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    All promos due on Sunday July 16th!

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    The black skull and cross bones of the Jolly Roger flies against a bright blue sky as the sound of laughter is heard. The camera pans down to a shot of Louis Banks, dressed in a white t-shirt and brown shorts, brandishing a toy sword and wearing an eye patch. Dia, dressed in a black sundress with silver rose designs, playfully combats him. Around them are the ruins of Port Royal, both giggling and playing as if they are sword fighting while other tourists go about their way.

    Louis: *stabs at Dia* Ha! Got you!

    Dia: *mocks death* Oh you got me!

    Louis: *giggles* You siwwy momma!

    Dia stands and takes him in an arm, lifting him up. Louis yawns and lays his head on her shoulder, looking tired.

    Louis: I sweepy momma. We take bus back hotew?

    Dia: *smiles and nods* Yes we can take the bus back to the hotel.

    As they walk, they pass a graveyard with names on very old looking headstones. Dia smiles at three of them: an Anne Boney, a Mary Reade, and a Black Ceaser. She grins and looks at the camera.

    Dia: Black Ceaser, a former African chief who was turned into a slave and then became a pirate when he ran away. He's responsible for a lot of the slave revolts in the Carribean. I brought Louis here to Port Royal because he loves pirates but also because I wanted to see part of my family history. Black Ceaser is my great-great-great-great grandfather. Imagine that, the CWA's resident rebel having pirate blood running through her veins. *smiles* Something else I share with Miss Summers, my family tree has roots in Jamaica. So was hers? What was your family tree Vitani? I do not mean to mock, I really just want to know.

    She adjusts the way Louis is sitting in her arms as she sits on a bench, waiting for the tour bus. She smiles as he snuggles closer to her. Kissing his forehead, she runs a hand through her pink streaked hair.

    Dia: The other two names were Anne Boney and Mary Reade. According to leged, Anne Boney and Mary Reade were two of the most ferocious women pirates in the Western Hemisphere. Anne was from Ireland and had an illigetimate birth, eventually eloping with a ne'er-do-well husband. Her husband took her into piracy but when offered, he became an informant. That disgusted her and she took up as a pirate herself, though she disguised herself as a male. Mary herself had been masqueriding as a boy for years because her mother had went to her mother in law for help raising her when her father died. The mother in law didn't like female children so disguising her son as a male was the next best option. She found out, after living life as a female for a while, that living as a male was easier and took up living like that again.

    Dia smiles as Louis shifts and she continues talking silently.

    Dia: The two women ended up on the same boat and ended up finding the others secret. They led their ship in a battle against British navy forces but ended up losing. They were both executed.

    She smiles as the bus pulls up and she gets on. She sits near the back and gets situated before continuing.

    Dia: I bet you're wondering what this has to do with me. What two female pirates have to do with me facing Vitani at Summer Heat? *chuckles* Me and Vi have managed to make our way in a world dominated by men. While other girls, save for Angel, have been more preoccupied with getting a family and kids we've loved our careers. I mean, not that I don't love Louis. That sounded like a horrible thing for me to say. Louis is my world and I don't know what I'd do without him. But I'm still very focused on my in ring career. So's Vitani. Hell, she left Cody Rhodes partially because he was holding her back. Me and Vi are kindred souls.

    A smirk crosses her face, a twinkle in her eyes.

    Dia: But unlike Mary and Anne, we're sort of enemies. Well, rivals. I think she's a great competitor. What we have is a friendly rivalry. Out of the show, I have no problems with her. She's fun to hang around, though I've only talked to her a few times. We're going to face each other in the ring, I'm going to take her on. I'm going to win, be it taking advantage of her recent injury or not. So, Vi, be your family history poor or rich, be they pirates or blue bloods, I'm going to win this match. Status has nothing to do with power, that much history has taught us.

    She grins as the camera fades out, the bus pulling to a halt outside the hotel.

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    Summer Heat Promo Area 52017273

    We see a beautiful jungle lake, a waterfall sounding nearby and mixing with the sounds of birds from the nearby trees. The crunch of the forest floor's foliage snapping under foot can be heard and a branch on a tree pushes back, revealing Nolee Lacroix. She looks like something out of a Tomb Raider video game: tight black tanktop, brown khaki short shorts, and brown hiking boots. She's got a brown bag on her shoulder and looks over the area with a smile on her face.

    Nolee: This is the spot!

    She finds a nice spot on the ground and drops the back pack, kneeling next to it to pull out a small blanket which she lays on the ground and a paper bag that has her lunch in it.

    Nolee: I needed somewhere to get away. I didn't want Sheamus around, didn't want to hang with Laurie. I just needed myself and some place off the beaten path.

    She pulls an apple from her lunch bag and bites into it, the crunch quiet but still heard. She wipes her mouth and swallows before continuing.

    Nolee: Everyone knows Mari's side of this story, knows how the big bad Nolee Lacroix caused the sweet and innocent Mariana Thomas to miscarry. Do you really think that she told the whole story? *shakes her head* Allow me to take you back to the beginning of our career. Mari and I had just been brought up from FCW. We were both greatful to be getting our chances. She was what the people wanted, a pretty show off. Believe it or not, I was shy. I was a bit stiff in that ring. Mari fell in with Matt and Jeff Hardy, I fell in with the boys from The Spirit Squad. Her career sky rocketed and I got to the point where Jillian Hall was getting more of a push than I was.

    She sighs and looks out at the water as if she's being overcome by memories, bringing a hand up to wipe tears from her eyes.

