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    6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo


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    6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Empty 6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:09 am

    Promos due no later than midnight on Sunday. Ya'll know the drill by now.
    Angel James
    Angel James

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    6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Empty Re: 6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Angel James on Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:46 am

    The scene slowly fades into a room light only by a few glowing candles, the hooded woman standing in the middle of the room. Music starts to play as lyrics are heard as clips of the figure moving like a ghost through what looks like ruins are mixed in with different gothic and darkish images.

    Forget the pain and all the games we play
    Forget the worry and the shame
    I don't want no more
    The gates of hell are waiting
    Let them wait a little more

    Where, where I go
    My spirit is free, I'm coming home
    Where, where I go
    Remember me, but let me go

    With no regrets I lay down all my blame
    The fate, the hate, it's all the same
    (You will become who you are)
    I don't care no more
    The gates of hell are waiting
    Let them wait a little more

    Where, where I go
    My spirit is free, I'm coming home
    Where, where I go
    Remember me, but let me go

    The clips of the ruins slowly change into clips of the figure lighting each candle in the room from the beginning.

    Senza rimpianti abbandono la colpa
    Il destino E l'odio sono una cosa sola
    I cancelli dell'inferno cI stanno aspettando
    Lascia che attendano
    Ovunque stia andando
    Il mio spirito E' libero
    Sto tornando a casa
    Conserva il ricordo
    Ma lascia che io vada

    Where, where I go
    My spirit is free, I'm coming home
    Where, where I go
    Remember me
    Remember me
    Remember me but let me go

    I can feel I can fly
    Where I go
    I can feel I can fly
    Where I go

    When the music ends the scene once again focuses one the figure, who slowly removes the hood. The candle light makes it hard to see who it is, but a familiar voice speaks.

    Angel: The CWA is becoming a broken battlefield, vindictive men hurt innocents and many turn a blind eye..... People are lost and no one tries to help them, cruelty rules in this once peaceful place..... Many just try to look out for themselves and sometimes that is all one can do... My opponent this week has been quiet in her views and feelings..... *pauses* Her loyalties are hidden from all and she seem to move as a ghost as of late, leaving no sigh of herself for any to see. But nothing will hinder my victory for I am strong and the Avenging Angel will not lose to a silent ghost......

    As the last words are spoken the woman steps forward and all the candles go out at the same time, leaving the room pitch black.

    (The song )


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    Post  Admin on Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:18 pm

    The camera comes up on the inside of a traditional Chinese resteraunt. It is slightly crowded and the door opens to reveal Dia Banks, dressed in a red silk kimono decorated with black flowers and cinched at the waist with a black belt. Her hair is in a bun and held by black chopsticks. Holding her hand is Louis, dressed in blue jean shorts and a blue shirt that says Colt of Personality and has Colt Cabana's face on it. Behind them stands Renee Gougan, better known as Renee Dupree, dressed in a red button up shirt and black slacks.

    Louis: I want chicken stwips.

    Dia: *chuckles* They don't have chicken strips here buddy. But you can have sushi.

    Louis: *eyes light up* Reawwy?

    Dia: Really really.

    Louis: Kay!

    Renee: *chuckles* Di-Di you have the only child I know that likes sushi.

    Dia: I pretty much don't have to fight with him to eat anything Ren.

    Renee: Well I'm paying so lets go find a table.

    The trio walks to find a table near the back, Dia pulling Louis' chair out for him and making sure he gets seated before Renee does the same thing for her.

    Dia: What do you boys want to drink?

    Renee: I'm having sake.

    Louis: Juice.

    Dia: What kind of juice doll?

    Louis: Appwe.

    Dia: *nods* And I'll have sake too. I already know what I want to eat and I Louis wants the same thing. How about you Ren?

    Renee: I'll have sweet and sour shrimp with a springroll.

    Dia places their orders and the waiter bustles off to get the food. Dia smiles at Louis and gets into her purse, pulling out a coloring book and some crayons. She hands them to Louis, who squeals and goes to coloring as Renee smiles at Dia.

    Renee: I heard you got a job at Championship Wrestling Allaince. It's good to see you back in the wrestling business Di-Di. You're way to talented to let it go to waste.

