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    Painful Resolutions Results


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    The show opens to the special PPV theme song, ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, the crowd cheering as the camera pans across the arena. Not wasting any time, Zack Ryder’s them hits, signalling the first match of the night. He makes his way to the ring, and eager smile on his face. Alex Shelley comes out next, looking hyped up and ready for the match. Nolee and Christian’s entrances follow after, Christian accompanied by Edge, who stands at ringside; the four in the ring exchanging glances before the bell rings to start the match.

    Zack Ryder vs. Alex Shelley vs. Nolee Lacroix vs. Christian w/ Edge to earn the number one contender spot for the Five Nations championship

    The match starts off with Nolee going after former CWA champ Christian, leaving Shelley and Ryder to fight each other. Nolee gets the upper hand over Christian, throwing punch after punch, driving Christian into a corner, where she starts kneeing him until the ref tells her to back off. Ryder and Shelley fight, Ryder struggling to land a hit on the high flyer, who eventually flings Ryder over the top rope, causing him to fall to the floor below, landing awkwardly on his shoulder. Ryder cries out, holding the shoulder he landed on. When Alex sees, he slides out of the ring to check on him. In the ring, Christian has regained the upper hand and hits Nolee with a Killswitch before getting the pin.

    Winner via pin Christian w/ Edge -new no. 1 contender for the Five Nations title

    Edge slides into the ring to celebrate with Christian, Nolee looking annoyed. The referee gets out of the ring and goes over to Shelley and Ryder, who looks to be in a lot of pain. Shelley and the referee escort him backstage, the high flyer muttering apologies, which Ryder just brushes off, not blaming him for what happened.

    Carter is seen lacing up his boots as he looks up, the door opening.

    Carter: What are you doing here kid?

    Christian: *sighs as he walks in* I am not a kid Carter.... And you know I wanted to see you before your match.

    Carter: *smiles* You are a kid. You act like one. *grins as he laces up his boot, trying to hide the icepack on his knee* Come to wish me luck?

    Christian: *nods* Yeah... And I want to go out to the ring with you, and I do not act like a kid. *sticks his tongue out*

    Carter: *looks at him* Hold up, what was that first part?

    Christian: I want to go to ringside with you when it's your match.

    Carter: No.

    Christian: Why not Carter?

    Carter: Tana will hurt you!

    Christian: No she won't.... I need to make sure your going to be okay...

    Carter: I will be okay.

    Christian: Please just let me come out with you....

    Carter: Jay...I can't let you get hurt....

    Christian: Carter.... *sighs softly* Are you sure?

    Carter: *takes his hands* Please...I have a bad feeling about tonight....

    Christian: *nods and squeezes Carter's hand softly* Okay...

    Carter: *leans down and kisses him*

    Christian kisses back before sighing softly as he watches Carter leave.

    "That's How Country Boys Roll" starts to play and Carter walks out to the ring, not bothering with the pageantry of his pick- up truck. He nods at the fans who cheer him, his face reading of the fear and anxiety he's feeling. He climbs into the ring, taking off his cowboy hat and tossing it into the crowd. His eyes glance over the crowd before resting on the entrance ramp as Santana's theme song starts to play. She heads out; a cold and calculating smirk on her face. She climbs into the ring, still smirking as the fans boo and jeer her. Referee Josh Hamlin looks at the two before signaling for the bell to be rung.

    Carter Lacroix vs. Santana Lopez

    Carter doesn't waste any time in going and attacking Santana. He grabs her arm, flinging her roughly into the turnbuckle. He waits a second, looking at the ramp as if expecting someone. Carter focuses on Santana again but apparently he gave up to much time as Santana leads a well placed boot to his injured knee. He immediately goes down, collapsing to one knee as Santana smirks, slapping him in the back of the head a few times to add insult to injury.
    Carter pushes her away, managing to stand. He attempts to pick her up for a suplex and actually manages to go so, landing the move. he locks in the Cowboy Clutch but Santana reaches out a hand to the ropes, forcing Carter to break the move. Carter backs off as Santana uses the ropes to pull herself up. Carter runs at her, hoping to hit a boot to the stomach, but at the last second she moves out of the ring which causes Carter to hit his leg on the ropes.
    Santana doesn't waste any time, grabbing Carter's leg and pulling it tight against the ropes. Carter screams out in pain, Tana smirking and letting go as Josh Hamlin's count goes to eight. She manages to get back in the ring, giving Carter time to get up. Tana rushes at him but he turns, hitting a hard clothesline. He pulls her into the Cowboy Clutch and then at that moment, she taps out.

