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    2-20-12 Monday Night Carnage Promos


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    2-20-12 Monday Night Carnage Promos Empty 2-20-12 Monday Night Carnage Promos

    Post  Admin on Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:25 pm

    All promos are due here by midnight on Sunday!

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    Post  Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2012 7:50 pm

    We open up on a library, Wade sitting in a red plush chair with a book in his hands. He sits in front of a roaring fire in a fireplace and is dressed in a black suit. He smiles as he sees the camera, placing the book down on his lap. Gesturing to the rows and rows of books that line the walls, he smiles.

    Wade: Welcome to my library. As a child, books were one of my only escapes from my family and I developed a love for the classics. Even foreign literature, such as the book I'm reading now: Machievelli's "The Prince", were good to me as a young man. It's a great piece of literature written very beautifully. Some of Italian literatures most known quotes come from this book. For instance *he looks back down at his book and reads out loud* "He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command".

    Wade gets up, walking to the mantle on the fireplace, where a picture of himself and Drew McIntyre can be seen. Both men are wearing suits and are possing together. Wade chuckles and picks up the picture.

    Wade: Yes, surprisingly, I have a past with my opponent for this week. Back in Ohio Valley Wrestling we were a team called The Brit Pack. This team even moved on to Florida Championship Wrestling, except we called it The Empire. We were even FCW Tag Team Champions and defended it against such teams as Sheamus and Justin Gabriel, ironically. Our team disbanded when we lost the titles and had to face each other in the ring. I'll admit, Drew is a formidable opponent. He's worthy as an opponent. He's an even better friend. I'm glad he's coming to the company, Vince and Hunter were abusing his talents. Here Jerry can put him to work like he needs to be.

    He turns, a deep smirk on his face. He puts the book on the mantle and crosses his arms over his chest.

    Wade: Unlucky for him, I'm not the competitor I once was. I've learned from my past, learned to be a better competitor. I've seen his career blossom and then spiral downwards whereas I have nowhere to go but up. I look forward to Drew coming to the company. I just want him to understand why he has to continue losing, at least for now.

    The camera fades out on Wade's smirk, the sound of the crackling fire being the last thing we hear.

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    Post  Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:27 pm

    The sound of laughter can be heard as the camera comes up on the Trevi fountain in Italy. Jack Swagger is seen, dressed in khaki shorts and a red tank top, sitting on a bench. Next to him sits Ella Ross, dressed in tight black shorts and a white midriff top. They seem to be enjoying the day out, holding hands.

    Ella: I had a good time today. Who knew that Rome was such a beautiful city.

    Jack: You'd never been to Rome?

    Ella: No. I'd never been outside of the United States until this tour. *she kisses his cheek* So where are we now?

    Jack: This is the Trevi Fountain. Legend says that if you throw a coin into the fountain your ensured to return to Rome.

    Ella: Can I?

    Jack smiles, taking her hand and they walk over to the fountain. Both of them smile, throwin a penny into the Trevi. They laugh and start walking down the street together.

    Jack: I'm glad you don't see me like the other women of this company.

    Ella: Well growing up I was taught that women were only supposed to wrestle women and men only wrestle men. I don't see why the girls are so intent on going up against guys. They can get hurt if they step in the ring against the wrong guy. Honestly, you did the right thing by not wanting to fight Belle.

    Jack: Well I'm glad you see things that way. Lotta people think I'm just being a chauvinist ass. No. I don't want to fight women because I'm a superior competitor. If I gave it my all when I fought women I'd hurt them. That's the last thing I want is to hurt women. My dad, Ryan, taught me to always respect women. I do respect them, just don't think they belong in the ring with us.

    Ella: *smiles* You face Christian this week?

    Jack: Yes I do. *fans his face* It's gettin' hot out here. Wanna grab some gelato somewhere?

    Ella: *smiles* Sure we can talk about your match then.

    The two walk into the Gelato di San Crispino. They wait for their turn in line before they look over the flavors offered.

    Ella: *in flawed Italian* Gianduja. ((dark chocolate with hazelnut))

    Jack: *smiles and whispers to Ella* Do they have a licorice flavor?

    Ella: *says louder* Liquiriza.