    Dia: Thank Ren. I'm glad to be back wrestling too. I had to give it up but I couldn't step away for to long. I'm like a moth to flame and in the CWA I get to be myself, not some cheap imitation of myself. I mean, I don't mind gimmick wrestling but I'm not a gimmick wrestler.

    Renee: *preens* No you're not awesome enough to be a gimmick wrestler, isn't that right Louis?

    Louis: *not looking up from coloring* Momma rules, Uncle Renee drools.

    Renee: Ouch kid! You hurt Uncle Renee's feelings! *laughs* Who ya got in your next match up Di-Di?

    Dia: Vitani Summers, the CWA Vixxens Champion.

    Louis: Momma be champion?

    Dia: *laughs* No doll I'm not champ yet.

    Renee: I've never heard of her. Is she new or something?

    Dia: She wrestled in Shimmer but never in the big leagues. I respect her and Angel the most out of the Vixxens. They don't rely on their men, hell, Vitani left Cody because he was holding her back with his daddy drama. She's fast, she's agile, and she's talented. That insiguri can be hit at any time which means its dangerous. The Diamond Cutter isn't as flexible. I'll have to work on keeping her off of her feet.

    Renee: That's your best bet. Keeping her off her feet would ensure that she couldn't land the insiguri. Just don't hurt her to bad?

    Dia: I don't hurt people on purpose, you should know that Ren. I find it very sickening when someone purposefully hurts another opponent. I'm looking forward to facing off against Vi. She and I will put on a hell of a show. We'll probably even shake hands after the match up.

    Renee: *laughs* You think by shakin hands with her after the end of the match will impress her and get you in the running for the Vixxens Championship?

    Dia: Well think about it. Mariana Thomas ans I are the only ones who haven't fought for the title. Vitani is a fair person, a good person. She'll decide on someone for her title that she hasn't fought yet. I'm sure of it.

    Louis: Mama champ?

    Dia: *ruffles Louis hair* Maybe baby, maybe.

    Dia smiles as the waiter brings the trio their food and drink, the camera fading out on their smiles.


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    Post  Admin on Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:58 pm

    A beautiful park full of blossoming cherry trees is shown, people through the park. A lake with ducks in it is in the center of the park. Nearby, dressed in a red muscle shirt and blue jeans shorts, sits Wade Barrett. He has a travellers mug filled with tea and sunglasses over his eyes. He looks up at the cherry blossoms on the tree before looking back over the serene lake.

    Wade: In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom represents three things. The first is ascetic beauty. That means anything that is pleasing to the eyes. This is no surprise, the cherry blossom is a very beautiful flower. Much like my Belle. Now that she's back, I can rest easy. Or at least I thought I could. Turns out the reason she...she hadn't been around was because she...*hesitates* she had a miscarriage. My Belle, my some day wife, had a miscarriage and was afraid to tell me so she went home to her brother Shannon and to Matt and Jeff Hardy. I thought I was someone she could tell anything to. My hunger for the business blinded me to what was going on around me. I swear I will never ever let that happen again.

    He doesn't move his sunglasses but tears roll down his cheeks. He's silent for a moment before he clears his throat and takes a drink of his tea.

    Wade: The second thing that the cherry blossom represents is transience. Transience is an impermanence that suggests the inevability of ending or even dying. One may ask themselves how such a beautiful flower suggests such a dark thing. The answer is quite simple, they die very soon after blooming I saw transience in my title reigns in the CWA. But I am being given another shot, simply because I happened to attack Phillip and anger him to much. Now do you see why I'm a dangerous man Phillip? Do you see that I'm the brains of Solstice, not Justing? I'm going to humiliate you once again. In a steel cage in front of the world, I'll destroy you. The truth of the matter? You'll have brought this on yourself. Much like the cherry blossom, your title reign will end before it really ever got a chance to begin.

    He chuckles darkly and leans back against the bench. A blossom falls from the trees, Wade holding it in the palm of his hand. He smiles and inspects it before laying it on the ground by his feet.

