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    1-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Results


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    1-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Results Empty 1-16-12 Monday Night Carnage Results

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    The opening pyrotechnics go off, alerting the fans to the start of another episode of Monday Night Carnage. The camera sweeps the crowd, showing fans with their signs supporting their favorite superstars before coming to rest on the announcers: Terry Funk, hardcore legend, and Val Venis, hardcore party boy.

    Val: Hey everybody! We welcome you to another episode of Monday Night Carnage!

    Terry: With only one week til the pay-per-view we have to wonder how tonight will shape things when newcomer Jack Swagger faces our CWA Champion Sheamus!

    Val: You think thats monumental Ter? What about this match coming up? It's John Morrison's last in a CWA ring!

    Terry: As much as I hate you calling me Ter, you're right! This is Morrison's last week in the CWA!

    The camera switches to a view of the entrance ramp as "You Make The Rain Fall" starts to play for the final time in a CWA ring as John Morrison walks out. The fans are cheering for him and it obviously gets to him as he raises a hand and wipes the tears form his eyes. He gets in the ring and throws up an arm as the fans go crazy. "Take Over" starts and the fans go even crazier. Christian, with Edge close behind, makes his way to the ring. His eyes dart out as if he's expecting someone, or something, to jump out and get him before he gets in the ring. Once he's in the ring, he gets in his corner.

    Christian vs John Morrison

    As soon as the bell rings, John Morrison shakes his head and backs off. He flips Christian the bird and steps out of the ring. A cock smirk crosses that face as he hears the refs count, obviously not caring what the man has to say as he heads out through the audience. The ref gets to his ten count and signals for the bell to be rung, Christian looking utterly confused but releaved.

    Winner: Christian via countout.

    The lights go off as Christian is still in the ring. He looks around as soft red lighting comes up, Edge getting in the ring to protect him. Suddenly, the light comes up and there, standing at the entrance, is Lucas Turner. He smirks and starts walking to the ring. Christian has a confused look on his face as he watches. Edge moves in front of Christian protectivly. When he gets in the ring, Lucas gestures for a microphone.

    Lucas: That wasn't very nice of him was it, angel?

    Christian: Wait it was you...?

    Lucas: *grins* Guilty as charged. I sent you all those love letters. All those pretty presents. Blue...

    Christian: Y-Your the one that left Blue outside?

    Lucas: I thought you would like him. I know you like animals. All your pretty pets...

    Lucas reaches a hand out to touch his shoulder as Carter runs to the ring. He gets in front of Christian and Adam protectivly, staring Lucas down as he waits for the two to leave. Edge growls before pulling a shocked Christian out of the ring. After a few moments, Lucas shakes his head as he deems Carter isn't worth it and backs into the corner ready for his tag team match. "She's Country" by Jason Aldean begins and Nolee walks to the ring, looking slightly terrified and never getting to close to Lucas because she's afraid. She stands near the ring, looking at Lucas before turning and waiting for the theme song of Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel to start. "Rockfist" by Thousand Foot Krutch starts to play. Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett, accompanied by Heath Slater, walk out to the ring with smiles on their faces. They get in and nod at their opponents: Wade and Lucas starting out the match.

    Soltice (Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel) vs Nolee Lacroix and Lucas Turner

    Wade hits a quick chinlock but Lucas shoves him to the ropes. Wade comes off the ropes, running and lets out an almost warlike cry as he connects with a clothesline to Lucas. Lucas, temporarily dazed, is pulled back to his feet but responds with a kick to the gut and after Irish whipping Wade off the ropes he hits back with a clothesline of his own. Lucas then marches over to tag in his partner Nolee, but is interrupted by a shot from Wade from behind. Wade brings Lucas across the ring and tosses him into the corner where he starts hammering away at him with punches and kicks. He then brings Lucas over into the center of the ring and nails him with the Wasteland before tagging in Justin. Justin smirks and climbs the turnbuckle, jumping off for the 450 Splash. You can hear Heath shout in joy as Justin goes for the pin, and sense Nolee is to apalled with what she saw earlier, she doesn't bother to break it.

    Winner: Solstice (Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel) via pinfall


    When we come back from the commercial break, we are shown an empty ring. Porcelin Black's "This Is What Rock And Roll Looks Like" starts playing and Vitani comes out to the ring, wearing her tag team championship around her waist. She dances down to the ring and gets in, handing off the championship to referee Hank Mitchell. "Whatever's Real" by The High Crusade starts playing and Alex Shelley walks out to the ring, recieving just as big a pop as Vitani did. He runs to the ring, sliding beneath the bottom rope to enter and grins at her as they shake hands.

    1/2 Tag Team Champions Vitani Summers vs Alex Shelley

    The bell rings and our match is underway. Vitani and Alex start circling the ring, each one with a smile on their faces as they know that this will be a good match before they lock up. Alex gets the upper hand and Irish whips Vitani into the corner. He approaches her and Vi kicks him in the gut, causing him to stumble back. She climbs onto the second rope and he jumps at Alex to hit him with a flying dropkick. Alex falls to the mat and Vi gets back up, using the ropes as leverage. Alex manages to get to one knee as Vitani tries to hit him with a solid kick to the face. Alex has other plans. He catches her leg and pulls her to the mat, before running into the ropes and trying to hit her with a solid elbow to the chest. Vi rolls out of the way and Alex falls to the mat. As he stands back up, Vi hits the shinaruni and goes for the pin.

