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    Champions' Ball results


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    Champions' Ball results Empty Champions' Ball results

    Post  Casey on Sun May 13, 2012 2:53 am

    The crowd cheers loudly as the camera pans across the arena as it does at the start of each show; the Champions’ Ball theme, Lady Gaga’s ‘Edge of Glory’ playing. The camera then goes to the commentators, Terry Funk and Val Venus at their table by the ring.

    Terry: Hello and welcome to tonight’s show, the Champion’s Ball pay per view…where we’re not actually having a ball.

    Val: Well maybe not an actual ball with fancy gowns and stuff, but I’m sure we’ll have a ball, these shows are always enjoyable.

    Terry: Right, well all the matches tonight are for titles, so it should be exciting.

    Val: It’s exciting anyway, but having title matches makes it even more exciting!

    Terry: *nods* Yeah, but if you talk too long you’ll take up all the match time, so how about we get started huh?

    Val: Okay, okay!

    The camera goes to the stage as Carter Lacroix’s theme comes on and he comes out in his usual way, standing in the middle of the ring as his teammate Kane appears and comes to the ring. ‘Rawkfist’ by Five Finger Death Punch comes on, the theme song for Solstice; Wade and Justin’s tag team. They walk out, unaccompanied by their manager Heath, who’s away on a tour with the other company he works with. Once they’re in the ring, Alex Shelley and Christian make their entrances with their tag team titles.

    CWA Tag Team Champions Christian and Alex Shelley vs. Carter Lacroix and Kane vs. Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel for the CWA tag team titles

    All of the competitors stand in the ring, finding another competitor to combat. Christian picks Wade, Alex picks Kane, and Carter picks Justin. Each of the competitors battle their opponents, eventually Wade and Christian are fighting on the ramp with Christian in control and Kane is fighting Alex on the outside by the announcers table. Carter is down in the ring and Justin stands over him confidently. Justin gestures to the top rope before climbing and jumping off at Carter with the 450 Splash. Carter rolls out of the way, Justin slamming hard to the ring. Wade doesn't notice what’s going on, too busy fighting with Christian. Alex notices Carter go for the pin but Kane keeps a good hold on him, allowing the cowboy to get the three count.

    Winners and new CWA Tag Team Champions: Carter Lacroix and Kane

    As The Big Red Machine and Carter are handed the titles, Wade looks livid and yells his anger. Christian looks upset but doubles over to catch his breath. Carter looks over at his boyfriend, looking slightly guilty before staring at the crowd. Carter and Kane exit the ring and head backstage; shortly followed by the other competitors.

    Jerry paces outside the locker room of Christian before the Five Nations champion walks out of the locker room.

    Jerry: Hey Jay!

    Christian: *looks up* Oh, hey Jerry.

    Jerry: Can we talk about something kid?

    Christian: Talk about what?

    Jerry: My son.

    Christian: *after a pause* What about Carter?

    Jerry: Is it true my boy wants to overthrow me?

    Christian: *sighs* This is probably something you need to talk about with Carter Jerry....

    Jerry: I want to talk about it with you. Is. It. True?

    Christian: *rubs his head* He is thinking about it..... He is angry about the whole thing with Kane, Jerry.

    Jerry: *sighs* I was real worried that was gonna be what you'd say. I want you to join me in taking him out.

    Christian: Jerry.... *shakes his head* I can't do that.... I can't betray Carter like that.

    Jerry: Not even for your boss? Think about this Christian. This could be the difference between the career of your dreams or you getting screwed over just like the McMahon's did to you.

    Christian: *swallows softly* Don't threaten me Jerry... I can always just go back to TNA; you know Jeff will give me a fair shot..... And you know I love Carter, why are you asking me?

    Jerry: You on TNA at your age? They'd eat you alive. Face it, you’re not a spring chicken. Besides, if you quit as champion I could have you sued for breaking contract. And why you? Because Carter trusts you.

    Christian: *looks upset* I.....

    Jerry: You have your choice Christian. Go out for your match, think about it. Tell me when you decide.

    Christian ducks his head as he heads out to the ring for his match.

    The show cuts back to the stage, the crowd cheering as Dia Bank’s theme ‘Dancing with myself’ comes on. She makes her way to the ring and waves to the crowd before turning to the stage as Drew McIntyre appears. There is a pause once the two are in the ring and instead of the next theme song being played; the titantron comes on showing CM Punk, who has a grin on his face as he waves.

