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    04-16-12 Monday night carnage


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    04-16-12 Monday night carnage Empty 04-16-12 Monday night carnage

    Post  Casey on Wed May 02, 2012 11:50 pm

    The show opens in its usual way, pyrotechnics going off as the camera pans across the excited, cheering crowd. The commentators introduce themselves and argue as usual before the camera goes to the stage. Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing with Myself’ comes on as the CWA’s newest Vixxen Dia Banks comes out, a determined look on her face. The crowd cheers for her, always eager to see a new superstar perform. Angel James’ theme hits once Dia is in the ring and the crowd cheers louder as the former Vixxens’ champ makes her way to the ring.

    Dia Banks vs. Angel James

    As soon as the bell rings, Dia rushes forwards and starts punching Angel, eager to prove herself against the former champ. She hits Angel with some hard punches before the Italian Vixxen finds an opening to fight back. She kicks at one of Dia’s legs, moving away as Dia regains her balance. Angel rushes forwards and hits Dia with a clothesline, knocking her over. While Dia’s on the ground, Angel takes the opportunity to climb up onto one of the turnbuckles and jumps off it, going for an elbow drop. She only connects with the ring mat though as Dia rolled out of the way, having been acting like the clothesline had taken more out of her than it really had. Dia flashes a grin and hits Angel with a hard kick to the head before hitting Angel with her Diamond Cutter finishing move and going for the pin.

    Winner: Dia Banks via pinfall

    Dia jumps to her feet, looking happy about winning her first match. She celebrates for a bit after Angel leaves before heading backstage herself.

    The camera comes up on the outside of Kane's locker room as a tall figure opens the door. The camera pans out to show Carter Lacroix, dressed in a plaid work shirt, blue jeans, and his black cowboy boots standing in the room.

    Carter: Kane? You around?

    Kane: *he sticks his head out of the in room shower, a scowl on his face* Who let you in here LaCroix? I know your daddy runs things, but that doesn't mean you can waltz in here like you own the place. *Kane comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair in wet ringlets around his face*

    Carter: I'm sorry to bother ya but I need to talk to you about our tag team match.

    Kane: *he growls a bit as he turns to go back into the shower area* Well get to talking LaCroix, but stay out there.

    Carter: *nods and looks around for a place to sit* Well, I need to know we can work well together.

    Kane: If you're questioning my cohesity then this isn't going to work. I'll hold my own in the match, but if you turn your back on me LaCroix I will hunt you down and take my pound of flesh.

    Carter: I didn't turn my back on Lucas when he blackmailed me, I won't turn my back on you. I like winning...even if Jay is involved...

    Kane: *he peeks out smirking* I promise I won't hurt your little boy toy too much LaCroix. *he comes out in jeans but no shirt, a towel held against his head as he dried the chestnut mane some more.* Although if he can't take the pain he shouldn't be a wrestler.

    Carter: He's not my boytoy. I love him. But I know the risks of our profession, he gets hurt in that ring then it probably won't be because someone tried to purposefully hurt him...

    Kane: *he laughs as he sits down* Kid you have some growing up to do. Of course it's because some one tried to purposefully hurt him. It's what we do, some more than other. I, for one, choose my battles. Our match, I don't have any real heat behind. But if I were facing your father, no ring bell, ref or even god himself would be able to save him from what I would be doing to him.

    Carter: I know we're wrestlers but no wrestler I've ever worked with actually enjoyed hurting an opponent. As for my father...*hesitates* I don't think I'd stop you...

    Kane: *he barks out a laugh* As if you could kid. But that talk aside I won't put too bad a hurting on your pretty boy. Now as for the other one...I won't be so easy on him. You got a problem with that?

    Carter: None at all. Alex, yeah, he's a good friend but other than that I don't think we have a problem in the ring against each other.

    Kane: Good. *he gets up and moves about the room* So I heard you asked for me as a partner...why?

    Carter: *hesitates* You’re a talented superstar for one. Second...I need your help...

    Kane: *he turns and crosses his arms over his chest as he looks at Carter* My help? With what?

    Carter: With my father...and taking his company over.

    Kane: *interested he takes a seat, his eyes gleaming* Well, well well. Looks like baby LaCroix has grown some balls. Spill kid, what do you want me to do?

    Carter: I want you to destroy him...

