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    CM Punk (Phil Brooks)


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    CM Punk (Phil Brooks)

    Post  Casey on Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:36 am

    Name: CM Punk a.k.a. Phil Brooks
    Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
    Weight: 218 lb (99 kg)
    Age: 33
    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
    Nickname: Punk, The Voice of the Voiceless, Best in the World, the Straight Edge Superstar/Saviour.
    Manager?: none
    CWA accomplishments: None
    Non-CWA accomplishments: 3 time World Heavyweight champion, 2 time WWE champion, 2 time Mr. Money in the Bank etc.
    Type (Face or Heel): Heel
    Style of Wrestling: Technical, uses various martial arts skills
    Gimmick (i.e. respected, hated, bully, etc.): Himself.
    CWA Win/Loss Record: 0-0-0
    Current CWA Feuds: None
    Finisher(s): GTS, Anaconda Vice
    Appearance: CM Punk.
    Entrance Theme: Cult of Personality –Living Colour

    Introduction Promo:

    A static sound is heard across the arena before various highlights spanning across the whole of CM Punk’s wrestling career are shown on the titantron; Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality’ playing in the background. As the song reaches the line ‘I’m the smiling face on your TV’, CM Punk walks out onto the stage, grinning and holding a microphone in one hand. He mouths the words ‘I exploit you, still you love me’ as the camera zooms in on him and the song fades out at the end of the verse as he raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Punk: Helloooo CWA!

    He raises a hand and waves at the crowd and at the camera before continuing.

    Punk: I bet you weren’t expecting to see my smiling face here after recent events I’ve been a part of in the WWE…but here I am.

    He holds his arms out, smirking as the crowd cheers excitedly.

    Punk: You looked like you needed some more…attitude around here. More importantly, you seemed to have a lack of me, meaning this place was boring and now… it can be great. I’m here to do my job, to shake things up a little…to do things right.

    He laughs, looking smug.

    Punk: I’d say I’m here to help get things back in order, but let’s face it, throughout my career I’ve done everything but create order. Instead, I’ve come to speak my mind…which to be honest, is full of greatness …and maybe a little madness and may be considered a little extreme for people; but this is the CWA, not the WWE so I’m sure you can all take it. You aren’t all whiny kids that cry when Cena loses or when someone like me insults you all or when the Undertaker comes out with his ‘scary’ five minute walk to the ring… You’re the CWA and its fans. The CWA is full of people who are better, stronger, smarter and obviously more talented than the WWE will ever give credit to people for, but now that I’m here, you’ll all have to step up your games if you want to keep up with me. Because I am the best in the world, the Straight Edge Superstar, the Voice of the Voiceless, CM Punk!

    He grins as the area fills with the sounds of both cheering and booing from the fans and ‘Cult of Personality’ plays again as Punk smirks and heads backstage.

    Superstar Base Pic (Post a picture of what your character looks like, or resembles): He resembles himself.

    REASON FOR JOINING CWA: Because they need me. Do I really have to explain passed that?

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