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    Monday Night Carnage Promos 5/7/12


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    Monday Night Carnage Promos 5/7/12 Empty Monday Night Carnage Promos 5/7/12

    Post  Christian on Sun May 13, 2012 1:33 am

    Due Monday at midnight

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    Post  Christian on Sun May 13, 2012 11:12 am

    The camera fades in on the locker room of Five Nation's Champion Christian. His best friend Edge is pacing while Christian is sitting with a worried look on his face. Edge sighs and sits next to Christian.

    Edge: I cannot believe he is trying to do this to you! *growls* After everything you have been though already, especially with Lucas and him not even doing anything about it! I mean you are probably the best worker here, you help backstage and you have never missed a show!

    Christian: *sighs* He is trying to force me to pick a side.... I did not want to get dragged into a war.... *looks down* I just want to do what I love and wrestle, but now he wants to force me to pick and I pick Carter...

    Edge: He knows you love Carter, why would he ever think you would turn on him? I mean he has known you for years, he knows you are a loyal person... *shakes his head* The more I think about it the more I realise Kane might of been right about him.....

    Christian: Kane.... My next opponent, not sure of this is Jerry just trying to get me hurt.... *rubs his head* Or if this is his way of trying to push a wedge between Carter and Kane's tag team.... Probably both knowing him...

    Edge: But you have beat Kane before.... You can do it again, I know you can Jay! *wraps his arm around him* You are one of the best in this company and in world..... You have faced a lot of big guys before and you have come through, I know you can do it this time.

    Christian: I know I can face Kane and at the very least give a great match.... It is not that I am worried about Addy..... *sighs again*

    Edge: Then what is scaring you Jay-Jay? What is worrying you so much?

    Christian: Is he going to get someone to screw me over in this match? What is he going to try and do to make my life hell like he threatened? Is he going to hurt my friends just to get back? I do not know what he is going to try and do..... *gets up and paces* I keep thinking of all the things he could try to do and it all worries me...

    Edge: Jay-Jay I promise you I will take care of you, he is going to have to get though me if he even thinks about trying to hurt you.

    Christian: *stops and hugs his best friend* I.... I am more worried about him trying to hurt you or Carter Addy.... But I have to focus on making it through this match; something tells me that this is going to be a tough time over the next coming weeks. But... *pauses before giving a small smile* But I will make it though this, I do not care what he throws at me. I will make it through this....

    Edge: That’s my best friend, come on let's go bug the Vixxen's for a bit.

    Christian gives a small smile before standing up and following a smiling Edge from the room, as the camera slowly fades out.


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    Post  Admin on Sun May 13, 2012 4:08 pm

    We open up on a park, Carter seen sitting on a bench near a little stream. The sun beats down on him and he pulls his red baseball cap down to block the sun from his eyes. The breeze is blowing, obvious by the way the grass moves.

    Carter: Hey Pete. Nice day huh?

    Pete: Pretty nice. It's not to hot but not cold either. How long you been here?

    Carter: Ran here from the hotel, now I'm just relaxing. Been out here about three hours. Just thinkin really.

    Pete: *sits next to Carter* Bout?

    Carter: The title...

    Pete: That's right! You and Kane are the new tag team champions!

    Carter: Not so excited about that...

    Pete: Why?

    Carter: We won them from Jay and Alex without Alex or Jay being pinned! I feel like we cheated our way to the title.

    Pete: Carter...that's not true...

    Carter: I feel it. I know it's not true but I feel it.

    Pete: Is that all that's bothering you?

    Carter: Dad tried to recruit Christian.

    Pete: What?!

    Carter: He tried to get Christian to join him in making sure I don't get control of the company. Christian of all people. And to make it worse, he told Christian that he'd never get another title shot if he didn't join him. I can't fight Christian but on the other hand I can't let him get cheated out of title shots he deserves.

    Pete: Just take a step back. You get rid of Jerry and you'll be the boss. You can hire your own staff, fire those you don't need. So who you got in your next bout?

