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    Seasons Beatings Results


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    Seasons Beatings Results Empty Seasons Beatings Results

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    Seasons Beatings Results Season10

    The show opens to Twisted Sister’s ‘Silver Bells’, the crowd cheering loudly as the camera pans across the arena, the commentators voices able to be heard over the rest of the noise.

    Val: Hello and welcome to our December Pay-Per-View, Season Beatings, live in Juno, Alaska!

    Terry: We have some guests here with us tonight, the Friday Night Rampage commentators, Tazz and JBL.

    The camera goes to the area the commentators sit in, where there are two tables set up this time, Tazz and JBL sitting at the second, both in suits, JBL wearing his trademark white cowboy hat & Tazz his sunglasses.

    Tazz: Thanks for having us here; we thought we’d never get to show our faces…

    JBL: Hell, I’m just glad Dusty was able to get us on here, instead of us having nothing to do.

    Val: Well it’s good to have you both here.

    Tazz: *mutters* Thank Dusty for that…

    The camera goes to the stage as Nickleback’s ‘Next Contestant’ plays, Amy Hennigan coming out to meet the already waiting Gail Kim in the ring.

    Amy Hennigan vs. Gail Kim

    As soon as the bell rings, Amy goes for a shoulder tackle. Gail hits the mat and Amy grabs her by the hair, throwing her into the turnbuckle. Amy climbs to the second rope, slamming her fist into Gail's face. She knees her in the side of the head before dropping to the mat. Gail's arms are lying on the second rope. Amy picks up the opportunity and backs into the opposite turnbuckle. She runs at Gail and delivers a harsh kick to the face. Amy moves to the center of the ring, tauntingly raising an arm in early victory. Gail manages to get up while Amy has her back turned but Amy catches her and hits the Perfect Ames before pinning Gail for the three count.

    Winner: Amy Hennigan via pinfall

    Cody is seen sitting on a desk in what appears to be his father’s office, as he’s looking at a photo of himself and his brother standing with Dusty, which is sitting in a small frame beside him on the desk. He frowns slightly as he looks at the image, not noticing when someone enters the room.

    Dusty: *enters the room and sees Cody sitting at his desk* Can I help you son?

    Cody: *slowly looks up at Dusty* You helping me?…That’s a new one. *says rudely*

    Dusty: Excuse me? You’re my son! I always help you!

    Cody: When I was a kid yes, but now… *shakes his head* All you want is for me to help you with your plan.

    Dusty: And you don’t want to help with my plan? You don't want to be the next Shane O' Mac?

    Cody: *bitterly* You’re driving away all my friends. Even Nolee and Vitani…

    Dusty: From what I understand, you drove them away.

    Cody: *Gets up off the desk, standing in front of
    Dusty, angry* Because you’re making me go along with your plan. Not because I wanted to!

    Dusty: *stares at him* I gave you the choice. I asked you if you wanted to and you said yes. Are you chickening out Virgil?

    Cody: Don’t call me that. *frowns and goes back to the rude tone* And no, I’m not chickening out, just wondering why the ‘American Dream’ needs my help when he thinks he’s so great…

    Dusty: I thought you'd like to be treated like the star you are for once.

    Cody: Yes…but not like this. I didn’t come here to be used again like I was when I joined the Legacy!

    Dusty: *nods* Fine. Fine. From now on you call the shots. You decide what we do.

    Cody: *raises an eyebrow, looking as if he doesn’t trust him* Since when do you change your mind so easily?

    Dusty: Who do you think the blame falls on if we can't go through with this? Me. But if you really want to be in charge, really want the blame to fall on your head, be my guest.

    Cody: *angry again* Oh so now you’re trying to make me your scapegoat?

    Dusty: YOU’RE the one who said they wanted to be put in charge!

    Cody: *snaps* I did not! If you listened I just said I didn’t want to be used! In case you didn’t know, there IS a difference.

    Dusty: Tell me this Cody. All your career, you've been used for other peoples gains EXCEPT when you wore that mask. And did you have the fans behind you? Did you get respect? No.

    Cody: I was a heel at the time, fans aren’t meant to get behind heels. They booed me, like they were supposed to. And what makes you think no one respects me? Oh right…the fact that they don’t anymore because of you!

    Dusty: Cody, you can be respected. You can be the next GM! Just listen to me this once. Alright?

