuckles* Is that your ‘subtle’ hint that you’re taking over?

    Carter: Or not so subtle. Take your pick.

    Carter smirks as he walks off, the camera panning to a shot of the ring. “Warrior” by Disturbed begins to play and Wade walks to the ring, followed by Heath and Justin. He looks at the cage, looking wide eyed before getting in. He looks at Heath and Justin before nodding and looking back towards the ramp as he gets in the cage. “Cult of Personality” starts playing and CM Punk, CWA Championship around his waist and smirk on his lips, walks out to the ramp. He turns and signals for someone to come to the ramp and out run Dia and Colt. The three friends take a knee, Punk in the center with Dia to his left and Colt to his right, and then all yell It’s Clobberin Time before getting up and making their way to the ring. Punk gets in the ring and looks back at Dia and Colt, turning his back on Wade for just a moment. This proves to be a bad idea as Wade hits him with a large blow to the back of the head as referee Hank Mitchell signals for the cage to be locked and the match to begin.

    Wade Barrett w/Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs CWA Champion CM Punk w/Dia Banks and Colt Cabana in a steel cage for the CWA Championship

    Wade continues to beat Punk with vicious kicks and chops as on the outside Justin and Heath brawl against Dia and Colt. Wade lifts Punk for the Wasteland but he manages to slide down, landing kicks reminiscent of his Muy Thai kickboxing background to the Brits knees. He gets Wade down to one leg but hoists him up by the hair and slams him face first into the cage wall. Punk smirks and presses a foot against the back of Wade’s head, grinding the Brits face into the steel cage. He lets go and steps back, waiting for Wade to stand before running at him with a high knee. Wade rolls out of the way and Punk’s foot collides viciously with the cage. Wade goes behind Punk and attempts a pin, holding the tights but Punk kicks out.
    Wade lets go furiously and slaps Punk in the back of the head. All this seems to do is make Punk angry and when he gets up, he grabs Wade’s arm and sends him towards the ropes. Wade seems to leap with surprising speed and starts climbing the cage. Punk goes after him but Wade kicks him to the mat. Wade climbs the cage but before he’s even halfway down, Dia and Colt each grab a foot. Wade attempts to kick at them but can’t, looking to see Justin and Heath have been taken down. He sees Punk get up and wave mockingly before exiting via the cage door.

    Winner and Still CWA Champion: CM Punk via escaping the cage

    Dia and Colt let go and get the CWA Championship from Hank Mitchell before running over to Punk. The three raise their hands, Punk’s championship in his as they proclaim: Best In The World. The camera fades out on the three standing at the entrance ramp.

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