    Carter: Ironically, Alex Shelley. I hope he forgives me for pinning Justin to get the titles and not him or Jay. I respect him as a tough competitor, some one who isn't that bad to hang out with after the show. We've gone out for drinks several times with Jay and Adam. We train together in the gym sometimes. All in all, we respect each other. When we get in that ring for a real match though, we both know real strength. This match, Alex, is just business. No harsh feeling after you tap out to the Cowboy Clutch, okay?

    Pete: You sound confident.

    Carter: I can't lose any more. There's awar brewing in the CWA. Everyone needs to be ready to pick sides.

    The camera fades out on Carter as he stands, starting to jog out of the park.


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    Post  Admin on Sun May 13, 2012 7:41 pm

    We see a black and white picture of a little girl sitting in a bedroom staring out the window. This picture fades into a sepia tone of the same girl, though now a teenager. She's standing next to Colt Cabana, her arms around his neck and a big grin on both their faces. Finally the picture fades to colored video footage. We see Dia, dressed in an emerald green tunic top with black leggings. Her hair is streaked with baby blue highlights. She smiles before looking around the small gym she's in.

    Dia: As long as I can remember, I was an orphan. That little girl wearing the pretty blue dress in that first picture you saw? That was me, age five. Before I became the woman you see now, I was a scared girly girl who would have given anything for a real family. But as time passed I noticed thst I wasn't the kind of child parents wanted. So I changed. I became a tomboy. It was a true metamorphosis.

    She sits down on the weight bench and starts doing bicep curls as she continues.

    Dia: After I was 18, never once having a real family, I got into boxing and wrestling. I got accepted into Ring of Honor. There I met Colt Cabana. Colt and I became fast friends and for once I found someone who loved me for me. After...well...after a one night stand I found out I was pregnant. I thought I was done for. I didn't have another way of getting money and now I was living for two. Thankfully TNA hired me to work backstage. James Storm and Bobby Roode helped me provide for my Louis, they still babysit sometimes. That was four years ago.

    She stops, looking at the wall as if lost in deep thought. She clears her throat as not to sound like she's crying.

    Dia: But everyone makes a metamorphosis, even you Justin Gabriel. I've followed your career since your FCW days to now. You've been a face and a heel. Usually, if you are a heel, Barrett is involved. Haven't you learned yet that he's not a kind man? He's cold hearted and selfish. I know you aren't like that. Your kind and generous. You generally treat all opponents with dignity. Don't let Wade change who you are. Stay a good man. *chuckles* But then again I'm supposed to use this time to break you down, not build you up. Lets talk about your career, huh? You've never held a title that wasn't a tag title. Your talented enough. You can use any sort of high flying move. I, however, know how to break bones with a single move. If I catch you, I will break you. So be warned. As long as I'm facing the Justin Gabriel who Wade has molded, I'll show no mercy. You came to me as the kind Justin and we'll do a good match for the fans.

    Dia has a crafty smile on her face before the camera fades out.


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    Post  Admin on Sun May 13, 2012 7:52 pm

    We open up on the familiar bedroom of Emily and Alyssa Turner. Emily, dressed in a green shirt with the Triforce on it and blue jeans, sits on a plastic pink chair in front of a small black table as she draws with colored pencils in a sketchbook. Near a large dollhouse in the corner of the room Alyssa, dressed in a red dress and white leggings, plays with her dolls. The door opens and Lucas enters, dressed in a blue shirt with the Chickenfoot logo on it and black jeans, with a tray of cookies and three glasses of milk.

    Lucas: Girls, snack time!

    He lays the tray down on the table and takes a spot at the table with his daughters. He hands each five cookies and a glass.

    Emily: *eats a cookie* Yummy!

    Lyssa: Daddy do good!

    Lucas: *chuckles* Well than you girls! How is school?

    Emily: I do good except for math.

    Lyssa: I don't like gym! How are you so good at sports?

    Lucas: I always liked sports when I was young. I didn't do to well in math either though.

    Emily: You tapped out to Punk.

    Lucas: I'm not bitter that I lost. It was better than having a champion who didn't show up to her matches. If something is important like that, you should always show up girls. Besides, Mr. Punk is really a nice person.

    Lyssa: Who you fight next?

    Lucas: Miss Vitani.

