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    CWA Insider Iusse 4 Sheamus___the_celtic_warrior_by_dgsway-d2yaoog
    Editor's note
    I would really like to thank everyone that has helped with this magazine and worked hard on the others. Thank you and have a good new year. The Editor Peri Blake.
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    Pete's Article
    The Movie Shelf

    Hey ya'll, Pete Branaugh here! I was asked to write an article for this magazine so I picked the one thing that I know. I picked movies. This week, I'm gonna pick out the five movies of 2011 that are on the must see list for the new year.

    5) The Tree of Life
    Usually I'm not one for a "life lesson" movie. Usually I pick movies where something is blowing up in the first five minutes. I made an exception for The Tree of Life. It's a movie about a family in the midwest and the way we all want to grow up, even when young. Brad Pitt gives a remarkable performance and it was by far his best film in a long time.

    4) Drive
    Remember I said that thing about action movies and movies where things blow up? That's why Drive is on the list. Its about a man whose a stunt driver for the movies by day and by night he's a getaway driver, meaning her drives the car when people need to get away. Ryan Gosling is great in the movie playing the lead, who we only know as The Driver.

    3) Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows Pt 1+2
    Okay so technically this is three and two but I'm only counting it as number 3. The movie fit with the book, which was what I was looking forward to. Seriously, if Alan Rickman doesn't get nominated for an Oscar with his performance as Snape, I'll revolt. Really, Rickman was boss as Snape!

    2) The Help
    Okay...this is another one that wasn't an action movie but it was still pretty good. Emma Stone plays a woman who writes a book about the help, the help being the black women who were hired in the 50's. It's really good, showing heart about the human condition.

    1) Straw Dogs
    Oh. My. God. I sat and watched this twice. It starts out slow, about a man and his wife who move back to the mans hometown in Mississppi. She doesn't feel right but he doesn't believe her. Until the end. I can't reveal anything else really but it picks up in a hurry.

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    CWA Insider Iusse 4 Swagger
    Year end awards
    Jerk of the year: Lucas
    CWA Insider Iusse 4 220px-Randy_Couture_by_Gage_Skidmore
    Guard Dog of the year: Edge
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    Promo of the year: Sheamus
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    Cameraman of the year: Pete
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    Insult of the year: Edge about Wade, "You know he might rival Randy for most boring voice now that I've listened to it more."
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    Romance of the year: Carter/Christian
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    Tag Team of the year: Angel/Vitani
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    Peter's Rumor Mill
    Well it has been an eventful time since my last rumor mill, so many rumors have been coming my way and I have to share them with you. First off is the news that Nolee Lacroix the daughter of the owner Jerry was supposed to have been pregnant... This with romurs of Nolee cheating on Sheamus while very drunk, have made people wonder if the couple will last very long.....

    On to another rumor, Lucas Turner has claimed to have had sex with the former CWA Champion Christian. He says Christian came to him asking that he not share the info that he was using to blackmail his then tag team partner Carter Lacroix, which Lucas said he would do if he would do certian things for him..... Christian denies it but you have to wonder who to believe, but you also have to wonder why Christian would do it with this next romur out there.....

    Carter has been rumored to have been in a highly sexul relationship with one John Morrison, it is not know if this is before he decided to court Christian. But Morrison has been kissing and telling anyone that will listen to him..... And he claims that Carter said he loved him though the man has been denying it claiming that he loves Christian..... Is Carter lying or is the diva just a lover scorned, only time will tell......

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