    Winner: Carter Lacroix via submission

    Carter manages to stand after his match, leaning gingerly on his hurt knee. The titan comes on and laughter fills the air; the lights going out and then flickering red as Kane's pale face fills the middle of the screen

    Kane: Looks like Daddy's little boy can hold his own against a woman. *the screen flicks over to a lump on the floor where a crown is lying off to the side before flickering back* Must run in the family because dear old Dad didn't have a chance against me. *laughter sounds again as the lights go back out and then raise back normally*

    Carter looks shocked at the sight he just saw on the titantron before a look of worry crosses his face. He heads backstage, limping visibly as he looks for Kane and Jerry. The lights go out again as Kane strikes from behind, shoving Carter into the catering table

    Kane: You think you can best me boy? You think you can come out on top?

    Kane picks up the nearest thing, a metal garbage can and slams it into Carter's back before disappearing into the darkness; only his laughter left of him. After a few minutes of lying motionless on the cool concrete floor, a few of the backstage medics run over and help Carter up as the camera fades to commercial.

    The show comes back to the sound of Solstice’s theme song, the crowd cheering as Justin and Wade head to the ring, accompanied by Heath Slater. The three stand and talk as they wait for the Tag Champs to get into the ring, looking up at the stage as Lacuna Coil’s ‘I’m not afraid’ plays, Angel and Vitani walking out to the ring, without Cody.

    Solstice w/ Heath Slater vs. Nocta Hemata for the Tag Team titles

    The match starts off with Justin Gabriel and Vitani, Justin getting in the first hit, Vitani looking distracted. Vitani dodges and counters a few of Justin’s moves before he kicks the back of her legs, making the Vixxen drop to her knees. He hits Vitani with a dropkick before landing a moonsault off the ropes and then moves to tag in Wade. Wade gets in the ring, lifting Vitani to her feet, toying with her and fighting in a way that makes it look like he’s not even trying. After a couple of minutes, he tosses Vitani into the corner Angel’s standing at, the Vixxens’ champ tagging herself in. Wade charges at Angel, hitting her with a hard clothesline, stomping on her a few times before picking her up to hit his Wasteland finisher. Wade smirks and goes to tag in Justin, who springs up onto the turnbuckle as Wade pulls Angel back to her feet. Angel shoves Wade away before turning to face Justin, only for him to spring off the corner, hitting Angel with a Shooting Star DDT before going for the pin.

    Winners and new Tag Team Champions Solstice w/ Heath Slater

    Heath quickly gets into the ring, bringing the Tag Titles with him, hugging Wade and handing him one title before turning to Justin, the two grinning and hugging, Heath kissing Justin’s cheek before he holds up Justin and Wade’s arms, the two holding up their titles in their other hands. Heath lets them go and Justin goes over to hug Wade.
    Backstage, Vitani is seen; she sighs as she paces, shaking her head. She pauses as Cody walks up to her, a troubled look on his face.

    Cody: Vi…

    Vitani: What? This better be good, I’m really not in the mood for the Rhodes family bullshit right now.

    Cody: *looks surprised* Since when do you speak like that huh?

    Vitani: *stops pacing, looking annoyed as she turns to face him* Since when? Since we lost the Tag Titles because I was too busy worrying about you and all your confusing shit, that’s when!

    Cody: Vi, I’m sorry…I know you just want to help, but I…

    Vitani: But what? Daddy bribed you and you’re too scared to stand up to him?

    Cody: Oh come on, you know it’s not as simple as that.