    Nolee: It hurt bad enough to be told that I couldn't keep up with my friend, let alone to be told I was nothing but a jobber. This was my dream, had been ever since I knew what daddy did for a living. It was all being taken away from me. *sighs* Then I got my chance. They were looking for a number one contender to the Women's Championship. The tournament came down to one match, the match where everything changed for everyone.

    She shifts uncomfortably on her blanket, running a hand through her hair which is pulled into a tight ponytail. She licks her lips in hesitation before continuing.

    Nolee: She told me to stop. She said something was wrong. I thought it was all a ploy to get the upper hand. So I kept fighting. When...when she didn't get up and the medics and Hunter ...*shes runs a hand through her hair to calm herself* When I found out what I had done, I spent the next couple months alone. I hated myself, hated what I had caused. She acts like I'm not sorry for what I did. She doesn't know how bad off I was.

    Nolee has tears streaming down her cheeks, wiping at them fiercely. She clears her throat, takes a few deep breaths, then continues.

    Nolee: The WWE buried me and I ended up quiting, following dad to here. I didn't tell anyone because I still had trouble facing my own reflection. Then when I hear about her coming here *laughs bitterly* I was already hurt because of Drew leaving me but when I heard about Mari, I knew I was in trouble and about to be faced by an old demon. Memories came back and I just...I decided I'd take a cold approach to her being here. Part of what I said is how I actually feel. This is as much her fault for not taking precautions if she didn't feel right about getting in the ring that night as it is my fault for hurting her in that match.

    She takes another bite of her apple before taking a drink from her water bottle. She tosses the apple a few feet away, knowing it will either decompose into the ground or animals will eat it.

    Nolee: So she thinks she'll get revenge for all the accidental harm I caused her and Jensen. Personally, I believe I paid for my sins. This match can't possibly end like ours did before Mari. I'm a different person than I was then. I've had time to hone my skills, to fine tune them. You sat behind the desk as general manager. When it comes time for it, Mariana, I'll be the one whose hand is held up in victory whiel you hobble back to the back in shame. My man will be the one holding me close while you and your wallow in self pity.

    The camera closes in on Nolee as she watches the waterfall, a close up of her two cool blue eyes, sparkling from her tears being what the camera fades out on.

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    The camera opens on Wade Barrett, dressed only in a pair of blue jeans, admiring a freshly done tattoo on his forearm: a cross with a rose wrapped around it with his name at the top and Belle's on the bottom. The reflection of Shannon Moore can be seen sitting next to his tattoo machinery with Belle in a chair near him.

    Wade: *smiling* It's perfect.

    Belle: That woul dbe because it was done by the best and has my name on it.

    Wade: *fishes in his pocket for his wallet so he can pay Shannon* Arrogance doesn't suit you my southern rose.

    Shannon: *waves the money away* It's on the house.

    Belle: I like to think it isn't arrogance as much as truth.

    Wade: *grins in thanks to Shannon before looking at Belle* Your not as arrogant as some. Some like CM Punk.

    The name seems to bring a sneer to Wade's face as he sits next to Belle, draping an arm around her shoulders.

    Shannon: *looks up smiling* She always has been full of herself.

    Belle: Punk will be taken care of.

    She picks up a nearby tattoo book and flips through it.

    Wade: Oh trust me I know he will. You forget, his next match is against me in a steel cage. Last time I saw him in a steel cage he took my Nexus from me by kicking me from the top of the cage after 'offering help'.

    Belle: Love, I believe we all remember that. How could I forget? I mean, we didn't know each other but everyone in the business knew about it.

    Wade: *smirks* He seems to forget. I hated him for it for so long. This match is my revenge, partly. This time, however, it's much different. It's for that beautiful CWA Championship. *charming smile* Not as beautiful as you though.

    Belle: *smirks as she scans the tattoo pages* I think everyone is well aware that I'm more beautiful than the belt. *looks at him* But thank you for saying it.

    Wade: *chuckles and stares at his tattoo* You know, Phil is a hypocrit. He claims to have no addictions, no vices. Yet his skin is marred with meaningless tattoos. *chuckles* I bet he drinks behind closed doors too. *chuckles again* Now I am a man who humbly accepts his flaws. Not that I have many.

    Belle: To some tattoo's aren't vices, they are self expression. His being good luck symbols. *smiles* I think we all have proved he doesn't drink however. Everyone has flaws. Even you, though you will beat him in a steel cage.

    Wade: He's claimed before that he doesn't believe in luck so that's still hypocritical. But he is straight edge, supposedly without flaws. *smiles* I don't fret this steel cage match. I've fought stronger opponents. His GTS is powerful but he has to land it. He's strong but I can take him on. I want to restore honor to the belt, to make it the most important thing in the CWA again.

    Belle: Straight Edge means no drugs or alcohol. Not without flaws. If he didn't have flaws you wouldn't beat him as I know you will. *stops at a page and looks at Wade* I want this on my back.

    Wade: I know I'll beat him and then I'll watch myself on replays as I raise that title above my head.

    Wade imagines himself witht the title around his waist as he admires his reflection in the mirror.

    Wade: Which tattoo?

    Belle: If you would look instead of admiring yourself in the mirror you would see.

    Belle points to a blooming rose with a sharp knife through it.

    Belle: This one.

    Wade: *grins and kneels in front of her, kissing the palm of her hand* It's gorgeous. Just like you. Just like my future title.

    The camera fades out at the loving looks the two couple shares.