    Lyssa: I like Miss Vitani. I feel sorry Mr. Cody broke up with her?

    Emily: She broke up with Mr. Cody! She don't need a man to make her happy!

    Lucas: Where did you hear such a gem of wisdom?

    Emily: On the *tries to sound it out* Kar-dash-i-ans.

    Lucas seems disappointed that they watch the Kardashians but chooses not to say anything, instead opting to eat a cookie.

    Lyssa: You aren't gonna hurt her are you?

    Lucas: Not intentionally. Lyssa, it's my job as a competitor to hurt other competitors so that I can win. If I didn't, they'd hurt me first and you don't want that do you?

    Lyssa: *shocked she shakes her head quickly* Nooo!

    Emily: Me either! I like Miss Vitani but daddy's the greatest wrestler in the CWA!

    Lucas: Is that a vote of confidence from you girls?

    Emily: Yep!

    Lyssa: Uh-huh!

    Lucas: Well you heard it from the mouths of babes Vitani, you may be well liked but I will beat you!

    The camera fades out as Lucas enjoys a nice day with his children.
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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun May 13, 2012 11:17 pm

    Camera fades in to see Drew pacing around his locker room; his hair wild about his face. As the camera zooms in it's easy to see that he's not slept in days and that he looks worn. His blue eyes are framed by red spider webs and his movements seem to be not agitated in nature but merely a way to keep from falling out in sheer exhaustion.

    Drew: *his mind is whirling around in circles, his decision to leave Nolee for good and start seeing someone else weighing heavily on his mind. He'd not slept in days and now that he was to face her in the ring it was turning him inside out.* Wot was I thinking? Nolee is going tae make me life hell now. *he stops and tugs on his hair* But...but I care for Johnny, and I doan have tae fight for his affection, I doan have tae share him with anyone. *he starts pacing again* But I still care for Nols, she's a good girl, and I should have..I should have put a stop tae this before now...

    Drew's pacing slows a bit and the camera pans out to show that his ring gear and his clothing is spread all over the room and that his boots are hanging haphazardly from the couch. His phone is on the table and seems to be vibrating but he's ignoring it in favor of letting his mind drive him in circles.

    Drew: *he stops pacing and closes his eyes as he takes a deep breath* Stop it. You were in a train wreck Drew, Johnny has shown you that you don't have tae live for stolen moments with yer lover when she's away from her other one. I'm with some one now that puts me first and I him. I doan have tae fight anyone for his affections...*he takes a few deep breaths, he's still not looking forwards to his match with Nolee but he's feeling a bit more at ease about it.* It's only a match, and Nols is a big girl, she'll get over this, she has Sheamus at her beck and call...

    The camera pans out even more, and Drew's movements are slowing even more until he drops down onto the couch with his phone in hand. He skims a text and smiles before shooting one back. He moves from sitting to laying and soon he's snoring on the couch, his match pushed to the back of his head for now and thoughts of his new beau on his mind.


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    Post  Kane on Mon May 14, 2012 12:20 am

    The shot opens with Kane sitting in his hotel room looking at his title; the gold gleaming in the low light. A smile spreads across his face as he reaches out and touches the belt almost reverently. He hadn't thought that they would have won but it was now more step closer to his goal. His match for the night doesn't surprise him and he scowls as he remembers that he said he wouldn't harm Christian any more than he had too, it was going to be a tough match for him but it was going to be worth it.

    Kane: Christian, one half of the former tag champs. In theory this would be a great match; Christian you have everything to gain by fighting me. Yet at the same time what hope do you have to win against me? I am physically more fit than you and more dominant in the ring. The only thing that you have going for you is that I have made my promise to Carter that I would not hurt you more than I have too. *he smirks as he looks dead at the camera* However, who's to say how much is too much? You're a loose cannon now that you don't have your title, you could snap on me in the ring and the only way for me to win is to stomp you flat..

    The camera pans into an extreme close up on Kane's face, only his mismatched eyes being clearly visible

    Kane: Fear not Christian there will be enough left of you for Carter to coddle and fuss over, however what won't be left is your career, that will be buried in that ring and when I'm done with you you will only be good for walking Carter down to the ring for his matches...