    Cody: *goes to snap at him again, then stops himself, sighing* But they don’t even take me seriously…even after I’ve defended some of the Vixxens…

    Dusty: They will son. I swear it. Now, *he smirks* why don't you shoo that pesky cameraman away. We have to talk.

    Cody sighs and nods, turning to shove the camera person out of the room, closing the door on them.
    The camera goes back to the commentators, Tazz frowning as Terry shakes his head.

    Tazz: Got a problem over there Funk? *raises an eyebrow*

    Terry: Obviously, did you somehow miss the conversation between the Rhodes’?

    Tazz: No, I just don’t see what your problem is with them.

    Terry: They’re trying to take over…

    JBL: They’re trying to make the place better. You can’t say the Vixxens aren’t being mistreated by some.

    Val: What? One person…?

    Tazz: You know it’s more than one…

    The camera goes to the stage as Morrison’s theme plays, the highflyer making his way to the ring. Once he’s in, Ryder’s ‘Radio’ theme plays and he walks out.

    Zack Ryder vs. John Morrison

    Before he gets in the ring, Zack Ryder stops at the announcers table. He uses his flip camera to film Val Venis, who he hands a Broski head band and sunglasses. The ref yells for Zack to get in the ring and as he does Morrison hits a hard kick to the face. Zack falls to the mat, John going for a pin which he lands.

    Winner: John Morrison via pinfall

    Wade knocks on the locker room door of Belle Moore and waits for her to answer.

    Belle: *opens the door* Oh, hey Wade. Shouldn't you be getting ready?

    Wade: *runs a hand through his jelled back hair* Are you really going to go through with this? Are we really going to go out there and fight each other?

    Belle: Yes. Yes we are. It's like I told Ames, it's time to grow up.

    Wade: But we are grown up. We don't have to fight each other, we just don't!

    Belle: Yes we do! It's our job Wade. *sighs* And I intend to do my job.

    Wade: Fine...*sighs* I'll see you out there.

    He walks down the hall and out of sight.

    Belle: *bites lip and follows him* What do you want? For me to say screw this and not do it?

    Wade: *turns* I want not to have to hurt you.

    Belle: It won’t' be that bad. Just bumps and bruises that won't last forever.

    Wade: And maybe horrid animosity.

    Belle: If you mean I will hate you, you’re wrong. *steps towards him* I need this. Please Wade? I need this to grow up.

    Wade: Why do you need this to grow up?

    Belle: To realize I won't always get my way.

    Wade: Alright...alright I'll do this...

    Belle: *smiles and kisses him softly* Thank you Wade. And don't worry everything will be fine.

    Wade: If you say so, if you say so. *walks away, still worried as the camera fades*

    Back in the ring, Wade's theme plays as he walks out, frowning. He makes his way to the ring, pacing as he waits for Belle. 'Bad Girlfriend' plays and Belle walks out.

    Wade Barrett vs. Belle Moore

    As Belle gets in the ring, Wade looks nervous. He wrings his hands in front of him before he approaches Belle. He mouths something but Belle shakes her head, adamant about whatever he mouthed. Wade shakes his head but regains his composure and walks toward her. She smiles and as Wade gets close, does a standing dropkick to his chest. Wade stumbles backwards a bit and as Belle stands he heads toward her again. Belle hits a flurry of kicks to Wade's legs, the big Brit dropping to one knee. Belle hits him in the head with a kick and he falls to the mat. Belle climbs to the top rope and she jumps at him to land an elbow drop. Wade writhes in pain and goes to stand. He manages to get to his knees and Belle locks him in position for a modified Twist of Faith and hits the move before going for the pin.

    Winner: Belle Moore via pinfall

    After the match, Wade sits up, looking at Belle. He stands; a look in his eyes that reads anger and fierceness, but as he gets closer to her it has faded. He hugs her and raises her arm in victory before heading back to the locker room, wanting her to be able to celebrate in peace as the show goes to a brief commercial.

    The show comes back to show Nolee heading to the ring as her music plays, her opponent Justin already in the ring.