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    The camera fades in, “Barbers Adagio for Strings” by Escala plays in the background as some old footage plays. The footage shows Mariana appearing at the top of the ramp, making her signature run to the ring, and sliding in gracefully. It shows her playing up the crowd like the true showman she is until the match begins. It shows Nolee waiting in the opposite corner, ready to fight.

    As the match begins it seems to be quite a show, the cameras cut to shots of shouting fans who’s voices have been muted to allow the music to be heard. It was turning out to be one hell of a match until Mariana took an elbow to the stomach. It should have only been enough for her to release her hold on Nolee, but it sent her down on one knee.

    The Cameras zoom in as Mariana wraps her arm around her stomach and throws out her hand in a stopping motion as she sees Nolee approaching. As Nolee leans down, the two can be seen exchanging words, Mariana looking distressed. Nolee is seen rolling her eyes and grabbing Mariana’s arm. Mariana says something back, pushing Nolee away and kicking at her to keep her back. Nolee is seen saying something back while deflecting blows and fighting to get close enough to grab her. Mariana argues back, desperation on her face. Nolee says something in return as she grabs Mariana’s ankle and drags her to the center of the ring.

    Taking a handful of Mariana’s dark hair, the camera captures Nolee forcing Mariana to her feet. The match continues for a few more minutes, Mariana doing her best to block blows and spin out of the way to protect herself in her crippled condition.

    As the camera zooms in on Nolee’s face you can see the wheels turning in her head. You can tell by the look in her eye that she’s going to go after her friends “injury”. After all, it was clear she didn’t believe it was real.

    Nolee managed to get past Mariana’s defenses and the cameras watched as she gave a well-placed kick to Mariana’s stomach. Mariana flew back and fell to the mat. The cameras showed Mariana’s mouth open in a scream, her body curling instantly into a ball, her fingernails scraping across the mat as she tried to grip something, tears streaming down her cheeks.

    The cameras cut to Jensen running down the ramp, sliding into the ring, and pulling Mariana into his arms. As the cameras focused in on them, Mariana’s hand gripped the front of his shirt tightly, finally having something to hold onto. He could be seen whispering soothing things in her ear and stroking her hair, his eyes fearful. He looked nothing like the playful and mischievous man the WWE universe had come to know and love.

    He began yelling at the referee and pointing up the ramp, the words “idiot”, “medical”, and “now” could be read on his lips. Within moments, the medical team was there and pulling the two apart. It was evident by the look on Jensen’s face that Mariana wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to let go. The cameras watched as the medical team got Mariana out of the ring. Then they cut to Jensen who was standing just outside the ring, staring at Nolee as if seeing her for the first time. She hadn’t moved a muscle since Mariana went down and the cameras captured her stunned and confused face. It looked as if he was going to get back in that ring and tell her exactly what he thought of her, but before he could Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, better known as Triple H, put his hand on Jensen’s shoulder. Jensen looked startled. He’d been so caught up with Mariana that he hadn’t seen Hunter and Shawn Michaels follow him out to the ring. They urged him to follow the medical team and he did.

    The cameras cut to Nolee, still standing in the ring, her mouth open slightly, her eyes wide. With that the footage fades out and so does the music. Over the black transition screen, Mariana’s voice is heard.

    Mariana: “I lost something precious that day.”

    The camera fades in on a close up of her face, her eyes downcast, her hair hanging like curtains to frame her face.

    Mariana: “I lost a child.”

    She brings her eyes up to look at the camera, they seem sad yet determined.

    Mariana: “I suppose it wasn’t just me who lost a child, Jensen did too. If we’d have known, I never would have taken that match. But the test said negative…”

    She trails off and looks away, as if trying not to cry.

    Mariana: “But it’s not all my fault. As you can tell from the footage, I’m clearly trying to tell Nolee something, to convince her of something. I was trying to tell her something wasn’t right with me. I was trying to tell her I needed to stop. She wouldn’t listen. She thought I was lying. We were fighting for my Number One Contender-ship to the Diva’s Title and she thought I was just trying to keep it. She should have known me better.”

    The camera zooms out to do a waist-up shot. Mariana has her arms folded across her chest, wrinkling the front of her fitted, knee-length, blue jean dress and is seated on a window sill, looking out as it rains.

    Mariana: “That day changed so many things. It changed me, it changed Jensen, it changed our relationship, it changed our lives, it changed my career and his. He had just finished up at the police academy and was looking for a job. After that night, he gave that up in favor of never seeing me hurt again if he could help it.”

    She keeps her eyes on the window but her voice begins to sound bitter.

    Mariana: “He changed, you know.” She glances at the camera. “He’s not the man I went to high school with. He’s not the man who helped me through my parent’s murders. He’s not the man who convinced me that at age 23 I could raise my nine-year-old sister and raise her right. He’s not… he’s not the man I fell in love with.”

    She finishes with a sigh, hanging her head and letting her hands fall into her lap.

    Mariana: “He’s someone sadder, someone… tormented by something he could never have stopped and can never change. He’s just a shell of himself.”

    She leans her head back against the window frame and looks down at her hands.

    Mariana: “These hands can do so much. They can hurt, they can heal, they can write, they can play my violin, they can dress and bathe my daughter, they can do all those things yet they cannot bring solace or comfort to him. Not the way they could before. Just taking his hand was enough to make him start to feel better before, but now…”

    She opens her mouth to continue on that train of thought but seems to think better of it. She looks away from her hands and back at the camera.