    Punk: Hello out there fans and Five Nations competitors! Just thought I’d say hello, seeing as it’s the first pay-per-view I’ve appeared in as a Warrior of the CWA. I hope you’re all doing well out there…or at least better than the other one of Christian’s challengers for this match…

    The camera pans across the confused fans and the two in the ring before going back to the screen, where CM Punk moves away from the camera. He stands over Justin Gabriel, who’s lying on his side with his arms wrapped around himself, in pain. Punk smirks as he looks down at him, a steel pipe in one hand.

    Punk: You’d think after I warn people, they’d learn not to walk around on their own, but apparently they don’t. It was pretty easy taking him out too, thanks to Carter rolling out of the way earlier…

    He looks up at the camera, a dark look in his eyes.

    Punk: Don’t worry Wade; technically I just did you a favor. See, in the animal kingdom Wade, even in your precious fishy home under the sea; predators always go for the weakest of the group. In this case, it was the already hurting Justin. In other words, now that I’ve gotten the weakest of your little group Wade, I’m going to have to try harder to get the other two of you.

    Though he knows Wade’s not in the ring, he glares at the camera, knowing Wade will see the footage sooner or later anyway.

    Punk: Anyway… to the rest of you in the match… Drew, Christian, Dia; I apologize for the interruption… You can go back to what you were doing now.

    The footage suddenly cuts off and there’s a silence across the arena before Christian’s theme hits and the current Five Nations champion walks out, the belt hung over one of his shoulders.

    Five Nations Christian vs. Dia Banks vs. Drew McIntyre for the Five Nations Championship

    The match starts off once the three of them are ready with both challengers having the same idea of going after the champ. Christian ducks Drew’s punch, but is hit by Dia with a kick to the gut. Dia goes to DDT Christian, but is caught off guard by a big boot from Drew, knocking her off her feet. While she’s down, Drew to fight Christian, the two trading punches before Dia gets back at Drew with a drop kick. She Irish whips Christian out of the ring before locking Drew in a submission hold with a smile, thinking she’s about to win. Drew starts trying to get to the ropes though and before he does, Christian slides back in the ring, breaking the hold himself. The three start brawling, Christian watching as Drew counter’s Dia’s finisher, hitting her with his own. Before Drew can capitalize on it, Christian rushes over and hits him with the kill switch, quickly pinning him afterwards.

    Winner and still champ: Christian via pin

    Christian gets to his feet, looking relieved that the match is over. He collects his title, holding it up before heading backstage. Drew and Dia both eventually follow, looking disappointed.

    Carter sits in Christian's locker room, waiting for him after the match.

    Christian: *enters looking upset and tired* C-Carter...

    Carter: Hey champ! You managed to keep the five nations! *grins, his title that he won from Christian glinting in the light*

    Christian: *sits down tiredly* Barely managed.... But who knows for how long....

    Carter: You could manage to be the longest reigning champ. You were with the CWA title.

    Christian: *softly* Only if Jerry allows it....

    Carter: *confused* Why wouldn't he? Your his best champ!

    Christian: Carter..... *sighs* He wants me to side with him.... To take you out... He threatened my career here.... But I can't do it, I can't lose you!

    Carter: That bastard! *holds Christian's hand* I understand love.

    Christian: *closes his eyes* He's going to want my answer soon..... And he will be pissed when I tell him no....

    Carter: Then I'll protect you damn it. I'll make you the first on the line who wants things changed.

    Christian squeezes Carter's hand tightly.

    Carter: So tell him no.

    Christian: I will.... *looks at Carter tiredly* Can we just stay here for a little while, just you and me?

    Carter: *nods* Of course we can.

    Christian curls close to Carter tiredly.

    The show cuts back to the ring, going through each of the challenging Vixxens’ entrances before Vitani comes out. She looks cheerful as she skips to the ring with her title around her waist.

    Vixxens’ Champion Vitani Summers vs. Angel James vs. Dia Banks vs. Nolee Lacroix for the Vixxens Championship

    Vitani looks at the three competitors for her title, finally eyeing up Dia and grabbing her for an Irish whip. Angel and Nolee start fighting each other; Angel quickly tossing Nolee into the nearest turnbuckle. Vitani and Dia are trading blows, Dia getting the upper hand. She lands a heavy kick to Vitani's temple, locking her in a headlock afterwards. Vitani manages to break the hold at the same time that Nolee lands a heavy clothesline. Nolee manages to land a vicious stomp to the back of the head. Vitani pushes Dia to the corner, hitting a few hard knees to Dia's gut. Dia doubles over in pain, allowing Vi to hit her enziguri. At the same time, Nolee lands her new finisher to Angel. At the exact same time, Nolee and Vitani pin both Angel and Dia.

