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    5/7/12 Monday Night Carnage results


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    5/7/12 Monday Night Carnage results  Empty 5/7/12 Monday Night Carnage results

    Post  Casey on Thu May 24, 2012 4:40 am

    The show starts in its usual way, the pyrotechnics going off as the crowd cheers, the commentators briefly going over the last show before announcing some of the matches for the night before the camera goes to the ring. Alex Shelley’s ‘Whatever’s real’ theme comes on as the high flyer makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers for him. He has a grin on his face, looking excited about the match. Billy Currington’s ‘That’s how country boys roll’ comes on once Shelley’s in the ring and Carter comes out in his usual fashion, driving his truck. He gets out and walks the rest of the way to the ring, his tag team title around his waist.

    Alex Shelley vs. ½ of the tag team champions Carter Lacroix

    The match starts off with Carter attacking Alex, driving the high flyer back with his punches. After realizing he’s about to be backed into a corner, Alex counters a hit, hip tossing Carter to the mat instead. Alex grins and goes to moonsault off the ropes, but Carter rolls out of the way and gets up, kicking at Alex before locking him in the cowboy clutch. After a failed attempt at breaking out of the hold, Alex reaches for the ropes, only for Carter to get up and drag Alex back to the center of the ring, locking him back in the hold, making the high flyer tap out.

    Winner: Carter Lacroix via submission

    Carter smiles as he gets to his feet, though he looks a little tired. He collects his title and holds it up with one hand before leaving the ring. Once he’s gone, Alex gets to his feet and heads backstage as well.

    The camera switches to Christian's Locker room, where the Five Nation's Champion is standing with Maria.

    Maria: I'm here with Christian who agreed to a short interview. *smiles at Christian* How does it feel to still be the five Nation's Champ?

    Christian: *gives a small friendly smile* Good.... But I have not had a lot of time to reflect on it...... *sighs* My mind has been.... Busy.

    Maria: You mean with..... With what Mr. Lawler said to you?

    Christian: *nods slowly* Yeah.....

    Christian stops as someone enters his locker room.

    Lucas enters the room with a grin on his face.

    Lucas: Hello champ.

    Christian: *slowly* Hello...

    Lucas: Everything okay in here? I'd hate for you to be upset.

    Christian: Everything is..... F-Fine.

    Lucas: Why are you so shy today babe?

    Christian: I... Have something on my mind...

    Lucas: What Jerry said? Aw babe, just think on it and I'm sure you'll get the right answer.

    Christian: *swallows softly* R-Right...

    Lucas: You'll do the right thing love. You always do.

    Christian: *nods slowly*

    Lucas: Want me to go to the ring with you?

    Christian: No... I-I'll be fine...

    Lucas: Are you sure? I'd do anything for you.

    Christian: *nods* I'm fine... I... I can beat Kane.

    Lucas: Alright love.

    Christian gets ready to leave the room before being stopped by Lucas.

    Lucas kisses his cheek.

    Lucas: Think about this. You'll make the right choice.

    Christian nods before leaving for his match, feeling slightly confused.

    The arena darkens as Kane’s eerie theme plays, Kane slowly walking out. His gaze is fixed on the ring, which is empty besides the referee; Kane focusing only on the match. He climbs into the ring and does his usual signal for his pyrotechnics. When the lights come back on, the Five Nations champion Christian’s theme plays and he walks out, his title hung over one shoulder as he heads to the ring.

    1/2 Tag Team Champion Kane vs. Five Nation Champion Christian

    Kane catches Christian off the ropes and hip tosses him, then follows with a clothesline that sends Christian to the floor. Kane follows him down and Irish whips Christian into the steel post. Kane angrily starts to stomp on Christian's shoulder. "Getting Away With Murder" starts to play and Lucas stomps down the ramp angrily. He looks like he's going to attack Kane but at the last minute turns and viciously attacks Christian, the ref calling for the bell.

    Winner via disqualification: Christian

    Kane looks confused as Lucas steps back from the attack, gesturing for a microphone to be brought to him.

    Lucas: I did this for your own good babe. You needed to have some sense beat into you. The only way to go is Jerry, not that ingrate Carter. You should listen to Jerry. Pick the right side.

    Lucas tosses the microphone to the ring and leaves, camera fading to commercial.

    ---AD BREAK---

    When we come back, Drew is standing in the ring, pacing nervously. The arena lights go off as an unfamiliar guitar riff begins before Hell on Heels by the Pistol Annie's starts playing. The lights come up in purple hues as Nolee walks out to the ring. Her face is cold and she heads towards the ring.