    Mariana: “Nolee was my friend. She was the reason I joined this business. And she was the reason I lost a child. She has changed my life two times now. One for the better and one for the worse. It’s my turn now to change her life. If she really believes she did nothing wrong three years ago, then she should have no problems making this a fair fight. But fair or not, I will win this match. I'm not the same person I was back then either. I'm a much harder person on the inside. I'm stronger.”
    The determination flares in her eyes as she sits up straight again.

    Mariana: “I will win this match, I will win it fairly, and I will kick her scrawny little princess ass. Why? Because I want to. But more than that, I need to. I need to for Jensen…”

    She trails off again, her eyes looking down at her hands. Suddenly she flicks them back up to look at the camera and they are blazing with anger.

    Mariana: “And for our son.”

    Her voice is acid, the look on her face showing just how much anger she harbors for Nolee, and her posture aggressive. The exact opposite of the kind, gentle, and fair Mariana the CWA had been seeing.

    Mariana: “That’s right, Nolee, it would have been a boy. You know how Jensen always talked about wanting a boy.”

    Mariana leans back against the window frame, folds her arms across her chest again, and looks out the window, her anger fading as quickly as it had come.

    Mariana: “I’ll do it for Jensen. I’ll do it because I love him.”

    The camera fades out on a close up of her face as she looks out the window at the rain, a tear running down her cheek.
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    The camera fades in on a bright sunny afternoon and Jensen is seen slamming down the hood of his car. He’s wearing slightly torn jeans and a grey t-shirt with grease stains on it. He turns toward the camera and leans against the hood, rubbing the grease from his hands on a towel, and wiping away the only evidence that he’d been working under the hood of his spotless, pristine black 1967 Chevrolet Impala. It had survived thousands of miles of American highway, two accidents and a complete rebuild (his own two hands and all original parts). It was a thing of beauty and he made sure it stayed that way. For all intents and purposes, it was his third baby, following Mariana and Lillie Jane of course and he spent all his free time making it shine and seeing to it that the engine would purr.

    Jensen: “Let me guess, you want to know what I think about Sheamus attending the match with Nolee? I think it makes her look like she thinks she can’t do it by herself so she has to have him there to help her win. Will I be there? Yeah I’ll be there. I’ll be right outside that ring to support Mariana. Will I help Mari cheat? No. No matter how much I may want to. Cheating is not her style. It never has been and it never will be.”

    He shrugs his shoulders and stops wiping his hands, letting them rest in his lap. His face is serious, his green eyes intense.

    Jensen: “Mariana likes to believe in the best of people, a quality I used to share and now admire. But I have known Nolee for a long time and if she has the chance to win by cheating, she’ll take it. So I’ll be there as a reminder to her of what will happen to her boyfriend if she does. And if Sheamus does try anything…”

    He trails off and the camera watches him rest his hand on the holstered gun at his side.

    Jensen: “Well, then I have this.”

    He arches an eyebrow and smiles a small, bitter and disdainful smile. His eyes shining with resentment and buried pain.
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    The camera fades in on a lovely small restaurant; sitting at a table is Angel James and her soon to be husband Petey Williams. They seem to be waiting for someone as they sit close together, holding hands.

    Drew: *he opens the door for his lover, holding his hand once they are inside. He sees Angel over in the corner and he waves before leading Johnny over.*

    Johnny: *he follows, hoping that the fact that Drew has two matches ins pay per view means that he's on the fast track to something good. As they approach the table he grins and nods his head*

    Angel: *smiles* Hello my friend.

    Drew: *he kisses Angel's cheek before pulling out a chair for Johnny*

    [color=cyan]Angel: I hope this place was not too hard to find. *smiles kindly to Johnny*

    Johnny: Hello. *nods to Petey* And to you too. *smiles*

    Drew: Not all. *he takes his seat* So once more we're teaming together, who knows we might be able to take the tag belts if we keep it up. *he nods at Petey* Nice to meet, your fiancé is a wonderful woman.

    Johnny: *he smiles back as he lays a hand on Drew's elbow* I think it would be a big boost if you two did. You work well together.

    Petey: *smiles* Hello. *squeezes Angel's hand* And thank you, I know I am lucky to have her.

    Angel: *blushes shyly and whispers softly in Italian to Petey before turning back to the table* I believe we can work well together as well. I think we will be able to take the belts from Carter and Kane.

    Drew: *he nods* They make a very good team, but even a very good team can lose on the right day. I say we make that day the day of the match, I say we embarrass them.

    Johnny: *he pats Drew's arm* He's a bit gun-ho about it. *he grins* But I agree, from what I see, you and Drew make quite the cohesive team, together as champions, you'd be hard pressed to be beaten.

    Angel: *smiles and nods* I am glad to hear that, means that I have been set up with the best kind of partner I could of been. One that is as eager as I am for this match..... *sighs* I just hope it will be a clean match.... I have heard rumors that Jerry will send out Lucas to screw them over....

    Drew: *he shakes his head* I harbor no hate for Jerry other than when he tried to keep Nolee and I apart when I thought that was what I wanted. But I have to think that maybe Kane and Carter are on to something. Only fresh blood can bring in a new era, Jerry is very old school and that could hurt us in the coming years.

    Johnny: *he scowls a bit at Nolee's name but he grins as he lays his head on Drew's shoulder* It will be clean, Kane and Carter might be bad asses, but they don't like to play dirty, and Kane would rather put Jerry and Lucas through the mat, it would not be in Jerry's best interest to send out Lucas.