    Winners: Nolee Lacroix and Vitani Summers

    Both girls stand up and yell at each other as Jerry Lawler's theme song plays. The CEO heads out to the ramp and looks at the two angry girls.

    Jerry: Calm down you two! Now if you look at this playback and you'll see technically you both won. Seeing as how I'm the one in control, I say that you will coincide as a Vixxens’ champion. The one with the most wins before the next pay per view will be the true Vixxens Champion!

    Jerry leaves as the two girls look at each other angrily.

    Carter is shown backstage, pacing outside of Dusty Rhodes’ office. Cody walks on screen, on his way to see his father; pausing when he sees Carter.

    Cody: What are you doing?

    Carter: Waiting for you to show up Codeman. We need to talk.

    Cody: About what?

    Carter: I want you to join me...

    Cody: With taking over Jerry’s spot running the company? *looks interested*

    Carter: Exactly.

    Cody grins and opens the door to Dusty’s office.

    Cody: Come in then.

    Carter: *enters the room slowly* Dusty...

    Dusty gets up and goes over to Carter with a smile.

    Dusty: Carter! What brings you here?

    Cody sits in the chair at Dusty’s desk now that he’s gotten up, his feet on the desk.

    Cody: He wants us to help him. *purposely changed the word from ‘join’ to ‘help’*

    Carter: I...I need your help taking dad down so I can have power...

    Dusty: *nods, closing the door behind Carter* Would you actually fix the place where it’s needed?

    Carter: I'd do anything to fix the place that I could.

    Dusty: *turns, frowning when he sees Cody in his seat, going to sit on the couch he has in the room instead* Like?

    Carter: Well, repercussions for cheaters. And Lucas would be suspended.

    Cody: *smiles and nods* Well the first part I’ve started doing, seeing as Jerry won’t.

    Carter: I'd fire Piper. Hire you as GM Dusty.

    Dusty: *smiles* Well that shows already that you’d do a better job. No offense to Piper, but he isn’t exactly doing the best of jobs of runnin’ this show either.

    Carter: I'd have only one request. You keep everyone on even playing ground.

    Cody: *cuts in before Dusty can answer* Obviously we can’t when people start cheating. They don’t deserve to be treated as the others are; it’s unfair on those who get clean wins.

    Carter: That’s the exception.

    Dusty: *nods* We can do that.

    Carter: So you'll join me?

    Dusty: Of course. I didn’t turn my back on you and Nolee like Jerry seems to think, just on his way of runnin’ things.

    Carter: You had been acting different Dusty. You were meaner.

    Dusty: It wasn’t because I had anything against ya though.

    Carter: *nods* Just think about what we've talked about...Uncle Dusty...

    Dusty: *smiles and nods* Sure.

    Carter: You won't regret it, I swear.

    Dusty: Oh I know that.

    Carter nods before he leaves the room.

    The crowd has a mixed reaction as Drew McIntyre’s theme comes on for the second time of the night, Drew looking a little tired after his earlier match as he heads to the ring. Alex Shelley comes out next, looking determined, though not as cheerful as usual after the earlier loss. ‘Cult of personality’ plays and CM Punk walks out, looking smug about his earlier appearance, insulting the fans at ringside who boo him. Papa Roach’s ‘Getting away with murder’ comes on next and Lucas Turner walks out with a smirk, thinking he has an advantage over the two who have already competed in a match.

    CM Punk vs. Alex Shelley vs. Lucas Turner vs. Drew McIntyre for the CWA Championship

    Both Lucas and Punk have the same idea when the bell rings, both going after one of the two who have already had a match. Lucas goes for Drew, trying to take him out early with a right hook, but Drew narrowly manages to avoid it. Punk tosses Alex into a corner, hitting him with a step-up high knee, following up with a bulldog. Drew hits Lucas with a Northern Lights suplex, going to pin him afterwards. Punk and Alex both see and stop fighting to go and break the pin, Drew kicking Punk in the gut before fighting Alex. While they’re distracted, Lucas rushes forwards, hitting Drew with a hard right hook, smirking as Drew falls to the mat, dazed. Punk slaps Alex, who looks angry and goes to hit him, only for Punk to counter the move, lifting Alex onto his shoulders for a GTS instead. He goes to pin Alex, but Lucas breaks it and Punk gets up to fight him. The two brawl before Punk ducks a punch, hitting Lucas with a quick kick to the head to knock him down before locking him in the Anaconda Vice, Lucas tapping out.

    Winner and new CWA Champion: CM Punk via submission

    Punk grins as he gets to his feet, raising the belt above his head once he receives it. He climbs up onto a turnbuckle and holds up the belt with one hand, shouting the words ‘Best in the world!’ as he points at himself before the show ends.

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