    Kane: *he sits his back, his eyes on fire* Kid, do you know what you're asking me to do?

    Carter: *angrier than we've ever seen him* He lied to me!

    Kane: Kid he lied to a lot of people, you're just another name on the list to him.

    Carter: *shakes his head* I'm his son! He shouldn't have lied to me...

    Kane: My own father lied to me LaCroix, it's what they do, it's what everyone does.

    Carter: could he? I went after you and tried to hurt you based on lies he told me...

    Kane: *he shrugs* It's who he is Carter, your father is a liar and will use anyone to get ahead of the game. Don’t' take it personal, he does it to everyone.

    Carter: Then he doesn't deserve a company like this. He doesn't deserve it at all...

    Kane: It's how you get on top Kid. You either use or be used.

    Carter: I won't let anyone use me ever again.

    Kane: *he nods* Good plan kid. Hope you can stick to it. Now get, I have some pre match preparing to do.

    Carter: Remember what you promised. You won't go any harder on Christian than you do on anyone else.

    Kane: Yes yes, I give you my word LaCroix. I won't hurt the little blond.

    Carter: That being said Kane, I think we're agreed. Do whatever it takes to win.

    Kane: I always do kid, I always do. You do the same. I won't be the one to carry this team. If that happens I will take my pound of flesh out of your ass.

    Carter: I was a former CWA Tag Team. I don't make my partner's carry our team.

    Kane: I was just letting you know LaCroix. Now get, I have things to do. *scowls as he goes to stand*

    Carter: *nods and heads out of the room*

    Kane shakes his head as he goes about his business, mumbling under his breath as the scene fades away.

    The camera comes up instead on Jerry in the ring, looking jovial despite the rumors his son is plotting to take over.

    Jerry: I am here to announce the main event match for the ppv next week, Champion's Ball! Now the theme of this ppv is the championships the Warriors and Vixxens work so hard to win. Each match will be a championship scramble! In our main event we will have CWA Champion Belle Moore, versus CM Punk, versus Alex Shelley, versus Drew McIntyre, versus Lucas Turner!

    Before Jerry can continue, the all too familiar ‘Common man boogie’ theme song of Dusty Rhodes plays as the power hungry man comes out, followed by his son Cody. Dusty gets a microphone before stepping into the ring, Cody standing nearby with his arms folded.

    Dusty: Once again Jerry, you’re proving you’re no good at doing your job. You’re better off just vacating that title and then having the scramble.

    Jerry: What vacating it and giving it to Virgil here? No thank you. I wanna see a good match for it.

    Dusty: *growls* His name is Cody, don’t you dare call him that! And he’d rather work for titles if he wanted one, not have one handed to him by you.

    Jerry: Right, right what am I thinking about? He's not the same sheltered little boy that was in Legacy, Priceless, and snapped because Big Show took his title. *chuckles* Anyways, do ya mind if I finish up here before you make an ass of yourself Dusty?

    Dusty lowers his microphone to say something quietly to Cody, who looks angry, before responding to Jerry.

    [color:560c= orange]Dusty: You’re just annoyed that my boy doesn’t wanna wrestle for you like he does for Vince. You don’t deserve talent like him. You can go ahead and finish, so you can show everyone your ‘great’ ways of runnin’ the show…

    Jerry: *scowls* I could care less if Cody wanted to wrestle for me. I treated you both like family and you both threw that in my face. Hell, you threw it in Nolee and Carter's faces too. I hope my son does take over for me because then he'll see what "Uncle Dusty" and The "Codeman" really are. Cowards, liars, and cheats. I do my best for my fans, same as Vince. And I've taken some of his best talent! I've taken some of Dixie Carter's best talent too!

    Dusty goes to respond, but Cody snatches the microphone from him.

    Cody: You of all people have no right to be calling us lairs. Who was it that lied to Carter when asked to tell the truth regarding what Kane was going around saying while he smashed up the place? We didn’t throw anything in your face, we just realized quicker than everyone else how much of a fraud you were, we want the same thing Carter wants; someone more suited for the position to take your place running this show.

    Jerry: I lied to my son to protect him! Same for Nolee! And as for this business I am the only one fit to run it! I created it! I built it into what it is, brought in the talent we have. *sneers* And I won't take advice from a snot nosed little brat who dumped his girlfriend to make his dad happy.

