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    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine


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    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine Empty Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine

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    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine 57701010

    Hey ya'll, Pete Branaugh here! I was given the very special task of doing a special CWA Magazine issue with all the currently wrestling Vixxens!

    Mariana Thomas
    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine 1010

    Pete: First of all, Miss Thomas, it's nice to meet you! My names Pete Branaugh, I'm a cameraman for the CWA. Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

    Mariana: Thanks for asking. I'm glad to have the chance to talk to the CWA Community through you.

    Pete: *cheeky grin* Aw your making me blush. For starters, I read you were a trained musician and Harvard graduate. How do you go from that to professional wrestler?

    Mariana: Well, my parents were musicians so that part was only natural I guess. *Shrugs* I went to Harvard with plans of becoming a federal agent of some kind but when Nolee came to me and told me she was actually going to go for her childhood dream (Nolee and I grew up together) I let her convince me to give her dream a try too. *Shrugs again* I guess I thought if it didn't work out I had a damn good backup plan.

    Pete: So rumor is that you trained under Degeneration X. What kind of training is that?

    Mariana: What kind of training? It's intense but it's a lot of fun. They drive you until you think you'll break and then pull a typical DX stunt that has you rolling on the floor laughing and ready to start again. It's as crazy as they are.

    Pete: So that means you have to be really tough, gotcha. There's rumors backstage that you and Nolee are at each others throats already. Did she start it or did you?

    Mariana: She did. It's always been my mentality that the past is the past. No matter how painful it may be. That was my attitude towards her when I signed on here. She has a tendency to bring up a persons worst experiences so she can hurt them. It's a defense mechanism. It's something I was hoping she'd outgrown. Apparently she hasn't.

    Pete: It sounds like you know a whole other Nolee than the cowgirl we've been dealing with. Now *chuckles* Tell me about the scary man standing next to you. Your bodyguard?

    Mariana: Jensen? He's not as scary as he seems. He's just protective. We've known each other since we were kids. We've been dating for almost 4 1/2 years. He wasn't always like this though... *trails off and Jensen takes her hand*

    Pete: He wasn't?

    Mariana: No. He was actually a pretty carefree guy. He has always been a cautious person but he was a lot more fun loving.

    Pete: What changed him?

    Mariana: Nolee. Or rather something she did. *Avoids eye contact and sighs*

    Pete: *picks up that she doesn't want to talk about it* So you were a general manager? Better than Laurinitis I hope.

    Mariana: *gives a small laugh* I sure hope so. If not, all my friends were terrible at telling me. *laughs again*

    Pete: Any monumental changes or matches that we should remember you from? Or that superstars who work here who worked for that other company should remember?

    Mariana: There's really only one match... *Jensens fingers tighten on her shoulder*

    Jensen: And if you want to know about it, ask them.

    Pete: *holds up his hands* I was asking about things she set up, not things she was in man. Mia culpa. *rolls his eyes* Anyways, what do you think of your competition here in the CWA?

    Mariana: I think I have great competition here. Everyone is very talented and I'm looking forward to the challenge. Getting back in the ring is something I'm really excited about.

    Pete: Your first real match here is against Sheamus. Have you seen him in the ring and are you worried?

    Mariana: Yes and no. I've seen him in the ring and he is brutal. That much is for sure. But sometimes all it takes is a little cunning to overcome brute strength.

    Pete: Any last words for people who are reading this or your other superstars?

    Mariana: Just be ready to see Sheamus get knocked on his ass by a rusty girl.

    Pete: *holds out his hand* It was nice to meet you Miss Thomas!

    Mariana: It was nice to meet you too. *shakes hand*

    Dia Banks
    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine 2010

    Pete: Thanks for agreeing to this interview Miss Banks.

    Dia: *smiles* Mr. Branaugh, nice to see you too.

    Pete: Now not much is known about you in ring or out of the ring. Who were you trained by in the wrestling community?

    Dia: I got a lot of my fighting experience just growing up in the streets of Detroit after I turned 18 and they could no longer legally have me at the orphanage. I was sort of a handful, a troublemaker. I got into a lot of fights. When I joined Ring of Honor I learned from everyone there, especially Colt. He took me under his wing immediately.

    Pete: So it’s safe to say that because you and Colt Cabana are so close that your close to CWA Champion CM Punk?

    Dia: Not as close as I am to Colt but Punk and I are friends. I saw him around when Colt and I would hang out with him outside of work, he was already in WWE by the time I came to ROH. He’s a friend though, as many could probably tell from our run in backstage on Carnage.