    Wade: The third thing the cherry blossom represents is graceful resignation. Now, we all know what it means to have resigned from something. And the way this fits within the cherry blossom is the way that it accepts its fate, the way it never waivers. *he hesitates* The reason I chose this park to do my promo was because it was here that Stephen, the man you all call Sheamus, and I decided that our careers meant more than our relationship. We were both coming to the WWe and we knew we had to make something of ourselves. We gracefully resigned from a commitment to each other. But we remained friends, close friends. I'll admit, I was jealous when he got the WWE Championship and they were still trying to train me on NXT. But I kept the faith that I'd be treated right. *laughs* We all know I wasn't. So I came here, acting like I was to good for anyone. Even Stephen. So he resigned gracefully from our friendship. When I realized the error of my ways, thanks to Justin, I realized I still needed him in my life as a friend. He allowed me to make amends and here we are again as friends. That beind said he also knows I won't resign from a match. I won't make this easy for him, family troubles or not. Your just an obstacle in the way to me getting the title. You're just a friend who I know will give me my fiercest challange.

    Wade stands and plucks the cherry blossom from the ground, placing it in his pocket and walking out of the park as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Christian on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:50 am

    The camera fades in on the locker room of Five Nation's Champion Christian; he is sitting on the couch holding his arm tight against his body. RED's Fight Inside is heard playing and Christian looks to be lost in the music, he opens his eyes and gives a small smile when he sees Casey before turning the music down.

    Christian: Hey Case.

    Casey: Hey, are you okay?

    Christian: Besides my shoulder yeah I am ok..... *looks at his shoulder* It is still hurting when I lift it.

    Casey: *frowns* And you still have a match?

    Christian: *sighs* Jerry is still saying there is nothing wrong with me..... Even though the medic's are saying otherwise.....

    Casey: *shakes his head* He shouldn't be doing that. I'm sure if it was someone on his side he'd act differently.

    Christian: *nods* Yeah..... But I pissed him off..... I wouldn’t join him.....*shakes his head* He knows how much Carter means to me......

    Edge: *from the doorway* He is stupid for putting his best worker at risk..... I do not think Jay has missed a single show..... And yet he is still doing this....

    Casey: He probably hopes that Jay will change his mind about who's side he's on if it means getting time off to rest his arm... *rolls his eyes*

    Christian: *sighs and shakes his head* I am not going to..... I cannot and will not hurt Carter..... I hurt him enough already with that crap with Lucas.... Not being able to be together at all.... Because I was scared of Lucas hurting him........*sighs again* Or Adam....

    Casey: That wasn't your fault; you just wanted to protect them. Lucas and Jerry both need to learn what 'no' means.

    Edge: *sits down next to Christian carefully* Yes they do.... What they were doing is nothing but bullying.... Bet Jerry told Lucas to hurt Jay too.....

    Casey: Wouldn't surprise me...

    Edge: Assholes.... *shakes his head* This is turning into a messy business....

    Casey: I know. I don't get why they can't just work things out peacefully.

    Christian: *shakes his head* I do not why either..... Carter has not explained it to me at all..... But Jerry is panicking about something.... Why else threaten me?

    Casey: *shrugs* I don't know, I've barely heard anything about all of this.

    Christian: I just wish I knew what was really going on..... *sighs and rubs his hurt shoulder*

    Edge: So do I.... Did you hear that Jerry would not let the medic's give Jay anything for the pain?

    Casey: Yes. I did. *nods, looking disgusted*

    Edge: Tried to say that Jay was just trying to get it for drugs! *growls*

    Casey: Even the McMahon's know better when the trainers have said someone's injured.

    Christian: He is just trying to ware me down..... He must really think it is going to work..... That I will hurt the man I love....

    Casey: *frowns* I'm sure /he/ wouldn't like it if someone tried to convince him to do such a thing.

    Christian: Probably not..... Of course he made sure my match this week will be hell.....

    Casey: *sighs* He did? ...who's it against?

    Christian: *sighs* CM Punk........

    Casey: Oh... He's... He always seems like he's pissed off about something...

    Christian: *nods* Yeah..... This is going to be a hard match......Especially since I know he is willing to do what ever it takes to win...... And with me well below my best.... I think he is going to beat me with ease..... Especially if he gets me in the Anaconda Vice..... *sighs and rubs his head*

    Casey: You could still win though; you have years more experience than he does.

    Christian: Yeah.... But I have a big target on my shoulder...... Punk is smart enough to take advantage of that. *shakes his head* I am just really screwed....