    Cody: *angry* That’s not even what happened, I didn’t dump anyone. She left because she was fooled like everyone else was into believing you’re as great as you acted until Kane and Carter got the truth from you!

    Jerry: Even better, you can't hold on to the woman you love because she doesn't like what you are. I remember when you and Nolee were kids. You were a better person back then. Shame you grew up.

    Cody: Oh I’m sorry I don’t live in a forest where everyone stays kids and plays with fairies. *he rolls his eyes* I’m sure you’ve been told before at some point not to live in the past.

    Jerry: I have, by The Miz back when I worked for Vince. But sometimes the past is a good thing. Now, if you two have nothing else productive to say, I'm going back to my office.

    Cody: Only to remind you to finish the job of announcing matches that you came out here to do, despite the pointlessness of a match a champ probably won’t even show for.

    Jerry: I only want them to know about the main match. Let the others be surprises.

    Cody: *shrugs* Whatever, we have more important things to do.

    He gets out of the ring, shoving the microphone into a tech guy’s hands, Dusty following as he heads back up the ramp.
    Jerry shakes his head before the camera fades to commercial.

    Porcelain Black’s ‘This is what Rock and Roll looks like’ comes on when the show returns and the Vixxens’ champ Vitani Summers skips out, doing her usual dance before heading down the ramp, title around her waist, high fiving fans on the way. Once Vitani’s in the ring, Drew McIntyre’s theme comes on and he walks to the ring. He and Vitani shake hands before looking up at the ramp as ‘Loyal to no one’ plays and Sheamus appears, Drew glaring at him. Sheamus stops at the top of the ramp, smirking at Drew when Nolee joins him, the two heading to the ring together.

    Vixxens’ champ Vitani Summers & Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus & Nolee Lacroix

    The match starts off with Nolee, who managed to convince Sheamus to wait and Vitani, Drew not wanting to fight Nolee. The Vixxens lock up, Nolee gaining the upper hand over the champ when she kicks at the back of her knees. The two fight for a few minutes, Nolee tagging Sheamus in as soon as Vitani starts to gain momentum, which is quickly stopped with a Brogue kick. Sheamus backs off and waits for Vitani to get up, grinning when she tags in Drew. Sheamus rushes forwards and goes to punch Drew, frowning when Drew catches wrist and knees him in the gut, attacking Sheamus when he drops to his knees. After a few hits, Sheamus has had enough and shoves Drew away so he can get to his feet. Drew goes over and tags in Vitani before charging at Sheamus, the two toppling out of the ring by Nolee, who sighs and tags herself in as Sheamus falls. As the two men brawl outside the ring, the two Vixxens fight, Nolee having a hard time catching Vitani until Cody appears at the top of the ramp, smirking. Distracted, Vitani gets hit by a hard hit to the head, followed by Nolee’s finishing move.

    Winners: Nolee Lacroix and Sheamus via pinfall

    Nolee gets up with a grin on her face, smug about the fact she pinned the Vixxens’ champ. She looks down at Sheamus and Drew who are still brawling and slides out of the ring to go try and stop them. Vitani looks annoyed as she gets up and leaves the other three to sort out their problems, going to get her Vixxens’ title before heading backstage, Cody having already disappeared.

    The camera cuts backstage to Cody Rhodes, who still has a smirk on his face as he walks until he hears someone following after him. He stops and turns around, rolling his eyes when he sees Vitani, who looks angry.

    Vitani: *hisses* What did you do that for? You made me lose!

    Cody: That was the point. You deserved it.

    Vitani: For what? Leaving you because you’d rather be your father’s little minion like you were Randy’s?

    Cody: *growls* I am not his minion; I’m helping him because I agree with him.

    Vitani: Oh? So how much did he pay you before you decided to suddenly agree?

    Cody: He didn’t pay me I-

    Vitani: *holds up a hand to stop him* Look, I honestly don’t care anymore. I tried to help you and you just threw it back in my face, so we’re done. As long as you’d rather help your greedy, power mad father, I want nothing to do with you. If you mess with my matches again, you will lose any chance of getting me back regardless of whether or not you’ve realized there are more important things than money. Got it?