    Ella nods and says it loud enough for the man behind the counter to hear. They sit at a table near the back, eating a bit before smiling at each other.

    Ella: So Christian this week huh?

    Jack: Yeah. He's a good athlete, don't get me wrong, but he's to wrapped up in being stalked by Turner. I mean, honestly, what has he done about it? He gave in to his stalker. Now a real man would have fought. The old Christian would have fought. Ever since he got tied in with that, to quote old E+C, "chumpstain" Carter the ex CWA Champ Christian has been a loser. He's lost his edge. It's a shame really.

    Ella: You really think he's lost his edge?

    Jack: I do, especially larely. I'd like to see his old fire, his old guts. All the fans get to see now is him merely beating an opponent. Ask any fan and I can almost promise you they'll say the same. Problem is while he's worrying about Lucas I've given up on my obsession with Nols. Means I've got nothing on my brain but my matches, and well, making Sheamus' life hell. From what I hear, Jay doesn't know if he loves Carter or if he loves Lucas.

    Ella: I feel bad for him...

    Jack: In a way, I do to. Now c'mon, we should go tour the Coliseum. Did I ever tell you one of my ancestors was an advisor to Ceasar?

    The two stand up and leave as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Admin on Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:54 am

    We open up to the food court in a mall, Lucas sitting with his daughters Emily and Alyssa as well as his little sister Jessie. They sit laughing and eating a pizza. Emily is coloring a picture she has drawn on a napkin while Alyssa is cuddling a pink stuffed bunny.

    Jess: So you girls enjoy shopping today?

    Emily: Yes Aunt Jessie! Thank you for the new book and colored pencils!

    Alyssa: Uh-huh and for Mr. Fluff and my new dress!

    Lucas: *smiles* Well as long as you both had a good time I did too.

    Emily: Papa...aren't you scared?

    Lucas: Bout what pumpkin?

    Emily: *almost in a whisper* You gotta fight Kane...

    Alyssa: *hugging the bunny tighter* Kane's a big mean doodie head!

    Jess: Hey now, your daddy's one of the toughest men in the company. He can handle Kane.

    Lucas: Jess is right girls. I'm not-

    Emily: But he's crazy daddy! He's gonna hurt you!

    Alyssa: Emmy's right! If Kane can beat The Undertaker he can beat you. And he's gonna hurt you. *looks close to crying*

    Lucas: You girls are honestly scared that I'm going to get hurt?

    When both girls nod he goes over and sits between them, pulling them onto his lap.

    Lucas: Look, I was fine when I fought Mr. Sheamus wasn't I?

    Emily: Uh huh.

    Lucas: Kane doesn't hate me like Mr. Sheamus did. Mr. Sheamus wanted to hurt me bad and while he may have beaten me, I was okay in the end. Kane just views me as an opponent. He's not gonna hurt me like he wants to hurt Mr. Lawler or Mr. Carter or Ms. Nolee.

    Alyssa: *scared* He wants to hurt Miss Nolee?

    Lucas: *knows he said the wrong thing* Of course not darling.

    Alyssa nods and cuddles close to Lucas as a blonde woman walks over, looking at the sight. Jess practically glares at the woman before taking a drink of her soda.

    Jess: Dana.

    Woman: Jessica. *looks at Lucas, smiling at her daughters* Are you two ready to go?

    Alyssa: Mommy do we have to?

    Dana: Yes we do Lys. Your daddy has a game tonight in Vancouver.

    Emily: *mutters* Step dad...

    Dana: What was that dear?

    Emily: *louder* Nothing mom.

    The girls get off of Lucas' lap and take their moms hand and walk off. Jessie eats a piece of pizza before looking at Lucas.

    Jess: How worried are you about this match Lucas? I know you. Whenever you face someone his size you always get worried. You did in UFC too.

    Lucas: Bit worried but not much...*frowns* I should get home to Christian.

    Jess: *hesitates* You know...he's not good enough for you.

    Lucas: *looks at her frowning* What do you mean?

    Jess: He's worse than Dana and you know how much I don't like her.

    Lucas: *frowns* You suggest that I should give up about him?

    Jess: *nods* Yeah...I'm sure you can do better than him. I mean, Rachel was awesome.

    Lucas: *nods and looks away* Yeah, well, I should get going...