    Casey: You have a target on your shoulder yes, but Punk's gone and stupidly made himself a target for Wade and his friends...

    Christian: *nods* True..... Guess we are just going to have to see how this is going to all play out..... I just hope I can give a good match.... Despite my shoulder.

    Casey: I'm sure you can, you have any other time. *he smiles encouragingly*

    Christian: *smiles* Thanks Case..... Come on lets go get something to eat, I know a good place near here.

    Casey: *nods* Okay.

    Christian slowly gets up and he, Edge and Casey leave the room as Breaking Benjamin's I Will Not Bow starts playing and the camera fades out.


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    Post  Admin on Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:50 pm

    A crack of thunder is heard before the camera starts to fade in. When it does we see the inside of a rundown home, complete with broken furniture. The creaking of floor boards is heard and the cameraman flips the camera around, showing it to be Donnie. He's wearing a red Houston Astros shirt with blue jeans and black Nikes. A terrified expression is on his face.

    Donnie: Yeah, so I have no idea who I'm supposed to meet here but I'm totally creeped out.

    The floorboards creak yet again and Donnie turns the camera to face a tall shadowy figure in a large black hat, a large leather jacket, a black muscle shirt, black jeans, and black boots. Donnie is obviously shaking as the figure steps closer. When the figure is just a few inches away, it lifts the hat to reveal that it is Lucas Turner.

    Lucas: Donnie, buddy, you look like you just pissed your pants!

    Donnie: Jesus Christ Lucas, you scared the shit outta me!

    Lucas: *laughs* That's the point Donnie. I bet you that my opponent for the week was terrified before he knew who I was.

    Donnie: Wait, you face Kane this week. I'm pretty sure he's not afraid of anything.

    Lucas: Donnie, Donnie, Donnie. For such a smart guy, you're awfully dumb sometimes. It's obvious from all the footage I've watched that the one and only person or thing that scares Kane is The Undertaker.

    Lucas gestures to the outfit he has on and gives a smug smirk. Lightning lights up the house, followed by a deafining crack of thunder.

    Donnie: Um, I think you have that relationship all wrong. Kane isn't afraid of Taker. Kane wants to kill Taker.

    Lucas: Donnie, let me lay it to you straight. Kane is terrified of Taker getting to him. He hides it behind a mask of destruction but he doesn't fool me. I stepped over meaner people to get to the cafeteria for meals in prison. Kane is mean, sure. His choakslam is devistating, I'll give him that. But at the end of the day, Kane is a scared little boy.

    Donnie: Lucas is it really wise to insult Kane?

    Lucas: I hope he takes all this to heart. I'm not afraid of what he can do. Lately he's been human, hiding behind his tag team partner. Anyone who hides behind Carter Lacroix is a coward. So I urge Kane to bring his A game.

    Donnie: Lucas you're one of the craziest men I know. Is it true Jerry had you attack Christian?

    Lucas: Your damn right it's true! We all have to pick our sides so I picked Jerry. He wants me to take out anyone on Team Carter so I started with Christian. Now if you'll excuse me, I want to get out of here.

    The thunder rolls as Donnie fades the camera out on Lucas walking away.


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    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:19 pm

    We open up on downtown Tokyo, the streets as crowded as they usually are. The camera pans in to the crowd and we see Carter Lacroix walking down the street. He's wearing a black shirt from his concert tour that has a picture of him reaching out for a fans hand on the front and tour dates on the back, tight blue jeans with a brown belt with a large gold buckle, and black cowboy boots. Next to him walks Pete Branaugh, dressed in a blue shirt with Astro Boy on it and blue jeans with red Converse.

    Carter: What are we looking for?

    Pete: Casey and Jay and Adam are at a little kareoke bar having supper. We're having a guys night, getting you out of your work.

    Carter: I need to-

    Pete: Blah blah blah! Your starting to sound like a suit! You can't forget your a good ol' country boy first and trying to get the company second.

    Carter: *sighs and runs a hand through his hair* Yeah. This has just got me bent outta shape.

    Pete: Aw that's alright. Who do you face in your next match thats got you all riled up?

    Carter: It's not my match that has me worried but I fight McIntyre.

    Pete: Oooh. Time for a bit of brotherly revenge on Nols behalf?