    Vitani: Oh? Do I? I didn’t know that, could have sworn instead of you actually explaining anything to your girlfriend, you run off every time, making some lame excuse…

    Cody: Vitani, you know it’s not-

    Vitani: *hisses* Stop it! Just stop Cody. I’m sick of the excuses. *she runs a hand through her hair, an upset look on her face* Either you explain what’s going on and let me help you and we go back to the original way of running Nocta Hemata, or you go follow Dusty in his evil scheme and I give up on you… I can’t deal with this. One minute you’re as nice as you’ve always been to me, the next you’re some comic book psycho who’s apprenticed to the one man he swore he’d never become…just to please a power mad father. *pauses and sighs* …it’s one or the other Cody… you go help him and I leave, or you stop listening to him and let me help. I can’t sit around watching you change into as horrible a person as Orton…

    She smiles sadly, putting a hand on Cody’s cheek, kissing him before walking off and leaving Cody looking even more troubled than before.

    Amy's music hits and she walks out from the back, standing at the top of the ramp making a gesture around her waist like she wants the title. She walks down the ramp and gets into the ring, waiting for Angel to walk out to the ring. Angel's music hits and the Vixxen's champ heads down to the ring, the title around her waist. She gets into the ring and hands her title off the ref as the bell rings.

    Vixxen's champion Angel James vs. Amy Hennigan for the CWA title

    Amy rushes at Angel as soon as the bell rings and gets a waist lock but Angel breaks it with an elbow. Amy falls to the ground; Angel goes to pick Amy up by the neck. Amy manages to land a back heel kick and a drop kick to get Angel off of her. Angel hits a vicious forearm and head butt to Amy. Angel with a slam and then she applies an arm bar. Angel throws Amy to the mat by her hair. Angel then picks her up and goes for the Twista, which she executes flawlessly.

    Angel wins by pinfall

    Angel smiles as the ref raises her hand in victory, she shakes hands with Amy before climbing the turnbuckle with her title.

    Christian is walking down the hallway heading to his locker room when he bumps into someone.

    Lucas: *smirks and grins down at Christian* Hello little one.

    Christian: *backs away slightly with wide eyes* What are you doing here?

    Lucas: I work here silly.

    Christian: Oh right.... *murmurs nervously* Sorry.

    Lucas: What are you doing here?

    Christian: I am going to my locker room...

    Lucas: *smirks* Tell Adam I'm looking for him.

    Christian: *confused* What... Why?

    Lucas: Oh it isn't that important.... *grins* By the way you should tell Adam to be careful, you wouldn't want him to hurt that neck of his would you Angel? *moves in closer to Christian*

    Christian: *swallows hard at the underlying threat* What do you want Lucas?

    Lucas: *pushes Christian against the wall and nuzzles his neck softly* You know Angel... Why are you playing games?

    Christian freezes as Lucas nuzzles his neck.

    Lucas: *pulls back with a grin* Don't keep me waiting too long Angel..... And remind Adam to be careful....

    Christian looks deeply shaken as Lucas walks away, leaving him alone in the hallway as the show cuts to a break.

    The show comes back to show the stage, the crowd cheering as Sheamus’ theme plays. He walks out and heads to the ring, pacing as he waits. Belle’s music comes on and she walks out, she has a confident smile on her face as she climbs into the ring, the two handing their titles over to the referee.

    Five Nations champ Belle Moore vs. CWA champ Sheamus for the CWA title

    When the bell rings, Belle and Sheamus shake hands. The two come face to face in the center of the ring. Sheamus attacks with a hard right hand and they begin trading right hands in the center of the ring as the crowd cheers loudly. Sheamus gains the advantage as he begins attacking Belle. He Irish whips her into the ropes; Belle bounces back and tried to hit Sheamus with a clothesline. Sheamus ducks it and hits Belle with the Brogue Kick, he goes for the pin when Swagger runs down to the ring and stands on the ring apron. Sheamus growls as he gets up, Swagger smirks and jumps down as Belle gets Sheamus in a roll up. The ref counts to three and Belle is the new CWA Champion.