    Jess: Just be careful about fighting Kane. You could get real hurt. And that's the last thing I want to see is you hurt bro.

    Jess gets up and leaves Lucas sitting at the table, looking at the picture that Emily drew, the camera fading out.

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    Post  Sheamus on Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:14 am

    The camera opens on a view of one of the Roman coliseums. As the camera zooms in, Sheamus is seen standing among the other tourists and people passing by, some staring at his pale skin and bright hair. A few people stop and ask Sheamus for autographs and pictures, which he does with a smile, but as he walks off to an emptier area after he spots the camera, he frowns.

    Sheamus: Hey Pete…

    Pete: Hey Sheamus, you alright?

    Sheamus: Well, physically I’m feeling better, not nearly as sore. Mentally and emotionally though… *he trails off, sighing*

    Pete: Still worried about the whole Nolee thing huh?

    Sheamus: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? But that’s not something I need to worry about right now. I need to worry about my match this week against Amy. She’s tough, just like the rest of the Vixxens, but she’s lucky enough to avoid all the main conflicts going on within the show… I always like going up against the ones in the company who don’t have some sort of vendetta against me, always refreshing to have a proper match. I mean…even Angel last week wasn’t exactly friendly, but she’s been stressed too, with those family issues of hers.

    Pete: Right and I know by now not to ask anymore about your personal stuff. *he pans the camera across the view of the coliseum in the background before focusing back on Sheamus* Have you been here before?

    Sheamus: To Rome? Yes, with the other company; to the coliseums, no. I figured they’d be nice to visit while we’re here.

    Pete: Oh, why?

    Sheamus: It’s a coliseum, a place that used to see many warriors. I’m referred to as the Celtic Warrior, so what better place to go? May not quite be the same, but still warriors either way.

    Pete: Right, I guess it is fitting. So, are you going to take a sword to Drew or Kane then? *asks jokingly*

    Sheamus: Hmm… *smirks* As tempting as it is, I don’t think so. You know what’s sad? I think I have more people who are unfriendly towards me here than I do friends…

    He sighs and shakes his head.

    Sheamus: Wanna go get a drink?

    Pete: Sure.

    Sheamus turns and starts walking as the footage cuts off.
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    Post  Justin Gabriel on Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:51 am

    The camera opens on the outside of a house, the camera person reaching out a hand to knock on the door. Barking is heard from inside the house, followed by a voice telling the dog off. The door opens to show Heath Slater, followed by a large dog.

    Heath: Oh, you’re here to see Justin, yeah?

    Helena: Yeah I am, is he home?

    Heath: *nods* He’s in the bedroom. *after a pause, trying to recall her name* You’re…Helena?

    Helena: *cheerfully* Yep, that’s me.

    Heath lets her in and leads her to the bedroom, where Justin is lying on the bed, his eyes closed. Heath sits on the edge of the bed, running a hand through Justin’s hair.

    Heath: *as Justin opens his eyes, speaking softly* Hey Justin, Helena from the CWA’s here…

    Justin: *yawns and mutters something in Afrikaans*

    Heath: *chuckles* You know I don’t speak that language darlin’.

    Justin goes to respond, only to suddenly sit up and move away from the edge of the bed, making a nervous sound as Heath’s dog comes over to them, laying its head on Heath’s legs.

    Heath: *sighs* Justin… Gregory’s not going to hurt you, he’s harmless…

    Justin: I don’t care if you think he won’t, get him out of here. *watches the dog with a wary look*

    Heath: *frowns slightly* Paul…

    Justin: *suddenly snaps* Get the huge assed fucking dog out of the room Heath!

    Heath: Okay, okay… *he gets up the dog out before coming and sitting back on the bed* Better?

    Justin: *takes a deep breath* Yeah…sorry.

    Heath: *smiles and moves closer, putting an arm around Justin’s shoulders* It’s okay, but what’s up? You only get snappy when you’re stressed.

    Justin: What do you think…? We lost. To the psycho and Carter, who’s injured. And I’m back to fighting a jobber…again. I mean, Kid Kash? Really? When was the last time anyone else fought a jobber anyway? I swear…the only time I win here’s in a team or I’m starting to guess, by accident, a fluke…

    Heath: You know that’s not true…

    Justin: Okay fine, you’re right. But it does feel that way at times. *after a pause, almost whispering* You know who I wish was here to give me some advice…? *He looks at Heath, who raises an eyebrow*…my pa.