    Cody: *looks hurt and frowns* Vitani I-

    Vitani: No. *glares at him* I don’t want to hear it. I’ve had enough of you apologizing and then just going back to what you did to piss me off the next day anyway. Goodbye Cody.

    She turns around and walks away from Cody, heading to the locker rooms, the camera focusing on Cody who sighs and shakes his head before walking off in the opposite direction.

    Back in the ring, the guitar riffs of In Living Color's "Cult of Personality" sounds and the arena erupts in cheers. When CM Punk finally comes out, the fans’ cheering is so loud that the music can barely be heard. He gets in the ring and poses before "Warrior" by Disturbed starts playing. Wade Barrett heads down to the ring, Justin and Heath flanking him on either side. He grins at the fans before getting ready for the match.

    CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett

    Barrett starts by slapping Punk across the face. Phil suddenly seems to have fire in his eyes and he takes Wade down with a spear. He sends punch after vicious punch to Barrett's face before referee Hanna Beckford starts the five count. Phil backs off, Wade stands and attempts to hit a running clothesline. Phil ducks and Wade misses. Heath gets on the apron and distracts the ref while Justin hits Punk in the groin. Phil doubles over and Wade grabs him for the Wasteland, landing the move... Heath moves off the apron in time for the ref to count the pin, not noticing Wade has the tights rolled up.

    Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall

    Punk looks furious when he gets to his feet and goes to attack Wade, quickly changing his mind when Heath and Justin get into the ring to stand with Wade, the three grinning when Punk gets out and heads back up the ramp. As soon as Punk’s gone, ‘The Collapse’ plays and Cody appears once more, a microphone in hand and the three in the ring exchange worried looks.

    Cody: After seeing what the three of you just did, I was very tempted to get something done about it, like ban Justin from a match again; only it looks like I won’t have to do that.

    In the ring Wade and Heath look confused, Justin looking more annoyed than the other two, still pissed off about their last encounter with the Rhodes’.

    Cody: Oh don’t worry; you get away with your cheating this time, simply because Lucas hasn’t even shown up tonight, so you don’t have a match anyway. So I guess that means you can all just head backstage and laugh about your ‘victory’.

    He shakes his head and heads backstage as the show goes to a commercial.

    When the show comes back on, the unmistakable sound of a truck horn echoes through the arena before "That's How Country Boys Roll" starts playing and Carter drives out in his black Ford pick-up truck. He gets out but doesn't look as thrilled as he usually is when he gets in the ring. He tosses his hat into the audience before focusing his attention on the entrance ramp. Kane's pyrotechnics go off and out walks the Big Red Machine. He stalks to the ring and gets in, Carter and Kane nodding at each other in respect. The High Crusade's "Whatever’s Real' begins to play as the CWA Tag Team Champions Alex Shelley and Christian, who is also wearing the Five Nations Championship, come into view. They slap fans hands as they run down into the ring, baseball sliding in before raising the championships over their heads then handing them to referee Josh Hamlin.

    CWA Tag Team Champions Alex Shelly and Christian vs. Carter Lacroix and Kane

    Carter and Alex start things off but because of Carter's strength Alex is unable to get the upper hand. Carter pushes Alex into the corner and he tags in Christian. Christian slowly gets in the ring, eyes locked with Carter. The two men lock up before Carter gets the upper hand. He locks Christian in a headlock and gets the Canadian to his knees. Carter kneels behind him and digs his knee into Christian's back while pulling on his arms. Referee Josh Hamlin asks Christian if he wants to give up and Captain Charisma shakes his head. Carter lets go but looks like he's contemplating something. He takes a glance from Kane to Christian before tagging in Kane. Kane goes and gets in the ring. Christian seems to know he's in trouble because he manages to roll over to the corner to tag Alex back in. Alex gets in and approaches Kane slowly, throwing kick after kick to Kane's legs before finally bringing him to his knees. Alex lands a solid kick to the back of Kane's head and the big man goes down. Alex goes for a pin but Kane manages to kick out. Kane stands as Alex jumps at him for an enziguri but Kane catches him for the chokeslam before pinning him.

    Winners: Carter Lacroix and Kane via pinfall

    Christian helps Alex to his feet and the two collect their titles, Christian glancing at Carter before heading backstage with Alex. Kane smirks and raises a hand in victory as he watches them leave, Carter looking preoccupied, other things on his mind as the show ends.

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