    The camera closes on Kane picking up his belt and some polish and starting to clean it, humming to himself lowly.


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    Post  Admin on Mon May 14, 2012 10:27 pm

    The sound of someone crying is heard as the camera opens up on a hotel room. There's someone laying in the bed, head buried in the pillows. As the camera becomes clearer, we recognize the person as Nolee Lacroix. She's wearing what appears to be a gray shirt belonging to Sheamus, simply because it's so large on her, and blue gym shorts. She looks up at the camera, wiping her eyes.

    Nolee: Oh...hey Laurie...

    Laurie: Kiddo what's wrong?

    Nolee: Drew he...he broke up with me...

    Laurie: *shocked* He what?

    Nolee: Drew broke up with me. Told me he couldn't do the sharing thing anymore. I...I just...I thought he was happy...

    Laurie: What /exactly/ did he say?

    Nolee: That he loved me but he couldn't deal with this any more. *sighs* I should be able to understand that. But it still hurts, deep down. I guess we just have to go our seperate ways...

    Laurie: Um...I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you have to fight him in your next match...

    Nolee: *looks disappointed* Oh...

    Laurie: You gonna be alright to handle this match?

    Nolee: Of course. I may be heart broken but I have a job to do. There's gotta be a line where you pull punches. Sheamus, Drew, and Carter were the three that I would pull punches for. Carter because he's family. Drew and Sheamus it was because they loved me and I loved them. Now? Carter and Sheamus are still on that line. Drew's crossed it. He gets my full power in that ring.

    Laurie: You sound confident. Heartbreaks not gonna be a factor at all?

    Nolee: It's the key factor. Not only am I hurt, I'm pissed. All of that anger I'm going to direct at Drew. He made a mistake that will haunt him as long as I feel betrayed.

    Laurie: *pats her shoulder* Now get some real clothes on! We're in Raleigh and I know the cutest little antique clothing shop!

    Nolee: *chuckles* Alright, alright.

    Nolee turns on the radio as she gets clothing out of her bag, Laurie's camera fading out as these words play:

    I'm hell on heels say what you will
    I done made the devil a deal
    He made me pretty, he made me smart
    And I'm gonna break me a million hearts
    I'm hell on heels, baby I'm comin for you


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    Post  Admin on Tue May 15, 2012 12:30 am

    Before the cameras ever come up, we hear the sound of waves crashing against the coast line. The camera comes up on a little cliff peaking over the Atlantic Ocean. On the beach sits a little hotel and on the balcony of one of the rooms stands Wade Barrett. Wade's dressed in a black long sleeved shirt with a gray vest over it, blue jeans, and black boots.

    Wade: I've been watching for chordata cetacea delphinidae all day. *chuckles* For those of you who don't know what a chordata cetacea delphinidae is, it's a bottlenose dolphin. Dolphins are beautiful animals. They stay with their injured or ill, even helping them get better. Dolphins also protect their pods and even humans from sharks.

    He drinks from a cup of hot chocolate and smiles as he leans against the metal guard rail. The sun is starting to peak out from the clouds but it doesn't seem to be getting any warmer.

    Wade: Solstice is like a dolphin pod, except our members are set in stone. I am the alpha, the creator of this pod. Justin is one of our members. I have to protect him from the latest shark threat. I have to protect him from C.M. Punk.

    He grits his teeth, gripping the rail lightly before his knuckles turn white.

    Wade: C.M Punk managed to attack Justin backstage when we were seperated. I must say, I wasn't smart enough to protect Justin from his clutches. I should have stuck around. I commend you for this Punk. You even managed to win the title that belongs to my future wife. But noy you have a real problem. You have to step into the ring with me. You've angered me. The Anaconda Vice? It's weak. The GTS? It's weaker than my Wasteland. You have messed with the wrong person. This is going to be the last but we have because I'm going to end your miserable career.

    A big smile crosses his face and he laughs, looking off into the distance.

    Wade: Did you see them? They even had a baby with them! *nods with a smile* Life down there is not any different than the life up here.