    Angel: I do not hate him either, but..... But I cannot stand by a man that would have someone hurt someone else just because they told him no....

    Drew: *he nods* It's a mess that's for sure, but maybe if Kane and Carter think that Lucas is coming out will be distracted and we can use that in our favor.

    Angel: *nods* Cheating I do not like... *smiles* But a good tactic is always something I will use, like my ancestors of old the proud Romans.

    Drew: *he grins* I like that thinking. I am not the cleanest of wrestlers, but I don't go out and think of way to fuck over my opponents. Pardon my language Ms. James.

    Johnny: *he smiles as he listens, sipping some wine quietly*

    Angel: *smiles* Of course my friend, so what will be our plan when he get out there? Besides kicking ass?

    Drew: *he thinks* We're smaller and quicker than they are, perhaps we would launch an aerial attack on them, make them work to keep us grounded.

    Angel: *nods* A very good plan, probably the best we have. *grins* I look forward to our match.

    Drew: *he nods as he extends his hand* Me too. *he picks up a menu and looks it over* Have you been here before? What would you recommend?

    Angel: *shakes his hand and picks of her own* Once before, the fish was wonderful here.

    The camera starts to fade out as the four talk and look over their menus, right before it fades to black the camera focuses on Angel and Drew. The two look confident and ready for the match to come.


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    The camera fades in on a small beach house with a deck, on the deck Christian and Carter are sitting hunched over a small table. As the camera moves closer a beautiful glass chess set is seen, Christian makes a move before looking up and seeing the cameraman Pete.

    Christian: *smiles* Hey Pete! I see you managed to find us again.

    Pete: *laughs and grins* Oh course I did, I'm just that awesome!

    Carter shushes them as he stares at the chessboard like his life depends on the next move he makes. Finally he moves his rook forward a few spaces before smiling at Pete.

    Carter: Hey man pop a squat!

    Pete: *sits* So why are you two playing chess?

    Christian studies as the board as he thinks, his tongue sticking out slightly. He grins before making his move and taking Carter's rook with a pawn.

    Carter: Chess started out simply as war strategy. When an officer of the army needed to teach their son what it meant, they would use chess. Christian asked me to play.

    He looks at the board as he silently curses the fact that Christian took his rook, looking at the board for another move before taking the pawn with one of his bishops.

    Christian: I thought it would help me get into the mood for my upcoming match.

    He smiles and takes the bishop with a rook of his own.

    Pete: *nods* Ah I see, I think.... So who are you fighting at the Pay-Per-View?

    Carter: *curses under his breath* He's facing Drew McIntyre for the Five Nations...

    Christian: *nods* Yeah, should be a very interesting match to say the least...

    Pete: Oh I see, you’re using the chess as a way to think about your match!

    Christian: *smiles and nods* Yep, I figure our match is going to be like a game of chess.... We're going to both have to use our brains and try to out think each other. Which makes this match hard and exciting for me.

    Carter: Christian's not use to having to use those.

    He sticks his tongue out as he takes Christian's pawn with his other knight.

    Carter: Check.

    Christian: *sticks his tongue out* Ha ha Carter...

    Christian moves his queen up to Carter's king.

    Christian: Checkmate.

    Pete: *chuckles* He has your game well scouted out Carter...

    Carter: Damn... *laughs as he sets up the board again* He knows me better than anyone in the company, what can I say.

    Christian: *smiles playfully as he helps Carter* Maybe you will beat me this time...

    Peter: *laughs again* So Jay do you think that with Drew having two matches do you think it will be easier to beat him?

    Christian: Not at all, it might make him even harder to beat.

    Pete: Why do you say that?

    Carter: He knows how much of a competitor Drew is, how fuelled by an opportunity to get a title he is.

    Christian: *nods* Just like I am fuelled to try and keep my title.... Two very fuelled people that have a lot to lose going into this match, it should be the best match of the night..... *sighs* That is if Jerry doesn't try and screw me over.....

    Pete: You think he really would Jay?

    Christian: *nods slowly* Yeah.... He has been gloating that Drew is going to beat me so easily....

    Carter: I haven't heard him say that Jay...

    Christian: He said it to Adam..... Before banning him from ringside....

    Pete: What! Why did he do that?

    Christian: Said Adam would just cheat so I would win....

    Carter: *slams his hand on the table* That no good dirty...*growls*

    Christian: Carter.... *sighs* It will be alright.....

    Carter: No, no it's not! He keeps doing this to you!

    Christian: It's just because he is scared of you..... Which must mean you have the upper hand. *smiles softly* Besides, it shows that he is not as caring as you are.

    Carter: I'm kind to everyone. It's sort of my fatal flaw...

    Christian: *leans over to kiss his cheek* I think it’s your greatest virtue and it's one of the reasons I love you.

    Carter: *smiles* I love you to...

    Pete: *clears his throat* Ya'll forget I was here?

    Christian: *blushes softly and sticks out his tongue* No..... Maybe... *changes the subject* Anymore questions?

    Pete: Think you have to worry about Drew cheating?

    Christian: *smiles* Maybe... maybe not, but even if he does I'm not going to make it easy for him.

    Carter: Drew won't cheat. He's too good a guy.

    Christian: It is going to be an interesting match either way.

    Carter: You'll win babe.

    Christian: *kiss his cheek with a smile* Love you...

    Carter: Love you more.

    Pete: *chuckles* I think this is my cue to leave.....

    Carter: See ya later man.

    Christian: *smiles* See you later.