    Carter: *takes a deep breath* Actually I don't mind the fact that Drew broke up with her.

    Pete: You don't? Carter, Drew broke her heart! You don't mind the fact that he left her for another dude?

    Carter: She led him on. She toyed with his heart and deep down she knew he could eventually leave her. I love sis but she knew her risks. I don't have any personal grudges against him. That being said, I know he's a good fighter. He wrestled for years before I even started training. Means almost every move I can do he knows how to counter it. That being said, he's not fought anyone with my intensity. Especially not the intensity I feel. Every match I'm treating like a life or death situation to prove to people that I'm serious about taking over. And I've added more to my repetoire of wrestling moves and holds.

    Pete: When it comes down to it would you rather have Drew join you or have Drew against you?

    Carter: Well if you've noticed, I've got a lot of rejects on my side. Cody? He's a nerd. Punk? He's a rebel. Kane? He's a monster. Jay? He's an outcast. No one on my team was wanted at first. There's a saying I've heard since being in Japan: a single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle. That means there is strength in numbers. If Drew wants to join forces, I welcome it. If he wants to join dad, as long as he doesn't hurt any of my team purposefully, I'll let it slide.

    Pete: You got a plan to use against Drew?

    Carter: I know he's a brawler so I know I'll have to match him punch for punch and chop for chop. If I can lock him in a submission move where I can work on his neck, I'll be able to take him out. The neck is always a good spot to work on.

    Pete: *rubs his neck* Man for such a good man your awful vindictive sometime.

    Carter: It's not being vindictive. *shrugs* It's just business.

    Pete nods as the duo enters a small bar as the camera fades to black.

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    Post  Kane on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:12 am

    Scene opens up on Kane looking at a picture of Lucas in his prison outfit. It's clearly the man's mugshot and for once the room is quiet. No eerie sound effects or lighting. Kane himself is in blue jeans and a ripped up tshirt. Everything about him screams, normal everyday joe schmoe.

    Kane: *he chuckles a bit as he picks up the picture and studies it from a different angle* Afraid of my brother? AFRAID of my brother. You have a mouth on you Lucas. And under normal circumstances I would normally applaud you on having the testicular fortitude to say such things to me. But you made one mistake.

    Kane gets up and lets the picture fall to the floor where he grinds his shoe down onto it before he goes and gets a bottle of lighter fluid. He pops the top and douses the picture with it before tossing the bottle behind him and then reaching into his jeans and pulling out a match box. Using his thick thumb he pushes it open and takes out one match, holding it up in front of his face

    Kane: It's amazing Lucas. How words can inflame a person, cloud their thoughts until all they can see is a blind rage.

    Kane drops the match and the picture practically explodes in a mass of flames at his feet. The crackling of the paper as it curls and charrs is the only noise in the room until Kane looks back up at the camera; his face emotionless.

    Kane: But Lucas, like fire words require air. *he drops a glass dome over the flames and they sputter and die out* And without air they die down to nothing but ash. It's amazing really Lucas. Men are applauded for the fire in the bellies when taking on a monster, yet a monster isn't given the same accolades for taking out a competitor. Like that flame Lucas, you might burn bright in the beginning, but when I get my hands around that throat of yours you'll fade just as fast as it did.

    Kane grinds his shoe into the ashes as the camera goes dark.
    Drew McIntyre
    Drew McIntyre

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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Mon Jun 11, 2012 2:55 am

    Drew is pacing around his room while Johnny is lounging on the couch watching him and sucking on a sucker.

    Johnny: Calm down love, it's not the end of the world. So you face Carter Lacroix. Big whoop.

    Drew: You know how that is right?

    Johnny: *he nods* He's Nolee's big brother.

    Drew: *he runs his hands through his newly cut hair, it's shorter now, more lke it was in 2007 where it bearly hit his shoulder and was layered* Exactly, her brother, he's going to murder me for breaking his little sister's heart.

    Johnny: I think you're making too big a deal about this Drewfus. I mean surely he can't blame you for breaking away when you didn't want to be the third wheel in your own relationship. I'm more worried about her still attacking me and trying to end me over me stealing you.

    Drew: You don't have to worry about that. She and Sheamus are...well I don't know but they seem to be ok...but still....I'm fighting her brother. He's a tough mon, he can kill me with his bare hands if he wanted too.