    Belle def Sheamus via pin for the CWA Championship

    Belle grins as she jumps around the ring, she can't believe it. The ref hands her the title and raises her hand, Sheamus is seen cursing as he rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.
    Jack is standing backstage in the guerilla, smirking when Sheamus gets back from his match.

    Jack: Well well well, look who it is. The former CWA Champion.

    Sheamus: *rolls his eyes and frowns* Oh shut it you. At least I've been champion.

    Jack: *smirks* I will be eventually.

    Sheamus: Right... well just so yeh know, cheating isn't gonna help with that. *glares at him*

    Jack: *smirks* Helped Belle didn't it?

    Sheamus: I doubt that’s how she’ll look at it.

    Jack: She still beat you. And this? This is just the first step on a long line of you being humiliated by me.

    Sheamus: Me? Oh no. *shakes his head* You messed with both the things in this company that I’ve been trying to keep a hold of. It’ll be you that’s humiliated.

    Jack: *smirks* Who says you've lost Nolee? Seems to me like she still loves you. For now at least.

    Sheamus: I never said I lost her; just that you messed with her. *he steps closer, glaring at Swagger again* And just like everyone else who wouldn’t stay out of my private life, you will regret it.

    Jack: Unlike your drunk of a brother I can actually defend myself.

    Sheamus: *hisses* I didn’t just mean him and he is not a drunk!

    Jack: Well you attacked him. And he is a bit of a drunk.

    Sheamus: I attacked other people too. You better watch yourself Swagger, there’s no way I’m letting yeh get away with this. You want to keep messing with me so I lose matches? Fine. Just don’t be surprised when you get what’s coming to yeh.

    Jack: *grins* You and I both know that tonight, you won't allow me to lose. You know how much Piper having control of Raw means to blondie.

    Sheamus: Who says I meant tonight? That match is the only reason you’re still standing instead of getting the beating you deserve.

    Jack: *sneers* Sure it is.

    Sheamus: *shoves Swagger before raising a fist to hit him, a dangerous look in his eyes* I could always just ‘forget’ how important your match is…

    Jack: And in turn forget how much it means to Nolee?

    Sheamus: *shrugs* It’s not like it’s Jerry’s job at stake here…

    Jack: No. *smirks* You see what Kane did to him earlier? Poor Lacroix's seem to be at a loss here...

    Sheamus glares at Jack, looking as if he’s about to hit him, quickly lowering his fist and stepping away as Piper shows up.

    Piper: *looking at Sheamus* What do you think you’re doing? Get going you.

    Jack: *smirks behind Pipers back* Thanks Roddy.

    Sheamus rolls his eyes, muttering something in Irish as he walks off.

    Piper: Right. I hope you’re ready to win this.

    Jack: More than ready Roddy. You won't lose your job.

    Piper: Good. I better not, last thing we need now is Dusty gaining power.

    Jack: You're telling me.

    Piper: Plus from what I’ve seen, I think it’s safe to say his son’s a little….well, nuts. *he smirks*

    Jack laughs and the two go quiet as his theme starts playing and they turn to head out to the ring.

    Swagger's music hits and The All American-American come out to a booing, most of the fans angry he interfered in the title match. Swagger ignores them as he climbs into the ring and waits for his opponent. Cody's music then hits and the crowd goes strangely quiet as he walks out to the ring, followed by his father. Cody has an unreadable look on his face as he climbs into the ring, the bell rings and the match starts.

    Jack Swagger w/ Roddy Piper vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Dusty Rhodes

    The two superstars stare each other down before Cody pulls a surprising move and rolls out of the ring, walking up the ramp. The confused ref starts a ten count as Cody disappears into the back. Swagger isn't sure what is going on as the ref reaches ten and rings the bell, but he starts celebrating when he realizes that he has won the match even if by count out.

    Winner via DQ (count out) Jack Swagger

    Dusty looks furious when he realizes what just happened and goes to attack Roddy, who’s standing in the ring with Swagger celebrating, only Swagger spots Dusty and tosses him from the ring, the camera showing Dusty’s furious face as the show ends.

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