    Heath: Your…? *remembers something and frowns* Oh. That’s dad in your language, isn’t it?

    Justin: *sighs and nods* Yes… I’m sure he’d have something helpful to say to me about how my matches have been. *he leans against Heath, who hugs him, then remembers the camera’s there* Oh, um sorry Helena…you shouldn’t have to stand around and watch me sulk.

    Helena: It’s okay, I can go now if you want; I’ve got enough.

    Justin: *nods* Okay, before I drive you mad. *he chuckles* See you.

    Helena: Bye Justin, Heath.

    Heath smiles and waves before turning back to Justin, who lays back down as the camera fades out.

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    Post  Christian on Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:00 pm

    The camera fades in on a small hotel room, CWA star Christian is sitting on one of the beds reading. He looks up as Adam and Casey walk in, he gives a small smile.

    Christian: Hey Casey, how do you like Rome so far?

    Casey: *smiles* It is nice, now I know why Angel was really happy to be here.

    Edge: *laughs* I saw Angel in the hallway; she looked just a little hyper.

    Christian: *laughs softly* I am sure it was more then just a little hyper... *looks at Casey* You ready to help with my promo this week Casey?

    Casey: Of course, when am I not ready to help? So who are you fighting this week?

    Christian: *makes a face* I have to fight Swagger this week...

    Edge rolls his eyes.

    Casey: *makes a face* Swagger... Sorry Jay it seems you got the short end of the stick this week.

    Christian: *smiles* Not really..... For all my dislike of Swagger I will never put down his skills in the ring, even though he is a jerk more then half of the time. He is a talented jerk, but not as much as he thinks he is. Which is probably good news for us, think about how big his ego would be if he was that good.

    Casey: *nods* True, very true.... So does he have a promo up yet?

    Christian: *sighs quietly* Yes he does....

    Edge: *frowns* He was saying a lot of stupid crap in his promo....

    Casey: *frowns slightly* What did he say?

    Edge: He said things like "He has lost his edge"... Said that Jay does not have his fire anymore and he has been a loser ever since he got tied to Carter, all of which is not true. Jay is still as good as he ever was and he has only lost a few times and the last time was when he lost the title against Sheamus. And Jay is a real man; he was only trying to protect his loved ones like any man would do when he gave in to Lucas. Swagger does not know a thing about the way Jay feels or thinks, Jay is the type of person to do anything for his loved ones.

    Casey: *nods* Jay is a very selfless about things like that.

    Christian: *flushes softly* I am not that selfless, I just like to protect my friends.... *looks down* But Swagger was right about a few things in his promo, as much as I wish I did not have to admit it. He was right when he said I had lost my fire, ever since Lucas started this I have had worry at the back of my mind. It made me afraid of doing what I love and that probably showed a bit in my matches. *looks up* But I am not afraid anymore and I am going to do whatever I have to get my fire back, because the fans deserve nothing less then the best that we as wrestlers can give.

    Casey: *smiles when he sees the small spark in Christian's eyes* You always give your best, that’s why the fans love you. Do you think you will beat Swagger this week?

    Christian: I cannot say at the moment, I would like to say yes.... *smiles slightly* But as Angel would say so many things could happen and change the match. One wrong move, being caught off guard... But I have faced Swagger so many times before and many of those time I beat him....But I will not give into my ego and say I will win, instead I will say that all I can do is give my all and hope that I will win.

    Edge: *chuckles* I will be biased and say that Jay will kick Swagger's ass, just like all the other times.

    Casey: Of course, it is your job as best friend to be biased. *pauses before asking quietly* Did you see Lucas's promo?

    Christian: *pauses and nods* I did, it was strange to see him so.... Normal acting, after everything he has done when he was with his daughters it was like he was calm.... It was weird to see...

    Edge: *nods* But I have to say thanks to his sister for trying to talk him out of Jay.... Sadly I do not think it worked...