    Pete: *softly* Are the rumors of a relationship between you and Colt-

    Dia: *obviously not wanting to talk about it* Next question.

    Pete: Being a single mother must be tough. When you’re in the ring whose looking after Louis?

    Dia: It honestly depends on who I ask. Sometimes it’s a backstage tech I know has a family and kids. I’ve asked referee Josh Hamlin to do it before because I know he has a family. It all depends on if I trust the person or not. Since she came to the CWA, I’ve thought about asking Mariana Thomas to do it.

    Pete: *smiles* Now in one of your previous promos you expressed a desire to be the Vixxen’s Champion. We all know you were a tag team champion in Ring Of Honor. Do you believe you can make it on the solo championship circuit?

    Dia: I do. If you don’t have belief in yourself in this business, or in any business for that matter, you won’t amount to much. Take my buddy Punk or even WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Micheals for example. No one ever thought they would amount to much. Even if people say you won’t succeed or that you’re not much at whatever you do, you can prove them wrong.

    Pete: Do you have any last words for all the young readers at home?

    Dia: First off, love your family. For all you know, they may not be there tomorrow. Second of all, when you have a dream in your mind set out to do it. If not, you may have a regret you can never get rid of.

    Angel James
    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine 310

    Pete: *smiles* First off let me say it's great to get to sit down you with for an interview Angel.

    Angel: *nods with a small smile* It is nice to have you here.

    Pete: So, you currently hold the record for being the Vixxens Champion for the longest amount of time. How does it feel to have that honor and do you think there is anyone on the roster who could ever potentially beat it?

    Angel: It is a great feeling to have that honor and I believe Vitani would be the only one...

    Pete: You don't believe that Nolee or Dia or Mariana could do it?

    Angel: Nolee is too worried trying to get back at Drew...... Plus I beat her for the title...... And I do not know anything about the others.

    Pete: *nods* Do you hope one of the other champions would choose you for their number one contender or do you want to be only in the running for the Vixxens championship?

    Angel: I will take on anybody, so I am always open.

    Pete: So we all know that you were engaged to Petey Williams. With the relationship between Wade Barrett and Belle Moore on the rocks what do you think?

    Angel: I am sorry things are so rough for them..... I am lucky things are so well with Petey and I.

    Pete: *nods* Do you have a plan for the upcoming year with your career?

    Angel: No, I am just going week by week.

    Pete: Anything you want to tell the young girls reading at home?

    Angel: *sad look in her eyes* Be kind to your mothers......... You never really know how much they do for you.

    Pete: You know, Dia Banks had something to say just like that. *smiles* Your close friends with Sheamus. Does he seemed relieved about Nolee and Drew no longer being together?

    Angel: *nods* He is..... It was not fair that he always had to worry about her leaving.....

    Pete: Now, while you haven't had relationship problems, a while back your biological father showed up. How did that go?

    Angel: we are still talking..... I spend time with my brothers though.

    Pete: Finally, in this war between Carter and Jerry where do you fit in?

    Angel: Ideally I would look to stay out of it..... But if I am forced to pick..... Lets just say it is not with the man that hurts his stars.......

    Pete: So Carter not Jerry?

    Angel: *just nods*

    Pete: Well thanks for your time.

    Angel: *nods* You are welcome

    Nolee Lacroix
    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine 910

    Pete: Thank you Miss Lacroix it’s-

    Nolee: Really Pete? Miss Lacroix? Drop the formal act!

    Pete: *chuckles* Sorry Nols. So hows it feel to be champ again?

    Nolee: Techincally I’m half champion. I’d feel better about it if I was the only champion but I’m just glad to have gold around my waist again. Angel may be the longest reigning Vixxen’s Champion but I’m the only Vixxen to win this title twice. Means I’m a record setter.

    Pete: Now, at 19 you’re the youngest superstar on the roster. Does that put you at a disadvantage from everyone else?

    Nolee: On the contrary, it puts me at an advantage. When all the other superstars are getting closer to retiring, I’ll be in my prime. I’m younger so I’m quicker than some of the other atheletes, more durable. Take Kane for example. Us Vixxens fight the boys and Kane, he’s in his late 30’s or early 40’s? Means he won’t be able to keep up for much longer.

    Pete: Do you plan on being known only for that or are there other titles you want to get your hands on?

