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    CWA Insider issue 5


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    CWA Insider issue 5 Empty CWA Insider issue 5

    Post  Christian on Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:24 am

    CWA Insider issue 5 16104547

    Insight on CWA Champion, Belle Moore
    Belle Moore, the first ever female CWA champion, is no stranger to title shots. She has fought for the Vixxens Championship against Nolee Lacroix and even beat Carter Lacroix for the Five Nations Championship. She’s a powerful woman with a powerful outlook on life, a woman who breaks barriers and can’t be defined by anything other than her accomplishments in the company. We caught up with her fiancé, Wade Barrett, to see what he had to say about the recent title win for his fiancé. “Belle’s always deserved to be the most recognized woman in the CWA,” smiled Wade, “now this proves it. Whoever manages to beat her for the championship will have to be one hell of a competitor. She’s going to stay champion for a while, even if she has to fight me for it."

    CWA Insider issue 5 16202929
    CWA Insider issue 5 16204985
    CWA Insider issue 5 16202020
    CWA Insider issue 5 Untitled-1
    CWA Insider issue 5 16205552

    Jerk of the month: Jack Swagger
    CWA Insider issue 5 Jack-Swagger-jack-swagger-18486283-397-386
    Stalking: He has started to stalk and play mind games with Nolee and Sheamus, who he has vowed to break up. Just like Lucas before him.....
    Male Chauvinism: Has spent most of his promo's insulting not only the men smaller then him, but also the Vixxen's of the CWA. Many of the Vixxen's have been deeply angered by his promos....
    Coping: He seems to been following the same path set before him by Lucas, someone else Nolee bought in as "protection."

    Anonymous valentine notes
    Ok here is a sweet litte thing we did for valentines day, we had superstars sent anon notes to their valentine.

    "Roses are red
    Your eyes are blue
    here's a little song
    to say I love you"- to Christian

    "My love, my life and my only one."- to Angel

    "D'fhoghlaim mé Gaeilge díreach leat. Is féidir liom a rá anois Is breá liom tú in dhá theanga éagsúla."
    ((Translation: I learned Gaelic just for you. I can now say I love you in two different languages.))- to Sheamus

    "Our wedding is proof enough that I love you."- to Belle

    "Soon, my angel, soon"- to Christian

    "To my shy, sweet Valentine. I love you."- to Casey

    "I love you, no matter what." to Vitani

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