    Christian looks back over at Carter before leaning to kiss him; the camera fades to black on that image.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:03 am

    Camera fades in on Drew and Johnny as they return from the restuarant. Drew has his arm around Johnny's waist and the lithe man is leaning on Drew's shoulder. It's obvious they stopped somewhere else on the way back, they are wobbling a bit and Johnny is laughing as he tries to kiss Drew.

    Johnny: *estatic* I can't believe that you are two championship matches. Five Nations match with Christian and for the tag belts with Angel. Either way you are going to own this pay per view. *he bites his lip as he runs a finger down Drew's chest*

    Drew: *he smiles as he runs his fingers through Johnny's hair* I'm glad you think so Love. But both my opponents are extremely talented and are champions because they are the best at what they do. Christian is small but he's a helluva fighter, and Kane and Carter? Well they are one of the most cohesive teams I've ever seen. These won't be matches, these will be fights.

    Johnny: *he waves his hand dismissively as he plays with Drew's fly with his free hand* Christian may be good, but he's older and it's starting to show. You on the other hand are younger and have better stamina. As for Carter and Kane. Psh, they can't hold the belts forever and I think that you and Angel have a good chance of being the ones that end their streak.

    Drew: I hope your right. I want gold around my waist and I want it soon. *he nuzzles Johnny's throat as he starts undress him*

    Johnny: *he purrs as he pulls Drew towards the bedroom* I know my sexy Scot is going to get gold. *he licks his lips as he rubs against Drew wantonly* I think my future Chamion needs to be pampered...and I'm not talking about a hot bath. *he finishes stripping down, leaning against the doorframe and crooking his finger at Drew* Come and get me sexy Scotsman.

    Camera fades to black with Drew following Johnny into the bedroom and the door closing behind them.

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    Post  Vitani on Sat Jul 14, 2012 8:54 am

    The camera fades in on a long shot of a quiet beach, the sun setting on the horizon, the sky a mixture of purple, blue and pink; a woman standing in the shallow water, staring out across the ocean. The soft sound of footsteps in the sand is heard as the camera person goes closer, the only other sounds being the calm waves of the ocean washing around the woman’s bare feet and the occasional bird in the distance. Once the camera’s close enough to show a side view of the woman, it is obvious that it’s the co-Vixxens’ Champion, Vitani Summers. She’s wearing a jade colored bikini, the bottom half covered by a sarong tied around her waist. She smiles softly before looking at the camera, a sentimental look in her eyes.

    Vitani: *she speaks softly, her voice and posture reflecting her calm surroundings* It’s beautiful, isn’t it? This is one of the beaches of Montego Bay, the Jamaican city I grew up in with my family. I actually still lived here up until joining the CWA, I couldn’t bear to leave; I still miss it every time we travel, but it’s a necessary part of following my dream of being a professional wrestler.

    She brushes a bit of hair off her face after a light breeze moves it.

    Vitani: I actually used to be a teacher at the school here while I trained, I only left once I found out I’d been hired by Mr. Lawler for the CWA; I resigned and got a place up near my friend Aislin’s in Florida. I couldn’t stay in Kingston the whole time, knowing home was so close while we were in Jamaica for the pay per view; who knows when we’ll be here for a tour again.

    Smiling, she glances back out at the ocean.

    Vitani: I was surprised to hear Dia has relatives who were from Jamaica, even more surprised to hear they were pirates. I couldn’t say if any of mine were; I’ve never actually researched it at all, but I’m sure it would be interesting to know who my ancestors were. *she pauses, brushing hair off her face again* It may not be for a title, but I’m glad to be facing Dia for this pay per view, especially now that I know we both have family history here in Jamaica, it couldn’t be a more appropriate time to go against Dia…

    She trails off, watching the waves roll across the water before turning back to the camera, grinning.

    Vitani: I suppose we should head off huh? It’s getting dark after all and I’m supposed to go meet a friend who’s going to be staying with me and my family while the CWA’s here; why don’t you come with me?

    The scene fades out before showing another scene, Vitani; now in a t-shirt and shorts, watching her friend Kara who is practicing singing to a pre-recorded music track of her band.

    Kara: This is me, for forever
    One of the lost ones
    The one without a name
    Without an honest heart as compass
    This is me for forever
    One without a name
    These lines the last endeavor
    To find the missing lifeline

    Oh how I wish
    For soothing rain
    All I wish is to dream again
    My loving heart
    Lost in the dark
    For hope I'd give my everything

    My flower, withered between
    The pages 2 and 3
    The once and forever bloom gone with my sins
    Walk the dark path
    Sleep with angels
    Call the past for help
    Touch me with your love
    And reveal to me my true name

    Oh how I wish
    For soothing rain
    All I wish is to dream again
    My loving heart
    Lost in the dark
    For hope I'd give my everything

    She stops singing before the end of the song, going over to turn off the music; Vitani grinning and clapping as she goes over to hug her friend.

    Vitani: That was great Kara. You’re practicing for your next show right?

    Kara: *nods* Yeah I am. Oh! The guy in the band who wrote the song, he says it’s about ‘being lost, not knowing where to go or what to do, yet desperate for everything in life.’

    Vitani: *looks interested* Really?

    Kara: *nods* He also mentioned it was about longing for the past… *she gives Vitani a knowing look*

    Vitani: *she smiles sadly* Well it’s a fitting song then…I would definitely like things back the way they were, but I don’t know how to get what I want…

    Kara: *frowns* No luck at all with Cody?