    Wade smiles as the camera fades out on his profile.
    Alex Shelley
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    Post  Alex Shelley on Tue May 15, 2012 1:36 am

    The camera fades in on Alex sitting on his hotel bed, he slowly looks up at the camera before starting.

    Alex: You know rumor has it that a war is brewing here in the CWA..... *sighs* And the first one to make a move was Jerry, he threatened my tag team partner.... Tried to force him on his side... *rubs his neck* But this isn't my first war... Neither is it Jay's....

    Alex pauses like he is remembering something.

    Alex: Everyone is going to be forced to pick a side here soon.... And I know which side I am picking, I just hope everyone else does as well.... Carter I hope we have a good match and I hope you know that I have no hard feelings about the title's.... *pauses again* And I hope you really know what you are doing.... For Jay's and everyone elses sake... *gives a small smile* But then again somehow I think you will be a good leader.

    Alex slowly stands up and walks towards the camera as it fades out.

    Justin Gabriel
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Tue May 15, 2012 7:50 pm

    The camera fades in on Justin Gabriel, who’s sitting on a bed in a doctor’s office, frowning. He’s shirtless as Zoey Pallas of the CWA medical team examines his ribs where he’d been hit by CM Punk. He hisses in pain and pulls a face as she presses on an area that’s bruised.

    Zoey: Well the plus side is you aren’t hurt too bad, just a bit of bruising.

    Justin: *mutters* and hurting…

    Zoey: That too, but it should be fine as long as you don’t take any major hits in that area in your next match. *she touches another part of the bruised area and frowns as Justin flinches* I can give you something for the pain if it’s bugging you that much…

    Justin: *quickly shakes his head* I’m fine. I’ll survive without taking something for it…

    Zoey: *sighs and shakes her head* Stubborn huh?

    Justin: Sometimes. *shrugs before muttering* Thanks for looking at me…

    Zoey: No problem.

    Justin gives a small smile and gets up, pulling a purple t-shirt on as he walks out of the room, the scene fading before showing a scene later on in the evening. Justin is sitting at a table in a club with Heath Slater, music playing in the background; both laughing at something one of them had said, drinks on the table in front of them.

    Heath: *after drinking from his glass* I missed you while I was gone…

    Justin: *gives a small smile* I missed you too. …I wish you’d been there for the pay per view.

    Heath frowns and gently puts a hand on Justin’s side where he was injured, being careful not to hurt him.

    Heath: What did the trainer say about it?

    Justin: *shrugs* Just bruised, I’ll be fine.

    Heath: If I were there I could have-

    Justin: *frowns and shakes his head* Don’t do that, don’t make yourself think it was your fault for being busy with your other work.

    Heath: But I could have sto-

    Justin: *cuts him off by leaning forwards to suddenly kiss Heath* I just said not to do that.

    Heath: *stares at him for a few seconds before nodding* Right, sorry. *watches as Justin drinks* So who are you up against this week?

    Justin: Uh… *pauses to think about it* Dia.

    Heath: Who? *confused*

    Justin: New Vixxen…Dia Banks. I think she was a submissionist, which isn’t good if she catches me…

    Heath: No, not really. Want me to come?

    Justin: You don’t usually come unless I’m tagging with Wade…

    Heath: Because usually I’m busy, which is why I’m not able to be there for every tag match you have. But I’m free this week.

    Justin smiles and nods after drinking more before responding.

    Justin: Well you know I’m not going to say no to you coming with me. *he plays with a bit of Heath’s hair, who grins at him, Justin smiling back* …can we go somewhere else? I’m tired of this place…

    Heath: *nods* Sure.

    The scene fades out again before showing Heath and Justin in a hotel room, sitting on a couch looking more sober than they had earlier, a box of pizza on the table.

    Heath: So did that Dia girl you’re up against do a promo? *watches as Justin nods* What did she say?

    Justin: She said stuff about how she used to be a ‘scared girly girl’ and how she changed, then insulted Wade and tried to say being around him makes me a bad person. *he shakes his head* Yeah Wade’s done some bad things, but the real Wade, the one they don’t see on screen as much, is a nice person! He even showed it this week in his promo. I’m sick of people assuming Wade’s as horrible off screen as he has been at times on it., ignoring whatever good things they do see from him. How would they feel if someone did that to them?