    Johnny: I don't think so. Besides, isn't he too preoccupied with whatever war he's got going on with his old man? I'm pretty sure that you're the last thing on his mind right now.

    Drew: *he stops pacing and looks over at Johnny* I might be, but at the same time he's trying to prove himself, I am just a means to an end for him at this point.

    Johnny: Then don't fight him if you're scared.

    Drew: *he pauses and looks indignant* I am not afraid of Carter LaCroix. I've been working this mat for more years than he's been alive.

    Johnny: Then quit acting like a virgin on their wedding night and just go out and kick his ass.

    Drew: *he blinks before going back to pacing*

    The screen fades on Drew' pacing and Johnny rolling his eyes and sucking on his sugary treat as he watches Drew move around the room.

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    Post  Guest on Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:22 pm

    *The camera fades in on a gym and you see Mariana wearing a red sports bra and black yoga pants. Her hair is in a messy bun and she's tying the laces of her black tennis shoes when she spots the camera.*

    Mariana: "Oh, hey. I guess you want me to say something about Gail Kim, trash talk her or something, right? Well that's not going to happen. Gail's got talent, that's for sure. But I've faced worse."

    *She pauses and pulls her leg up behind her in a stretch.*

    Mariana: "In fact, you have one of my worst enemies working right here in this company. Nolee Lacroix. To make a long story short, this goes WAY beyond a professional grudge. This is personal. And I'll bet you a million bucks if you ask her what happened that could have turned two friends against each other, she won't tell you. She's too ashamed. Or at least I hope she is. If she isn't, she's heartless."

    *She's quiet for a moment, her hazel eyes are sad and watery.*

    Jensen: "Are you ready to go for our run?"

    *The sound of his voice startles her and the camera pans over to view her bodyguard Jensen Winchester who is also wearing running clothes. The camera pans back over to Mariana. She covertly wipes a tear from her eye before answering.*

    Mariana: "Just a second. So as I was saying, Gail Kim will be an easy win, it's others here who are as heartless as Nolee that will be my only real challenge."

    *She straps her iPod around her arm and walks over to Jensen. He leans down and kisses her on the lips.*

    Jensen: "Let's get out of here so we don't have to think about her."

    Mariana: "Let's."

    *She winks at the camera over her shoulder and the couple leave the gym, the camera fading to black as the door closes behind them.*

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    Post  Admin on Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:26 am

    We see Nolee sitting inside Dr. Ronan's office, smiling as he wraps up her ankle. She's dressed in her ring gear, obviously just a few hours before showtime.

    Nolee: Do you think I'll be okay to wrestle Dr. Ronan?

    Ronan: *looks at her x-rays on the wall before shaking his head* Well it's not broken but it's a pretty bad sprain.

    The door opens and Nolee looks up to see Jerry standing there. She smiles and hugs him. He nods at Dr. Ronan, who shoots him a dirty look, before sitting next to Nolee.

    Jerry: Is the ankle doing any better doll?

    Nolee: *shakes her head* I've been elevating it and taking the meds they gave me but it's still not any better. *frowns* Speaking of meds, I'm really mad you didn't give Christian the painkillers he needed. That was a low blow!

    Jerry: Darlin', they say that they fired him in the other company for painkiller abuse. I don't want that to happen here. Are you going to be good for your match against Justin Gabriel?

    Ronan: Mr. Lawler I advise you against putting her in that match up. Her ankle could get worse than it already is.

    Jerry: Dr. Ronan, it's three hours before the show and the fans have already been told that Nolee will be facing off against Justin Gabriel. Ask Nolee how she feels about facing off tonight.

    There is a slight pause before Nolee answers, her voice not sounding as sure as she wants it to.

    Nolee: I can take on Gabriel. Sure, he's a good wrestler but I learned from one of the greatest legends of all time. *grins*

    Jerry: *smiles and ruffles her hair* You're such a good kid. Now, whats your plan for this match up?

    Nolee: I plan to win. There's no other plan you can have against a man like Justin Gabriel. He's unpredictable. One moment he could be coming at you with a sort of kick and the next moment he could be a brawler. He can't decide what he wants to be. The last time someone in this company couldn't decide what they wanted, that person got left behind. Open your eyes Gabriel. Barrett? He's leading you in this crusade to take down Punk and for no good reason. Yeah, I understand that you got hurt. But this fight? It's just a continuation of what happened in the Nexus. *sighs* I hope you know what you're getting yourselves into.