    Vitani: No, not really… But it’s not just with him that I mean. The CWA isn’t what it used to be, most of the people there are too busy worrying about this ‘war’ that’s going on. Carter and Mr. Lawler really don’t need to fight, they could talk and come to some sort of agreement, but unfortunately Carter is working I guess out of spite after finding out the truth and Mr. Lawler is too determined to keep his hold on the company…and then there’s the others involved...

    She sighs, trailing off.

    Vitani: That’s just my opinion anyway… It really would be easier for them to sort this all out peacefully, but it’s not my place to tell them so.

    Kara: You’re allowed an opinion though, everyone is. *she puts a hand on Vitani’s shoulder* Why don’t we go get a drink before heading off to bed? You need to relax so you aren’t stressing over this when you’re in the ring.

    Vitani: *she gives a small smile and nods* You’re right, I need to focus on putting on a good match for the pay per view. Hopefully I’ll be able to win, but either way it’ll be fun, like it always is to face the other Vixxens.

    Kara: *nods* Shall we go then?

    Vitani: Sure, I know a place we can go too.

    Kara grins at Vitani, who smiles back before the two head off; the scene fading out.
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    Post  CM Punk on Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:34 am

    A camera switches on with the date and time on the screen, showing a small household camera is being used instead of the camera crew, like when Justin Gabriel films his own promos. The date shown reveals that it’s the night before the pay per view, the camera focused on an empty living area of a hotel room which is only lit by the light of a dim lamp in a corner. The room is silent and there’s no signs of movement for a minute before CM Punk steps in front of the camera, smirking. He’s wearing a dark hoodie like he had been in his last promo, though the bruise he had from being attacked by Sheamus seems to be gone. He steps back to show his whole outfit is made up of dark clothes, looking almost like a burglar; his hair covered by a beanie.

    Punk: I suppose you’re all trying to guess what I’m doing and why I’m dressed this way… Some of you watching are probably just sitting there thinking; hoping that I normally dress in only black, or that I’m just in the dark to try and scare Stuart… Well sorry to disappoint you, but no, I don’t normally dress like this and no; it’s not just to scare Stuart.

    He smirks, grabbing the camera to focus it on a book that’s sitting on the coffee table. The main title on the book is Werewolves , hinting that the room Punk is in isn’t his own. He returns the camera to its original position before continuing.

    Punk: Figured it out yet? Or are you all still hoping I’m still just trying to scare people? If you are, here’s a hint: I never finished getting revenge on those I swore it on…and I still plan on getting it.

    His smirk is replaced by a sinister grin as he hears movement in the bedroom.

    Punk: Oh, I just remembered… A certain annoying ginger is already pissed off with Stuart. If he gets hurt, he might blame his ‘leader’ for it and hate him some more… *he looks concerned for a second before he chuckles, showing it was insincere* Sucks for the ‘team’, but for me; it makes my job that much easier because it guarantees that neither of Stuart’s minions will be able to come and help out during the cage match…

    He trails off and goes quiet when he hears footsteps, turning the camera to show Justin standing in the doorway from the bedroom, wearing only a pair of pajama pants, looking confused; Heath standing close behind him in a t-shirt and boxers.

    Justin: *still half asleep as he looks around for the source of the noise* …hello?

    He turns on the light, freezing when he sees Punk, Heath quickly moving to stand protectively in front of Justin.

    Heath: What are you doing? You can’t be in here.

    Punk: *chuckles, moving back in front of the camera, holding up a key* It’s not like I broke in, one of you left your key behind when you got the room, so I told them I’d give it to you…

    Justin: Oh… *frowns, a guilty look on his face*

    Heath: Well then put the key down and go. *glares at him*

    Punk: Now that would defeat my true purpose of being here… I still have unfinished business with you.

    Justin: *worried, pulling on one of Heath’s arms* Heath…come back in the room, we can just call the security people who work here…

    Heath goes to respond, but Punk rushes and attacks him, Heath fighting back to make sure Punk stays away from Justin, who cries out when Heath is thrown against the wall; Punk still attacking him afterwards. Justin rushes over to try and restrain Punk, only to end up with a hard elbow to his previously injured ribs. Swearing, Justin backs off, unwillingly allowing Punk to continue attacking Heath; Punk only backing off when he’s satisfied he’s hurt Heath enough, the ginger lying on the floor with his hands covering his face. Punk tosses the key onto the floor by Heath before going back over to his camera; Justin slowly moving over to Heath to check on him with an arm around his ribs.

    Punk: Oh dear, suddenly Stuart is all alone for the cage match; no minions to help him; what a shame.

    He chuckles, a cold look in his eyes.

    Punk: I suppose I should explain for those who don’t understand… I’m referring to ‘Wade’ by his real name Stuart because this feud isn’t just CWA related, as everyone should know by now. It goes back to when I took the Nexus over… I guess you could say I’m using that name because this is more a personal feud than a professional one. He held a grudge against me for taking his team and I’ve been holding a grudge against him for refusing to win a match fairly, as well as the hatred caused by the Nexus feud. Maybe this cage match will settle all of this, maybe it won’t; who knows. It depends on what happens in there. There’s also the matter of the CWA title, which for some reason Stuart believes belongs to him, simply because he was the first to win it. Hell that’s like the original ‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Rogers saying that because he was the first to hold the belt now known as the WWE Championship, that no one else but him is ever allowed to win it; mind you he passed away about twenty years ago…

    He shrugs his shoulders, looking smug about the fact that his opponent’s logic doesn’t work.