    Heath: I’m pretty sure they’d hate it, rant about it and say they’re sick of it and they ‘deserve better’. Wouldn’t be the first time someone’s done it.

    Justin: *nods* Yet they all jump to assuming Wade’s cold and bitter. Yes he’s led us to do things we wouldn’t do otherwise, like attacking Christian and Alex, but no one seems to take us seriously until we do what Wade says so what do they expect? Maybe if people gave us a proper chance at things, we wouldn’t have to resort to cheating to actually get noticed. I don’t let Wade change who I am like Dia said, I choose to act that way because when I’m a face on shows, all I hear is people saying I can’t make it on my own; but then when I’m in a team they’re all saying ‘he's cold hearted and selfish. I know you aren't like that’ and ‘don't let Wade change who you are’. Well they can all just go fuck themselves, they’re the main reason I chose to go heel again because they were all saying I was weak and hopeless at singles wrestling. Apparently attacking people and cheating is the only way I can get them to stop.

    Heath: *nods* I know what you mean, I have the same problem. So does every other shorter, less muscled wrestler. Look at Rey Mysterio’s career; it took him years to get a decent shot because of his size…and it was only after he lost his best friend that he was allowed to win a Royal Rumble and the World Heavyweight title…

    Justin: That’s exactly my point, it shouldn’t be that way. We shouldn’t be over looked because we aren’t big like Wade and Seamus or like Orton and Cena. I’d like to actually be respected for the talent everyone admits I have when they’re trying to tell me being in a team with Wade’s a bad idea instead of being treated like a jobber. As for the ‘you've never held a title that wasn't a tag title’, I’ve been FCW world heavyweight champion. The reason I haven’t won any others isn’t because I team with Wade, it’s for the reasons I just said. I hope Dia has fun trying to catch the ‘Justin Gabriel who Wade has molded’ because there isn’t one. The Justin Gabriel she’ll be fighting is the one everyone fights, the one that all the bosses like McMahon helped mould by not ever giving him the shot he deserves.

    Heaths miles and moves closer to hug Justin, the camera fading out as they talk quietly.

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    Post  Vitani on Wed May 16, 2012 1:47 am

    The camera fades in on Vitani, who is sitting on a couch with her younger brother Tion. They appear to be watching a movie, as Tion has a bowl of popcorn in his lap, which Vitani occasionally reaches into to take some.

    Tion: This Kane guy is creepy looking, especially with his weird eyes…makes him fit the psycho role well.

    Vitani: You shouldn’t call his eyes weird. But yes, he is creepy.

    Tion: Why’d you choose to watch his movie? Are you against him this week?

    Vitani: *shakes her head* No, Lucas again this week; which shouldn’t be that hard, if I can avoid being hit…

    Tion: So why the Kane movie?

    Vitani: Because it’s an okay movie…and because not only is he now a tag team champion, he’s working with Carter to take over the CWA…which Cody is helping with.

    Tion: Ooh… *nods* What’s so bad about what they’re doing anyway? They just want to help make the show even better…and stop people like Wade Barrett from cheating.

    Vitani: Now they supposedly are anyway… The Rhodes’ used to be doing it just for the sake of having more power…or at least that’s how it seemed.

    She frowns; looking confused before realising Tion is wearing one of WWE’s grey Cody Rhodes shirts.

    Vitani: Why are you wearing that?

    Tion: *looks down at his shirt* Because I like it.

    Vitani: I’ve never seen you wear it before, when did you get it?

    Tion: *shrugs* Last week.

    Vitani: From who…?

    Tion: *hesitates before answering* From Cody…

    Vitani: What?! When?

    Tion: *nervously* He…he came to talk to me while you were in your match last week while I was waiting backstage… *leans away slightly when Vitani looks angry* It’s not what you think; he didn’t do or say anything bad…

    Vitani: What did he say then?

    Tion: *softly* He misses you Vi…

    Vitani: He…does? *a sad look crosses her face when Tion nods before she hides it and frowns again* Well he shouldn’t have lied to me and acted like a selfish ass when he decided to help his dad.