    Jerry: *smiles* You're gonna win kid. Want me to come to the ring with you?

    Nolee: No daddy I'm fine. *smiles*

    Jerry: Even with what Mari said?

    Nolee: *looks sad for a moment* I...I'm not afraid of Mari. I just don't want her to try to ruin things...

    Jerry: She won't baby. Now get on out there and show the world what you can do.

    Nolee smiles and nods, using a crutch to stand and leave the room as the camera fades out.

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    6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Empty Re: 6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  Vitani on Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:58 am

    The camera opens on a deck looking out at the back garden of a house, three women talking and laughing. One is Vitani Summers, who is dressed in 3/4 jeans and an off the shoulder t-shirt. The other two women are unfamiliar to the CWA audience. One is blonde, her hair lightly curled towards the ends and is wearing a blue dress; the other has dark hair with red highlights and is wearing dark jeans and a corset shirt.

    Vitani: *looking at the blonde* So Vera, you said you had a new man? What’s he like?

    Vera: *chuckles, flipping her hair back over one shoulder* Tall, dark and handsome, obviously.

    Vitani: Well be careful, mine wasn’t who I thought he was…

    Vera: Oh, right… You and Cody split didn’t you? *she frowns as Vitani nods before looking at the other dark haired woman* What about you Kara? We haven’t seen you much lately, have you got anyone special?

    Kara: *shakes her head* Nope…

    Vera: You haven’t for a while.

    Kara: Because I haven’t found anyone I want to be with, I’m still looking. Vi weren’t you talking to a guy on the phone earlier?

    Vitani: Yes, but it’s not what you think. He’s a friend. …sort of.

    Vera: *raises an eyebrow* Sort of?

    Vitani: Meaning he’s one of Cody’s friends Vera.

    Kara: So you met him through Cody?

    Vitani: Yes.

    Kara: But you aren’t dating?

    Vitani: *shakes her head* No. *hesitates* …I was actually hoping he’d be able to help…

    Kara: *is quiet for a minute as she works out what Vitani means* You…still love him…?

    Vitani: *nods slowly* Of course I do. I just… I can’t be with him while he’s like this. I want the nice, innocent, geeky Cody back, not the Cody his father forces him to be.

    Vera: And you hope that this friend of his will be able to help?

    Vitani: *nods* Yes. He’s known him since they were kids, so if he can’t help at all…

    Vera and Kara both nod, showing they understand, both turning to look at each other before looking back at Vitani, the sound of a car pulling up out the front of the house being heard.

    Vera: So…do we get to meet this friend of Cody’s? *she smirks*

    Kara: Vera, you have a boyfriend…

    Vera: I know that… I meant so you could meet him.

    Kara: *rolls her eyes* Right.

    Vitani: *sighs* I guess so, but only for a little while. Wait here.

    Her two friends nod as she gets up and goes inside, going to the front door. She comes back out to the others with Ted DiBiase Jr following her. He’s dressed in jeans and one of his shirts WWE sells and a pair of sunglasses.

    Vitani: Ted, this is Vera and Kara. *she gestures to them both as she introduces them* Kara, Vera, this is Ted.

    Ted: Well hello ladies. *he grins*

    Vera: *smirks* Hello.

    Kara: Hey… *rolls her eyes at Vera*

    Ted: Do either of you work with Vitani?

    Vera: Nope, I’m doing some training elsewhere though.

    Ted: Oh, *nods* how’s work going for you Vi? …Besides what you wanted to talk to me about?

    Vitani: Good actually, I’m the Vixxens’ champ and I’m up against Dia Banks, who I haven’t fought one on one yet.

    Ted: Dia…? She’s the one with the colourful hair right?

    Vitani: Yes Ted. *she laughs* Do none of you over where you work pay attention to us?

    Ted: We do, I’d just never seen her until she joined your show.

    Vitani: Well she’s good and I’m glad to finally get a proper match with her after crossing paths at the last pay-per-view. I haven’t actually seen her away from the ring at all besides in her promos, but she seems like a nice person and her son is adorable. *she smiles*

    Kara: You mean the little Louis kid? He is cute, reminds me of my little cousin.

