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    Mariana Thomas


    Mariana Thomas

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    Name: Mariana Thomas
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: A lady never tells
    Age: 27
    Hometown: Born in London, England. Raised in Nashville, Tennessee but still has slight English accent.
    Nickname: Mari
    Manager?: None.
    Body Guard Jensen Winchester.
    CWA accomplishments: None
    Non-CWA accomplishments: Harvard Graduate, Accomplished Violin player by age 19.
    Type (Face or Heel): Face
    Style of Wrestling: highflyer/showman
    Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.): A sweet, smart, and trustworthy woman. Kind of like the female equivalent of John Cena only more serious.
    CWA Win/Loss Record: 0-0-0
    Current CWA Fueds: None
    Finisher(s): Sweet Chin Music
    Entrance Theme (If you wish to include one):Heavy Prey-Lacey Sturm & Geno Lenardo (Underworld: Awakening Soundtrack)
    Introduction Promo:
    *The camera fades in on a pair of black heels and then pans up a pair of long legs in a knee-length black pencil skirt, a black waist belt, a white button-up shirt with the top three buttons undone, and a beautiful face with downcast eyes.*

    Mariana: "A lot of people ask me if I think I've still got it. Afterall, as WWE Assistant GM I've been sitting behind this desk for three years now."

    *She looks down over her shoulder at the desk she's leaning against. Suddenly she smiles and looks at the camera out of the corner of her eye.*

    Mariana: "I'm Mariana Thomas and I'm here to prove I've still got it. When you're trained by Mr. Wrestlemania and The Cereberal Assasin, you don't forget what you've learned."

    *She looks toward the camera for the first time, brushing her long brown hair over her shoulder. Her hazel eyes seem kind and gentle, the opposite of what you would expect.*

    Mariana: "Don't get me wrong, my time behind the desk had it's... perks."

    *She looks over her other shoulder and the camera zooms out to reveal a handsome man with short brown hair and green eyes watching her closely, arms folded across his chest, ready to draw the gun holstered at his side should the need arise.*

    Mariana: "Not only did I get him, but I learned a valuable knowledge about corperate politics. A knowledge I intend to use to my advantage, if necessary."

    *The camera follows her as she goes to stand beside the man. She puts her hand on his chest and he puts an arm protectively around her waist.*

    Mariana: "I don't intend to be walked all over, as the WWE would have done. That's why when Shawn and Hunter retired I said my goodbyes and came to a place where me and my talent would be respected. If I'm not..."

    *The man pulls her in closer and puts his hand on his gun, something the camera focuses on.*

    Mariana: "I think you get the idea. I'm really a kind and caring person. I can be your best friend, closest confidant, and advisor, but if you disrespect or hurt me or one of my friends I can and will make your life a living hell.

    *She lowers her eyes and stares directly into the camera through her eyelashes. Her tone is both teasing and serious at the same time.*

    Mariana: "I don't care who you are; man or woman, champ or underdog, you will regret the day you took me for just another pretty face."

    *The camera fades out and the only sound is the receeding footsteps of her high heeled shoes, echoing over the black screen.*

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