    Nolee: I’d like to be Five Nations Champion someday. Maybe even team up with Sheamus and go for the CWA Tag Team Championship.

    Pete: Who do you find to be your biggest challenge?

    Nolee: Either Sheamus or Carter. I mean, Sheamus is the man I love so when I see my name up against him, it kinda makes me sad. Carter, on the other hand, is family. It always makes you sad to fight family.

    Pete: So you don’t see Mariana Thomas as a threat? Rumor is you two have sort of a past.

    Nolee: There’s bad blood between Mari and I. A long time ago I made a mistake that she has never forgiven me for. I don’t blame her but I know deep down it wasn’t my fault.

    Pete: Much like Mari you haven’t been dragged into the center of the Jerry versus Carter war yet. As family to both men do you feel drawn to one side more than the other?

    Nolee: No. I’ve told myself I won’t be dragged into this fight. Either side I pick I would end up hurting someone who is close to me. So I’m officially putting my foot down and saying I won’t pick a side. I’ve been caught in the middle of things before and I ended up hurt. I won’t let it happen again.

    Pete: By getting caught in the middle of things do you mean the relationship triangle between you, Drew McIntyre, and Sheamus?

    Nolee: *still looks like she’s sore on the subject* Yes…well…the relationship between Drew and myself. Things ended badly between the two of us but I do believe that Drew and I are at an understanding. We’re just friends. Sheamus doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. Sheamus and I, contrary to the beliefs of a certain Straight Edge Champion and a certain Italian Vixxen, are very happy together.

    Pete: Any last words of advice for any of the young girls out there who might be reading?

    Nolee: Even when someone says you can’t do something, it doesn’t mean they know whats best for you. If you want to try something new, be it a hobby or a style, then go ahead and do it. The only person at the end of the day that matters is you and no one can take that away from you.

    Pete: Thank you for your time Nols.

    Nolee: It was no sweat Pete.

    Vitani Summers
    Totally Vixxens: Special Issue of CWA Magazine 710

    Pete: So first things first, your co Vixxens’ champ? How’s it feel to know you theoretically could have won that match?

    Vitani: Well it would have been nice to have won it on my own, or even continued the match until someone got a pinfall on their own, but then it might not have been me.

    Pete: Do you think that was Jerry's way of showing nepotism?

    Vitani: Well I guess it could be, but I'm not going to accuse Mr. Lawler of anything. He has after all denied Nolee of a title shot before.

    Pete: Is it true that you are on Team Jerry because Cody and Dusty are on Team Carter?

    Vitani: Well... *she hesitates* It's part of the reason, yes; but I don't think that Carter should be trying to overthrow someone who took him and Nolee in and raised them over a past issue Kane mentioned. Mr. Lawler does a good job running the show, despite what some of the more arrogant members of the roster think.

    Pete: So Vitani, who trained you to wrestle? Miss Banks and Miss Thomas shared their trainers.

    Vitani: I learned the basics from a friend of mine actually who'd done training. They taught me for a few years before I moved away from home.

    Pete: *nods* Now you wrestled in Shimmer before coming to the CWA. Did WWE or TNA ever approach you for a contract?

    Vitani: The WWE did, only my friend Aislin was already there at the time and had warned me it wasn't the best place for me to go.

    Pete: Back to Cody. Now, was it a mutual break up or did you just decide you didn't need his drama?

    Vitani: It definitely wasn't mutual, I was tired of dealing with all his issues and from what I've recently heard, Cody's still bitter over it. *she rolls her eyes*

    Pete: Do you think that has anything to do with the fact he thinks your with Ted?

    Vitani: I don't know, but I don't see why it would, I've never really spoken to Ted much before.

    Pete: Who do you find to be your biggest threat for the CWA Vixxens Championship?

    Vitani: I guess in a way Nolee, simply because she just needs more victories than myself, but probably Angel because I know how tough she is. Dia's pretty good too though and I have a feeling I'm yet to see her full potential and then there's the new Vixxen, who I'm yet to see in action. Unfortunately I missed seeing her match on the last show.

    Pete: Do you plan on going for any other championships while you are Vixxens Champ?

    Vitani: Not really, I'm content with just one, but if it's offered I suppose I'd go for it.

    Pete: Any last words for anyone?

    Vitani: *thinks about it* Not really...

    Pete: No advice for young fans?

    Vitani: None besides what I've said in the past, which is to just be yourself.

    Pete: Thanks for the time!

    Vitani: *grins* No problem.

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