    Tion: *sighs* I liked him. He was fun to hang out with and he was nice…

    Vitani: And he lied.

    Tion: *folds his arms* He was trying to make the CWA better, like he kept trying to tell everyone, but no one listened.

    Vitani: *frowns* Tion…

    Tion: *pouts* You should talk to him.

    Vitani: I should be focusing on my match against Lucas actually.

    Tion: Then talk to him after. *shrugs* You said Lucas won’t be that hard, when you win, talk to him.

    Vitani: I- *goes to protest, then sighs and smiles at her little brother* You really want him back that much? And when I win? I said it would only be easy if I could avoid his punch, that’s not as easy as it seems. I have to stay fast and not let my guard down…

    Tion: *nods* Yes…and I know you do too, even if you won’t admit it Vi. *he smiles up at her* You’ll be fine, you can beat him.

    Vitani sighs and nods, hugging her brother before stealing some of the popcorn and sitting up again.

    Tion: Hey! *moves the bowl away from Vitani, who sticks her tongue out at him before eating some of the popcorn she stole* That’s mine.

    Vitani: Not anymore it’s not.

    She grins and goes to steal more of the popcorn, the two laughing and play-fighting before Tion gets up and runs off with the bowl, Vitani chasing after him as the camera fades out.
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    Cm Punk is shown sitting in an office similar to the one Wade has, drinking Pepsi from a glass in place of wine. He has his hair wet and combed back and is wearing a black coat similar to the one Wade sometimes wears to the ring over jeans and a t-shirt.

    Punk: *mimicking Wade’s accent* I’ve been waiting outside all day for the pretty dolphins. They protect their pod. I have nothing better to do besides stare at fish and compare my friends to them because my fiancé won’t speak to me…

    He smirks when he puts down the glass and leans back in his chair, putting his feet on the desk.

    Punk: *laughs before speaking in his normal voice* How much more pathetic can you get Wade, seriously? I mean I get protecting your ‘friends’ but you seriously sat out there all day waiting for dolphins instead when one of them is hurt? How is that ‘protecting’ them huh? Pretty stupid of you considering I told you I’m still after Slater as well as you.

    He runs a hand through his hair before shaking his head.

    Punk: If this was one of those animal planet specials, I’d have gone over there and taken them out while you left them alone. Oh wait- I did do that. At the pay per view. *he grins* Yeah dolphins are known to protect each other from sharks, but when one is injured and the other will be concerned more about the hurt one than the leader; that’s not helpful at all, is it? Especially not when the ‘shark’ has friends to help him…

    He looks up as the sound of a door is heard opening and the camera shows Cody Rhodes walking into the room.

    Cody: Oh there you are. Dad said you were here and wanted to talk…

    Punk: *nods* Yes. I take it you saw what I did?

    Cody: Yes, you did as we asked; only now you have to help punish the other two for cheating.

    Punk: Oh don’t worry Cody, it’ll get done. I’ll gladly take out Slater and Barrett after they humiliated me.

    Cody: I thought so, that’s why I asked you to do it.

    Punk: So what do I get out of this?

    Cody: You got the CWA championship…

    Punk: Which I won on my own!

    Cody: *sighs* Right. Well you get the satisfaction of bringing Wade down.

    Punk: *grins* Good point. Seen the Avengers yet?

    Cody: *frowns* No…

    Punk: Well then you can buy me food and a ticket to that.

    Cody: *goes to complain until Punk glares at him* Fine… and I’ll make sure the other two don’t interfere in your match with Wade.

    Punk: *nods and gets up to shake Cody’s hand* Deal.

    Cody nods and leaves the room as Punk turns back to the camera.

    Punk: See Wade? Not every shark works alone and they know how to get what they want. Though I may hunt alone, I know how to get the best out of a situation, especially this one. I don’t care if you’re angry, I am too and besides your pointless knowledge of fish, I’m smarter than you and better at wrestling too. I may not be as strong, but I have much more endurance and I’m faster. So when we meet in the ring, I’ll show you why I’m the best in the world, good luck trying to beat me.

    He smirks and takes off the coat, showing his ‘luck is for losers’ tattoo before exiting the rooms as the camera fades.

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