    Casey: *nods with a sigh* Yeah if all the texts Jay got yesterday show anything... *shakes his head with a sigh* So did you talk to Carter at the show last week?

    Christian: *sighs* Only for a little bit.... I got called away to get checked out before we could really talk... But we have been texting and hopefully I will get to see him soon.

    Casey: *nods* Hopefully...

    Christian: *stomach growls lightly* Come on guys let's go get some dinner, I am hungry.

    Casey: *smiles and nods* Sounds good.

    The three get up and start putting on jackets and shoes, Christian puts his book down on the desk and the friends leave the room. The camera zooms in on the door before fading out slowly.

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    Post  Angel James on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:46 am

    The camera fades on a small Italian cafe where CWA Vixxen's champion Angel James sits at a small table, talking to a woman in Italian. After a few minutes the woman leaves and Angel finally notices the camera, she smiles before waving the camera over.

    Angel: Well hello my friend, I am glad to see you.

    Pete: *smiles* Good to see you too Angel, you look happy.

    Angel: Yes I am, I am always glad to be back in my homeland. So how do you like it here my friend?

    Pete: Yeah it is an amazing place. *pauses* So are you ready for your match this week?

    Angel: *nods* Yes I am, it is always fun to face Vitani in the ring. I will admit it is hard to promo against her though, I cannot say anything bad against my dear friend and I know she has the same problem.

    Pete: *nods* You two still give great promos though, do you think you will win?

    Angel: *smiles* Maybe, maybe not... It is hard to tell, Vitani is amazing in the ring and more then a match for me. But who knows I may be lucky in this match and win, but whatever the outcome I know that both me and Vitani will give this match our all. We both want to give the fans the match they deserve and hopefully give them a match that they will never forget, I think that is one of the goals of most wrestlers... To give the fans a match that shows we care.

    Pete: *smiles* You are amazing Angel, in every promo you manage to so such a deep love for the fans and what you do. The CWA is lucky to have you, but do you know who you are facing at the pay-per-view this month?

    Angel: *smiles and nods* Yes I do, I was told the other day that I will be facing Vitani at the pay-per-view. I am so glad, this is Vitani's first shot at the Vixxen's title and she deserves this shot. I will be very happy for her if she wins the title.

    Pete: *nods with a smile* So how are things going with Petey?

    Angel: Things are going good, he will be wrestling for a belt soon over there and hopefully will be back for a visit in a few weeks.

    Pete: That’s great... *pauses as Angel's phone goes off*

    Angel: I am sorry my friend, but I must take this call.

    Pete: *nods* No problem, thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Angel: *smiles and nods* No problem, I will see you later my friend.

    Angel picks up her phone and answers it as the camera slowly starts to fade out on the Italian Vixxen.

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    Post  Drew McIntyre on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:28 pm

    Camera opens up on Drew pulling his kick pads up on his shins and making sure they don't slip. His hair pulled back away from his face in a pony tail and white and blue wrist tape adorning his arms.

    CWA Interviewer: *knocks on the door before pushing it open* Mr. McIntyre. A few words.

    Drew: *he looks up and nods, motioning to the leather couch in the room* Aye, ask away. Just don't mind me as I'm getting ready. *he starts to lace up his boots* Wot can I do fer ye taeday?

    CWA Interviewer: You're set to go against your one time Tag partner. How that strike you? You and Wade Barrett have history inside the ring and quite a few scandals outside of it as well. I'd hazard a guess to say that you know most of his basic moves and how to counter them. How is that going to help you in your match.

    Drew: Well ye have one thing right mon. Barruh and I do go way back. We matured sae tae speak in the ring taegether. But where yer losing sight o'thing is that Barruh's changed since then. Bloody Hell I've changed since then as well. I've kept tabs on me past partner an from wot I can ken he's a worthy opponent. *he claps the interviewer on the back with a smile* An truth be told, I can't think o a better mon to be me first match.

    CWA Interviewer: I'm sure the two of you can put on a hell of a match. Now I have a question about the other rumor going around. Nolee LaCroix....where does she fit into all of this and is this going to start a feud between you and Sheamus?