    Justin Gabriel vs. Nolee Lacroix

    Nolee and Justin both circle the ring, eyes locked on each other. Justin moves toward Nolee first but she moves, wrapping her arms around his waist and going for a belly to back suplex. When she lands it, she stands and blinks in surprise. A smile comes across her face and she goes for a crossface. Justin manages to get out and pushes against the ropes, Nolee standing strong against him and shoves him with a shoulder block. Justin falls to the mat and Nolee propels herself off of the ropes to try and land a move. Justin stays on the ground and when Nolee hits the ropes closest to the announcers, Justin springs up. Nolee gets close and Justin jumps over her, letting her hit the ropes near the entrance before hip tossing her. She hits the mat and he climbs up to the top rope. He jumps to perform the 450 Splash and lands it before going for the pin.
    As Nolee kicks out, she grabs a handful of Justin's hair and stands up to toss him into the turnbuckle. She looks aggravated, apparently taking a page out of Sheamus' book. She stalks toward Justin, standing him up in the corner and landing hard chops to his chest. A wicked gleam crosses her eyes and with much effort she lifts him up, wrapping his legs around the top rope. Nolee stomps on his face. She waits until he falls off before simply turning around and landing the pin.

    Winner: Nolee Lacroix via pinfall

    Coming off of her win against Justin, Nolee paces the locker room that she and Sheamus share. She runs a hand through her hair as the door opens.
    Sheamus walks into the room, smiling when he sees Nolee. He goes over to Nolee and hugs her.

    Nolee: *relaxes into the hug and smiles before biting her lower lip* You know I love you right?

    Sheamus: Yes, of course I do. *after a pause* Why…?

    Nolee: I...I went to the doctors the other day and...there's a possibility that...*she hesitates*

    Sheamus: *slowly lets go of Nolee so he can look at her properly* …that what?

    Nolee: That...that I might be pregnant...

    Sheamus: *looks scared for a second before hiding it* Oh…really?

    Nolee: *frowns, noting his first look* It's a very slim possibility.

    Sheamus: *nods slowly, showing he understands*

    Nolee: *looks ashamed* I know you prolly wanna break up with me. It's okay.

    Sheamus: What? I never said that… *frowns*

    Nolee: I saw the look in your eyes. have a title match...

    Sheamus: Because I… *sighs and decides to leave it for now* Yes, I do…Congratulations on winning your match by the way.

    Nolee: *smiles* It wasn't as hard as it looked. *she kisses his cheek* Get going. Bring home the title.

    Sheamus: I thought he would’ve put up more of a fight though. *smiles* And you know I will, I’m the Celtic Warrior. *he smirks*

    Nolee: He put up a hell of a fight. *smiles and kisses him again* I also know Christian is a tough man. *smiles*

    Sheamus: *smiles and nods* He is. There’s a reason he’s been champ for as long as he has.

    Nolee: *nods* Well, you should be going. *she sighs and leaves the room as the camera fades*

    Lacuna Coil’s ‘I’m Not Afraid’ comes on, the crowd cheering as Vitani Summers and the Vixxens’ champ Angel James walk out, both Cody and Petey absent. Angel poses with her title as Vitani dances before the two head into the ring. The crowd boos as the tag team champions’ music comes on and the two men come to the ring.

    CWA Tag Team Champions The Outsiders (Lucas and Carter) vs. Nocta Hemata (Vitani and Angel)

    Carter and Angel begin the match and Carter is put in a side head lock. Carter shoves Angel into the ropes and Angel lands a shoulder block. Angel runs off the ropes and Carter springs up and leaps to his feet and Angel runs through his legs. Carter then hits the mat and Angel runs over his body and off the ropes. Carter springs up and hits a standing dropkick but Angel grabs the ropes to stop his momentum and Carter falls onto the mat after not connecting. Angel charges and lands a clothesline and tags in Vitani.
    Vitani then Irish whips Carter into the ropes but the man lands a leaping clothesline. Carter then runs off the ropes and lands a spinning wheel kick and the goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a flying leg lariat but misses. Vitani decides to capitalize on the opportunity and goes for the Shiranui. What she doesn't see is on the outside, Cody has come to watch the last bit of the match and it has distracted Lucas. Lucas doesn't see Vitani land the pin on Carter and isn't aware of it until the ref counts three.

    Winners and new tag team champions: Vitani and Angel

    Vitani and Angel leave before Lucas can unleash his wrath on the both of them. He looks at the downed Carter and growls before signaling for a microphone.

    Lucas: I should have KNOWN you were going to fail me like this you ingrate.

    Lucas kicks Carter in the side which causes the cowboy to cry out in pain.