    Drew McIntyre vs. Co Vixxens Champion Nolee Lacroix

    Drew walks over to Nolee, seeming to try to talk to her. Nolee's not having any of it and slaps him across the face. Drew grows cold and sends her into the turnbuckle with a hard Irish whip. He sends a few chops to her chest before backing up and hitting running knee to Nolee's gut. She doubles over in pain, Drew then hitting a running bulldog. Nolee's head hits the mat hard and she rolls onto her back. Drew climbs the top rope and sends a heat seeking elbow to her gut. He looks conflicted before Nolee gets up, trying to talk to her rationally. Nolee slaps him again, sealing her fate as he lands the Future Shock before going for the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Drew McIntyre

    Drew smiles as he gets to his feet, looking happy about winning, though he frowns slightly as he looks down at Nolee. He climbs out of the ring and heads backstage without a second glance at the ring.

    Nolee walks backstage in tears after her match with Drew, trying not to be seen by anyone. Though he doesn’t have a match, Sheamus is sitting waiting for Nolee and gets up when he sees her.

    Sheamus: Are you okay?

    Nolee looks stunned that he's there.

    Nolee: Why...but your parents...yes I'm fine...

    Sheamus: *sighs and frowns* Even here is less stressful…and I wanted to see you.

    Nolee: *hugs him* I...I love know that right...

    Sheamus: Of course I do. *hugs her back* I love you too.

    Nolee: Drew left me...

    Sheamus: Oh... He did?

    Nolee: *mumbles* For a man...

    Sheamus: *looks surprised before frowning, knowing she's upset* I'm sorry...

    Nolee: It's not your fault...

    Sheamus: I know, but I know you cared about him.

    Nolee: He didn't care it seems...

    Sheamus: *hugs her closer, kissing her head* Well I'm still here...

    Nolee: *grins* And for that I'm grateful...

    Sheamus: *grins back* me too.

    Nolee: *grins* I can always count on you...

    Sheamus: *nods* Of course.

    Nolee: *smiles* Can we go out for ice cream?

    Sheamus: *chuckles* Sure. *he kisses her cheek*

    Nolee takes his hand as the camera fades to the ring.

    The crowd is a mixture of cheers and boos as Akon’s ‘Oh Africa’ plays and Justin Gabriel walks out, a smile on his face as Heath Slater follows him. They head to the ring, Justin ignoring the ringside fans instead of interacting with them like he often does. He looks determined despite his bruised ribs and stands speaking quietly to Heath once they’re in the ring, Heath looking worried. As Dia Banks’ theme ‘Dancing with myself’ by Billy Idol comes on, they hug each other, Heath getting out of the ring afterwards as Dia heads to the ring.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Dia Banks

    The bell rings and Dia rushes forwards while Justin’s distracted and quickly DDT’s him. Justin looks annoyed as he goes to get to his feet, Dia kicking him back down, staying true to her word about having to fight the darker side of Justin. She tries to lock Justin in a submission hold, but he quickly breaks it and gets to his feet. The two continue fighting, trading punches and reversing each other’s moves, Justin eventually stumbling backwards as Dia lands a kick to his injured side. He hisses in pain, swearing in his native language before glaring at Dia. Instead of slowing him down, the pain seems to have enraged Justin, causing him to become more violent. He traps Dia in a corner, hitting her with a few hard punches before he uses the monkey flip move to toss Dia down onto the mat. While she’s down, Justin springs up onto the corner she’d been trapped in and performs the 450 splash, pinning Dia afterwards.

    Winner: Justin Gabriel via pin

    Justin gets to his feet panting, a smirk on his face. Heath slides into the ring to check if he’s okay and holds Justin’s hand up in victory as the show cuts to a commercial break.

    ---AD BREAK---

    The show comes back to ‘This is what Rock and Roll looks like’ by Porcelain Black and Vitani skips out, her red hair tied in a braid, wearing different ring gear to what she normally has on. She dances as usual before heading to the ring. Lucas’ theme plays soon after and he walks out, Vitani not backing down as he approaches her.

    Co Vixxens Champion Vitani Summers vs. Lucas Turner

    After his appearance earlier in the night, Lucas looks confident as he stares down Vitani. Lucas grabs her for a headlock but Vitani elbows him in the gut. She manages to back away, running off the ropes and landing a solid drop kick to his chest. Lucas shakes his off but as he approaches her, That's How Country Boys Roll by Billy Currington starts playing. Lucas turns to look at the ramp but Carter never shows up. Lucas turns around in time for Vitani to hit the Enziguri and get the pin.

    Winner via pinfall: Vitani Summers

    Vitani quickly rolls out of the ring after the bell rings, knowing Lucas will be angry. She grins and high fives a few fans before heading backstage, Lucas looking furious as he gets up, realizing what happened.

    Carter is walking around backstage, obviously looking for someone. He plasters a smile on his face and walks over.