    Vitani: Yeah him. Anyway, I’m looking forward to having a good match with Dia…though I’m not looking forward to how quickly the tides could turn if she can keep me grounded. I’m just glad I’m fast when it comes to things like this. As long as she isn’t able to keep me grounded I have a fairly good chance of beating her, but she’s just as good as I am, so I’m not going to just straight out say I’ll win, either of us could.

    Ted: *nods* Well good luck with your match. *he smiles* Now you wanted to talk?

    Vitani: Thank you and yes. *she looks at the other two* Which means it’s time for you to both head off. I’ll to you both later, okay?

    Kara and Vera nod, the three girls saying goodbye to each other before the two of them leave and Vitani turns to Ted.

    Vitani: Now, about Cody…

    Ted nods and they both sit down and start talking, the camera fading out on the scene.
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    6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo Empty Re: 6-4-12 Monday Night Carnage Promo

    Post  CM Punk on Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:11 am

    CM Punk is seen sitting watching an old Edge and Christian segment, his back to the camera. He laughs as he watches and is wearing a red E+C shirt, waiting until the segment he’s watching ends and a match with the duo in it begins before he turns to face the camera.

    Punk: Back when they were a tag team, Edge and Christian always had each other’s backs and never let anyone boss them around; they even got away with messing with people like Mick Foley, who was in charge at one point while they did so. They were hilarious, they were tag champs and if anything, they were over-confident. Now Edge has unwillingly had to retire and Christian’s the ex champ who gave in to a stalker instead of standing up for himself and is being threatened by the man who’s struggling to keep a hold on his own company because he lied to his son.

    He turns back to look at the screen as Christian is made to fall off a ladder, landing painfully on the ropes. As he turns back to the camera, Punk pulls a face.

    Punk: *mouths the word ‘ouch’* I started my wrestling career just over ten years ago, only debuting on WWE’s ECW show back in 2006, where it barely took me a year to get my hands on the title there. A few months after losing that, I won a Money in the Bank match and won the World Heavyweight title using the money in the bank against Edge of all people. I even got to team with D-Generation X and a bunch of hardcore legends during that time. Meanwhile, you Christian…you won a major singles title in the WWE in 2009 right? After coming back from TNA and joining ECW. I’d already won the World Heavyweight title by then… It took you what was it? Ten, maybe more, years to win that compared to me…it took me around two to do the same thing since joining the WWE. I even won the CWA title here quicker than you. You won it after Wade’s short reign; I won it on my second match here.

    A dark look shows in Punk’s eyes, his attitude suddenly changing.

    Punk: *angrily* Speaking of Wade… You think you can just come up during a match and attack me Stuart? I haven’t forgotten about wanting to get back at you and Slater still. And the fact that our match at the next pay-per-view isn’t because I thought you deserved a shot because you pissed me off, it’s simply because the fans deserve to see their champ successfully defend his title in a different, more exciting way than a simple pin and win match. The cage however was an agreement made between Carter and myself to make sure your idiot minions don’t interfere, because it still seems to be the only way you can beat me. You only got the best of me last time because I was busy in a match already! I thought you Brits respected people? How is cheating like you do being respectful? In your Foreign Legion you had with Sheamus and Angel you said you were superior to Americans, yet you cheat to win matches more than any of us do… *he shakes his head* You won’t win this war Barrett, you should walk away before your other little minion…I mean ‘friend’ gets hurt.

    He takes a breath and calms down, running a hand through his spiked hair.

    Punk: Now Christian… I know you’re hurt, I know you shouldn’t be wrestling, but that still won’t stop me performing at my best. I respect you, but I won’t ever go easy on you, that’s not how I do things. I have no personal grudge against you, but let’s face it, my career’s been a lot more successful than yours and even if you weren’t hurt, I’d still be faster and stronger than you. Either way though, it always comes down to the fans; they’re the main reason we’re all here right? Besides loving the wrestling ourselves anyway…

    He looks back at the TV behind him, where the crowd is cheering for the winners of the match, Edge and Christian looking disappointed that it wasn’t them, the camera fading out on their disappointed faces.

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