    Lucas: You remember what I said would happen if we eventually lost the titles? I told you that I would reveal your dark secret to the rest of the world. I bet your fans have been dying to know, have been dying to hear what was so important that you hid it from everyone. Well hear is it. You all remember when Carter attacked Santana Lopez don't you?

    He leans against the ropes and waits for the boos and jeers to die down before continuing.

    Lucas: You remember the match where Carter destroyed her. The little secret has to do with that. He was drunk that night you see. So drunk he ignored his sisters pleas but then tried to bargain with his father. When his father didn't listen, he had no choice. He had to go out there. But he got so...damn...angry!

    He kicks Carter again in the side.

    Lucas: So there, it's out. Your little secret has been revealed. *he smirks* Got anything to say about it?

    Lucas leans down closer to Carter but instead of being met by an answer, he gets answered by a big left hand to the face. Carter slips out of the ring and heads backstage. Carter walks down the hallway, having just lost his title and having the world told his darkest secret. He sees Johnny in the hall.

    Carter: Johnny…

    Johnny was on his way back to his dressing room, a disgusted look on his face when he saw Carter.

    Johnny: Oh. You. *pulls out his nail filer, filing his nails* Got something to say? Say it.

    Carter: I thought you might have something to say actually...

    Johnny: *hums in thought* Now that you mention it... *chuckles melodically* You deserved that. Out in the ring. You deserve to loose. You know what they say: Karma is a bitch. And boy was she a bitch to you.

    Carter: So maybe I did some bad things. But I got my comeuppance out there. You're right. I'm surprised that's all you had to say to me though. After the last time I saw you.

    Johnny: Oooh, I have a lot to say to you. You know you hurt me. And now the whole world can laugh and watch you burn. Tana's gonna have a field day destroying you. You remember Santana? *smirks vaguely*

    Carter: *his eyes get wide* She...she's injured, out indefinitely. I hurt her. That was...that was a mistake I made.

    Johnny: *looks at him, smirking a bit wider* Oh Santana... She's still pissed about that. I mean... you've met her, right? You know she won't let this go. *chuckles coldly* You’re gonna get so bad, Carter. Loosing your title? That was just the start of what Karma has in store for you.

    Carter: *shakes his head* That was a mistake. I made a mistake. But if she's ready for a fight then so am I.

    Carter turns and walks away as the cameras fade out on Johnny's smirking face.

    The camera goes back to the ring, cheering as 'Loyal to No One' plays and Sheamus appears, a detirmined look on his face as he heads to the ring. Once he's in the ring, he leans against a turnbuckle, looking up at the stage as Christian's theme plays, the crowd cheering louder as the champ makes his way to the ring.

    Sheamus vs. CWA Champion Christian

    The bell rings and our main event is under way. Christian and Sheamus circle the ring for a bit, locking eyes and stepping closer and closer each time they circle each other until they actually lock up. There is a struggle for a bit but Sheamus uses his technical mastery to maneuver himself around to the back of Christian, locking his arms around his waist but Christian reverses the hold, maneuvering himself exactly how Kennedy did. There is more of a struggle until Kennedy maneuvers himself around Wolf once more and attempts a Belly to Back suplex but Christian elbows Sheamus in the face and sends him back a bit. Sheamus is still shaking off the effect of the elbow as Christian begins a flurry of 5 strikes to the face of Sheamus followed by an open hand chop to the chest of Sheamus. This wakes up Sheamus who responds with an open hand chop right back to the chest of Christian. Sheamus follows the chop up with another chop and another chop, sending Christian into the corner. Sheamus grabs Christian by the wrist and Irish whips him towards the opposite corner but Christian reverses the whip and actually whips Sheamus into the turnbuckle intended for Christian. Christian rushes towards Sheamus but Sheamus rolls out of the way and Christian eats the turnbuckle.
    Sheamus looks angry and as Christian tries to stand, using the ropes as leverage; Sheamus walks over to him and begins his chops to the chest. He waits until Christian turns around and when he does, Christian is met by the Brogue Kick. Sheamus goes for the pin, hoping to get the three count which he does.

    Winner and New CWA Champion: Sheamus via Pinfall

    Sheamus gets to his feet, a grin slowly forming on his face as he’s handed the title. He holds up the belt with one hand before hanging it on one shoulder. He goes over to Christian and helps him to his feet, the two shaking hands as the show ends.

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