    Carter: Phil! How ya doing? Adjusting to being the best in the CWA I assume?

    Punk looks up from where he’s sitting, a can of Pepsi in his hand, the CWA championship belt beside him.

    Punk: I don’t need to; I already knew I’d be the best. *he smirks* …what do you want?

    Carter laughs and takes a seat across from him in a metal folding chair.

    Carter: I saw your promo where you talked to Cody. Does this mean I can have your support against Jerry?

    Punk: That depends.

    Carter: On what Phil?

    Phil: Well I don’t really have to help any of you do I? I could just stand back and watch everyone else fight with each other, I’m sure it would be quite amusing.

    Carter: *runs a hand over his face* Name your price Punk.

    Punk: Well it depends on what you’re willing to offer…

    Carter: Well you’re already champ. What more could you want?

    Punk: *jokingly* Well there are plenty of things a person could want, only they don’t ever get them unless they hold someone hostage.

    Carter: *laughs* So you want a million dollars and a plane to Brazil?

    Punk: No, why would I want to go there when I have my title? *chuckles* If you were aiming to take over the WWE I’d say let Colt in, but you aren’t so that won’t do any good.

    Carter: No, just looking to take this company from dad. Colt would be a nice addition to the roster though.

    Punk: Of course he would be. *he goes quiet as he thinks, looking down at the CWA title* I guess I could always ask for a shot at the 5 Nations title or something, but I’m not greedy. I only need one to prove I’m the best. *he smirks*

    Carter: *goes cold* The Five Nations is off limits Punk. Christian picks who he wants to face.

    Punk: Hey I never actually said I wanted it, calm down. I said I don’t need it.

    Carter: *nods calmly* I can get you anything else you want though.

    Punk: *nods* I’ll have to get back to you on that, I have a match to go to…

    Carter: Alright. Just think about it okay?

    Punk: *nods* Alright. *he finishes his Pepsi before moving to get up*

    Carter: Tell Colt I said hey.

    Carter turns and heads to his locker room after Punk smiles and nods. Once Carter’s gone, Punk grabs his belt and heads off for his match.

    Back in the ring, the crowd is a mixture of cheers and boos as ‘The Warrior’ by Disturbed plays and Wade Barrett comes out, a scowl on his face. He makes his way to the ring, not happy about not being able to bring Heath and Justin with him. There’s a silence across the arena before a static sound is heard and The Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality’ comes on and C.M Punk walks out, the majority of the crowd booing after his recent actions; the CWA championship hung over one shoulder and a smirk on his face. Once he’s in the ring, Punk stands in front of Wade, holding up his title, mocking him. Wade glares at Punk and shoves him; the referee quickly intervening before Punk can retaliate. The two separate and Punk hands his title over so they can start the match.

    Wade Barrett vs. CWA Champion C.M Punk

    The bell rings and the two Warriors rush at each other, Punk ducking Wade’s punch before he kicks the Englishman in the gut. He Irish whips Wade into the ropes before hip tossing him. While Wade’s down on the mat, Punk starts angrily stomping on him. Wade gets angry and grabs Punk’s leg, yanking him off his feet. Wade gats up and starts kicking at Punk’s ribs until the champ rolls out of the ring, glaring at him. Wade gets out of the ring, chasing after Punk who tries to run. Wade grabs the champ and drags him back, tossing Punk into the steel steps, yelling at him. The referee warns the two before he starts the ring out count when they don’t get back in the ring. Punk slowly gets to his feet before tossing Wade into the ring post when he charges at him. Punk grabs Wade by his hair, slamming his head against the post, ignoring the ref, who has reached five. He lets Wade’s hair go, laughing as Wade drops to the ground, dazed; though before Punk can continue he’s distracted by the crowd suddenly cheering. The camera goes to the stage as even the referee is distracted and stops counting to look as the ringside security hurries up the ramp to stop Justin as he runs out, closely followed by Heath. The security team stands in the way, preventing them from getting to the ring to help Wade, the two trying to get passed until more security people come from backstage to grab them. Seeing their failed attempt at helping Wade, Punk goes back to his assault, picking up Wade to toss him into the ring post again. The referee angrily warns them to stop again before continuing to count as Wade punches Punk when the champ goes to grab him and the two start brawling, not bothering to stop even after the ring out count reaches ten.

    Match ends in disqualification by double count out

    Once the bell is rung to signal the end of the match, the security people let Justin and Heath go and they quickly go to help Wade. Punk fights the two of them off until Wade gets his revenge, tossing Punk into the ring post he’d been thrown into twice already. Punk quickly goes to retrieve his title, escaping up the ramp as Wade smirks, shaking his head. Once Punk’s gone backstage, Heath and Justin, who has an arm around his ribs, check on Wade as the show ends, the camera fading out as the three talk.

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