    Winner: Vitani Summers via pinfall

    The camera comes up backstage where Jerry Lawler sits in his office talking with someone wearing a ring tech shirt.

    Jerry: So, like I said, Ryder won't be here this week. His dad is in bad shape and he's there for him. Admirable really.

    Tech: *nods* So tell everyone to get ready for-

    The door opens and Jack Swagger enters wearing a suit. He looks at the ring tech who practically makes a run for it before turning to Jerry.

    Jack: What sort of show are you running here?

    Jerry: I believe it's a professional wrestling show. Why?

    Jack: *rolls his eyes* First Lucas is stalking Christian. That's wrong and you know it. Now I hear Tana hasn't showed up because she only wants a match against Carter. Morrison's leaving and the General Manager of your second rate show and his son are trying to take over your show.

    Jerry: Listen here, squirt, I only hired you because Nolee said you could protect me. Now I want you to go out there and have your match tonight. But you know what I hope? I hope Sheamus lands the Brogue Kick. Even I'd rather see Nolee with him than a conceited jerk like you.

    There is an uncomfortable silence between the two of them.

    Jack: You know what? You better hope I choose to do my job at the pay per view or Dusty is only going to be one step closer to taking you down and becoming the new General Manager. If you ask me though...*sneers* he'd do a better job than you've been doing.

    Jack turns and leaves the room as the camera switches to a view of ringside, showing off what the victor of this next match will win: the Five Nations Championship. The camera then shows the ring signalling it's time for the Five Nations Championship match. "Bad Girlfriend" starts playing and the fans start booing, Belle walking out to the ring. She shakes her head and sneers at all of them before getting in the ring. She flips her hair over her shoulder and crosses her arms, leaning back against the ropes and waiting for her opponent. "That's How Country Boys Roll" starts playing and out Carter walks, not bothering with the truck entrance tonight after having been out there once in the night already. He climbs in the ring and throws his cowboy hat into the audience, grinning wide, before referee Tiffany Banks signals for the bell to be rung.

    Five Nations Championship Match
    Carter Lacroix vs Belle Moore

    Almost as soon as the bell is rung Belle is over and kicking Carter in the knee. It only takes one kick to get him to take a knee and she smirks, slapping him in the face. A fire goes off in his eyes and he manages to push himself to stand, catching her with a shoulder tackle that knocks her off her feet. She falls to the mat and he picks her back up, going for a suplex. Belle, however, has other plans. She manages to slide out of his grasp for the suplex and gets behind him, kicking the back of his knee out again. He falls face first to the mat and Belle pulls him to his knees. Putting him in position, she lands the Twist of Faith on him.

    Winner and first ever Five Nations Champion: Belle Moore by pinfall


    When we come back from commercial to Nolee pacing a locker room. The door opens and when she see's that it's Sheamus a small smile crosses her face.

    Nolee: Hey darlin'. Can we talk?

    Sheamus: *smiles* Sure, what about?

    Nolee: *hesitates* The match that you're getting ready to go out to the ring for...

    Sheamus: *smile fades a bit* Oh...what about it?

    Nolee: I...I know he's said and done some awful, awful things...but he's got so much riding on his head at the pay-per-view...don't hurt him to bad?

    Sheamus: What? You expect me to go easy on him? After what he's done?

    Nolee: *shakes her head* Not easy on him. Just...I know how bad you want to hurt him. For the things he said to Jay, for how he talks to you...for trying to break us up...*bites her lower lip and looks down as she continues* But he's the only hope we have next week of Dusty not taking over Monday Night Carnage.

    Sheamus: *sighs* we don't lose our company to a power mad arse who bribes his son...I'll ease up a bit.

    Nolee: *smiles and kisses his cheek* Thanks darlin'. I'll make it up to you tonight. I promise I will.

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* Okay.

    Nolee: *smiles and kisses his other cheek* Do me proud out here...

    Sheamus: *smirks and nods* Of course.

    Nolee smiles and looks up at the clock, as does Sheamus. She gives him a grin and gestures for him to leave. As soon as he does a worried look spreads across her face.
    "Loyal To No One" begins and Sheamus walks out. He's got a grin on his face but then, as if he remembers the conversation he had before, he frowns. When Sheamus begins walking down the rampway, Jack runs out and attacks him from behind. Jack grabs him by the hair and flings him into the steel ring post. There is a sickening thud as human flesh connects to metal. Still not content with the damage he is causing, Jack grabs Sheamus again and tosses him into the steel steps. He then grabs Sheamus and tosses him into the ring. He gives Vincent Mangano, the referee, a cold look. Vincent, against his better judgement, signals for the bell to be rung.

    CWA Champion Sheamus vs Jack Swagger

    Jack goes for the pin but at the 2 count, Sheamus kicks out. Jack gets up, looking furious as he grabs Sheamus and lands the Swagger bomb before going back for the pin, which this time he gets.

    Winner: Jack Swagger via pinfall

    Nolee runs out to the ring, getting in and screaming at Jack who doesn't look apologetic. He shouts back at her, even pushing her a little bit. He leaves the ring, looking fierce as Nolee kneels and holds Sheamus, the camera fading out on that image.

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