    Drew: *he takes his pony tail out and runs his fingers through his hair* Nolee...where tae start on the wee lass....I've had eyes fer her since I first seen here back stage in the 'E. O'course Daddy Lawler wouldn't let me around..not that I blame him...I mean every Da takes precautions with their little lasses. But then they left and I still thought about her and when her Brother approached me about joining the CWA I jumped at it, hoping to see her again. Of course then I found out that Sheamus was sniffing around. And there really doesn't need tae be much tae set us two tae fighting. Sheamus's bad blood and I's has gone way back tae when we were squaring off in Ireland and Scotland before we made tae the United States. However if he wants tae go round an round with me then he knows where tae find me.

    CWA Interviewer: Thank you Drew, and good luck in your Match against Wade.

    Drew: *he nods and opens the door for the Interviewer*

    Scene closes on Drew looking in the mirror and running his fingers through his hair as he plots his match and how he's going to react if he runs across Nolee and Sheamus together.

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    Post  Kane on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:41 pm

    In a dark locker room a match flares to life, showing off a painting of Jerry, Nolee and Carter. Through Jerry and Carter are large slashes, renting the canvas and leaving it tatters. Nolee's place is untouched and at the base of the painting lays a single rose.

    Kane: Soon Lawler I will have my revenge. You might have put your sins behind you from Smokey Mountain Wrestling but you haven't put me to rest. And as long as I'm breathing I'm going to remind you of them until you repent, until you lay your sins at the feet of those you hold the most dear. *he laughs as he moves out of the dancing circle of light and back into the shadows* Lucas Turner. A waste of my ability. But I'll indulge you this week Jerry. Just remember that you have yourself to blame when your talent starts to come up injured one by one.

    The candle goes out and all that is heard is Kane's laughing, the sound drowning out the ripping of canvas as Kane slices it again.

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    Post  Admin on Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:33 pm

    A young woman is seen on the screen, dressed in old Roman armor. Her blonde hair is pulled over her shoulder in a beautiful braid, decorated with beautiful silver pins. Her face is covered by a beautiful half moon porcelin mask with red tribal designs. As she practices with the sword, a voice over is heard.

    Womans Voice: According to Greek mythology, there was a tribe of highly skilled female warriors known as the Amazons. They were tall, beautiful, and most of all deadly. The most beautiful and deadly of all these warriors was named Hippolyta. It was her that gave Heracles her girdle so that he could complete one of his seven labors. The most important thing about the Amazons were their beliefs in men and women. Women were powerful, not only as warriors but as mothers and leaders, while men were seen as weak and only to give the gladiators a family.

    The image of the warrior woman flashes and one by one something about her changes. The armor she wears changes from armor to a pair of jeans and a black shirt with a Celtic cross sitting against a Scottish flag. The sword she holds in her hand changes to a black purse. Finally the moon mask is removed from her face to reveal that it is Nolee Lacroix.

    Nolee: *smiles* The woman in the CWA could have very easily been Amazonian warriors. We fight against men who, much like Heracles and the king Theseus, believe themselves to be better than we are. They're wrong. After all, our current champion is a woman. She's our Hippolyta. However, there was a lot of fighting amongst the Amazons. Hippolyta's own sister and most trusted advisor was Antiope. Antiope was kidnapped by Theseus and he married her. Long story short, Antiope died in battle protecting Theseus from her sister. If Belle is our queen, and I'm Antiope, then who you ask is Alex in this upcoming battle?

    A grin comes across Nolee's face and she leans agaisnt a nearby wall.

    Nolee: Alex is a trickster. He's playful but when he wants to be, he can be downright dangerous. Means he's our resident Hermes. Much like Hermes, he's powerful and playful. If you let your guard down he could steal away a victory just like *snaps her fingers* that. He's a tough opponent to handle if you don't know what your doing. Luckily for me, that's not the case. I beat him just last week. I humiliated him and possible broke a little bit of his spirit. This week is going to be the same outcome.

    Nolee brushes her hair off of her shoulder, adjusting her grip on the purse in her hand before walking towards the camera.

    Nolee: I'll handle Alex first, toss him out of the ring after I get done toying with him. But Belle! We'll put on a beautiful battle. Except unlike the battle of Hippolyta and Antiope, the younger and more talented of the two will win.

    The camera closes in on her face which flases to her with the mask on before flashing to her without it and fading out.

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