    Punk: My point is, I’m the champ right now and I plan on leaving Summer Heat as the champ as well; I’m not handing it over to some British asshole who has to rely on help from others to win. I have a feeling neither of us will hold back once we’re inside that cage, it’ll likely be brutal; a martial artist against a bare-knuckle boxer. We’re both former leaders of the Nexus and both in the top percentage of men in the wrestling business; although he doesn’t quite rank as high as I do. *he smirks* Either way though, the two of us should put on a show the fans are sure to enjoy. It’ll be an epic battle, like Wolverine versus the Hulk; Wade being the big, green rage machine.

    He chuckles, pulling off his beanie to run a hand through his dark hair.

    Punk: He’s bigger than me, has a worse temper than me…his alter ego, Stuart, is…probably smarter than me when it comes to science-y stuff; seeing as he was a Marine Biologist and he’s probably stronger than me too muscle-wise. Me? I’m the Wolverine because I’m more cunning, more vicious… *he glances back at Heath and Justin* And I care less about what’s right, where Wade changed after someone suggested he should. I’m also more resilient; I’ve heard about that thing with Wade’s jaw; I don’t go down that easily... besides when I’m injured beforehand, like when I was against Dia. I may not have an Adamantium infused skeleton, but I will outlast Stuart in this match and keep my title and no one is going to interfere in this match…

    He moves off-screen laughing his cold laugh, the camera being focused on Justin checking on Heath, who’s sitting leaning against the wall, using his shirt to soak up blood from his nose; the camera switching off as Justin glares at it.


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    Post  Sheamus on Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:01 am

    Sheamus is seen pacing nervously in a hallway of a hotel outside a room, muttering to himself as he usually does while pacing, not seeming to notice the camera. He’s dressed in the sort of outfit he’d normally wear to less casual events, wearing dark pants, a blue, long sleeved business shirt; the kind of outfit he’d wear while out somewhere.

    Camera person: …Sheamus?

    Sheamus stops and looks up at the camera, sighing.

    Sheamus: Now, really? Can’t yeh see I have other things on my mind?

    Camera person: Yes…I’m sorry, but we need to get this done…

    Sheamus: *sighs* Alright, alright… I’m against Shelley right? The match will be quick if I can get him with a Brogue kick before he picks up any momentum. He’s only a danger to someone my size if he can get up high enough to land a decent hit to my head, or if he focuses on my knees to bring me down; I don’t plan on letting him close enough to be able to do that. If I can hit Shelley with a Brogue kick, or a Celtic Cross…actually probably even just a hard punch to the head and I can bring the fella down, so this match should be no problem.

    He starts pacing again, though instead of muttering, he continues speaking.

    Sheamus: What I plan on doing outside of the ring though… still worries me… well, makes me nervous is probably a better way to say it. I never actually told Nolee I was definitely goin’ to be here on time for this pay per view, but obviously I am; she doesn’t know I’m actually here yet though, I was about to go see her…

    He switches to Irish, muttering to himself again before sighing and stopping.

    Sheamus: Tá sé anois nó riamh…

    He takes a breath, hesitating before knocking on the door he’s been pacing in front of. After a minute, the door opens and an excited squeal is heard; Sheamus grinning before he’s pulled into the room, the door closing on the camera; the scene fading out.

    *Translation: Tá sé anois nó riamh… = 'It's now or never...'

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    Post  Admin on Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:33 am

    The camera comes up on the inside of a crowded bar, Carter sitting at a table with Kane. Carter is dressed in a black leather coat with blue jeans and looks rougher than he usually does.

    Carter: And then the duck says put it on my bill!

    Kane: *he rolls his eyes at Carter* Loo, bad joking aside. I think we should take McIntyre and James a bit more seriously. I mean they're not going to beat us, but we can't be too careful.

    Carter: *rolls his eyes* Drew's practically a jobber. Only reason dad even hired him was because Nolee went to him and begged that Drew get a job. Angel's crafty though and I've seen them work as a team. They work well together.

    Kane: *he nods* They do, but they're no match for us. They might make some nice punching bags but other than that we just have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't start any funny buisness.

    Carter: And what funny business do you think that would be? I'm friends with Angel. She wouldn't cheat.

    Kane: I don't think either one of those two could cheat but we have to watch for their defense, they know we're mostly ground and pound so anything that they can do to battle that is what we have to on the look out for.

    Carter: Good point. I took the tag title from Angie when me and Lucas won them. She knows all about my fighting style. I'll have better luck facing Drew. You handle Angel? Nolee: I can understand that.

    Kane: *he smirks* It'd be my pleasure. She's a tough little thing, but I like throwing her around the ring. I'm sure we'll keep eachother on our toes until we tag in.

    Carter: If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had feelings for her Kane.

    Kane: *smirks* And if I do? Strong women are right up my alley. However I know she has someone so I will not butt in where I am not needed or wanted.

    Carter: *soft smile* We'll keep the titles. Now c'mon, buy me another water!

    Kane: *he laughs* are you sure that's just water?

    Carter: *serious look* Better be. I don't drink no more.

    Kane: I was only joking. *holds his hand up in defensive manner*

    Carter: *nods and laughs* Alright alright. Now c'mon, lets put Drew and Angie out of our minds.

    Kane: Agreed. *orders them a round of drinks, water for Carter and a beer for him*

    Carter: To our success?

    Kane: To our success. *raises his glass*

    Carter smiles and drinks as the camera fades out.

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